Those of us in the health, consciousness and energy healing world value positivity, compassion, creativity and love. We tend to ignore the less pleasant side of existence…until we fall victim to it.

We live in the 3rd dimensional world. There are many other dimensions that we don’t see, but we are influenced by them. We can “pick up” the energies of people, places and things from any dimension. Those energies can attach to us and create interference.

Do you think you have some unwanted energies around you?

This is a program of Multi-Dimensional Entity Removal…including:

Yikes! That’s a lot of goosebump material. Entities can be a difficult topic to discuss. It’s strange and spooky. Thank goodness Eram’s telesummit is here to give us courage and help us have the hard talks.

Entities are not all bad. But by default, when we think of entities, we are usually referring to the darker ones. They are opportunistic beings. They thrive on exploiting the weak. You can be weak physically, such as being injured, ill or having had surgery. You can be weakened emotionally by trauma, disputes or heartache. You can be weakened mentally by stress and responsibility. Or you can be affected in all ways by substance abuse. The opportunistic entities think it’s fun to see you suffer even more, and they will hang around and deplete your energy further.

Entities with evil intentions like to see you thrown off your life path, lose everything, suffer mentally or become ill. They may have a revengeful attitude and certainly a destructive one.

Curious to know if you have entity attachments?

See if any issues below apply to you:

  • You have addictions and can’t stop yourself
  • You do the wrong thing, when you know better
  • No matter what, you can’t seem to get ahead
  • Frustrating or upsetting events often come up
  • Your relationships crumble without warning
  • You still feel the heartbreak of past relationships
  • You feel alienated and can’t connect with others
  • You can’t bring down your walls to let others in
  • Doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with you
  • You don’t feel like yourself, feel foggy-brained
  • You have no energy or motivation, even if you sleep
  • You feel empty inside, blah, dull - no joy or inspiration
  • You have feelings of anxiety, fear, depression or paranoia
  • Increasing feelings of insecurity, doubt and vulnerability
  • You sense that a threat, danger or attack is imminent
  • You wish you had more strength to protect yourself
  • Life seems overwhelmingly difficult and you struggle to cope

If you’ve done a lot trauma clearing and you still have problems like those mentioned above, consider removing entities. Nearly everyone has them, from mild to severe.

The benefits you'll enjoy may include:

  • Freedom from addictions, being in control of yourself
  • Having integrity, honoring yourself and living lawfully
  • Finally “arriving” or finding your place in the world
  • Having meaningful, fulfilling relationships
  • Thinking clearly and quickly becomes your norm
  • You feel energized and motivated to achieve your goals
  • You choose to do whatever brings you joy and inspiration
  • Your mental state and mood is usually bright and cheerful
  • Being able to learn from the past and quickly move on
  • You find it easy to connect authentically with others
  • You become more trusting and open, making new friends
  • Your mystery illnesses vanish, so you feel really good
  • Increasing feelings of security, strength and courage
  • You feel comfortable and safe alone and with others
  • It feels natural to come from strength and confidence
  • Life becomes easy, pleasant and you stay in the flow

You can feel better in an infinite number of ways when you are clear of energetic interference from any source.

Entities are looking for hosts all the time. It is estimated that there are seven times the number of discarnate spirits than there are human bodies to inhabit.

Of course, many people have dozens of entities, and a some have none, but everyone is fair game. How do you avoid attracting entities?

  • Be a clear vessel.

    That means you don’t have energetic junk they can cling to. No negative thought patterns, inherited beliefs, etc.

  • Live in the present.

    When you have healed your wounds, traumas and other low-energy frequencies, you won’t be hooked into your past.

  • Exude light.

    Your cells and your soul must be bright. Your energy field has to learn the habit of flowing and staying bright. Dark forces hate the light.

  • Be in the vibration of love.

    Love vibrates at a high level. This is not what evil beings like. They will stay away from you.

Wondering how you do all this on your own? Would you like to know what many healing masters use for themselves all the time?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (Also called EFT or Tapping)

Based on ancient acupressure methods, EFT is easy to use and very effective. Even children can use it on themselves! Imagine having had this tool when you were afraid as a child? You can pass on this gift to the children in your life. It’s a testament to EFT’s brilliance that it works even when adapted to each practitioner’s unique style. This program comes with detailed documents explaining how to do EFT yourself, specifically for keeping entities away. You can feel relief in a couple of minutes of tapping, but giving yourself a session at least once each week would be even better. EFT is the greatest tool you can have – right at your fingertips! It’s one of the best ways to heal yourself, support yourself and quickly deal with problems. Each of the EFT Documents in this package includes a picture of the tapping points, and phrases to use for best results, plus tips on customizing your tapping routine. It’s thorough and very easy! Use the tapping scripts and listen to the MP3s in this program, and you’ll be well-equipped to keep yourself and your home protected, bright and pest-free.

Expert Reviews

"Released an old tie to a past marriage…"

Mindy“Sophia is a very talented healer who was able to see and help release an old tie to a past marriage that was still connected. I had known there was something there related to that, but couldn't put my finger on it. She found it and removed it, creating space for something new in my life. She is very perceptive and gifted, and I can see where since that has let go, things have been able to start to develop more in that area of my life now since our session. Thanks Sophia.”

~ Mindy Schroeder, USA

"Clearing Entities Helped Alee Relax Into Safety, Light and Power"

AleeReina“Sophia supported me to clear the entities connected to my field- tuning into the right clearing methods for me that would support the release as well as heal the injury/past life connection with my relationship.

She was even kind enough to stand guard (remotely) and clear attachments for me during an important talk I was giving! I was so grateful for that because even though I felt the interference at first I was able to relax into a space of safety, light and power and the rest of the experience went off without a hitch. Thanks Sophia!”

~ Alee Reina Hoffman

Package A:

7 MP3s, some with sound and some silent
8 EFT Scripts with tapping instructions

Package B

also includes a 30-minute session with Sophia Zoe

1) You may submit one request, by e-mail, for a customized tapping script related to entities.
2) Get a coupon code to save $65.00 off a one-hour session with Sophia.


7 MP3s for Protection and Relief from Entities + 8 EFT Scripts to Clear the Effects of Entities + Bonuses.

Discount: 95% Off
Total Package Value $2,100
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99


7 MP3s for Protection and Relief from Entities + 8 EFT Scripts to Clear the Effects of Entities + 30 Min Session with Sophia + Bonuses.​

Discount: 92% Off
Total Package Value $2,300
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177

Package A

Seven MP3s: Audio Recordings for Protection and Relief


Prayers for Protection - MP3

Value: $50

Prayers are spoken for yourself, and others in your home.
Play for courage and comfort. Raises vibration with love infused into the words.

“I feel so safe in this formerly haunted house. I left this playing when I wasn’t home. Did it for a month. No more phantoms.”

~ Ginny Wu


Prayers for Protection - Silent MP3 version

Value: $50

Play when you have guests so they don’t leave any energy behind. Surrounds everyone with love and light.

“I used to feel sick when my mother-in-law would visit. She hates me. Since playing this in the background during her visits, I feel fine…and she isn’t as nasty anymore”

~ Heidi S.


Body and Aura Cleanse - MP3

Value: $200

Guided Visualization for removing entities internal and external.
Flooding the body and aura with light. Follow along weekly for maintenance of a clear aura.

“I used to have ten entities around me. Now I have zero! I feel stable again.”

~ Darren Beardsall


House Clearing - Silent MP3

Value: $150

Silent audio for removing entities in the home and on the property.
Light is infused into the energy. Play in every room of the house. Open the window and direct the speakers out, to clear the property. Use repeatedly when selling a property.

“My perfect, beautiful house sat on the market without offers for six months. I played this MP3 for a whole weekend, non stop. Got three offers on Monday from previous viewers. Sold the house for $27000 above asking price, no hassles. Thank you!”

~ Anabelle Fournier


Entities and Electronics - Silent MP3

Value: $100

Resetting faulty hardware affected by entities.
Tech support! Play near dysfunctional electronics for free repairs.

“My old CD player stopped working. I played the electronics MP3 while I cooked dinner. Suddenly I heard music. The CD player came back to life!”

~ Jamal Wajid


DNA & RNA – Silent MP3

Value: $200

Remove entities from your cellular building blocks
Play weekly for rejuvenation and protection. Vibration of love infused to raise frequency of cells.

“I can say that my eyes and skin look brighter and my body is functioning better. I feel younger somehow.”

~ Eloise Harrington


Psychic Attack - MP3

Value: $150

How to prevent it and what to do if you’re under one.
Memorize these tips so you feel empowered in case of threat.

“These instructions have saved my life. I can go to sleep now without feeling like prey. The attacks used to be brutal. They have stopped. I’m forever grateful.”

~ Susan P.

EFT Scripts: PDF Documents.
Follow this Easy EFT Tapping to Clear the Effects of Entities


Fear and Freak-Out EFT Script

Value: $100

Bringing you to a calm state about entities.

“I love your easy version of tapping. These phrases really do stop me from freaking out when I’m home alone. Thanks!”

~ Jennifer Trestle


Foggy Brain EFT Script

Value: $100

Remove energetic interference from your brain

“Thank you for fixing my brain. I really thought I had Alzheimer’s!”

~ Andrew Kendle

ITEM 10:

Flaws Flush EFT Script

Value: $200

Work through addictions and other bad habits.
Includes self-love and self-acceptance phrases.

“I’ve released many entities and many pounds of fat.”

~ Charlene Brewster

ITEM 11:

Family, Friends and Foes EFT Script

Value: $200

Eliminate entities causing relationship problems.
Using love to foster harmonious, happy connections between people.

“This has saved my marriage. The stuff causing all the fights were entities. Now we respect each other. It’s just us, no more interference. Thank you very much.”

~ Winona Verde

ITEM 12:

Fab Form EFT Script

Value: $200

Remove entities causing physical illness, fatigue, pain.
Specific colours of light imagery included, plus infusing cells with light.

“My energy is back and my knees don’t hurt anymore. I can enjoy my activities.”

~ Joan Chung

ITEM 13:

Financial Flow EFT Script

Value: $200

Expel entities causing money problems, job insecurity.
A special focus on loving your work while being of service.

“Since doing using your EFT phrases, I suddenly have 9 new landscaping clients!”

~ Brent Hoskins

ITEM 14:

Free Fixes EFT Script

Value: $100

Free (or cheap) simple things you can do to deal with entities

“This is the best list of tips ever! So useful. Weird, but useful!”

~ Liz Yves

ITEM 15:

Feeling Fantastic EFT Script

Value: $100

Positive affirmations to tap in, to raise your vibration
Quick energizing tapping exercises, encouraging self-love at the same time.

““I like your EFT phrases because it’s like you wrote them just for me. Each. One. Applies. You’re awesome!”

~ Andrea Zacharias

Package A

Total Package Value $2,100

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 95% Saving ***

Package B

Package B includes all of Package A
30 minutes with Sophia by phone or Skype

ITEM 16:

Private Session

Value: $200

Format: Phone/Skype

Length: 30 minutes

Your 30-minute session can be used for further entity clearing for yourself, or for doing surrogate work on your child.

Package B

Total Package Value $2,300

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177
*** 93% Saving ***


  • You may submit one request, by e-mail, for a customized tapping script related to entities.
  • Get a coupon code to save $65.00 off a one-hour session with Sophia.


My stomach has gone down since you removed those entities.

"Thank you so much for the session. My stomach has gone down since you removed those entities. I was so amazed that you were able to remove them just by asking. I think they may have been there for more than 20 years! Thank you again for your work. Much love to you."

~ Jamie, Washington, USA

I’ve stopped blaming myself…feel truly happy.

"Sophia, your explanation of how the entities were affecting me was so helpful. I’ve stopped blaming myself for some of my failures. It all makes sense. And since listening to your MP3s for the last two weeks, I feel so much lighter, very focused and truly happy for the first time in many, many years. This has been worth every penny. Thank you!"

~ Joyce Cheng, Toronto, Canada

Son’s paranoia has ceased. He’s back to normal.

"My son had a difficult childhood. Many injuries and hospitalizations. When his father and I divorced, he was twelve years old. He was devastated. He began to self-harm and his mental health declined steadily. The medication he was given had horrible side-effects, like paranoia. Now that Sophia has removed entities that were around him, he is a changed person. He’s acting like a normal 19 year old. I now trust him to drive my car. I don’t worry about him, not nearly as much as I used to. I have my own mental time back."

~ Carla Macelli, St. Catherine’s, Canada

The results were miraculous… It’s like my heart just opened.

"I didn’t like who I was becoming. My generally happy nature changed and I hated myself. I became miserable, mean and critical. I booked a session with Sophia. She eliminated dozens of entities that were all around me. The results were miraculous. I was a different person overnight. I didn’t expect so much change! It’s like my heart just opened. I feel even better than before. This is such a blessing."

~ Brigit R., Hamburg, Germany

Our house was haunted. Now it’s not.

"We inherited my husband’s aunt’s house. It was a dream to have so much land and space and freedom. Or so we thought. None of us felt comfortable in the house. Our three kids were anxious and always bickering. There were strange sounds, unexplained electrical issues and things we would set down, we’d find elsewhere….our house was haunted. Now it’s not. We live over 2000 miles away from Sophia. But her remote work on the spirits, plus the MP3s she had us play did the job. We will be forever grateful."

~ Marybeth Stanton, Arizona, USA

Our baby came with a spiritual entourage.

"Don’t ever say that babies are born innocent. They come with their karma. In our case, our baby came with a spiritual entourage! He would not stop crying. We were going crazy. I wanted my life back. I called Sophia for a healing for myself, but she immediately picked up that there were entities around my son. She cleared them away, and he stopped crying non-stop. My husband and I are eternally grateful!"

~ Laura Darlington, California, USA

Migraines and back pain gone with removal of entities and alien implants.

"I’d like to share that I was always an active, healthy person. After a heartbreak, I was in a stunned, depressed state. What followed were 5 years of migraines and back pain. I could not work. I saw 15 health professionals, both holistic and allopathic. There was no difference to speak of.

When I had my session with Sophia, she said “Your boyfriend may have left you, but you’re not alone. You have lots of uninvited guests sharing your headspace and your body.” Strange words, but they felt so true!

I learned that in my depressed state, I was an easy target for entity invasion and alien possession. By sending the entities on their way, and removing an implant in my back, Sophia helped me to come back to myself. She gave me phrases to tap on and I continued getting better and better. I can confidently say that my migraines and back pain are gone because of the removal of entities and alien implants."

~ Christa J., Chicago, USA

Binge eating and drinking…both bad habits gone.

"I could not stop binge eating and drinking. I did a dozen healthy things for myself, but food and alcohol were my Achilles’ heels. I knew better, I did other detox-type programs, but I could not stick to them. When I used Sophia’s Flaws Flush process for both overeating and drinking, I discovered I had entities! I got rid of them. The process worked really well and I immediately cut down to half my consumption. I kept doing the exercises daily. Within a couple of weeks, both bad habits were gone. I’m certain the MP3s kept me protected from myself and other creatures."

~ Tracie Richards-Elders, London, England

Something happened to me 15 years ago. I finally feel free.

"I can’t speak of what happened because my memories are too vague. I do remember feeling violated, exploited and utterly terrified. By scanning my aura, Sophia found foreign entities around my body that she was able to remove. Since then, I have felt normal again. With Emotional Freedom Techniques the way Sophia does it, and listening to her MP3s, I feel so much better. Something terrible happened to me 15 years ago. I finally feel free. Thank you, Sophia."

~ Helene Vasseur, France

I’ve noticed the fear has not returned and the spaces in my body have lightened.

"During a call Sophia removed an entity from my right side. For years I always feared 'danger comes from the right'. I was always fearful and wary. Being on guard for danger exhausted me to the point of adrenal failure and the last three years it had progressed to constant pain and repeated injury in my right side: thumb, wrist, shoulder, ribs, knee and ankles. All were painfully inflamed limiting my enjoyment of life. After Sophia removed the entity the constant dread disappeared and over time I've noticed the fear has not returned and the spaces in my body have lightened. The pain and infirmary continues to improve. Thank you for all your help, Sophia."

~ Rita D., USA

I’ve dropped two dress sizes without changing my diet!

"I’ve been using your tapping phrases to clear entities related to my bad eating habits. I have to ‘fess up and say I still don’t exercise too often, but I’ve dropped two dress sizes without changing my diet! This is awesome!"

~ Molly Goldman, Miami, USA

I’ve stopped smoking alone…hopeful about becoming a non-smoker.

"I never wanted to start smoking, but something made me do it. I know now that it was an entity. The tapping sentences you gave me are helping a lot. I’ve stopped smoking alone. I’m hopeful about becoming a non-smoker very soon. Thanks for your help."

~ James Barclay, Melbourne, Australia

There is a karmic link to your past lovers

"Learning that everyone I’ve ever slept with is karmically connected to me was a shock. Yet, it made sense. I really could point out times I felt the energy of old boyfriends around me, and I felt a pull to them. I’m so relieved now that we released their hold on me. I feel lighter and more focused on my needs and desires. This is very good!"

~ Emma Wiltshire

I released past-life curses and got my spunk back!

"Sophia, you have helped me so much and I’ll always be grateful! With your processes, I released past-life curses and got my spunk back! This is exactly what I wanted. No more flipping between depression, fear and anger. I’m calm, I’m happy and I feel like I’ve been put back together. Thank-you, thank-you! You over-delivered, as usual."

~ Frances Bullock

Entity on spleen caused chronic yeast infections.

"My marriage was suffering due to my chronic yeast infections. For three years, I could hardly ever have intercourse with my husband. Both traditional and naturopathic healthcare had failed me. I saw Sophia on a television interview and called her.

She did her magic. Worked with my field, only asked a few questions. I felt I was in good hands. She mentioned there was a little ball of dark energy on my spleen, upsetting my sugar levels…throwing off the pH level in my reproductive area. She took care of it. I felt something shift. I was relaxed and happy when I left. My yeast infection cleared up very quickly and I haven’t had another one since. It’s been eight years. I’ve since had three children. I’m so pleased with the results of that one session!"

~ Blair C., Toronto, Canada

About Sophia Zoe:

SophiaSophia Zoe believes in the glorious potential of every person - each born blessed with talents and the capacity to thrive. When things get in the way, Sophia’s 20 years’ experience working with energy helps clients overcome their challenges.

Sophia’s own physical issues due to two car accidents, plus childhood emotional wounds, brought her to healers who helped her, then taught her how to help others. She now uses her skills, warmth and wit to guide clients to their greatness. She is the founder of the Pure Energy Program™ which focuses on trauma clearing. The most common feedback she hears from clients is “I didn’t know I could be so happy!”

Her work with hospital patients gave Sophia lots of opportunity to work with entities Hospitals are full of entities and they like to attach themselves to patients. By having entities removed, patients can avoid complications and make a quicker recovery.

Sophia has made many media appearances. She’s been on television, WebTV, radio and telesummits. She is popular for her live mini-healings and spot-on clairvoyance and clairaudience. Her clientele comes from 30 countries, which helps Sophia’s mission to raise the frequency of the planet, one person at a time. Sophia lives in Toronto, Canada.


7 MP3s for Protection and Relief from Entities + 8 EFT Scripts to Clear the Effects of Entities + Bonuses.

Discount: 95% Off
Total Package Value $2,100
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99


7 MP3s for Protection and Relief from Entities + 8 EFT Scripts to Clear the Effects of Entities + 30 Min Session with Sophia + Bonuses.​

Discount: 92% Off
Total Package Value $2,300
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177

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