Sherry Phillips Swatek’s Special Offer

Clairvoyant, Multidimensional Integrator, Soul Whisperer, and Mentor

Master your Complete Life

Upgrade your life with Transformational Tools

  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Create Bliss in Your Life
  • Ascension Energy
  • Balance your Male/Female Energy
  • Manage Your Bio-computer
  • Increase Your Abundance
  • Increase Your Time
  • Increase your Physical Energy and Zest for Life
  • Become Compatible with the Changing Earth
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Restore Yourself After Stress and Trauma
  • Eliminate Pain

Instant Relief!

Estherr"In just a few minutes Sherry was able to lift up and out a dense ball of energy that had been lingering in my Solar Plexus for days. Instant relief! She also cleared mom energy hanging out in my field wanting to enjoy my adventures and created a deeper connection of Body, Spirit and Mind, assisting my Body to self-heal as it knows best. I giggled and laughed throughout the process and feel fantastic."

~ Esther Bartkiw, Conscious and Ascension Guide, Facilitator of Divine Transformation

Clearing Blocks and Past Life Issues…

Miar"Sherry has a great gift for clearing clairvoyantly in higher dimensions, where in my experience only a few healers have the capacity to go and the ability to clear.

Sherry's clairvoyant ability to find energetic patterns or blocks, in my case they were hidden states and some were past live issues, is excellent.
She very accurately found several hidden states from a past life, to do with empowerment issues.

Sherry is an expert in the field of healing karma and energetic blockages.
She also cleared an energetic block between me and a close family member that I had difficulty finding myself."

~ Mia den Haan, Soul Healer, Channel for Spirit, Author, Australia

My sales doubled in one day…

Denise M"No need to hire a business coach, I know where to go to get the best business advice. I invested thousands in coaching programs to expand my business online. More guidance came through Sherry in one session than I received in the 4 month business coaching program I was in last year. I saved time, money and frustration. I had many aha moments and several ideas that I will develop into programs over the next year. Best of all, my sales doubled in one day after Sherry made some adjustments to my energy field."

~ Denise McNab, Creator of Pure Love Infusion, Pennsylvania

The best package I have ever purchased!

"I purchased Sherry Phillips Swatek first package offered, Package B. And as soon as I got it & listened to my first MP3 I was kicking myself for not getting Package C. This was literally THE best package I have ever purchased. I am a Huge animal lover so those Dolphins saw me coming & charmed me right from the start. Here I was hating my job of 26 years, over $1k in overdue taxes due the end of the month and 21 weeks pregnant at age 49, told the baby would not survive past 25 weeks. First day of the 21 days of healing & Grid work was 7/14.Here is what happened.

7/16 - did the overnight grid work. 7/22 - IRS sent me a letter not only accepting my payment plan but not starting the deductions until 9/24. 7/24 - at work was told I would be transferred back to my old teamon 8/3(the last day of 21 days)handling the Region I love most with a team I loved. 8/12 - all past due car payment has been paid. And today, 8/17, I am 25w2d pregnant. My baby still may have hurdles but I never made it this far before and whatever the future holds each day of my journey with her has been a miracle, gift and blessing."

~ Lisa B., Massachusetts

Package A

Upgrade Your Life

  • 11 Energy Activation MP3 recordings
  • 3 Energy of the Dolphin Spirits Activation MP3 recordings
  • Bonus: 8 PureEnergy Download MP3 recordings

Master your life with powerful transformational tools developed by Sherry, internationally known Medical Intuitive, Multidimensional Integrator and Clairvoyant. This series of audio-energetic downloads is designed to increase wellness for physical symptoms, improve relationships, increase your time, and improve your abundance. The audios also include techniques you can use daily to give you added zest for life and increased joy. They include specific teachings that are easily adaptable for you personally.

Experience the Energy of Dolphin Spirits

Dolphins have always held a special relationship with humans. The energy of dolphins is a sublime source of divine joy, healing, compassion, and love. In this series of audio-energetic downloads, Sherry captures and transmits the energy of dolphins to synergize and co-create your complete life. Dolphin spiritual energy brings about joy, physical comfort, and can quicken a shift, deliver love, and lift depressed thoughts and stagnation. They also activate the inner divine child's creativity. From her first meeting with them at the age of seven, Sherry connected to the infinite joy they want to give people, in or out of the water. Sherry has personally experienced miracles of dolphin spirit energy. She will share this with you and how you can also experience these miracles.

I won the lottery!

"I’ve been listening to the mp3’s daily and doing lots of clearing work and I got my first pay rise in 4 years this week and I’ve just been notified that I won $7,300 in the lottery yesterday! I’m over the moon! I can’t wait to see what else I can manifest."

~ Maree Nugent, Australia

Profound shifts, clearing unresolved thoughts and emotions…

"I cannot begin to tell you the profound shift and changes that are occurring within me. I feel grounded and centered, and neutrality happens more and more in my world each day.

l listen to your tapes often and feel love washing over me and clearing unresolved thoughts and emotions that do not serve me at this time. I will continue to work with the dolphins as they have become truly a part of my life. Deep Love and Gratitude for all that you do."

~ Carolyn T., California

Stop procrastinating…

"I have listened to many MP3’s and I found I resonated with Sherry’s Expanding Time, Nervous System Upgrade and Release Overwhelm the best. I feel calm, can focus better, and it assists me to stop procrastinating."

~ Jean D., New Hampshire


Expanding Time (Timeless Grace)

Value: $60

Format: Mp3

Length: 5:17

Guided meditation with embedded energy activation - guided download of energies and upgrades

Not enough time in a day? Download this frequency to expand time without pressure. Give yourself the gift of grace in action.

“Whenever I start my day by listening to this MP3 I find that not only do I get more things accomplished during the day in less time but I am also a lot more clear and focused on what needs to be done and how. Everything just flows better” ~ Joumana Nasr


Nervous System Upgrade

Value: $60

Format: Mp3

Length: 7:53

Guided explanation and embedded activation energy for shifting physical symptoms

This is a recording of the processes I did to stop all symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. It is also good for anyone experiencing limited physical function.

“I had a late night and woke the next morning feeling headachey and fuzzy-minded. Playing "Nervous System Upgrade" cleared the mists and helped me focus on what it was time to do.”~ Denise S


Release Overwhelm

Value: $60

Format: Mp3

Length: 9:04

Let go of energies in the way of your better life.

“The energy was so soft around me, but somewhere above me mountains moved. I felt so calm and safe, surrounded by intelligent energy. I felt like I got my powers back.” ~ Natalia Glouchko


Manifesting Abundance in your Life

Value: $60

Format: Mp3

Length: 10:38

Guided meditation with embedded energy activation

I use an ancient technique to balance the male and female qualities within you. The giving and receiving aspects as well as the parts that magnetically attract our resources and those that take action for it. Also, it has physical detox, disentangling collective limitations, and upgrades for your multidimensional self.

“Wow! As soon as Sherry started speaking I could feel my heart beat faster and faster. I could also feel the energy building up to a crescendo which led to the release of blocks and toxic thought patterns. At the end, I was left with a lovely sense of peace” ~ Joumana Nasr


Integrating Your Purpose

Value: $60

Format: Mp3

Length: 8:49

Guided meditation with embedded energy activation

Reset and upgrade your energy to get in touch with your next step and purpose. This meditation gives you a strong foundation from which to feel your purpose.


New Earth Resilience

Value: $60

Format: Mp3

Length: 6:13

Guided meditation with embedded energy activation

Shift out of the collective fear of earth changes and disasters and transmute your fractal experiences. The planet is changing; become neutral to the new earth perspective. Are you super sensitive to impending shifts? This will even out your response so you will not overwhelm your nervous system.

“I listened to the New Earth Resilience mp3. It was unlike any experience I ever felt before. My heart chakra exploded in a burst of love for the earth and I perceived an understanding of the changes rather than fear. I also felt a type of resilience I have not felt before.” ~ Michael O'Brien


Chambers of the Heart

Value: $60

Format: Mp3

Length: 8:40

Guided meditation with embedded energy activation

Dive into the heart chakra, clear out old debris, and love yourself.


The Restorative Blanket

Value: $60.00

Format: Mp3

Length: 3:56

Guided meditation with embedded energy activation

The restorative blanket is designed as a trauma blanket, after intense work, after shock, any time you need calming and grounding or feel a rip inside or deep disturbance. It restores the connection with your multidimensional self, your physical body, and your soul.

“I felt shimmering vibrations in throat and trunk.” ~ Easter Alexander


The Restorative Blanket (Short Version)

Value: $39

Format: Mp3

Length: 2:11

Guided meditation with embedded energy activation

A condensed version of "The Restorative Blanket" when you just need a quick fix.

ITEM 10:

Bliss Download and Body Upgrade with Archangel Uriel

Value: $60

Format: Mp3

Length: 6:03

Guided meditation with energies of bliss and Archangels guiding you to upgrade body function.

“This included everything especially beneficial to me. It gave me an awareness of my garbage and what I was holding and helped me release it. I was hearing giggles from inner child and AA. I also felt a DNA upgrade. Thank you so much for the connections.” ~ NG

ITEM 11:

Memory Upgrade

Value: $60

Format: Mp3

Length: 10:42

Deleting energies that interfere with memory and strengthening memory. Verbal energy shifting session.

ITEM 12:

Dolphin Spirit 1 - Initiation

Value: $60

Format: Mp3

Length: 3:13

Dolphins2Guided meditation with embedded energy activation

Play this one first to connect with the dolphin spirits. This initiates creativity, delightful joy, opens your heart and makes space for bliss. This also sets the stage to receive messages from the Dolphin spirits.

ITEM 13:

Dolphin Spirit 2 - Purification of Physical Body in the Dolphin Spirit Whirl

Value: $60

Format: Mp3

Length: 2:51

Dolphins3 Guided meditation with embedded energy activation

Balance and purify your body with the dolphin energies and your infinite potential; resetting and detoxing nerves, blood, lymph, brain, vital flows, memories and mobility. Many found this to be a favorite.

“This is my favorite, it blisses me out.” ~ MO

ITEM 14:

Dolphin Spirit 3 - Healing Relationships with Play

Value: $60

Format: Mp3

Length: 1:57

DolphinSunsetGuided meditation with embedded energy activation

Lighten up heavy energies and memories leaving a stream of clarity for yourself and others. Also, disentangle from morphic fields and collective influences. Dolphin spirits teach your inner child to take care of itself.

“Love feeling dolphins jump in and out of my heart, such joy.” ~ Jeffrey Lowe

$40,000 raise and better benefits…

Julia J"Sherry saved my life. Sherry has assisted me thru pregnancy and healed me when I was told by doctors I had serious medical problems. She helped my best friend have a baby. Sherry helped me deal with and set boundaries with an abusive husband. She has given me some of the best advice that has completely changed my life. While working with Sherry I got a job offer for $40,000 more than I was making plus better opportunity and better benefits. I have achieved greatness in my life and would not be who I am today without her."

~ Julia J, VP Business Development, Illinois

Attracted an incredible man who cherishes me for who I am…

Kathleen M"Sherry's work helped me to unlock a deeply painful pattern of attracting men in relationships that drained and undervalued me. Shortly after engaging in the work with Sherry, I met and attracted an incredible man who cherishes me for who I am. We travel the world together. Sherry's work is both healing and profound. She is able to use her considerable intuitive gifts to get to the heart of any issue or problem. She then works to shift the energy while offering tools the client can use to facilitate a positive outcome. Sherry is equal parts therapist, healer and magician!"

~ Kathleen Medina, Author, Intuitive, and Numerologist at Canyon Ranch Spa, Massachusetts and Montreal

Soul Whisperer…

Joumana N"Sherry is the soul whisperer and working with her is like having a trusted friend go into the deepest corners of your soul, intuitively hone in on the deepest wounds that have kept you stuck in fear for God knows how long, and quickly heal and release them. Sherry’s work is all-encompassing. It spans through this lifetime, past lives, ancestral lines, the collective, so she really gets to the nitty-gritty of our challenges and issues.

Sometimes Sherry can get to everything in one session, sometimes several sessions are needed to release it all depending on how deep or ancient it is but in either case, the relief you feel is immediate especially if you are triggered at the time she works on you. My sessions with Sherry are that and so much more. She gave me information on the next steps of my journey that was so far removed from my awareness it would have taken me a lot more time, stress, and frustration to get to it. It was a precious gift."

~ Joumana Nasr, Precious Victories Coaching, Medical Intuitive, California

Plus you get this Amazing Bonus!

PureEnergy Downloads

As a bonus for purchasing Package A, you will receive 8 of Sherry’s new PureEnergy Downloads. These are non-verbal, nearly silent mp3s packed with energy to deliver life improvement directly to your spirit.

Bonus 1:

Abundance PureEnergy Download

Value: $39.00

Format: Mp3

Length: 2:30

Adjusts the receptive and giving energies in your body and magnetic ability to attract and hold prosperity.

“I began to feel empowered listening to this.” ~ FP

Bonus 2:

Delete Overwhelm PureEnergy Download

Value: $39.00

Format: Mp3

Length: 2:49

Remove overwhelm from your body and field.

“I released something that wasn't serving me, it was wonderful.” ~ JL

Bonus 3:

Memory Upgrade PureEnergy Download

Value: $39.00

Format: Mp3

Length: 2:39

Upgrade memory system for a better life.

“I started seeing past life movies of what I assume are past lives.” ~ JL

“I felt strict aligning centering, pressure in the left and right brains, then I felt nothing in the silence and then I felt movement of energies.” ~ NG

Bonus 4:

Nervous System Upgrade PureEnergy Download

Value: $39.00

Format: Mp3

Length: 2:39

Remove resistance to better functioning body for better health and wellbeing..

“My body felt tingly all over. I liked it.” ~ JL

“At first I felt activation, almost a little irritation, then I felt ticklish, then a a big scanning energy. What followed was a big ball of energy, waves of love and pleasant gold energy.” ~ NG

Bonus 5:

New Earth Resilience PureEnergy Download

Value: $39.00

Format: Mp3

Length: 2:46

Stay strong in difficult times. Not only prepares you for changes in our world but also in your personal life. This is designed to increase your adaptability with heart and strength.

“I felt calm with this energy.” ~ FP

Bonus 6:

Playfulness PureEnergy Download

Value: $39.00

Format: Mp3

Length: 2:27

This opens a field of play for you and your pets.

“I could feel the energy at play in my body and my animals loved it too. My dog got her stuffed toy and my cat is rolling around on my chest blissed out.” ~ Jeffrey Lowe

Bonus 7:

Restorative Blanket PureEnergy Download

Value: $39.00

Format: Mp3

Length: 2:49

Restore the body: after a shock, life's difficulties, surgery, pain, upset, emotional upheaval or trauma. 

The energetic download of "The Restorative Blanket" without words. Excellent on repeat while sleeping.

“You are truly amazing Sherry, I feel this blanket could resolve any problem.” ~ NG

“Helps me sleep like a baby. Even though I was sad after loss, I felt wrapped up in warmth and kindness. Feeling secure and loved, I slept like a baby.” ~ Amany N.

Bonus 8:

Timeless Grace PureEnergy Download

Value: $39.00

Format: Mp3

Length: 3:03

Experience life without deadline pressures. Get more time.

“My animals refused to have lunch, they wanted to stay in the room and listen.” ~ JL


You were spot on

"I've completed the session and I'm super-duper impressed !!!🎉 You are absolutely brilliant, brilliant, brilliant !!!💞 

Thank you so very much times a Godzillion for all the awesome work you did...I'm totally blown away! I've been clearing for the last couple of years and this session was by far the best and most comprehensive of all that I've had so were spot therefore thank you so much!!! 

I'm very grateful to have come across you on the summit."

~ Naseema, South Africa

Profound shifts, clearing unresolved thoughts and emotions…

"I cannot begin to tell you the profound shift and changes that are occurring within me. I feel grounded and centered, and neutrality happens more and more in my world each day.

l listen to your tapes often and feel love washing over me and clearing unresolved thoughts and emotions that do not serve me at this time. I will continue to work with the dolphins as they have become truly a part of my life. Deep Love and Gratitude for all that you do. "

~ Carolyn T., California

I have never felt anything like this!

"I did the Vase (Kintsugi Soul Retrieval Version 1) meditation for bringing Soul Aspects back and felt an amazing ball of energy on top of my head!! I have often felt my crown chakra tickling me but I have never felt anything like this! And it was such a short meditation but so very powerful! I am so amazed. Thank you so much for your beautiful meditation."

~ Daphne, Germany

Head out of the grey

"After a long co-dependent relationship that drained me I lived in a grey frequency. I stuck my neck out to breathe but that grey soup would engulf me again. People around me, in my job, in my family, they all live in fear. I couldn't escape. One day, after I started listening to Sherry's mp3s, I found myself interacting with a simple, uncomplicated person and saw the opportunity to jump out of that soup into a higher frequency. Can the Universe work in mysterious ways, or what? It's so much easier now to keep my head out of that soup and remain calm despite the storm around me. That feeling of calm was enhanced by the Expanding Time MP3, which now I felt I could afford the luxury of listening to."

~ Maria L., Europe

My pain went from 7 to 0 in five minutes…

"I had right shoulder pain at a level 7, so bad I could not move my shoulder. Within five minutes Sherry got the pain to a 0 and I can move it again up and down!"

~ Maria R., California

I can bend my stuck finger…

"Thanks, Sherry! I can bend my stuck finger even more today. I have now cut that audio part and will play it on loop until it’s back to normal :-)"

~ Soni, Los Angeles

Package A

Total Package Value $1152

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 91% Saving ***


Cancellation Policy: You may cancel and get a full refund any time before 30 days after the date of your purchase.

Package B

All of Package A plus:

21 Days of New Energies for a New You!

Align With the Metaphysical Grid
to Empower your Personal Transformation

21 Days of LiveEnergy Download starts on October 13th

Upgrade and clear chronic energy stagnations and blocks for more freedom of movement, faster manifestation, increase intuition and awareness.

  • 21 Days of LiveEnergy Download
  • 2 Live Group Calls with Clearings, Activations, and the Metaphysical Grid Initiation Process
  • 1 Overnight Personal Grid-building and Refining Session(on a date of your choice)
  • 3 Energy of the Dolphin Spirits Activation MP3 recordings
  • 3 Energy Activation MP3 recordings
  • 3 PureEnergy Download MP3 recordings
  • Plus, everything in Package A

Align and upgrade your energies for your better life and synchronize with the new universal energies. During the 21 days, the grids will work as an energetic scaffolding of sacred geometry and universal harmonics.

We are shifting our perceptions of how our world works in all aspects of our lives. As our grids expand, the light from source and our intent is woven upon it. We can connect more precisely, we can manifest faster, and we can shift our health quicker and be in harmony with the earth and universal expansion. We are going to conduct an overnight strengthening and grid building event (on a night of your choosing) and deliver 21 days of directed shifts for our personal grids, including two live calls with Q&A. 

In addition to everything in Package A, Package B also includes the next 3 recordings in the Energy of the Dolphin Spirits series to deepen your experience with these magical creatures. This package also includes 3 more of Sherry’s Pure Energy Downloads and 3 additional guided sessions, all designed to benefit your body, mind and spirit.


More money this month…

"Thank you so much for this whole package! I’ve made more money this month than I have in any month so far and I can’t believe how easy it was, how I much i trusted that the money was already here, and how focused, grounded and kick-ass I’ve felt through the whole process! What did you do?
Your audios save my life in every moment! I love how short, easy to use, and magically profound they are. I just love expanding time with your work!"

~ Ayla A., Colorado

Doctors have been amazed…

"Sherry has helped me to live a full, active, successful life despite having chronic kidney disease for 26 years. The doctors have been amazed that I remained asymptomatic for so long and it was not until a month ago that I had to have a kidney transplant. With Sherry's energy work, she has helped me to heal at a physiological and physical level and helped create healing spaces with the doctors, surgery room, my home and support team, and now a month later my doctors are again shocked at how well I have healed."

~ Kimberly Margolis, MSW, LSW, Licensed Psychotherapist, Colorado

Wishing for another 21 days…

"Sherry, just saying Thank You doesn’t feel like enough! Remember all that work stress I was feeling? Yesterday I was ready to resign by 9 am & right before I was able to tell them I had decided to leave I got the news I have been dreaming of; I was being transferred back to my old accounts. How is that for manifesting??!! I enjoyed a fabulous light happy day today, I haven’t felt this good in ages.

It’s hard to believe it's time for the 2nd [Metaphysical Grid] call. I can’t wait to be on it for the full call later today. I have seen & felt so many wonderful things over the last 21 days that I am wishing for another 21 days. Sherry your offer spoke to me in so many ways when I first learned of it. The dolphins were definitely lighting up my path to discover both them & you & your many gifts. I kept flipping thru the offer knowing I wanted it so much but telling myself I couldn’t/shouldn’t be buying things. After 3 years of not buying things, my heart just felt this was the one thing I really should purchase for myself & I took the plunge before I could talk myself out of it."

~ Lisa B.,Massachusetts

ITEM 15:

Upgrade your Energy to the Metaphysical Grid

Value: $299

Format: 2 Group Calls 1 Overnight Energy Session

Length: 90 minutes Overnight One-time

Newly refined, upgraded and purified energies for this event will be downloaded to you. 

The Metaphysical Grid is a universal energetic framework that supports all connections, matter and life; everything is interconnected through your personal energy grids in this framework. This overnight energy session will focus on cleaning, clearing, and repairing your personal energy grids so that you can receive all the support the universe can provide. This process can clarify and simplify the things that have been chronically blocking you in your life and will facilitate moving through obstacles. The more connected you are to your grids, the more aligned you are to the symphony of universal energy. This "tune-up" begins to synchronize, bringing a new level of fluidity and ease to your manifestations and your play. 

This session occurs over the 21 days of LiveEnergy Download and includes two group calls, one to initiate the grid work, conduct clearings, and a process to prepare for the overnight energy session.The overnight energy session will be initiated for you on a date of your choice to upgrade and direct your personal energy grids.Then, a second group call to return from and amplify the energy field from the overnight energy sessions. Both calls will be recorded and you will be able to download the recordings.

ITEM 16:

21 days of Daily LiveEnergy Download

Value: $199

Format: Energy Download

Length: Daily 21-days

21 days of daily refining and amplifying personal energy grids for any purpose you desire. Each participant will receive personal energy daily. You may invite two friends to join you for the LiveEnergy Download.

ITEM 17:

Repair the Physical Grid (Body Health)

Value: $89

Format: Mp3

Length: 28:00

Embedded energy strengthening your body 

Comprehensive total body reset. For all dimensions in physical, mental and spiritual aspects.It rejuvenates and resets the body and deletes pain.

“My sense of my body changed after listening to this. I felt more integrated.” ~ FP

ITEM 18:

Neutralizing Fear to Increase Abundance

Value: $60

Format: Mp3

Length: 5:06

Session with embedded energy 

This audio assists neutralizing fears of poverty and homelessness. These are the processes I used to expand my ability to accept prosperity and abundance in all things.

“I found unexpected emotions I needed to heal while listening to this.” ~ FP

ITEM 19:

Kintsugi (Golden Seams) Soul Retrieval - version 1

Value: $60

Format: Mp3

Length: 7:23

Guided meditation with embedded energy activation

Trauma, shocks, surgery, illness, all of these things can cause pieces of ourselves to slip away. This audio has the energy for soul retrieval and has given results for bringing back missing pieces of ourselves from other dimensions.

“Had an amazing experience with my source bringing back parts I lost along my life's path. I felt a wholeness I had not felt before.” ~ Michael O'Brien

“I felt so totally filled with God's love and the vase just dropped into God's love and repaired whatever needed repair in that moment.” ~ JL

ITEM 20:

Dolphin Spirit 4 - Birth of the Divine Child

Value: $89

Format: Mp3

Length: 6:01

DolphinSwimming2Guided meditation with embedded energy activation

Many years ago I was awakened early in the morning and guided to a beach. There, a pod of dolphins invited me into the water to watch the birth of a dolphin. This audio weaves my experience into a guided journey of bliss and awe. Many find this transmission opens untapped bliss and can awaken our own divine child.

“Brought tears to my eyes.” ~ EA

I love this MP3. My inner child loves this MP3. It makes me feel free and playful and giddy. Just plain giddy. After I listen to it, I go about my day with a huge smile on my face. Beautiful” ~ Joumana Nasr

ITEM 21:

Dolphin Spirit 5 - Releasing Grief

Value: $89

Format: Mp3

Length: 7:36

DolphinSunset3Guided meditation with embedded energy activation

Profound release of dense emotions with love and dolphin spirits. Clearing of others grief and collective fields. Upgrades hormonal communications and awakens sleepy brain connections. Archangel Uriel assists with the heart clearing.

“Dolphin grief was able to release someone else's energy I had been carrying, tiredness disappeared, energizing, ease in shoulders and neck with release.” ~ NG

“In a healing zone all day, lulled by the energy.” ~ EA

“I really could feel a lot going on physically . There was a tingling, hard to describe, champagne like sensations that I associate with sub-cellular work. I felt all the energies you described coming in an easy and noticeable way. I can feel a difference in my lungs as I write this!” ~ Sunday Oliver

ITEM 22:

Dolphin Spirit 6 - Infusion

Value: $89

Format: Mp3

Length: 8:04

DolphinSwimmingGuided session with embedded energy activation

This is an infusion of dolphin spirit strengths. We take the energies they carry and download any that are applicable to our wellbeing. Examples are sensuality, expressiveness, grace, heroism, and playfulness.

“My hearing got better after being injured in 2010.” ~ Easter Alexander

ITEM 23:

Divine Bliss PureEnergy Download

Value: $39

Format: Mp3

Length: 3:36

Amplified Bliss to raise vibrations of illumination and feel good.

“I love this one! And you should see my cat rolling around. I really felt it around my heart very strongly.” ~ -Jeffrey Lowe

ITEM 24:

Love PureEnergy Download

Value: $39

Format: Mp3

Length: 2:44

Feel pure divine love unconditionally.

“This brought joy and smiles from the depth of my heart, it felt like my pituitary gland was being worked on.” ~ NG

ITEM 25:

Neutrality PureEnergy Download

Value: $39

Format: Mp3

Length: 2:41

Center your life with neutrality.

“The silent neutrality felt like a vortex of creativity and deep grounding. It felt like my second chakra was expanded and warm.” ~ Natalia Glouchko


No surgery…

"I have to acknowledge that the Universe has granted me a wonderful gift having met you. All the work you have done in these few weeks is extra ordinary. Since our private session I feel much more present and lighter in my body and in my head. My ankles are slim and I feel them supportive again.

You also worked on a cyst on my back, of the size of a small egg, which 3 days after got seen by a doctor and diagnosed as an abscess, which should be removed by surgery after the infection calmed down. He did not open it, so a few hours later, just by “accident”, I passed rapidly underneath an iron bar, forgetting totally my “burden”, and hit with full force against this bar, so that this abscess finally opened up. Within 2 weeks the whole cyst emptied completely and the doctor could remove the whole sack with a very simple movement just by his hands only. So no surgery! What a miracle! Thank you."

~ Sylvia M., Italy

Letting go of what no longer serves…

"I’m really loving your brilliant audio’s! They are such a wonderful addition to my life. I’m using them and finding they are helping me ALOT to let go of what no longer serves my highest good much quicker. So, thank you times a Godzillion so very much for these!"

~ Naseema, South Africa

My eye sight has been clear for 4 consecutive days…

"I felt your caring heart and healing every day. I followed your direction and listened to the MP3 daily, and on a loop in groups. I did your live calls and after the last call we just had, my eye sight has improved and has been clear for 4 consecutive days. I'm enjoying the awesomeness of seeing again."

~ JC, Washington

Package B

Total Package Value $2243

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147
*** 93% Saving ***


Cancellation Policy: You may cancel and get a full refund any time before: 30 days after the date of your purchase or the date of the first Metaphysical Grid call, whichever comes first.

Package c

All of Package B plus:

Master Your Transformation

  • 30-minute Personal Session with Sherry
  • 2 Energy Activation mp3 recordings
  • 3 Energy of the Dolphin Spirits Activation MP3 recordings
  • 6 PureEnergy Download MP3 recordings
  • Plus, everything in Packages A and B

Take your personal transformation to the next level with a personal session with Sherry. Experience a full 30 minute session with Sherry as she focuses her attention and skills on the core, foundational opportunities for development and growth in your life and answers any questions you may have. You will receive an mp3 recording of your session so you can review the work at your leisure. 

In addition you will get the final 3 recordings in the Energy of the Dolphin Spirits series to complete your set. In addition to all you received from Packages A and B, these 3 recordings, together with 2 more guided sessions and 6 more PureEnergy Downloads provide you a complete range of supports, remedies, and responses to whatever life throws your way.


Feel at ease and openly share my concerns…

"The private session with Sherry was the actual cherry on top of the cake. I felt SEEN, HEARD, CARED FOR, ACCEPTED. Sherry is so loving and nurturing that I, a very anxious and shy person, managed to feel at ease and able to openly share my concerns. After the session, the seed that lived in the ground, started to pierce its confines into the light. "

~ Maria L., Portugal

Feeling relief and even joy…

"Sherry, we just had our session less than a couple hours ago and I just wanted to thank you. A few minutes after getting off of the call I started feeling relief and even joy, which has been fleeting the last few years. I think I needed the affirmation that I am traveling the right path at this time. However, I appreciated your feedback on some of my choices and I will definitely take all of your suggestions into consideration. I'm in the process of learning to connect to my Angel spirit guides (that was one of my two things I asked for during the overnight grid process) and I will be asking for their guidance also. You definitely gave me some peace of mind. I haven't shared my spiritual path with any of my family so it is nice to talk to someone that understands the journey. Again, thank you so much for your help and willingness to share your insights and loving energies."

~ Donna, New Mexico

ITEM 26:

Private 30-minute session with Sherry recorded

Value: $199

Format: Phone/Skype

Length: 30

30 minute session imagine your life with more vitality, open to your inner guidance, increase clarity, decrease pain and increase mobility. For people new to energy work or advanced. I will also work with you to find an appropriate strategy to feel protected and resilient in any environment.

“I really value who you are and your work. I listen to our session often and feel its benefits; my relationship is much calmer, honest communication and stronger.” ~ Adrienne Earle

“The private session with Sherry was the actual cherry on top of the cake. I felt SEEN, HEARD, CARED FOR, ACCEPTED. Sherry is so loving and nurturing that I, a very anxious and shy person, managed to feel at ease and able to openly share my concerns. After the session, the seed that lived in the ground, started to pierce its confines into the light.” ~ Maria de Lourdes

ITEM 27:

Communicate with the Other Side with Archangel Uriel

Value: $60

Format: MP3

Length: 5:02

Guided meditation with embedded energy activations.

Set up your ability to communicate with someone on the other side or a spirit guide.

“OMG, I really felt I was with my father who passed away last year.” ~ FP

ITEM 28:

Kintsugi (Golden Seams) Soul Retrieval - version 2

Value: $60

Format: MP3

Length: 7:20

Guided meditation with embedded energy activations

This is similar to Kintsugi 1, except it is all about retrieving parts of ourselves that need love. Both are powerful, this one is infused with self-love. We found retrievals with both, this one also builds on self-love.

“Kintsugi. Heart chakra opened…so much moved…lots of energy released…new piece of lost energy came back …telling story.” ~ NG

“Energy was running like electricity, energized several returns, one to head.” ~ NG

“A very profound return from another lifetime.” ~ Fran Parker

ITEM 29:

Dolphin Spirit 7 - Life Enhancement

Value: $59

Format: MP3

Length: 6:32

LaughingDolphin2Guided meditation with embedded energy activations

Clear up your energy field, your home, and community. Use this energy to enhance your daily life. This audio clears up your life and teaches you how to do it.

“I arrived at my hotel with the electricity out. I asked the dolphins to assist and as soon as I sent them into the hotel the lights came back on! Coincidence? Maybe not!” ~ Natalia Glouchko

ITEM 30:

Dolphin Spirit 8 - Relationship Clearing

Value: $89

Format: MP3

Length: 9:52

LaughingDolphinGuided meditation with embedded energy activations

Clears and clarifies space for communicating with loved ones or those we are having a difficult time letting go of or feel unfinished business with.

“Dolphin Relationship Clearing helped me recognize how much old stuff I was running from repeating 'mom' patterns. I loved visiting my dead sister.” ~ NG

ITEM 31:

Dolphin Spirit 9 - Communicating with the Other Side

Value: $89

Format: MP3

Length: 9:52

DolphinSunset2Guided meditation with embedded energy activations

This process will enable you to communicate with someone who has passed, it can also be used to communicate with our divine child or spirit guides.

“That was nice to feel my sister again. We had a joyful reunion and she hugged me. An incredible gift to connect with someone you just lost. It is reassuring that life goes on.” ~ JL

ITEM 32:

Discernment PureEnergy Download

Value: $39

Format: MP3

Length: 2:39

Become your own authority with choices and wisdom.

“Felt like a journey to the heart of Gaia. Veils opened and then I aligned with source. I felt pressure in my third eye and pineal gland, I felt tubes of light and expanded consciousness.” ~ NG

ITEM 33:

Increased Insight PureEnergy Download

Value: $39

Format: MP3

Length: 2:33

Connecting higher self with intuition insight and perception.

“After listening to increase insight I felt connected.” ~ FP

ITEM 34:

Manifest Dreams PureEnergy Download

Value: $39

Format: MP3

Length: 2:36

Make them reality.

“I really felt this” ~ JL

ITEM 35:

Relationship Upgrade PureEnergy Download

Value: $39

Format: MP3

Length: 2:38

Create harmonious relationship with yourself and others.

“At first I felt this was interesting as it felt we were healing our relationship while playing.” ~ NG

ITEM 36:

Security PureEnergy Download

Value: $39

Format: MP3

Length: 2:36

Feel at home in your body.

“Felt so safe and calm.” ~ NG

ITEM 37:

Spiritual Tantra PureEnergy Download

Value: $39

Format: MP3

Length: 2:52

Increase your sensuality.

“Really liked this one.” ~ JL

Package C

Total Package Value $3033

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197
*** 94% Saving ***


Cancellation Policy: You may cancel and get a full refund any time before: 30 days after the date of your purchase, the date of the first Metaphysical Grid call, or the date of your personal session with Sherry, whichever comes first.

Your personal session must be used within 6 months from the date of purchase. Once scheduled, sessions may be cancelled or rescheduled up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled date and time of the session. Missed sessions (no-shows) will not be rescheduled.

Sherry will make her best effort to record your personal session. However, due to technical issues beyond her control, she does not guarantee that the session will be recorded or, if recorded, that the audio quality of the recording will be satisfactory.


Out of my chair and walking pain free in a half hour…

Jeff L"I have worked with many great people in my lifetime but none possess the skill and insight that Sherry has. She is able to look into the very core of the soul to see where the injury lies, whether it is spiritual, physical or emotional. Those distinctions are very important to the healing process. She helped me through the darkest nights of my soul. She was there when I had eye surgery and reduced the pain. She was there through panic attacks and deep pain in my feet and back. She reduced my pain from 10 down to zero within an hour. She got me out of my chair and walking pain free in a half hour. I highly recommend her."

~ Jeff Lowe, Idaho

I'm a survivor because of you.

Laura L"As a battered woman, I was broken, depressed, and the only emotion I had was fear. By working with you I have overcome PTSD, co-dependence and depression. In addition, I can finally love myself again and be a confident woman. Your healing work is POWERFUL. Each session I could feel my energy shift and working with light, positive energy, take and process my emotions. Thank you for restoring my life and confidence. I'm a survivor because of you."

~ Laura L., Illinois

Replenished my physical energy after a nasty chronic illness…

Sunday O"I didn’t even realize what I most needed to focus on in my session with Sherry, but she found my blind spot: replenishing my physical energy after a nasty chronic illness. After her work, the painful lymph glands in my armpits simmered down, and I felt a noticeable loosening in my head, neck, jaw, and shoulders, places where tension has long been centered. The next day, when I looked in the mirror, I immediately noticed a difference. Sluggish circulation had made me pale for years, but today my legs were pink, my face was pink – even my lips were noticeably darker! A sense of steadier energy flow goes with the circulation, and I’ve been receiving a lot of information about how to manage my energy, practically and emotionally, so it can continue to flow even more steadily. I am really grateful for the range and precision of Sherry’s work and I feel that what she’s started is continuing to support me.

In one of my sessions with Sherry, I felt a lot of activity in my brain stem and a huge level of nervous tension release. Afterward, I felt more solid in my body, and also as if the “harness” on my neck and shoulders had been released. I’ve also noticed that it’s easier for me to stay away from old, depressive patterns. Thank you Sherry!"

~ Sunday Oliver, California

An unbelievable shift…

Valerie P"I received a clearing from Sherry regarding family dynamics which were on going for so many years. It had been my biggest weakness in moving forward in my life and my daughter’s life. There had been deep painful issues between my daughter’s dad and I, which shifted into issues between my daughter and her dad. After the clearing, our communication was calm and clear. This is such an unbelievable shift. I am so appreciative of Sherry's unique insight and gifts. Thank you so much Sherry for doing this for my daughter and for the family. I highly recommend Sherry."

~ Valerie Pearson, VIP Energetics, Vancouver

Headaches are gone…

"I have had a problem with terrible headaches for many years. Each time I've worked with Sherry, my headaches are gone."

~ Barbara Perkins, Idaho

Feels like much of it has cleared…

"Thank you for the replay of the podcast. I listened a few times to the first part, because the Dolphin Energy in it is so strong and beautiful! It touched a deep blockage within me and it feels like much of it has cleared."

~ Catharina, Netherlands

He calms down & sleeps…

"I have a dog who is still puppy. He barks nonstop but when I do your mp3’s he calms down & sleeps. We all love the dolphin ones."

~ Lisa B.

Trauma of nearly dying during childbirth…

Kimberly M"Sherry helped me through the trauma of nearly dying during childbirth, and I used her as what I called a spiritual 'midwife'. She was energetically again in the hospital with me and helped my daughter and I quickly heal. My daughter was born at only 3 lbs. and needed oxygen and a breathing tube and was in the NICU for 3 weeks. With Sherry's assistance, my daughter is healthy, the tallest in her class, and thriving on every level!"

~ Kimberly Margolis, MSW, LSW, Licensed Psychotherapist, Colorado

Removed decades of self-loathing, I feel ecstatic!

Easter A"Sherry, your work is AWESOME! For the first time in a very long time, I have been enjoying the reflection of my 5'3" 200+ pound body. I look hot and I would ask me out on a date if I weren't me! My hair looks shiny and full. You removed decades of self-loathing and I feel ecstatic! Thank you!"

~ Easter Alexander, Shamanic Practitioner, California

Health professionals were amazed...

Natalia G"I am so grateful to you, Sherry, for support and energy healing for my husband after he had a heart attack. Your wonderful work was very obvious that even the health professionals were amazed by the progress of his recovery. I am blessed to have you in my life."

~ Natalia Glouchko, Toronto

Pregnant in one month after years of trying…

Laura L"Working with Sherry, I had finally gotten pregnant and have a beautiful daughter. She had told me a little girl was waiting for me and my right ovary was clogged. She had worked with me remotely and cleared my ovary and within a month I was pregnant. I had tried getting pregnant for years and worked with fertility specialists with no success. I now work with Sherry for emotional balance, as a life couch, grief, depression, and back pain. Each session with her I feel energized and harmony in my life."

~ Laura L., Illinois

Has completely stopped bleeding!

"Thank you for the healing you sent to our dog. His nose was bleeding on and off and the vet couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Now it has completely stopped bleeding! I am really grateful to you for that."

~ Daphne, Germany

Writer’s block is gone!

Gaylene P"Sherry is an expert in her field. Her ability for precision with her work on all levels is extraordinary. Her dedication and strongly trained ability for finding and deleting weaknesses and intrusions to clear issues or create changes is beyond normal ability. Sherry’s work allows for the highest potential outcome. It is an astounding experience to have. I am still astounded; my writer’s block is gone!"

~ Gaylene Popovski, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Australia

A tangible wind behind my sails…

Claudia S"Sherry has helped me through my battle with breast cancer over the past 20 years. Her sessions have always brought a subtle yet powerful relief from the side effects of the treatment for my illness. I could feel a bubble of calming comfort that eased my suffering. Now that the cancer treatments are over, I am recovering very quickly. Sherry’s work has been a tangible wind behind my sails."

~ Claudia Suen, Tarot Expert, Astrologer, Hawaii

Powerful in obvious and subtle ways…

"The work Sherry’s been doing has been powerful, appearing in both obvious and subtle ways. I love the Dolphin presence and their special help. "

~ Myra, Oregon

Alleviated almost instantly…

Amany N"Sherry is one of the most talented interactive listeners, who delves deep into one's soul finding easily the root causes behind symptoms.

She is very supportive and always there when I need her, I even feel connected to her without talking and I feel her support and encouragement in times I need it.

Sherry is a friend, a mentor, a coach, a healer and someone you can really count on to give the required results Sherry helped me with many physical and emotional distresses which were alleviated almost instantly! Sinus, ear infection, knees that hurt, problems at work and family issues, whatever it is, she knows how to handle it perfectly!"

~ Amany El Naggar, Engineer, NLP Practitioner, MCKS Pranic Healing, Reiki Jin Kei Do Master, Dorn Method, Yuen Method, PEAT, Cairo, Egypt

My grandson was born healthy, with big feet…

"Sherry cleared my family’s karma, ancestral issues and patterns in-vitro for my unborn grandson after my daughter was rushed to the hospital with early labor and bleeding. It stopped immediately. Sherry told us many characteristics he would be born with including his extra-big feet that he would love. As soon as he was born, the doctor commented on how big his feet were. Our family is so happy he was carried to term and born healthy."

~ Vicky Malone, Idaho

Laughing a great deal…

"Love your work. I swim in the energy and find myself laughing a great deal. Grateful I have found you."

~ Sara, Canada

Able to drive again…

"Years ago I had a series of strokes that left me paralyzed. Sherry told me I could drive again. I was hopeful but skeptical. After we worked together I was able to drive myself and find my independence again. And, I became a joyful menace on the roads! Sherry also helped me achieve greater range of motion in my body, reduced my awful headaches, improved my thinking ability, and relieved my depression."

~ John H., CPA, Florida

Pain and immobility improved, calmer and at peace…

Sarah GM"I was having a hard time improving some of my own back and neck problems that were bothering me as a result of many accidents in my youth. My ribs were off to the right and I had referred pain down my legs. I was hunched over, my sacrum hurt to lay down. I lost the curve in my lumbar spine. After a session with Sherry, my pain went from an 8 to a 4 in twenty minutes and standing was a 3. After continued work, my whole body improved. I have less pain and everything feels looser. I can move more freely and am very grateful! I also feel calmer and more at peace."

~ Sarah Gonzalez Meyers, Mother, Body Worker, Yuen Method Master, Florida

Transform my issues into gifts…

"I have worked with Sherry numerous times when I needed help with emotional or physical issues, she has always been able to help me transform my issues into gifts. Last week my headache was a 11 out of 10 and she got it down to zero in an hour. I have had multiple back surgeries and a knee replacement that kept me in pain but Sherry helped me shift out of pain when I spoke to her. She has helped me come back to myself when I was stuck in the astral and helped me heal from a near death trauma I had at birth that had plagued me my whole life."

~ Michael O'Brien, Idaho

About Sherry Phillips Swatek:

Sherry Phillips SwatekSherry Phillips Swatek has been described as a soul whisperer, a medical intuitive, and a spiritual and business mentor. She considers herself a multi-dimensional integrator; she helps her clients find the parts of their life that have become dis-integrated and bring them back into alignment with love and acceptance. Sherry's talent to quickly find and resolve the root causes makes her work fast and powerful.

Sherry transforms lives. Through her work, she has resolved relationship troubles, relieved chronic pain and illness, rejuvenated lives, extended quality of life, upgraded business and financial opportunities, and helped with fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. 

Sherry could see and hear in spiritual realms from early childhood. Sherry has studied and incorporated the teachings of many spiritual and metaphysical masters into her practice. Her working knowledge of the human body at the molecular, physical, spiritual, metaphysical, and energetic levels empowers her ability synthesize the necessary energies.

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