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Creator of iZone Technology

Are you ready for the Vibration of Wellness?

Are you looking for your relationships to become positive, supportive and nurturing?

Are you REALLY wanting your life to finally start moving in the right direction?

Are you interested in achieving extraordinary success?

Introducing Michael Allenbright and his Unprecedented Energy Healing Work

Consciousness is at the base of everything. All matter originates from consciousness. This implies that all goodness as well as challenges in your life originate from Consciousness as well. To heal our challenges we need to clear up the consciousness.


Michael combines Science and Spiritual Healing in unprecedented ways. Michael was born with a gift of supernatural healing capability. He has honed this gift through 30 years of intense practices under the guidance of several enlightened teachers. Using his scientific and engineering training he has also built an unprecedented consciousness healing technology called iZone® Technology to remotely heal a person's consciousness.

Michael is Like a Doctor of Consciousness

Energetic Support at the level of consciousness brings PROFOUND results in all challenging areas of our life:

  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression

  • PTSD, Anger, Addictions

  • PMS, Menstrual issues

  • Learning Disabilites

  • Cancer, Heart Diseases

  • Liver problems, Diabetes

  • Business or Financial issues

  • Relationship issues

1 Month of iZone® Beam Healing Program
For One Person/Pet

Total Package Value $250

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127

Discount: 49% Off

Multiple quantities can be purchased. Group discount available at checkout.

*Due to the nature of this package, there are no refunds and all sales are final.

iZone® Beam Healing Program

What is the source of all Happiness and Abundance?

happinessEach one of us has a power source within us that feeds our body and mind. This power source is our own life force that makes life possible. This life force provides us with everything that we need in order to lead a good life: safety, good health, financial well being, good relations, and happiness.

It is when our body and mind gets disconnected from our power source that we begin to suffer. Without adequate connection with the life force we do not get positive results from our actions.

Why do we get disconnected from our Life Force?

body-whyWe get disconnected from our power source when negative emotions get built up in the human body and mind. There can be layers upon layers of negative emotions in our psyche. Negative emotions come in various forms such as anxiety, anger, negative beliefs, hatred, greed, jealousy, judgement, blame, self-esteem issues, etc.

The negative emotions also create a snowball effect. Negative emotions create disconnection from the life force and disconnection creates more negative emotions. This is the reason why vast majority of people are unable to come out of the quicksand of negative emotions without some outside help.

Unprecedented Solution: iZone® Technology

After 30 years of research, I have found that there is an energy in the Universe which has the capability to heal our body and mind relatively quickly. It has the capability to repair the damage done to our body and mind due to the disconnection with our life force. It also clears up the negative emotions stored in our body and mind, thereby restoring our connection with our own power source. I call this energy as Grace. Please note the term Grace used here is not related to the religious concept of God. This term refers to a high quality healing energy that is abundantly available in nature, just like electricity or magnetism.

energy-connectI have created a proprietary consciousness technology that draws the energy of Grace from nature and remotely channels it to you 24 hours a day wherever you may be on earth. The energy of Grace is abundantly available in nature. However, we need to harness this energy from nature and channel it to a person to improve the quality of their life. This is similar in concept to electricity, which is abundantly available in nature, but we need to harness it to make use of it in our day to day life.

The consciousness technology device is located in the Himalayas where the energy of Grace is abundantly available. The device is placed near the city of Darjeeling at an altitude of 10,000 ft. I call this consciousness healing technology the iZone® Technology. The iZone Device is a highly sophisticated system that is based on the principles of quantum physics.

izone-machineThe device has two major functions. On one side it harnesses the energy of Grace from the rich environment of the Himalayas. On the other side it establishes a wireless connection with the energy body of the client. I use a person's legal name, date of birth and place of birth as a means to calculate the frequency of the energy body of the client. It is like the cell phone number of a person. Once you have the cell phone number you can send text to that person. Similarly once I have the frequency of the energy body of the client, the iZone® Device can send the energy of Grace to that person.

joyiZone® Energy Program is a healing program designed to get the energy of Grace sent to you 24 hours a day. When you sign up for this healing program we will ask you about the main issue that you are currently dealing with in your life— what issue, if solved, will take your life to the next level of well being?

The energy of Grace that is sent to you will be focused on that particular area of your life to heal it and bring relief to you. Each person comes with different amounts of issues in their Astral Body, so predicting the exact time frame required for healing is very difficult at best. However, most common physical and mental problems can be healed within 1 to 3 months of iZone® Energy. More deep rooted and complex problems can take longer.

1 Month of iZone® Beam Healing Program
For One Person/Pet

Total Package Value $250

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127

Discount: 49% Off

Multiple quantities can be purchased. Group discount available at checkout.

*Due to the nature of this package, there are no refunds and all sales are final.

Read These Amazing Case Studies and Testimonials From People Who Have Experienced iZone Beam Healing

Physical Issues

rae"I was reminded today of a conversation Michael and I had a while ago relating to a physical condition that was causing me pain. As we worked through the nature of it, I came away with his comment of ‘you are free’ ringing in my ears. For the next few weeks, I used that thought as a meditation whenever the pain arose. Whenever I did, it disappeared. The pain has been gone for a long time now, but those power words linger in my mind. ‘You are free.’ Yes, I am! Thank you, Michael!"

~ Rae

Chronic Issues

mary"My daughter Lisa has been suffering from Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis for nearly 5 years. The unpredictable nature of her bowel movements has created a lot of stress and anxiety for her. The worry only exacerbates the matter and has affected the health of her skin as well. She has been unable to exercise or stand on her feet for too long without swelling and pain. Her diet has become increasingly more restrictive and bland, and she has lost joy in eating. Now Lisa is on her 3rd month of iZone and things are improving. She is back to her normal weight and feeling happier. Her stress around eating is starting to subside and she is finding enjoyment in incorporating a variety of foods and flavors back into her diet. She has greatly improved over this last month and I pray some day her life will be free from the pain of Crohn's."

~ Mary

Physical Issue

dr-david-c"For 2 years I have been dealing with a condition somewhat like swimmer’s ear- fluid stuck inside my ear drum. As a musician, this has created many challenges as I haven’t been able to hear my instrument properly. I am a chiropractor and have sought the help of many healing modalities such as western medicine, homeopathy, hands on energy healing and bodywork, as well as prayer. After only 2 months on the iZone I am completely healed- it is the only thing that worked for this imbalance."

~ Dr. David C.

Happiness & Abundance or Physical Issues

aimee"My goal for healing on the iZone is to meet the perfect partner as I feel I am ready for such a relationship. I wish to heal my teeth and also my gallbladder, be pain free, clear my eyes, open my third eye, and love myself more. I wish to remove blocks, and be more present in who I AM.

I wish to take this moment to let you know how very grateful I am to all of you, the Universe and all my Spirits and Angels for arranging this gathering. Michael, words fail me to fully express my gratitude. I find that words are truly lacking to express feelings and emotions, and I for one will be glad when we once again practice Mind-communication. In the last couple of days, I found myself being the Observer of my Self. It seems weird, but feels so natural and right on. Since I signed up with you, memories of past lives are coming back. I celebrate memories coming back in such wonderful healers who are not afraid to "come out" now.

My acid reflux is history! Tonight was my third walk and it went very well. My left ankle gives me a bit less trouble now when walking. Almost NO pain in my lower back anymore (except when I stand too long), the restrictive feeling on my ribs is gone too. My vision is changing, as my glasses aren’t needed anymore.

Overall, I have a feeling of LIGHTNESS throughout my entire being, so much joy, especially since I decided I will definitely get "out of my own way" as it was put to me very rightly! Suddenly everything seems to be getting lighter, easier and more upbeat. I am working from my own intuition and healing ability. The feeling of really loving myself after a long time of absence is the most wonderful feeling. I get up happy and go to bed happy, happy down to my toes. Being my age (mind you I am not old), we are rarely seen or heard. Help is always appreciated. I express my gratitude to you. NAMASTE!"

~ Aimee

Emotional Issues

kassandra"Despite having a wonderful day today, I've been feeling the energy pattern of anger for some days now... I've "worked on myself" for many years and anger has always been challenging to allow and to fully feel. It is a quite amazing to me that this feeling has stayed around for so many days. It's REALLY a gift. Generally if anger pops up, it's so brief. This work is like something I've never experienced. I'm so grateful."

~ Blessings to all, Kassandra

Happiness & Abundance

kassandra"I'm beginning my 4th month on iZone and cannot be happier I am part of this program. This program differs from other programs I've been on, and there have been many! I say this because I realize that we're in a "fast fix" society these days and with iZone I find for myself that patience has served well. I have noticed changes these 3 months, but I'm beginning to feel like chunks of "debris" are vacating my energy field. A couple days ago I felt like the middle of my back was freer- like literally a big chunk of energy was gone. I'm noticing that my energy truly is shifting. I have incorporated invigorating hikes regularly now and notice I can hike faster without getting out of breath. I feel so "high" at the end of the hike.

One area of my life that is beginning to shift is organization. Due to my circumstances the past 5 years, I've become increasingly disorganized, with papers strewn about. At one time I knew myself as a somewhat organized person. Yesterday I began to create a filing system to "house" these papers. This is huge given my apathy for filing these past years.

It continues to amaze me that SUSTAINING changes can occur so quickly on this program. Sustaining is the key. All these many other programs have been good, but not sustaining. I feel good, but then the changes shift back to my "norm". I do experience a difference with iZone. Love and blessings to all."

~ Kassandra

Happiness & Abundance

"Wow, what a journey this has been so far! My son was called back to work a month early and then his company sent him to a course- all expenses paid- and also paid him his daily rate to upgrade him for his job. This was wonderful! He is doing great financially and his issues with anger are so different now, like a huge roaring bon fire that has petered out. His tone has changed too, there now is humour and calmness in his voice, much better.

As for myself I have been experiencing many highs and lows and what seems like life reviews. As things come up, I find I am not emotionally triggered by them in the same way I once was. I see them and feel something for a few minutes and it passes. I have been having a lot of dreams most of which I do not remember but feel them upon waking. My thoughts and feelings continue to change for the better, not so fearful... I am staying positive that a lot is being healed and the physical pain will end soon. I am looking forward to more changes and healing... thank you Micheal, staff and healing Grace energy! Many Blessings to all and everyone on this healing journey."

~ Cindy

Happiness & Abundance

"My intention with the iZone is to gain more clarity & balance in my body to prepare me for my new job. I have endured 7 concussions in my lifetime, which has resulted in me feeling unclear in my thoughts, as well as tired and unsteady in my body.

My first month on iZone was great. I felt connected to a higher source, which helped me to shift negative thoughts more quickly and I felt my intuition was stronger in general. I am also having amazing dream time experiences. However, I have no trouble believing that I still have stuck emotional patterns to clear up. One morning an old ankle injury flared up and I was unable to walk comfortably. Thankfully, it cleared by the next day. I hope someday I can feel this without being on iZone."

~ Linda

Chronic Issues

cindy"I started this healing for myself in March for a condition I have been dealing with for 13 years. I could not go to bathroom without extreme pain both ways, for years i went to many urologists, Naturopaths and energy healers. There were times I felt some relief but it would last about a week and that would be it. Over time it got so bad I was house bound and my life became very small, no relationship and no friends, money struggles and it felt like I was being tortured before going to the bathroom and during.
I started the healing program with Michael in March level 1 and now am on level 2. In the first month I felt a lot of relief emotionally and my thoughts changing for the better, I had incredible dreams. In the second month now I had about 2 weeks where the pain felt like it was worse, flue like symptoms headache and strange movements in my abdomen and lower back, extreme itching all over. Even with all that I knew this was good something was shifting! I have been so much more active in my home cleaning, moving my room around, went out grocery shopping on my own and have a much better look on life. As of today the pain is much lower, WONDERFUL! Many Blessings!"

~ Cindy

Happiness & Abundance

cindy-son"I started my son on this healing program because over the past few years this man who was so charming and great to be around became very irritable, grouchy beyond belief and angry at everything in the world, road rage at even traffic lights. It was so hard watching this happen to him. 10 days into the healing there was already changes in him, he seemed to be calmer and breathing lighter, at this time he was supposed to be layed off from work for 2 months and on day 10 he was called back a month early. Another week later and my goodness he is laughing more, his eyes are lighter, his thoughts are better- even when he is talking about something he does not like, he speaking lighter with humor now. My son also experienced flue like symptoms and head and ear aches in the beginning and still has a bit of that. Thank you so much Michael, Spirit and all involved in this wonderful healing."

~ Cindy

Physical Issues

trisha"I have a neurological issue that makes me tired and exhausted after a few hours. The energy doesn’t last through the day, my muscles get easily tired and don't function. I use a wheelchair part of the day. My breathing gets affected easily by just a little physical exercise. When I get tired, I cannot hold my body upright, and my speaking and thinking are affected.

I have been on iZone Phase 1 for about 5 weeks. During the first month I noticed some detoxification and more dreams. By the end of the month, I could walk a little bit longer before I had to sit down. During the first day of the second month on the energy, I suddenly could walk a lot more before needing to sit down and before needing the wheelchair. I have continued to be able to walk longer than before without having to sit. Now I also get refreshed sooner than before. If I did a little bit of physical exercise before, I had to sit in the wheelchair the rest of that day. Now I can walk a little again after a few hours rest!"

~ Trisha, May 2015

Happiness & Abundance

jennifer"Since our family has been on the iZone, we have all been calmer and more relaxed. We still have some times of stress but they are fewer and last a much shortened amount of time. My husband has experienced the biggest change and continues to surprise us with his much calmer reactions to situations. We are so thankful for being on the iZone and are looking forward to much more growth in our family!"

~ Jennifer, May 2015

"As a follow-up, this past weekend was extremely busy with a soccer tournament, yard work, fixing our underground sprinkler system, house cleaning and rearranging furniture, replacing a car battery and even baking. We worked together as a family and got so much done! We are so thankful for the great energy from iZone!"

~ Jennifer, May 2015

Happiness & Abundance

sandra"I seem to have less fear about aging and growing old alone. I just don't seem to worry about it anymore which is lovely! I have learnt to ´please myself more´ which makes me happier and this has the effect of pleasing others as well because they see me happy and positive.

My health is getting better all the time, and one particular issue which I have had for years is Improving daily. This is a tremendous relief. I know that it is improving with each day, and I´m very grateful for that.

Financially I'm going with the flow, and feel that my financial situation will improve with time. It is in fact already improving and I´ve found the confidence to trust that it will go on doing so. I´ve always shown a positive face to the world, but this is different. I feel happy and positive deep within myself. I'm not pondering over the future, I can really take each day as it comes, and all these amazing changes in attitude have taken place in such a short space of time! The Izone healing is indeed a wonderful journey to be on. I have very positive feelings about the future!"

~ Sandra

Emotional Issues

monique"Two things happened that must be because of the I Zone. A 24 year old male friend of my daughter's came over the other day and Erica (young daughter) actually talked to him. Erica has always run away when he comes near the house and has always said she doesn’t like him and has hidden. She’s been afraid of him.

She also spent a Saturday for 4 or 5 hours across the street with some other adult neighbors who are my age and spent the day helping in their yard. Again she has always been shy, especially of the husband, She stayed and had lunch with them. I couldn’t believe it when I heard! Erica must be starting to feel safer."

~ Monique

Emotional Issues or Physical Issues

kasey"Within the first week, I was having a great deal of emotional release - which was a good thing as I have a habit of holding emotion deeply and not recognizing how I feel about something until long after. Since this release, I do feel I have been more in touch with my feelings closer to the source.

I had a clear CT scan for swollen lymph nodes in my abdomen. The scan could not find a kidney tumor that was there two years ago. I was so afraid of the kidney tumor & swollen lymph that I would not go for the follow up scan. After I started the Izone, I felt strongly I needed to follow thru as my doctor had been requesting. I have had less headaches.
There is a great deal of stressful events - a very unpleasant divorce, where I am being messed with both financially and emotionally. And yet I feel much more sure and experience a great deal of happiness even living in this very trying & sorrowful experience. I have had a real surge of beautiful people join with me in friendship and love. And that is beautiful!

Overall, I feel I am on the continuum of improved health despite my situation and I am living in grace and gratitude."

~ Kasey

Emotional Issues or Relationship issues

kassandra"I am beginning my third month on iZone and am feeling much more calm and happy emotionally. Recently I returned from a visit to a place I had lived for nearly 15 years. I noticed I was experiencing greater ease in communication with friends I hadn't seen all these years. I was feeling so open and our exchanges were so "full" and rich with genuine contact. We laughed and had fun. My personality has been described and experienced as a person who "hides", is afraid to reveal herself in genuine, real and meaningful ways. This is shifting and changing and IS HUGE FOR ME. The ease of socializing and being genuinely in contact with another was and is very freeing. My experience of myself and with others is light and liberating. How incredible is that?? The iZone work is amazing. I have "worked on myself" via a spiritual work school since 1987 and it has been the iZone that has finally shifted my reality. I am deeply grateful to Michael and this work. IZone is the vehicle our world needs, at this time, to heal."

~ Kassandra

Walking After 10 Years

walking"Marjorie is a resident of a senior center in Bartlett, IL. She has been unable to walk for over 10 years due to various health issues. 4 months after being on iZone® Beam Healing Program she is now able to walk with the help of her walker and cane. She now regularly walks from her room to the meal room. She also goes for a short walk outside the senior center to feel the fresh air and experience the freedom that she did not have before"

~ Marjorie's picture after 12 months on iZone® Beam Healing Program. She is looking 20 years younger, full of energy and vitality.

Heart Atrial Fibrillation

heart"Arlene is 73 year old client who started having Heart Atrial Fibrillation (irregular and very fast heart rate) in 2008. These incidents started to increase in severity and frequency over the years. By 2014 she started to have these incidents once a month. In some of these incidents she had to be taken to the hospital to electrically shock her heart to bring it back to normal rhythm.

Arlene started on my iZone® Beam Healing in August 2014. Since August 2014 she has not had had a single AF incident. From once a month AF incident to none in over 5 months."

~ Arlene

Rare Form of Cancer Completely Healed

rare-from"Magdalena was diagnosed with a rare form of melanoma in her right maxillary cavity. Surgery, radiation and bio-chemo treatment all failed to rid her of the melanoma. Since she started the iZone® Beam Healing program with Michael her recovery from the chemotherapy treatments has been remarkable. Her doctors are baffled by her recovery with almost no side effects. Her strength is back and she is completely cancer free today. In her words, I can attribute this only to Michael's iZone® Beam Healing Program. Thank you."

~ Magdalena

Pinched Nerve Healed Completely

"Marisol is 50 years old and has been dealing with daily pain at level 10 from a pinched nerve in her neck. She tried physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, acupuncture, etc. since September last year with little relief. She had a Treatment done with Michael and in her words, I am so incredibly happy to say the pain is gone!! I have a hard time believing it at times but I have to because I am no longer suffering. No sore throbbing and tingles going down her arm."

~ Marisol

Severe PMS Issues Healed

pms"Poornima is 42 years old who had severe PMS symptoms since her 20's. Her symptoms included irregular periods (every 10 days), spotting, mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia, severe depression and major adrenal fatigue. When she started the iZone® Beam Healing program her symptoms were at a level 8 (on a scale of 0 to 10). Within a month, her level came down to 1. Normal periods, no spotting, sleeping better, depression lifted."

~ Poornima

Unbelievable Pain from Arthritis

Arthritis"My 98 year old grandmother had arthritis for the several decades. Recently her arthritis had become so painful that she would be screaming with pain and used to fall unconscious with the pain every three hours despite taking prescription painkillers. Within a couple of days of starting Michael's treatment her pain had reduced to where she was not screaming and falling unconscious with the pain. Within a week she was sleeping much better. Also, for over 15 years my grandmother had also been praying to the Universe to leave the body. But for some reason she felt stuck in this body. Within 3 months of Michaels iZone® Beam Healing, my grandmother passed away peacefully. She has been fully healed."

~ Daya

Lost 80 pounds

lost-80"Sue lost over 80 pounds after doing a iZone® Energy Healing Program with Michael for 12 months. She had a lot of health issues including high blood pressure and diabetes. There was a lot of clearing that happened. In her words, I feel a lot happier and lighter emotionally and physically!!"

~ Sue

Unusual Healing for the Horse

horses"Andy is a 11 year old Thoroughbred horse who was in a bad jumping wreck a couple of years ago. He had issues in his throat and neck and ulcers in his stomach which it difficult for him to eat or drink. He had a tendency to choke. Also Andy's backbone used to protrude."

  • Within a day he was eating well, energetic and pretty perky!!!
  • 3 days into the treatment his throat actually moved when he was drinking water. He actually drinking in gulps whereas earlier he was taking in a teaspoon at a time.
  • 10 days into the treatment his coat was much better. Neck knots less prominent. Spine less bumpy.
  • 20 days after the treatment, the spine is fairly straight. Overall his health based on appearance has improved with the treatment. He currently has gained 40 pounds and continues to get rounder!!!


~ Andy

Healing of a Class With Down's Syndrome Children

healing"Darlene, who teaches Grade One at an elementary school in Canada had iZone® Energy Healing done for her entire class with Down's Syndrome children. The doctors had predicted that some of these children will start to regress with age. Within a couple of months Darlene reported that the pediatricians were baffled as several students exceeded expectations in reading and math. Instead of regressing they were actually 3 months ahead of schedule."

~ Darlene

Severe Back Pain of 22 Years Completely Healed

back-pain"Nanci has experienced back problems since 1983. The pain would be so severe that she would be bedridden for months unable to walk. In her words, Since 1992 I have been in severe pain for every minute of every day of my life until August 2014. Just one week after a treatment with Michael she is completely pain free. It has been 6 months now and she still pain free."

~ Nanci

Acid Reflux is History!!

Acid"When I signed up last week for the iZone® Beam Healing I just wanted relief from acid reflux. The thing most bothersome was the intestines that kept me bloated; seems that all that "stuff" is bottled up right underneath my ribs, inhibiting my breathing greatly. Within 10 days, I am very happy to report that the acid reflux is history! What a relief. I wake up happy and go to bed happy. Michael, words fail me to fully express my gratitude."

~ Anette

Anxiety, Depression, Sadness - Within 4-½ hours, I felt fine!!

Anxiety"When I signed up with you last weekend, I was desperate and suffered from depression, anxiousness, and sadness. Within four and a half hours, I felt fine! I have been feeling much better ever since, apart from a couple of times, which is usually in the middle of the night, when anxiety has crept in, but it hasn't been debilitating anxiety - fairly mild, for me!"

~ Sue

Chronic Lyme is Gone!

Chronic"I joined the iZone® Beam Healing to find relief from my Chronic Lyme Disease. I had Chronic bloating—no matter what I ate or drank; parasites to include worms—roundworms and tapeworms; Babesia, Bartonella and Borrelia (Chronic Lyme) as well as food, environmental and chemical allergies that came with the Lyme.

I thought, 'If the Lyme was healed, I believe many of these symptoms would fall away.'

Within 10 days this is the update: My life is just so contracted - I have moments of lightness, peace, bliss. Most of all the Chronic Lyme is gone!!"

~ Daisy

Back Pain Gone in 10 Days!

"Before I started on the iZone® Beam Healing I had chronic low back pain and a weak tendon in my thumb. Since starting the iZone®, I have had an interesting week. My lower back pain went away. It is gone!! Also, the weak tendon in my right thumb no longer pops. My mood has been good. There are other realizations that have come to me this week. I can definitely say that a process is underway!"

~ Jean

Herniated Disc Completely Healed!

Herniated"First of all I have to express my gratitude to you and your gift, for me it's been so far an amazing feeling. Since I have been on the Consciousness Treatment everything, I have felt relief from my pain in my backside and my left leg. At times the pain will surface but it soon dissipates, unlike before where it was a constant pain. I never realized how much pain I was actually living with until now that I no longer really have it. I am able to sit for long periods of time without any numbing and I am able to bend without the pain.

Now I'm not going to say that I'm 100% yet, especially when I bend for extended time as I'm doing my gardening. However it's a HUGE improvement- I would say I'm at at least 90%. Which is amazing considering its only been a month and I had been living with sciatica pain for 5 years and the herniated disc for almost two years. It blows my mind!!

Anyhow in a nutshell, I can tell and feel progress and I'm just so amazed with the results that I am now sharing your gift with my husband … Thank you kindly!"

~ Ann

90 Year Old Undergoes Major Dental Surgery With NO PAIN!

90-year"My Mom, who has been on iZone® for barely 2 weeks now had major dental surgery yesterday. She had a bone graft and 3 dental implants.

I spoke with her this morning and she and my sister had already taken a walk and were out eating breakfast! She had absolutely NO pain and NO swelling, and required NO pain medication. She slept well and was ready to go this morning. Oh, and did I mention… she's 90 years young!"

~ Rose

Unexpected Money Relief!

Susie"My healing intentions were for abundance and to relieve my financial issues. I was having money difficulty and was very worried. Within 3 days of contacting Michael about my observations and journaling the changes, amazing stuff happened, all unexpected. Money from all different sources arrived, enough money to offer relief and freedom. Of course I immediately thought Michael had done something!

Words cannot fully express my belief in Michael's incredible gifts. Much has changed and many opportunities are presenting themselves.

The best way I am able to describe what is happening to me is this: I feel like I am just "sitting back and relaxing" while all this good stuff is coming into my life. I am much less worried and have a calm sense of confidence that all is working out. Thank you, Michael !!"

~ Susie

Sleeping Deeply Every Single Night!

"The first reason that I joined in was that I was suffering of bad mood, poor sleep, brain fog, and weight gain. I also experienced a lot of vivid dreams and a good, deep, long sleep every single night!! My weight is still not vanishing but I understand it is a process. By the way, my skin improved- I have less dark spots on my face and hands."

~ Penny

More aligned and positive … Hard to put into words!

"I do feel more aligned and positive about my future since I started to sleep better, pain levels are dropping somewhat. I woke last week thinking I was worrying for nothing, that everything was ok. I just felt different hard to put into words!"

~ Ruth

Pet Healing: Completely Recovered From Surgery

Dog"Angel had surgery on one of her ears and fully recovered after I enlisted her in this program. Beforehand, her ear skin around the scar of the surgery would not heal. I also noticed that her fur is much more hairy and shiny and got the original reddish color she used to have when younger. All in all she looks way better than before and she is a 13 year old happy doggy!!"

~ Angel

Got a Job Within 10 Days!

Betty"I went on a job interview on Tuesday and was given the job the same day. The pay is not quite what I desire yet, but after three years of being at home taking care of my sick mother, I can call that a miracle."

~ Betty

Nothing Short of a Miracle!

Jim"Hi Michael. Thank you for iZone®. The changes in my life have been nothing short of a miracle. This has touched every single area of my life. I am steadily losing weight, my health is increasing, and I am now in the process of interviewing for jobs after looking for work for 2.5 years. I would like to continue this beyond the current 30 day process. I am so happy, contented and filled with gratitude. Thank you so much."

~ Jim

Osteoporosis: 90 Year Old Re-growing Bones!

"The bone is beginning to grow over the implant hardware. The possibility of her bone matrix growing and strengthening is exciting. I actually noticed her face filled out some. Makes me wonder if additional bone (jaw) structure could be contributing. She's sleeping well, and has lots of energy."

~ Rose

Feeling Confident, Focussed and More Grounded!

Pauline"I have continued to feel stronger and more confident every day I even had someone at work comment 2 days in a row how well rested I looked. (Yet, my sleep has been off so I knew exactly where her comments were coming from — the quick results from working with you!!) All in all I am more at peace, much calmer (a few unwanted outbursts!/reactions)but so, so much better being more grounded and like my old self (which I couldn't recall otherwise). My thoughts are not as scattered and I am able to focus and get things done. Also, I am not as bloated as I had become accustomed to and am detoxifying as I am much more regular."

~ Pauline

Relationship With Son Healing, Feeling Great!

Jennifer"I would like to report to you that my attitude towards my son's situation changed dramatically last week. I don't feel any of the anger and it's so easy to just send love.

It's interesting how these things surface and get melted by the energy of grace.

It's also hard to even know what is stuck in me and how much of it is still there. The feeling is great though, I feel lighter like a density is dissolving. Thank you so much!!!! I'm so grateful!"

~ Jennifer

After 10+ Years, Exercising Again!

"For the past 10 + years I've abandoned a regular exercise program. I've been on the iZone® program for 1 1/2 months and recently I've been exercising 3-4 times a week. The exciting part is that I looking forward to working out! Thank you so much for your work and offerings!!"

~ Layla

Relationship With Parents Healed!

"My life has been shifting emotionally - with healing on this level - very difficult but worthwhile - I have reconnected with my parents in deep and meaningful ways, and have dug deep into my own self for deeper reflection… a very difficult period - but I am seeing that I am on a path to being closer to God, truth, and my Soul…"

~ Alex

Feeling Lucky!

Raina"On the lighter side for the last of days I felt it was a wonderful day and looking at it in grateful way. My luck has gotten better in small way and am look things a more positive perspective. I thank you it is helping clear negativity in my energy field… Have notice positive changes."

~ Raina

Gums Better, No More Dry Mouth!

"Everything is progressing for the better, even if there seem to be challenges emotionally coming up one after the other. I trust, however, that everything will turn out to be to the best for everyone.

Concerning my hips they felt very good… The gums are also better. During the nights and the morning I am not so dry in the mouth as I have been a couple of years ago."

~ Angela

Deep, Deep Inner Peace, Feeling Centered!

Priscilla"wow,wow,wow-letting go of lots of negative emotions,felt this very deep,deep deep inner peace and i would of loved for that to be permanent.I find myself feeling very centred,then i will get out of centre. I have a better concept of me as not my emotions,just allowing the negative to pass like a cloud in the sky… That feeling of that deep peace is amazing,more of that please.Thankyou so much… It is all great"

~ Priscilla

Pet Healing : Remarkable Recovery!

Helen"Flame is really starting to improve now, he is less lame and his hindquarters are starting to fill out again… Flame is still in the box but walking much better when I take him out."

~ Helen

About Michael Allenbright:

Michael-AllenbrightMichael Allenbright was born with a gift of supernatural healing capability. He discovered his gifts at the age of 7. He has honed his gifts through 30 years of intense practices under the guidance of several enlightened teachers.

Michael Allenbright is also a genius in the field of science and technology. He worked at Motorola for 16 years where he pioneered the development of 3G and 4G cellular technologies. Using his spiritual wisdom and scientific expertise, Michael has also built a proprietary iZone® Technology that harnesses a powerful healing energy from the Himalayas and beams it to a person 24 hours a day wherever they may be located.

Michael was born and raised in India and came to the US in 1990. Michael was born in a small city called Gorakhpur, the same city that Yogananda Paramahansa was born in. He has been taught by a direct disciple of Yoganada. Michael feels he is constantly guided by Yogananda. He now lives in San Diego 5 miles away from the Ashram where Yogananda wrote the world famous book Autobiography of a Yogi.

Michael has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and an MS in Computer Science from Michigan Tech. He worked as a senior executive at Motorola for 16 years where he pioneered development of 3G and 4G cellular technologies. In 2008 Michael decided to leave the corporate world and to make his passion as his profession.

Michael has spent 30 years mastering fields of metaphysics, psychology, and energy medicine. From extensive meditation to learning about Carl Jung's theories, Michael has explored the inner realms of the human psyche to find answers to perplexing human issues. Michael combines science and spiritual healing in unprecedented ways. His mission is to help people find relief from their struggles in the simplest and easiest way possible. Michael is like a Doctor of Consciousness. Healing at the level of consciousness brings profound results.

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