• Are you a smart person who is struggling to quit bad habits?
  • Do you constantly make poor decisions and regret them?
  • Are you ashamed of some of what you think and do?
  • Do you fear that you’ll never be successful?
  • Are you tired of procrastinating?
  • Do you want change now?

If you answered ‘yes,’ you have lots in common with other adults.
These issues are common for people with Inner Child wounds.

Smart, skilled, kind, creative and loving people can have flaws that come from unresolved issues from childhood. The spark that is you, your true essence, is your inner child. It retains all the experiences you had from birth until adulthood. You carry that part with you always, because it developed into who you are now. The experiences you had shaped you. If you had many distressing or traumatizing experiences, and they were not healed, then you have inner child wounds that are causing negativity to show up in your adulthood. There is good news!

You Can Heal Your Inner Child

The best way to neutralize your upsetting childhood experiences is with energy healing. It neutralizes the energetic charge left in your cells from the experiences you had.

Great. How do I do that?

Get the help of an energy healing professional!

Sophia Zoe has been trained in over 25 healing methods. She uses the best parts from each healing system, so that you get the exact healing you need each time. Your energy will stop being dark, congested, disorganized or weak and slow to flow. With energy healing, your energy field will become pure and clear. Your upsetting memories will stop coming to mind. If they do, you will be in a neutral state about them. No more getting upset, feeling like a victim and ruminating in those thoughts.

Clearing your subconscious mind of the energy left over from distressing childhood events is the key to your good health, happiness and overall success. The benefits are many. Here are a few:

  • Understanding yourself so you can make decisions that are beneficial for you
  • Feeling better in all ways, so you can be a contributing member of society
  • Finding deep inner peace so you have the ability to remain calm, stress-free
  • Reclaiming your power because it was God-given and you deserve to enjoy it
  • Having compassion for yourself and others, so you can act with loving kindness
  • Effortlessly changing your habits so you get healthy and meet other goals
  • Feeling like you’ve finally matured and can maintain your personal integrity
  • Stepping into your innate greatness so that the world benefits from your gifts
  • Being emotionally free and able to self-actualize to satisfy your soul
  • Feeling bliss, so your vibration is high and you uplift others in your life
  • Trusting your intuition so the right decisions are easy to make

Other People Who Cleared Their Inner Child Wounds Had This To Say:

I used to be afraid of everything… Now I feel like Wonder Woman!

“Halleluia!!! What a difference the right healer makes! I had tried everyone, every system, and I spent all my savings looking for help! And still I was a sad mouse. I used to be afraid of everything. I was abused by my grandmother, who raised me. I could never do anything right, and she loved to punish me for it. This made me feel worthless and powerless. Between your audio recordings and the remote energy healing sessions, I am transformed! I never knew I could be so strong, so confident and so happy!! Thank you, you helped bring me out of myself! Now I feel like Wonder Woman!”

~ Rozmari Valla, Sweden

Recordings are effective at clearing all that emotional baggage. This is easy transformation!

“I was adopted by crazy people. They should not have been given a child. They squashed my spirit. They beat me. They put me down. They didn’t let me play with other kids. Not surprisingly, I failed to thrive. Life was hell until I ran away at 17. Adulthood was a huge challenge. I was not prepared. After much turmoil and two failed marriages, I can say I am finally in a place of peace. I love myself. I respect myself. I have created a loving, supportive ‘family’ of good people. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t been referred to Sophia. I love that her recordings are effective at clearing all that emotional baggage. This has been easy transformation!”

~ Marcus Simonovitch, California, USA

I quit drinking every night…allergy to lactose gone…everything in my life has improved.

“This is beyond awesome! Since listening to your MP3s, I quit drinking every night. Now, just weekends. I’ve saved my money and my liver! Hooray!! I set healthy boundaries between me and my parents, and so far, they are working. My ex-boyfriend has stopped harassing me – such a relief! I’ve decided to go back to school and I’ve been accepted! I’m so excited about this! Physically, my digestion is tons better, I’m sleeping better, and my allergy to lactose seems to be gone. I had milk twice without reacting. Now I really believe that our bad childhood experiences can affect us well into adulthood. Now that I’ve acknowledged them and worked to delete all that negative programming, everything in my life has improved. Thank you so much for the distant healing. It’s magical!!”

~ Lindsay Churchill, Ireland

You’ve probably done a lot of healing work already, right?
It takes time, effort and patience.
Maybe you’re short on all three.

Sophia Zoe has just made it really easy for you with her
Pure Energy Program

Introducing PEP For The Inner Child

Help Your Inner Child Find Joy, Security, Freedom and Peace!

PEP For The Inner Child…is the easiest healing program you’ll ever do.
You will finally be free of childhood trauma that’s been weighing you down.

  • No need to re-live the past; storytelling not required
  • You will clear the energetic residue of your experiences
  • Emotional wounds can heal…and rarely come to mind
  • Physical symptoms can be permanently corrected
  • Stress can be eliminated and your reaction to it mild
  • Your spiritual life will be enhanced, more meaningful
  • Peace and harmony can become your normal states
  • Your natural creativity can flourish when you are clear
  • Your energy and vitality could keep increasing
  • You’ll attract good people and circumstances
  • Abundance and prosperity will come easier
  • Overall, life will flow with ease and grace
  • Relationships of all kinds will improve effortlessly
  • Anxiety, tension and awkwardness will fade away
  • You’ll sense and know your purpose and value
  • Happiness, love and compassion will come easier
  • You will achieve your potential and feel proud of yourself!
  • You’ll be smarter as your brain comes into balance

PEP for the Inner Child is easy because
Sophia Zoe will do most of the work for you:

20 Days of Group Healing
(Day 1 and Day 20 by group call, the other 18 days by Remote Healing)

2Imagine being held in a healing cocoon for 20 days. Getting a treatment every morning for approximately 45 minutes. You don’t have to do anything but intend to receive the energy. Enjoy the incremental, accumulative benefits. You could also have exciting quantum leaps in your progress. You will receive an e-mail after each remote healing session, telling you what came up for the entire group. The e-mail will be energized, so you feel the healing as you read it. Sophia either muscles tests or senses what the group needs to clear each day. She will let you know what she worked on. It’s effective and effortless.

10 Silent MP3s

64Inner child trauma results in problematic symptoms in your adulthood. All the stuff and habits we need to overcome or eliminate. To support your inner child trauma clearing, you can play the silent recordings all day long, or anytime you wish, as you go about your chores. No extra time required to sit down and follow along. Anyone in the house will also benefit. It can’t get any easier than this!

Recordings of 6 Group Calls
(From a previous series of classes.)

1Learn from those who participated in this program before. They paid a higher fee and had six live group calls included. Luckily, you can have all the recordings. Each class includes a group healing process and a question and answer period. Follow along and it will feel like you were there! The calls are 60 - 90 minutes long, each.

PEP for the Inner Child is the easiest, most comprehensive program to acknowledge your past, heal what’s left of it, and become free and clear to attract what you want in your present. This makes your future bright, of course! All this, while becoming happier, healthier and often, wealthier, too!

Expert Reviews

"Releasing heaviness and deep grief became easier…"

Niky Rey - Smaller Photo“I connected with Sophia during a very sensitive and challenging time after the transition of a loved one. Sophia created a loving and safe environment, during our session, which soothed and embraced me! From that point, releasing heaviness and deep grief became easier and more natural! I am grateful for her contribution to my well-being during this challenging time!”

~ Niky Rey, Healer, Greece

"...The pain of my being adopted…An amazing release."

Tom2“Sophia, I’ve put a lot of work in over the past 24 years using all types and kinds of healing processes focused on resolving the pain of my being adopted. Abandonment has plagued me. Although I’ve received a great deal of healing through my prior work, when you made yourself available today, the tears began to well up. Your work was thorough, gentle and quick. With great precision I felt the wound being opened and drained. Following the session, even though the emotional pain is very much diminished, from a 9-10 to a 2-3 in only a few minutes, the dam has broken and I'm still pouring out tears. An amazing release. I love the work you do. It was perfect for me at this time. Very powerful. Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂 Much love for you in return”

~ Rev. Tom Hudson, Healer, USA

"I recognized that I was healed forever!"

Grace-Valador-2“All the signs kept appearing – move onto my Light worker path, but I was stuck in a quagmire. I didn’t even know what was going to come out of my mouth when I asked Sophia for a healing, and out comes a statement that I didn’t even know was holding me down – how do I reconcile my MBA with my Spiritual Lightworker path? As soon as I said it, I knew it was weak and foolish, and not even a truth! But, nevertheless is was the symbolic bog that was keeping me muddled.

Sophia gently took me through her healing process, and what felt like complete stuckness and sadness, transformed into a clear way out of the mud. With each part of the process, I began to feel lighter, and as I recognized that, I also recognized that I was healed forever! What an amazing gift you have, Sophia! Thank you for your blessings!”

~ Grace Valador, MBA, Life & Business Coach, Lightworker and Spiritual Warrior, Canada

"Released an old tie to a past marriage…"

Mindy“Sophia is a very talented healer who was able to see and help release an old tie to a past marriage that was still connected. I had known there was something there related to that, but couldn't put my finger on it. She found it and removed it, creating space for something new in my life. She is very perceptive and gifted, and I can see where since that has let go, things have been able to start to develop more in that area of my life now since our session. Thanks Sophia.”

~ Mindy Schroeder, USA

Reviews of the MP3s

"Your silent MP3s have such a huge effect on my kids."

“I’m so surprised (and grateful!) your silent MP3s have such a huge effect on my kids. The four of them hardly ever fight now. I used to go nuts with their yelling and complaining. I play the Calm, Love and Empathy recordings all the time. My family is transformed! We finally all get along. Peaceful, pleasant mealtimes are now a daily miracle. How can I ever thank you? This is amazing”

~ Yolanda Cramer

"I’ve noticed improvement around procrastinating."

“I listened to the silent MP3 many times and I've noticed improvement around procrastinating. This morning I felt amazing, so alive, so happy, even the colours were brighter. Thank you Sophia.”

~ Mihaela Vaida

"Your MP3s are awesome! They shut down my monkey brain."

“Sophia! You are so amazing. Your MP3s are awesome! They calm down my swirling brain. Your reports are so in-depth. This isn’t fluff in any way. I am moved by your commitment to this group. I am embarrassed we paid so little for so much of your time, love and work. May the heavens shine down upon you, as you have lifted us all up! Peace and love to you.”

~ Stella V.

"The silent MP3s shift my energy and attitude."

“I’ve been feeling happier and more like I’ve stepped into myself since this Inner Child program began. I also play the silent MP3s almost daily – they really shift my energy and attitude. I used to always feel miserable and uncomfortable in my own skin. Nothing gave me pleasure. Now, I’m positive, optimistic and generally happier. I’m discovering that the little, everyday things in life are little, everyday miracles! My whole family says I’m much nicer to be around lately. Thank you very much!”

~ Katrina Belton

"The silent MP3s have also been very helpful."

“So far all of the healings you have done have been on point. Today's especially was helpful in many ways, because the suggestions you gave I already had those in motion. Since the weekend my heart was beating irregular and the work you did today on my heart chakra I can definitely feel a difference. Thank you and I look forward to the upcoming weeks. The silent MP3s have also been very helpful during this time too. Love and light. ”

~ Kristie Archer

"I started to do my housework effortlessly, thanks to you!"

“Your Motivation audio is really working. After the 3rd time listening I started to do my housework effortlessly, thanks to you! My a-ha moment was when you said that I have to ask my body to agree to do my task… and that energy has a habit and my lesson is to find a way to go beyond this old habit. And my Soul knew what I was going to go through. Thank you so much Sophia. I really Love you and wish to study from you more and more!”

~ Tatyana Lusher, NY, USA

"I suddenly had no hatred for her anymore."

“Your Empathy MP3 is astonishing! I have seriously hated a certain relative for her abuse of me as a child. By having the MP3 play repeatedly while I sorted through family photos, I suddenly felt no hatred for her anymore. The way she looked in all the pictures completely changed. Her features softened. I felt like I connected to her higher self, and I felt a surge of empathy for her that I never would have imagined. My chest released a weight that I hadn’t even realized I was carrying. I’ve been feeling light as air the entire week! Everyone MUST use these recordings!!!”

~ Rose Tilden, Pennsylvania, USA

"The POWER I felt was mind-blowing!!"

“What an amazing experience! I was about to testify against my abusive skating coach. I heard the POWER MP3 and it gave me exactly the strength I needed to go through this disgusting process. I remained confident and was not intimidated by his lawyer at all. I am now using all the other MP3s daily and I feel deep calm in my soul. I am more connected to my spirit. My energy field is lighter. I feel I am deserving of all that life has to offer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are my savior!”

~ D.F., Singapore

"No emotional charge, no hiding out of his sight"

“I knew I would be seeing my childhood abuser at my cousin’s wedding. I was fearing it. I listened to the Courage recording about ten times. I’m happy to say, I was able to enjoy the wedding, and I ignored him completely. He was like a piece of furniture I had to walk around. No emotional charge, no hiding out of his sight. I never expected to have such courage and strength. This is unbelievable! Thank you so much!!”

~ Elisabeth, Oslo, Norway

"I feel like I’ve finally grown up!"

“The Intuition audio has been helping me so much. I used to be paralyzed by indecision. As a child, I was always criticized and teased for making the wrong choices and this has affected me my entire life. In the past week, I’ve been so productive because I could sense what needed to be done next. I could take logical, advancing action in major areas of my life, and in daily housekeeping decisions. I feel like I’ve finally grown up! I’m so thrilled! Thank you, Sophia!”

~ Margaret Dumas, Canberra, Australia

“Thanks so much for the Procrastination Zapper MP3. I do find it easier to get things done, I do notice the change…there is so much energy for breakthrough.”

~ Lan

“Hello Sophia and thank you so much for the last session. I was amazed at how my body was reacting to the process. Lots of releases, especially anger.”

~ Gail

“Unbelievable, I listened to your MP3 last night and I spent the whole day cleaning today, and I don't enjoy cleaning. This stop procrastination MP3 really worked!!!!! Many thanks.”

~ Alexis

“After listening to the recording, there was awesome realization about getting back to what I had forgotten...like a fresh blooming flower awakening...Thanks.”

~ Wendy

“Wow what an intense session... I was releasing soo much. I could feel the waves of pain and stagnant energy flow out....THANK YOU, THANK YOU”

~ Pearl

“I can’t believe how good the Friendship MP3 is! I wasn’t speaking with my best friend. After one listening, she called me and apologized! We’re back to normal again. Thank you – I had really missed her!”

~ Jemma

“Today’s remote healing surprised me. Thank you for clearing the old energies when people in my life have let me down. Thank you for "bringing my mind back to me." I felt good.”

~ Lidija Lalic

“I can not believe you did all that work on us today. I am very touched I could feel the energy all week. Also my vision was blurred - better today. I am so grateful for your beautiful healing.”

~ Nancy Alves Green

“Thank you soooo much for the healing you did for us. I can see how much energy, thought, aligning and love goes into each treatment, and I so appreciate it! You are amazing!”

~ Ania Gelbert

“Thank you for this amazing lesson in consciousness.... so very powerful and so beautiful! I admire the depth of your awareness, and ease of putting it into words... Beautiful thoughts, and deep, courageous searching...”

~ Anna

“My past daily intense headaches are down to just one or two light headaches per month. This has helped me get a job because I can focus. I’m establishing a social life, with the help of the Empathy and Friendship MP3s. It’s a great package.”

~ Dan Thompson


20 Days Remote Healing (Day 1 and Day 20 done live on a call) Energized E-Mail Reports + Recordings of 6 Group Calls + 10 Silent MP3s

Discount: 98% Off
Total Package Value $4,500
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99

Sold Out


20 Days Remote Healing (Day 1 and Day 20 done live on a call) Energized E-Mail Reports + Recordings of 6 Group Calls + 10 Silent MP3s + 30-min Session

Discount: 97% Off
Total Package Value $4,700
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177

Sold Out

Can listening to silent MP3s really have a positive effect on inner child wounds?

That is a logical question. It’s normal to question something that we don’t understand very well.
A silent recording is one of those things. It’s different and new. Stay open and enjoy the experience.

The answer is Yes, the energy embedded in these recordings will clear any emotional interference you have. The recordings focus on the positive aspects of an inner problem. For instance, if you were bullied, listen to the MP3s called Courage and Power. That will help you overcome the effects of being bullied or abused. If you were lonely and felt abandoned, listen to FRIENDSHIP to clear the feelings of isolation and bring in opportunities for socializing and having fun with others.

What kind of experience will I have with this program?

Many people feel instant relief in one or more areas of their lives. Even if you think you don’t have any big problems, you will feel better and better with repeated listenings. You could feel waves of energy moving through you, deep relaxation, tingling, warmth or a feeling of being held in love and grace.

Everyone is different, and everyone is ready for different levels of healing. Some people take a bit longer to feel changes. If that’s you, be patient. Also consider that you may be healing in ways you haven’t noticed yet. Ask people who know you well if they have noticed any differences in you.

Will there be a healing crisis?

Probably not. Occasionally, an old physical issue will seem to be activated again. It’s usually making itself present so you can say a final good-bye. Thank the issue for the role it played in your life, the perspective it gave you, then ask it to leave. You will notice yourself feeling physically better and stronger as the days go on.

Emotionally and spiritually, you will connect with your inner self/higher self. You will partner with yourself to take better care of yourself. Self-love and self-respect will increase. There are so many exciting ways you could experience this program. Read the testimonials to give you ideas of how else you might improve!

Why are the healings remotely done?

To make it easy. Not many people have time to focus on their healing every day. Let Sophia do it for you. She can read energy quickly at a distance. She could only ever offer this with a group; she could not treat hundreds of people every day, individually. This way, the vibration of the world increases each day, with all participants coming into their light as they release the dark parts of their childhood. Sophia will send a brief e-mail report letting the group know which issues were cleared each day. You get a sneak peek from the chart below:

Package A


Part 1: Days 1 – 5 (Mon – Fri)
Begins on the 1st Monday of each month.

Value: $600

Format: Day 1 is a live group call that will be recorded, so everyone can hear it.
Approximately 90 minutes long.
Details will be sent to those who purchase.

Days 2 – 5: Remote Group Healing Session.
Energized e-mail report sent daily

Length: 30 – 45 minutes, every morning.

Preparing to receive and sustain healing. Calling back all pieces of your soul. Opening channels of reception. Releasing resistance to change.


Part 2: Days 6 – 10 (Mon – Fri)

Value: $600

Format: Remote Group Healing Session.
Energized e-mail report sent daily.

Length: 30 – 45 minutes, every morning.

Clearing feelings of I am: Unworthy, Underserving, Unlovable, Shamed, Judged, Criticized, Loathed, Abandoned, Rejected. Clearing self-sabotage.


Part 3: Days 11 – 15 (Mon – Fri)

Value: $600

Format: Remote Group Healing Session.
Energized e-mail report sent daily.

Length: 45 minutes, every morning.

Clearing residual energy of Violations of the Body, the Mind and the Spirit. Reclaiming lost parts. Integrating into your Wholeness. Owning yourself.


Part 4: Days 16 – 19 (Mon – Thurs)

Value: $600

Format: Remote Group Healing Session.
Energized e-mail report sent daily.

Length: 45 minutes, every morning.

Healthy boundaries with family, friends, co-workers. Defining goals. Choosing discipline over distraction. Releasing all that weighs you down. Boosting self-love, self-respect, intuition. Accepting Divine intervention. Connecting to celestial guides and guardians. Staying in your power.


Part 5: Day 20 (Friday)

Value: $300

Format: Group Live Call that will be recorded.
Phone or webcast.

Length: Approximately 90 minutes.

Allowing dreams to unfold, feeling safe, finding courage, gathering allies, bringing the future into the present. Anchoring good habits, strengthening beliefs, keeping healing channels open.


6 Pre-Recorded Group Healing Calls

Value: $1200

Format: MP3

Length: 60 – 90 minutes each

Learn from others! You get access to the recordings of the group calls from previous PEP Inner Child classes. Group processes and Q & A each time.

10 Silent MP3s
(No sound, just an energy transmission through your speakers.)



Value: $60

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 10 minutes

Infused with energy and affirmations to calm and soothe your body, mind and soul. Puts you in a receptive state.



Value: $60

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 5 minutes

Energized with the intention of preparing for change and growth and feeling safe and courageous about it.



Value: $60

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 3 minutes

Embedded with energy and intention of knowing when you’ve found your purpose, feeling your contribution is valued, loving your life.

ITEM 10:


Value: $60

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 6 minutes

Infused with ‘agape’ (highest form of love) for self and others. Encourages loving responses and pleasant interactions.

ITEM 11:


Value: $60

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 4 minutes

Energy of silent affirmations to promote fun, joy and socializing. To deepen relationships, and start new friendships of support and integrity.

ITEM 12:


Value: $60

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 4 minutes

Infused with energy to get you unstuck. Brings a positive perspective. Makes you want to take positive action for your health and other success goals.

ITEM 13:

Procrastination Zapper

Value: $60

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 3 minutes

Infused with energy to get you excited about doing your tasks, even the ones you’ve put off for years! You’ll find a renewed energy and higher level of activity. Brings a positive attitude. Makes you happy to accomplish your goals.

ITEM 14:


Value: $60

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 3 minutes

Vibrating with energy to help you find and stay in your place of power. Keeps low-vibration people and events away from you. Self-discipline and self-control are enhanced.

ITEM 15:


Value: $60

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 5 minutes

Gentle frequencies to keep your heart and spirit able to connect with others. You will have more empathy for yourself, too.

ITEM 16:


Value: $60

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 5 minutes

Channeled frequencies of connection to your higher self for guidance, protection and practical solutions to your problems.

ITEM 17:

PEP Inner Child Guide to MP3s

Value: $60

Format: PDF Document

Length: 3 pages

Includes all the phrases transmitted energetically on the MP3s. You can use these phrases as ones to tap on, as in EFT.

Package A

Total Package Value $4,500

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 98% Saving ***

Sold Out

Non refundable after Day 1

Package B

Package B includes all of Package A
30 minutes with Sophia by phone or Skype

ITEM 18:

Private Session

Value: $200

Format: Phone/Skype

Length: 30 minutes

With a private session with Sophia Zoe, you’ll get the energy healing you need to help you ascend to the next level. A great boost to the work you’ll do on the calls and with the MP3s.

Package B

Total Package Value $4,700

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177
*** 97% Saving ***

Sold Out

Non refundable after Day 1


Something has shifted within me now in a major way…

"Hi Sophia, Thank you so much for today’s report. I know you viewed me in my current lifetime as a child (my immediate tears as I read your email is validation, for one thing!). Everything you described, hit the nail on the head. Yup, that was a younger version of me in this life. The words you used, disgusted and disappointed, are EXACTLY the words and feelings I think of and use to describe the end result of many, many experiences throughout my life. Exactly. Your bringing that to light has shifted something within me now in a major way and helped it to all make sense. I will use the visualization techniques you outlined to rid myself of those energies."

~ Amy H.

The daily reports are a blessing beyond measure.

"Thank you so very much for all that you do and are doing through PEP for us-all the clearings, activations, wisdom and insights are so deeply appreciated. The daily reports are a blessing beyond measure. I love your candidness too!"

~ Auburn

From sadness to unbelievable bliss.

"All I can say is WOW --- I felt a total shift in my body from sadness to unbelievable bliss. Your daily report regarding our soul group is to assist with healing the planet brought me to a place of deep love and gratitude. Thank you with love and blessings"

~ Marcie Cavanaugh

The daily reports are incredible and spot-on.

"Hi Sophia! I can't believe the love, support and commitment you are putting into this group. The daily reports are incredible and spot-on. So much is shifting already and I could write loads. Suffice to say happy to be here and connect with my new found soul mates! Looking forward to connecting more on the inner and getting to know and support each other on this journey. Thank you Sophia Starlight!"

~ Sara Bailey

I felt strong…I have new hope…

"Hello Sophia! Doing the affirmation statements, while tapping, was so moving and satisfying for me. Affirmations have been challenging and difficult to say with belief, across time in my life. But today, I felt strong, and was moved imaging that I am part of a group of souls who came for such a beautiful and meaningful purpose. I have struggled and despaired with feelings of meaninglessness and disconnection since I was 5. Now I am almost 65 and I have new hope for a very meaningful and beautiful life. Thank you for being a beacon of light and love for us Sophia! I am still awestruck by what you healers can do."

Gratefully, humbly,
~ Liza Evans

I can feel those old layers of gunk dissipating already.

"Thanks so much, Sophia Zoe, for these amazing healings! I can feel those old layers of gunk dissipating already -- and it's only day 4! I was so touched by what you wrote in today's healing report, about our mission to heal ourselves so we can heal the world. Wow! I feel so lucky to be part of all this. Thank you, thank you "

~ Leslie Fox

I can FINALLY feel the breakthrough….

"Sophia, How lucky we are in this group! I have been to other remote healing programs, none have such miracle shifts like yours, and I feel your deep love for us (tearing now), your daily report is heavenly, it really helps guide me deep into the shifts. I did so much intense healing work for the last 5 years. I can FINALLY feel the breakthrough...on my neck/shoulder- I have severe degeneration and injuries, it is unwinding/loosening, it is sore but I can feel the amazing progress everyday...infinite gratitude to you and my soul group!"

~ Lan Lau

I have higher vitality and accomplished more today.

"My daughter surprised me today with an angelic attitude towards me and life. She was sweet, agreeable, understanding, talked about the desire to sing again, cook, and had some creative ideas coming to her mind. Also thought about getting a job, which was a surprise for me. I don't have to mention, that I am thrilled!
As for me, I am much calmer, and despite being tired, I have higher vitality than normal, and accomplished more today.
Thank you Sophia so very much for your amazing insights, work - I am really impressed by all the detailed and fascinating updates you give us."

Much love,
~ Anna

Only three days so far and I feel great!

"I can totally relate to this feeling of peace. I've been feeling lighter as each day goes by and I truly enjoy reading the detailed reports about what Sophia has cleared. It's amazing how I can feel as if every clearing was tailored for me. Only 3 days so far and I feel great! Can't wait for when we clear some of the deeper, heavier stuff and, of course, to have some 1:1 time with Sophia. Thank you!"

~ Luis M. Burgos

I actually felt a jolt of energy flow through me.

"I am so glad that I am involved in this healing package. I actually feel protected and at peace. I feel that this is working for me. On Sunday night I actually felt a jolt of energy flow through me. The concept of safety is so big for me especially at work where there are very poor boundaries. Sophia, I think your concept today of safety relates to the absolute core of my sadness and fear. Thank you."

~ Nancy Lutzky Paley

My feelings of worrying and wondering seem to have dissipated.

"Thank you for the time you spent on clearing these issues - every trauma and phrase mentioned resonated with me, and I feel relieved that these yucky energies have been cleared!

I have had many problems and difficulties around relationships for my entire life, especially romantic-type relationships with men, so a few years ago, after consciously recognizing certain repeating patterns, I began my energy healing journey and am thankful for all the help I received. It has made such a difference. You are among the best!

I wanted to wait a couple weeks before I replied to see how things would transpire since your healing session, since I do not typically experience quick energy shifts. I do feel more emotionally stable, relaxed and ready to welcome a happy, healthy soulmate relationship into my life whenever it is meant to be. I also noticed my feelings of worrying and wondering too much about what the future holds seem to have disappeared.

I will be in your Inner Child group - what a great offer you put together! For the last couple weeks, I have been listening to the silent MP3s almost daily on my train commute to work and I'm feeling the positive effects from those. My "inner child" sends you eternal gratitude. : ) Thank you, again."

~ Amy Hayes

On a scale of 1 – 10, the session was a 10!

"My session with you was awesome and zeroed in precisely on what I needed! You were masterful at recognizing my symptoms and recommending the appropriate essential oils to alleviate my discomfort. On a scale of 1-10, the session was a 10!"

~ Elizabeth Smith, California, USA

I felt more in my power.

"I am doing very well. After the session, I felt more in my power. I had the best night sleep. Thank you for helping me move forward and making me feel safe."

~ Francoise, France

…without fear, going forward…

"Thanks Sophia, actually, I felt very calm today, not being triggered by egomaniac system rockers and their limited doings… which made me very confident. I can ride out my beliefs without fear, going forward, hoping to find my way out of the maze I am in…...

Thank you for your invaluable help! You can not imagine what I have been going through all these years. Thanks a million again!"

~ Christina, England

I feel you have saved my life!!

"Hi Sophia: We had our phone session Thursday. Yesterday I couldn't believe what happened!!! My anger towards my boss went down to nothing, even though I would normally be triggered by what she did. Oh my goodness!!!! I can not tell you how much this has helped me. I feel like a completely different person! Thanks again. You have no idea how much I feel you have saved my life!!"

~ Trisha, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

"Holy mackerel!!! I was dying with upper back and head "ickiness" after I got home from surgery. THANK YOU FOR CLEARING IT! I am still adjusting to all the changes, but I know I will be OK! Talk about bang for my buck! I so needed it and it is SOOOOO APPRECIATED! YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you for the remote healing!"

~ Anne McCarthy, Ontario, Canada

My stomach has gone down since you removed those entities.”

"Thank you so much for the session. My stomach has gone down since you removed those entities. I was so amazed that you were able to remove them just by asking. I think they may have been there for more than 20 years! Thank you again for your work. Much love to you.”

~ Jamie, Washington, USA

Gratitude and relief that came from that PEP talk!!!

"Dearest Sophia,

To say 'Thank you' for Friday morning's session somehow sounds like an understatement. Yet it is difficult to put into words the kind of gratitude and relief that came from that PEP talk!!!

You motivated me to declutter. Yesterday I loaded the car with 6 or 7 boxes of china to give away, with much more a sense of harmony, crispness and assurance than I would have known without our having worked together. Your helping me by looking at the depression I was experiencing straight on, rather than my continuing in a loop to feel stuck, too close to it or it's being too obvious for me to be able to claim, let alone name, what was going on, allowed me to shift gears and to start to feel in my whole being more proactive about the whole state of things, by your wisdom and courage to say what you did, which reignited my own. What a blessing! With love and appreciation.”

~ Katie, California, USA

After doing this healing…I got a lot of money unexpectedly…and more for years to come!

"Dear Sophia,
I would like to thank you very much for your wonderful MP3s! I am really pleased with them. When I started listening to them I didn't react much at all. Now when I do them my head moves up and down and I sigh and yawn a lot, releasing the past. I had a very lonely, sad childhood.

I went to the dentist yesterday and he said my gums were greatly improved which was a relief as my mother's life was ruined by all her teeth problems and this fear showed up again with my teeth. As an unexpected bonus after doing just this healing with teeth and gums, I got a lot of money very unexpectedly by selling a book I had got very cheaply long ago. Soon after that I had the good news that I am going to receive a nice lot of money every month for years to come! I think that money and teeth are both connected in the root chakra.

So I would like to thank you very much indeed for this healing. I especially like the way we can send healing to events we don't even know about or have forgotten. Your healing course is perfect in every way.”

~ Daphne

I ended up on my Pilates machine with no resistance whatsoever.

"About a month prior to listening to your Procrastination Zapper MP3, I decided that I was going to start exercising again. And, I did, once or twice. Exercise used to be a regular part of my life but not so much in the last few years.
After hearing the MP3, I wondered if I would stop procrastinating so much. Later, passing by my Pilates Performer, with absolutely no thought of using it, I ended up on the machine with no resistance whatsoever. I really didn’t think too much about it until the next day when shortly after getting out of bed I went straight for my Pilates Performer. The same thing happened for two additional days. Then I thought, it must be the Procrastination MP3 of Sophia that I listened to. Each time I passed that machine I wanted to get on it; I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The next day, bright and early, unintentionally, I ended up exercising, and throwing away a few things I was tired of looking at every day. Thinking about it, I realized for sure that the Procrastination call with Sophia really made a difference. I will be listening to it often. Thanks, Sophia! Much Love.”

~ Soleil, Georgia, USA

The Procrastination audio shifted something in me…

"Dear Sophia, I have the flu and was feeling down but after listening to the procrastination audio, something shifted in me... I saw light waves in my head and began feeling more energized. I was very calm and almost feeling joyful when I listened to the motivation part... by the end of it I felt a spiral of light in my 3rd eye and some bubbling in my crown chakra. I am not sure what it means but I am feeling a little better and although I was thinking of resting today, I have a little more strength to do some clean up at home. Thank you!”

~ Sylvie, Portugal

Yes, I love myself. I released a lot!

"Sophia Zoe this session was powerful! Towards the end, my Higher Self showed me “Yes, I love myself." I love EFT and am going to do this powerful round over and over again. I released a lot!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! I loved our healing connection. The call was great. I learned a lot from you. I appreciate all the clearings. Love, Light and Blessings!!!!”

~ Sandhya Srivastava, New Hampshire, USA

Everything improves. I love it!

"The pelvic issue I came for cleared up after the third session. I continued seeing Sophia because I realized just how much stuff I have to clear up, and how quickly it can be done. It really is effortless. I just show up by Skype, and everything improves. I love it!”

~ Lisa Gould, P.E.I., Canada

It’s not the techniques, it’s the person using them that matters.

"I’ve never had any luck or success with other healers. I’ve tried so many, always keeping an open, hopeful mind. I saw Sophia on TV a few years ago and thought I’d try once more. She was amazing! Really quick to identify my deepest fear (rejection), which caused my biggest problem (self-sabotaging my relationships), and very compassionate in the way she helped me clear it. I loved my sessions with her!! And all my secondary problems were also gone so fast, like anxiety and nail-biting. I encourage everyone to try Sophia Zoe because it’s not the techniques, it’s the person using them that matters.”

~ Eleanor McCready, Ontario, Canada

You’re my psycho-spiritual rock star!

"My jaw drops when I look at my old list of problems that no longer are my problems! I’m free from all that emotional baggage that made me hate myself for so long. I was so stuck and stagnant. There was no joy in my life. But now I’m a completely different person! I love my new job and my co-workers are seriously inspiring and cool. This huge shift happened in about five weeks. You’re so good! You’re awesome! You’re my psycho-spiritual rock star!”

~ Franca Lorenzo, British Columbia, Canada

I was so depressed for so long…now I’m a ray of sunshine.

"Awesome improvement in my mood since my last few sessions! I was so depressed for so long that it became normal for me to feel awful. Now, this ever-increasing sense of joy, capability and purpose are feelings I've never had before, but I'm enjoying them so much. I'm volunteering at a shelter and the residents have said that I am a ray of sunshine that keeps them going. Can you believe it? I am humbled to be an inspiration to others. I would encourage anyone to keep at it, have multiple sessions. Sometimes it feels like not much is happening, then BAM! a major shift happens and it's truly amazing!”

~ Kelly A., Alberta, Canada

Did you evict my saboteur? Yup!

"You are the person I think of for help, no matter what my problem is. Did you help with my critical, overbearing mother issues? Check. Did you magically clear up that strange rash on my leg through distance healing? Oh yes, you did. Did you evict my saboteur and coach me through the five-stage interview process for my dream job, so I wouldn’t mess up? Yup, and got it! I quite adore you, Ms. Zoe. You’ve helped me heal all my childhood issues and their adult symptoms. Your talents are tremendous!”

~ Keith Brown, New York, USA

He was in better spirits and needed less pain medication.

"I was so close to my father. His sudden turn for the worse left me devastated. I so appreciated your support and healing work during my father’s months in hospice care. I felt calmer, and clear headed even though my heart was breaking. I feel that your work helped me make the funeral choices he would have wanted. I know I honored his life in a way that would please him. The hospice staff couldn’t explain why he was in much better spirits and needed less pain medication sometimes. Those were the days you sent the distant healing to him. Thank you for helping to make his passing gentle. It came after a session you did. He could breathe easier, and was able to say he loved us before he died. That was such a blessing. Thank you, Sophia.”

~ Romi Alvarez, Miami, USA

You are the Swiss Army knife of healing!

"A quick note of thanks for your excellent service. I’ve never known anyone to have so many skills at her disposal. You are the Swiss Army knife of healing! I need you in my purse at all times!! LOL There’s no problem you can’t handle, is there? My husband, the world’s biggest skeptic, has been talking about you. That’s high praise! He’s referring everyone to you, based on how I’ve gotten over my fear of driving and my chronic fatigue is gone. Thank-you isn’t quite enough. I really do appreciate your program.”

~ Evelyn Leighton-Blair, London, UK

Our daughter left that horrible man…she wants to get, and stay clean.

"Without re-hashing the horrifying details, I can say that you were absolutely instrumental in helping our daughter come home again. The distant healing you did erased her anger and stubbornness. It must have improved her self-esteem, too, because she left that horrible man and showed up on our doorstep, after years of being involved in that dangerous scene. She said she wants our forgiveness and our help to get and stay clean. All the times we offered, she was defiant and said she didn’t need help. This is a major turning point and my husband and I are happy to have her home again, to help her get her life on track. We will be setting up weekly sessions. We feel better knowing your energy work can help us all. Thank you so much for everything you do. You are needed.”

~ J.W., British Columbia, Canada

You’re always spot on! Every time!!

"Your distant healing is just amazing! Every time I hire you to treat my family, you figure out the exact right thing to work on. You’re always spot on! From 500 kilometers away! I don’t know how you do it. I’m just really thankful that you do. Warning us about my daughter’s bullies getting more aggressive absolutely saved her psyche and her dignity. The distant energy healing made her more courageous and less victimy. She immediately had more self-confidence. She exudes such a strong aura now, no one is messing with her!”

~ Abby Firenze, Quebec, Canada

I’ve finally grown up and let go of my daddy issues.

"Wow!! I can’t believe how much better I feel!! This has been a thrill. I’m thrilled I’ve finally grown up and let go of my ‘daddy issues,’ but boy, am I ever cheesed off it took me so long to find you!!! I was trapped in my own self-created hell for decades! Now I feel reborn!! I feel like I can fly!! I’m going to fly up to Canada and give you a giant hug!!!”

~ Elsa Bayer, South Carolina, USA

My nightly monkey brain has been shut off and I can sleep.

"Thank you for your healing work! I feel so much more positive. My nightly monkey brain has been shut off and I can sleep. No more flashbacks from my terrible childhood. I even drove for the first time in months. I couldn't drive before because my tick would cause me to jerk too much. That's gone!”

~ Tina Edison, Alabama, USA

I’ve kicked two addictions and I’m feeling much calmer.

"I'm impressed with your healing. I don't understand it deeply, but I have a sense that there's a ton going on internally that I'm not even aware of. So far, you have helped me a lot. I’ve kicked two addictions and I’m feeling much calmer. I've cleared up my sloppy habits, I'm not late as much and most of my procrastination is gone. I think that’s impressive!”

~ Jude Knotts, Sydney, Australia

I’m earning 30% more and I’m buying a house!

"My update is full of blessings! Your audios helped me erase old memories from childhood that were running in my head all the time. I was finally able to have a successful interview highlighting my skills. Four months ago, I got the position I wanted. I’m earning 30% more and I’m buying a house!! Now I qualify for a house loan!! This has been my big dream! My mother can move in with me and not have to stay in the village by herself. I feel so thankful for all your help. You are walking in the light of God! Bless you, always.”

~ Marjani Adesina, Mozambique

I feel stronger and more positive. My spirit is coming back to me.

"You are my savior! Truly, I’d be dead by now if you hadn’t helped me with my divorce and illness. Your support kept me alive and gave me inspiration. Your recordings were perfect for carrying me through between sessions. Every day, I feel stronger and more positive. My spirit is coming back to me. Things seem easier. I’m not paralyzed by fear and insecurities anymore. Thank you, Sophia. You are a life saver!”

~ Nandi Aloo, London, UK

My inner child can now play! I’ve never felt freer or happier!

"Yesterday, I went to the park and did cartwheels! Never done any before, and I dare say, they weren’t graceful, but they were heartfelt! LOL! I used to be trapped in my depressed mind, watching the same old movies of sadness and tragedy. Your inner child program has transformed me! I would have to try really hard now to bring those painful memories to mind. I think positive thoughts now. I look at others with appreciation and admiration, not with the envy I used to have. Now I understand when people say they are “reborn.” You have rebirthed me, Sophia! I feel new and free. My inner child can now play! I’ve never felt freer or happier – thank you, thank you, thank you!”

~ Genevieve Robitaille, Quebec, Canada

AleeReina“I had a fantastic, interesting and supportive healing session with Sophia. In one rather tumultuous week my romantic partner sustained skateboarding injuries requiring surgery and I launched a new program with my healing practice that while exciting, was edging me out of my comfort zone, therefore opening the potential for deep clearing and opening. So open in fact, that it I found myself vulnerable to some rather frustrating interference from attachment entities. I have noticed this happen every so often when I uplevel in my visibility, gifts and prosperity. This bout led to technical difficulties with my computer, nausea and coughing fits right before a very important talk I was hosting, and attempts to frighten me by turning all the power sources in on and off in the middle of the night while noises rattled throughout the house, among other things. Meanwhile my partner was in a completely different state on a business trip experiencing some weird entity experiences of his own!

We had the session after he flew back and first Sophia got to work supporting his aches and pains- clearing the trauma associated with the fall and neutralizing his connection to the city in which he was injured. It is a location very enjoyable and special for both of us and we want to be able to go back and enjoy it together. Sophia was able to tune into the location of the accident as well as a distinct past life my partner and I had shared there together. Next Sophia supported the clearing of entities who were hanging around my partner's energetic and physical field, creating the space for a smooth final surgery the next day, and opened the best possibility for a healing response to what can be a traumatic experience for the body even while helpful.

Sophia then supported me to clear the entities connected to my field- tuning into the right clearing methods for me that would support the release as well as heal the injury/past life connection with my relationship. She was even kind enough to stand guard (remotely) and clear attachments for me during my important talk! I was so grateful for that because even though I felt the interference at first I was able to relax into a space of safety, light and power and the rest of the experience went off without a hitch. In conclusion she discovered that some of the attachments were actually there to learn from me. She saw me working with them at a park. In fact there is a large park across the street from my home that I visit daily. I had a beautiful experience connecting with these energies, showing them how to re-connect with their true heart, and set them free to the light. So far, so good! Thanks Sophia! ”

~ Alee Reina Hoffman

About Sophia Zoe:

SophiaSophia Zoe is a healer, musician, actor and author. She is also a problem solver. Whatever job she’s had, she has always been the go-to person for quick solutions. Her joy comes from witnessing the transformations she facilitates. Her secret is studying healing systems, using her intuition and trusting divine guidance.

After healing herself from a near-fatal car accident, Sophia’s commitment to natural health care intensified. Her zest for learning kept growing. She continues her healing education to this day, learning from masters of many methods. Sophia has studied over 25 healing methods. By combining the best parts of several methods, she has developed The Pure Energy Program. PEP for short. Sophia’s first paying clients came to her in March of 1996 and her healing practice has grown into an international one, with clients now coming from over 30 countries.


20 Days Remote Healing (Day 1 and Day 20 done live on a call) Energized E-Mail Reports + Recordings of 6 Group Calls + 10 Silent MP3s

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20 Days Remote Healing (Day 1 and Day 20 done live on a call) Energized E-Mail Reports + Recordings of 6 Group Calls + 10 Silent MP3s + 30-min Session

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Please take responsibility for your purchase decision. Your spirit moves you to join the program. Your resistant ego or frightened inner child may try to talk you out of it later. Don’t miss this opportunity for growth and healing before it’s even begun. Join us and stick to it. You will be very glad you did!

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