Experience the Most Advanced Synthesis of 5 Evolutionary Energies Available

  • Manifest faster, experience the power of universal abundance
  • End chronic pain, reclaim your health and vitality
  • Create the loving partners you deserve
  • Live your divine purpose and know meaning in your life
  • End your inner struggle
  • Live in harmony with yourself and loved ones
  • Expand your career opportunities
  • Dissolve limitations and negative thought patterns
  • Live in joy and unconditional love
  • Discover a world of new possibilities
  • Release your natural creativity

What's Missing?

Magnetic Lotus bridges the physical to the metaphysical to the multi-dimensional realities. Your awareness and enlightenment increase and you begin to increase your ability to be in charge of your life and truly live your purpose. Your experience aligns into grace and ease as you begin to create from the strength of the universe and the physical world.

  • Do you suffer from Compulsive thought patterns, excessive Worry, or Depression?
  • Do you Struggle for every inch of progress you make?
  • Are Chronic Pains keeping you from joy and the people you love?
  • Do you long for Loving Relationships and Supportive Friendships?
  • Do you deserve more Abundance in your life?
  • Would you like more Ease and Grace in your life?
  • Are your best Opportunities passing you by?

Your Life Can Change…

For decades, Sherry has been helping clients move past their barriers into the life they dream of, where relationships are supportive, troubles dissolve, pain and illness heal, and abundance flows freely.

See how just a few of Sherry’s clients have benefited from her work.

When you have so much pain... and you experience a change... it's HUGE!

~ Becky Smith

Attracted an incredible man who cherishes me for who I am…

Kathleen M"Sherry's work helped me to unlock a deeply painful pattern of attracting men in relationships that drained and undervalued me. Shortly after engaging in the work with Sherry, I met and attracted an incredible man who cherishes me for who I am. We travel the world together. Sherry's work is both healing and profound. She is able to use her considerable intuitive gifts to get to the heart of any issue or problem. She then works to shift the energy while offering tools the client can use to facilitate a positive outcome. Sherry is equal parts therapist, healer and magician!"

~ Kathleen Medina, Author, Intuitive, and Numerologist at Canyon Ranch Spa, Massachusetts and Montreal

Abundance is flowing...

Natalia G"I feel like abundance is flowing my way on all levels of my life. I am so grateful for your programs and would like to share my experience with anyone who wants to make positive changes in any and all areas of their life.

Here are some examples:
Before taking Sherry’ program, it was challenging for me to walk one mile or less (due to a car accident about 10 years ago), now I can walk for hours! And, I’m enjoying it so much.

During this program I lost 12 pounds without dieting or special exercising, just because I used the energy of her mp3's to look and feel younger.

My house was seriously damaged by fire, but it was magically restored, cleaned and even upgraded with all new stuff while I was living in a good quality hotel, without me paying one penny from my pocket.

I also received some unexpected gifts: a vacation package voucher of $1000! And, my son gave me his beautiful car in mint condition as a gift.

How it can get any better? On Spiritual level, I feel shifted, connected and loved by Source, by myself, my family and friends. Also during this program, some of my talents, like channeling and clairaudience, were activated and are growing fast.

In my opinion, Sherry is one of the strongest healers on the planet."

~ Natalia G., Toronto

Doctors have been amazed…

Jeff L"Sherry has helped me to live a full, active, successful life despite having chronic kidney disease for 26 years. The doctors have been amazed that I remained asymptomatic for so long and it was not until a month ago that I had to have a kidney transplant. With Sherry's energy work, she has helped me to heal at a physiological and physical level and helped create healing spaces with the doctors, surgery room, my home and support team, and now a month later my doctors are again shocked at how well I have healed."

~ Kimberly Margolis, MSW, LSW, Licensed Psychotherapist, Colorado

$40,000 raise and better benefits…

Julia J"Sherry saved my life. Sherry has assisted me thru pregnancy and healed me when I was told by doctors I had serious medical problems. She helped my best friend have a baby. Sherry helped me deal with and set boundaries with an abusive husband. She has given me some of the best advice that has completely changed my life. While working with Sherry I got a job offer for $40,000 more than I was making plus better opportunity and better benefits. I have achieved greatness in my life and would not be who I am today without her."

~ Julia J, VP Business Development, Illinois

Pregnant in one month after years of trying…

Laura L"Working with Sherry, I had finally gotten pregnant and have a beautiful daughter. She had told me a little girl was waiting for me and my right ovary was clogged. She had worked with me remotely and cleared my ovary and within a month I was pregnant. I had tried getting pregnant for years and worked with fertility specialists with no success. I now work with Sherry for emotional balance, as a life couch, grief, depression, and back pain. Each session with her I feel energized and harmony in my life."

~ Laura L., Illinois

Sherry is continually evolving herself and her work to be able to better serve her clients and her universal calling as an Energy Master of both masculine and feminine energies. Internationally renowned for her breakthrough Multidimensional Integration processes including The Authentic Heart, Soul Synthesis, Abundance Playground, and others. She has been gifted with inspired light work including the Rainbow Blanket energies, the Phoenix Light, the Pyramid process, New Earth Evolution, and other Sacred Geometric processes. Sherry is introducing the next level of evolution in Energy work, a divine gift she was asked to carry into the world:

Magnetic Lotus™

Are you ready to claim your Sacred Identity?

newageearthascension2Magnetic Lotus is your evolution into equanimity and empowerment. Magnetic Lotus bridges the physical to the metaphysical to the multi-dimensional realities. Magnetic Lotus bridges the physical to the metaphysical to the multi-dimensional realities.

Magnetic Lotus is the center point of equilibrium within your being. Finally, the light and the depth of your inner feminine and masculine align in dynamic tension and harmonize with the high frequency light of our next evolutionary shift. The sacred geometry of life reveals patterns that before were stubbornly out of reach. Your life begins to move from struggle and pain to grace and ease. Resistance to our own divine nature dissolves. You will become empowered to create from the strength of the universe and the physical world. The evolution of the human being emerges.

KundaliniYour transformation begins with purifying the endocrine and transmuting outdated emotional and misaligned geometric patterns held within them. The endocrine glands are cleared and rejuvenated and the new energy pathways and subtle energies are aligned. This energy sets the stage to receive the next energies of the Phoenix Light.

The energy of the Christos will be our foundation. This pure state of unconditional love and awareness is the gateway for multi-dimensional downloads of the Phoenix Light for the bodies evolution.

We will work with the initiation evolution of equanimity, a fusion of mind and spirit that holds within your body the energy of non-reactive calm and peace with easy access to your decisions and higher awareness.

The Magnetic Lotus will be synthesized within each participant so that you can make the most of your evolution in balanced, centered, confident aligned potential of your best life yet.

34In this program, Sherry provides 10 PureEnergy Download™ MP3s that focus on each of the Endocrine Glands plus 8 supportive PureEnergy Download™ and Guided Activation MP3s to aid your absorption and integration of these powerful energies. Unlike previous editions of Sherry's signature PureEnergy Download™ MP3s, she has incorporated healing and energizing tones using sub-sonic, sonic, and super-sonic energies that help to focus delivery of the esoteric energies with laser precision. This collection of 18 MP3s is available with all packages.

My doctor thought I might go blind... my eyesight not only recovered, it actually IMPROVED!

~ Lisa Beelendorf

The most amazing miracle…

"I have been listening to all your mp3's since November when I lost more than 50% of my vision. I just saw my doctor this past weekend & was told that not only have I gained my full eyesight back but my eyesight is even better than it was prior to the vision lost. My doctor actually had tears telling me he just witnessed the most amazing miracle, me. 

He put a lot of time in reviewing all my records over the last 10 years & had never seen eyesight loss as dramatic as mine was. He feared I may lose total eyesight but didn't tell me as he didn't want me to focus on that. He wanted me to only focus on the chance of full recovery. I remember hearing a testimonial about eyes & Sherry so I went about playing all the mp3's I had of hers daily. I didn't allow myself to talk about what I was going thru, I didn't want to add that kind of energy. I kept trying on my old glasses but they were all so blurred. But I had not lost more vision so I was very grateful. And I prayed a lot that I would not go blind. I never saw this coming. Neither did my doctor. Neither one of us thought my eyesight would be better we were just hoping it would go back to where it had been. 

So my doctor who was crying started laughing telling me the reason why I couldn't see with my old glasses was because now they were too strong & that I didn't need LASIK but that I only needed a new script of a much lower power to see into the distance but not for reading or walking around. He advised there is absolutely no way of explaining how my eyesight came to be so much better than before in under 70 days but it is. I am so grateful to still have the grace to see. And I am so grateful to Eram for putting Sherry in my path. Much love to both these lovely ladies.

~ Lisa B., Massachusetts

I fell in love…

"I am so grateful to have met someone as gifted and truly amazing as Sherry. I fell in love with Sherry's work and her energy instantly. When I got the package, I noticed how much more peace, love and awareness I was feeling from the beginning just from listening to the MP3s. Then I had a personal session with Sherry and it absolutely blew me away, in a good way. She was 100% so right on everything she saw. We cleared and released a lot of the stuff that bothered me for so many years. I so strongly yet gently felt her loving energy. Sherry is one of the best healers I've ever met. Her energy is just so warm, welcoming and loving. I cannot wait to get Sherry's new package and experience more of her powerful work and her loving energy. "

~ Angela M., Virginia

Stiffness from a 10+ down to a 4…

"I have had a stiff neck for several days with an accompanying tension headache. At lunch time, I went for a walk and listened to one of your dolphin infused energy tracks and within a couple hours the stiffness went from a 10+ down to a 4 and the headache down from a 9 to a 2. Thank you! I have some of your PureEnergy Downloads™ playing on my computer at work to keep the releasing process going."

~ Sue T., California

I won the lottery!

"I’ve been listening to the mp3’s daily and doing lots of clearing work and I got my first pay rise in 4 years this week and I’ve just been notified that I won $7,300 in the lottery yesterday! I’m over the moon! I can’t wait to see what else I can manifest."

~ Maree N, Australia

Your Transformation Continues with 6 Transformative Modules, 3 Live Group Teleconference Calls and 3 Essential Dolphin Energies Events

Sherry's live group teleconference calls create a global resonance of energetic activation and manifestation. She will begin each call with body-mind-spirit balance and attachment clearings. She will then lead an anchoring process with activations that weave universal and personal opportunities into the energetic fabric. She will answer written questions and interact with callers. The live calls are recorded for those who are unable to attend in person. Sherry will answer written questions on the call and the complete transformative energies are included in the replay.

Receive LiveEnergy Download™ of angelic and loving Dolphin energies for three two-day events. Experience joy, self-love, a creative boost, rejuvenation, playfulness and bliss. Many people report feeling lighter during these transmissions. These events are silent energy transmissions, no need to block off time for it, and you are welcome to let us know if there is something in particular you are working on.

Transformative modules are previously recorded group teleconference calls loaded with energetic clearings, initiations and activations. These are downloadable recordings of each module with the full energies expressed during the call.

The 6 Transformative Modules, 3 Live Group Teleconference Calls and 3 Essential Dolphin Energies Events are available with packages B and C.

It was like a miracle for me! It was just amazing.

~ Patricia Jones

My whole outlook changed…

"Our group call last Sunday was mind blowing. I felt I received the clearings of everyone that you worked on very deeply. I felt a very big shift. All of a sudden my whole outlook changed, I felt positive, happy and energetic. I have been packing, cleaning, moving and driving. I ending up having a 20-hour day! When I read that you had been doing your LiveEnergy Download™ work on us I knew that must have been the shift. Thank you so much!"

~ Elaine K., Florida

I was able to walk over a mile…

"WOW! Thank you so much for the mini-healing during our group call on Saturday! I was able to walk over a mile yesterday to start preparing for my 14-mile trek with my father’s ashes. My feet felt just fine, no pain, no sudden cramping! This is marvelous since I have under 3 weeks to get ready for this event on Father’s Day."

~ Peg R., Colorado

It felt like a miracle…

"Wow!! Love the call yesterday, incredibly powerful, moved tons of energy along the spine and kidneys! Thank you so much for addressing my stomach issue during the call, you were so amazingly accurate! I have so many points of views and judgements around food regarding stomach pain and discomfort. 

Before I listened to the call, my stomach reacted to almost anything I eat; sometimes even drinking water would trigger some kind of pain. But this morning, I woke up with this new found confidence of “All is well!” It seems like a new reset button being turned on. No stomach pain all day, eat and drink almost normally. Wow, how does it get any better than this?! Deleting our belief systems that do not serve us can be this powerful! 

It felt like a miracle to me."

~ Weiping, China

A lot quicker than I expected…!

"Dear Sherry, I just wanted to send an email to thank you for taking my question on last Sunday's call. I started implementing your advice right away, and I have to say I found it hard to "love" the angry parts of me. What finally happened is I decided to send these parts into the Light to be sort of washed clean and then returned to me when I and they were ready. Well, it happened a lot quicker than I expected! The very next day I was decidedly happier and I was very aware that a younger part of me had indeed returned. When I was about 9 years old my mother basically shut down everything normal in my childhood. I was not allowed to play, celebrate holidays or my birthday. Most of all she tried to kill my love of music to the point that I was not allowed to listen to rock and roll ever. Of course I used to listen to it in secret whenever she wasn't home, but I felt like a sinner. After I started to do my integration, the next morning up popped a 50's rock and roll station on my phone's radio list-one that I never included! To my joy, it plays all my favorite oldies and I started to sing and dance every day! Finally, after so long I am starting to feel like the happy kid I knew I was. I can't thank you enough for all the help you've provided. Much love,"

~ Victoria M., MD, New York

Supercharge your transformation with a Personal Session with Sherry

Experience a full 25-minute personal session as Sherry focuses her attention and skills on the core, foundational opportunities for development and growth in your life and answers any questions you may have. Imagine your life with more vitality, open to your inner guidance, increased clarity, reduced pain and expanded mobility. We can work on your pain, business or relationships or if ascension is your primary focus we can upgrade your energy field for the entire session. The personal session is available with package C.

I can only attribute this to the healing from you...

"I had a session with Sherry and immediately after I felt reenergized to the point that I walked 2 1/2 miles. I haven't been able to do that in 8 months! Yesterday I saw my hematologist and my white blood count, which was 2.7 days ago, is now 3.9, back in the normal range! I was also assured that all the serious tests came back negative and I can only attribute these findings to the healing from you. Blessings for all you do!"

~ Dorothy S., New York

Blood pressure went down…

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful session, you were able to pin point so many issues I was aware of or was able to connect with. I am looking for my way forward with peace, love, joy and gratitude. I measured my blood pressure before the session at 177/85 and, wow Sherry, my blood pressure went down to 135/77 after the session!"

~ Ewa K., Canada


"Thank you so much for our powerful session, in which we addressed my relationship with my mother. A few hours after it, I felt a rush of "forgiveness energy" & the guidance to act on it, which I didn't stop to question - because I was so eager to seed & celebrate this feeling of forgiveness in myself, and because I also felt that I was being shown a window for some kind of powerful relationship upgrade! So I wrote a quick direct letter to my mother, saying what I was moved to say, then doing my best to surrender to the results. Yesterday came her simple reply ("I love you. I'm sorry for all the pain I have caused you.") -- The likes of which I have never been told, or more importantly FELT, and received, in my heart. It was so potent for me, both of our communications were so radically different from our old mother-daughter "paradigm," it blew me away. I wasn't expecting it at all. It is of course time (always) to keep the focus on myself & the life I'm creating, and remain neutral to expectations and results with her/my family, and still, I am not complaining here! It felt radical. I felt radical. As you would say, more "parts" of me came home! I feel so honored to be putting a stop to a long line of abuse passed from woman to woman on my mother's side. Thank you for supporting such transformations in myself and so many others. Thank you for your great healing gifts."

~ S.F., New York

  • 14 MP3 PureEnergy Downloads™
  • 4 MP3 Guided Activations
  • Private Facebook Group
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Total Package Value $786

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  • 14 MP3 PureEnergy Downloads™
  • 4 MP3 Guided Activations
  • 6 Transformative Modules
  • 3 Live Teleconference Calls
  • 3 Essential Dolphin Energies Events
  • Private Facebook Group
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Total Package Value $1,558

Discount: 89% Off

Profound shifts, clearing unresolved thoughts and emotions…

"I cannot begin to tell you the profound shift and changes that are occurring within me. I feel grounded and centered, and neutrality happens more and more in my world each day.

l listen to your tapes often and feel love washing over me and clearing unresolved thoughts and emotions that do not serve me at this time. I will continue to work with the dolphins as they have become truly a part of my life. Deep Love and Gratitude for all that you do."

~ Carolyn T., California

Head out of the grey…

"After a long co-dependent relationship that drained me, I lived in a grey frequency. I stuck my neck out to breathe but that grey soup would engulf me again. People around me, in my job, in my family, they all live in fear. I couldn't escape. One day, after I started listening to Sherry's mp3s, I found myself interacting with a simple, uncomplicated person and saw the opportunity to jump out of that soup into a higher frequency. Can the Universe work in mysterious ways, or what? It's so much easier now to keep my head out of that soup and remain calm despite the storm around me. That feeling of calm was enhanced by the Expanding Time mp3, which now I felt I could afford the luxury of listening to."

~ Maria L., Europe

Here’s what’s included in the package

Package A

Endocrine Evolution

This package includes:

  • 10 MP3 PureEnergy Download™ non-verbal endocrine gland energy recordings
  • 4 MP3 PureEnergy Download™ non-verbal supportive energy recordings.
  • 4 MP3 Guided Activations layered with supportive, transformational energies.
  • Private Facebook Group to share your goals and successes and get personal support from Sherry

These PureEnergy Download™ transmissions are designed to clear and rejuvenate your physical and subtle bodies. This is an evolutionary energy shifting from the quantum through the DNA through the entire body. Each PureEnergy Download™ has unique energies for each gland and the relationship within the physical body, brain, nervous system and energetic bodies. The physical signature shifts as well as the new design of energetic vortexes within the body to support new energetic pathways needed for our new bodies. The energy is uniquely gifted to us to assist with the energetic shifts of our time and evolution.

This set is in its most advanced state and is the first step to prepare the body. While each endocrine gland is listed separately, the energies include the endocrine center and its relationship to the whole body. Clearing, aligning, regenerating flows and communication on the physical, but within your alignment and integration. Inner vortexes are cleared and aligned and new flows emerge.

  • Restore harmonious physical connections
  • Rebalance your hormones
  • Reset your nervous system
  • Reinitiate perfect organ communication
  • Reclaim a balanced relationship with your body

More money this month…

"Thank you so much for this whole package! I’ve made more money this month than I have in any month so far and I can’t believe how easy it was, how I much i trusted that the money was already here, and how focused, grounded and kick-ass I’ve felt through the whole process! What did you do? Your audios save my life in every moment! I love how short, easy to use, and magically profound they are. I just love expanding time with your work!"

~ Ayla A., Colorado

About PureEnergy Downloads

Words cannot express the fullness of energy. Sherry has developed proprietary methods to pack the energies of her Guided Activations and processes into a non-verbal recording. PureEnergy Download™ recordings are silent with occasional musical tones or natural sounds that help to focus the energy for activation and healing. You will not hear spoken words or instructions as you do with other types of recordings. Many clients report excellent results from her unique PureEnergy Download recordings, often preferring these to the verbal versions.


Adrenals PureEnergy Download™

Value: $39

Format: MP3 PureEnergy Download

Length: 10:03 min

Our adrenals are often weak or on overdrive. As with the other glands they are all interrelated. This PureEnergy Download™ works on the gland balance and rejuvenation plus all the emotions that attach here in and their dysfunctional patterns. This pyramid shaped gland is supported with this PureEnergy Download™. An adrenal detox is included with this transmission.


Adrenals Deep Dive PureEnergy Download™

Value: $39

Format: MP3 PureEnergy Download

Length: 10:03 min

Optional for those prepared to dive deeply into unconscious patterns that need to move. Deep, unconscious clearings may occur when using this PureEnergy Download™. To complete these unconscious clearings, bringing them to conscious attention may be part of your process. Ask for yourself if this is the right timing to listen to this one.


Hypothalamus PureEnergy Download™

Value: $39

Format: MP3 PureEnergy Download

Length: 9:39 min

Use of this non-verbal PureEnergy Download™ strengthens and reinforces the function of the hypothalamus which is the connection between the endocrine and nervous systems. The hypothalamus secretes vital neuro-hormones responsible for body temperature, sleep, fatigue, hunger and thirst among other things. A well-functioning hypothalamus is essential for body vitality and you will feel a boost of deep energy and dynamism.


Pineal PureEnergy Download™

Value: $39

Format: MP3 PureEnergy Download

Length: 9:33 min

This non-verbal PureEnergy Download™ stimulates the production of melatonin by the pineal and also upgrades its connection with all others endocrine centers and organs. Melatonin helps improve the quality of your sleep and increases daytime alertness. A vital gland, the pineal brings added vitality as well as an amplified connection to the divine. This PureEnergy Download™ delivers an upgrade and detox of the pineal gland as well as alignment to your vortexes.​


Pituitary PureEnergy Download™

Value: $39

Format: MP3 PureEnergy Download

Length: 11:10 min

The master pituitary gland controls several of the other hormone glands including the thyroid and adrenals. While usually the size of a pea and situated in a bony hollow beneath the base of the brain and just behind the bridge of your nose. The gland consists of two lobes and the energy of this PureEnergy Download™ works with the grids around the pituitary and the nose. Pituitary detox is included.


Thyroid & Parathyroid PureEnergy Download™

Value: $39

Format: MP3 PureEnergy Download

Length: 11:10 min

Our biggest endocrine gland, the thyroid, is prone to several environmental stressors and often people feel imbalances of the thyroid. The thyroid is designed to align the upgraded energetic blueprint of your thyroid, if you just need a pick-me-up or have an over- or under-active thyroid or have autoimmune weakness with it. Detox and vortex clearing and​ ​upgrades are included.


Thymus PureEnergy Download™

Value: $39

Format: MP3 PureEnergy Download

Length: 8:11 min

The thymus secretes hormones integral for developing children and immune response. This PureEnergy Download™ works on the thymus, the heart and subtle bodies. The thymus is included in all energy work although most medical professionals consider it dormant for adults. I consider it part of all energetic heart work and that is included on this download.


Ovaries PureEnergy Download™

Value: $39

Format: MP3 PureEnergy Download

Length: 9:06 min

The ovaries PureEnergy Download™ is good to listen to even if you have been through menopause or have had surgical removal. It works on releasing memories and energies within the area and its relationship to the other endocrine centers.


Testicles PureEnergy Download™

Value: $39

Format: MP3 PureEnergy Download

Length: 10:19 min

Women may also listen to this transmission. The ovaries and testicles will also work within the relationships we have to each other and our collective memories to upgrades of these energy centers. Energy for prostate was also included in this download.

ITEM 10:

Pancreas PureEnergy Download™

Value: $39

Format: MP3 PureEnergy Download

Length: 11:06 min

The dual functions of the pancreas are the production of digestive enzymes draining into the duodenum and hormones for sugar balance into the bloodstream. Like other endocrine centers the pancreas suffers with so much thought and worry around it. This MP3 considers the ability to break down our food and self-generate.

ITEM 11:

Endocrine Neurotransmitter with Dolphin Essential Energies PureEnergy Download™

Value: $39

Format: MP3 PureEnergy Download

Length: 7:54 min

The endocrine system regulates all hormone glands in our bodies. This silent PureEnergy Download™ is designed to reinforce the neurotransmitter circuitry regulating the whole endocrine system including: pineal, pituitary, pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid, thymus and adrenal. It strengthens connection between all endocrine parts and aligns them to your original blueprint.

ITEM 12:

Neutrality PureEnergy Download™

Value: $39

Format: MP3 PureEnergy Download

Length: 9:41 min

Sometimes we need assistance to get back to our neutral state. This is where our empowerment resides, when we are able to let go of what pulls us out of our center and empowerment.

ITEM 13:

New Earth Resilience PureEnergy Download™

Value: $39

Format: MP3 PureEnergy Download

Length: 8:59 min

Stay strong in difficult times. This PureEnergy Download™ not only prepares you for changes in our world but also in your personal life. This is designed to increase your adaptability, resilience with heart and strength​. ​

ITEM 14:

Ultraviolet Liquid Crystal Plus PureEnergy Download™

Value: $39

Format: MP3 PureEnergy Download

Length: 11:45 min

This PureEnergy Download™ assists with balancing between the other PureEnergy Downloads™. It uses ultraviolet liquid crystal and other energies. The liquid crystal moves through the body with ease and grace and assists the evolutionary energies with gentle balance.

Sherry naturally layers each activation with clearings, integrations and up-leveling. She transmutes known and unknown weaknesses from your personal energy field. Clear away the heaviness of shame, guilt, delusions, unhealthy competition and old patterns slowing down your health, relationships and finances. Find the real you and the energy to have your best life ever.

ITEM 15:

Endocrine Neurotransmitter with Dolphin
Essential Energies

Value: $60

Format: MP3 Guided Activation

Length: 9:35 min

This energy transmission strengthens your chemical messengers of your neurotransmitters and your hormone. There is a circuitry of energy used to strengthen and balance the transmissions. 

The endocrine system regulates hormones, including the glands in our bodies. This activation is designed to reinforce the neurotransmitter circuitry regulating the whole endocrine system including: pineal, pituitary, pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid, thymus and adrenal. It strengthens connection between all endocrine relationships and aligns them to your original blueprint. Including your hypothalamus and its connection back to CNS. Of course we are including the gut hormones and the ones our conscious mind may be unaware of. 

Some researchers believe 86% of us have suboptimal neurotransmitters that are responsible for telling our hearts to beat and our lungs to breathe and your stomach to digest. Let’s shape up our neurotransmitters to strengthen our neural connections.

ITEM 16:

Rejuvenate & Regenerate with Dolphin Essential Energies

Value: $60

Format: MP3 Guided Activation

Length: 9:54 min

This activation tackles cellular rejuvenation giving a new life to cells and restoring them to their optimal condition. As a result, cellular regeneration will be stimulated and the body’s self-healing abilities amplified. It is particularly helpful for restoring hair follicles for rejuvenated hair and bringing back the strength to weak nails. Be fit all the way through​. ​

ITEM 17:

Golden Blanket

Value: $60

Format: MP3 Guided Activation

Length: 12:30 min

A beautiful combination of energies and colors designed to assist you in in feeling your authentic empowered self-embodying unconditional love. The Golden Blanket is the sovereign step into what after the authentic heart.

ITEM 18:

Restorative Blanket

Value: $60

Format: MP3 Guided Activation

Length: 9:22 min

The restorative blanket is designed as a rescue blanket, helpful after intense work, after shock, and any time you need calming and grounding, feel a 'rip' inside or deep disturbance. It restores your connection with your multidimensional self, your physical body, and your soul. For some, you may feel a reconnection deeper than you have experienced before and others will gently come back to their knowing and empowered state.

Now I feel hope, I feel a shift…

"I am 65, have been disabled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 25 years and nothing I ever did (the list would take paragraphs!) seemed to help. I went through some extreme losses (deaths, divorce, home) about 10 years ago. After that I kind of folded into myself and have never recovered. I have been experiencing overwhelming PTSD, anxiety and depression over the last years. I feel fear of leaving the house, fear of driving, and social anxiety. 

I feel I have something to offer but I seem to have lost all confidence. Before I got sick, I had a successful massage and yoga practice and was very athletic and confident. I realized as I started your program how guarded, skeptical, hopeless and resistant I had become. I had done so many programs and protocols and nothing had ever really helped. I started doing your work without much enthusiasm or hope. 

I found your tools resonated with me!!! Your process feels so right, and so powerful! I have begun to believe there might be a way out of this terrible dark place I have been in. I want life. Now I feel hope. I feel a shift happening. A little crack in the door, some light. Thank you for that, Sherry, really from the bottom of my heart. I feel so greatly heartened by the fact that I have found you and your love and light-filled work that seems to be shifting me. Thank you for all that you do and are."

~ Tana H., New Mexico

I'm living my dream…

"I joined Sherry's program thinking that I had to do something because I got so low I was not able to pay my bills. I had spent a year looking for work and just couldn't get hired. It had never happened to me before. Within 2 weeks of starting her program, I started getting calls for jobs. I am an electrician by trade but had decided I had to accept anything that came my way. These calls were for electrical jobs, working for myself. That was my dream - and I am living it now! I have gone from total fear and desperation to gratitude. I am making more now than I had hoped for. Thank you, Sherry, for changing my life!"

~ Michael B., Idaho

ITEM 19:

Private Facebook Group

Format: Facebook

Join Sherry and like-minded souls as you embark on this journey together. Share your goals, experiences and successes. Make new friends and support each other to reach vector equilibrium and equanimity.

Package A

Total Package Value $786

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
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Cancellation Policy: You may cancel and get a full refund any time before 30 days
after the date of your purchase

Package B

Phoenix Light Evolution

This package includes:

  • All of Package A
  • 6 Downloadable Transformative Modules packed with energetic clearings, initiations and activations.
  • 3 Live Teleconference Calls loaded with energetic clearings and activations. Sherry will take your questions live. Includes downloadable recordings. If you are unable to attend live we will take your question on the call if submitted beforehand.
  • 3 Essential Dolphin Energies Events with daily Live Energy Activation transmissions infused with essential Dolphin energies.

In addition to the all the recorded activations and energetic transformations from Package A, Sherry will host 6 live teleconference calls to address universal issues and your personal challenges.

  • The energetic upgrade for your body, mind and spirit
  • Live your most empowered life within the new paradigm
  • Relieving your own pain, anytime, anywhere
  • Hear your body's communication like never before
  • Your body, your real BFF
  • Receive the Phoenix Light initiation
  • Receive the new Equanimity initiation
  • Receive the Magnetic Lotus Initiation

My sales doubled in one day…

Denise M"No need to hire a business coach, I know where to go to get the best business advice. I invested thousands in coaching programs to expand my business online. More guidance came through Sherry in one session than I received in the 4 month business coaching program I was in last year. I saved time, money and frustration. I had many aha moments and several ideas that I will develop into programs over the next year. Best of all, my sales doubled in one day after Sherry made some adjustments to my energy field."

~ Denise McNab, Creator of Pure Love Infusion, Pennsylvania

The pain was totally gone…

"I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and your work! On our group call, you called on me and worked on my foot which was hurting so bad that I couldn't even move it or walk! Within a couple of minutes of your zeroing in on the emotional issues causing the pain, I could move it and walk a little. I listened to the call a few more times and within a couple of days, the pain was totally gone!!! Thank you so much!"

~ P. Jones, Texas

All calls begin with body-mind-spirit balance and attachment clearings. Sherry will lead an anchoring group process with activations and then she will take live and written questions from the group. If you are unable to attend the call you can send a question ahead of time and Sherry will include the energy to address it on recording.

ITEM 20:

The Magnetic Lotus Initiation

Value: $99

Format: MP3 Recorded Module

Length: 127 min

Restructuring your personal physical mental and spiritual energetic fields to allow for your realignment with the earth’s magnetic fields, clearing pathways to alignment which accelerates your abundance and clarify your fields.

Using the foundational and gateway energies from the Christos and new plasma energies from package A, we add the Phoenix Light, a life force elixir rejuvenating and energetically drawing the body to its regenerated potential. These energies flow through the physical through the Torus field up through the phi spirals. This gives us our own access to the Magnetic Lotus pattern for your life force. This is a perfect balance of male and female energies held in dynamic tension and resonant with the synthesis of our other energy initiations.

Deep work with life force energy, heart and the newer levels of equanimity. Energetic connections will be made within the new energy structures and consciousness.

ITEM 21:

Deep Heart Awakening and Equanimity Initiation

Value: $99

Format: MP3 Recorded Module

Length: 107 min

This is a deep heart awakening. Initiating energies of the Magnetic Lotus into the heart and core with specific energetic downloads allowing this deepest awareness level to emerge. The magnetic flows within the harmony of the heart and clearings of agitation, dysregulation and insomnia and other heart issues. Some of us particularly within the metaphysical community scatter their energy and lose the ability to empower our lives and inadvertently are empowering what we do not want.

ITEM 22:

Increasing Kidney Life Force: Clearing Shock and Fear

Value: $99

Format: MP3 Recorded Module

Length: 101 min

We will be initiating the Phoenix Light within the kidneys and bladder region. A full module releasing patterns of shock, hiding and fear and rebuilding the energies of slowing our kidney function, Regeneration energies and our emotional expressions and the ability to have them will be included. Chronic or even unknown fears we carry keep us from our harmonious flow of life and we tend to hold on to energies that are not ours or become stagnant when the kidney energy is suppressed. Often those who cannot express their true selves need a clearing of these organs including the bladder.

ITEM 23:

Strengthening Flow of Life in Lungs and
Resolving Hidden Grief

Value: $99

Format: MP3 Recorded Module

Length: 87 min

Our lungs bronchial and sinus areas will be initiated with the refined and powerful energies of the Phoenix Light, Christos energies, the Magnetic Lotus energy. Unresolved grief can affect our circulation, our ability to thrive and renew ourselves. Rebirthing our lives becomes possible when the lungs are clear and we can allow hidden areas of grief to resolve and empower us.

ITEM 24:

Clearing the Liver: Patterns and Possessions

Value: $99

Format: MP3 Recorded Module

Length: 141 min

Liver energy is essential to our digestion, our ability to regulate and patterns of stagnation, blood pressure, headaches dizziness irritability and anger. A strong flowing liver energy allows us release rather than hold difficult emotions we are feeling incapable of letting go. Deep within the liver can remain patterns where we associate these limitations with our identity. Our possessions, (in all the ways one can have possessions) can be cleared with this deep letting go and renewal of liver and gallbladder.

ITEM 25:

Rejuvenating Your Spleen Energy: Increasing Confidence and Clearing Worry

Value: $99

Format: MP3 Recorded Module

Length: 150 min

Spleen energy can be restored when we unlock hidden reasons for worry, excess mental stimulation from our thoughts or modern habit of computers and devices. When the mind gets in the way it tries to take over the job of the body or even your soul truth and identity. Fatigue and inability to concentrate will also be patterns we will address with this call.

ITEM 26:

Group Call 1: Embracing Your Sacred Empowered Identity
Saturday February 17, 2018

Value: $99

Format: Group Teleconference Call

Length: 90 min

Are you ready to fully embrace or take a few more steps to authentic empowerment? Knowing yourself and where the center of power actually lies is your essential key to a successful life. During this call we will update the Magnetic Lotus energies for 2018. There are many ways we subtly judge ourselves that hold us back. this call will be aligned to the participants energy and the questions they bring. Sherry will answer written questions and interact with callers. The live call will be recorded for those who are unable to attend in person. Sherry will answer written questions on the call and the complete transformative energies are included in the replay.

ITEM 27:

Group Call 2: Releasing False Security Systems
Saturday March 3, 2018

Value: $99

Format: Group Teleconference Call

Length: 90 min

Do you feel insecure, fearful, uncertain? Do you depend on external sources of security that are continually letting you down? On this call we will explore the paradigm of security, where real security originates, and how to release your dependence on false security systems. Discover how your energy alignments can lock you into patterns of worry, fear, illness, and depression. Learn how to clear and release these alignments to free yourself and to embrace your self-dependence. Sherry will answer written questions and interact with callers. The live call will be recorded for those who are unable to attend in person. Sherry will answer written questions on the call and the complete transformative energies are included in the replay.

ITEM 28:

Group Call 3: The Wellspring of Prosperity
Saturday March 31, 2018

Value: $99

Format: Group Teleconference Call

Length: 90 min

This call celebrates the first full moon following the vernal equinox, a time of powerful creation and manifestation. Discover how to be the Wellspring of your own prosperity as well as the prosperity of your social network, community, and the planet. Learn how to harness the powerful creative forces that are peaking at this time and how to flow with the energies of creation and manifestation. Develop your powers of wanting and having, appreciation and giving, and learn how to ignite your creativity. Sherry will answer written questions and interact with callers. The live call will be recorded for those who are unable to attend in person. Sherry will answer written questions on the call and the complete transformative energies are included in the replay.

ITEM 29:

Three (3) Essential Dolphin Energies Events

Value: $117

Format: LiveEnergy Download

Length: 3 x 2 Days

February 14-15 Valentine’s Day & Solar Eclipse & March 21 & 22 Equinox
Choose your preferred weekend

Receive LiveEnergy Download™ of angelic and loving dolphin energies for two days over a weekend experience joy, self-love, creative boost, rejuvenation, playfulness and bliss. We will be sending regeneration energies for all of your body, the quantum field into the cells, molecules, DNA and telomeres. The whole physical structure will receive these downloads three times a day each day of the weekend.

Instant Relief!

Estherr"In just a few minutes Sherry was able to lift up and out a dense ball of energy that had been lingering in my Solar Plexus for days. Instant relief! She also cleared mom energy hanging out in my field wanting to enjoy my adventures and created a deeper connection of Body, Spirit and Mind, assisting my Body to self-heal as it knows best. I giggled and laughed throughout the process and feel fantastic."

~ Esther Bartkiw, Conscious and Ascension Guide, Facilitator of Divine Transformation

Clearing Blocks and Past Life Issues…

Miar"Sherry has a great gift for clearing clairvoyantly in higher dimensions, where in my experience only a few healers have the capacity to go and the ability to clear.

Sherry's clairvoyant ability to find energetic patterns or blocks, in my case they were hidden states and some were past live issues, is excellent.

She very accurately found several hidden states from a past life, to do with empowerment issues. Sherry is an expert in the field of healing karma and energetic blockages.

She also cleared an energetic block between me and a close family member that I had difficulty finding myself."

~ Mia den Haan, Soul Healer, Channel for Spirit, Author, Australia

Package B

Total Package Value $1,558

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177
*** 89% Saving ***

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel and get a full refund any time before: 30 days after the date of your purchase or the date of the first group call, whichever comes first.

Package C

Sacred Lotus

This package includes:

  • All of Package A and Package B
  • A 25-minute Personal Session with Sherry. Includes a downloadable recording of your session*.

Take your personal transformation to the next level with your personal session with Sherry. Experience a full 25-minute personal session with Sherry as she focuses her attention and skills on the core, foundational opportunities for development and growth in your life and answers any questions you may have.

Soul Whisperer…

Joumana N"Sherry is the soul whisperer and working with her is like having a trusted friend go into the deepest corners of your soul, intuitively hone in on the deepest wounds that have kept you stuck in fear for God knows how long, and quickly heal and release them. Sherry’s work is all-encompassing. It spans through this lifetime, past lives, ancestral lines, the collective, so she really gets to the nitty-gritty of our challenges and issues.

Sometimes Sherry can get to everything in one session, sometimes several sessions are needed to release it all depending on how deep or ancient it is but in either case, the relief you feel is immediate especially if you are triggered at the time she works on you. My sessions with Sherry are that and so much more. She gave me information on the next steps of my journey that was so far removed from my awareness it would have taken me a lot more time, stress, and frustration to get to it. It was a precious gift."

~ Joumana Nasr, Precious Victories Coaching, Medical Intuitive, California

You were spot on

"I've completed the session and I'm super-duper impressed !!!🎉 You are absolutely brilliant, brilliant, brilliant !!!💞 

Thank you so very much times a Godzillion for all the awesome work you did...I'm totally blown away! I've been clearing for the last couple of years and this session was by far the best and most comprehensive of all that I've had so far...you were spot on...so therefore thank you so much!!! 

I'm very grateful to have come across you on the summit."

~ Naseema, South Africa

ITEM 30:

Private 25-minute session with Sherry
(with session recording)

Value: $195

Format: Personal Session

Length: 25 min

25-minute personal session with Sherry.

Imagine your life with more vitality, open to your inner guidance, increase clarity, decrease pain and increase mobility. For people new to energy work or advanced.

A tremendous blessing…

"My personal session with Sherry has been a tremendous blessing. Her healing energy is palpable. We worked on literally thousands of issues within the 30 minute time frame which I will continue to process over the next few days. We worked on physical, emotional and spiritual issues and reintegrating them into my being. What a tremendous gift"

~ Cathy S., Tennessee

Cherry on top of the cake…

"The private session with Sherry was the actual cherry on top of the cake. I felt SEEN, HEARD, CARED FOR, ACCEPTED. Sherry is so loving and nurturing that I, a very anxious and shy person, managed to feel at ease and able to openly share my concerns. After the session, the seed that lived in the ground, started to pierce its confines into the light."

~ Maria de Lourdes, Portugal

I listen to our session often…

"I really value who you are and your work. I listen to our session often and feel its benefits. My relationship is much calmer and stronger with honest communication."

~ Adrienne Earle

Package C

Total Package Value $1,753

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $247
*** 86% Saving ***

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel and get a full refund any time before: 30 days after the date of your purchase, the date of the first group call, or the date of your personal session with Sherry, whichever comes first.

Your personal session must be used within 6 months from the date of purchase. Once scheduled, sessions may be cancelled or rescheduled up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled date and time of the session. Missed sessions (no-shows) will not be rescheduled.

Sherry will make her best effort to record your personal session. However, due to technical issues beyond her control, she does not guarantee that the session will be recorded or, if recorded, that the audio quality of the recording will be satisfactory.


Trauma of nearly dying during childbirth…

Kimberly M"Sherry helped me through the trauma of nearly dying during childbirth, and I used her as what I called a spiritual 'midwife'. She was energetically again in the hospital with me and helped my daughter and I quickly heal. My daughter was born at only 3 lbs. and needed oxygen and a breathing tube and was in the NICU for 3 weeks. With Sherry's assistance, my daughter is healthy, the tallest in her class, and thriving on every level!"

~ Kimberly Margolis, MSW, LSW, Licensed Psychotherapist, Colorado

Health professionals were amazed...

Natalia G"I am so grateful to you, Sherry, for support and energy healing for my husband after he had a heart attack. Your wonderful work was very obvious that even the health professionals were amazed by the progress of his recovery. I am blessed to have you in my life."

~ Natalia Glouchko, Toronto

Pain and immobility improved, calmer and at peace…

Sarah GM"I was having a hard time improving some of my own back and neck problems that were bothering me as a result of many accidents in my youth. My ribs were off to the right and I had referred pain down my legs. I was hunched over, my sacrum hurt to lay down. I lost the curve in my lumbar spine. After a session with Sherry, my pain went from an 8 to a 4 in twenty minutes and standing was a 3. After continued work, my whole body improved. I have less pain and everything feels looser. I can move more freely and am very grateful! I also feel calmer and more at peace."

~ Sarah Gonzalez Meyers, Mother, Body Worker, Yuen Method Master, Florida

Distress alleviated almost instantly…

Amany N"Sherry is one of the most talented interactive listeners, who delves deep into one's soul finding easily the root causes behind symptoms.

She is very supportive and always there when I need her, I even feel connected to her without talking and I feel her support and encouragement in times I need it.

Sherry is a friend, a mentor, a coach, a healer and someone you can really count on to give the required results.

Sherry helped me with many physical and emotional distresses which were alleviated almost instantly! Sinus, ear infection, knees that hurt, problems at work and family issues, whatever it is, she knows how to handle it perfectly!"

~ Amany El Naggar, Engineer, NLP Practitioner, MCKS Pranic Healing, Reiki Jin Kei Do Master, Dorn Method, Yuen Method, PEAT, Cairo, Egypt

A tangible wind behind my sails…

Claudia S"Sherry has helped me through my battle with breast cancer over the past 20 years. Her sessions have always brought a subtle yet powerful relief from the side effects of the treatment for my illness. I could feel a bubble of calming comfort that eased my suffering. Now that the cancer treatments are over, I am recovering very quickly. Sherry’s work has been a tangible wind behind my sails."

~ Claudia Suen, Tarot Expert, Astrologer, Hawaii

I'm a survivor because of you.

Laura L"As a battered woman, I was broken, depressed, and the only emotion I had was fear. By working with you I have overcome PTSD, co-dependence and depression. In addition, I can finally love myself again and be a confident woman. Your healing work is POWERFUL. Each session I could feel my energy shift and working with light, positive energy, take and process my emotions. Thank you for restoring my life and confidence. I'm a survivor because of you."

~ Laura L., Illinois

Writer’s block is gone!

Gaylene P"Sherry is an expert in her field. Her ability for precision with her work on all levels is extraordinary. Her dedication and strongly trained ability for finding and deleting weaknesses and intrusions to clear issues or create changes is beyond normal ability. Sherry’s work allows for the highest potential outcome. It is an astounding experience to have. I am still astounded; my writer’s block is gone!"

~ Gaylene Popovski, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Australia

Out of my chair and walking pain free in a half hour…

Jeff L"I have worked with many great people in my lifetime but none possess the skill and insight that Sherry has. She is able to look into the very core of the soul to see where the injury lies, whether it is spiritual, physical or emotional. Those distinctions are very important to the healing process. She helped me through the darkest nights of my soul. She was there when I had eye surgery and reduced the pain. She was there through panic attacks and deep pain in my feet and back. She reduced my pain from 10 down to zero within an hour. She got me out of my chair and walking pain free in a half hour. I highly recommend her."

~ Jeff Lowe, Idaho

Replenished my physical energy after a nasty chronic illness…

Sunday O"I didn’t even realize what I most needed to focus on in my session with Sherry, but she found my blind spot: replenishing my physical energy after a nasty chronic illness. After her work, the painful lymph glands in my armpits simmered down, and I felt a noticeable loosening in my head, neck, jaw, and shoulders, places where tension has long been centered. The next day, when I looked in the mirror, I immediately noticed a difference. Sluggish circulation had made me pale for years, but today my legs were pink, my face was pink – even my lips were noticeably darker! A sense of steadier energy flow goes with the circulation, and I’ve been receiving a lot of information about how to manage my energy, practically and emotionally, so it can continue to flow even more steadily. I am really grateful for the range and precision of Sherry’s work and I feel that what she’s started is continuing to support me.

In one of my sessions with Sherry, I felt a lot of activity in my brain stem and a huge level of nervous tension release. Afterward, I felt more solid in my body, and also as if the “harness” on my neck and shoulders had been released. I’ve also noticed that it’s easier for me to stay away from old, depressive patterns. Thank you Sherry!"

~ Sunday Oliver, California

About Sherry Phillips Swatek:

Sherry Phillips SwatekSherry is an internationally renowned healer that transforms lives. Through her work, she has manifested abundance, resolved relationship troubles, relieved chronic pain and illness, rejuvenated lives and extended quality of life, upgraded business and financial opportunities, and helped with fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. 

Sherry Phillips Swatek is a soul whisperer, a medical intuitive, and a spiritual and business mentor. She is a multi-dimensional integrator; she helps her clients find the parts of their life, their soul, that have become dis-integrated and bring them back into alignment with love and acceptance. Sherry’s talent to quickly find and resolve the root causes makes her work fast and powerful. 

Sherry is a clear channel and has experienced clear communication since childhood. She is a masterful in both light work, body work and deep feminine processes. It is not unusual for messages to be delivered on multiple levels during her sessions non verbally. She has been gifted with prophecies, multiple energetic processes and she has mentored many teachers and energy workers.

Her working knowledge of the human body at the molecular, physical, spiritual, metaphysical, and energetic levels empowers her ability to synthesize the necessary energies for soul shifts within the body mind and spirit.

  • 14 MP3 PureEnergy Downloads™
  • 4 MP3 Guided Activations
  • Private Facebook Group
Buy Now

Total Package Value $786

Discount: 87% Off

  • 14 MP3 PureEnergy Downloads™
  • 4 MP3 Guided Activations
  • 6 Transformative Modules
  • 3 Live Teleconference Calls
  • 3 Essential Dolphin Energies Events
  • Private Facebook Group
Buy Now

Total Package Value $1,558

Discount: 89% Off


Content of my thoughts had shifted

"After our session I slept for over an hour. When I awakened, I noticed the content of my thoughts had shifted. They now seemed more positive and tapped into my internal strength, a big change from the previous few months. It has remained that way this week."

~ Brad L., Arizona

So many blessings have come my way

"From doing your 21-day LiveEnergy Download™ recently, so many blessings have come my way. I booked a commercial (which I haven't done in over 7 years), I was hired to officiate a high-profile wedding, I received unexpected income every day. I also started auditioning more than ever. I am so grateful for the shift in energy."

~ Doreene H., California

I am truly grateful…

"Thank you very much once again for all your wonderful clearings and healings for my mom and me. You were 100% accurate in everything identified and, as usual, were very thorough. You blow me away each time with your in-depth of healing & insights. I am truly grateful for all your brilliant work!"

~ Naseema, South Africa

I thought that was cool…

"I wanted to tell you that my daughters are doing much better. They listen to your meditations before bed nightly. I thought that was cool as they are only 11."

~ Shay A.,

Awesome Healer…

"Dear Sherry, you are such an awesome healer! I was listening to the mp3 where if we fall we don't break our bones. So today I hit a new ski slope. It said red but was way too steep. I kept thinking of that mp3. I had many falls but got back up with no bruise or bad twists. Finally, the last two rounds were perfect all the way down with no fall."

~ Shamaria Anka

Long held fears have vanished…

"One of the major changes due to walking towards perceived fear was to take off work.
I didn't mention, heading to Dubai and Nepal this week for 17 days DURING the school year. It was fully approved and somehow, on my income, paid for without any credit. 

Update!! Not only has my brain been rewired, I was fortunate to see, thru my mind's eye, my spirit/soul. It was beautiful and still moves me when I think of it. Immense gratitude!! I also witnessed in meditation my brain rewiring. I heard the old belief and saw my wiring disconnect the old and create new connections. I heard each belief at first, but the rewiring got faster, and faster. This is where I let go and allowed, trusting the process. 

The subtle changes around me are amazing. People for the first time in my life are coming and saying the nicest things. The speed in which daily life moves is very multi-dimensional, the pace is slower, less stressful. And, everything is getting done. 

Long held fears have vanished with each opportunity presented to raise those fears. My reactions are neutral and grounded. 

The words that come out of my mouth are gentle. Much sarcasm is gone. Chattering head, mostly quiet and when it's not, I am able to use the tools I've been taught over the years OR know when I need outside assistance. 

Deepest gratitude for your gift of healing."

~ Karine Ferdinandsen, Georgia

I am on the right path…

"I want to thank Sherry for her Wonderful Being. I purchased her package and joined her for the ride of releasing and shifting. During that time, I left the company I was with for 7 years. I knew it was time and that I was just clinging on due to fear of the unknown. But, I also knew that I was being prepared for this change with Sherry’s assistance. And, I held a space of faith that God would send me my next assignment.

In less than a week of unemployment I was offered a wonderful position with more pay and one that would impact a whole region. I now know how important it was for me to change my presence. Not only did this solidify all that I have learned through Sherry’s work and the sharing of her blessed gifts, she helped me to release my insecurities and to anchor in joy.

I have never before felt this kind of constant joy in my life. I do not have the fear that paralyzed me before nor am I no longer concerned about worrying about the future. I am more present and feel confident that I am in the flow with the Universe and I am on the right path."

~ Natalie O., Florida

My pain went from 7 to 0 in five minutes…

"I had right shoulder pain at a level 7, so bad I could not move my shoulder. Within five minutes Sherry got the pain to a 0 and I can move it again up and down!"

~ Maria R., California

I can bend my stuck finger…

"Thanks, Sherry! I can bend my stuck finger even more today. I have now cut that audio part and will play it on loop until it’s back to normal :-)"

~ Soni, California

The best package I have ever purchased!

"I purchased Sherry Phillips Swatek first package offered, Package B. And as soon as I got it & listened to my first MP3 I was kicking myself for not getting Package C. This was literally THE best package I have ever purchased. I am a Huge animal lover so those Dolphins saw me coming & charmed me right from the start. Here I was hating my job of 26 years, over $1k in overdue taxes due the end of the month and 21 weeks pregnant at age 49, told the baby would not survive past 25 weeks. First day of the 21 days of healing & Grid work was 7/14.Here is what happened.

7/16 - did the overnight grid work.
7/22 - IRS sent me a letter not only accepting my payment plan but not starting the deductions until 9/24.
7/24 - at work was told I would be transferred back to my old teamon 8/3(the last day of 21 days)handling the Region I love most with a team I loved.
8/12 - all past due car payment has been paid. And today, 8/17, I am 25w2d pregnant. My baby still may have hurdles but I never made it this far before and whatever the future holds each day of my journey with her has been a miracle, gift and blessing."

~ Lisa B., Massachusetts

I felt the energy from you

"You are an earth angel. I felt the energy from you. I have worked with dozens of healers and you are by far the best. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it."

~ Alexis, Canada

Felt the shifts on the call…

"Many thanks for that lovely session this morning - could not keep my eyes open after it and went back to sleep for 3 hours! Felt the shifts on the call. Much gratitude. Your intuition and healing skills are awesome!"

~ Judy, Australia

I have never felt anything like this!

"I did the Vase (Kintsugi Soul Retrieval Version 1) meditation for bringing Soul Aspects back and felt an amazing ball of energy on top of my head!! I have often felt my crown chakra tickling me but I have never felt anything like this! And it was such a short meditation but so very powerful! I am so amazed. Thank you so much for your beautiful meditation."

~ Daphne, Germany

Feeling relief and even joy…

"Sherry, we just had our session less than a couple hours ago and I just wanted to thank you. A few minutes after getting off of the call I started feeling relief and even joy, which has been fleeting the last few years.You definitely gave me some peace of mind. I haven't shared my spiritual path with any of my family so it is nice to talk to someone that understands the journey. Again, thank you so much for your help and willingness to share your insights and loving energies."

~ Donna, New Mexico

PTSD is subsiding…

"So many things are changing! I will choose the most amazing one to share with you. I actually feel grateful for all the ugliness in my past, for all the ailments. They have cornered me, giving me no choice but to awake, to choose myself, my truth. To look for true love. It does exist! In the hearts of people like Sherry! I had no models and was forced to look for them or perish. With Sherry one learns to be compassionate with self, with past mistakes. Under her eyes we are lovable and worth it. Worth her time and generosity. I don't see "clearings" in the harsh way anymore. Like I have to get rid of this gunk. It's a nurturing thing. It's taking care of myself - like eating, taking a bath, doing a massage. We clear our field. Like children we've been out to play and tenderly, when we arrive home, we have a warm scented bath with Sherry's beautiful MP3s in the company of joyful dolphins. So I'm more able to look at my issues, feel my emotions. They don't overwhelm me so much, so I can sit with them, observe them. They don't scare me as much as they used to. And I'm less reactive as PTSD is subsiding. My stomach and solar plexus, once tightly constricted 24/7, are starting to decompress and showing up. I feel I have a stomach now!

Thank you Sherry! Thank you! Thank you! Many, many Blessings!"

~ Maria de Lourdes, Portugal

Removed decades of self-loathing, I feel ecstatic!

Easter A"Sherry, your work is AWESOME! For the first time in a very long time, I have been enjoying the reflection of my 5'3" 200+ pound body. I look hot and I would ask me out on a date if I weren't me! My hair looks shiny and full. You removed decades of self-loathing and I feel ecstatic! Thank you!"

~ Easter Alexander, Shamanic Practitioner, California

Able to drive again…

"Years ago I had a series of strokes that left me paralyzed. Sherry told me I could drive again. I was hopeful but skeptical. After we worked together I was able to drive myself and find my independence again. And, I became a joyful menace on the roads! Sherry also helped me achieve greater range of motion in my body, reduced my awful headaches, improved my thinking ability, and relieved my depression."

~ John H., CPA, Florida

My eye sight has been cleared…

"I felt your caring heart and healing every day. I followed your direction and listened to the MP3 daily, and on a loop in groups. I did your live calls and after the last call we just had, my eye sight has improved and has been clear for 4 consecutive days. I'm enjoying the awesomeness of seeing again."

~ JC, Washington

Headaches are gone…

"I have had a problem with terrible headaches for many years. Each time I've worked with Sherry, my headaches are gone."

~ Barbara Perkins, Idaho

Feels like much of it has cleared…

"Thank you for the replay of the podcast. I listened a few times to the first part, because the Dolphin Energy in it is so strong and beautiful! It touched a deep blockage within me and it feels like much of it has cleared."

~ Catharina, Netherlands

He calms down & sleeps…

"I have a dog who is still puppy. He barks nonstop but when I do your mp3’s he calms down & sleeps. We all love the dolphin ones."

~ Lisa B.

Has completely stopped bleeding!

"Thank you for the healing you sent to our dog. His nose was bleeding on and off and the vet couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Now it has completely stopped bleeding! I am really grateful to you for that."

~ Daphne, Germany

Powerful in obvious and subtle ways…

"The work Sherry’s been doing has been powerful, appearing in both obvious and subtle ways. I love the Dolphin presence and their special help. "

~ Myra, Oregon

My grandson was born healthy, with big feet…

"Sherry cleared my family’s karma, ancestral issues and patterns in-vitro for my unborn grandson after my daughter was rushed to the hospital with early labor and bleeding. It stopped immediately. Sherry told us many characteristics he would be born with including his extra-big feet that he would love. As soon as he was born, the doctor commented on how big his feet were. Our family is so happy he was carried to term and born healthy."

~ Vicky Malone, Idaho

Laughing a great deal…

"Love your work. I swim in the energy and find myself laughing a great deal. Grateful I have found you."

~ Sara, Canada

Transform my issues into gifts…

"I have worked with Sherry numerous times when I needed help with emotional or physical issues, she has always been able to help me transform my issues into gifts. Last week my headache was a 11 out of 10 and she got it down to zero in an hour. I have had multiple back surgeries and a knee replacement that kept me in pain but Sherry helped me shift out of pain when I spoke to her. She has helped me come back to myself when I was stuck in the astral and helped me heal from a near death trauma I had at birth that had plagued me my whole life."

~ Michael O'Brien, Idaho

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  • 14 MP3 PureEnergy Downloads™
  • 4 MP3 Guided Activations
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