Haraline: Your Core Powersource of Intentionality

Your One-Step Solution to Unlock Infinite Health

Are you ready to finally heal yourself and create miracles in your life but you keep searching for the ‘how to’?

Get Ready to get your Life Back!
You can be Healthy, Vibrant, and Full of Life Again.

If your health has deteriorated to the point where you are beginning to lose hope, then I have the vital key piece of information that you are missing!

Your best days are NOT over!

Rosacea in the Eye Cleared Up!!

Scroll down to read Peter's amazing story!

Whether you struggle with:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Mood swings
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Digestive problems
  • Depression, moodiness, or brain fog
  • Sexual dysfunction (men OR women)
  • Abnormal pap results or mammograms
  • Dripping sweat and constant hot flashes
  • Constant pain due to muscle, bone, or ligament issues
  • One seemingly unrelated health problem after another
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort in the form of constipation, diarrhea, or both
  • An overactive bladder
  • Kidney stones or failure
  • Tumors, cysts, or polyps
  • Pinched nerves or neuropathy
  • Blood, Heart & Circulatory Issues
  • An inflamed gallbladder or stones

These problems can all be rooted within a dysfunction within your Hara line.

In fact, your body’s personal expression of structure, disease, and pain is trying to communicate this to you!

Hi, my name is Dipal Shah and I have worked in the fields of medicine and healing for fourteen years. Over the course of my career I have learned the power of remotely adjusting your spine. This is done in order to connect with the Hara line. The Hara line is a laser-like line that runs through your spine down into the center of the earth. It is a powerful energetic channel that holds within it the formula for your health. As I adjust your spine and open up the channels for healing in your body, I can easily see how to eliminate the pain, discomfort, illness or disease that has been keeping you from living your life to the fullest.

  • Are you ready to take that next step and unleash your body into the greatest health ever?
  • How valuable would it be to understand your needs, motives and desires at their root level?
  • Could experiences buried in the deepest memory be shaping your behavior and health?
  • Has childhood trauma manifested itself in the way you feel today?
  • Do you have cords, beliefs, and vectors that you need to unplug?
  • Are you holding onto old emotions and feelings that you just can't seem to let go?
  • Has your health deteriorated and you feel hopeless about restoring it?

If so, then your Hara line needs my support!

“Amazingly Accurate Insights! Huge Emotional Release!”

“I worked with Dipal a few months ago. Dipal has a profound ability to intuitively sense, feel, and talk to the body. She sensed things going on in my life and my body that I didn't even mention to her. She knew that there was something going on with a relationship in my life and my inability to speak up. As she cleared that energy I could feel a tingling in my throat and all the energy just being lifted. I asked Dipal about another problem with my intestines and she actually could see that the descending colon was blocked. As she was working on that blocked energy I could feel the intense energy just shifting and then all of a sudden having an emotional releasing. Dipal mentioned to me that she felt pain in my stomach area. It was a sharp pain, may be even the gallbladder. I mentioned to her later that I had my gallbladder taken out. She has found in her work that most of the time organs that have been surgically removed leave an imprint in the body. Dipal dissolved the energy that had been left from my removed gallbladder. I really found working with Dipal to be nothing short of Amazing!!!”

~ Eram Saeed
Creator of From Heartache to Joy Global Telesummit

“My Achilles tendon pain felt easier in minutes &
I could walk normally the NEXT DAY!”

“I was introduced to Dipal a few days ago and as I had some pain and stiffness in my Achilles tendon that was really bugging me and causing a limp, I was grateful to have her work her healing magic on it remotely for me.

The 9-month old injury was self-inflicted as a result of walking the beaches of the Gold Coast in Australia for miles, every day when I was there last May. All of that walking barefoot (bliss) had over stretched the tendon and on return to the UK and heels I had developed quite a persistent injury (agony!). As a healer and Cosmic Orderer myself, I had worked on it quite a bit & had 6 rounds of physio, all of which had helped, but clearly I was missing something as the pain persisted.

Dipal’s process was swift, easy and painless and after only a couple of minutes the pain had subsided considerably and the mobility was improved. The big surprise was the next morning when I found the pain was almost gone and I had enough mobility to walk normally without limping. That was 5 days ago and the pain has not returned to its former level and I have even managed a 5-mile dog walk, walking normally with no discomfort. As you can imagine, I’m over the moon!” Thank you Dipal, you are clearly very skilled at what you do.”

~ Ellen Watts

“Complete Body Reset!! I feel Amazing!!”

“I had my first session with Dipal. I was having this issue with a lump in my throat and postmenopausal issues. Right away I could feel the energy in my belly moving, lessening and becoming lighter. As Dipal worked on me I could feel my head moving in a way in which has been difficult in the past. Usually, there is snapping noises -All Gone! Dipal worked on my spine and I could see how in my life I was acting like a robot! Wow! That opened up a whole other chapter. Dipal then worked on my ovaries and I could see them as a lush green space that was renewed. By the end of our session the lump in my throat was lessened by at least 50%. And the area of my liver felt more freed up as she did the energetically did a liver cleanse. I felt lighter. Thanks Dipal! I look forward to other amazing sessions”

~ Amy Vasterling, Intuitive Pathfinder

IT IS POSSIBLE to shift fatigue, pain, and ill-health back into harmony and vibrant health!!

Imagine what life would be like once you restore your:

  • Health and Happiness

  • Energy and Vitality

  • Organs and Systems

  • Cellular Makeup

What would you do?
How would you feel?
Who would you be?

It is your divine right to experience that life!

“Rosacea in the Eye Cleared Up”

“Not sure how Dipal did it, but I am so amazed at the results. Definitely not what I expected in 1 session!! I have been dealing with Rosacea in my eye for years and was getting ready to go to the doctors in 2 days because it started up again. My rosacea flares up at times and when I met Dipal she could see that my eye was watering, stinging, red and I was in pain. I couldn't even open the eye. It was so hard for me to see. In one session with Dipal, the pain , watery eye, stinging, all went away. I could keep my eyes open and they were no longer irritated and red. I was so happy that I even cancelled my appointments with the physician. It has been a few months and still no sign of rosacea in my eye, that one session did the magic. If you have not tried Dipal’s work, I highly recommend her for anything that may be going on in your body. She has the power to transform your body within minutes.”

~ Peter, Hotel owner

“Completely Pain Free!”

“I received her powerful healing and went from feeling pain in my belly and lower back to feeling completely pain free and filled with warm energy flowing through all of my body but especially through the parts that had been hurting before. I also felt connected to my self for the first time in the last 6 weeks.

​I have to say that Dipal is not only a very powerful healer but she is also very sweet and caring.

​ During the session I felt a lot of pain in lots of places and I thought: Oh, my God, I am so full of pain, I think the session will end and I'll still be hurting! but I went on processing deep grief from my IVF losses and not being a mother and from the trauma I suffered at age 7 (Dipal had asked me before I even told her about my trauma at 7: what did happen 7 years ago or at age 7?) I went very deep, was sobbing, and Dipal helped me to release and let go of the pain and anger. When my mind was trying to stop me from releasing what no longer served me, I was also very open to my husband and could be intimate with him in a very loving way. The pain in my lower back and my belly were gone and my heart was full again (this is also what I could not feel for the last 6 weeks), so I was very happy. Dipal asked me to visualize golden, silver and copper energies around my body and in a couple of minutes I was feeling very relaxed and felt warm energies filling my lower back, then my right ovary and finally my womb. The physical pain as well as the emotional pain was completely gone!! Afterwards the warm energy kept flowing and flowing and I could open myself to my husband and be intimate with him in a very loving way. I also could sleep much better than lately.

I really recommend you to work with her, she is amazing!”

Thank you so much Dipal, much love
~ Carolina

By healing through your Hara Line you can Expect the following :

  • To live in a state of flow and balance
  • To experience deeper levels of self-empowerment, inner authority and healthy boundaries
  • To discover your life purpose and to gain clarity in all directions of your life
  • To deeply heal the physical body
  • To gain greater sense of wholeness, and your own uniqueness
  • Reconnection to the Divine

This program provides healing and support for:

This is Your chance to begin living your new life Right Now. Let’s get to the physical and spiritual root of your health problems by healing You and Your Mind, Body & Spirit

“Autoimmune Disease symptoms finally transformed”

“Dipal is an extremely talented and intuitive healer. I am dealing with an autoimmune disease and within our time together Dipal was able to align my major energy lines , clear my energy fields and rebalance my nervous system, limbic system, kidneys, adrenals, and pancreas. She also realigned my spine, adjusted the bones that attach my skull to my spine , and adjust my hip bones. Then she also removed a negative energy source that was draining my immune system at my Thymus. The best part was she was able to tell me where my problem areas before I even had a chance to tell her. She hit on every area I was having trouble with , without so much as word from me about it first. Dipal was also able to locate and remove a debilitating cord and vector from my tailbone area. I was not only able to feel the beautiful healing energies she sent me, but see in my third eye as well. It was a transformative experience.

I am feeling so much better. I have more energy, less pain , and more clarity in my mind than I've had in a while. The inflammation in my kidneys , adrenals, and pancreas feels like it's getting better every day. It's almost gone. My headaches are gone as well. I can move, and have more flexibility in my back too. A few muscles and joints are still sore, but more like after a chiropractor appointment after everything has been out back in place. One of the best parts though is my energy field still feels so much lighter (That was practically instantaneous) , and my emotions feel like my own again. I want the world to know just how powerful she is !

~ Kathryn

“Relief From Stress and Attracting Calming Energies”

“Hi Dipal, I wanted to give you feedback on the MP3s. My issue was fatigue and severe tensions in the tongue/jaws. I was given the limbic and endocrine system MP3s. First of all, I have to say that just the intuitive gift you have to point me in this direction was wonderful. I had no idea that these systems were involved. At first I only played them from time to time, and only once at a time. I did not notice too much from that. But lately I've had lots of job stress, and I thought "what happens if I play them 24/7"? So I did. And I have to say that it feels quite nice to do that. I feel more relaxed, I feel less stress and I feel like the whole world around me calms down. It's as if the energy affects me, I calm down and then I start to attract calmer things towards me instead of these constant "red alert" energies. I'm very curious to see what happens when I listen more and more. For now I'm happy to say that I feel calmer when I play them, what I would like in the future to see the results as more permanent also when I don't play them. But one step at a time. ”

~ Marie


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13 Guided Comprehensive 

Clearing & Healing MP3s

2 High Energy Infused MP3s

3 Bonus Weight Loss MP3s

3 MP3s of Group Coaching Calls

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From Heartache to Joy Special offer 


13 Guided Comprehensive 

Clearing & Healing MP3s

2 High Energy Infused MP3s

3 Bonus Weight Loss MP3s

3 MP3s Group Coaching Calls

Private Facebook Group support

30 Min one-on-one Session

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Package A

This program contains: 13 MP3s Guided Comprehensive Clearing & Healing plus 2 High Energy Infused MP3s


Energetic Spinal Adjustment - MP3


Align your spine so you can stand straight WITHOUT pain. This CAN be done remotely without time-consuming appointments. Just listen to this MP3 whenever you need an adjustment.

Your spine is your hardware to your body. If you have scoliosis, moved discs, pain in your neck, shoulders, back This MP3 will help to align your spine naturally.

Your spinal cord controls the health and function of every single cell, tissue, and organ in your body. Whether or not you are experiencing back pain, this remote adjustment is vital to your ongoing health and wellbeing!

“So Much Lighter After My Energetic Makeover”

“Dipal gave me an energetic make-over in less than an hour! She started out aligning my skeletal system, correcting picking up on an imbalance in my spine resulting from healing arthritis in my hips.

She gave my adrenals an energy bath, lifting my vitality and energy. She noticed that my energy did not seem to be flowing down my hips. Several hours later, I had the insight that I had a past life where both of my legs were amputated, and interestingly, that was repeated in a way in this life, when I had a hip replacement which involved cutting the top of my femur off.

At the end of our session, Dipal called in some Divine assistance and lifted some dense and old energies. It felt like I had an energetic “coat of chain mail” lifted from my body, leaving me so much lighter.

Our session ended with me giggling.

Give yourself the gift of working with Dipal!””

~ Janet Doerr, The Intuitive Nutritionista, Medical Intuitive

“Decreased Pain, Increased Energy, and better Focus and Clarity!!”

“I found my healing with Dipal Shah to be a profound and powerful experience, one that can help you shift in a new positive directions. Dipal is a Medical Intuit with incredible insight and what seems like xray vision. She first addressed the mis-alignments in my spine, hips, and joints by releasing energy blockages and helped me ground more fully into my body. My left side was higher than my right, indicating I was half in my body and the other half wanting to leave it, kind of like, I just don't want to be here. Amazingly, Dipal was able to guide me to places that needed to be healed, particularly places that I didn't even mention, she worked on major organs, glands, the reproductive system, and while doing this, I felt intense energy moving in all areas that she was working on. Since then I have decreased pain, increased energy, with better focus and clarity. What I loved the most, is Dipal Shah's fun loving personality, her energy is contagious in the best way possible, it makes healing all the more fun and pleasurable. Dipal I look forward to working with you further in the future.”

~ Maria Giantsios

“Improved Hearing!!”

“I was lucky enough to with Dipal. Dipal is observing the body with her intuition. She surprised me by noticing that energy from my spine was spreading to my ears. And would you know this improved my hearing! My ears feel lighter and looser now. Next she dissolved a deeply upsetting emotional issue in my family. Gently and easily she disassembled generational pattern and installed mutual acceptance and harmony. After Dipal sent me the replay of the session I listened many times over. Each time I felt lighter and happier! Thank you very much Dipal and thank you Eram for connecting us with such amazing healers!”

~ Arati Benveniste

“No More Eye Inflammation and a Happy Clear Mind!”

“I had my Backstage pass with Dipal Shah last October. Since then I have had 4 additional remote healing sessions with Dipal to heal both my physical and emotional issues. Dipal being both a Medical and Emotional Intuit is a gifted healer.

During her sessions Dipal addressed mis-alignments in my spine at the start of the session. She then worked on Inflammation in my neck muscle and eyes . I had a dull pain in my neck muscles always which is significantly better now. My eyes which used to get inflamed everyday. It is better now compared to what it was couple of months back--especially after having a dedicated session to address that! Being a Medical Intuit Dipal could find any issues with different organs in the body and clear any unwanted energy. She also helped in balancing energies in all my chakras to help improve my blood pressure.

Dipal cleared several chords with my past relationship and a vector that I had in my energy field and helped me ground my body. She knew the places to be healed without me mentioning . I could feel the energy flow in my body as she was healing. My mind seems to be clear than what it was before and I am more confident and feel healthy each passing day. Dipal also offered many suggestions for improvement in my overall well being and lifestyle changes.She is also very kind and makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend her to everyone!!”

~ Anonymous


Cardiovascular System - MP3

Cardiovascular disease is the most dangerous ailment on the rise. When you are scared or anxious it affects your breathing and your heart. Past traumas and grief can also be stored in the heart resulting in cardiovascular struggles. Whether or not you have apparent cardiovascular challenges, this MP3 will improve your entire heart health and well-being.

This MP3 will:

  • Improve circulation in the body

  • Improve major artery function

  • Improve Cholesterol levels

  • Remove Heart wall

  • Increase oxygen levels within the heart

  • Balance pH levels

  • Regulate temperature

  • Improve blood pressure/Hypertension

  • Strengthen Heart muscle function

“No Longer Stopping Halfway when Climbing Stairs!”

“My energy level has increased (when I should feel exhausted) I can do activities with more ease, walking further without becoming breathless, climbing stairs without stopping halfway! These little things are priceless to me.”

~ Ann

“Heart is Great! Everything is Normal!”

“ I had a session with Dipal and we worked on many things. We worked on my heart and my thyroid along with the fatigue that I have been feeling. The dr. appointment went well. Nothing!! everything is normal!! I went for a stress test and my heart is great. I have been doing a lot of research on my thyroid issue feeling empowered! I felt good and felt this huge shift after my session. Felt so much more present. And cognitive! Something that I have not been feeling so strongly. I am also using the MP3 and I feel like it has helped me tremendously in my healing. Thank you Dipal”

~ Tammie


Digestive System - MP3

The body works together to turn food and liquids into the building blocks and fuel that the body needs. The body needs to break down foods so that it can eliminate food and toxins efficiently. When we are stuck with emotions the first thing we control is the digestive system. No matter where you are stuck this MP3 can heal your gut health.

This MP3 will:

  • Strengthen the gallbladder

  • Remove Inflammation

  • Heal diverticulitis

  • Eliminate constipation & diarrhea

  • Resolve IBS/IBD

  • Relieve indigestion symptoms

  • Reset stomach acid levels

  • Strengthen your metabolism

  • Support your esophagitis health Remove Gas and Bloating

“Gallbladder Discomfort Gone!!”

“What a powerful healing session. I am truly amazed with what Dipal did with me in just one session. I was had gallbladder stones and was not able to digest fatty foods. If I did eat fatty foods, even a little bit, it would upset my stomach. When Dipal was working on me I could feel intense waves of heat flowing through my body. I saw and felt traumas from my ast and just heaviness in my chest. I had extreme flow of emotions and then a burning in my throat. Dipal was right on point with everything that was going on in my body, throat and chest. My body went through such a transformation and felt so many things clearing up for me. My gallbladder felt so good after the session. So much lighter and I am able to eat some fatty foods again. Thank you Dipal for you wonderful light!!”

~ Annett Schneider

“Constipation Gone!!”

“I met Dipal at a meeting and I was really interested in her services. My daughter who was 2, had been suffering from constipation for a long time and I was giving her enemas at least 2 to 3 times a week. It was so hard for her and for me to watch her go through the pain of being constipated. I took her to Dipal a couple of weeks right after. Dipal was so comforting and worked with her in such a loving manner. I couldn't believe how well she and Dipal connected. I spoke with Dipal a few months later because my little girl no longer is constipated!!! No more enemas! Thank you so much Dipal for everything. I am so happy you are a part of our lives.”

~ Amanda, Dentist

“Cramping Gone!!”

“Recently I was set back with a stomach illness. My stomach was cramping really badly and it affected me for weeks. Luckily through a friend I was introduced to Dipal Shah. She was there to the rescue and the results were immediate my cramping went away completely. Dipal is firm yet clearly cares about my well-being and she enjoys what she is doing. She is extremely knowledgeable and I trust her to continue my health care needs and am excited to keep going.”

~ David D.

“Eliminating Fear, Stress and Digestive Problems”

“ I was blessed with a backstage pass with Dipal Shah. All I can say is Awesome! What a wonderful and genuine person. Our session was amazing, it was like talking with your best friend and there was such a calmness in the air. First, Dipal clean out our fields and then we started our journey together. I could feel shifts of energy moving all the time she was working on me. She cut cords from fear and stress and I felt immediate calmness and peace. She told me I was storing emotion in my heart & sinus areas causing a lot of my stress. She did some energy work and I could feel the stress leaving those areas. Dipal pull stress out from around my heart and it was a big energy release. She suggested that I ground myself daily to help keep me fully into my body. She said I seem to go in and out of my body a lot. But by staying grounded it would help me eliminate the fear of following my dreams. I had been having some gut problems and Dipal mention that she saw more bad bacteria in my gut than the good bacteria and that I might check with my doctor to see what he thought. Well, when I went in for my physical. She was correct. He thought it would be a good idea to go by the store and pick up something to help put good bacteria back in my gut and I feel great now. Dipal also worked on a couple of other health concerns I had and I could feel energy surrounding those areas and releasing it. I know those will be totally release later as I continue working with Dipal on them. Those might take a couple of more sessions to heal but I could feel the energy work and must say I was just truly amazed.”

~ Bobby E.

“Digestive issues gone”

“Upon receiving my Digestive system MP3, I began using it nightly on a loop as a sleep tape straight away.I loved using this MP3 and falling asleep many nights listening to Dipal’s soft melodious voice...My digestion issues have most definitely improved and so have many other issues that I had. Bless you Dipal for this wonder-filled opportunity and for all the healing I received and will continue to receive.”

~ Tricia


Endocrine System - MP3

The endocrine system affects almost every organ and cell in the body. In general, the endocrine system is in charge of body processes. The foundations of the endocrine system are the hormones and glands. Your hormones impact nearly every aspect of your body's growth, metabolism, sexual development, and function.

Allow this MP3 to enhance your body and your mood

This MP3 will:

  • Increase cellular metabolism

  • RE-set your sugar levels

  • Balance hormones

  • Increase energy

  • Increase water and electrolytes,

  • Strengthen the thyroid gland

  • Balance blood nutrients

  • Increase the body's defenses against stress

  • RE-set your hormones

“Blood Sugar Reduced & No More Nightmares!”

~ Sharon


Immune System Support - Silent MP3

The Immune system protects against disease or other potentially damaging foreign bodies. When functioning properly, the immune system identifies a variety of threats, including viruses, bacteria and parasites, and distinguishes them from the body's own healthy tissue.

This MP3 will:

  • Address environmental stressors upon your body

  • Fight Auto-immune Disease

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Regulate your hormones

  • Strengthen your adrenal glands

  • Help fight off infections quickly

  • Eliminate bacteria, viruses, and parasites

“Impervious to Cold Season!”

“Hi Dipal, I am happy to tell you I didn't catch a cold this Winter like usual ! Yay ! and it's because of your immune system MP3 that I listen multiple times per day. The second one : respiratory system was longer /so I listen less but I felt a relief even if my symptoms of asthma remain, it made me realize all the emotional stress I still have related to asthma and sinus. ”

~ Bet

“Flu Completely Resolved!!”

“I was talking to Dipal about my son who had a horrible fever. I was afraid he was coming down with the flu. The pediatrician prescribed tamiflu. I was afraid he would be sick right before we went on a trip overseas for the next couple of days. I ran out to go get the tamiflu and spend a fortune because that stuff is not cheap. Dipal said she would work on him. When I got home half hour later he didn't need the tamiflu and his flu was gone, no fever, no nothing. I couldn't believe it!!!”

~ N.P.


Limbic System - MP3

The limbic system is primarily responsible for our emotional life and has a lot to do with the formation of memories. Forgetting things will no longer be an option when you have this energetic support in your collection.

This MP3 will:

  • Undo Memory loss

  • Regulate your levels of sexual satisfaction & desire

  • Control emotions like anger and fear

  • Regulate levels of pain response

  • Eliminate Brain fog

  • Increase Motivation

  • Balance your hormones

  • Regulate eating, hunger and thirst

“Memory Improvement and No More Allergies!”

“My issues that I was dealing with before Dipal's MP3s were forgetfulness and constipation and food allergies. I listen to my Limbic system and Nervous system MP3s every day. After a week I began to notice improvement in my memory. Even though I still forget things at times it takes me much less time to remember what it was I forgot. I am so amazed and thankful. Additionally I have not had any major food allergies symptoms since December..”

~ Kay

“I am grateful to have received the Limbic system and Cardiovascular system MP3. The first shift that I noticed is a deeper comfort level fitting into and feeling comfortable in group situations. I grew up in a toxic, dysfunctional family, so feeling comfortable in groups of people has always been challenging to me. There has been a noticeable level of comfort and fitting in that seemed to be lacking before and I am sure it is due to a shift in my energies. I also noticed a general feeling of increased motivation. I have some depression and have had a difficult time completing tasks and feeling motivated. Since listening the the MP3s I have found myself completing more tasks and daily routines without any issues. Lastly, I felt a shift one day when I felt an increasing sense of calm and an inner knowing to stay present without worry or anxiety, and to let source lead. Just at that moment, someone came up to me and reminded me that a class was about to start at the gym and invited me to join. I ended up loving the class. I felt that it was a reminder to step out of my own way, to relax more and let the plans of the universe unfold. I am very grateful for the shifts and for the opportunity. Thank you very much Dipal and FHTJ”

~ Jill


Lymphatic System - MP3

The lymphatic system is important for maintaining your body’s fluid balance. It also helps to transport fats within and through your body. The lymphatic system is a vital support to your immune system to fight infection as it carries toxins and waste outside of your body.

This MP3 will:

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Support the eradication of lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes)

  • Release toxins & waste from your body

  • Cleanse the lymph from major ducts in the body

  • Remove of lymphedema

  • Cleanse bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms

  • Strengthen cells against infection and cancer

  • Cleanse blood

  • Reduce swelling of enlarged lymph nodes

  • Eliminate Upper Respiratory Infections

“Dipal Knew Everything About Me and My Experiences”

“Dipal, I am so pleased with the two MP3s. They are very good and have helped me tremendously! You gave me a heart meditation and a lymphatic system MP3. They are very beneficial!

I had a session with Dipal, and she is so amazing, there are no words! She knew everything about me and what I have experienced in this lifetime. If any of you can possibly get a session with her on March 6, please do so! You will be so glad you did!”

~ Eileen


Nervous System - MP3

The nervous system is a complex collection of nerves and specialized cells known as neurons that transmit signals between different parts of the body. It is essentially the body’s electrical wiring. When you provide your neurotransmitters the support they need, you will be resetting circuits, polarity, pressure, and communication systems to the entire body!

This MP3 will:

  • Re-grow damaged tissue

  • Balance right and left brain

  • Reset Neurotransmitters

  • Stabilize your moods

  • Improve memory, attention, and brain fog

  • Eliminate headaches/migraines

  • Eliminate hyperactivity

  • Eliminate restless leg syndrome

  • Eliminate anxiety, depression, and panic

  • Regulate sleep patterns

“Two Day Headache Gone in One Session!”

“Dipal was able to navigate through my energy field, not only pin pointing physical symptoms but gaining insight on the origin of where they started. Dipal immediately brought me back to the womb where the feeling of not being wanted and the feeling of not being safe in this physical body. These two themes have been my focus over the last few months. She was able to give me a sense of what this was creating physically in my body, (headaches, yeast) and helped me release belief systems around them. I started the session with a headache which I had for 2 days and the headache was gone at the end of session. I have had a sense that I was not fully a wanted pregnancy but allowing this to come up has helped with my digestion and understanding how I take energy in and the process I do energetically which was affecting me on the physical level. I have since felt less bloated and grounded without having to use food as a grounding tool. Truly grateful for this clarity and new connection to my physical body.”

~ Leslee Nelson, Infinite Energy Healer

“Depression Cured! I Found Reason to Live!”

“I was dealing with depression and anxiety for years. I have had multiple episodes where I just laid in bed and didn't get out of the house for as long as I could. I didn't enjoy social gatherings, and my relationship with my wife was also heading to disaster. I just didn't enjoy life anymore.

Dipal, you have helped me not only to overcome my feelings of anxiety and depression, but you helped me understand the underlying cause of them. This information was an Ah-ha moment for me because I never related my current feeling to my past trauma. I have taken steps that you recommended and continue to get out of the house more and find myself more present with myself and my spouse. I am enjoying life more than I ever have and have found a reason to live!!! Thank you for such a great gift.”

~ Tim


Reproductive System - Music only MP3

The reproductive system is the storehouse of past traumas and emotions. They can trigger UTI's, bacterial infections, irregular periods and so much more. It is the source of our creativity and when when the energy cannot flow properly we cannot create the life of our dreams.

This MP3 will:

  • Balance hormones (estrogen/progesterone/testosterone)

  • Regenerate healthy cells in your uterus, cervix & pelvis

  • Balance the major glands

  • Strengthening walls and muscles of the uterus

  • Balance the hypothalamus and major glands

  • Control heavy bleeding

  • Eliminate endometriosis

  • Eliminate menopause symptoms

  • Strengthen desire and intimacy

  • Eliminate perimenopause

  • Eliminate erectile dysfunction

  • Release emotional congestion

  • Strengthen your prostate

  • Clear trauma

  • Increase fertility

  • Eliminate hot flashes

  • Eliminate polycystic ovarian syndrome

  • Eliminate mood swings

  • Reset irregular periods

  • Eliminate cramping

  • Eliminate bacterial vaginosis

“Heavy bleeding and Menstrual Cramps Dissolved”

“I have had ongoing heavy bleeding and menstrual cramps. I thought it was normal and that it will one day just go away. I had been dealing with them for a while and had no idea what to do. I was not diagnosed with any problems in my uterus. I met Dipal and she recommended her Reproductive system MP3 to me. I have been using it consistently. The first time I used it within three days I saw a difference. I stopped using it one month and the second month the bleeding and cramping came back. I knew I had to continue listening to the MP3 so I did. Boy did it make a huge difference in my bleeding and cramping. Thank you so much Dipal for this MP3 it has saved my life. I thought I had to live with the pain and the discomfort every time I would get my period but after this MP3 I know I will never be in pain again.

~ Betty, Landscaping artist

“No More Consuming Prostate Pain!”

“I have had issues with prostate for a long time to where I get blockages and inflammation. The doctors keep prescribing antibiotics and don't really know what the issue is. They say it is prostatitis. It is so painful and my mornings are consumed in the pain everyday. Dipal has helped me so much and my prostate is doing better. I no longer feel the pain I use to feel in the mornings and I am able to go to the bathroom without any problems. Thank you so much Dipal for all your help”

~ Carlos

“Hot Flashes Gone and I Can Finally Sleep Again!!”

“I was having problems sleeping because of my menopause and the first time I got on the phone with Dipal my hot flashes completely went away. I continue to listen to the Hot Flashes MP3 and my body is getting better and better by the day. The deep sleep MP3 is like taking an Ambien. Thank you so much Dipal.”

~ Barabara

“Bleeding Gone/Libido Issue Resolved”

“The session was beautiful for many reasons mainly because you created a safe place, you are incredibly accurate, spot on with your readings and honed in on issues that ‎I didn't even know existed. During the session I felt tangible shifts. I felt extremely loved and supported. I really appreciated your, empathy, sympathy and kind words of advice and encouragement which I have implemented to my benefit.

After the clearing I told my beloved about the incident of molestation when I was 8, after that it brought us closer and we connected not only emotionally but physically as well. I am no longer scared and ashamed ‎of him touching me. And I get great pleasure from our intimate interactions and look forward to our beautiful relationship improving in all aspects. I really enjoy our intimacy and am not afraid of expressing my sensual side. He met my parents and we want to progress to marriage. I thought that I had resolved this issue as I had done clearings on this. You handled it with such compassion and kindness and I look forward to a new life devoid of all this heaviness.

Regarding my irregular prolonged period, usually after my period I have some intermittent spotting. This time there was no such bleeding only one afternoon where there was a light brown discharge with some minor pain. But it was a once off.

After the session over the days I could still feel the energy moving. I feel much more in my body and so happy albeit the temporary chaos regarding my future career path. This I would attribute to the session.

I am also inspired to not be so harsh on my body and myself and give it the necessary love and care to optimum health, fitness and vibrancy.

I am exceedingly grateful for the glorious session and subsequent results as a consequence of your gift. You are truly gifted and may you continue to be blessed with an abundance of health, joy and love.

I am so grateful”

~ Anonymous

ITEM 10:

Urinary System - MP3

Your urinary system is also known as the renal system. It produces, stores and eliminates urine, the fluid waste excreted by the kidneys. When it is not functioning at 100% it can cause incontinence, overactive bladder, UTIs, cystitis, stones, cancer and other infections. The bladder is very sensitive because its job is to release all the toxins out of the body and needs regular support.

This MP3 will:

  • Eliminate kidney stones

  • Balance water and chemicals ratios

  • Strengthen kidney function

  • Eliminate incontinence

  • Cleanse bile and bile ducts

  • Eliminate interstitial cystitis

  • Eliminate bladder infections

  • Bring back bladder elasticity

  • Eliminate urinary infections

  • Reduce urgency and frequency

“Kidney stone released”

“I had been dealing with a Kidney stone for weeks. The doctors kept telling me to be patient but I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was in so much pain and tired of dealing with this stone. I have never had a kidney stone before in my life. I knew I had to do something. So I decided to have a session with Dipal and listen to the MP3. I loved her energy and knew I was in good hands. Within 24hr I delivered a kidney stone. I was so happy to have a session with Dipal. Thank you for all your help. I am very grateful for all that you do.”

~ Kalpana S.

ITEM 11:


The skin, hair, and nails form the body’s outer covering, or integument. They help to protect the body’s internal parts from damage and provide a barrier to invasion by infectious organisms. However, they are more than merely a shell to our physical being. This energetic support will increase both your inner health and outer beauty.

This MP3 will:

  • Rejuvenate your skin, hair, and nails

  • Boost and strengthen hair follicles for healthy hair

  • Detox chemicals and other toxins out of the skin, hair, and nails

  • Eliminate acne and pimples

  • Eliminate fungal infections

  • Eliminate warts and herpes

  • Improve overall skin functioning

  • Eliminate inflammation in hair follicles

  • Improve overall skin functioning

  • Eliminate chemical and toxin build up

  • Clearing sebaceous glands, ducts, and sweat glands

  • Stabilize melanin production

  • Repair cell damage of the skin due to skin cancers, eczema, or psoriasis

“Strong Silky Hair and a Flat Belly”

“The main problems I shared with her included abdominal bloating/swelling (especially after dinner and also during the menstruation) and also my hair problems...she gave me three of her MP3s viz endocrine system, reproductive system and the integumentary system...I am amazed how quickly the MP3s have shown the result and I am sure if I continue listening them the impact will be even deeper and more long-lasting...The texture of my hair has totally changed, my hair are now so strong, silky and smooth instead of previously being dry and frizzy...and my abdomen is now much more relaxed and remains mostly flat instead of previously being popped out :P...thanks dear Dipal Shah”

~ Leenah

“Goodbye Tight and Itchy Skin!”

“My skin is dry and tight and my feet tend to get flakey and painful, cracked skin on heels - over the last week this has not bothered me as much YIPPEE - i can only put this down to the Skin MP3 as i have not changed anything else, generally my whole body is not as tight and itchy.

~ Ann

“Stress No Longer Triggering Facial Cellulitis”

“I used Dipals integumentary and immune system MP3s. They were for facial cellulitis a bacterial infection of the skin. I've tried many healing modalities for this with not much success until now. When under a lot of stress my infection can easily get triggered. And this last four weeks has been the hardest four weeks of my life as I, my brother, mother and sisters cared for and nursed my terminally ill father who passed away two days ago at home. I call this divine timing receiving these MP3s as my father was only diagnosed with leukaemia 5 weeks. I have not flared up since using these MP3s so thank you Dipal for your wonderful gift and I will continue to use them daily. ”

~ Jackie

“I loved this MP3 and wow I’m so excited-the skin on my heels drives me nuts and are so dry and cracked and can at times be painful, I cannot go without extra cream on my heels every day-there has been two nights when I have been in bed and thought ohh I forgot to do my feet!! I then realized it was because my painful cracked heels stopped bothering me! YIPPEE. I have also noticed my legs also not as dry and tight. I am so pleased with the many results I am noticing day by day.”

~ Ann

ITEM 12:


A healthy respiratory system will help open up your lungs so you can cleanse your lungs of all toxins, chemicals, and inflammation. This energetic support will allowing you to breath like you have never before! Your lungs and sinuses have important functions for your life. Let’s release all the blocked energies from your traumas so you can choose to breath better right now!!

This MP3 will:

  • Allow you to breath better

  • Reduce sick time

  • Heal allergies, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia

  • Rid you of cough, colds, and the flu

  • Rejuvenate deteriorating lungs

  • Eliminate sinus infections

  • Heal lung disease

  • Cleanse all chemicals and toxins

  • Bring more oxygen into your lungs and heart

  • Eliminate any inflammation in and around your lungs

“Healing From the Effects of Mold!”

“I had never done this type of thing. If I'm being honest, I was probably a little skeptical. I had been through so many health issues during the previous 10 months and had tried everything imaginable, which is why I was willing to give anything a shot. During the actual session I was most relaxed I had ever been in my life! I could actually feel the negative energy being pulled out of my body. However, I truly started to feel the effects in the hours and days following. I felt so much lighter. Dipal was able to feel where the emotional and health issues were radiating from inside my body. One of the biggest things she saw was green in my lungs, and asked me about any contact with mold that I may have had. Unknown to her, I had found black mold in my AC unit just a couple of weeks before, and Dipal insisted I get tested for mold. When I went to have tests done a couple of weeks later they were just what Dipal suspected. She was also the first one to point out to me that my health issues were connected to some sort of emotional distress and negative feelings or thoughts. It was the most insightful diagnosis I had been given and it helped me hone into my own body and start seeking mental peace, alongside medical health. The second message was so beneficial in helping me cut ties to negative thoughts I was harboring in my mind and body, and it was the first step in leading me out of my bad health! I would recommend Dipal to anyone!”

~ Carah Crosswhite, Former American Idol Contestant 2014

“Throat and Heart Issue Resolved!!”

“I had a healing with Dipal and she helped me out so much. I couldn't breath through my nose and my throat felt so constricted. She removed an energetic boulder that I felt weighing my heart down and blocking my nose and throat. She immediately released all the blocked energy and cut cords that had inserted into my mid back. She bandaged me in a beautiful light of copper, silver and gold. By the end of the session I felt so much relief and I was able to breath again. Thank you Dipal, I needed the session and you were wonderful, thoughtful, and insightful. Love and Light!!!”

~ Sandy

“Chronic Sinus Pressure Relieved!!”

“How she does it, I just don't know but after only 1 session with Dipal I was amazed at the immediate benefits. I have struggled with sinus pressure that had resulted in headaches and recently a horrible eye infection. I have to wear contacts for 7 days and I really don't want to do that. Use of antihistamines and pain relievers have left me lethargic. After a visit to Dipal and listening to her Headache MP3 I have felt more energized and relaxed. I could feel the sinuses just opening up and the pressure releasing. In one session, my eye got 99% better. There is no swelling and no redness!!!”

~ Lisa

ITEM 13:


The musculoskeletal system consists of all muscles, bones, and tendons/ligaments. While it is most known for providing physical support, it is actually a very complex system that works intimately with the circulatory and nervous systems. Any discomfort you may have with your muscles, bones, joints or tendons will be eased by the energetic adjustment on this MP3.

This MP3 will:

  • Eliminate ongoing stiffness

  • Realign your spine from osteoporosis/scoliosis

  • Speed surgical recovery

  • Release arthritis pain and symptoms

  • Release any inflammation of muscles

  • Ease carpal tunnel symptoms

  • Relieve joint pain

  • Relieve tendonitis pain

  • Regain movement in your body

  • Speed healing from rotator cuff tear

  • Heal bursitis

  • Bone Marrow Cleanse

  • Increase Flexibility

  • Resolve Hip and Knee problems

“Neck Adjusted and the Pain Gone”

“Dipal is an amazing energy worker! I’ve experienced other types of clearing energy, but none this potent. I could clearly feel where she was manipulating energy in my body and felt waves of delight travel through me. Dipal explained clearly what would happen during the call and started by helping me ground and I really felt that I sunk into a relaxing space.

I felt guided and supported the whole time. My questions were answered in a knowledgeable way and the concepts were well explained. I started the call with pain in my right wrist, the left of my neck, and a numb big toe. I had a burning pain and inflamed sensation in my wrist for a week with no relief. Not even halfway into the call, my pain had subsided by 90%! My neck also felt pain-free and expansive and no longer made a crunchy painful sound when I rotated my head. I felt this also opened up flow to my big toe so that it no longer felt numb.

Dipal picked up on themes and past family patterns which have stifled my life and kept me living small. As our call progressed, I felt more and more expansiveness as my energy vibration lifted and Dipal cleared out what no longer serves me. In this space I feel empowered to be visible and bring my creations into the world. 

I really like how, besides indicating certain areas of pain in my body, Dipal offered an overall clearing of all body and cellular functions and fueled me energetically to be set up for continuing healing.

She’s just a bright presence anyway, and it’s such an amazing gift she offers. For anyone reading this now and sensing there’s some pain keeping them from their whole self – I recommend you Treat Yourself and book a call with Dipal!”

~ Zarah, Chief Heart Officer & Clarity Coach

“Back Pain and Sciatica Relieved!!”

“I had a wonderful experience with Dipal, she helped me with a pain I had in my lower back by passing me positive energy. I felt very relieved after the session. The pain in my lower back went from a 8 to a 0 in minutes. Thanks so much!”

~ Maria R.

“Rotator Cuff and Bicep Tenodesis Repaired!”

“I had a 14 day healing with Dipal due to many issues going on with my health and a horrible break up. Dipal was able to help lessen much of the pain from a rotator cuff repair and bicep tenodesis. The bicep was incredibly painful. the two together were a controlling pain that really propelled and ignited a tremendous fear in me that I was hurting my healing. Dipal gave me tremendous support and amazing tools for my physical healing and emotional. She helped me release and cut cords with things that no longer served me in my life and I was ready to let go. I was grateful for everything Dipal was able to do for me. It gave me strength, calmness and peace in dealing with the physical and the emotional. If it wasn't for Dipal I don't know how fast I would have been able to move forward. Thank you Dipal for all your abilities and helping me in a time when I needed it the most.”

~ Rebecca

“Pain Behind my Sternum Finally Gone for Good”

“I had this horrible pain in my sternum. I visited a couple of doctors and none of them could find what was going on. This pain went on for months. I had Dipal work on it within a few minutes the pain in my sternum was completely gone for good. Thank you so much Dipal.”

~ Chandni, Lawyer

“Wrist Pain Gone Immediately!!”

“During a session Dipal was able to completely relax me in such a profound way that I forgot what my problems were. Dipal was able to sense blockages in my body, at the time there was heaviness in my heart and she was able to clear that with great ease! She went through ALL of my chakras and opened them up so I was in the proper energy flow!

Also I had asked her during the session to work on my wrist which would hurt when doing yoga and she was able to take the pain in my wrist away immediately! It was awesome! Dipal is an amazing energy practitioner!! Love her!”

~ Tara

“Injury and Inflammation Gone!!”

“I am 12 years old and I play tennis. I love tennis, it is something I am very passionate about I am not happy when I cannot play. The doctors said it was overuse and inflamed. I was putting ice on my leg and trying to stay off of it as the doctors recommended. However, I am 12 years old and that's hard to do. I had just a few sessions with Dipal and I was walking in half the time that the doctors thought. The doctors told me I wouldn't be able to play tennis for at least 10-12 weeks but I was up and running in 4-5 weeks. Thank you Dipal.”

~ Kailey P.

“Inflammation Subsided and my Posture is straighter!!”

“Dipal has a genuine concern for wanting your body to move forward in it's healing. She was very methodical while at the same time paying attention to what my body through the energy was showing her was needed in her session with me. As she went through tissues and systems in my body I was able to feel energy movement through the areas that were problematic- whether they were areas I had informed her about or not and she was wonderful with spending additional time in areas according to the feedback I was able to give her as she worked on me by phone. She was also able to find a couple of emotional areas that I hadn't considered that certainly would not be a help to physical healing. My body went through a series of neck and spinal stretches as well as small tissue and some vertebral shifting that had me feeling taller. Pain in my shoulder structure and back and neck reduced and musculature became more relaxed with less inflammation. I appreciate and am blessed by Dipal's caring touch! Thank-you!!!”

~ Katherine

“Arthritis Relief!!”

“My mom has had bad arthritis and at her doctor's visit she found out that she has a kidney stone. Sometimes she is in excruciating pain. She was not walking much.

I called Dipal and she worked on my mother remotely. Within 24 hours my mom started walking and she has been walking every morning since. She is feeling better each day. Thank you so much Dipal for helping my mom get back to herself.”

~ Vishaka

“Ten Minutes to Pain Free Breasts and Bursitis Release!”

“Spending 10 minutes on the phone with Dipal was a game changer. As I laid on my couch and listened to her directions, I thought no way this could make a change in me. Boy, was I wrong! Being anxious and worrisome while having extremely sore breasts were our targets. As I began to relax, breathe and visualize, I could actually feel my issues leaving my body! Weird, I know, but oh so true! I didn't tell her about my bursitis, but as she was working on me all of a sudden I wasn't hurting anymore in my hip. The bursitis just left. And by the end of the session my breast tenderness was gone too. Feeling better was the result and that carried me the days that followed. I am so ready for my next session and will continue to listen to the healthy breasts MP3”

~ Cherry

2 High Energy Infused MP3s

ITEM 14:


This MP3 is specifically designed to support healing those parts of your body that are no longer with you.

This MP3 will:

  • Eliminate pain of removed organ

  • Reset original body functions

  • Eliminate energy of the removed organ

Removed organs can continue to carry energy and cause pain or discomfort in the body even after being removed. Whether they were removed due to cancer or any other reason, the gallbladder, kidney, spleen, appendix, intestines, or limbs may continue to subside in your energetic field even following removal.

“Release of Pain from Removed Cancer!”

“I had a session with Dipal and each time I would have a session with a healer I would have this pain going down my arm. I couldn't understand where it was coming from and then Dipal said she feels heaviness in my left breast and on the right side of my neck. Which I later told her I had had cancer and that is where it was located. She dissipated that energy of the removed cancer and I feel so much better knowing that that energy is completely gone. I would recommend Dipal to anyone who has had an organ transplant or any kind of removed cancer.”

~ S.S.

“Removed Gallbladder Pain Relieved!!!”

“I had my gallbladder removed years ago and it seems there is this nagging pain sometimes. I thought I would have been better after the removal however, no one can tell me why the pain would come and go. I had a session with Dipal after seeing so many doctors and dealing with this pain for years after the removal of my gallbladder. Who knew that the even a removed organ can have so much memory and energy left. Dipal removed whatever energy that was lingering around from the gallbladder and I feel so much better now. I have been pain free for weeks. THank you Dipal for relieving me from this pain.”

~ Nancy

ITEM 15:


This MP3 will:

  • Shrink abnormal cell growth

  • Boost your immune response

  • Restore normal cell growth

  • Repair damaged lining

Tumors, cysts, polyps and other abnormal growths in the body occur when cells divide and grow excessively in the body. Normally, the body controls cell growth and division. However, the abnormal cells can take over and cause benign or cancerous cells.

“Finally! A Normal Pap Result!”

“I have had abnormal paps for a very long time, I even had ovarian cancer at one point in my life. I have been through a lot of trauma and I am always anxious and fearful. I had a profound session with her. She worked with me through a lot of tough times when I had panic attacks and entity attachments. I wish I had found her when I had the cancer however, I know there is always Divine timing. Last month when I went back to the gynecologist they said my pap test came out normal and that hasn’t happened since my cancer. They were just as shocked as I was. I couldn't believe the results. It is truly a blessing and such a great gift. Thank you Dipal for facilitating my healing and helping me understand what my purpose is in life. I feel that I could live again. I highly recommend Dipal's work as she is the best in every way. ”

~ Kasey

“Went into Labor without Being Induced!!”

“I was 40 weeks pregnant and still had not delivered. The doctors planned to induce me 5 days after my due date. I waited patiently. Dipal worked on me and that night I went into labor and had a beautiful baby boy. Which she also predicted. Thank you for all your help I have a healthy beautiful 7 lb baby boy without having to be induced.”

~ Sally

“Landed My Dream Career!!”

“I had an energy healing session with Dipal last week, as well as a chakra clearing. Her positive energy is nothing short of amazing!! When I spoke with Dipal a few days later I had also landed a job I really wanted. She follows up with you and really cares, just what this world needs. I would definitely recommend a visit to her and will do it again!”

~ Jeanne M.

“Grief Relief!!”

“Both my grandson and I have benefited from sessions with Dipal. My grandson, who is 14 years old, having recently lost his mom found the sessions to be soothing. He felt a sense of calm and hope that all would be right in his life. I noticed how he would walk upright and straight as soon as he would come out of a session. Dipal emanates a strong presence, while maintaining a very receptive and assuring approach toward her clients. We believe her sessions are truly healing for the mind, body and spirit.”

~ Mary Ann S. , Teacher

“Couple's Soul Healing”

“I thank you for your ministry to mine & my wife's souls. May God bless you and prosper your work of healing of our brothers and sisters. As I mentioned to you in our conversation today I am 60 years old and I have had many experiences in my lifetime joyful and saw raffle. The death of my son on March 30th of this year was the most difficult and saw raffle experience I have ever had. However, you know strangely different way this experience with a particular person felt very much like a psychological and emotional rape in front of the whole world. It has being incredibly excruciating. That is why we are so grateful to you to bring your healing gift to help us. Thank you also for your healing energy. It has given me much strength and consolation and hope. It reminds me of the passage of Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 to 14 where God speaks through the prophet and says he promises us a future full of Hope and joy not despair and sadness. You are a wonderful healer Dipal. You are a great gift to our human family at this time when there is so much suffering and pain you bring solace and consolation to the human heart that reaches out to you.”

~ P and L

Energetic Vitamins and Supplements - MP3

Value $85

Are you getting enough nutrients from your food on a daily basis? Since most people do not get enough vitamins, minerals, supplements in their body from food it may be necessary to take additional steps in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

This MP3 will help boost the vitamins and supplements your body needs so that you can live a healthy lifestyle. This MP3 is going to provide you with the energy, vitality and the support you need. Restore your health today!! You can use it all day long, listen to your body how much it needs. You can listen to the MP3 on low volume or no volume.

Package A

Total Package Value $1275

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 92% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package B

This package includes:

  • All of Package A
  • Bonus Weight loss MP3s
  • 3 MP3 Recordings of Coaching Calls + Bonus Group Call MP3
  • Private Facebook Group Support

ITEM 16:

Bonus Weight loss MP3s

Weight Loss: Silent

Some people struggle with what I call weight-loss backlash, the physiological and psychological side effects of weight loss that are powerful enough to make you feel downright miserable. If you have had problems with your weight then this weight loss program is for you. You will feel more confident, energetic, rejuvenated, and shed the weight you have been holding onto.

Weight Loss: Emotional

Understanding and managing the behaviors and emotions related to weight management will help you gain more self-control over your behaviors and emotions related to eating..We will address the underlying emotional issues related to your weight gain. This MP3 will help release your emotional and addictive eating habits and you will feel the weight just falling off.

“I look at myself and I look amazing…”

“I listened to this MP3 again and again. I was so tired of carrying the weight of the world and everyone else’s stuff. I never felt like I was doing enough. So when I received my MP3 I was so excited. I knew I was on my way to greater health for myself. I listen to this MP3 everyday and I also put it on loop because it helps me on so many other levels. It helps me to calm down, stabilize my mood, and my energy is great. Using this MP3 i feel like a human again. I feel I am good enough! I am worth all of this! For the first time in my entire life, I look at myself in the mirror and can say I look amazing. I find things to compliment, rather than degrade. I’m the most confident I have ever been in my life.” Thank you so much Dipal for everything. I feel like I know who I am again because of this one thing. I would recommend this MP3 to anyone who is stuck like I was.”

~ Mala

Weight Loss: Physiological

Weight gain can be due to many factors: changes in metabolism, hormonal changes, medications or other treatments, and hereditary issues. This MP3 will help address all the issues to your physical reasons for your weight gain. It will help get you on the right path to your weight loss journey. You will look and feel lighter, energetic, and slim.

“Lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks..”

“I can’t believe it, I have worked so hard at losing weight. I have tried every diet and detox and all I needed to do was listen to Dipal’s weight loss MP3. Within 2 weeks I lost 4 pounds. I have never felt so energetic and motivated. I even started working out which I had been trying to get myself motivated to do. My tummy is starting to look less bloated by the end of the day and I am able to accomplish so much more!!! Can’t thank you enough Dipal.”

~ Tammy

ITEM 17:

Recordings of 3 Group Coaching Calls
with abundant energetic clearings and activations.

You will have an opportunity to have a mini one on one healing where we will find a deeper meaning to the physical ailments you can’t seem to heal for so long. You will have an opportunity to have a mini one on one healing where we will find a deeper meaning to the physical ailments you can’t seem to heal for so long. You will be more self aware than you ever have and finally have a deeper purpose, meaning, and healing in your life. These calls will bring back the purpose, joy, happiness, wealth, health, abundance, relationships, and so much more.

Note: You only receive MP3s of previous group coaching call. Package does not contain LIVE coaching call. 

“Went into Labor without Being Induced!!”

“I was 40 weeks pregnant and still had not delivered. The doctors planned to induce me 5 days after my due date. I waited patiently. Dipal worked on me and that night I went into labor and had a beautiful baby boy. Which she also predicted. Thank you for all your help I have a healthy beautiful 7 lb baby boy without having to be induced.”

~ Sally

ITEM 18:

Private Facebook Group Support

Receive ongoing support from me and an amazing community within a Private Facebook Group set up just for you. Even the healthiest of us have other challenges in life and this is the place to receive the support that you need and deserve.

“Landed My Dream Career!!”

“I had an energy healing session with Dipal last week, as well as a chakra clearing. Her positive energy is nothing short of amazing!! When I spoke with Dipal a few days later I had also landed a job I really wanted. She follows up with you and really cares, just what this world needs. I would definitely recommend a visit to her and will do it again!”

~ Jeanne M.

Package B

Total Package Value $2,280

From Heartache to Joy Special Introductory Offer $187
*** 92% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package C

This package includes:

  • All of Package A & B
  • 30 min 1 on 1 session with Dipal

ITEM 19:

30 min 1 on 1 session with Dipal

Value: $225

Format: Live phone session

Length: 30 min

Welcome to your Journey into the Hara Dimension. You will see your body transform as I work on your mind, body and spirit allowing you to connect to your hara line. I will connect with your organs, systems, bones, muscles and cells in your body to understand what you have been holding onto for so long and how your body wants to release it. You will learn the defense pattern you have been using most of your life to get through life and circumstances. You will learn to release these defense patterns and live your life with purpose. You will see yourself in a whole new light and learn to accept the powerful being that you are. This is your opportunity to entrain to higher frequencies of the Hara Dimension. Allow me to guide you to your freedom!!!

Package C

Total Package Value $2,505

From Heartache to Joy Special Introductory Offer $247
*** 90% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644


“Grief Relief!!”

“Both my grandson and I have benefited from sessions with Dipal. My grandson, who is 14 years old, having recently lost his mom found the sessions to be soothing. He felt a sense of calm and hope that all would be right in his life. I noticed how he would walk upright and straight as soon as he would come out of a session. Dipal emanates a strong presence, while maintaining a very receptive and assuring approach toward her clients. We believe her sessions are truly healing for the mind, body and spirit.”

~ Mary Ann S. , Teacher

“Couple's Soul Healing”

“I thank you for your ministry to mine & my wife's souls. May God bless you and prosper your work of healing of our brothers and sisters. As I mentioned to you in our conversation today I am 60 years old and I have had many experiences in my lifetime joyful and saw raffle. The death of my son on March 30th of this year was the most difficult and saw raffle experience I have ever had. However, you know strangely different way this experience with a particular person felt very much like a psychological and emotional rape in front of the whole world. It has being incredibly excruciating. That is why we are so grateful to you to bring your healing gift to help us. Thank you also for your healing energy. It has given me much strength and consolation and hope. It reminds me of the passage of Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 to 14 where God speaks through the prophet and says he promises us a future full of Hope and joy not despair and sadness. You are a wonderful healer Dipal. You are a great gift to our human family at this time when there is so much suffering and pain you bring solace and consolation to the human heart that reaches out to you.

~ P and L

About Dipal Shah:

Bachelor in Biochemistry, MBA

Medical and Emotional Intuit and International Speaker

Her life's motto is: "Balance your body, balance your mind, and the rest of your life will align."

Dipal has been in the field of healing for 14 years. She worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative and now a healer. As a Certified Healing Practitioner, she is a Medical and Emotional Intuit who has the unique gift of transmitting source energy for healing the body, mind, and spirit at a Quantum level. Along with her guides by her side, she uses an energetic technique for healing that balances every organ, gland, and system in the body. She combines Energetic and Medical insights that bridge the vastness of each area. she will guide you to connect to your body as a whole, address any mis-alignments along the spine and guide the body to clear, release, and dissipate energy blockages, entities, and karmic ties, events and situations.

Dipal's mission is to help you heal and release the energies that hold you back from discovering and achieving your true purpose in life. Her specialty is to energetically bring instant release of pain and discomfort to her clients. She has helped transform lives for individuals and couples from various professions. They include Physicians, Priests, Artists, Nurses, Business men and women, children, babies, lawyers, healers, and even people in Hollywood. She has helped people with their health, career, relationships, finances, entities, and much more.


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