Niky Rey's Special Offer

Creatrix of the Quantum Healing Modality "P.I.C.N.I.C. Code", Journalist, Author

  • Did you know that every time you try to be positive you are actually diving deeper into the negative without even knowing it?
  • Are you tired of being stuck in the same old stories that hold you back?
  • Are you trying to find your life purpose so desperately that you end up even more overwhelmed and frustrated every single time?
  • Are you trying too hard to attract more money into your life with no luck?
  • Are you so invested into struggle that you find it almost impossible to enjoy the flow of life with ease and grace?
  • Are you ready to finally say YES to your real life?

Then, you really want to know what Niky Rey discovered!

Life can truly be a PICNIC! You just have to choose it!

Introducing the P.I.C.N.I.C. Code by Niky Rey!

After years and years of struggle and a lot of emotional pain, Niky Rey healed her life through a unique healing system she created, that embraces the miraculous potential of the Quantum Field (also known as the Zero Point Field in Quantum Physics) and utilizes the power of Vibrational Neutrality. Backed up by innovative vibrational technology, the P.I.C.N.I.C. Code allows deep and profound transformation in the easiest and most subtle yet powerful way.

NikkiI received a check for 3.500 euros and had a legal paper handled, that could cost me a big fine (15.000 – 20.000 euros) had it not been taken care of, right away! My bank called me to let me know that they are lowering my mortgage payment from 350 to 90 euros per month without me even applying for it! We are looking at a saving of 3.120 euros per year here! My portfolio manager notified me that my major investment will generate a healthy profit of 5 figures until the end of the year and 6 figures within the next 12 months! Meanwhile, I quit smoking, started releasing weight without dieting and my left hand carpal tunnel, which was in pain for months, healed completely!”

~Nikki M. P.

Are YOU ready to PICNIC?

Well, I hope you said YES, because NOW you can:

  • Understand and solve your problems like never before
  • Manifest what you want with ease and grace
  • Get in touch with your deepest heart’s desires
  • Find your life purpose
  • Heal your body, your finances and all suffering areas in your life
  • Receive all the LOVE you need

It all starts with personal value!

Money is our human way to measure value.

As a result, experiencing the worst financial recession of all times, a lot of us tend to question our inherent intrinsic value as infinite beings. We bought into the lie that we CAN’T have what we want, because we are NOT good enough and there is NOT enough on this planet for everybody anyway. LIES, LIES and even more LIES!

Negativity is taking a toll on us every day and we have to do something about it NOW.

So, how about PICNIC-ing with money?

AthenaI received 1.350 euros in cash and a tax return of 320 euros.I manifested free yoga lessons, during a time that I couldn’t afford such a class. I qualified to apply for extensive unemployment compensation for up to 12 months. I manifested a part-time occupation that will allow me to create a new side income. As far as my health is concerned, I notice my body’s shape changing in interesting ways (becoming tighter and better contoured), I reduced the number of cigarettes I smoke per day and I was totally protected (my partner as well) during a car accident we had. We didn’t even get a scratch while our car was completely smashed!”

~ Athena K.

Introducing the P.I.C.N.I.C Ultimate Monetary Abundance Experience!
99 days of Energy Transmutation to Increased Monetary Abundance.

Brand New Testimonails

“Hi Niky, just want to give a quick testimonial here. I joined the Abundance program on Monday morning. On Tuesday, just over 24 hours later I got a voicemail message from the Tax Office asking me to call the back about my 2012 Tax return. When I called them yesterday they told me that I was entitled to a tax credit that I hadn't claimed, and that *they* were going to correct my Tax return in my favor - imagine that!
The amount of the unexpected tax credit? €42,000!! Incredible!!!🙏🙏 ”

~ Tony F.

“It just keeps getting better. I had my hair appt and my boyfriend has never paid for it and as I was leaving he says how much is it usually. I said $100. And he stuck 2 $50 bills in my purse and I saw it when I was paying! Gratefully surprised! Woohoo. Life is a PICNIC! ”

~ S. D.

“I don't usually post much but I just joined this program and this is no lie....2 days later I was given a check for $780 for NO REASON! I've seen people give testimonials about this happening but I thought it was just a coincidence. I am so excited to now be on this journey and open to the miracles that will come in the next 100 days! Niky Rey is defiantly about truth. ACTUALLY. I'm editing this post because I checked the date I purchased and I did on the 27th that night and a person that I do work for just handed me a check the next morning and said it's for all the good things you do. Totally unexpected. It really had nothing to do with work. I just stood there and stared at them for a minute before saying thank you. CRAZY but true.”

~ Sheryl

Hi Niky,
“I joined the 33 days, yeah and download the tracks this morning.... And the first miracle happened already, I got 3.5 extra days work for this month this morning.

My deep gratitude and love”

~ Sabine D.

“ I listened to this call on Monday while I was at work like I do as often as I can. I made a promise to myself to purchase this package before I did anything else on Thursday my payday. The next morning I woke up the rash I had on my arm was gone I had it for a month from my wrist to my elbow and I also felt better about my money worries I can't quit explain it but just better. I just ordered the package a few minutes ago I am so excited and I am the type of person it takes a lot for me to get excited. Thank You in Advance for sharing your gift and thank your Eram Saeed for your daily shows.”

~ Tonya K.

“I just purchased Niky's Breaking Free from 3D Matrix program yesterday (it is 5days before the official starting date). Last nite I listened to 3 silent audios that was given and I went to bed with bloated abdominal pain and a feverish in my body...almost all nite (straight after I listened to the audios). By morning all the pain were gone and I had 2 consecutive dreams of me & my mother. One dream was about me cooking breakfast for us, and there were double egg yolks in every eggs. In 1 egg there was even 4 yolks! The other dream was me cleaning up my mothers room, which almost got infested. Among those dirt, I found a square pearl (obviously a sacred geometry of some sort), which was half translucent (5D?). I felt grateful to have found it & asked the Universe if I could have it

In both dreams I felt empowered in my own strength, as my mother had always been very controlling over me. It was good feeling though, that we were getting along fine in the dream! ...It was almost like re-doing the past differently. Obviously there was a genetic healing going on with abundance!....and we haven't even started the program yet!

So thank you Eram for introducing Niky. And I am so luv Niky for her god-sent work.

Thank you.”


“I work in a small family owned retail and it is soooo stressful since I do EVERYTHING myself with some help from my friend the owner and another person. Since I let my phone play the audios on silent all days have gone 100% better!!!! Everything just clicks in place and I am so much more tolerant and everyone else is in a better mood too! I'm totally loving living "Life is a P.I.C.N.I.C way! This is just beyond anything I've experienced before! The universe brought Niky Rey into my energy field and I am soooo GRATEFUL! ❤❤❤ ”

~ Sh. D.

“Greetings Niky. I tuned into Erams show you were on few days ago, and I wasn't expecting anything from it, just went with the flow. As a healer and intuitive, I truly love your work. I was feeling down as cash flow was nil..@the next day I had the urge to go through old mail sitting around. I found a check for $1,297!! From last year through my old car that had been repossessed from me, saying they were trying to reach me and thank you for now it's all paid off, here's the balance!! Omg. Thank you for the insight of moving out of 3D money to 5d. Oh yea! Love!”

~ Prem K.

“Hi Niky,

I'm so excited to be a part of your special energetic Abundance class one more time!

Today I was surprised to learn that the business trip registration scholarship raffle that I had entered to Montreal Canada chose me as one of the winners for $1,000

Not only this but I also won another, completely unexpected raffle to Dubai sponsored by Hertz at the same time. Now I have to choose which one to accept. This all happened today, before your class begins tomorrow.

I am so overwhelmed with excitement and my energy is just running through the roof!!!

Looking forward to sharing more great stories.
Big Hugs and lots of Love!!!”

~ Polina R.

People are ALREADY experiencing unexpected abundance even before the program started! Niky has set it up where you start receiving the energy as soon as you purchase!!!

“Before I even started your class, I purchased Package A over the weekend, heard part of the live call and then the replay today, and noticed three significant changes. My heart chakra energy felt activated, my energy level increased, and I received a call this evening about a contract job opportunity at a large tech firm. Wow! And the class hasn't even started!”

~ Anne Heit


1st $1M CLIENT and $530 I DIDN’T EXPECT

“OMG! I listened last night and did the abundance meditation – and really FELT it so much that it made me kind of excited about today. Well, I just got a phone call that my broker will be adding another $265 to every one of my commission checks from now on! And it’s included in two separate commission checks I’m getting today - $530 more that I didn’t expect at all! There’s more: this afternoon I showed a house to some great new cash buyers who also plan to refer a friend who’s looking for a $1M+ home! I’ve worked so hard and couldn’t come close to a million dollar client, and now one may just land in my lap. Crazy”

~ Nancy


“The day after I signed up, I had 3 new patients and my associate had 2 (he is registered as part of my 6-person package). This was big because last week we only had 4 total for the whole week.”

~ Julia


“I received two cheques in the mail: one expected, one not. A guy at work who has been an incessant bully has removed himself from working with our team. I have two new job prospects that have come up. I got an email about potential new flatmates that will save me over $1000 in rent each fortnight. I feel like I’m floating on a cloud today. PICNIC, PICNIC, PICNIC!”

~ Kate


“I just received word that my employer & the board of directors have approved a 2% raise retro from Oct. 1”

~ Marcy


“I have noticed since listening to the bonus recordings, which I listen to over and over, including on silent replay overnight, that a lot of stagnant energy has shifted, and continues to shift. I am getting clearer about business direction and my energy is increased. I have used many many energy programs over the years, but this one has a special vibration for me at the moment for sure. Very happy to be in this program.”

~ Rosie


“I started feeling energy running and clearing out long-standing energetic blockages in my head within minutes of signing up. I am very sensitive to prana, so I could feel it right away. So, then I put the tracks on my iPad and walked to the grocery store while listening to them. At the grocery store, I got a $20 discount from accumulating enough points, as well as a free product. The next morning, my partner informed me that one of our clients had paid an invoice for ~$160 without us prompting her to do so.”

~ Gerry

EXTRA £1000

“The day I listened to Nicky I felt a lot of positive energy vibrating through my body and there was just something about her that resonated with me. That very day I received a cheque in the post, although I was expecting this cheque at some stage in the next couple of months, it was for a £1000 more than I anticipated. Today I had an unexpected rise in my pension although it was not a big increase, it was an increase I was so pleased. I’m feeling very positive about the future.”

~ Lynne


“My husband Clive received a donation for $1,000 for his non profit sustainable farm project, yesterday.

Then I heard from good friend Rebecca, that right after I signed her up, she sold her truck she had been trying to sell for a month.

Also she found out the pump she was buying for her well was now going to be $1,500, instead of $3,500 she was originally told!

So it is working already Niky, thank you so much, I have been praying for this for a long time! Aloha.”

~ Joyce

NEW JOB! $3283 MORE!!!

“I am so blessed and so grateful to be swimming in these abundant seas with you all! I’m so excited to see the energy is already working! A job offer I was waiting for finally came today AND the compensation is $3,283 above what the employer had previously quoted! THANK YOU Niky and thank you Community!!! Let’s continue to glow, grow, and hold the space of Unlimited Abundance for each other!”

~ Simone


“Two days after listening to Niky's show and signing up for her 99 day group clearing for monetary abundance, a friend (who is included in my package) emailed me about a part-time job working from home-my friend hadn't been on the professional site where the posting was listed for a few months but felt compelled to check it that day. I have been looking for this type of job for months and couldn't even get a call back. Got the job and I start Monday. Powerful stuff!”

~ Beth


‘Ultimate Monetary Abundance” + 5 bonuses (for 1 person)

Total Package Value $1821

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $198 Only!

**SAVE 89%**


Note: We offer a 7 days refund policy due to the nature of the package and NO refunds will be processed after the 19th of December 2015


22 DAYS of Activation, Neutralization and Release.

Value - $198

1Get ready to let go of all the low vibrations that have been “stuck” in your field, blocking the free flow of your abundance. During the first phase, we will activate the energies of abundance and we will neutralize your resistance to money so that you are ready to receive. We will be releasing all trapped emotions and dense energies from your field, clearing up your pathway to increased monetary abundance.



22 DAYS of Amplification, Identification and Transmutation

Value - $198

2During the second phase of the program, we will keep on doing everything included in phase 1 and we will expand even further: We will amplify the newly activated abundance in your field, we will identify and locate all energies “of abundance”, “in abundance”, “from abundance” and “for abundance” that no longer serve you and we will transmute them into the frequency of money. This is the time that we will be neutralizing the energies that cause your body pains, addictions, all types of clutter and even excess body weight so that we can reprogram them with the frequencies of cash! We will clear, upgrade and optimize your receptive channels and prepare your body to hold higher vibrational frequencies.



22 DAYS of Raising Your Financial Thermostat, as well as Repairing and Expanding Your Wealth Container.

Value - $198

3During the third phase, we will keep on doing everything included in the previous two phases of the program while expanding the energy work even further: We will keep on raising your financial thermostat every single day and we will be repairing all damages to your wealth container, while expanding and cultivating the essence of your monetary abundance.



33 DAYS of Expanded Monetary Abundance Crystallization.

Value - $297

4Open up to receive! During the last phase of the program, we will keep on delivering all the energy processes included in all previous phases and we will clear the way for you to receive as much as you choose! We will infuse your field with the right and perfect high-frequency harmonics to activate and align your money channels with your desires to the degree that you choose. This is the time that all energy work will be fully integrated into your field and the newly acquired frequencies of monetary abundance will be fine-tuned and personalized to be just perfect for you. We will allow the changes to be fully reflected on the physical and will celebrate our newly expanded and blissful monetary abundance! But that’s not all! Speaking of abundance, there is MORE!


Niky is now also including two ultra powerful DAILY Energy Transmissions to make sure that you receive the MOST out of your healing experience throughout the course of the 99 days of our PICNIC Abundance Program:

  • The first EXTRA daily Energy transmission will take care of any STOPS you might have when it comes to receiving Energy from Source.
  • The second EXTRA daily Energy Transmission will provide the appropriate "correction" and proper alignment when it comes to everyday "MISTAKES" you might be making during your daily life without even realizing it!

In other words, the potency of the healing experience will go absolutely through the roof!!! So, get ready for some serious transformation!

Niky Rey has decided to include the following bonuses to enhance even more your Ultimate Monetary Abundance Experience:


2 Monthly LIVE Q&A and Laser Coaching Calls
6 Calls during the entire program

Value - $1188

We will have 2 live calls per month (one every two weeks) to answer your questions, share experiences, and provide laser coaching to you. You will never feel stuck and unsupported throughout your journey, as Niky Rey will be available to answer your questions and laser-coach you on your way to increased monetary abundance! Troubleshooting is the name of the game when it comes to success. All calls will be recorded and you will have access to the replays, so no worries if you can’t make it live to the calls.



2 Monthly LIVE Remote Energy Healing Sessions
6 Calls during the entire program

Value - $594

We will have 2 remote Energy healing troubleshooting sessions per month (one every two weeks) to make sure that you stay on track no matter what! Troubleshooting is the name of the game when it comes to success and with these remote sessions we take troubleshooting to the next level!

You will receive crystal clear instructions on how to receive the Energy of these remote troubleshooting sessions, in case you can’t receive them on real time, as they unfold.



The PICNIC Story Container!

A precious energetic facilitation that will allow you to make the most out of your PICNIC experience learning and healing experience! The PICNIC Story Container is especially crafted by Niky Rey as an energetic container that will welcome, hold and embrace all your past stories that are holding you back and keeping you out of your natural state of ABUNDANCE. You will receive crystal clear instructions on how to gain access to this powerful tool, upon registration. You will LOVE it!



The Ultimate Monetary Abundance Immersion

Value - $297

Immersion is the KEY when it comes to personal transformation! This is why Niky Rey decided to give you access to the “Ultimate Monetary Abundance Experience” Private Facebook Group (it is actually a SECRET GROUP, so you can use it even if you don’t like Facebook), which will be infused with the right and perfect frequencies for the enhancement of your experience. This private group will be the appropriate, safe environment for you to receive all the support you will need throughout your journey. This is the place for you to share your successes, your growth experiences and even your challenges and to connect with the other members of this miraculous community!



The “P.I.C.N.I.C. Essentials” Audio Package

Value - $135

This package includes 3 essential audio tools (mp3s) that will allow you to start playing in the Field, the P.I.C.N.I.C way, immediately after your purchase. You will receive instant access to 3 powerful energetic protocols, that will dynamically prepare your field for your “Ultimate Monetary Abundance Experience”. All mp3s are energy encoded.
Here is a description of these audio tools:

  • “Step into the Vortex”: This energetic protocol will allow you to step into your P.I.C.N.I.C. Vortex for 24 hours, to experience the ease and the joy of adjusting your Vibrational Set Point to Neutrality. Experience everything from within the Field and enjoy an empowered and more fulfilling version of your reality.
  • “Enter the P.I.C.N.I.C. Release Mode”: This energetic protocol will allow you to exhaust all negative energies quickly, by moving them on demand into the Field. Use this powerful tool every time you experience negativity to lift all densities off your field as easily and effortlessly as it gets. Enjoy this refreshing experience as often as you choose and even put it on loop during a difficult day (it works great even with the volume turned completely down).
  • “Breathe In Neutrality”: This energetic protocol is a subtle yet extremely powerful way to infuse your intentions with the magic of Neutrality. Let your resistance melt away, as you experience an invigorating frequency shower through the invocation of the right and perfect P.I.C.N.I.C. Codes of Light. Use this tool every time you want to release your resistance and embrace the new.


‘Ultimate Monetary Abundance” + 5 bonuses (for 1 person)

Total Package Value $1821

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $198 Only!

**SAVE 89%**


Note: We offer a 7 days refund policy due to the nature of the package and NO refunds will be processed after the 19th of December 2015


AkisI received 900 euros from two different sources in one day! I was taken to the hospital due to a sudden sickness (a blessing in disguise) and I met a doctor that I could finally trust to operate a surgery on my hernia, which has restricted me significantly during the last few years. Now, the best part is that my surgeon revealed to me how to be treated for FREE, for a surgery that would normally cost me 2.800 – 3.000 euros! My live appearances for the season started at least a month earlier than usually and I have been busier than any other year so far. My first two students enrolled already too. During the last few days, more and more people are interested in my house, that I have put on sale. Regarding my health, I am releasing weight with ease and I am making better nutritional choices without struggling. I released a lot of annoying symptoms, like itching, allergies and body pains and I enjoy a newly acquired level of wellness altogether.”

~Akis K., singer, song-writer, guitar teacher

AlexandraI manifested the 550 euros that I needed for a business trip, 3 weeks earlier with total ease. I attracted even more money after that and I took care of all my bills (even an unexpected one) before I went on my trip. I was very conscious on my spending, which allowed me to have money even after my trip was over. This has never happened for me before! I experience a profound level of empowerment regarding my finances and I am becoming a better money manager every day. My family rented our 2 houses immediately after joining the program, which added an additional 5.040 euros to our yearly bottom line. I connected with the right people to take my business life to the next level with ease and I attracted a couple of strategic partners to promote and raise funds for the Jazz Club of which I am the President. During the last couple of days, I achieved a business agreement with a very reputable conservatoire, I closed a deal with a major organization in Cyprus and I found a way to bring in money for our Jazz Club even without selling tickets at our events (top secret strategy)! On top of all that, I initiated a new business activity that will create a healthy side-income for me, while doing something I totally love. Health wise, I quit smoking, my sugar addiction is cured, my chronic headaches and migraines are eliminated, I stopped using pain killers and other pills regularly, I no longer use chemical products on my body either, I eat more naturally, I started releasing weight, I no longer drink alcohol and my right knee that was in pain (often excruciating) for more than 3 years, is completely healed now!”

~ Alexandra K., musician, event organizer, Board President of the Association of Jazz & Creative Music

AlexDI received a tax deduction of 800 euros. While being on vacation (after the manifestation of unexpected income by my partner), a friend of mine from Ireland liked my sketches so much, that he is willing to demonstrate my work to publishers in his country. In fact, this is the first time that I am even considering making money from my art and I am gradually moving into a neutral space regarding money.”

~ Alex D., Photographer

DespinaI received 2.500 euros in cash, I randomly found another 100 euros and I launched a new business project that will provide me with a healthy additional income in my spare time. I was invited to participate to a Bazzar, where I had the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and very savvy entrepreneurs. I received very timely business coaching for FREE and I now have a crystal clear vision of my next steps and a concrete business plan in place. I am creating six new products for my main business already and I attracted a new business partner, who markets an exclusive product with a great margin of profit in a very hungry niche. The coolest part is that I manifested this partnership out of the blue! This opportunity alone will put me in a completely different tax bracket within a few short months! On top of all these, my arm that was in pain for a long time is totally healed!”

~ Despina F.

FotiosI experienced a significant boost in my business revenue, almost immediately after joining the program. I had applied many times for a payment plan for an outstanding electricity bill that was keeping me awake at nights, because it could simply put me out of business. My applications were rejected one after the other. However, just a few days into the program I was notified that the breathe-easy payment plan that I so needed, was finally approved! But the best of all, is that I managed to totally overcome a major health crisis that I went through, during this challenging time. I am now both completely recovered and in peace of mind!”

~ Fotios B., entrepreneur

YannisI doubled my business revenue very quickly (from 150 to more than 300 euros per day) and then I almost tripled it (bringing in more than 400 euros per day). Very soon I became the busiest track driver in our collaboration and, as a result of that, the most prosperous of all by far! I also received a tax deduction of 6.800 euros. Meanwhile, my chronic knee pain got healed too and I lost weight without dieting, to the extent that I can now wear certain clothes that I couldn’t fit in for 7 years!”

~ Yannis K.

EvgeniaMy business reached its maximum revenue capacity (a healthy 400-450 euros per day) during the first 22 days of the program.The cancellations stopped almost immediately and I experienced a “full house” at least two weeks earlier than expected! On top of that, I was inspired to utilize an additional resource to serve as many clients as possible, which added an additional 10% to my revenue! Regarding my health, I released weight without even trying and my chronic coccyx pain got completely healed! I have even more to share with you, so please read below.”

~ Evgenia B.

LydiaHere I am again, writing on behalf of my baby daughter this time!I am very proud to announce that my 2 year old baby girl manifested the full tuition of her nursery school, which costs 3.100 euros and also includes full, very high-quality, organic nutrition (5 meals per day) which means at least another 250 euros per month! The particular nursery school that we applied for and were accepted for FREE, was our first choice due to its great reputation and it is also very close to our house. So, my little angel manifested a total of 5.600 euros in real life value, that would actually come out of our pocket! I was ready to include this success to my own testimonial, but then I remember that my daughter was part of this program and I was floored!”

~ Evgenia B. on behalf of Lydia K.


“I am an actress and things have been so slow. Monday morning I had an acting job in my inbox!-I had signed up Sunday evening!!”

~ Many, many Thanks

“I have received an email interac money transfer of $200 already during the call, 2 days later won $50 gift card at work from the head office for best styling at the store :-))!”

~ Slavica

“Loved your call and energy....I have already had more new clients since your call and I have taken on an Astrologer on my website so will receive 40% commission from his bookings I make which is cool.....My son will be coming in to several thousand pounds at Christmas and he wants to buy me laptop for Christmas for my business to make up for all the times no one helped him buy me a gift, which is so sweet of him although not sure whether I can let him spend that as its his money, he has been given from my parents which matures when he’s 16 in December......Also on the call I had a voice say this works...I have listened to many calls and never had such a strong this works. Anyway so excited to share my good news over the weeks to come. Thank you! Lots of Love!”

~ Trisha

“Hi Niky Looking forward to this! I have manifested an unexpected cheque of €230 already! Many thanks.”

~ Marina

“I want to report that the very next day after I signed up for the program, my usually tightfisted ex-husband offered to pay for our daughter's tennis and ballet lessons. My daughter is in the program too .. :)”

~ Harshi

“Niky, “I listened to the 3 audios and downloaded into myself the energy shifts and voila! My ex boss texted me right after and met to give me the money he owed me! Yay! I'd been counting my pennies thinking I'd never see that $ and now I'm really looking forward to further shifts. Woohoo!”

~ Shamar

“I purchased the package Saturday night Sunday I checked Saturday's mail and found a check for $1200 I wasn't expecting for a month today I got a $350 check from New York State - a "child tax refund" for 2014 I never heard of. I don't want to step out of this energy - not even for 5 minutes I am loving it!”

~ Cyndi

“Are you keeping track of successes yet? Count me in for an amazing $350!!!! I just got a call out of the blue ... someone who had a crazy story about how she even found one of my websites ... This is truly, truly, truly amazing!!!! Thank you!!! PICNIC on”

~ Sue

“Wow I have been blown away by what is already happening with my abundance flows!! SO very grateful for your program!!!! Thanks again Niky your work is truly amazing!!!”

~ Karolyn

“Hi Niky, I received an unexpected $1000.00 this morning!Great call yesterday”

~ Debbie

“I have been listening to your audios since I received, and I have manifested a couple of hundred dollars from unexpected source, which I am grateful.”

~ Naoko

“I'm so happy, thankful and grateful for the abundance that has already showed up since signing up...and for all that is on it's way...looking forward to the unfolding of all the blessings we are all destined to have.Infinite blessings to all!”

~ Naseema

“Am excited to go down this journey into neutrality. I receive $700 from a family member as a house warming gift! Very unexpected but grateful! I am open to receiving abundance and happiness in my life!!!”

~ S.A. , Texas

“$125 showed up as gifts so far !”

~ Carrie

“Good News: Someone who has owed me money for over two years, finally paid me. She owed $277, but she had the good grace to send me $300. I'd like to remain NEUTRAL around money, so that it can easily flow to me in large amounts. Amen. And thank you, Niky!”

~ Sophia

“Hello everyone, Lynn from the uk. So excited, especially after just listening to the replay. I have to tell you that I am an artist and haven't sold a painting since 2013 because of the economy. Today I SOLD a painting I created 3 years ago! Yay, getting ready for the ride! Love to you all, my fellow creators of abundance xx”

~ Lynn

“Yesterday I manifested an extra $1000 that I needed to attend a conference next month. Invoice paid in full within 3 hours of sending it. I credit the ease with which this happened to the fact that I was NOT attached to how it turned out and I was NOT stressing over where the money was going to come from. I was in a place of fun neutrality. Let's PICNINC on!”

~ Joumana

“Earlier this week after I listened to the "Show Me the Money" Mp3 and I received a referral client who is a model and extremely popular. She said I'm exactly what she has ben looking for and will be doing weekly sessions with me for 125.00! thats an extra 500.00 to my income every month. Niky is awesome !”

~ Danielle

“I got a new opportunity that i didn't received before.

I got several programs which i was interested for just for free (thank you source)

I got some nice new clothing for free ( Because someone else treated me with this gift)

i see it in the gift of a new possibility a new way for me to step and shine into this world

I see it with new idea's coming in for my business that will be integrated into my business in a later moment

I saw it with my parents :

Like my mom was gifted a lovely bouquet of flowers

My dad was gifted with 2 bottles of wine ( he loves to drink wine)”

~ Saphira

“I was going through my late mom's old purses and wallets before donating them to Goodwill and found a $100 bill! Glad I thought to check through them all....:--)”

~ Barbara

“Just got amazing news from my mother! They have been afraid they were going to have to lose everything in order to provide the care my father needs for his Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and my mother just learned that they qualify for a program that takes care of everything! And I didn't even signed him up for the session and things are getting better for me and it seems like everyone around me.”

~ Nini

“Just got amazing news from my mother! They have been afraid they were going to have to lose everything in order to provide the care my father needs for his Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and my mother just learned that they qualify for a program that takes care of everything! And I didn't even signed him up for the session and things are getting better for me and it seems like everyone around me.”

~ Nini

“I am in shock in a good way, today I received an email (only just read it) from a company that I borrowed about £600 from, as things where tight but high interest rates....I have copied some of the email below they have told me my debt is being wiped to zero and my credit score will be amended I dont need to do anything will be wiped by end of October 2014 and told me to stop minimum payments.....I feel like Ive won the lottery whoo hoo.x

We will automatically clear any outstanding debt you have with us and your balance will be set to zero. This will be done by the end of October 2014. You do not need to do anything. ......

The amazing thing is this rarely happens and I never even asked they informed me love it..........x...£600 wiped off thank you God/Universe.xx”

~ Trisha

“Got a message late last week from a friend who is a professional house sitter. She has a place I've looked after before available for the week over Christmas and has asked if I'd like to stay there. What a great way to have a holiday but not pay for accommodation in an area of Sydney that has beautiful headland walks, near the Harbour. She left another message this morning asking if I'd like a 3 month house sit in a suburb close to where we currently live. It would save a heap of rent money! P.I.C.N.I.C at work!!!! Xx”

~ Kate

“I have been participating in a 52 week nature challenge since January. Each week a group of close to 200 artists located worldwide do a piece of art based on endangered species. This painting was chosen to be presented to veterinarian conservationists at their annual conference. Since we started I have had three articles featuring my art in the local media. So grateful for the publicity!”

~ Lynne

“My friend just messaged me. She said she received a $200 voucher for facials at a place that her coworker's wife just opened. And she said she'll bring me along so free facial for me! Appointment should be for next Saturday. Horray!”

~ Victoria

“My mom just received a free session with a well known healer, valued at $400. My mom had been trying to contact her for several weeks and did not receive a response because the e mail got lost. The healer is gifting my mom to make up for the lost e mail and lack of response. What an amazing gift! And my mom is getting an appointment quickly considering the healer usually has a long waiting list! So generous!!!”

~ Linda

“My husband who is unknowingly on this program received an unexpected cheque this week for £700. Very grateful. Thank you Niky and thank you Universe”

~ Karen

“Since I heard you on Eram's telesummit something shifted in me . The first week I won $50.00 playing lottery.”

~ Awilda

“Hi Ms Saeed, This healer (Niky Rey) is amazing. I got free gifts 3 days in a row.

The first was to be 100th customer and okay I got a cake mix free but what was so amazing was how it happened.

The cashier forgot to charge me for a 5 liter bottle of water and the security checks for this on the exit. I had to go back and paid for it before the next customer in line. Everyone employed there got excited in the store.

The next day I got a live free session on Align With Your Purpose telesummit for the speaker to demonstrate her methods.

The following day after the summit I was offered a 30 minute follow up session that she offered her audience.

Anyway I feel lucky.

Trisha in the Facebook group was listening to "Show Me The Money " bonus mp3 every evening before bedtime .The result was she did not have to pay back 600 sterling and was informed of this through email and had her credit score improved. She also got referrals for new clients and will get paid from these clients.

Danielle got a new client and that will add $500.00 more to her business monthly.

Victoria got a free gift of a facial from a friend.

Linda got for free household items and supplements from a friend

Barbara adopted a neutral attitude towards her hospital bill and the bill was $23,000.00 for a hernia operation and the insurance paid almost all except $150.00 which she had the money to pay.

There are so many others that got gifts as well.

Her energy on her first call The PICNIC Initiation call blew me away! I loved the feeling of neutrality and felt energized. I have never felt such sublime energy. Everything in my surroundings looked crisp and vibrant.

A most powerful healer.”

~ Reenee

“A friend gifted me with $50 today, and treated me to brunch at a very fancy restaurant. Another friend gave me 2 tumbled stones, one of which I've wanted for a long time. The other one is a beautiful shade of blue and has very loving energy.”

~ Linda

“I made some abundant cupcakes while on call with Niky today- and got 2 job offers!! woot woot! Picnic time!”

~ Amy

140 British Pounds towards electricity bill!
“Ooh just want to share that today a brown envelope came through my door along with a familiar sense of dread. It was a letter telling me the government is going to give me £140 towards my electricity bill for December! Yay, it has begun, happy dance!”

~ Lynn

“I wanted to share with you all. Last week I bought 2 scratch off lottery tickets. 1 was a 6.00 winner. I bought 2 more and yesterday realised 1 was a 3.00 winner so I took it inside and bought 2 more tickets a scratcher which was a 5.00 winner, the other is a draw and I'm waiting to see if I won anything on that. I know it's small but in neutral state, I suppose small is the same as large if I'm staying neutral. . I'm smiling because the fun has just begun...”

~ Mona

“More manifestations today! I will be receiving a large monetary gift at the end of this year. Yay! Also, my healing work and my book, "Dancing Your Life," will be featured on an awesome website with lots of visitors.”

~ Linda

“Hello my dear fellow PICNICers
I just have to share my joy with you and so grateful you are here to share. I have entered my Son in the program – even so he didn’t want to know He has been in a rather dark place for the last 3 years, after his discharge from the Army – he had injured his back. Living on a Veterans Pension and in a very undesirable area – he was getting more and more depressed. I can’t tell you how worried I have been for him and so hard to watch him going down that road. The last few months he has been looking to move to an even worse area for cheaper rent. He just phoned – not only has he found a really nice place on the beach near us – beautiful area – for less rent than he is paying now. Unheard off ....yeahh. The current tenant didn’t want his furniture – almost brand new – and Jace (son) was offered to buy it for $10 000. Even so a great price – all included: new fridge, TV ,washmachine and it goes on – you get the idea It was too much for Jace. The guy just rang him and told him he can have it all for $1400 – wow – totally amazing – really amazing. Son is still in shock and the rest of the family is dancing with joy. It’s like he left the past behind him finally. I am so grateful much much love to you all.”

~ ute

“instead of a bill i just got a surprise check back from comcast for 160 dollars!”

~ Jerry

“Good morning all my PICNIC friends, I received a very nice unexpected bonus today, completely out of the blue !! Yeah it is working !! Love, love, love this energy and our wonderful group.”

~ Diane

“Hi folks, I just got a raise and what are my new duties? Exactly what I've been already doing! Interesting..”

~ Lu

“Hi folks, I just got a raise and what are my new duties? Exactly what I've been already doing! Interesting..”

~ Lu

“Hi folks, I just got a raise and what are my new duties? Exactly what I've been already doing! Interesting..”

~ Lu

“Listened to it last night and this morning my boss brought my 5 year anniversary card which included an unexpected gift of 100.00 gift card! Woo hoo!!!”

~ Pam

“Yesterday I had dinner with a friend whom I owed 350EUR (about $450) and I had not seen for a long time. We had a lovely time catching up with each other, then I pulled out the money and said "I thank you so much for being there for me".She said she didn't want it. After some insistance on my part, and arguments like me not liking to be tied to someone by feelings of obligation and all, she said "You don't owe me anything. I don't want that money. Consider it as a gift and please don't feel any sort of obligation towards me". And I got back home happier, richer in many ways, and with eur350 to put back in my bank account”

~ Paolo

“Week 1 - My $1300 CA State income tax refund check shows up.

Week 2 - I close a deal faster than I ever expected.

Week 3 - I close another deal faster than I expected. It was EZ. Week 3 I interacted very differently with my new Boss no. 6 who is a cranky , bully sort of alcoholic. I was able to quickly neutralize a negative experience. These protocols are really working for me.”

~ Heather

“Today I received a $47 check from my electric company. I thought my last bill reflected the credit they owed me but I guess that was not the case. I think this means I will be able to pay all my utilities this month. Huge sigh of relief! Lots of gratitude to PICNIC, to Niky and to all of you! How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?”

~ Linda

“After years and years of working on heavy jobs just to make ends meet and after another couple of years of being unemployed, I found the perfect day-job for me that allows me to keep a few other side-income activities in my schedule as well (which translate into even more money for me). By working only 3 days per week I will be bringing in almost 900 euros per month, by doing what I love the most: Giving guitar lessons! WOW! Thank you Niky!”

~ Evagelos

“I won $10 from lottery for 2 times consequently & I really believe that huge wealth abundance is coming my way at the speed of light!”

~ Helen

“After listening to the “PICNIC Release Mode” audio, I was introduced to a hugely discounted offer for a long-distance air-ticket that I needed to buy. I saved $2000!!!! Yes, I know! It is HUGE!”

~ E. S.

“I was surprised by these wonderful crystals and wands in the mail !! My friend told me to pick some things from her store as a gift. I picked two wands but she added some extra treats. Definitely a P.I.C.N.I.C experience”

~ Danielle

“Since I listened to the interview (and I felt compelled to listen to the replay a few times, too) a few things have started happening in my life (and that of my "secret picnic companion" - my fiancé): I got an extra private class which will mean £80 extra a month (it doesn't sound like much, about $100, but for me it's huge - I've been "stuck" around money for so long!), my fiancé has been offered extra hours at work, very well paid; my fiancé accompanied his mother to their big weekly food shop, and came home with a huge box of food which she'd unexpectedly paid for, and £40 to help out with everything. The morning after signing up we'd both slept really deeply and had an unexpectedly romantic breakfast with lots of laughter and light-heartedness (me, the constant worrier!)...I can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring!”

~ Natalia

“Today I realized that I'm not worrying about money and when that lifted how constant it's been. I have confidence that it's on it's way. (ed: stress reduction is so important for our health and wellbeing, so that is a big side benefit!)”

~ Ashley

“This stuff is starting to work, how fun! I just got an $90 tip last night, one of the biggest yet. I looked the guy straight in the eyes and thanked him for his generosity. Smiled all the way home. Once the excitement calmed down, I experienced a huge opening in my heart area. And I'm thinking that is really what this is all about, right?”

~ Lu

“Well this is hilarious...I go to pay my credit card bill via phone and I get transferred to a company that gave me a $25 restaruant voucher and a $100 credit card that I can use at various retailers (like Target, Macy's etc.)...can we say PICNIC??”

~ Karolyn

“OK, now we're talkin' - my former boss who still occasionally needs my help with his books just emailed about setting up his new LLC. So that will mean more cash flow”

~ Judy

“My husband doesn't know that I have purchased this program and that I am doing this wonderful process.

I've noticed lately that he has been receiving small unexpected gifts like a free meal, or movie tickets and even an unexpected check showed up for him for $830.00. I just smile to myself when he tells me about his great luck all of a sudden. The funniest one was when we were on the phone together yesterday talking and he told me to hold on for a minute. He came back on the phone and said that he was just standing in a parking lot and a $10 bill blew over right by his shoe. He looked around and no one else was around. So, I guess my PICNIC energy is flowing to him! I LOVE TO PICNIC !!!”

~ Diane

“Had an interview today ... They were going to let me know tomorrow ... But called me 30 minutes after my interview and asked me to join there team!!! Yeah!!! And at a great salary !!!!... I P.I.C.N.I.C before during and after the interview !!!”

~ Sherrie

“I am so excited to learn your priceless technique. Since I signed up I have felt a certain calm knowing and confidence at work. I don't think about commissions they just easily find me!!! Thank you and I look forward to learning more how to be neutral and the PICNIC method!!!”

~ Blessings, Polina

“I've been having some hopeful results with job interviews, since I joined your program! I am on my way to land my dream job! Thank you!”

~ Rose

“My oldest son who is currently at the University of Edinburgh for his Masters in Asian Studies has suddenly been approached by two different companies already interested in having him join them in their fast track to Corporate Executive program, even though he just started his masters! One of them is #208 on the Forbes top 2000 companies, and while started long ago (East Bay Trading Company long ago) by 2 Univ. of Edinburgh grads, it is now currently based out of Hong Kong. The other is a Japanese retail company (similar to the GAP) that is spreading world-wide. Amazing!”

~ Barbara

“Happy news! My law firm will pay for a Certified Attorney course for me! PICNIC Party!”

~ Astrid

“I have my first signs of abundance coming in. Yesterday one of my private patients gave me a scarf and matching purse that she had bought on a turkey trip. Then I received a letter from the government that they will finally transfer the 1104 € they owe me. Last time it took them 10 months to give me the money, this time only 6 months.”

~ Saroja

“I celebrated my 46th Wedding Anniversary yesterday, October 24th!! We had a beautiful day celebrating with adult children and 11 grandchildren! When I thought that my day couldn't get any better than that my daughter handed me a cheque for $500.00! I am so blessed!”

~ Sybil

“Last Saturday at Health and Wellness event in Our town Creston. I had so much enthusiasm that I didn't recognize myself .I get new clients. Thank you Niky and all of you for your support. Love you all”

~ Kveta

“I have some great news on my latest manifestation....Tonight I was going on a date but that got cancelled, so my friend invited me to listen to him give Astrology Readings on a Radio Show in America.....I was Introduced as being a Numerologist and as a result have been asked to be a Guest on November 08th 2014 giving free Numerology Readings....The bit I didn't realise is they have 12,000 listeners to that 2 hour show and they give my website details out to the Audience...........So a cancelled date ended up me making new Connections and to be a Guest Speaker to thousands Whoo hoo it was awesome. Plus I had said Months ago I would love to do Numerology Readings on the Radio......Next time I'm signing up my friends and my son for the 99 days.....”

~ Trisha

“I got a lil job this weekend and made an extra 200. Yay!”

~ Shamar

“My husband recently spoke at a conference, was quoted by other speakers and got an invite to a VIP yacht dinner. This is on top of lots of appreciation pouring in for his work.”

~ Sharie

“Monetary update ! I went from doing volunteer work to making over 800 dollars this month for sessions ! My model client LOVES me and I just had a successful session with her publicist and she referred a model in London to me as well as her mom !”

~ Danielle

“I received two cheques in the mail: one expected, one not. A guy at work who has been an incessant bully has removed himself from working with our team. I have two new job prospects that have come up. I got an email about potential new flatmates that will save me over $1000 in rent each fortnight. I feel like I'm floating on a cloud today. PICNIC, PICNIC, PICNIC!”

~ Kate

“I just received word that my employer & the board of directors have approved a 2% raise retro from Oct. 1”

~ Marcy

“Just got $110 for large canvasses can no longer use as stopped painting and having them around only make me feel"should" use them”

~ Anne

“I decided to offer instruction in 14 healing systems that I don't usually have on my website, and to make the instruction available until the end of the year. I announced it on Sunday.

Today (Monday) someone purchased instruction for 9 of the healing systems! It is PICNIC party time”

~ Linda

About Niky:

Niky Rey (1)After years and years of struggle and a lot of emotional pain, Niky Rey healed her life through a unique healing system she created, that embraces the miraculous potential of the Quantum Field (also known as the Zero Point Field in Quantum Physics) and utilizes the power of Vibrational Neutrality. Backed up by innovative vibrational technology, the P.I.C.N.I.C. Code allows deep and profound transformation in the easiest and most subtle yet powerful way. Niky Rey is now ready to share her creation with the world and to assist people with their most pressing problems like money and manifesting the life of their dreams the P.I.C.N.I.C. way!


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