Each Session is 40 minutes duration

You can share your session with family and friends and give them an opportunity to work with Mia’s Soul healing process.

This is an opportunity to work directly with Mia not only on weight loss issues but on any issue of your liking such relationships, your children, health, success or abundance, your purpose or to support you in your work environment or business.

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Amandar“I had laser surgery for diabetic retinopathy in my left eye in December 2009. It did not stop the bleeding instead it caused permanent scarring and flashing in my eye! In September 2011 after several very intense healing sessions with Mia my eye has stopped bleeding.

I have had diabetes type 1 for many years and at times I could no longer bring down my levels with just insulin alone. I called Mia with my readings at around 20 mmols and not being able to bring it down with insulin and after a 3 hour session, my BSL was back within the normal range. I can now manage my diabetes and with less insulin than before the healings.

I was also given help with both ketoacidosis, with apparently only 4 hours to live, as well as a blood clot in my left arm. I have on many separate occasions had bad family situations just suddenly change for the better after a session. I highly recommend Mia’s healings to anyone who requires physical or emotional healing, or for those seeking an upgrade to a better version of themselves.

Thank you so much Mia and Spirit, I certainly have a lot to be appreciative for.”

~ Amanda T. – Wynnum Australia


Britr“I received a distant healing from Mia after my tonsillitis had still not improved when I was halfway through my second course of antibiotics.

I had already been in bed for 7 days due to lack of energy and was unable to eat due to extreme pain in my throat.

After only one brief distant healing with Mia, my symptoms immediately eased whereby I was able to get up within a few hours and was able to eat solid food for the first time in a week.

I was able to go back to work within 3 days.

Two years later I was diagnosed with a cyst on my ovary which was not going away even while on medication. I received Mia’s help with the pain. The pain went away almost immediately after the healings occurred. Several weeks later my doctor did more tests and the cyst had completely disappeared. The doctor was surprised it had totally disappeared.”

~ Brittany DW. – Brisbane Australia


Kerie2r“Extract from the book “Affirming and Focusing on Living a Better Life” by Kerie Logan the mother of Mia’s young client Arlen, who had Autism and could barely speak and had severe mobility issues before he received Mia’s distant healings in 2012.

At the time Arlen would walk a few feet and fall to his knees. He could not walk downstairs without someone holding his hand, and he could not jump or run. To my surprise and that of everyone else he started to gain his daredevil confidence. One day he was in the living room jumping off the couch. When he landed he did not fall on his knees. His balance was much better. I watched him do it over and over again. It was like a miracle had taken place right before my eyes. Within two weeks after the healings began he started to run around the house. I know it is a rule at the gym’s kids club to not allow the children to run, but the women were amazed to watch him run for the first time. They did not have the hearts to tell him to stop. To be able to witness him being able to run with joy and excitement just makes my heart sing. Every time I am grateful that words cannot speak. The gift Mia den Haan gave me is what every parent would wish. It was a blessing and I am so thankful.

Arlen was referred to Easter Seals for speech therapy however services were stopped in 2012 before Arlen could attend. This was what Kerie wrote in her book about Mia’s healings.

The next healing my son received was for his communication. When you have a child with autism, the communication barrier varies. My son is four and a half and could say words, but putting those words together to form a sentence was not easy for him. At times it felt like a guessing game and I had to learn to show objects of various foods to get a response from him. However, a week after Arlen received his speech evaluation he received his first distant healing for his communication. Within a few days people saw his use of words expand and it still does to this day. Every day his use of words and sentences expands. Now I have to watch my own words because there have been times he will recall and repeat what I said. I cannot help but smile with joy. I have not changed his diet or tried any new techniques. The average child can say the sentences Arlen now speaks at a much younger age, but an autistic child cannot. I can now have a conversation with my son and to me that has been priceless. While it may be hard for some people to believe in my son’s amazing healings, but he did not get any speech therapy over the summer from preschool and no other resources were available.”

~ Kerie Logan – Oregon USA


jesser-150x150“At the age of five my son Jesse could barely speak and showed all the signs of autism, and although we did seek help through his Early Childhood Teacher when he was only three, for some reason, it never became available. It wasn’t until he began attending Prep in January 2011 that we were advised by his teacher, how to get him properly diagnosed, so he could get the extra learning support he needed.

In March 2011, he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and arrangements were made for him to attend the Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP) 2 days per week. He also began to see a Speech Therapist and an Occupational Therapist once a week. However, despite all the extra help, his improvement was minimal. It wasn’t until late June 2011 when we decided to put him on one of Mia’s healing packages for the second time that his autism really started to improve dramatically!

In less than two weeks after the healing work began Jesse was speaking in full sentences and he began interacting more with his peers! My son’s phenomenal progress was also noted by his teachers at both his Prep school and the ECDP. He will no longer be attend ECDP after the school holidays and will be full time back at primary school.

When Mia first worked with my son when he was four she told us he would be healed, but only when he was ready, in his timing and not ours! His speech and cognitive behavior did improve somewhat at the time but not enough. However this time he was ready and the improvements are showing it..

Also, one night he was crying with severe pain in one knee and one ankle. Mia’s guidance told us it was fear related. Once the fear was released Mia’s guides told me he would be feeling good in a couple of minutes. As it turned out, he actually fell asleep in a couple of minutes.”

~ Jesse’s Mother – Amanda T. Wynnum Australia


Sunday1“I’m one of your fellow TSSC members, and I wanted to give you a belated testimonial for your show. Remember the woman you worked with, who was having troubles with her hip? At the time, you said that that particular healing probably wouldn’t be available to others, since she had such a complicated personal tangle to undo around it.

Sol I really wasn’t expecting anything, but I noticed a short while later that my own hips (which are better but still a little rigid, the remains of a neuromuscular immune etc. illness) were moving better! I had more fluidity, and more range of motion in them.

You may already have gotten tons of feedback of this kind, but I just wanted to be sure you know that your own range may be greater than you imagine!”

~ Sunday


Maiyahr1-150x150“Mia’s profound work is deeply spiritual and immeasurably upgraded my relationship with my mother. I am very grateful for this, as mom is 87 and taking care of her can be wearing. Also, I had deep genetic issues around masculine and feminine energy balances, that had resulted in my being raped when I was in my 30s. I had a deep shift during my session with Mia, and it immediately relieved several physical symptoms, including a piercing headache.

Because my session was so multilayered, I expect to be reaping benefits for the next 3 months! Thanks so very much Mia!”

~ Maiyah Olivas


Maddy2r“Mia gave me some priceless information. She read energy in my matrix that I hadn’t been able to see, let-alone identify. It was around the interactions I had with my parents when I was little. Mia has done some amazing work with autistic children and as a result sees and understands the brain in a uniquely informed and insightful way. She got that I saw upset on my mother’s face and heard upset sounds, and she said that the visual-kinetic aspect of my brain got all wired up with this upset. She was right – my mother was unwell and unhappy, and it made her emotionally unpredictable. There was no emotional safety, and it got all wired into me feeling small and powerless, which under girded a bunch of stuff around being unable to be financially successful or make my way in this world. All exactly what I chose for my setup, to support the work I came here to do, and the process I came here to have for myself.

Mia said it would take her 2 weeks to clear this but I could do it myself, and that was no problem. Over the next few days I became aware of several layers of this energy as they arose. Allowed them to be, found the places where things were stuck or needed undoing, and created healing for myself.”

~ Maddy Schafer (Energy Healer) – New Zealand


Betsy-Shands“I have had the great pleasure of working with Mia for some time now.

Her integrity is impeccable and her ability to hone in on blocks and clear them is remarkable. She works at very high level planes to access the information and once the clearings are complete there is no need to return to those issues again.
She is capable of tuning into and working on issues beyond the individual thus aiding in altering human experience on a larger scale.

It has taken me but a mere several months to reach the level of steady happiness in my life that I am living today.
I have more success in my work, more confidence in myself, and my life has transformed quite notably.
I have magical moments occurring on a daily basis, my intuition is expanding and I mostly experience inner peace these days. When I do feel a little out of synch, I am able to get back into alignment quickly.

I am so grateful for the work I have been able to do with Mia and for her mastery of the highest order. I continue to work with her on a regular basis.”

~ Betsy Shands US


Jane-healingconsciousness.co_.uk_-150x150“Thank you Mia very much for the session and taking the time to clear and rebalance all that needed to be cleared and rebalanced.

Mia's insights are totally spot on and I am so glad that the blockages are now cleared. I feel so much lighter and the underlying feeling of helplessness has cleared. I am also so happy the entanglements with men have been cleared!! :-)

Some weeks later I continue to feel the benefit of the clearing and the relationship with myself (my SELF) has a sense of purity and clarity to it.

I also wanted to encourage all those Souls that are drawn to her for healing, to do so. Mia is a beautiful, authentic healer who brings great wisdom and clarity to all those that she works with.

I am grateful that I was led to you Mia and for the upgrades, I look forward to the future with a lightness of spirit.”

~ Jane UK


Rhondar-150x150“Mia is a dynamic healer.

My experience working with her was like a energetic ride into the cosmic time machine and she can help one clear past life traumas that may be blocking one’s ability to trust and connect in the now.

Love her and her gentle, sincere and powerful gifts!

Gratitude for you my dear Mia.”

~ Rhonda Rule in California Energetic Healer


“When you work with Mia it's all about you.
Mia sees beneath the surface to events and feelings you may have long forgotten.

When Mia talks about something it's always a key to solve a problem for you. Mia is exceptionally gifted, gentle and extremely generous. Her insights are laser sharp. Her clearings are often immediate ... They continue over time ... They are deeply healing.

I came to Mia with tremendous grief, overwhelming exhaustion, and a sudden, debilitating arthritis in one hand. After feeling powerful energy shifts by using Mia's clearing MP3s and participating in her group calls, I signed up for her 15 days of intensive healing. As a result, I feel much lighter. In fact a colleague recently commented that I seem much lighter to her!

I have a reserve of energy now and my hand feels almost brand new! I use Mia's clearing MP3s whenever needed. I realize working through grief is a process, and Mia's MP3s keep taking me to the next level.

Your healing of my left hand saved me quite a lot of money in that the occupational therapy was so expensive I had discontinued going. It was my plan to continue with it at a later date, with the knowledge that I might need surgery. The very knowledgeable therapist taught me ways to live with my hand's dysfunction. However, working with you restored function by, I'd say, 95 percent ... and virtually eliminated the pain. Although I'm still careful with my left hand, for the most part it's back to normal.

Mia is so special to me ... just hearing her voice brings deep comfort and healing! I wholeheartedly recommend working with Mia!”

~ Audrey


“Dear Mia, You are very loving and giving. Talking to you is like chatting with a dear friend.

Your healing abilities are beyond words and much needed in our world at this time.

I am forever grateful to you for the 15 days you worked on me daily - before, during and after - my dad suffered from a sudden severe stroke.
He passed away peacefully on Day 7 and the hospital experience was so pleasant it almost felt unreal - there were 'angels' everywhere.

With the clearings you gave me, I (the usual nervous wreck) was able to go through a very difficult period with inner peace, strength and clarity.

My love and gratitude”

~ Wendy


“I have been fortunate in knowing Mia and having the privilege of several sessions with her and her spirit guidance.

These sessions have helped me to become more aware of old negative patterns and well-rehearsed habits that have held me back in the past and prevented me from moving forward. They have helped me to look deeply into who I really am and what my true purpose here on earth is.

They have given me strength and courage to follow that path, while letting go of fears and anxieties and have shown me new ways of being. I have new-founded hope and faith that I can make changes if I trust, and let go of wanting to control everything with my mind. I have gained new insights into issues that I had been trying to deal with on my own for years.

After a session with Mia, I have felt more peace about the situation which had been troubling me, and new hope that the situation can be resolved.
Mia is a warm and caring person with a great desire to help others to see their own 'specialness' and Truth, and develop themselves through insight into who they really are.

I would highly recommend her work to anyone who feels conflict in their lives.”

~ Libby C. – Hervey Bay Australia


“After several sessions with Mia I found that various areas of my life began to work much better and that stresses I used to get that affected me greatly diminished a lot after a spiritual healing session.

Working for a large organization and with a lot of corporate responsibility, managing large projects totaling millions of Euro's, I found that the spiritual guidance I received helped me in my decision making as well as dealing in a harmonious way with difficult clients or staff.

Thus, I can recommend Mia for any situation dealing with difficulties related to people.”

~ Piet K. Netherlands


“I bought Mia's package when I was very depressed and filled with sadness and loneliness at the lowest point of my life. My session with Mia was so incredibly interesting-I think she is the most unique energy healer I have ever experienced!:) I felt a big shift in my heart by the end of the session and learned so much helpful info. The MP3 items in the package were amazingly helpful. They contain so many sections along with PDFs to summarize the sections all with numerous clearings for many different super helpful topics-it's just like having Mia there to clear issues that come up!:) I look forward to being able to use them whenever I feel stressed or worried in the future. I especially loved item # 3 clearings for change as I was having a lot of trouble being able to clear blockages to be able to move forward in a positive direction in my life. After I listened to the recorded clearings in the order stated I feel so much more positive and excited about my future. I don't feel depressed anymore at all. Thank you so very much Mia for your amazing package!:)A million thanks and lots of love”

~ Kate B. Miami beach, FL


“During the past 5 years I have had several healings from Mia for different situations. One such situation was when my ageing mother and I shared the same house and were not relating well. After a session with Mia my awareness of her changed and that resulted in a much improved relationship between us.

On another occasion a close relative of mine who was still young at the time, was critical ill in hospital and we were told by her doctors that they were not sure if she would make it through the night. Mia did a channeled healing session that same night and told me she was going to live, which she did. That guidance gave me the assurance I needed during those difficult times, when medically no assurance could be given at first.

A third occasion was at work when I was having difficulties with a more senior staff member. After a session with Mia that situation much improved to make it more tolerable for me to deal with the situation.”

~ Helina Y. Brisbane - Australia


“I had a personal session with Mia and I'm very impressed by her Mia‘s Soul Healing and her ability to see and to remove what's been stopping me from living my life in a richer way.

In my case it was stuck emotions from a life-threatening event in my early childhood. I truly feel my issues with those emotions have been cleared with the Soul Healing, because this is really going to the core of me.

I can now go back into life with renewed interest and create my new life-story because I think this Mia Den Haan Soul Healing is going to open up new doors for me.”

~ Karin O.


“What makes Mia different from many healers is that she does not spend session time taking you through guided imagery to ground and then connect you to Source.

She had me email beforehand, the problem I wanted help with and when the session began, she immediately went to work to find the core issue of the cause of the medical problem.

I have multiple problems with my brain function and these problems have gotten so bad over the last 10 years that I have lost multiple jobs and all money in savings. I used borrowed money and I asked for help with adult onset dyslexia and micro seizures.

She began working behind my forehead, the frontal lobe. I was most impressed because I don't recall telling her that my dementia is the frontal lobe type.

She said one root cause was from fear, from a sudden traumatic shock/trauma. She "downloaded" the energy and her guides said to wait a week to integrate this. Immediately after the session, feelings of fear swelled up from within and I became very panicky for a while.

I believe this was part of the healing process to finally release these emotions. The next morning, my heart space felt so very different, as deep peace and sense of expansion.

I felt very present in my heart space like never before remembering. I have been listening to healers on tele summits for years and bought many packages, but rarely feel the "energy" everyone talks of. I didn't feel it while Mia was working on me, but there has definitely been a shift.

I am very encouraged and most impressed.

One well known Medical Intuitive had actually refunded my money as she declined to even give me a session as she stated that my case was too complex and she didn't feel comfortable taking my money. Mia trusted Source ability for us to work together to help my situation and I am so very encouraged after this first session. All things are possible, especially with the intention of Mia and her guides”

~ Carol A


“Any and all time spent with Mia is invaluable. She has a beautiful, calm energy and is compassionate beyond measure. I have benefited greatly from her recorded clearings, her group calls and a personal session. As far as I am concerned, she is unquestionably the go-to person for anyone who is seriously interested in intense personal growth.”

Regular Price $1300

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $650

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Yes! Eram, please include Mia's Private Intensive VIP Sessions for only $1300 $650

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