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Make room for Miracles, Grace, and Divine Dispensation!
Call Back YOUR Power
Awaken to Who You ARE!

Clear the Debris of past relationships, poverty consciousness, self-Judgment, limiting belief systems, ill-health, and more.  Dissolve the limitations that have been holding you back from manifesting abundance in all areas of your life and connect to The Field of All Possibility that allows the abundant life to flow TO YOU!

Dissolve the limitations that have been holding you back from manifesting abundance in all areas of your life and connect to The Field of All Possibility that allows the abundant life to flow TO YOU!

Come play in the Quantum-field of Energetics, Vibration and Frequency and see your life transform in all areas with a flow you have never before experienced.

Hear the Messages from your Soul, and follow the signposts that life is offering you to Master the Consciousness Technology YOU hold within you now and become the Empowered Bearer of Light that You are born to be.

Message from Sandra

Human Beings limit themselves to experiencing a fraction of what they as conscious beings can experience because they judge themselves negatively, they believe what they are told to believe, and those beliefs limit what can be experienced. Limiting belief systems keep Humanity in a shrunken state of living without ‘LIVING’. You are a beautiful being of light consciousness and together we can release limiting belief systems, raise your frequency of vibration and allow more light into your life in all areas. You are not alone!

Messages from Your Soul

Soul Magic is Who you are not what you do!
Create the life you desire through

Experience a life of BEING All Possibility and make what you want a Probability as you clear your Morphogenetic Field, connect with your Higher Self, and raise your vibrational frequency to join effortlessly in co-creating with the Divine to manifest what you desire as it flows TO YOU effortlessly.

Spiral into the torsion field of the Heart, enter the field of Manifestation and transform your Life NOW

I am more than gr8ful for Sandra

kimserafinir"EVERYONE will benefit in unforeseen ways by being in her company and experiencing her magic. Her intuition and intellect are out of the ordinary! Her "tarot readings" are phenomenal. The way she simply removes stubborn energy blocks and limiting beliefs is extraordinary. On the physical level, I had a sharp pain that would appear each day for months; in an INSTANT it was completely gone with one touch for less than a minute! And, it's important to note that it hasn't returned in months :) I'm happy to let everyone know that her healing is POWERFUL... Sandra is inspirational and practical - a rare combination. I highly recommended her... and enthusiastically encourage you to have her treat you and, as soon as you can, be in her presence! Thank goodness I come to know her well and love her even more."

~ Kim Serafini, Best-Selling Author and Inspirational Speaker,
Retreat Leader and Sports Therapist, Founder

This Program:-

  • Is a practical guide to manifesting miracles in your life and returning your Soul to the Magic you hold within you.
  • Clears obstacles to your Higher Consciousness and aligns you to your greatest potential and purpose for living an optimum life full of vibrant health, financial abundance, refined consciousness, spiritual connection and fulfilled relationships
  • Connects you with the multidimensional Being that you Truly Are and propels you into higher frequency effortlessly
  • Refines your Vibrational Frequency for swift manifestation of goals and intentions
  • Unites you with the voice of your Soul Guidance through high frequency clearings and meditation MP3’s that you can use again and again to raise your frequency and raise your consciousness
  • Detoxifies your morphogenetic field of the limitations that have been keeping you stuck and blocked from living your purpose
  • Gives you simple tools to raise your vibration quickly and effortlessly
  • MP3 program giving full explanation and experience of consciousness, the quantum-field and your morphogenetic field and how this affects what you are living NOW.
  • Enables you to make swift changes in your energy field and empowers you to take the steps needed to change your life NOW!

PLEASE NOTE:  The MP3 Audio program replicates the pdf materials so that you have a choice to listen or to read.

  • Integrating energy psychology, frequency raising, heightened consciousness, and quantum waves in a way that is simple to apply NOW to transform your life and align you with a sense of peace and trust. This is the Zero Point Field where All Manifestation is possible.
  • You will learn how your energetic frequency is preventing you from fully stepping into your purpose and living a life of abundance in health, wealth, relationships and more.
  • You will discover how to raise your energetic frequency EFFORTLESSLY with clearings and simple techniques that will align you with who you truly are and your life purpose
  • You will discover what is in your your morphogenetic field and how it is holding you back from living the life you know you came here to live and clear the lower frequencies from your Field
  • We will together with your Guides and Higher Self clear your Field so that you are able to activate lighter, higher frequency energies that will bring the life you desire TO you.
  • Clear Unconscious DNA and Ancestral patterns that have been holding you back from YOU
  • Connect with and experience the expanded consciousness, of Your Soul surfing the waves of the Quantum Field
  • Connect with your Guides and your Higher Self and hear the messages that are being brought to you

Expert Reviews

lisamarier“I was fortunate to be introduced to Sandra when I had a true physical crisis: my sciatica went out dramatically during travel – combined with overbooked flight, and heading into a socially stressful situation. With an immediate readiness to help - we had a call across the globe and immediately, and I do mean as I was on the phone with her – my hip and leg unwound. I felt it in real time. I went from a 10 to a 2 within minutes.

I went on with my convention travel – lots of walking, standing, out of my regular routine of rest and balance – and every other day during my trip she allowed me to skype in, and we did a session. And each time there was release, felt viscerally in my body, real time. The people that saw me limp in crying watched me out the window in their yard as I suddenly stood straight and walked around, nearly pain free. Amazed they were, and grateful was I.

I am home now, and with a final skype once in my home, I am back to a 1 pain level. I want to whole heartedly recommend this talented and generous healer to anyone and everyone reading this. This is the new science, this is the new healing modality. Quantum.”

~ Lisa Marie Executive Producer, Wake Up! Television show

jessiehillr“To fully describe what is so special about Sandra and the work she does is much like trying to describe the indescribable. Her ability to create inner transformation and healing is remarkable.

Sandra, herself, embodies an unconditionally kind and gentle spirit that emanates beyond her to fill the space that she occupies. The audio sessions are infused with such powerful and transformative energy. Whenever I am going through intense transitional periods or disrupts, I play Sandra’s audio clearing sessions and things seems to instantly shift… Her voice has become a go-to mediation for me…

Although the clearing audios effectively clears blocks and promotes inner peace, Sandra is the catalyst to that endpoint with holding the space for healing.

Sandra is committed to higher levels of understanding. She is soft spoken, loving, intelligent and often very funny. Just sharing a laugh with Sandra washes away the anxiety…

Sandra is articulate and an excellent communicator with a truly gifted ability to spiritually guide others through clearing & meditation. Sandra is fully present whenever I receive personal sessions and somehow time magically stops as we do personal one on one sessions… Sandra has helped me facilitate pivotal turning points in my life and I highly recommend her clearing workshops…”

~ Jessie Hill, Film maker, Los Angeles

Estherr“From the moment Sandra started working with me I could feel a release in my base chakra. As she worked directly on my solar plexus energies began to move and stir. Sandra knew instantly another layer of mom energy was being released and I was ready to let it go. A beautiful session of greater expansion.” ~ Esther Bartkiw, Facilitator of Divine Transformation, Spiritual Mentor, Channel, Speaker, Writer

Package B Introductory offer of $177 expires soon... 


Discount: 94% Off
Total Package Value $2225
From Heartache to Joy
Special Offer $127


Discount: 92% Off
Total Package Value $2225
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $177

Discover your Unique Soul Song
This Program has changed people’s lives


As you move through the program it builds to empower you to raise your frequency for effortless manifestation of your dreams and goals

  • Discover how you are already living in the Quantum Field of All Possibility.
  • Unveil how to make a Possibility a Probability!
  • Discover how to effortlessly manifest your purpose daily
  • Know the workings of your Morphic Field of Experience and how it affect EVERYTHING you are currently living
  • Effortlessly clear your Field to empower yourself to live fully step into your Life Purpose
  • Meet and Co-Create with your Guides and your Own Soul

Package A


Soul Magic - Messages from the Soul

(Downloadable MP3s and PDFs)

Value: $1275


A series of MP3 that bring the power of knowledge to you. Learn what is in your Morphic Field of Experience. Identify and Clear limiting beliefs and emotions. Awaken to your Soul Voice and sing your Soul Song. Empower yourself to raise your frequency of vibration and allow your Soul Purpose to flow to you.

Please Note. These MP3’s are linked with the MP3’s for the meditations and clearings. You will be learning, progressing, clearing and activating your multidimensional self as you go through the program.

(Downloadable MP3)

What you will be learning and what you will be achieving as you progress through the program.

You are consciousness:
(Downloadable MP3)

ConsciousnessLearning the nature of consciousness and how this means that you can create what you were born to create. You are a unique expression of The Source of All That Is. As a conscious being you have been born to create your Soul Song, your energy signature that is uniquely yours. Only you can be you!

Energy frequency and vibration:
(Downloadable MP3)

energiesDiscover how everything is consciousness which is expressed in terms of energy and how energy is expressed through frequency and vibration. What you are vibrating into the Universe is being brought back to you through events, relationships, money, health and abundance –or lack of abundance. All of this has a vibration and as you learn to work with this you can enter a different frequency that will bring what you want TO you. Learn how to clear the clutter from your self, your life and to bring in new higher vibrational frequency through simple exercises that will keep Your Field clear.

Clutter clearing and important notes:
(Downloadable MP3)

We exist in worlds within worlds, these are different dimensions and your living space reflects these worlds. Master what you are Living! Make your life a Sacred Space where you become more expanded and clear as you remove old physical blocks and ties from your living space. Learn how to clear space and refine and raise the vibrational frequency of your home which in turn will refine and raise the vibration of YOU! (there is no supporting pdf for this audio as it is an additional unit given spontaneously and freely full of blessings).

Morphic resonance:
(Downloadable MP3)

4You have a unique Soul blueprint that only you can be, nobody else can be this. However, the voice of the Soul is silenced by conditioning, old beliefs, what you think others want from you, what you have been told to think, be and become. This is great if this is part of your soul purpose, but when it is not this conditioning can lead to your morphic field of experience becoming cloudy and unclear. Learn how your morphogenetic field affects everything you are manifesting in your life and what this means for you.

What you resist persists!:
(Downloadable MP3 )

7The more you fight against something the more it is likely to come into your field of experience. In other words the more you will see it in your life until you release it. Learn how to stop resisting and learn how to allow release of old belief and behavioural patterns that are limiting who you are and stopping you from achieving real peace and happiness in your life. Liberate yourself through simple exercises that will enable you to become free of those thoughts and feelings that have been keeping you stuck for years.

What is in Your Morphic field?:
(Downloadable MP3)

5Discover what your morphic field is made up of, how this is connected to your aura and your vibration and how to change this by identifying what is holding you back and releasing this. Learn why affirmations don’t work.

Refining Your morphic field:
(Downloadable MP3)

refiningLearn how to refine your morphic field so that you create more and more of what you want to see in your life. When you refine your energetic frequency you will find that everything changes around you and life becomes less stressful, more peaceful, more abundant, things happen easily.

Entering the Field of All Possibility:
(Downloadable MP3)

6Discover how your heart is the voice of the soul and how it is connected to the Field of All Possibility. What is this? it is the place where you can create through your Soul self, the real you, what you want to create. It is what the quantum scientists call the Zero Point Field where science meet spirituality and anything can happen!

Co-creating Your Reality:
(Downloadable MP3)

co-creating with guides You are not alone. You are a co-creator in your life and your Soul, your Guides, the Angels and The Source of All That Is wants the BEST FOR YOU! Learn to connect with and hear your Guidance and know that you are co-creating with the best in the Universe!


Audio meditations

Value: $175


Audio meditations : These meditations are infused with Activating Frequencies that will lead you effortlessly to activating your Multidimensional Self and connecting with your Higher Mind and Guides.

Circular breathing and energizing your Field:
Downloadable MP3

This is a simple meditation, deepening your breathing and energizing our own Field or aura. Enables you to relax and to prepare for the clearings that you will be experiencing throughout the programme. This is a powerful exercise that you can use as a practical way to relax anytime, anywhere, in any circumstances and strengthen your Aura immediately.

You are Consciousness:
Downloadable MP3

A powerful meditation that will take you through a journey where you will experience the different states of consciousness that you ALREADY exist within. This audio is infused with frequencies from Sandra’s Guides to assist you in attaining a state of deep relaxation as you experience your own states of consciousness.

Connecting with The Field of All Possibility:
Downloadable MP3

Connect with the torsion field which is an energy that surrounds your heart. This is the place of the zero point field, where you can connect with the truth of your Soul voice and attract what you want to create in your life through a more refined energetic frequency. This is where you will hear the messages from your Soul that connects with your deepest desires and wishes.

Meeting your Guides:
Downloadable MP3

Meet the beautiful Souls that guide you through life and co-create life with you. You are not alone! You are surrounded by guides, ancestors and angels that wish for you to connect with them and to hear the quiet voice that comes from within and can guide you to the best possible experiences and outcomes for you.

What you resist persists!:
Downloadable MP3

Whenever we are resisting or avoiding something we are in relationship to it whether we want it or not. This short meditation allows you to release resistance effortlessly and allows you to dissolve blocks and limitations that have been held in your energy field, opening you up to The Source of All That Is.

Expanded Field of Consciousness:
Downloadable MP3

Expand into your multidimensional self and experience the expanded field of consciousness that you already hold within you. Feel the Light Bearer that you are and feel empowered to take this out into your world and live it!

Releasing The How:
Downloadable MP3

This short meditation is an excellent tool when you feel you are caught up in how you are meant to be doing something, or how you are going to achieve something. The HOW is not your job, it is the job of your Higher Self, Guides and The Source of All That Is. When you set your intention for what you want and release How it will come to you then what you want will appear TO YOU


High Frequency Energy Clearing Audios

Value: $245


These audios are embedded with energetic frequencies that are released as you listen to the clearings. Sandra takes you through short techniques to allow yourself to receive the clearings then all you are required to do is to sit back and allow the release of fears, limitations, blocks to abundance, fulfilling relationships, past life contracts and vows.
These audios can be listened to over and over again to refine your frequency.

  • Clearing relationship blocks: Release old ties, promises bonds, vows and contracts that you have made with others in this lifetime and across all lifetimes and dimensions. Feel the freedom of becoming unfettered from old relationships that have been hooking into you energetically.
  • Clearing blocks to health and wellness: Release the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving physical wellness and a pain free life.
  • Clearing abundance blocks: Infused with energetic frequencies to release poverty consciousness and bring in the frequency of Abundance.
  • Clearing non-forgiveness: The Ho’opponopono Prayer is a powerful clearing tool that brings self-forgiveness and self empowerment to you. Releases old patterns that have been held in relationship to others and brings you back to Zero Point. Is an amazing affirmational tool when you are feeling out of balance with yourself, life and with others.
  • Energetic divorce clearing: You may have physically divorced somebody but have you energetically cleared and dissolved the old ties? This clearing releases old energies that have been keeping you tied to your old marriage.

Here are some bonuses!

Live recordings of high energy client and group sessions

Bonus 1:

Calling Back your power

Value: $50

A powerful tool to bring back the fragmented pieces of your Self that may have been splintered through trauma in this lifetime, other lifetimes and all dimensions. Also through relationships with others and events that have left you feeling less than you truly are. You are a Sovereign and Empowered Bearer of Light. Play this audio, feel the clearing, call back your power and FEEL who you are at the core of your being and unite yourself!

Bonus 2:

Clearing Soul Contracts

Value: $55

Throughout our many lifetimes on this and on other dimensions we make contracts with others, promises that we come together again to fulfil or release each other from. This is a powerful clearing tool to release you from the bonds of Soul Contracts that are no longer serving you or the other person. Can be used for All Relationships whether divorce, family, work colleagues, boss etc.

Bonus 3:

Releasing vows of Poverty

Value: $55

If you have been feeling that you just seem unable to move forward with your finances, and that no matter what you do money either is not coming in or it comes in and slips through your fingers. This powerful release session will get the finances flowing in abundantly

Bonus 4:

Body Gratitude Meditation.

Value: $55

Connects you with the consciousness of your body. We often ignore our bodies as we go through life, unless they are in pain or sickness, or exalted pleasure. This meditation is a fantastic tool for reconnecting and grounding. For appreciating your body for who she/he is and taking the time to acknowledge. Reported by clients have to relieved pain, enabled weight loss, healed sickness.

Bonus 5:

Clearing Addictive Behaviours

Value: $50

We all hold addictive patterns that we develop in childhood and during our adult years or through entities staying around our energy field or aura. These addictions may be obvious such as over drinking or gambling, others may be less obvious such as ways that we react to others when certain buttons are triggered. This is a powerful clearing tool to release addictions from your life, whatever they may be.

Bonus 6:

Past Life Regression Meditation 1.

Value: $80

Join Sandra in a live recorded hypnotherapy session that will lead you into connecting with past lives and clearing past life trauma and inter-dimensional cords. See who you were in a parallel (past) life and experience the continuity of consciousness that you truly are and the patterns that have been woven into your Soul Blueprint

Bonus 7:

Past Life Regression Meditation 2.

Value: $50

Join Sandra in a live private regression meditation leading you into a deep experience of past lives you have experienced. This is a personal recorded session for more experienced meditators. Go deep, experience, enjoy

What you can expect to experience with this Program:

  • People experiencing a lightening in their energy field as old emotions are shed and their frequency rises.
  • People experience a sense of peace and more clarity in moving forward knowing what they want and their life purpose
  • People have experienced abundance blocks disappearing and money appearing overnight, health issues and pain (including fractures and broken bones) healing in days. Pregnancies that were thought could not happen have happened. Infertility problems disappeared.
  • Client with one leg shorter than the other following a surfing accident had an instantaneous lengthening of her leg in minutes.
  • Young woman down on her ‘luck’ and desperately requiring money received two financial gifts the day after her session that allowed her to pay her debts and to move forward with her career with improved finances and new opportunities.
  • Client who was disassociated from her body for years and unable to feel her body or physical surroundings is now in her body and feeling and experiencing the 3D world again. Has become an extremely successful business woman and entrepreneur and is opening new businesses internationally.
  • Shifts have occurred in relationships, in health, in work and business.

Here’s what’s included in this package:

  • 10 downloadable MP3 Modules of Sandra’s successful program Soul Magic - Messages from the Soul. With additional information not contained in the pdf’s. (approx value $1200)
  • 9 downloadable pdf’s Modules of the Program Soul Magic - Messages from the Soul. These are for those times when you want to sit quietly and allow yourself to integrate materials at your own pace (approx value $75)
  • 7 High frequency energetic clearings to detoxify and refine your morphogenetic field from outdated and limiting belief systems and old patterns, dissolving the ties of old relationships, clearing abundance blocks, energetic divorce, relationship blocks, health and wellness blocks, non-forgiveness (Value $245)
  • 7 downloadble MP3 meditations consciousness expansion, attunement to higher level frequencies, to effortlessly unite you with your multidimensional Self, your Guides, releasing the “How” (approx value for EACH meditation $175)
  • Bonuses

Package A

Total Package Value $2225

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127
*** 94% Saving ***

Package B

Includes All of Package A Plus

A 30 minute Phone or Skype Quantum-Transformation session with clearings and guidance with Sandra and her Guides

Value: $55

Package B Introductory offer of $177 expires soon... 

Package B

Total Package Value $2225

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $177
*** 92% Saving ***


  • Clients report instant pain relief, bones and ligaments healing, fertility issues changed
  • Clients report feeling the quantum-wave as it travels through their body and instantaneously lifts emotional and mental pain and trauma
  • Clients report relationships changing, mind clearing, a feeling of peace and trust and ALL clients report feeling lighter

“After months of worrying that I could not get pregnant Sandra told me she could see me pregnant and that I would be “pregnant quicker than I believed”. 14 days later my pregnancy test was positive. I am now 5 months pregnant and could not be happier. Sandra is a miracle worker.”

~ Nikki (UK)

“Whilst I was recovering from cancer I wanted to expand the course of treatments to encompass aspects of integrative Medicine as well as mainstream treatments. I wanted to build a team of professionals that were the best in the fields that would assist me in transforming and evolving my cancer free life.

I met Sandra the week after I had gone into official remission from Cancer. My initial session with her was ground breaking. We continued to work through my recovery from chemotherapy and the various levels of emotional trauma experienced from a life-changing sent such as Cancer. She has helped heal the emotional wounds and scalage of a life filled with cancer and helped me transform into an individual that did not even know existed within me.

Out of all of my doctors and therapists, Sandra is one of the most prolific and talented individuals I have ever been fortunate enough to work with. She has an amazing gift that surpasses time and place. She seamlessly brings together the world of academia and western medicine combined with aspects of integrative and holistic medicines. I am blessed beyond words to have her in my life.”

~ Joanne L. Krakowski, New York

“It has been year since we met. I came to Bali with my 3 children and my husband from Belgium. You really changed my life. Things have never been so beautiful since then. All my anxiety related to my “body and mind split” and the the “disappearance of my kids” just flew away and its never been a part of me since. You areally are part of my rebirth and I want you to know it and to thank you for this wonderful transformation.”

~ S J, Belgium

“Every now and then you meet at someone with mystic eyes and you just “know they know.” Sam is one of those people. I first went to see Sandra because everyone I know was raving about how wonderful she is, and now I’m with them singing her praises. It’s impossible to put into words the Magic of Sam. So I will simply promise you that Sam is a gift you will not regret giving to yourself.”

~ Nicole Kunz, (LA)

“Hi Eram

I have just had the opportunity to work with Sandra St Yves and it was absolutely AMAZING! I am still stunned by her energy and accuracy! WOW - WOW - WOW!

Within the first few minutes Sandra had honed into the core issue and started shifting things out for me. I could feel the energy shifting out and moment by moment feeling lighter, expansive and sparkly.

Sandra was 100% spot on with everything she picked up. She also noticed that my current life challenges are very much linked to past lives as well as my clearing ancestral lineage stuff. I could feel that all been shifted as we spoke. My Team in Spirit came through to give Guidance and everything Sandra relayed back to me was so accurate and given with such clarity, all of it resonated as Truth. It was amazing to feel all that shifting out as well!

In a short space of time Sandra gave me a deeper understanding and answers to burning questions I have had for a long time, confirmed a lot of important things for me, and also gave me True Guidance about what I need to do to move forward”

~ With so much gratitude,

leo“I have met Sandra last summer, she has helped so much in the process of discovering my spiritual side, of which I had no clue of the existence. Since I have met her, I have changed my way of considering reality, from a typical engineer rationalistic one, to a more driven-by-sensitivity one, appreciating and contemplating an emotive sphere who I had always ignored before, even subconsciously feeling that it was there. She helped also to clarify what is my potential and how I can help people. She has revealed things about my soul as she actually opened my eyes to see what I was ignoring. Definitely a deep and beautiful life changing experience. I am definitely thankful to her.”

~ Leonardo from Italy, IT Engineer

“The story that changed my life...

After years of being lost, confused, angry, severe bouts of depression and anxiety I realised I needed to do something serious to make a change in my life. I had had many years of being treated with traditional psychologists and counsellors but, had yet to help me to move on and heal myself from my past problems and issues.

The lost, confused person is almost a watery figure of my imagination. I now see the strong, happy, completely fulfilled person that stands in front of me. Sandra has changed my life in a way that I never thought possible. Sandra gave me the tools to open my mind and soul in a way where it sings it's own song, everyday filled with happiness and joy I never thought was possible.

Everyone has their own story and journey, this is mine, and I feel like my life is beginning all over again.”

~ Eternal gratitude

“Hi Sandra,
I just wanted to tell you that I received a substantial pay rise today. I'm kind of laughing as it holds little value, when I thought it would. The real reason I wanted to email you is to share how I felt- I felt truly happy for the first time. I felt real or the real me. I was really sad and emotional before coming to see you and didn't know what I felt, I was a little mess. Now I realiseI feel genuinely lucky and at peace, and can start again or anything can happen. I am feeling genuinely light, it was such an honour to feel that. Thank you for being selfless and helping, not just me , but people, with no judgment and positiveness. ”

~ Diane (Australia)

“My session is still fresh in my mind and it seemed like it was completed on the spot; healing sessions sometimes take time to integrate, but in this case, it was instant. Sandra did a reading and a clearing with me. In the reading, she was able to give me really specific information that she could have not known from the information I gave to her. For example, she knew that I had something by the front door for protection (I have a charged crystal in my front window, next to the door) and she spoke of "reaction vs. response." I had written those exact words in an email the previous day! I completely trusted everything that she said because she was so spot on. Her words have given me great comfort, and as a result, strength and confidence. Sandra also did a clearing on me about my self-worth. Since then, I have found myself saying (from my place of truth) that I rock! I have never embraced my awesomeness before! Finally, I found Sandra to be really sweet, approachable, down-to-earth, funny and kind. Thank you Sandra for your profound and valuable work!”

~ Easter Shamanic Journeying (FHTJ)

“I just finished the last audio in your course and just wanted to check in to say thank you. Many *miraculous* transformations arrived during it. I thought it might be fun for you to hear about them:

1. I am in grad school, totally broke, and was unsure of how I was going to pay for the next semester. My school randomly called and said I had a $2,000 credit - just enough to pay for next semester. !!!

2. I have been experiencing a lot of tension at work, feeling like I was in a private dictatorship. This older couple that I barely know called me at work. Again, totally out of the blue. Apparently they are wealthy and own a lot of property. They asked me to start a business in a downtown building they have restored. ?!?! They offered to lower rent and purchase equipment upfront to help me out. Like I said, we barely know each other.

3. It all makes sense because I had been asking how I could work as a healer before getting a degree. I decided to open a holistic apothecary with my partner and host weekly meditations, etc. When I was spreading the news, someone told me that way back when, there used to be a pharmacy/doctor practice in that same building. !

Your course has helped me be more grateful and receptive.
Thank you for sharing your tools.”

~ Sending love, Eva (USA)

“Sandra’s ability to make the muddiest of waters clear and confirm that you are on the right “life” road is both reassuring and comforting. Her amazing wisdom and healing has been a God send in my complicated world...she listens and understands…..asks intelligent questions and certainly gives the possible solutions to choose from so that you have ownership and feel that real options and directions are possible and if you are feeling narrow in your thoughts there are other windows of possibilities to explore.”

~ Sally, Australia

“I just wanted to say thanks for your session. Things are happening exactly as you predicted and even more than I could have ever imagined was going on for the last year. And if it hadn't been for my meeting with you and being able to re-listen to your recording I might not have been able to have the strength to do what I'm doing.”

~ Best regards,
Marie, Australia

“I had a session with Sandra after I had an accident and had seriously broken my arm. I felt quite out of balance but after a few minutes of her working on me, I immediately felt relaxed and safe. Sandra has a beautiful presence that is both nurturing and supportive of one's healing process. I could feel the energy working on my broken arm, but also spreading throughout my whole body and realigning me. After my session, I had a lot more movement in my arm and was able to raise it above my head. Something that was quite difficult for me to do prior to my session. She is a very gifted Energy Healer and I'm so glad that I got to experience her wonderful work. Sandra, I thank you so much for your beautiful healing!”

~ Michele Cempaka, (USA/Bali)



I've been very happy since I had my sessions with you. Everything in my life have turn so positive and I feel blessed everyday for being alive and for the happiness that I feel. I started advanced photography and I'm doing very very well, since I came back I've been cooking at home and really healthy that I feel so much better now , my boyfriend only wants to eat my food. I always make a prayer and put a lot of good intentions in my cooking I follow your list and now is natural I really love this feeling. I do EFT when I need it and physically even exercising I have more strenght I am taking everything easy and also absorbing and digesting everyday of my life. I have a big smile in my face I feel like sharing with the whole world this feeling the only way I can do it is keeping my energy balanced and always go back to the steps that we talked when I feel week. Even my boyfriend have changed so much he doesn't know what to do to please me he feels so grateful to have me. I have to say no nail bitting I removed the extenstions I have my own nails so proud and beautiful. Sandra you are the greatest.”

~ With love Noelia

About Sandra St.Yves:

SandraSandra was born in the UK gifted with connection to Spirit, healing and psychic ability.  She is a gifted Energy Worker, Mystic, Shaman, Direct Channel, Intuitive Guide, Psychic Tarot reader, Soul Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and more!

Recognised Internationally as a Master of embodied Consciousness Technology, she is a Quantum Pioneer, Psychic Guide, Spiritual Alchemist, and consciousness Leader.  With a wide range of clients from Film Directors, A list celebrities, and corporate leaders to, designers, healers and Light Workers, Sandra is sought after globally for her ability to give clear and accurate guidance and make swift and life changing transformations through the Quantum Field and through her energy work, psychic readings and connection with her Spirit Guides.

Sandra has a mainstream background in Psychology, Adult Education, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Counselling, and has over 30 years of metaphysical and psychological experience, co-creating with Guides, Angels and Masters of Consciousness Sandra integrates her channeled information with different modalities, working multidimensionally to encompass an holistic approach.  Her knowledge includes Quantum Touch, Matrix, Access, EFT, Tarot, Theta, Essential Oil essences, Crystal essences, Transformational Meditation, teaching Reiki and more…

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