Do you want to Dive Deeper?

FHTJ Special for Upgrade Akashic Records & Remove The Curse of Eons

Peg Rose specializes in Core issues that need unraveling.

Do You Relate to these questions?

  • Burned out?

  • Overwhelmed by making decisions?

  • Discouraged by being hijacked by other people's agendas and energies?

  • Live in a Home with an interesting history?

  • Tired of not fulfilling your dreams”

  • Frustrated with not knowing your Soul Purpose?

  • Feel like a Hostage?

3 - 1 hour Private Sessions with Peg Rose

Regular Price Session $900

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $555 only!

Your Choice of Four Different Types of Sessions:

  • Core Wounds

  • HomeWhispering

  • Divine Mission / Unique by Design,

  • 9 Resiliency Keys, or Healing by Design

Core Wounds

Everyone has at least two Core Wounds - The Collective Wound to Our Potential and a Personal Wound. The two are inter-connected. Core Wounds become entangled with your ancestral conditioning and your 3D Karmic contracts that they become a Gordian Know. so tightly woven that unraveling may seem impossible… or so much a fabric of your life that they are invisible.

Break the shackles our wounds have placed on us… Conquer your mountain of despair… Imagine a life of awareness… Change your perspective on your most challenging issues… Create a Divine Partnership with Yourself!

HomeWhispering - Basic Clearings for Interesting Property Challenges

Clear your Home and Property back to the Beginning of Time and the Age of Cause.Your Beautiful Home & Magnificent Property then become a Point of Transformation on the Planet. Basic clearing includes your Ancestral timeline.

Do You Suspect that You Might Have:

  • Ghosts
  • Portals
  • Battle grounds
  • Ancient massacre sites
  • Feuds
  • Divorce or other animosity

“That home was cursed… It was a total and utter nightmare for me… I became a recluse..”

“What I hadn't appreciated was that, that home, back in the 80's was cursed... and this followed me until I moved into my present home where things accelerated to such an extent that I was bedridden for much of the time, nearly died, felt completely blocked, etc, etc, etc.

It was interesting as I've always felt that there was something in or around my home, but could never put my finger on it.

It all left me feeling confused, frustrated, hopeless at times, and totally misunderstood, and I became a recluse as I couldn't even begin to look after my home as I used to, and was too ashamed to invite anyone in.

I'd always had an open house in the past, and loved having a real home when I could welcome friends and family, but this became 'blocked' too. It was a total and utter nightmare for me... and I lost friends along the way…

Anyway, towards the end of the clearing with Peg Rose, the sun came out and was shining brightly into every room of my bungalow and, more importantly, I'm feeling as if something major has shifted and I'm already feeling so much lighter now. It's still early days, but I'm more than positive that things are going to improve in leaps and bounds now... thanks to the wonderful generosity of Peg Rose and her amazing gift!

I simply can't thank you enough! It was a life changing experience for me... and will continue to be!

Oh, and that sun is still shining so brightly here on the north coast of Wales in the UK!!! xxx

~ Joan - North Wales

“Part of a bitter family lawsuit for 4 years….
Our dog refused to walk in the house…”

“My mother's land and my mother's home has been a part of a bitter family lawsuit for 4 years. The property has absorbed family karma, negative family behavior patterns, family legacy of betrayal, abandonment, manipulation, abuse, pain and hatred. All that was infused into the home and property, and both people and animals could feel it and had reactions to it. Our dog refused to walk in the house and when he was brought in, he promptly urinated on the floor.

Even my mother can feel the difference after walking into the home after this clearing, and she had no prior knowledge of it happening. I believe this will aid in changing the vibe of the place, in preparation for selling it.

And yes, the dog is happy to walk into the home now, as well 😀

~ Rene G, Kentucky

Divine Mission - Unique by Design

Using Human Design to discover your unique Human Design Blueprint and what it reveals about your Divine Mission. Dive into understanding your Human Design type, profile and strategy. Discover the Preciousness of YOU!

Gave Me Direction and Purpose

“Peg Rose is absolutely phenomenal! WOW! I had no idea I could get all of that from a chart and a phone call. Peg’s reading encouraged and allowed me to stop wandering aimlessly and gave me direction and purpose. Not in a “this is what you should do with your life” way, but as if she was working with me and the parts of my soul I needed help communicating with and brought us together. After working with Peg things have just clicked in my life, decisions have been easier, my future is much more clear and bright, because when I get uncertain about what to do I just need to refer back to my reading, review my soul purpose or path, and the knowledge makes it easy to go forward with confidence, joy and clarity.

~ Michelle C.

I remembered what it felt like to be me again, and my beautiful relationship with Heaven was restored.

~ K.V.H

Healing The Nine Resiliency Keys

Clear Blocks to Your Divine Mission using Healing By Human Design. Your unique Human Design chart will reveal the main block to your Nine Resiliency Keys*.

*Nine Resiliency Keys are Trademarked by Karen Curry of Joyful Mission.

“Anxiety was gone, simply gone... a4fter all those years....”

I had struggled for years after my burnout. Years of anxiety that didn’t want to leave no matter what and how hard I tried. Went to different doctors, went to different healers, specialized clinics, spent so much money on it and still the anxiety stayed.

During our session Peg gave me insights nobody ever gave me before, insights that really touched base and gave me clarity.

The biggest improvement to me was that after the treatment the anxiety was gone, simply gone... after all those years....

I am so grateful for how Peg helped me on that Saturday in January. Thank you Peg!”

~ Gydo, The Netherlands

“I felt elevated to some other dimension...”

“Healing by Human Design - Which is actually awesome, out of this world experience.

I felt elevated to some other dimension altogether, it had really made me feel evolved, new insights had come to my mind which I had not known before.

It is as if some new door opens from inside your mind which you do not know existed.

Wonderful experience, I sincerely thank you for this beautiful and elevated experience.”

~ Nitin A., India.

Dive Deeper - Healing by Design & Integration

Clear More Blocks to Your Divine Mission using Healing By Human Design and
Noble Healing* and Noble Forgiveness.*. Your unique Human Design chart will reveal the main blocks to your Nine Resiliency Keys*.

*Noble Healing and Noble Forgiveness are Trademarked by PAX Programs.

*Nine Resiliency Keys and Healing By Human Design are Trademarked by Karen Curry of Joyful Mission.

“Experiencing PTSD symptoms... All the triggers and triggering stopped.”

“I was triggered by news of a co-worker's death last week. I have been experiencing PTSD symptoms for the past week and half. I have used many mp3s and therapies to try to release the feelings and the physical symptoms. It has been very hard. I am so grateful to Peg... I was triggered to a 10 when the call began, after this first method of healing -- I was brought down to a 7. Peg then used Healing by Human Design on me. By the second round, my heart was open and I was peaceful in a positive way with the number down to a 2. I am so surprised that it has had such a profound affect on me. I still feel so good in my body right now this morning. I know that I am on my road to recovery and everything else is letting go.

It feels magical how awful I was feeling and then in an hour and half all the triggers and triggering stopped. I actually slept very well last night. I am so grateful to Peg Rose. Thank you Peg Rose I am so grateful to you and your healing modalities. I truly will be interested in your new package that you mentioned you would be doing.

Blessings and Love and Light to you Peg Rose!!!!!”

~ S.S., NY

“We worked on mental illness issues, addiction and depression at a very deep level.”

This is soooo amazing and I am still reeling from it all... I just had my 1:1 session with the soulful Peg Rose and it was profoundly healing to say the least.

Peg Rose is very patient and compassionate and loving. I thought I had dried up all my tears and here she got on a mission to uproot all the shame and guilt and cultural taboos that I was carrying. She lovingly acknowledge and honored me for having the courage of keeping secrets to protect my family (or so I thought!).

We worked on mental illness issues, addiction and depression at a very deep level. All the issues that were well hidden just came to light to be healed and loved and acknowledged.

~ Chanda

3 - 1 hour Private Sessions with Peg Rose

Regular Price Session $900

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $555 only!

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