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8 week LIMITLESS LIVING coaching program

Imagine a Life Where Exponential Success & Growth Happen In Your Life & Business Effortlessly…

And You Constantly Have to Ask Yourself:
How Can It Be This Easy?

Imagine a life with no compromise…no sacrifice.. a life where you truly can have it all!

Sounds impossible?? Well it is unless you become limitless!

The good news is that YOU are already limitless right now!

BUT in order to LIVE a Limitless life you have to awaken your true self and align your heart, mind, and body, and vision with your limitless self.

“Compromise and sacrifice are illusions of our perception”

You no longer have to chose between your spiritual side, your business side, your sexual side, your emotional side, your creative side, your work , family life, social life, health, etc .

It’s time to combine them all into one unified expression and make your life a masterpiece.... an authentic expression of your souls true essence.

Becoming limitless is about creating your own version of heaven on earth.

There is only one question: How amazing are you willing for your life to be?

Introducing the 8 week LIMITLESS LIVING coaching program

Program starts March 9th 2017

Proper knowledge is super important and in this program you will receive leading edge knowledge that will be worth the price of admission.

That being said…If you are reading this you probably don’t need more information you need transformation, integration, bold action, and a group of individuals surrounding you that refuse to let you fail.

The real power in this program is YOU!

It’s in having the intention and commitment to live a limitless life and joining in a vibrational field with others committed to doing the same.

Add the world class facilitation of a leader who is fiercely committed to your success and miracles happen.

The Limitless Living coaching program consists of four powerful components.

1. Weekly Limitless coaching sessions:

Each 2 hour session will consist of the following: leading edge discussion on the theme of the week, transformation coaching, Q & A, Intuitive readings, and special missions to complete.

  • 1

    Week 1: Total surrender

    This session is designed to let go of everything! Oren will guide and support the group in a deep release and letting go as well as teach you the art of surrender.

  • 2

    Week 2: Limitless mind:

    We will dive deep into your unconscious mind to uproot and dissolve any beliefs that are out of alignment with your highest vision for your life. Advanced: Experience moving beyond belief to awaken an unlimited belief system.

  • 3

    Week 3: Abundance :

    Discover and dissolve any unconscious blocks around money and wealth . Expand your wealth consciousness and activate unlimited abundance.

  • 4

    Week4: The power of the heart

    This session will be focused on opening your heart deeply to love and significantly expanding your capacity to give and receive. Go from managing and repressing emotions to emotional freedom and transforming emotions. This session will also expand your capacity to experience deep joy and pleasure.

  • 5

    Week 5: Boundless Body

    This session will be about optimal health and unlocking the potential of your body. If you have a chronic illness, disease, body challenge, or deep emotional trauma in your body, this session will be a space for miraculous healing and health. This session is also about expanding your body’s capacity to operate in higher frequencies.

  • 6

    Week 6: Intuition and flow :

    Learn uncommon myths and misperceptions about flow that could save you years of wasting time trying to hack the flow. Learn how to consistently be in flow in every area of life including business and relationships. Learn simple flow hacks that can quickly get you back in flow when you get knocked out. Discover your own personal flow rhythm and how to structure and design your life around it. Become a master at using intuition to make powerful decisions that lead to deep fulfillment, joy, and abundance.

  • 7

    Week 7 : BOLD!

    This week is about shattering your comfort zone and accelerating your reality through Bold action. It’s about being fearless in your self expression. We will be doing the outrageous, having fun, and attempting the “impossible” !

  • 8

    Week 8: Limitless Meditation & Alchemy lab: Part

    Part 1: Oren will guide the group in a meditation beyond all form into the field of pure consciousness where no limitations exist. Part 2: From a place of pure consciousness outside of time we will architect your dream reality. (Note:This is 5th dimensional reality creating. )

2. Private coaching:

*Included in this course is a Private one on one session miracle coaching session with Oren (value $750).

Working with Oren in a “Miracle coaching” session is life changing!

3. Exclusive Vip access to Oren’s resources and connections:

Limitless library: Aside from my own gifts and talents I also am blessed to have access to some of the most cutting edge knowledge on the planet. I will be sharing relevant resources to help support your expansion and manifestation of your vision.

Power connections: The “right” connection can be a game changer! I have a trust network of some of the most powerful and brilliant people on the planet . My reputation with them is stellar so my recommendations and introductions are not taken lightly.

4. Access to Private Facebook Community:

Regular Price $3,000

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $1,500

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*This coaching program is limited to 20 people

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Program starts March 9th 2017

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