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Did you know that happiness can be more than a state of well-being?

Happiness is also a state of prosperity, fortune and good luck.  As a Facilitator of Happiness, Rann is ready to assist you with creating shifts towards prosperity and joy.  Creating changes can be fun, and during these specially bundled sessions, Rann’s toybox of big change is open.

Each of these sessions is 50 minutes and includes a mp3 recording.

There are more session options; however, these are the session types that are trending as most popular for creating the greatest shifts.

  • 1

    The Time Spa

    The Time Spa is an operating system for all modalities developed by Rann. It is designed to work with energy that is not restricted to linear time. This can be used in conjunction with any of Rann’s sessions in order to create greater effects and mitigate processing time.

  • 2

    Quantum Spin Wave Sessions

    Quantum Spin Wave Sessions neutralize charges that keep you polarized into locked behaviors, physical restrictions, and repetitious experiences that no longer serve your current and future interests. These sessions also pack a punch. One Quantum Spin Wave Session carries more processing power than numerous 60-minute energy sessions.

  • 3


    Dinking is a modality created by Rann for the collapsing of anchor points. An anchor point is a grand or minute thought form, intention, control point, or creation point. We use these points to hold space and maintain our realities. Whenever you outgrow your reality or wish to create something bigger, existing anchor points can cause these things to fail or never come to fruition. Dinking removes anchor points instantly, creates vast shifts, can be specifically focused, and can be utilized to ease the processing from other healing sessions. Some popular areas of focus are money, trauma, patterns, fears, gain and loss, resistance to change, sabotage programs, and more.

  • 4

    Quantum Rapport

    Quantum Rapport is a session with Rann where you are brought into close connection and coaching with one or more of your master bodies in order to experience energy or receive certain information within minutes. Throughout numerous lifetimes, you have utilized countless bodies. Each of these bodies is a master of single or multiple information systems. Quantum Rapport allows you to access your own information systems with master bodies and relate to them with your current body. This is accomplished by a method of conscious quantum jumping.

  • 5


    Coding sessions are purposeful in their intent. Coding can increase the effectiveness of what you intend to create, increase the speed of the actualization of your creations, and program your spaces to maintain themselves under specified conditions.
    During Coding Sessions Rann creates and utilizes coding for the client's immediate benefit and future utilization. These sessions are excellent for creating shifts in behaviors and inclinations which no longer serve your current interests.

Are you ready for change and happiness?

Choose a private session with The Immortal Rann, and enjoy accessibility to Rann's real-time awareness and her many tools.  If you are unsure of your needs, Rann will work with you and your energy to pinpoint and tailor these available modalities to your needs as appropriate in the moment.

These specially priced bundled sessions can be bundled once again in order to create group Quantum Spin Wave Sessions (1 session per individual in the group).   When a family or group shares a major event or pattern, each individual has a role and a perceived experience.  Group Quantum Spin Wave Sessions can address all of the energetic ties which bind you and your loved ones within undesirable cycles.  In this way, you are able to address major events shared and patterns within lineage in order to precipitate distinct and long ranging changes for generations.

(This format is available for groups with participants in multiple locations and time zones. Participants must be aware of the session and be willing to participate.  The mp3 recording will work for those who cannot attend the live group session.)

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