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“That home was cursed… It was a total and utter nightmare for me…
I became a recluse..”

“What I hadn't appreciated was that, that home, back in the 80's was cursed... and this followed me until I moved into my present home where things accelerated to such an extent that I was bedridden for much of the time, nearly died, felt completely blocked, etc, etc, etc.

It was interesting as I've always felt that there was something in or around my home, but could never put my finger on it.

It all left me feeling confused, frustrated, hopeless at times, and totally misunderstood, and I became a recluse as I couldn't even begin to look after my home as I used to, and was too ashamed to invite anyone in.

I'd always had an open house in the past, and loved having a real home when I could welcome friends and family, but this became 'blocked' too. It was a total and utter nightmare for me... and I lost friends along the way…

Anyway, towards the end of the clearing with Peg Rose, the sun came out and was shining brightly into every room of my bungalow and, more importantly, I'm feeling as if something major has shifted and I'm already feeling so much lighter now. It's still early days, but I'm more than positive that things are going to improve in leaps and bounds now... thanks to the wonderful generosity of Peg Rose and her amazing gift!

I simply can't thank you enough! It was a life changing experience for me... and will continue to be!

Oh, and that sun is still shining so brightly here on the north coast of Wales in the UK!!! xxx

~ Joan - North Wales

“Part of a bitter family lawsuit for 4 years….
Our dog refused to walk in the house…”

“My mother's land and my mother's home has been a part of a bitter family lawsuit for 4 years. The property has absorbed family karma, negative family behavior patterns, family legacy of betrayal, abandonment, manipulation, abuse, pain and hatred. All that was infused into the home and property, and both people and animals could feel it and had reactions to it. Our dog refused to walk in the house and when he was brought in, he promptly urinated on the floor.

Even my mother can feel the difference after walking into the home after this clearing, and she had no prior knowledge of it happening. I believe this will aid in changing the vibe of the place, in preparation for selling it.

And yes, the dog is happy to walk into the home now, as well 😀

~ Rene G, Kentucky

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  • Office
  • Spa & Gym
  • Family or Loved one in a Nursing Home
  • Rental Properties

“The entire street where I live was bathed in stillness.”

She worked on two properties because of the split in family circumstances.

Every place I've moved to I noticed lots of pops and creaks coming from my refrigerator and malfunctions with the ice machine. After the clearing, my refrigerator is very quiet and the entire street where I live was bathed in stillness.

She also invited me to meet the guardian of the house who I found out is symbolized by a bird. There are usually tons of birds in my yard so I found this very interesting. I recall constantly hearing birds pecking at the glass, trying to get my attention. Now it's very quiet in and around my home.

The clearing went very well for both houses and I'm very happy to see the results. I would highly recommend working with this lovely woman. Divine blessings ♥ ♥”

~ Linnea J, Washington

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“I no longer felt the need to move out.”

AleeReina“I have met other healers who work with land and property...but I have NEVER experienced the visceral, palpable energetic connection you can both see AND feel like I did with Peg Rose.

Even though it was a beautiful space, I had a difficult time feeling totally at home and wasn't sure if I should be looking for a different spot.

I felt so held, supported and safe. My entire body relaxed and I began to feel a deep peace at choosing this house to sublet.

Every time Peg Rose began to communicate on behalf of the land and property a big warm breeze would roll through all the trees, and stop as soon as she would finish her sentence. It was uncanny! And when she called in the Guardian of the Home, I saw a kind elderly man with a walking stick. When she invited me to make his presence known, a large stick (much like a walking stick) on the deck literally went flying of the deck!

I started to feel a love and affinity for the nature on this property that stays with me to this day. I no longer felt the need to move out. The home, property and home guardian assured me that I had always been destined to live there and that it was safe and right for me to feel at home there, no matter how long that might be. I truly felt the love and support of this space and I have found I felt more relaxed and integrated here since the day I had that session.

I am preparing for a move to a new house, and I know another session with Peg Rose will be a crucial part of finding my next perfect space.

~ Alee Hoffman, Soul Channel + Akashic Records Teacher

“My home is now very happy and content!”

“I found Peg Rose to be a delightful healer to work with. She has an upbeat happy personality that is definitely contagious!

She took me through a process to clear home which took us back through all the owners and tenants and into the future.

At the end she added in a bit for me to make sure I find the perfect buyer for my home as well and the most optimal price. ”

~ Carla N, Indiana

Maybe you live in an ancestral home?
Have Ghosts?

“Afraid to pack and move…” “The amount of relief and joy I felt is indescribable.”

“Until the day I called for her help, I had been experiencing a lot of negative energy… such a strong energy that it affected the way I thought, acted toward everyone and how I saw in the world. I was uncomfortable in my own home and afraid to pack and move. It felt like I was doing something wrong or I was breaking the heart of my home. Then Peg helped me do the clearing of my house and my family history. The amount of relief and joy I felt is indescribable.

Peg helped me visualize my ancestors that passed long before I came to be and understand the strong hold they had on my progression through life. Some of it negative, some of it positive and some were indescribable. Peg has a true and rare gift. She opened a door to the most positive way of being and helped me to pass through it safe and sure. In my heart of hearts I know she is an absolute savior! I'm forever grateful and I can now say I live in the light because of her!

Thank you so much Peg. Nothing can stop me now. I love you!”

~ Allegra, Wallace Woods, Kentucky

“We can once again have Family Gatherings and Have Fun!”

“I am currently a part-time resident in a house that was built by my great-grandfather. In the past it was the gathering place for our growing clan. There were many a Thanksgivings, Christmas dinner and Birthdays with twenty-five or more family members attending. As in many families these were times of Joy and at time, Strife.

In my childhood, I remember the Joy, but as time and egos change, there was discontent, divorce, alcohol problems and death of the older generations. My children and their cousins could hear nothing but the echoes of “Bad Memories”… To the point that they nicknamed the 25’ x 10’ pantry “The Ghost Room”. This room was my great-grandmother’s pride and joy, all her jams and jellies… As well as her party stuff was stored here.

It was sadly true, the Family Home, Our Center, had become the haven or dumping ground of many generations of things, and negative emotions. With Peg Rose’s help the junk has been cleared out, valuable items kept and displayed tastefully, The Negative Energy Cleared.

The great, great-grandkids can now go into “The Ghost Room” with Love in Their Hearts, realizing that the Ghosts are loving not malevolent.

Thank You Peg Rose! We Love You and Your Work!”

~ Keith O, Colorado

3 - 1 hour Private Sessions with Peg Rose

Regular Price Session $900

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $555 only!

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