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“We sold our house for $40 000 over the asking price.”

"PEP sessions with Sophia were heaven-sent. Our house had been on the market for seven months, without a single offer. My husband and I worked with Sophia to clear our fears around moving into a bigger house and the increased financial burden that came with it. We cleared our programming about money from our hard-working immigrant parents. Our next open house brought in five offers. We sold our house for $40 000 over the asking price. We are thrilled!"

~ Mario and Angela Sabatino
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I will be earning $25000 more.”

"Hi Sophia. Great news! I wanted to update you on my work situation. To remind you, I’ve been looking for a new job for almost two years. Nothing was a good fit. Since my last session with you, I’ve listened to the money MP3 every day. Last week, I went for a third interview with that company I liked. Today, they hired me. I will be earning $25000 more than my last job, with similar duties and better benefits. This is amazing! Thank you for all your help. Thank you for your recordings. It’s so nice to have your calming voice in the room, at the push of a button."

~ Tina Mirkas Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“I got a job! It’s in my field, using my degree.”

"I was very depressed about being unemployed. I felt like such a loser. Thank you for giving me your MP3 on money, to help shift my mindset. It worked so well, I didn’t even notice my attitude shift until my new boss said he loved my energy and attitude. Yes, I got a job! And I’m excited about it. It’s in my field, using my degree. They offered me 4% more commission than the industry standard. I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you. You’re awesome!"

~ Danica Petrescu
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I Got The Job! and $7000 Clothing Allowance!”

“Sophia, I got the job! The prestigious job in the advertising company I like. Thank you for lifting me out of the deep darkness of chronic unemployment. I went in to sign paperwork and asked the Human Resources lady if my clothing was appropriate for my new position. She whispered "It's not even good enough for casual Friday. We're high-end here." They gave me a $7000 clothing allowance! I've gone from desperate to dressy!”

~ Marcia Grey, Miami, Florida

“I Was Able To Leave Him.....It Was A Money Miracle.”

“I promised to keep in touch. It happened very quickly...I thought you'd be happy to know I was able to leave him. What a relief! I feel born again! I could only do it because the law suit was settled in my favor. Finally - after four years! It was a money miracle. It was my ticket out. I'm grateful to have a new home across the country, with both my children, and he doesn't know where we are. Thank you for clearing up my past issues so I could attract the money I needed to change my life. I'll be forever grateful.”

~ name withheld for safety

“A Salary 30% Greater Than My Last One.”

“Miss Zoe, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your assistance in my securing a new position. I am regional manager now, with better benefits and a salary 30% greater than my last one. This means I can bring my mother here to live with us. It was breaking my heart for her to be living without electricity in this lifetime. Thank you for freeing me up energetically and emotionally so that someone saw my potential. I'm genuinely flabbergasted that this good fortune resulted from a few sessions. Everyone should come to you for their financial concerns.”

~ Mr. Azekel Ngonda, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“I'm So Happy. I Think Your Work Is Magical!”

“Hi Sophia. I'd like to tell you that I'm in shock. I've been job-hunting for nine months. I have endured the exact same, boring interview questions, with that same tense, artificial politeness each time. Yuck! Two weeks ago, immediately after my first skype session with you, I interviewed for a new company. I loved the two people who interviewed me. We actually spoke like humans to each other. They suggested I help myself to a cup of coffee down the hall. When I got back, they said the job was mine if I wanted it! I began right away. I don't feel like I'm going to work - I'm going to the clubhouse!! This is the perfect place for me. I'm so happy. I think your work is magical”

~ Siobhan Black, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Regular Price $800

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $500

SAVE $300 On This Page Only!

This offer will be gone once you leave this page ...

Yes! Eram, please include Sophia's Private Intensive VIP Sessions for only $800 $500

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