Play Close Attention If You Feel Magnetically
Drawn To Any Of These Statements:

  • You have a renegade instinct, understand the current system is broken and feel an inner calling to make a positive change in the world.
  • You understand that success does not happen alone and that you need to attract the right people and events for a collective evolution of our world.
  • You may be struggling right now but you have a strong belief and faith that success can be yours and you are ready to do what it takes to get it.
  • You believe in the potential to activate dormant powers of the mind, create synchronicities and superhuman abilities.

If you're looking for a deep and lasting personal breakthrough, delivered through proven scientific principles, then what you're about to discover is absolutely for you.

I am a qualified pharmacist and a peak performance enthusiast. Throughout my career I've dealt with countless patients, examined thousands of research papers... and interviewed dozens of experts on the subjects of meditative and peak physical, mental and spiritual states…

And in this time, I've curated the work of some of the world's leading holistic wellbeing experts... to create a scientifically sound system for unlocking anyone's highest potential - including YOURS.

Now, the fact that you’ve found this page shows you already realize your mind is your greatest asset.

And I'm positive you can sense there’s an untapped potential hidden deep within you - which you’ve so far been unable to fully access.

But if you’re still unsatisfied with your career or finances... or if you’re struggling with recurring stress, sleep, health or relationship challenges... or if you’re somehow spiritually or professionally stuck in a rut, then just remember:

You're going to need the right tools to build a solid bridge towards the life you want. Engineered using the right kind of clinically proven, time-tested mind science. By the right people, with the right credentials.

Imagine having an easy-to-follow collection of scientifically proven techniques that will systematically rewire your brain within a number of mere days...

So that your mind starts functioning - and keeps on functioning - at its optimum level.

Imagine this process being so enjoyable, so immersive and so effective... that you’re able to meditate like a yogi, and boost your creativity, relaxation, intuition, self-image and capacity for healing... even if you’re a complete beginner to mind empowerment.

Imagine the technology that powers it being so intuitive... that it allows you to lower your brainwaves to the Alpha level as easily as turning a knob on your stereo.

And because this process is developed by strong scientific principles... imagine it giving you profound and lasting results in ANY area of your life.

I have taken all those imagines... and engineered what we believe is the pinnacle of all holistic wellbeing technology available today.

I call it The Science Of Magnetic Attraction System (S.O.M.A) that you can use to flick on the peak potential switch in your mind... and achieve, experience and acquire things you would otherwise call “impossible”.

And At this very moment, people from all walks of life - from high-flying entrepreneurs and wellness centres, to housewives, US Marines, scientists, doctors, artists and DJ's - are using S.O.M.A to:

  • Evaporate stress and negativity, and plunge into a state of exquisite relaxation of beach holiday-like proportions... without popping a single pill or buying a single flight ticket...
  • Dramatically reduce, or sometimes outright heal physical or emotional pain caused by illness or accidents, and even boost their immune system - again with no medication or surgery...
  • Finally break free from bad habits like smoking, snacking and procrastinating... without the agonizing inner struggles and endless relapses most people go through...
  • Savor the deepest, most restful sleep of their lives... and finally know what it feels like to be one of those “lucky” people who falls asleep the moment their head hits the pillow...
  • Strengthen their wealth mindset, so they can finally afford the nice things they’ve always wanted, spend and invest without guilt, and gain an “instinct” for the financial opportunities hidden in plain sight...
  • Greatly magnify their intuition and memory, and stun co-workers & loved ones with fresh new ideas, insights and peak performance at work and at home...
  • Amplify their creative functioning, to the point where they’re writing, drawing and crafting impressive works of art... and solving problems others would call “impossible”...
  • Achieve razor-sharp focus & productivity throughout the day, and get more things done... from the second they jump out of bed, to the moment they drift into sleep....
  • Build unbreakable empathy with their partners as easily as flicking on a light switch - so they can enjoy better communication, less arguments, and deeper, more exhilarating sex...
  • Become inspiring role models to their kids, spouses, friends and peers - by living life to the fullest, and constantly improving themselves...
  • And even live in a state of spiritual wholeness and self-assuredness, so they always feel connected to the people and places surrounding them, their unique purpose in life, and to their “higher selves”.

Niraj's Story

My name is Niraj Naik, an ex pharmacist turned natural health advocate, digital nomad, prolific musician and serial entrepreneur.

After becoming disillusioned with conventional healthcare I suffered deeply from chronic stress eventually developing an immune disorder called Ulcerative Colitis which kept me house-bound for over 10 months bringing me close to bankruptcy.

Doctors told me I would be on medication for the rest of my life even threatening me with surgery until I met a dear friend & a spiritual guru who taught me ancient healing modalities based on pranayama, yoga and meditation.

These simple exercises which take a few minutes each day have led me on an incredible journey across the world meeting and training with real life superhumans, himalayan yogis and some of the world’s top peak performers and therapists.

This has helped me refine and develop these daily rituals that can lead to profound changes.

I call these ‘Rituals For Miracles’ that can help you free your life from endless pain and suffering and instead elevate you to the highest levels of love, strength and happiness.


SOMA System (Science Of Magnetic Attraction) Package + Pre-recorded Special Training Webinar

Total Package Value $497

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97

Principles of S.O.M.A

I have read numerous books and studied from various masters, including spending 2 weeks training and co-creating with the real life superman Wim Hof at his home...

They all have very similar practices and all contain these ingredients:

  • Purification of the body through fasting, eating the right diet, nutrition, sauna, yoga and exercise routines.
  • Raising your own vibrational energy using a combination of sexual energy transmutation, breathwork, music, herbs and drugs that produce euphoria and altered states of consciousness.
  • Talisman/Mandala/Symbols to focus your attention on.
  • Setting a clear intention + visualization of the reality you wish to create.
  • Having a firm conviction and belief in the power of the process.

How Does S.O.M.A Work?

Your thoughts become things and who you are on the inside governs who you are on the outside in terms of how you navigate through life.

Therefore purifying both your mind and body through special rituals and creating a clear picture of what you most desire are essential to ensure you the best chances of success in life.

When you set intentions and visualize goals in the highest vibrational state your intention gets programmed deep into your subconscious mind.

It's like a powerful form of self hypnosis for making your mind move you towards the destination you want to go in.

When you raise feel good hormones like serotonin and dopamine you also produce more energy to reach your goals.

When you eat the right food, practice intermittent fasting and use the sauna to purify both your mind and body you also become a more attractive person from the inside out and people become drawn to you and your mission.

When you combine this with brain stimulating Trypnaural audio and video technology you have a powerful method for being able to tap into the Alpha level, the source of your creative imagination and where problems can be easily solved.

I have refined my own magic ritual using special music I have created for raising your vibrational energy naturally and a special breathing process used by master yogis to create Siddhi powers by producing a flow of electricity through your body.

Siddhi powers are dormant powers that lie inside each of us when the kundalini is awakened.

Kundalini energy is a dormant sexual energetic force that lies in the base of our spine. When you learn to transmute this energy you can direct it to wherever you need it.

By directing it to a part of your body that may have a disease or damage, it can be used to self heal. By directing it to your midbrain, the seat of your subconscious mind, you can use it to bend reality and shape the future of your dreams.

SOMA also involves ritualistic purification and meditation inside a sauna, and then followed by an ice cold plunge pool. The use of herbs, vitamins and special diet routines further enhances the process.

SOMA can be defined a set of purifying, consciousness expanding, health promoting habits or rituals that are based on strong scientific principles. All these lead to becoming a more attractive, efficient and conscious individual.

SOMA Purification Process

The first step is to purify your body and cleanse yourself from toxins. You will rebuild your body stronger, fitter and healthier than before and fuel your sexual energy, so you become more attractive from the inside out.

  • What to eat, when to eat and how to eat that is perfectly right for you, that will help strip yourself of unhealthy fat and make you magnetically attractive from the inside out.
  • An ancient eating ritual that has been scientifically shown to increase your longevity by 30% or more and also prevent major diseases.
  • Discover the foods that boost your sexual magnetic power and raise your feel good hormones naturally. Including my very own recipe for a smoothie that gives the full spectrum of nutrition you need as well as a powerful ingredient from south america famous for elevating your sex drive naturally.
  • A refreshing alternative to soda and softdrinks filled with the perfect dose of health giving probiotics that is more effective than any high street supplement. This ancient elixir that you can make from home for less than a $1 is also staple drink among the oldest living cultures in the world.
  • The real reason why the cow is considered holy in India and a little known supplement that may hold the secret to the fountain of youth and immunity.
  • Learn a scientifically proven exercise ritual that takes just 7 minutes, that can add years to your life and dramatically improve your fitness and stamina in days.
  • How to boost your immune system, mind power and brain health, while simultaneously purifying your body of toxins and reversing aging by learning the ancient ritual use of the sauna. Discover a meditation you can do in a sauna that magnifies the power of manifesting.

SOMA Breathwork Ritual

Next step is to awaken dormant powers of the mind, supercharging and purification of your blood and nervous system for more energy, vitality and increasing your magnetic power of attraction.

Here you will learn a powerful technique that I developed after my own self healing experience from a chronic illness and then later from training with the super human Wim Hof based on the ancient science of breathwork called Pranayama.

Pranayama literally means control of life force. When you breathe you create an electrical flow of energy through your body.

When you breathe consciously you can learn to control this energy flow and channel it for various purposes. When you further combine this with hypnotic music and tribal rhythms using an audio visual brainwave technology called Trypnaural, real magic happens.

You can literally create an energy inside your soul that is so radiant and powerful you can produce ecstatic states of magnetising energy to literally bend reality how you want, create strength, happiness, download visions and even heal parts of your body.

  • The Power Breathing Ritual for supercharging your body with magnetizing electrical energy sourced from the air you breathe and your root sexual power transmuted through every chakra then directly into your midbrain for activating its ultra manifesting potential.
  • The Breath Hold Ritual for controlling the energy you generate by transmitting it to a specific part of your body that may need healing, or to use it as a force to bend reality itself by tapping into the power of your midbrain.
  • The Brain Buzz Ritual for activating your midbrain, the ‘reptilian’ center of your brain where the mystical serpent power is found. This is the seat of your superconscious mind, a part of your brain that records every piece of information you ever receive from your 5 senses. It is the source of infinite intelligence and the great artists, inventors, leaders and entrepreneurs of all time access this great reservoir of genius thinking in their moments of sudden inspiration. Use this to awaken the creative imagination of your mind, calm your nervous system in times of stress, and even activate the third eye and hidden superhuman powers of intuition.

"I LOVE this meditation! How wonderful. I feel so peaceful and deeply connected to that powerful, esthetic place in me, that I am. I look forward to using this every early morning."

~ Estela Rodriguez Jebril

"Oh my God, that was so powerful!!! So much moved and opened up. It is all happening!!!"

~ Dr Tera Maxwell

The Awakening Ritual

A magic breathwork ritual for raising your vibrational energy for producing visions, inspirations, releasing negative energetic blocks and emotions.

hydrascensionismSoma is a name given to a sacred ritual involving psychedelics and meditation. Soma gave the rishis profound visions. The rishis then wrote the ancient texts of the rig veda from the information they received in these visions about the eternal truths of the universe. They also gained complete mastery of their physical body and mental faculties.

This special ritual involving special tribal music, chanting, Trypnaural brainwave technology and breathwork will alter your state of consciousness in a profound way.

In a similar way to the rishis you may receive downloads, visions and moments of great inspiration.

Use this time to create powerful visualizations of the future you want to create. Your sexual energy will become charged and your personal magnetism will expand.

"After going through this meditation I not only felt energized and ready for my day but I had a clear plan of what my steps were going to be. I set my intention and the download I received will take me there and close that gap on time! Highly recommend this for anyone who is waking up to their purpose and wants to continually move forward!"

~ RebeccaLynn Bologna

"The combination of the music & the instruction is brilliant. It is is easy to follow everyday as a practice. And I reached a deep meditative state in 20 min that would normally take me 1 hour to reach on my own."

~ Dr Tera Maxwell

Brain Stimulation Rituals

Raise the vibrational energy of your brain to create a high performance mind.

  • 1

    Midbrain Activation Ritual:

    Advanced brain buzz breathwork ritual combined with Key Of OM Trypnaural music tuned to sacred geometrical frequency of 432HZ with advanced gamma waves for activating the midbrain, the seat of super consciousness and unlocking the serpent power.

  • 2

    Whole Brain Activation Ritual:

    Using a special combination of breathwork rituals for activating the dormant powers of your whole brain for heightened cognitive function.

  • 3

    Mandala Stimulation Ritual:

    A magic breathwork ritual using hypno-fractal music & video technology for raising your vibrational energy through talismanic mandalas. From ancient times sacred geometric shapes such as yantras, mandalas and the flower of life symbol have been used as meditation tools as well as divination tools for manifesting and ritual magic. By simply gazing at sacred geometric shapes your brain and mind are stimulated raising vibrational energy, creating a burst of alpha brainwaves, and enhancing creative imagination.

"I have noticed how much happier and more optimistic I feel. The other morning I went to work actually happy to be there. That changed everything because since then, I have been genuinely excited about work. It's shown in my attitude and the quality of my work. I have received compliments and comments about how much what I do is appreciated. Such a turnaround from just a few months ago. And it's all coming from within me."

~ Judith Drummond

"I have been doing this meditation (the full version) approx 80% of the time since we had this call- about 2 weeks ago. I love it. I feel more energised each day. I feel more clarity than I ever have before on blocks that I can identify and therefore release. This is huge. One of the blocks I cleared last week was the fearful way I showed up in intimate relationships. This has been with me my whole life. And it became very clear very easily, and released just as fast."

~ Melinda Perry

Shape Your Perfect Future

Now coming from a place of high vibrational energy it is time to create life of your dreams by discovering your core desires and using real world strategies to make them into a reality.

Use the exercise in this video to figure out exactly the future you want to attract to your life that is rational, achievable and aligned to your core values and has a clear strategy for getting there.

"This video is exactly what I needed to see to break it down and visually show me what to do while doing this technique!! Very powerful stuff. The next 90 days are going to be great!!!"

~ Jamie Boggeln

Yoga Nidra For Manifesting Core Intentions

An ancient meditation technique from India combined with Trypnaural brainwave music for manifesting your core intentions by making your mind flow into a deep hypnotic state of deep alpha, theta and delta brainwaves.

A full 30 minute guided Yoga Nidra meditation combined with Trypnaural brainwave entrainment (alpha/theta/delta) for manifesting your intentions.

If you are aware of the law of attraction, this ancient meditation technique is an ultra powerful method for harnessing its power.

The practice of Yoga Nidra, an ancient meditation technique from India, allows your mind to flow into a deep hypnotic state of deep alpha, theta and delta brainwaves.

It is also referred to as ‘Yogi Sleep’ – a state of lucid sleeping, when you are asleep yet your mind is still present.

In this state of deep meditation you can plant your intentions that program your unconscious mind.

Located in your brainstem at the core of your unconscious mind, is your reticular activating system and mastery over its function gives you more control over your own life, being able to attract more of the things you want and even invoke your own internal power for self healing.

This focuses the awareness of your reticular activating system (RAS) on the intention that you set.

For example if you set your intention to recover from chronic illness, your mind will focus more on creating behaviours that are beneficial to boosting your immune system.

So when you use the S.O.M.A System, what you’re really getting is...

  • The soothing, mind-expanding, spiritual effects of deep meditation and breathwork.
  • The brainwave-altering, creativity & intuition-enhancing benefits of Alpha level audio and video technology.
  • The simple and gentle, yet surprisingly effective dietary and lifestyle wisdom of Ayurveda and Optimum Nutrition
  • he self-image & confidence-boosting effects of affirmations & visualizations in the form of Scientific Prayers
  • The prosperity, success & fulfillment that comes with mastering the Law of Attraction
  • The reduction of pain, and the physical & emotional wellbeing brought on by Quantum Healing & mind-body healing

NASA Scientists Results After The Awakening Ritual.

SOMA System (Science Of Magnetic Attraction) Package + Pre-recorded Special Training Webinar

Total Package Value $497

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97


"After living 20 years in a religious commune, I learned in more in one session with Niraj than all my time there. He is my guru"

~ Daniel Wagner, International Speaker & Internet Millionaire

"I meditated with your serotonin sunrise meditation music and chanted my mantra to it. This experience was too profound. It was so overwhelming that I don't know what sadness or longing memory got triggered in my subconscious mind that made me cry. I have no words to explain. It was such an emotional release and I felt so connected to the universal consciousness. Thanks so much for such music."

~ Haritha, Pyramid Valley

"I would like to give you a big digital hug of gratitude for your unbelievable brainwave entrainment music. I have used nearly every program I could find starting almost 5 years ago ranging from Hemi-sync, Holo-sync, BMV, Yogic Sound, and several others, but none of them compare to the sheer brilliance and efficacy of your work."

~ John, USA

"Being in the Army I have endured the hardest stress of my life. I always knew deep within me that I was different. I saw this in everyone else around me. I knew I had to unlock the power within me first before I could help everyone around me. Even just last night I fell asleep listening to Trypnaural meditations and was forced to awaken feeling different parts of my brain opening, and parts I have never felt before! So I know I am on the right path and have found the right place to go to! So thanks Trypnaural!"

~ Johnny, USA Army

"For the 1st time I heard their live music performance at The 6th GCSS (Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists) I was was not aware of what is going to be played. While meditating into this trance I don't know what happened to me & I was feeling wow, It was really different from all others I have heard before. It was totally an experience which cannot be explained in words. I would recommend Trypnaural to all who those want to go more deep onto meditation. Thank you amAya for making such incredible music."

~ Vikaas, India

DSCF0252"I have over 15 years of experience as a therapist and Trypnaural is my first choice for getting incredibly deep and therapeutic trance states with my clients."

~ Dr Millett,

exec"I have been making relaxation recordings for mental self help and health improvement since 1979. As a pathfinder in EEG ( brainwave monitoring and entrainment ) I understand totally the effects of sound and music on the human mind and body. The recordings offered from your website are without doubt some of the most effective I have ever used and recommend them to my clients whole heartedly"

~ David Bentley,

About Niraj Naik:

Niraj-NaikNiraj Naik, MPharm, is a ‘renegade’ pharmacist now focused on dispensing empowering health education, rather than pills, after personally recovering from a chronic illness without medication, and helping thousands around the world do the same.

He is the creator of the Alpha Healing System, a unique step by step 11 week program that combines ancient and modern healing protocols, based on his own success as a community pharmacist at getting people off long term medication by identifying and fixing the real cause of their illness.

SOMA System (Science Of Magnetic Attraction) Package + Pre-recorded Special Training Webinar

Total Package Value $497

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97

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