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Download Eram and Renee's Interview

Download MP3

Package A


Cord Cutting - MP3

There are thousands of invisible, energetic cords that connect us to people, places and things. These cords come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and densities. All cords consistently influence your energy and all cords affect your vibration. Learn a powerful technique to dissolve cords allowing you to have more energy, think more clearly, decrease emotional pain, sleep better, and be happier.

Download MP3


Soul Retrieval - MP3

Each time you are hurt by another or you hurt someone, you lose a piece of yourself. For example, “He/She has a piece of my heart.” Or, “I lost a piece of myself when he/she died.” Or, “he/she will always remain a part of my heart.” When you lose pieces, you cannot be in peace. Learn an easy, effective way to retrieve lost parts of self to bring wholeness, empowerment and freedom.

Download MP3


Expanding Love - MP3

This process will allow you to access love inside. Everyone has it, some more than others. The great thing about love is that it has no limits to how vast it can be. Here you will discover how much love you can carry, receive and give.

Download MP3


Relationship Healing - Mom - MP3

Everyone will benefit from healing their relationship with their Mom. Whether she’s biological, step, adopted, donated, deceased, abandoned, unknown, or more than one, the mother figure(s) in your life will be addressed in this process. We have beliefs and thoughts and feelings that resulted from that / those relationships. It affects how we see ourselves and how we allow others to treat us. Healing this will empower you as a woman, and improve all relationships you hold with women, and with yourself especially.

Download MP3


Relationship Healing - Dad - MP3

Everyone will benefit from healing their relationship with their Dad. Whether he’s biological, step, adopted, donated, deceased, abandoned, unknown, or more than one, the father figure(s) in your life will be addressed in this process. We have beliefs and thoughts and feelings that resulted from that / those relationships. It affects how we see ourselves and how we allow others to treat us. Healing this will allow you to attract more men of quality and stop settling for less than you deserve and quit tolerating inappropriate behavior.

Download MP3


Long Distance Cord Cutting
Remote energy healing transmissions

This will be done the day you purchase your package

Renee will cut all the toxic cords to people, places and things for you to get even faster results and changes. This long distance session will happen while you are asleep. You can maintain the clearing with the Cord Cutting mp3.


Long Distance Heart Chakra Healing
Remote energy healing transmissions

This will be done a week after the Cord Cutting transmission.

The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest. If the heart chakra is blocked then there can be jealousy, resentment, bitterness, lack of forgiveness, codependency, withdrawing, pain, being shut down or guarded. When the heart chakra is open people experience more love for self and others, joy, compassion, empathy, acceptance and feel connected to everything.

Package B

30 day program for those ready to open to love.

This Package Includes:

  • All of Package A Plus
  • Remote Heart Healing Sessions
  • 4 Live Group Calls
  • 60 min one on one session


Long Distance Heart Healing Sessions

The Long distance session will begin on the day of your first group call and then one at the end of each call.

Heart Healings are for singles, couples and anyone who wants the gift of more love in their daily life.

The Heart Healings bring love, light and transformation to every level of your being. Each one is powerful and together they create deep and profound shifts in body, mind and spirit.

People report feeling safer, more loved and open, better quality sleep, find it easier to speak up, let go of the past, forgive themselves and others, increased energy, happier and more content, experience more joy and laughter, feel more whole and complete and so much more.

Most of these sessions are done while you sleep. It's easy and gentle; wake up to a new and improved you. I will do 1 session before the group calls start and then another one after each call for a total of 5 long distance healing sessions. This will keep the momentum going so your results are magnified.

  • Long Distance Heart Healing #1

Sometimes people disconnect their head from their heart. Head people are mental and matter of fact, they often belittle emotions. Those stuck in their heart are often seen as overly emotional and reactive without the ability to make wise decisions. This heart healing will reestablish the flow of this vital connection. This is also beneficial for the physical heart.

  • Long Distance Heart Healing #2

Sometimes the ability to give love to ourselves and / or others is stifled or perhaps the ability to receive love from ourselves and / or others is blocked. In many cases both are occurring simultaneously to varying degrees. This heart healing will fill your heart with love. It will remind you of what love truly is. Once you re-remember love, you can give and receive as much as you want and need.

  • Long Distance Heart Healing #3

For people who are suffering from a lack of nurturing, especially if this is rooted in the mother – child experience, this heart healing will reprogram the heart energies to bring in the wholeness created by nurturing.

  • Long Distance Heart Healing #4

When heart energies are in a state of restriction or limitation, it is difficult to process the past and live in the now. This will widen the heart energies so you can experience emotions more fully like peace, joy, aliveness, etc. Feeling the full spectrum of your emotions is a necessity. If you bury pain, fear, sadness, etc., then you bury joy, love, happiness, etc.

  • Long Distance Heart Healing #5

This is for people who are ready to let go of deep-seated, long-term wounds and emotions. This heart healing is highly effective for filling in the areas of the heart that need the most support. You will know that you are never alone and will be able to tap into your inner strength.


30 Day Program

(with 4 Live Group Calls)

The call details will be sent to your email IDs before the first call

In 30 days, we will be opening to self-love, love from others and love from the Divine. Along the way we will be healing blocks and learning new ways of being that are life changing. Discover the healing power of LOVE and how it can heal every area of your life!

I have found that there are several blocks to love and some of the most important ones that are blocked are… Self Love, receiving Love from others and receiving Love from the Divine.

During these 4 calls we will work on ALL of these!

  • 1

    Giving Love - May 30th at 7 pm - 8 pm Central

Do you know how to give love authentically? It might not be what you think. Come find how to truly give and let your heart soar. Learn new techniques to master your ability to manifest. Feel great about giving, no more resentments, and open the door to receive. This will allow you to feel more inner peace, improve the quality of your relationships, greater self esteem and satisfaction with life, lower your risk of depression, and be more in balance with the universe

  • 2

    Receiving Love - June 6th at 7 pm - 8 pm Central

Receiving is a universal challenge, especially for women. Learn to recover from guilt and shame. Realize you are deserving. Find out how toxic and damaging it is to reject receiving. Discover the benefits of receiving, bust through some myths on this topic and learn universal secrets to attract anything and everything. This will empower you to live your highest life, fill holes and missing energies with love and laughter, bond with others in a deeper way, and become 10X's more attractive to the opposite sex.

  • 3

    Self Love - June 13th at 7 pm - 8 pm Central

This is the most difficult form of love that people struggle with. You don't have to. Discover your brilliance and what makes you unique and special. Break through limiting beliefs and destructive patterns. Move from hiding and isolation into freedom and expression. Change the way you see yourself and everyone else in the world will follow. This is one of the biggest break through's you will have in your life. In addition to gaining deep love, you will also increase your finances, improve the quality of your health and all of your relationships.

  • 4

    Love of Friends / Family / Mate and the Divine - June 20th at 7 pm - 8 pm Central

Discover how to maximize these relationships so that both / all parties are satisfied. By changing your perception and your ENERGY, you will see, hear, feel and know the benefits such as feeling loved, adored, cherished and appreciated. Find delight, surprises and miracles show up frequently, know yourself and go deeper into your healing journey, and be a part of something greater.


1 hour Personal Session with Renee

This is what happens in a session with Renee… she will help you FINALLY clear the blocks preventing you from having your dream relationship!

Renee will shift your energy in the direction of the Divine and you will be able to receive the LOVE that you desire.

This includes a 1 hour session with Renee where she will work on any issue of your choosing focused within the topic of relationships, love, intimacy and connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the long distance sessions be done anytime?

Yes, Renee usually conducts her long distance sessions at night while people are sleeping. If however someone is awake during the transmission, the energy is gentle and will not disrupt anything.

Q. Can I listen to the MP3s on a loop?

Yes, you could but be mindful not to overdo. These techniques are very powerful. Allow yourself time to fully integrate before listening again.

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