Using Love To Free Yourself from Fear, and Overcome Negative
Interference from Dark Forces or External Energies and Beings

The energy of Fear is a huge invitation for whatever you fear to materialise in your life. What you habitually focus on, you create. We know that most of you have heard that, and many of you believe that, but unfortunately many of you do not practice that so well.

Society has trained most of you to want security and protection, and as you look outside of yourself for that security and protection you are, by default, proclaiming that you are not safe and supported, and thus opening yourself to experience of being abused and exploited.

So ManTarA’s advise is to stop wasting your energy in trying to find that external security and choose to invest your energy in embodying your inherent Safety that comes with the Divine Light that you are.

Light Is inherently more powerful than darknessThe truth is that Light is inherently more powerful than darkness, you witness this every night when you turn the Lights on at home. The Light comes on and the darkness is gone, right? There was no fight, no negotiations, darkness cannot approach the light, you know that. You do not need to protect the light, no matter how small from the darkness. The darkest darkness cannot extinguish the weakest light, it simply does not happen.

So how do dark forces create such havoc on this plane?

Through the mechanism of fear, darkness can cover the Light. Fear is like a blanket that covers and thus prevents the light from shining out, and then darkness can approach. Darkness relies on fear for all of its power.

You all have fear based energetic residues in your field as a result of past experience, whether this lifetime or before, and those fears are triggered through present time experiences or impressions. You are also subjected to a bombardment of fear based energies from the collective as various organisations trigger fear based reactions in huge numbers of people at the same time through the media.

So, how can you release all of this fear and density from your field, so you can embody your Authentic Divine Light and free yourself from the interference of other energies and allow your life to become Joyful?

I know many of you have been working hard and trying to release your stuff for a long time, and trust me I know how frustrating that can be. And I also know that many of you go to a lot of effort to try and protect yourself from outside interference, and that may have felt like a losing battle. Many of you reading this are more sensitive or empathic than the average person and that can feel like a disadvantage in this world rather than the gift that it is.

No Need for a fortressManTarA works on many levels, on the physical plane they use the Angelic Light Language that is channelled through Matt to create a space that invites you effortlessly out of your mind into a very open, expansive and allowing state. With you in this state they can work in your energetic fields under the direction of Your Higher Self to tease out and release the tangle of discordant fear based energies that are at the core of your limitations. As those energies are released it creates a freedom and an opportunity for you to choose to embody more of your Soul's Divine Essential Light and ManTarA really helps to strengthen that connection so that more of Your Light can flow more easily into You.

As You choose to embody More of your Light and carry less density and discordance, you very naturally feel, and become Safer and more Worthy and then more Confident in yourself, the process is self sustaining, as you then embody more Light and thus release more density, the pendulum begins to swing, your overall resonance is increasing, and the experiences you attract into your life are naturally of a higher vibration, more Joyful, and more Loving.

In this process you naturally let go of the need to protect yourself from a fear based foundation, and embrace the inherent safety that comes from fearlessly allowing your Light to radiate out around you. Those of you who are empaths and sensitive can then truly use your gifts to serve both yourselves and others without being overwhelmed by the energies coming from the external world.

Yes to do that you must be willing to be seen, to stop hiding, to renounce all of your fear based behaviours. It’s a process and we are here to help you progress through that process.

So whatever you fear, if you fear it enough, chances are at some level it will manifest and you will experience it, that is just the way the universe works.

We can help you embrace your Light and release your fears and thus become inherently safe from:

Facilitating Expansive Transformation and empowering people to stand in their Light allows us to fulfill our Purpose and creates the greatest Joy.

We look forward to being of service to You.

This is Your Invitation.

Expert Reviews

Many Breakthroughs that Helped Me be a Better Healer

Jenny-r"So much gratitude to Matt and ManTarA! My 1-1 session was so phenomenal; feel I can’t do justice with my words describing it. Matt was so loving, patient, kind, and sooo supportive. ManTarA Light language speaks to my Soul so profoundly that I “cried a river”, so much releasing & clearing, so many insights, immersed in infinite Love, and support from Above. What I also love about Matt and ManTarA, is that they lovingly help guide us back to our True Essence, who we REALLY are, and effortlessly abiding in the Heart space of allowance, peace, unconditional love, support, and trust where the concerns from our “list” are irrelevant. I also quickly had a lot of breakthroughs shortly after working with Matt & ManTarA that helped me become even a better healer, shining my Light even brighter, and feel empowered to make several more powerful healing MP3s for which before I was definitely not confident before since these MP3s topics were way out of my comfort zone. Also, before my 1-1 session, just after listening to 3 of Matt’s MP3 early in the day, that evening I spontaneously started to speak similar Light language. This never happened to me before and the experience was so healing, filled with overwhelming joy and gratitude."

~ Jenny Ngo, RN, CNM, Dimensional Healing

"Replaced Exhaustion with Light and Ease"

Sandra“I want to thank Matt Andrews for such an amazing session. Many people forget that light workers are also prone to exhaustion and stress on occasion and it was such a blessing to be able to connect with Matt and his amazing Channel of Light who lifted my tiredness and replaced my being with light and ease and also answered many of my unspoken questions regarding the direction I am taking. There are no words to describe what the session is actually like! It has to be experienced to be believed. Matt and his Channel spoke in Light Language that reached into the deepest levels of my being and were spot on with the issues that I was holding on to. Thank you Matt. The changes continue to be felt. You are a blessing to this World.”

~ Sandra St.Yves (Quantum-Transformations)

"I Can Celebrate My Life Again"

AleeReina“I am still finding my words for exactly what transpired with Matt and ManTarA yesterday in our session. And yet, either way, words will not give you the authentic understanding of working with them. This experience runs deep through the unconscious mind, the body and the energetic field.

When I came to the session with Matt, I was struggling with feelings grief, guilt and shame. The joyous experience of enjoying the fruits of my labor in my career and relationships was coinciding with several of my friends and family members and just that much of our global community in general suffering immense heartache and tragedy.

First, Matt as the human personality he is offered me such wise, loving and deep wisdom about what I was feeling while also giving me the space to express. He is such a kind, joyful and down-to-earth individual; exactly who you would want leading you in to what would come next!

Then the channeling of ManTarA and the light language. It was an extremely rapid flow of sounds that was not necessarily familiar to my brain, but was immediately familiar to my heart and soul. I was overtaken with waves of joy and laughter and then settled into a space of tranquility as the language and the extremely powerful energy it brings forth it washed over me. And truly, by the end you will feel nearly "blown away" by the wall of sound, vibration and healing.

All the best parts of receiving energy work was there for me in the experience; the warmth, the tingling, the feeling of a massive clearing of dense, stagnant or otherwise dis-empowering energy making it's way out. Towards the end Matt and his Higher Self shared several messages in English and then immediately followed it up with more light language, and it just drove the whole learning home for me intellectually as well as energetically

I felt an enormous change in my energetic field occur as my own confidence to shine my light with total compassion and love for myself and others vibrated out of my body and in to the atmosphere around me. There were many beautiful colors during this time as well as various images of Mantara showing themselves to me as a beautiful tribal group performing sacred ancient ceremonies throughout the session. I also was given really beautiful confirmation about my own work as a healer that uplifted me and made me feel so very supported in my practice.

I look forward to the ways in which this session will keep transforming me. This is absolutely the type of work that continues processing long afterwards. Already I have felt a deep inner peace and acceptance harness itself in my body. I feel compassion and love for my community without trapping anyone else's soul journey in my own energy or body. I can celebrate my life again while honoring the totality of the human experience happening on our planet right now.

As a professional channel and healer myself with many dear friends and contacts in this "world" I have had the blessing to work with some of the very best sharing on the planet right now. Matt's work was simply some of the most potent and profound I have experienced. Thank you, Matt! I am glad to know you and MantarA! ”

~ Alee Reina Hoffman, AADP, Soul Channel and Akashic Records Teacher

"Opened me up to a Higher Self Realisation and New Level of Compassion"

Tom2“I participated in Matt's ManTarA session of Channeled Angelic Light Language yesterday. WOW!!!! This is really a deep dynamic process of Higher Self realization. It took me away to places unknown to my conscious mind. The cleansing was so deep that the release made me nauseated. That doesn't happen for me very often. So, afterwards, I spent 30 minutes in a Baking Soda and Epsom salts detox bath to get rid of the toxic waste that was released and felt so much better. I'd love to share more, but I think the process is still coming on. Thanks for opening me up to a deeper connection through my Higher Self and more wonderful and beautiful things to come. You truly are a blessing to all of us. I'm honored to be in your circle.

Hi Matt, I want to share with you additional transformation I've noticed that I can ascribe to my session with you. I've entered into a new level of compassionate awareness and understanding of my own inner child, which has reflected in experiencing more genuine compassion for others around me. Thank you Matt 🙂 You ROCK my friend :-)”

~ Rev Tom Hudson PhD, Birth Rite Technology

"I felt excited with an I Can Do Everything Feeling"

SimoneMy session with ManTarA was A-MAZ-ING!!! I had never experienced a Light Language session before; I was curious and open to all possibilities. I had been working on a new writing project where I kept finding myself stopped by a chattering brain that wanted to "figure it all out" first, interrupting my Flow. Immediately into my session with ManTarA, I felt soothing vibrating sensations around my throat and soft twitches in my right leg. I relaxed almost into a sleep state where I saw beautiful colors and pictures. When the session was over — I wanted it to last forever it felt so good — I felt excited with a "I can do everything!" feeling. Then two days afterward, when I went to sit down at my computer to resume my writing project, I played my session's replay while wearing headphones, and the chattering brain quieted down so I could get in my zone. Thank you, Brother, ManTarA! What an enormous gift you bring to the planet!”

~ Simone Valentine, Los Angeles, CA

New Levels of Awareness and Stronger Confidence

Robin"I am so appreciative of the beautiful session I had with Matt and ManTarA. First off, Matt is so easy to talk to. His energy is kind, loving and peaceful. I was instantly at ease just being in his energy field. Then when he channeled ManTarA all I can say is holy wow! It was amazing. The energy was deep and profound. As a light worker, who also channels light language, and has worked with many powerful healers I have to say that this work is absolutely filled with light, love and healing. I was pleasantly immersed in a loving embrace of supportive energy. During my session I was deeply moved, and at the same time relaxed, as I was taken to new levels of awareness. Afterward I felt a higher level of confidence, as well as a higher level of mastery with my light language. The energy that was transmitted and the light language that was spoken is high frequency, one that opens up new and deeper channels of healing, awareness and support that was felt in every cell of my body. Thank you so much Matt and ManTarA! I am so grateful for your healing gifts."

~ Robin Chellis, Light Code Healing

"I feel renewed, and deeply seated into my soul"

Grace-Valador-2“Words cannot express the light language experience and healing that I received from ManTarA channeled by Matt! All of my past experiences that were a challenge for me floated into my consciousness and one by one floated up to the surface to be blessed and cleared. Experiences I had forgotten, but were clearly in my subconscious body and now ready to be released into the loving embrace of ManTarA. Matt excels at raising into consciousness that which needs to be released, and has a beautiful way at expanding your field of awareness and intention to the path that is now available to me. I feel renewed, and deeply seated into my soul. Namaste, Matt & ManTarA!”

~ Grace Valador, MoneyGRACE©

"I was Shown the Limitless Possibilities Available to Me"

“When I got an opportunity to get a session with Matt, my body jumped at it! I didn’t know what he did or how he did it. My body already knew we needed one!

At the beginning of the session when we were introducing ourselves and determining the goal/intention of the session my body had already started to buzz. It felt like champagne bubbles then when Matt started to speak in the light language, it was as if I came home. I started seeing how I can accomplish all my goals and objectives then I was shown more possibilities. It seemed to me that there must have been about four different groups of beings that came through in the session. Each time a group started to speak in the session, I’d see more and more…sometimes it was a very fast movie, other times I was experiencing what they were showing me. The day before I had been doing meditations in the 5th dimension…I was shown that I can easily just stay there. I was told to be who I truly be and break out of my limiting shell and just fly and look at things from different angles to change perspective and find new solutions.

Matt must have spoken non-stop for about 45 minutes during which my body was vibrating higher and higher. He would speak English in certain places where I needed to open up more and allow. It was a very rewarding experience and so worth it! If you have the chance to experience it, try it…your being will thank you!!

Thank you Matt…with much love and gratitude,”

~ Ximena Velasquez

Great Spiritual Experience

Aparna"When I contacted Matt for a session my intention was to just to experience Higher Beings. When the Light Language started, I was like, wow, what is he talking about? Although Matt had warned me not to focus on sounds he makes, it took me several minutes to relax and surrender to the sounds and the energy that they created, but then I had great visions from spiritual beings like Lord Krishna, Jesus, Babaji, and few others. I completely started enjoying their presence and forgot about the sounds. Before I had this session, for the past month or so, I was not able to do my regular meditation that I have been doing for long time. After the session with ManTarA I am back to my daily meditation routine, which makes me feel so happy. Thank you so much Matt. I am glad that I had a session with you at the right time."

~ Aparna Vemuri

Here’s what the package includes

Package A
8 Live Calls covering 4 modules
7 powerful MP3 sets
28 days of remote energy support and closed Facebook Group

      1. Standing Safe and Confident in your own Light, The Foundations
        Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 9th October 3.00pm Central US $108
        Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 13th October 3.00pm Central US $108
      2. Standing Strong in the Knowledge that Nothing is more Powerful than You
        Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 16th October May 3.00pm Central US $108
        Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 20th October 3.00pm Central US $108
      3. Installing, Adjusting, and Using Your own Energetic Filter System
        Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 23rd October 3.00pm Central US $108
        Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 27th October 3.00pm Central US $108
      4. Releasing the Fear and Standing Safe In Love
        Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 30th October 3.00pm Central US $108
        Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 3rd November 3.00pm Central US $108


  1. I Breathe in My Divine Light, and Breathe Out All Limitations Intro mp3 8:22min
    I Breathe in My Divine Light, and Breathe Out All Limitations mp3 24:16min $108
  2. I Surrender my Fear, and I am Free Intro mp3 7:32min
    I Surrender my Fear, and I am Free mp3 24:30min $108
  3. Standing strong in the knowledge that nothing is more Powerful than the Divine Light That You Are Intro mp3 9.10min
    Standing strong in the knowledge that nothing is more Powerful than the Divine Light That You Are mp3 22.50min $108
  4. Installing Your Own Intelligent Energetic Filter System Intro mp3 5.45min
    Installing Your Own Intelligent Energetic Filter System mp3 33.33min $495
  5. Release the Fear Intro mp3 2:00min
    27 Release the Fear mp3’s 3min each 81min $243
  6. From Darkness into the Light Intro mp3 1:33min
    From Darkness into the Light mp3 33:33min $108
  7. ManTarA Meditation Journey Choosing to feel Safe In Love Intro mp3 1:55min
    ManTarA Meditation Journey Choosing to feel Safe In Love mp3 24:00min $108
  8. 28 Days of Remote Energy Support 9th October – 6th November Inclusive $588
    Closed Facebook Support Group from Now till 30th November

Package B
Package A Plus a 60min Private Session


Discount: 95% Off
Total Package Value $2,730
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127

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Discount: 93% Off
Total Package Value $3,027
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197

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Here’s what’s included in the package

Package A

4 Weekly Modules each will consist of two live calls.

A 90min Channelled Angelic Light Language call, to address the topic with both practical information to help your intellectual mind to evolve, and ManTarA’s Light Language to work beyond your mind with the underlying energetic causes behind the misbalance you are experiencing.

A 120min Q&A Call to provide additional support for all facilitated by working specifically with individuals to answer questions with both information and potent transformational energies from ManTarA via Light Language and Direct Intent.


Standing Safe and Confident in your own Light, The Foundations

Value: $216

Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 9th October 3.00pm Central US $108
Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 13th October 3.00pm Central US $108

Personal PowerTo embody the confidence to Know that you are inherently safe as the being of Light that of course you are, a few things need to happen. The main thing is for you to release the fear based traumatic energies from your field, but also it is important for you to let go of the belief systems that you have regarding safety, and the nature of Light and Dark, Good and Evil, your place in the world.

The 2 calls in this first module will set the foundations to the rest of the immersive month of re-empowering you into confident safety. Not only will we help you understand how it really is so that you can reframe your thinking around being safe and operating as a Being of Light in the world, we will help you commit to the simple practices that will underpin your ability to achieve that state of being in the world. Because not only does your thinking affect your ability to be safe but also the conglomeration of old energetic fragments left over in your field from all the experiences you have had in the past, particularly the very traumatic ones, many of which happened in past lifetimes beyond your conscious memory, continue to be triggered by current day experiences. This then brings up a level of fear that is disproportionate to the current experience, but nonetheless greatly affects your ability to feel safe and confident, and if you do not feel confident that you are safe, then you are not safe.

So to effectively release the emotional fear based fragments of energy from you energetic field is a crucial step to you achieving your long term intrinsic safety and therefore your happiness. And it is our intention to help you achieve that for your self.

I am Much more Relaxed with Life, More Opportunities are Showing Up, I have Started Loving Myself, and Everyone Comments on How Good I Look.

~ Nishna

Huge Release and My Vibration Has Changed, I Love These Calls

"Hi Matt Andrews/ManTarA, I have just listened to the replay of the Group Light Language Call, I was not available for the live call. It was an unbelievably strong experience. I believe that I was releasing not only in this lifetime however also from past lifetimes and ancestral beliefs too. The conversation in the beginning brought up a lot of energy. Within the first thirty minutes of the light language I could feel energy moving out with my breath. It was really strong and I was seeing pink light. By the middle of the light language, it was easier breathing. My nasal passages were clearing up, my lungs and stomach were involved in the full breath and I felt calm through the rest of the call. Could I ask specifically what was coming up in the first 30 minutes that would cause my body to convulse and release and move out energy? By the last thirty minutes of the light language -- I felt energy moving around in this crick that I had in my neck at the beginning, and also energy in my tailbone. Right now as I am typing those areas now feel calm - no pain, no energy movement -- like it was released, whatever it was. I have to say I felt my Divine Spirit Council/Counsel, my Light Team, and all the ArchAngels there with me and you and ManTarA. Each felt like they had a hand at pulling something out of my energy field in the first half hour of light language. I love these calls. They are always an "experience". Thank you and bless you Matt, ManTarA. You have certainly changed my vibration in many lifetimes this time."

~ Sandy S

Much Clearer Perspective

"I find Matt gives me an insight into my thinking, which is empowering, and encouraging. During the output from ManTarA, the effect was not immediate for me, but in the hours afterwards I found myself with a much clearer perspective. I felt a deep sense of gratitude and being blessed. It was quite an extraordinary feeling that was extremely pleasant and enjoyable, a lovely feeling of confidence and optimism. I also felt very powerful and strong. I now have a knowing of it that I did not have before. I think the ManTarA energy gave me that taste. That cannot be forgotten."

~ Gary B, Waikanae, NZ.


Standing Strong in the Knowledge that Nothing
is more Powerful than You

Value: $216

Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 16th October May 3.00pm Central US $108
Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 20th October 3.00pm Central US $108

Nothing is more Powerful than YouOk so the only way that beings of darkness have any ability to affect you is with the energy of fear. Fear is like a blanket that covers the light within you so that darkness can come close, Fear is also the energy that sustains such beings, they feed on the vibration of fear.

So in this week’s module, through the calls, and the remote support and the Facebook interaction, we are intending to empower you to remember at the depth of your core that there is no being in the whole of creation that is inherently more powerful than you. And that inherently Light is more powerful than darkness, with that deep remembrance the fear that you have carried in your energetic field for so long has just lost the lie that it has been using to justify its existence, and thus the release of that fear will be significantly easier.

Each layer of fear that you can release from your field leaves you more inherently safe and confident. We are here to facilitate the most conducive conditions that we can so that it becomes a reality for You.

A Huge Gain in Self Worth and Confidence

"Previously I had done a lot of inner work and healing work, and yet from working with Matt and ManTarA I have received remarkable results. My major breakthrough has been a huge gain in self worth and confidence, which was a major issue throughout my life. I came to the May immersion program with an open mind, and really wondering why I’m trying yet another healing journey. I had half given up that a good life is for me, very heartbroken that although I could access my intuition; I could not put things into action due to self-esteem and worth issues. Matt is an amazing facilitator of transformation, holding a loving space, and looking out for your best interest. A great hearted man. I love the combination of Empowerment with support and Matt’s wisdom, making the experience fun and effective. I have accessed greater trust in my intuition, focus and feel great and excited to be alive, experiencing all life offers. I also developed a deeper relationship with Spirit. I feel empowered. Life is All good. Thank you Matt and ManTarA."

~ Michelle, Sydney 

I Am Now Fully Ready For My Job Transition, and
I have Awakened My Ability to Speak Light Language

~ Sally M.

My Confidence, Self-Worth and Intuition have Heightened

"Matt is a very authentic, caring and loving person and I always feel genuinely cared for, supported and loved by him and the ManTarA Angelic beings.

I find that the light language works at a very deep level removing stuff that no longer serves me from the whole of my being.

It is not always an easy ride, because a lot comes up for release – I have had some huge releases since working with Matt, ManTarA - but Matt certainly makes it enjoyable and fun. More importantly, he helps you to understand the process and gives you a range of tools to help you move through the process with more ease and grace. Matt is incredibly generous with his time and wisdom. Since using his mp3s and listening to the monthly live calls my confidence, self-worth and intuition have heightened."

~ L.E, Australia


Installing, Adjusting, and Using Your own Energetic Filter System

Value: $216

Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 23rd October 3.00pm Central US $108
Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 27th October 3.00pm Central US $108

When you are ProtectedManTarA is vey keen to impress upon you the ineffectiveness of putting up walls of defence against dark external forces, and we also acknowledge the validity of many people needing to feel some form of protection to allow themselves to feel safe enough to continue on the path of choosing to become authentically powerful in their own Light, and thus not need the external protection.

So what ManTarA is offering, is to help your Higher Self set up a very intelligent energetic filter system, to really keep you protected from experiencing too much of the denser darker vibrations.

So the calls in this module will work in combination with the mp3 “Installing your own intelligent energetic filter system”. This filter system is intelligent so it keeps evolving with you as you grow. Of course this system will protect you from all malevolent energies, thought forms, entities, etc. any external forces that aim to syphon your energy in some way for their own benefit. But more than that we intend to effectively filter out a significant portion of the dense worldly energy that humans are generally subjected to on a daily basis. Those fear based energies and thought forms from the mass consciousness, media, or just other people that you meet during your day, can really have a negative effect on you, especially if you are energetically weak, empathic, and in that “sponge” mode.

Now it is our intention to help you transform into that authentic Divine Being that radiates as a beacon of Light and is therefore inherently buffered from those worldly energies, and protected from all beings with dark or dubious intentions, by the Light that is radiating out from within. And so what we have found is that to effectively help you make that transformation, lessening the load of worldly energies that are entering your field and helping you feel very safe, is a very useful, practical step.

So we will be working with your Higher Self to optimise this filter system to suit you and your requirements so you can feel safe, strong and confident to progress with your process of embodying that Divine Being, so that you will no longer need any protection systems at all.

Able to hold a Space of Compassion instead of Soaking up Other People's Stuff

~ Anna, Canada

Nice Not to Be Feeling Over Stimulated or Exhausted all the Time

"I am one of those extremely sensitive people who finds it difficult to be in the world because I am constantly picking up energies around me and consequently feeling exhausted and unwell. I always needed to clear my energy field throughout the day because I would feel drained, over-stimulated or unsettled. 

I played the 'Installing an Intelligent Energetic Filter System' mp3. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about the Filtration System offered in this MP3 because I have tried many, many different types of tools and techniques for protecting my energy field - zipping up, bubbles of pink light, bubbles of golden light, calling on Archangel Michael etc... and never really felt that any technique worked well for me so I just relied on clearing my energy throughout the day using clearing MP3s, salt baths and meditation. Well, I am very happy to say that the filter system is working very well for me! I have noticed that I am no longer feeling the need to clear my energy throughout the day and I am no longer feeling knocked around by everyone else's energy. It is really nice not to be feeling over stimulated or exhausted all the time. This MP3 is a winner! Thank you, Matt, ManTarA!"

~ P.M, Australia 

Always seem to Hit the Nail on the Head

"Dear Matt - Thank you for the great Light Language calls with ManTarA. I am not one to "feel" energy as such, but every time I finish a session I feel better, and my day seems to go better. And the following days - I apply what I get from the calls and it helps. I am very glad I came across you and ManTarA, You always seem to hit the nail on the head."

~ Michelle


Releasing the Fear and Standing Safe In Love

Value: $216

Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 30th October 3.00pm Central US $108
Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 3rd November 3.00pm Central US $108

Love or FearWhile it is true that ManTarA generally encourages us to focus on what we are choosing for ourselves rather than what we are trying to overcome or release, the calls in this module will carry the intentions of doing what it takes to release the fears that are keeping you out of really Living in the Knowledge that you are Safe.

So now that you have a filter system in place and we have worked to set the foundations so that you can relax into this, they will team up with your Higher Self to laser in with the highest intensity of Love that you can withstand to release and remove any remaining:

  • Fear based belief systems
  • Residues of fear based emotional energy
  • Fear based vows, oaths, promises, and Contracts,
  • Curses, hexes, black magic, dark thought forms, etc.
  • Foreign implants, explants, drains, siphons, cords of attachment, etc.
  • Entity attachments, or dark being involvement with your energy

So that you can stand fearlessly in Love, completely safe, as the authentic Being of Divine Light that you are.

My inner Life has Change dramatically from Dark to Light

"If you read no further, know this - I have never felt so supported and cared for as I have with Matt and ManTarA.  He is a gifted healer and a truly Heart centered, caring person.

I had been dealing with pain issues on the side of my heard, massive stomach digestive issues (my stomach would bloat out to make me look 7 months pregnant), 50 plus pounds gained in the last year, deep grief issues... and the list goes on and on.  I have been working with healers for the last 20 plus year and doing energy work Reiki, SRT etc, I have also taken several energy healer courses from popular healers and nothing has changed for long.

Before my first session with Matt, just listening to the MP3 I was able to release a sadness, that was sometimes bordering on suicidal that would come up when anything hurt my feelings and was actually getting more intense as time went on ... gone, its gone. Since then I have been upset, and had my feelings hurt, but now I can deal with the situation with more confidence and peace.

With my stomach and digestive issues, let's just say I was miserable, my stomach felt like dead weight.   During my first session with Matt and ManTarA I could feel, (I am very sensitive to energy), the energy moving through my stomach and it was like my first 3 chakra where coming alive again. Since then I have released weight, and my health is improving every day. 

I first heard Matt speak during a ‘From Heartache to Joy’ call, and the light language sounded familiar.  I had my first session in mid to late April and I am writing this mid August. In that short time my inner life has change dramatically from dark to light, literally. The progress I have made with Matt and ManTarA in a few months has been extraordinary. I have had massive clearings, my digestion issues have gone from a 10 to a 3, weight is being released, my energy issues went from needing to take a nap every day, to getting through the work day feeling energized.

I could go on and on about how much my life had changed and how much it continues to change. I now believe ... believe anything is possible. I feel the huge difference is that with Matt and ManTarA you are not just experiencing the energy clearings, Matt is also working with you as a life coach, and with the mental aspects, and this support in combination with the powerful energy work has brought real lasting changes. Thank You."

~ Thea 

Regained a level of Calmness and Acceptance

"Having listened to several of Matt's MP3s of late, usually late in the evening and through the night, I am noticing a level of calmness and acceptance during my days that has been absent for a long time. And considering what I'm dealing with at the moment, that is amazing.

On first listening, I felt a tremendous heat go through my body, like a tidal wave, and then whatever it was that needed to release was draining out of my feet, a very strange feeling, this went on for quite some time.

Since then I've had some pretty graphic dreams at night while playing the tracks on a loop, all pertaining to the release of something or someone… Many people from the past popped up, and left with no charge, or situations that were long forgotten, noted but not re-enacted.

I have notice I'm choosing to stand back more from jumping in to react, and instead to more responding, or even just watching, with no attachment to what's occurring. Matt and ManTarA has given tools and guidance, to help deal with those triggering circumstances that usually put me in a downward spiral, so that I'm becoming more aware of when that happens, what I can do about it.

I've also enjoyed Matt's live streams on our private FB group, as giving further clarity in a more casual way, which has helped me reach newer understandings of/on life that I hadn't always considered or known, thought provoking and enriching at all times, often to the point of tears, and certainly bringing and sharing joy with Matt, ManTarA and everyone in the Group.

Thank you Matt, and ManTarA for holding us all in a loving and compassionate space, much fear and worry is being transformed/transmuted."

~ Jeanette


I Breathe in My Divine Light, and Breathe Out All Limitations

Value: $108

Format: 2 MP3s

I breath in my Divine LightThis is the foundational Practice that ManTarA teaches to consciously speed up and facilitate a more easy transformation into the life you desire to experience. The practice is very simple and involves combining your intentions with your deep breathing to consciously bring more Light into your being, and thus raise your vibration, and then to employ your exhalation to release the discordant energies that oppose the new higher vibration that you have chosen

This recorded Channelled Angelic Light Language Session will help You establish this intentional breathing practice. ManTarA will be working to clear out your blocks and limitations to choosing this practice for yourself, we will be facilitating a space that will allow you to have an experience of connecting to your Divine Light, and We will help strengthen that connection, We will help to empower you to know that you can breathe out the energies that don’t serve you. And to also help you Know that you are inherently worthy and safe to embody Your Divine Light.

This is a re-recording, with upgraded transformational energies, from the last package. Both the introduction and the Light Language session has had new layers of intention and transformational and supportive vibrations added to it, this session now works on a much deeper level with the Light Language as everything has evolved in the last 6 months.

I especially Love that ManTarA is Teaching me how to Heal Myself

"I've only been using this MP3 for a couple of weeks, and I'm already feeling a profound change. I have been breathing in my divine light whenever I remember to do it, and I'm beginning to feel my own energy swirling powerfully through my body the way I've so often felt energy from a healer. Wow! The more I do the breathing, the lighter and happier I feel as I go throughout my day. I've also felt a lot of energy coming up and moving out as I listen to the MP3. I especially love that ManTarA is teaching me how to heal myself through this easy breathing technique, instead of just healing me. This MP3 is a life changer!"

~ Sandy, California

Healed Deep Trauma Grief and Loss; Now Looking Forward to Life Again

~ Stephanie, Australia

The Package has done Wonders in my Life

"I listened to Matt first on the teleseminar where he did a group healing. In that time, some deep sadness and some tears were released. I also felt a big clearing in my root and sacral chakras and felt like a space was being made there, to allow abundance and other things to come in. Hearing Matt and ManTarA speak resonated with my soul. I could feel the love and I could feel remembrance, like my soul knew them from another time. I bought the package and it has done wonders for my life. I recommend Matt and ManTarA to everyone that is interested in changing their lives. I have listened to the healings over and over and have benefitted more and more deeply. I will be ready to buy the new package when he speaks again on the telesummit!"

~ Tammy Manzo

Immediately Feeling Brighter and Heart Expanded

"I always enjoy listening to Matt. I love his candid wisdom that he offers on unfolding, letting go and expanding into the self-source. I loved the Breathe in My Divine Light MP3. It immediately made me feel much brighter and my heart more expanded. I like listening to all of the MP3’s often because as things shift you hear something in a new way that takes the meaning deeper."

~ Pat, USA.


I Surrender my Fear, and I am Free

Value: $108

Format: 2 MP3s

I Surrender My FearFear is a huge impediment to most people being able to be happy. Fear is the feeling that you are not safe, and therefore cannot be confident, fear causes stress as your mind and body is ready to defend itself against what you are afraid of. Now most people think that the fear they are feeling is caused by the external situation that they are dealing with, but the truth is the fear has been in your field for many lifetimes and was responsible for attracting the situation into your life that you are now facing, that situation then reinforces the fear in you. So for as long as you carry these discordant fear based energies in your field then you will keep attracting situations into your life that resonate with fear and you will not feel free.

So the energies of this session are intended to create the space where you can surrender your Fear, to stop judging, analysing, and fighting with these old energies, and simply choose to release and breathe them out of your field. Also to help you release the notion of courage and the need to prove yourself via bravery, and instead simply owning the inherent safety of your own Divine Light and standing Confidently in it.

Bravery and courage is about feeling the fear and choosing to proceed anyway dealing with the stress and coping with the doubts. While Confidence is about standing without fear and without doubt, empowered in your own Divinity. When this is your experience, You will finally be free to Be in this world authentically Yourself, and Free to Shine your unique Light out for the Benefit of All.

Again this MP3 has been significantly upgraded with new layers of intention and vibration to facilitate the greatest level of transformation that is available today.

Fear, Self Doubt, and the Need to Control are Gone

"I have been playing Release Your Fear for a few days now. When I first put on the MP3, I almost immediately felt a very uncomfortable feeling under my ribcage. Then maybe 30 minutes later, I had such a sore throat on my left side; I thought I was coming down with some type of flu. By the evening, the severity had dissipated, though I could still feel a thickness in my throat when I swallowed. By the next morning the feeling had gone and has not returned. I believe I released some major issues in that time.

Without going into my life story, I have always had an underlying fear that seemed follow me wherever I went. Especially a fear of what others think about me and my perspectives, and a fear of what may happen to my loved ones with the choices they make.

I have been running the MP3 on loop. I am really choosing to let go of my fear. In the time since, many things have been coming up to test me in this area. Now, after 4 days of listening, I have noticed I do not care too much anymore what others think, nor am I fearful of what may happen in my future to either me, or the ones I love. I am not feeling the need to constantly control the outcome of my situation anymore. I'm not saying it hasn't crossed my mind. I'm saying it has, and I know I don't need to, and I don’t choose to. This is a huge life changing improvement for me. Thank You so much."

~ Andrea, Melbourne Australia

Noticeably Decreased my Anxiety in a Short Period of Time

"I have tried many different healing modalities over the years, and these MP3s have helped me to make genuine changes. The "Breathe in My Divine Light" MO3 has helped me to correct a life-long habit of breathing very shallowly and holding my breath a lot. "I Surrender My Fear" has noticeably decreased my anxiety in a short period of time. I am so grateful to have found this life-changing technology."

~ Carla H.

The Nervous Tension in my Stomach is Gone

"I have been feeling nervous about this class session that I am giving tomorrow on Information Literacy/and Information Technology. It is for a professor who is very nice however I felt judged last year when I had done two classes for her. It felt like the presentation was dry and not very entertaining, information technology is not necessarily so. I did the new MP3 Surrender your Fear and Be Free. The light language was wonderful. As soon as it started and ManTarA was speaking I was breathing and letting go like you said. I felt surrounded by Archangel Michael and Raphael on either side of me. ManTarA was in front of me. Felt energy releasing from my solar plexus and I began to yawn and sweat. By the end of the session I had sweated so much I had to strip and change. The tension in my stomach is gone. I feel like what I am is fine, I am safe, I am worthy, I am confident. I feel like I am in a space of neutrality and non-judgment just neutral. That is good to have before a presentation. I am intending to release more fear as I sleep and allow the healing to work with me through sleep. Thank you and blessings."
Love and Light,

~ Sandy S.


Standing strong in the knowledge that nothing is more Powerful than the Divine Light That You Are

Value: $108

Format: 2 MP3s

Standing Strong in Divine LightYou all know that light is inherently more powerful than darkness. You see it every night when you turn the lights on in your house. Darkness is dispelled by the light very quickly, there is no fight, no negotiations, no contest, when you switch the light on darkness is gone. The only way darkness can enter the room is if the light is switched off or covered over, and darkness itself cannot do that, however if someone is scared they can be coerced into turning the light out and hiding in the dark, and now darkness is all around them feeding on their fear. But all they need do is be brave enough to switch the light back on.

Of course to do that you need to have released your fear of being seen, it is only your fears that limit you.

You have this belief that when you are safe that you will no longer have fear, and so you have spent a lot of your time and effort trying to manipulate the external world to give you some security or support so that you can maybe feel safe. But for most of you that has not worked. You have tried to do many things, like save money in the bank, develop networks of friends, maintain family ties, married sensible spouses, worked harder, taken out insurance policies, buy a bigger safer car, get a better paying job. And while there is nothing wrong with all of that, in general it has not brought enough security into your life that you can actually feel inherently safe and then let go of your fears. As you have experienced in other areas of your life the outside – in approach does not work so well.

So what we would like to invite you to consider is that if you can just manage to release your fear, you will not only feel safe, you will Be safe.

To release your fear we are going to suggest that you just choose to embody the vibration of safety. And We know that sounds, to many of you, to be both too simple and too hard at the same time, but if you are willing to commit to this process we know that with our help it will work for you.

One of the most disempowering fears that is prevalent the field of many people is that other beings are more powerful than you. And that you need to protect yourself or hide from the powerful dark beings and win or buy the support and protection from the powerful good beings. And while it is true that all beings are at different phases in their evolution and there are various levels of order in this creation, the truth is that no being is inherently more powerful than any other. And it is also true that some beings choose to align with the light and other choose to align with the darkness, but All beings are individuations of the same source and no beings have inherently any more source power than any other being. The Truth is we are all incredibly powerful and it is only our own discordant energies that limit our ability to access all that we are. The Beings who appear more powerful are those that carry less discordance, and are therefore more aligned with their essence, whether the allegiance be with the Light or dark matters not.

So the main intention of the following Light Language session is to help you realise the truth that no other being is inherently more powerful than you so that you can release the fear of being overpowered, victimised, and harmed by other beings. Knowing that as you release the Fear you are always inherently more safe. Also as you accept the truth that you are an equally powerful being, you necessarily accept your own worthiness and thus facilitate the release of self-doubts and beliefs of not good enough and other huge limitations to living a happy abundant lifestyle.

Incredibly Powerful Release

"Wow, I have listened to the ‘Nothing is More Powerful than the Divine Light You Are’ MP3 several times now, and Wow!  Matt`s MP3s are all incredibly powerful, but this one is something else!  The energies rising up through my legs and into my spine were a little disconcerting at first, but I let everything go and went with it.  I could feel popping in my muscles all over my body and then nausea, which I breathed out and it soon passed.  I have been listening to this MP3 before sleep, and I have had some amazing dreams, almost like my life playing out in front of me.  After the first listening, the next day I was happily going about my business when I felt sadness welling up in me from nowhere, and I just sat down and sobbed like I had never cried before, a huge release.  It was over as abruptly as it started and although I felt a little dazed, just carried on with my day.

I have experienced some great healers, all of which I feel have brought me to a place where I was ready for Matt Andrews and ManTarA.  Now I feel that ManTarA is all I will ever need and I am so incredibly grateful for having them and Matt in my life.  I have joined Matt`s private support group, which is extremely affordable even for me, and gives a thousand times more value than I ever guessed.  He is there every step of the way with ManTarA’s guidance whenever it is needed, and I feel as though they are holding my hand and gently guiding me to a place of deep peace and happiness.

Thank you Matt Andrews, for being the authentic, kind and generous soul that you are."

Thanks again,
Much Love
~ Lynn

I have Felt Safe, Clear, Less Concerned about Dense and Negative Energies

"I played the MP3 "installing your own intelligent Energetic Filter" that ManTarA channeled through Matt Andrews and ever since I listened to it I have felt safe, clear, less concerned about dense and negative energies in public places and at work.  I stay centered, happier and calm. I feel much less triggered from Drama and negativity whereas before I would have to constantly ground, center myself and clear the density of picking up other people's stuff.  Being empathic, and acting as a sponge picking up all the gunk was draining my energy and affecting my normal authentic self and positivity.  Officially you only really require to listen to this once, however the first time I played it I fell asleep so I have listened a few more times just so I could feel the loving energies of protection, it felt like I was being wrapped up in layers of silk, soft, light and flowing not constricted and the more I breathed through the process the more expanding the energies weaved the love and protection, the more I became confident and the proof was getting through this last week of work in grace and ease and being able to hold a space of compassion instead of soaking up other people's stuff.  So I would highly recommend this mp3 from ManTarA and actually anything from ManTarA will support your evolution gently and powerfully at the same time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

~ Anna, Canada


Installing Your Own Intelligent Energetic Filter System

Value: $495

Format: 27 MP3s

Installing energetic filterSo what ManTarA is offering with this session, is to help your Higher Self set up a very intelligent energetic filter system, to really keep you protected from experiencing too much of the denser darker vibrations. This filter system is intelligent so it keeps evolving with you as you grow. Of course this system will protect you from all malevolent energies, thought forms, entities, etc. any external forces that aim to syphon your energy in some way for their own benefit. But more than that we intend to effectively filter out a significant portion of the dense worldly energy that humans are generally subjected to on a daily basis.

ManTarA feels that the traditional firm walled protection systems that many people have been taught to evoke around themselves very much limits how they can experience creation. Much of the traditional protection systems philosophy is based on fearing those outside energies that you seek to protect yourself from, and of course this is very disempowering, and actually opens the doors to being influenced in a negative way. The only thing you need fear, is fear itself. So this filter system that we are proposing for you is based in Love. Your Higher Self will be able to lovingly adjust what frequencies are filtered out of the incoming stream of energy that you are exposed to as you live day to day. This system is very dynamic and will grow and evolve with you, it is Light and etheric but very powerful and potent, some might see it as a web or a grid of interwoven streams of light, containing symbols and colours that will be individually tailored to you as you are right now, but is also programed to evolve as you do.

Now ManTarA will be working with your Higher Self to set this energetic filter system up, and it is your Higher Self that will, for the most part, maintain and adjust the system. So you the personality self, can relax, you do not need to remember to invoke it every morning and night or spend a lot of your time cleansing and cleaning your field. However you can of course put your requests in the mix if and when you feel to. For example, if you are feeling fearful of going into a certain situation or spaces because you know the energy will be negative or dense or overwhelming, you can request that the filter be turned up so you can feel safer and act more confidently.

As you progress, on your path of soul evolution, and you become clearer of past life fears and traumas and discordance, you naturally grow more authentically and energetically confident as the being of Light that you are, then it is desirable that this filter system be tuned down so that you can gradually get the feel of naturally standing empowered in your Light unaided by external protection, but it will still be there for you during times of contraction or stress, a safety buffer that can be invoked by either you or your Higher Self to maintain your equilibrium.

For many people, listening just one to this Light Language session will be sufficient. However others will benefit from repeating the session if their own doubts or fears have eroded the effectiveness of the filter system. There is no harm in listening again if you feel that it is not working as well as you would like it to.

I No Longer have to Avoid going out in Public, or being around certain People

"OMG thank you Matt for making available the new energy clearing MP3’s they are amazing. I can feel the energy working, and see the transformation taken place in my life.  The MP3’s are positively affecting my health, my thought processes, and I am feeling empowered.

The Intelligent Energetic Filter System MP3 brought me so much peace and relaxation.  I am a very empathic person and have always felt assaulted by other people’s energy.  I used to feel like I had to protect myself while in public; well I went to the farmers market yesterday and didn’t feel cloaked in icky energy after, I walked around feeling supported and enjoying the experience for the first time. I no longer have to avoid going out in public or being around certain people. That’s huge! Thank You."

~ Thea

My energy level and sense of wellbeing has greatly improved

"My intention everyday is to keep my energy field clean, but I don't always remember to protect myself.

Since installing my energetic filter system with ManTarA’s MP3 my energy level and sense of wellbeing has greatly improved. I've also noticed that I love my surroundings and the people I spend time with. And best of all I never worry about picking up other people's energy and no need to remember to protect myself.

I've been working with Matt, ManTarA for 5 months and my life gets better everyday. They are lots of fun and are very generous and I highly recommend Matt, ManTarA

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!"

~ Candy

"I tried ManTarA’s Intelligent Energetic Filter System. It seemed permeable enough that I was willing to give it a go.

I listened without expectations and suddenly I could see hundreds of butterflies in my aura. They formed a cocoon around me and showed me how it can change in size. I could hear flapping of their beautiful wings, cleaning and fluffing my energetic bodies. They tickled my physical body and laughter that came released even more energy that got gently moved outside my field. The cocoon got big again and it looked like a rainbow. Everything filled up with light, shining and moving. I felt new, happy and childlike, never wanting to stop looking at beautiful butterflies.

Right after, I was to visit an old lady and help her buy groceries. I have been helping her for the last 3 years and as much as I like her, those visits drained me lately. I was having a hard time finding joy in doing it. That day we had a magical day and I felt uplifted afterwards. I have visited her 3 times since and not a sign of energy drain. Thank you Matt,ManTarA."

~ Vesna , Aarhus


Release the Fear

Value: $243

Format: 2 MP3s

RTFThis series of short, Channelled Angelic Light Language Sessions was created to give you the flexibility to customise a loop-able program for yourself with the overriding intention of releasing fear from your field so that you can come to live in the experience of being the Being of Light that You are.

There are 27 specific Fears that ManTarA has identified as being particularly limiting to you as a Being of Light, and we have recorded a 3min Light Language session for each one. So you can work with any number of these in combination or singularly making play lists and playing on repeat. You can play this and consciously listen sometimes and/or play it subconsciously into your space either on low volume or no volume, while you work, rest, or sleep.

Now although we are addressing each of the Fears that are listed the way ManTarA works with your Higher Self is to enhance the vibrational opposite of the Fear to create the energetic conditions that exposes and brings to the surface that fear so that it can be released. As the fears are released you feel more inherently Safe and become more able to really own your own authentic confidence and step powerfully into being the Beacon of Light that is Safe.

Feel Excited about putting Myself Out in the World

"I have been working with the ‘Release the Fear’ set of MP3s for the past two weeks. It is impressively comprehensive. I have worked with 3-4 MP3s nearly every night related to one theme. I covered two major issues that have been limiting and affecting me most in my life - one being abandonment and the other is the fear of being ‘seen’. Since listening to the MP3s I have noticed a definite shift.  I am feeling more confident. I am also experiencing a lot less resistance and anxiety around becoming a professional Animal Communicator and Healer. It doesn’t feel the scary prospect that it felt several weeks ago. I am feeling much more confident about taking the next step forward and I have even started to feel excited about putting myself out in the world.

In addition, my cat, who has separation and abandonment fears, has also been listening to these MP3s with me, and I feel that her confidence has blossomed too."

~ L.E. Australia

The MP3 has Removed Tons of Stress/Fears from Me

"That is the most amazing thing I've ever felt. It's hard to verbalise but that is sooo big - feels like it's removed tons of stress/fears from me, and that must have been much bigger than I realised. I feel tingly and lighter. Matt/ManTarA makes my heart dance with joy and I can feel the appreciation of being.

I'm breathing better - Energy! Oxygen!

While listening to the recordings I was tearing up, crying, feeling depressed, angry and upset. My body/feet and head buzzing. I felt terrible unbearable pain in different parts of my body - like terrible kidney pain going down my leg while releasing and dissolving tons of blockages and traumas - I'm in my 60’s. I know my fear addiction and money problems are clearing once and for all.

I wish I had met Matt, ManTarA before wasting lots of money on other healing programmes that only scratched the surface of my traumas/blockages etc....

Matt/ManTarA is the best teacher and guide I/you could ask for 🙂 !!!!"

~ Teresa, UK

My Mind is Relaxed and at Ease

"When using RTF Mp3’s my mind is relaxed and at ease, I have lots of activity around my heart and throat. I can feel my heart and chest area being cleansed. I have experienced beautiful occurrences each time I use them and like to play them in the background. I personally love the short 3 minutes versions, they can be done at anytime, especially if you are busy and yet these recordings are potent and take you on a powerful journey experience. Matt & ManTarA's support with this package is amazing and personally I have had many shifts. This is an amazing generous package, with many topics addressed, a must have for evolving Souls."

~ Michelle, Sydney

I Am Now Standing in My Power with No Fears of Anything

"I bought Matt's first package on the early bird offer before even hearing him, it called to me so strongly. When I first listened to the mp3s my first thought was what on earth have I bought because his light language is so different from any I had heard before. I followed my guidance and listened and immediately started seeing results. I have been "trying" to divorce my husband for about 3 years now. That first package gave me the impetus and courage to actually sit down with him and start making plans. However I have kept putting it off due to various fears. I have been listening lately to the loopable Release the Fears tracks and am now standing in my power with no fears of anything. I am also able to do this from a place of Love, which I really wanted to do.

Those who have been following community posts will know I recently lost my 17yr old son to suicide. Matt has a yearly support group which I cannot recommend highly enough. He added remote support for members and family and when I added Daniel for help with his social anxiety Matt very kindly sent tracks to support him. Daniel was willing to listen and also listened to my loopable tracks. I could see his mood lifting. I'm sure the angels carried him over, and the support gave him the freedom to make the choice he was divinely guided to.

I reached out to Matt personally and to the support group as soon as the police kicked us out of the house (crime scene!). Before they had even left I was receiving replies of love and support, so much so that the victim advocate who came to help told me she could tell I didn't need her.

Matt's work is so EASY yet so powerful, breathe in what you choose and breathe out what doesn't serve. No trying, meditating, focusing required. He has the biggest Heart and truly supports everyone called to his work, I cannot recommend him highly enough. 

Love you Matt "

~ Chris Nolan

ITEM 10:

From Darkness into the Light

Value: $108

Format: 2 MP3s

From Darkness Into the LightThis Light Language Session is very simply intended to raise the vibration of whoever, whatever, wherever listens to it. It works to shake up and loosen the density, darkness, and discordance and then flush it from the field with the Divine Bright Light.

It will work to displace all forms of dark energies from malicious entities, lost souls through to group fears, discordant thought forms, and emotional fragments and take them all into the Light.

Darkness cannot exist where there is Light.

Now some people will find this session to uncomfortable to listen to directly, and so it may be more appropriate to just play it in the space to help uplift the vibration. Now of course the energetic cleansing effect is more powerful when session is played with the volume up, But it does work to some extent with the volume very low or even silent, and if you play it on loop for a longer time with low volume down you can achieve the same outcome.

So please be aware that this is a powerful session and attempting to multitask while it is playing may lead to a loss of concentration so please choose to be cautious and stay safe.

Fathers Abusive Anger Episodes Greatly Reduced

~ Marina, Canada

I could bring a Cocoon of Light in my Hospital Chamber

"With this new package, Matt Andrews managed to upgrade his skills once again!

My health required a journey to the hospital, the last but not least one, before an identification to an old pathology could be completely cleared. Thanks to the powerful new space clearing MP3 ‘From Darkness to Light’ that I played discretely with earphones, I could bring a cocoon of Light in my hospital chamber to feel at Home there, and expand the clearing to the whole area. Amazingly, the issues of four other patients started shifting too! Joy entered the hospital. People started seeing themselves as stronger than they used to feel and begun helping each other when doctors were not reachable. I recovered in a very short time.

About a year ago, I chose to strongly commit to my path and take the most of Matt's tools. The process has revealed itself as hugely rewarding. Some key elements of my purpose have been downloaded in myself. I remember more and more Who I really Am and Why I came here. As a result, making choices aligned on this Divine Core has become much easier. The more I untangle my mind with this kind of practices, the more I can enter the simplicity and beauty of Life.

Matt's human self is devoted to provide the highest support he can, while ManTarA's energy is launching tremendous shifts in the field of his groups. The Light Language works as a carrier wave that bypasses the brain and brings the healing to our deepest layers. If we allow our shadow to be exposed this way, the Light we radiate from the inside grows brighter and step by step, our real Nature is revealed. As our human vehicle is purified and soulfully connected to our Higher Self, we become ready to serve at a new level.

I'm immensely grateful for Matt Andrews' commitment to constantly evolve as a channel and anchor into this plane ManTarA's amazing vibration of Unconditional Love."

~ Sally M.

ITEM 11:

ManTarA Meditation Journey “Choosing to feel Safe In Love”

Value: $108

Format: 2 MP3s

MMJ Choosing to feel Safe in LoveThe intention of this meditative journey is to take you well beyond your mind into a very peaceful place where a deep intimate connection and communion can occur with the higher aspects of Yourself.

ManTarA uses angelic technologies to gently help disengage you from your egoic mind, if you are willing, of course we will never force you, It’s a gradual process, that will deepen the more you practice and really allow yourself to surrender to the process, your mind must feel safe enough to allow that.

We will lead you into the meditation with English directions and then allow a beautiful soft flowing Light Language dialogue to take you on, deep into your Sacred Heart space where you can relax and experience a beautifully authentic vibration of safety. EnJoy.

Working on Deeper and Deeper levels of Healing into the Cells of my Body.

"What a fantastic MP3 package! It's empowering and deeply supportive. I listen to "Feeling Safe in Love" every day, and feel it working on deeper and deeper levels of healing into the cells of my body.

After feeling affected by a visit to family members I played "installing your energetic filter system" and felt immediately clear and centered.

My regular massage therapist had been away for a while. She knows my energy well, and when she saw me a few days ago, she said “you're feeling so strong!”

I highly recommend this package for those who want to release fear and feel safe and loved."

~ Stephanie X

Easiest and most Effective way to Access the Deep Realms of Consciousness

"This track never fails to take me out of my mind and into the “zone”. Of all the techniques I have tried throughout my time as a dedicated meditator, this is by far the easiest and most effective way to consistently access the deep realms of consciousness that allow true transformation and healing to naturally and spontaneously occur. This track on it’s own is truly worth much more than the price of the whole package. EnJoy, Love."

~ Matt Andrews

ITEM 12:

28 Days of Remote Energy Support 9th October – 6th November Inclusive
Private Facebook Support Group from Now till 30th November

Value: $588

Focus on what you are choosingWe will work with the whole group as well as with You as an individual for at least half an hour every day for the four weeks that the live calls are on. Our intention will be to support you in releasing those discordant energies from your field that have been keeping you out of the experience of Divine Authentic Confidence, Self Worth and Love and the freedom on all levels that results from embodying that Divine state. We will be channelling, direct to you, beautiful compassionate energies that will help you feel safe and confident to allow this transformational process to proceed quickly and easily.

You will also have the support of the whole community at your disposal via the private Facebook group, and we have found that such support both physically being able to connect with other committed spiritual people and energetically just knowing they are there is so valuable in providing the confidence and support to allow huge changes in your energetic make up and thus in your external experience of life. We also give a lot of additional content via the FB Group in the form of live stream videos and answers to people's questions.

I Felt Incredibly Supported

~ Kirsten, USA

Birthing a Totally New Me

"I've been working with Matt Andrews 1:1 and in his advanced support groups since nine month. It resulted in birthing a totally new me. I let fully go of 23 years of severe illness and ended the process of releasing the heavy medication associated to that. I finally completed the art therapy memoir that will get me certified after five years of inner transformation. I was finally able to practice those new energy tools in my workplace, easing the teaching job for teenagers that used to drain me.

Matts support is off the chart, his deep commitment to his own path allows him to bring instant insight on what his happening and to deepen the understanding of Life mysteries. The light language that he channels is extremely powerful, allowing me to release deep layers of shadow, and I saw that I could count on him to illuminate and transmute even the darkest stains that I still kept hidden. As a result, I enhanced my own connection to the Divine Core of who I am and started speaking light language myself, becoming even more empowered, gaining autonomy with the processes and feeling able to serve others.

The obesity state I was in started shifting, I gained enough energy to get my body moving again, I was able to embody enough Light to beam it out and let go of my empathic sponge pattern. I met like-minded people in my town, started coaching friends, bought healing to my family. I was able to fully bring Love to my parents and brother and transmute the past. After having been single for 14 years, I am now living with the sweetest man, mirroring the full opening of my Heart. My mind is on his way to be tamed and fully in service of the Heart.

Matt's experience in channeling was immeasurably helpful when I received unexpected messengers. He saved me tons of time of freaking out about weird stuff, with his full understanding of the processes. I benefit immensely from the high-level of the groups that are drawn to his teachings. His strong example gives me the audacity to be fully who I am and bring Joy along the growth process."

~ SM, France 

After 40 years I could feel that my spine was unwinding the twists

"I have had the most wonderful experience after the support call. The next day, I felt really off and was having a lot of discomfort in my whole spine and especially my neck and feeling like my head was not on straight even more than usual. Over the next couple of days, I had severe pain in sections of my back where the spine was twisted from a car accident many years ago. Then, my body began to integrate all of the changes that it was making and I could feel that my spine was unwinding the twists. I played the call again last night and have felt really good today.

I have been working on this for forty years and now in just a couple of days it feels like my spine is able to release the trauma. I am so grateful to you and ManTarA."

Thank you.
Much love to you Matt,
~ Rosann 


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Infinite Support Sessions
Loopable tracks of high vibrational Light Language Support

Value: $324

These sessions were created with the intention that they can be left on repeat playing in your space without the distraction to you of being aware of a beginning or an end.

These tracks can be used as ambient sound while you continue with your day, they can be played at low volume or even no volume while you sleep, work, exercise or relax. They can be used during meditative, spiritual or healing work to lift the vibration of the space and support the intentions of those doing and receiving the facilitation. These tracks can also be used to uplift or modify the vibration of the spaces they are played in regardless of who is present to listen.

Each session resonates with its own unique ensemble of vibrations centred on the theme that it is entitled. They can be played on repeat individually, or added together in a playlist and repeated to diversify the range of vibrations and intentions delivered to the space and the beings present in the space.

Note that while it is intended that these sessions work very gently with everyone who is exposed to them, prolonged exposure to any high vibration will always result in density and discordance being exposed and brought to the surface for release. So if you are becoming uncomfortable with what you are playing you might need a change or a rest. As always allow yourself to be open intuitively to the higher guidance rather than pushing through with what your mind believes.

There are 12 sessions of 9 minutes each.

  • 1

    Safe and Supported

    The foundational vibrations to allow relaxation and Joy

  • 2

    Worthy and Good Enough

    The foundational vibrations to allow self-acceptance and Love

  • 3

    Loved and Nurtured

    Allow yourself to be lavished and pampered in this energetic bliss bath

  • 4

    Clear and Purify

    Gently facilitating the release of discordance or darkness from any field

  • 5

    Integrate and Assimilate

    Support for after you have taken a big step and your energies are in flux.

  • 6

    Relax and Regenerate

    Encouraging your mind to unwind, and your body to release the stress response

  • 7

    Uplift and Energised

    To give you a natural lift, a bounce in your step, and a smile on your face

  • 8

    Focus and Centred

    Cutting through the distractions and the mental stories to bring clarity to the present moment.

  • 9

    Calm and Grounded

    Smoothing over the intensity and overwhelm and connecting into the nurturing care of mother Earth

  • 10

    Forgive and Be Free

    Letting go of past experiences and becoming Free to Be.

  • 11

    Grateful and Be Blessed

    Choosing to be Grateful and allowing the Blessing to flow.

  • 12

    Confident and Empowered

    Standing in your authentic Divine Power and Being Confident to act

Choosing a New Beginning - MP3

Value $108

Choosing a New BeginningThis MP3 will help you choose a New Beginning, so not just wanting, hoping, or trying to get things to change in your life, But really Choosing to start an new chapter, allowing deep transformation so that you experience change from the core of your being out into your life. Letting go of the struggle to fix the “broken things” in your Life and Just choosing to start fresh from a very Authentic Confidence in your Self. Choosing to let go of the need for security, choosing to let go of the need for acceptance, choosing to let go of everything society has trained you to want from the external world so that you can redirect your energy into aligning with and choosing to feel Safe, Worthy, Confident, Free and Complete. Right now as you currently are in this moment, so that you can start afresh this new beginning and allow your life to manifest the situations that reflect back to you what you have chosen to align with and become; Safe, Worthy, Confident, Free, Joyful, Loving, Prosperous, Wise, Clear, Compassionate.

Package A

Total Package Value $2,730

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127
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Package B

Includes Everything In Package A Plus

ITEM 13:

60 min Private Session with ManTarA

Value: $297

ManTarA Magic copyThis is an opportunity to have ManTarA address your personal issues or limitations and have specific energies brought forth to assist you in expanding into your greater potential and releasing the deep discordant energies from your field that have been attracting unpleasant situations into your life.

The format of this session will be tailored to suit your requirements. As well as working with the Light Language to facilitate expansion on the energetic front we also quite often support the work with coaching style practical steps to empower you in the process and help your intellectual mind to evolve and become more allowing of the process. Although we work in an intuitive way we do not do “readings” as such, we are much more interested in facilitating the energies required for you to become empowered enough to know for yourself. The session will be recorded.

"Removed a Very Dark Entity"

“I heard about Matt and the ManTarA angels when he spoke on Eram's first tele-summit in the fall. We have had about 6 private sessions and they have all been beneficial. I was having trouble with dark energies and entities that I could not free myself from this intense energy. On the second session, Matt and the ManTarA angels removed a very dark entity and created a protection system that is still in place six months later. A huge burden has been lifted from my energy field. I continue to practice the ManTarA method of releasing six months later and my confidence has grown immensely. Matt is a very kind human being, and he delivered the messages from the ManTarA angels in a way that I could understand.”

~ Kathy Jackson

Body is Finally Pain Free after Years of ongoing Problems

"It is with a very humble heart and great privilege that I have this opportunity to express my great love and gratitude for the healing journey Matt Andrews and myself have walked…
From our very 1st session together it has been a journey of discovery, trust, healing and love. Matty’s beautiful nature, friendliness and authenticity shines through in the way he conducts himself and his healings. There is a great sense of Faith and belief in the process. The healing and transformation together has been one of great growth and awakening in all areas of my life. I’m in much gratitude for our time spent as we have peeled away layer upon layer of suppression, limiting beliefs, fears and long since done memories. I’m proud to say I’ve re-awakened to so much self-love, inner trust, freedom, truth and understanding of the gift that we all are, through our sessions. ManTarA's healings have allowed me to see the abundance of love and support that is in, and around, my life. My body is so much stronger and finally pain free after years of on going problems."

~ Paul Jackson, Titahi Bay, NZ.

"The Personal Sessions Truly "Rock""

I feel these MP3 tools are all fantastic but the personal sessions truly "Rock" and ManTarA takes you into the real deep issues affecting you. You would never be able to break through these issues on your own without doing many hours of work on yourself. ManTarA gets into the nitty gritty and clears it away effortlessly. Thanks. ”

~ Sandra, Canada

Direct Loving Advise

"I have had several of Matt’s healing sessions and have found them profoundly life changing. The pure angelic team that he channels have given me direct, loving advice that I have never experienced before with any other healer. Listening and taking action have helped to guide my life to a more positive, rewarding, and meaningful direction. It is very similar to having a honest conversation with yourself, but it is very difficult to get the same level of clarity on your own. Matt has a unique gift and delivers the healing sessions in such a grounded, practical, easy to understand way. He is a very trustworthy person with high levels of integrity and a very giving, generous heart. I am sure with his deep sincere desire to help many people, he will be very successful in his healing work. Wishing him all the very best."

~ Tanya Griffin, NZ

Package B

Total Package Value $3,027

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197
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"Completely Healed Severe Hip Pain"

"I tripped on my shoelaces and fell over, landed on my right hip and it hurt, not a big deal I thought at the time. Well it turned into a big deal for me, instead of getting better it gradually got worse, a month later I could hardly sleep at night from the pain and I had lost all my strength in that leg, to the point where it would just give way on me. I was struggling to function in my life. I tried all kinds of modalities both mainstream and alternative nothing was helping. I finally tried a Light Language session with Matt and ManTarA, It was an amazing experience, not quite sure where I went, but it was beautiful, and I certainly felt different when I came back. My hip felt a bit better straight after the session, and then very gently over the next week or so it steadily improved, but I hardly noticed this because so many other fabulous changes were occurring in my life. I was talking to Matt two weeks later telling him about how much more free and abundant I felt and in the way I viewed life, when he asked how my hip was? It was then that I realized it was completely healed, pain free and strong. I love how naturally everything just unfolded after the session."

~ Jon G Wellington NZ

"I am Happy and truly at Peace"

"Matt Andrews and ManTarA is the real deal. Anyone who is willing to work on them-selves and grow shouldn't think twice. They are a true blessing for everyone who has worked with them. Matt is always available for his clients and extremely caring. When I first started working with Matt and ManTarA last October/November I was a complete mess. I felt I was getting nowhere in my life, I was fed up and more than once wanted to end everything. Today 4/5 months down the line I can say I am Happy and truly at peace. Even if there are things that still need to sort itself out, I know I am on the right path. I keep hearing people say I am glowing and I look peaceful. I have also been losing weight without changing anything in my diet nor do I exercise. I owe who I have become to Matt and ManTarA. I am and will always truly be grateful to Matt and ManTarA."

~ Nishna Rambocus, Mauritius

"A Clump from My Throat Disappeared"

"I have worked on my fears lately and a lot was coming up to be released. In other words, I was feeling best on my sofa avoiding the issues. I was more than happy to use ManTarA’s “Release the Fear” recordings and find out if it could help me move further forward. I must confess, that the idea of consciously listening and working with those energies made me anxious. I listened to all 21 tracks in the background, while working on my computer. Half way trough I began breathing deeply and a clump from my throat disappeared. I have a long way to go when it comes to anxiety, but I believe that those recordings can certainly help me with ‘getting there’. Thank you."

~ Vesna, Aarhus

"I am truly in awe at the ease and grace of the life I am now living"

"I started working with Matt and ManTarA in September of 2015. As a very left-brained person, the light language appealed to me as it by-passes my strong need to analyze everything. At the time, the idea of a life of ease and grace seemed like a fairy tale.

I was working in a very toxic environment that was effecting me negatively on all levels....physical, emotional and spiritual. I was so burned out that I couldn't figure out what my next steps needed to be and had a level of fear about leaving. I started working with the MP3s, particularly "Manifest a Supportive Environment". During my private session with Matt & ManTarA, we worked on the truth that if I didn't resolve what attracted the toxic environment, I would just find another toxic environment. Two weeks after our session, I put in my notice. I had 8 weeks of paid time off coming and the possibility of some funds arriving from a personal legal issue. Leaving felt like a huge risk. I was asked to stay longer and my last day was January 22nd. By the time I left, I felt nothing but love for all of the people that I worked with...even the most difficult co-workers.

I am truly in awe at the ease and grace of the life I am now living. I have the ability to stay home for 6 months and have decided to study for a professional exam. I was able to purchase a home and I am creating an urban oasis with fruit trees, a vegetable garden and a pond filled with fish and turtles. My home life is amazingly peaceful. Even the little stuff...I need to call the City Trash Collection Department & was putting it off because I knew I would be put on hold and probably transferred a couple of times. Imagine my surprise when they called me to make a minor change. Everything was handled quickly and with ease. Wow!

The life of spiritual growth is very much a solo journey, yet I do not feel alone. I have the support of Matt, ManTarA and the wonderful souls who have been attracted to his work. Matt is very vulnerable and real in his work which makes it so easy to relate to and his sense of humor and fun provide joy in the process. My deepest gratitude to you."

~ Shelby

$1000 Bonus

"I listened to the recording last night and it was great, very powerful as you said it would be. I had quite an unsettled sleep but I could really feel the energy at work whilst sleeping. Anyway the recording was great and it feels awesome to have access to it whenever I like. An interesting thing happened today also, I got a text from my boss to come to his office and speak to him. I was shitting myself going in there, thinking I was getting sacked or reprimanded, and he gives me a $1000 bonus, so awesome I had to email you and tell you. I'm still chuckling to myself about it. These recordings work fast."

~ Mitch, Tauranga NZ

"Empowered to know that I have the Answers"

"I first saw ManTarA’s videos on YouTube and while I didn’t understand light language and most often fell asleep listening, I always felt better afterwards. After some live group calls, I felt really moved to work with ManTarA. What I appreciate most is that a session is part coaching and part energy healing. This benefits me because after ManTarA’s energies have supported me, I also have tools to keep releasing discordant energies and raising my vibration. 

When I first approached ManTarA, two things that were said to me really stood out: 1. That my higher self always knows what is best and 2. They couldn’t guarantee that working with them would create what I was seeking. I knew I was working with someone honest who reminded me that even working with ManTarA I ultimately had all the answers. 

I look forward to my continued journey with Matt and ManTarA."

~ Julie Coraccio,

"Like chocolate you will want a second helping"

"I booked to have a 1 on 1 session with Matt and ManTarA, I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was my first experience. I found Matt so lovely and down to earth to talk to, and oh my goodness the healing session was so powerful, it’s actually the most powerful healing I have experienced. I know we all experience what we need to in our own way, so I will leave the surprise for you to have your own experience. Like chocolate you will want a second helping” 🙂

~ Lorraine NZ

"Profound Release"

"From the moment I booked my appointment with ManTarA, I could feel a gentle vibration within my physical body begin to emerge.

Our casual yet intentional conversation at the beginning of the session joyfully felt as though Matt was my long time best friend holding authentic sacred space for my confused heart while he lovingly reflected back to me what was to be clearly accomplished as we moved forward together.

During the second phase as ManTarA was beautifully speaking the familiar language of light, I could sense an angelic energy of warm gold and soft pink gently flowing in and throughout my expanding heart and solar plexus. It then gracefully continued radiating from my physical body out into my mental, emotional and etheric bodies. As Matt gently returned sharing his insights, my higher self knew that a deep profound releasing had taken place and that more healing would be unfolding.

I am deeply grateful to Matt for facilitating this unique and divine life empowering experience.

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you ManTarA”

~ Colleen, Wake Forest, North Carolina

Re-Awakened my Ability to Communicate with Spirit

"I had my session with Matt a little over a week ago. I had been having a great day by the time of our appointment. When Matt and I were talking, I immediately felt the light beings, ManTarA, he works with scanning my body and seemed like they were cleaning and aligning some of my chakras. We started the session and it was a wonderful experience that zero'd in on my issues that I wasn't completely aware of and included an internal visual beautiful picture of a full bloom yellow rose with a pink rose color on the edges of each petal that has stayed with me and soothes me when I bring it back up. Immediately after our session, an ability I used to have was reawakened. I used to be able to hear externally my main spirit guide and lost that years ago, but this time I could internally hear and have a discussion with my higher team. It has not been as strong as right after our session, but comes and goes with very interesting perspectives. I have felt a strong connection to these light beings (ManTarA) and still do; they are so sincere and have such a gentle energy and determined to help me get to where I need to be. My higher team has said they are still around and they enjoy working with these light beings as I have a very stubborn mind. My solar plexus chakra blew wide open this past week and my heart chakra opens but is in cautious mode, I am still working on that and have been having constant tingling in my spine and feeling the love internally and externally since our session. I have also noticed that ManTarA’s energy enhanced any energy work that has already been done on me. I highly recommend working with Matt and ManTarA, I have noticed significant changes in me both internally and around me externally from my session and the MP3s that I continue to listen to and I am so grateful for having this opportunity to work with them. All their energy including Matt’s has been an awesome experience."

~ Cathy, USA

I KNEW, that my state of consciousness had altered and in a few seconds all the pains subsided!!!

"I just wanted to give a shout out for ManTarA and Matt.

Much of what I read about on ManTarA's sales page resonated with me.

Here is what happened soon after I bought his package. From Saturday afternoon onward, I had a bad headache, my two eyeballs were aching badly (probably due to the coffee I had in the morning). By evening I also had a really bad pain in the back of my neck. I know my intervertebral discs are thinning out, and sleeping on a bad pillow triggered this new bout of pain. And I was feeling nauseous too! I thought I'd ride it out, that it would all go away in time.

Fast forward to 4am Sunday morning, I am awakened to all of the above pains and the nausea. I am also feeling anxiety now. Thoughts of me being in perpetual pain over the neck issue had me in a state of panic.

Then I remembered Matt's mantra, "I Breathe in my Divine Essence, and breathe out negativity". But I resisted. A small voice went, are you kidding me? You are not expected to be able to do that given the level of your anxiety. That no one, not even ManTarA, expects someone in this much distress to be able to breathe to any mantra, however simple. And honestly, I just didn't feel up to it. I remember feeling like I was drowning, somehow.

But another voice reasoned that you have to be 'in the space of feeling your pain to fully heal from it'. Which meant I had to do the breathing mantra NOW, despite my reluctance to do so. I know I felt I couldn't do it, but I ventured to try anyway.

Well, I did it. I'm sure I did not do it very well. I did the best I could to breathe in my Divine Essence and breathe out negativity. And I envisioned the solar plexus radiating out in a bright yellow ball that filled me with each in-breath. And negative energies being released with each out-breath.

Something surreal then happened. I felt, no, I KNEW, that my state of consciousness had altered and in a few seconds all the pains subsided!!! I quickly did an inventory check to see if the pains had really subsided. They had. I was so happy, and somehow resistant still, and quickly turned to my side to surrender into sleep. The pains all came back!!! I was surprised.

I guessed that I had not allowed enough time for the healing and so straightened myself to lie on my back again, and did the breathing mantras again. Again, the altered state of consciousness was what I first felt, and then the pains disappeared. This time for good. And I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke later this morning and knew the crisis of yesterday was over.But I am aware that my neck needs some more work. But I acknowledge that if my neck was at level 9 of pain yesterday, it is down to about 2 today. I feel so much gratitude that when we take the first tentative steps, the ManTarA team rush in to help and work their magic! I know I only breathed in and out a few times before the miracles happened. TWICE!!!

I am aware that that was quite a miracle that I experienced. I wasn't going to share this story of mine this early. But I reasoned that someone out there who is sitting on the fence may need to hear this. True healing happens when we are ready to do the work, which in this case is breathing in and out with presence, and listening to some mp3s and group calls and remote energy sessions, of course. Couldn't get any easier than this. I absolutely love the thought that I am so supported by a large group of angelic beings whose only purpose is to help me (and everyone else, of course) in every way they can.

And Matt and ManTarA THANK YOU!

PS _ I was just listening to Matt's replay of the remote healing session, and I think this line of his bears quoting. ''We are not so much interested in helping you heal from your issues. Rather, we want to help you transform to the person who (eventually) has no issues.'' That is what I was looking for - TRANSFORMATION, and the healing that inevitably comes with the transformation."

~ Marsha, Malasia

Renewed Sense of Being Alive

"Its now 2 weeks to the day since my car crash. I say MY car crash because it has been an important pivotal moment. I was cruising along in life perhaps always waiting for that pivotal moment in whatever form it would take!

To be introduced to ManTara's Angelic Light Language has supported THAT moment, launching me easily into my next phase in life.

I have a renewed sense of Being Alive, of safely leaving the past behind (those layers that kept resurfacing), and of Being more present in every moment.

The Angelic Light Language is so pure. It easily and gracefully allows transformation. I am very grateful indeed for this work from ManTarA"

~ Kathryn M, Northland NZ

Released Many Blockages

"It is rare that I strongly praise a light language program. However, the ManTarA Light Language Transformational Program is an exception due to its exceptionality. This is a program that is very practical and user friendly for all levels of spiritual development. After initially hearing the ManTarA recordings, I experienced and saw the release of many blockages within me. I could see, even after the first session, that there was a significant change within me. After a period of time, I stopped listening to the recordings, and noticed a difference in my energy. I felt blocked! Reuniting with the recordings cleared me immediately. It was a dramatic contrast that reminded me of the effectiveness of the program plus the importance of using the program for maintenance. I AM experiencing abundance, health, lack of fear, and beautiful relationships after using the program. Thank you ManTarA."

~ Luz Victoria Aragon, USA

Powerful Space for Transformation

"Matt, thank you so much for another life changing session, you always invite and hold such a safe and powerful space for transformation. It's hard to put words to such transcendent experiences but I'm always left with a sense of luminous expansion and deep connectedness. Your years of disciplined meditation practice really shine through, I'm able to relax and let go, knowing that you're a grounded and focused instrument for these high vibrational energies. It's always a pleasure to experience someone being so clearly in alignment with their purpose; your love, authenticity and generosity is deeply felt. Thank you for being open to doing what you do. I am so grateful for every release, every activation and recalibration, and for all the wisdom, insight, guidance and connection I've received through your collaborative light work with ManTarA."

~ Samiha, Kapiti Coast, NZ

Helps me understand the energy work

"I must tell you, that I find the explanation in the English introductions about what those MP3's make in the energy field, really helps me to understand the energy work and it makes me see it as an intense, unexpected/surprising, powerful and specific work. They help me understand some links I did not think of, between energy and physical body. And it made me think of things in my life I did not think were important or related. Just the introductions have helped me so much, and the energies in the Light Language are indescribable.

Thank you and blessings to you for this fantastic work!"

~ Ginette

Let your Heart Open

"As ManTarA’s gentle hypnotic light language pours into your ears useless ‘leftovers’ from your life/lives get cleared out and true magic occurs…..! It does! Just listen…..and let your heart open….. I so enjoy the brilliant flow of the sessions in this collection – building on one another each with a separate introduction, that ‘tasting a la carte’ did not even occur to me before I had gone through the whole package once."

~ Christie, Denmark

Stuck Patterns, Judgments & Limitations are Breaking up and Floating Away

"I listened to the group call you sent me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I look forward to replaying it. I appreciate how you talk about choice, acceptance, release & allowance. Safety, worthiness & confidence...I experience such love, Self-love as I type those words.

I heard about you from another healer who I've known for close to 17 years. What you spoke about resonates, deepens & expands the transformative work & play with her!!

My experience of the Light Language is peaceful and a releasing. It is like stuck patterns, judgments & limitations are breaking up and floating away.

Thank you again and I look forward to the next time."

With love,
~ Hallie, Maine

My Tummy is nicely Flat again and my Energy is High and Strong

"I bought the package and I am very content with the results. After some time of just surrendering the “sound carpets” of ManTarA I simply fell in love with the energy waves and the contents of the different MP3s, which I found very wisely chosen from the subjects and great comments and introductions from Matt. Everything just fitted.

When I had the private session with Matt, I enjoyed his warmhearted and authentic enthusiasm and determination to help and turn things around for the best outcome. I could see a lot of energy moving and had hot spirals coming out of my hands.

ManTarA feels like good friends since then.

Once again I was thrilled by the group call. Listening to the replay I experienced once again a deep clearing, especially in my solar plexus area. Since then my tummy is nicely flat again and my energy throughout the day is astonishing high and strong!

Blessings to all of you for your work with a huge THANK YOU!"

~ Bianca from Germany

I Have Experienced Real Miracles in My Life from ManTarA’s Work

"I have found that Matt has a great ability to tune in with the human being he has in front of him. He is a fantastic listener and combines patience, understanding, wisdom and love to promptly find the underlying issue to be addressed from the stories and helps you to put everything into perspective. In a private session you are never judged, you feel immensely understood, loved and supported. Although Matt never speaks of himself as being a psychic, what I experience on his private sessions is that he shares some precious premonitions. He says what will unfold and so it happens, I experienced real miracles in my life. I could never have found better guidance because it comes together with inner transformation. Pearls of wisdom flow through from ManTarA and it is all recorded so you can listen back to it many times. The guidance is built on a strong foundation. You are putting brick upon brick. Or, even better said, using the words Matt spoke in one of my sessions: “We are removing one by one the energetic layers that don´t allow your soul to express fully. You are surely able of doing it on your own. The question is: how long will it take?” ManTarA speeds up the whole process in an unimaginable way!

In the group sessions we are all educated, very naturally helped to adjust our truth to a broader, or a more profound one. In fact we have in our society extraordinary beliefs we never question and in order to grow we have to identify them and let go of them.

ManTarA is there for a New World. Matt is a pioneer and goes much further, much deeper than we are used to. ManTarA does transform who listens to, and who breathes with the Light Language.

The new package is more specific; it goes even deeper into the addressed subject. The whole program is packed with precious information, and transformational energies. I don´t know any program or any healer that helps you transform as consistently as Matt/ManTarA. I sometimes question myself if the world is ready to receive this wonderful being and his teachings, since many people seem to be attracted very often for what appeals to their intellect, to complicated explanations, or classifications and scientifically proven statements. With all its simplicity I feel ManTarA is constantly piercing several layers of old beliefs, old patterns, bringing truth to light, revealing the path.

I am very much aware that it is a luxury to have a private session with Matt, the time will come when he will only work with groups, having no more time for individual sessions. Matt/ManTarA are a real blessing in this world.

I´m a healer who ManTarA helped get back on track after very difficult times, like a phoenix being born from the ashes. I must say words are not sufficient to thank Matt/ManTarA, no words adequately express my immense gratitude!"

~ Mafalda, Portugal

Building a Strong Love Relationship with Myself

"Hi Matt
Many, many, heartfelt thanks for the light language package!! Since the first time I listened to one of your sessions the vibrations felt pure and high and, in and through the heart. Your Light Language Package it has been (and it will continue to be) an amazing aid to build a strong-lasting love relationship with myself and to keep releasing and brightening up. My heart feels wide open right now and from it flows all my gratitude to you my friend. Whoever will be drawn to work with your sessions is blessed, and will be a blessing. Heart's smiles and kisses!"

~ Bruno B, Italy

The MP3’s Exceeded my Expectations

"I had scheduled a personal retreat for this past week and was guided to listen to you on FHTJ and quickly purchased your package. I have been listening morning and nightly to the MP3s and they have exceeded my expectations. It has been a time of wonderful transformation, peace, and joy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

~ Alice

Very Powerful Cleansing Energy

"Hi Matt, thanks so much for coming out! And for your youtube session there on the front page of your website. I didn't know what was happening but in the split second before my mind could get in there I felt the energy and decided to go with it. Very powerful cleansing energy. Thank you!"

~ Kate D, Byron Bay, Australia

Awareness of the Beautiful Flow of Life Now

"Hi ManTarA,
The recordings have now become part of my daily life and I notice the difference when I miss a day or two. I have an awareness of the beautiful flow of life now and I have had some magical days watching things unfold. I feel more abundant and feel that I have more choice and exciting things to choose from in the future, I came to you for a reasonably specific issue and yet the recordings have been so much more and opened me up to the possibility of anything showing up, from overseas trips and travelling to building a new amazing house on some magical land with a waterfall! All of these things are available, and I can fully feel and see these things now, where as prior to the recordings and the session, there were just blocks and walls everywhere I looked. So thank you for your guidance and support, the work you do is amazing and I look forward to my next session."

~ Mitch, Tauranga NZ

I was amazed at how quickly the stress and trauma I was feeling melted

""I was involved in a horrendous car accident while traveling very far from my home. Fortunately, no one was hurt and only my car was damaged, but I was horrified because it was totally my fault. Mechanically there was no damage, so I continued on my way to where my son lives, but I was shaking and in shock. When I got to the place I was staying, I began to listen to Matt's recordings right away. I repeatedly played Release Emotional Trauma and Release Physical Pain. I was rather sore from being jerked around even though I was not injured and I was certainly in need of trauma release. I was amazed at how quickly the stress and trauma I was feeling melted and the soreness never developed into any discomfort. The recordings helped me to release the intensity of what I was feeling and allowed me to look at the situation from a higher perspective. I was able to visit with my family for the next few days and remain calm and peaceful without worrying about the accident or the extensive damage to the car."

~ Rosann

"Spontaneously started speaking Light Language"

"I have just had one 30min session with Matt and ManTarA, It felt amazing, very peaceful, but profound shifts were happening. After the session I went to the beach and sat down to allow the energies to intergrate, after 10 min I spontaneously burst out with Light Language myself, it felt so Joyous, I am so happy. What a fantastic gift, Thank You."

~ Rosie, Bay of Plenty, NZ.

"Fear, Self Doubt, and the Need to Control are Gone"

"I have been playing Release Your Fear for a few days now. When I first put on the MP3, I almost immediately felt a very uncomfortable feeling under my ribcage. Then maybe 30 minutes later, I had such a sore throat on my left side; I thought I was coming down with some type of flu. By the evening, the severity had dissipated, though I could still feel a thickness in my throat when I swallowed. By the next morning the feeling had gone and has not returned. I believe I released some major issues in that time.

Without going into my life story, I have always had an underlying fear that seemed follow me wherever I went. Especially a fear of what others think about me and my perspectives, and a fear of what may happen to my loved ones with the choices they make.

I have been running the MP3 on loop. I am really choosing to let go of my fear. In the time since, many things have been coming up to test me in this area. Now, after 4 days of listening, I have noticed I do not care too much anymore what others think, nor am I fearful of what may happen in my future to either me, or the ones I love. I am not feeling the need to constantly control the outcome of my situation anymore. I'm not saying it hasn't crossed my mind. I'm saying it has, and I know I don't need to, and I don’t choose to. This is a huge life changing improvement for me. Thank You so much."

~ Andrea, Melbourne Australia

"This Sweet Lover Chose to Move in with Me"

"As a Pisces and empath, I tend to dream in the abstract world to escape the dense energies I feel, and I had took on, a lot of weight.

Working with ManTarA's transmissions allowed me to bring more of my own Light into my body and ground myself more, so that I could be stronger facing those energies, and concretely move forward on my projects. I came back to naturally move my body and tend to the garden. My hunger has gently reduced because I'm more centred. This also resulted in being more focused about how I spend money and I found the courage to make new steps toward opening my healing business.

Matt Andrews' private support is always empowering, he helps me tap into my strength and inner knowing to find my own answers.

I had been single for 14 years, with only a few short stories, and had met a new guy. Since being infused with ManTarA's energies, this sweet lover decided to move in with me!

While meditating I used to be assaulted with anxiety and dreadful thought, and thanks to the softness of the angelic support I have been able to finally stick to a meditative practice.

To ease my complex mind, there is nothing like the Light Language ManTarA is transmitting, while a profound transformation is happening.

The committed community that Matt has gathered allows the group sessions to shake and remove very deep layers in our field.

I am immensely grateful for Matt's help on this journey - his crystalline laugh in itself brings lightness into a very powerful process."

~ Sylvie, France

Supporting My Transformation at a Deep Level

"Thank you Matt for ManTarA. I must say that I find the recorded sessions an accessible and profound resource that has supported my transformation at a deep level. I enjoy the language and the simplicity."

~ Mark R, Ireland

I am now making concrete steps towards Manifesting My Dreams

"The past is something that has always been haunting me, whether it is incidents from my childhood that I seem to re-live in different ways throughout my adult life or weird memories of what happened many lifetimes ago that triggers fear and doubt and paralyse me from acting on my dreams. I have been aware of this influence but that has not helped me get over it, and the more I have tried the more frustrated I have become.

All that changed 3 weeks ago when I started listening to this MP3, I have been quite diligent with it especially now that I am experiencing the results. The session puts me in a deep state, quite dreamy, and in that state I see these past experiences, now the cool thing is I feel the energies created by the past experience leaving, just like Matt explains, I feel the emotion come up that was associated with the experience and I just choose to breathe it out. It works. I feel so free and liberated, I am not the victim of the past anymore, and I am now making concrete steps towards manifesting my dreams, nothing is in my way. I am so grateful for this tool."

~ Tanya G, NZ

Miraculous improvement in Digestion and Hydration

"I have been listening to 3 new recordings from ManTarA and am having almost miraculous results. Many years ago I began to not be able to digest anything that grew in the ground. My body was not processing water properly either which meant that the water I was drinking did not get into the cells. With both of these things happening, I was also not able to keep my weight stable. It felt like my body was drowning internally but dehydrated at the same time and I was always hungry but was not getting the nutrients from my food.
I started listening to the recordings for Optimum Hydration, Strong Digestion, and Shed Your Armour (extra weight). The next morning, I immediately noticed an improvement in how well my last night's supper was digested and how much more water was being eliminated. Throughout the day, my body felt lighter and I felt more centred in my body. My body is processing food and water better and I can tell that I am more hydrated just from looking at my skin. Another thing I have noticed is that I have actually been sleeping and not having to get up to go to the bathroom several times. I have listened to the recordings a few times so far and find that they are helping me to heal problems that I have been living with and dealing with for years and years. I am looking forward to much more improvement as I listen to the recording again and again. Also, Matt's explanation of energetic digestion was so clear and profound that I have begun to really pay attention to that in my life and find it very helpful.

I can't thank you enough for the miracle that you have made possible for me"

~ Rosann

I Am Already Seeing Results

"Oh Matt this MP3 has changed my life, my whole focus with money has changed, I have let go of the need to get money to prove myself, something that has been with me for a long time. I am starting to allow myself to actually feel successful as I am right now, it is so empowering. My eyes have opened to so many other possibilities for my business; instead of beating my head against a wall trying so hard to make the traditional approach work I am starting to allow myself the freedom to work in a way that is far more in alignment with who I am. And I am already seeing results, two new exciting clients have just appeared in the last week, it was so easy, there was no need for a sales pitch from me, I didn’t have to sell my soul. Thank you so much Matt and ManTarA, so grateful beyond words."

~ Tara, Wellington

About Matt Andrews:

MattMatt comes from a very intellectual, left brained, training as a professional mechanical engineer. However he now finds himself as a conduit for the powerful transformational energies that flow through from spirit. Matt works primarily with a collective of angelic light beings known to him as ManTarA, using Light Language to create an energetic space in the quantum that invites clients to expand out of their limitations, release their discordant energies, and to connect with their higher aspects of Self.

While Matt’s amazingly powerful work with ManTarA is a relatively new phase in this life, it is not an overnight transformation. Through his dedicated and disciplined practice of traditional yoga and meditation over the last 20 years he has purified his energy system, strengthened his awareness and raised his vibrational frequency, which allowed him to reconnect to his higher Self and ManTarA. However he is still a down to earth, well-grounded guy that enjoys a good laugh, and his progressive transformation has unfolded while living, working and raising a family in our modern society.

Recap of what's included in the package

Package A
8 Live Calls covering 4 modules
7 powerful MP3 sets
28 days of remote energy support and closed Facebook Group

      1. Standing Safe and Confident in your own Light, The Foundations
        Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 9th October 3.00pm Central US $108
        Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 13th October 3.00pm Central US $108
      2. Standing Strong in the Knowledge that Nothing is more Powerful than You
        Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 16th October May 3.00pm Central US $108
        Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 20th October 3.00pm Central US $108
      3. Installing, Adjusting, and Using Your own Energetic Filter System
        Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 23rd October 3.00pm Central US $108
        Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 27th October 3.00pm Central US $108
      4. Releasing the Fear and Standing Safe In Love
        Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 30th October 3.00pm Central US $108
        Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 3rd November 3.00pm Central US $108


  1. I Breathe in My Divine Light, and Breathe Out All Limitations Intro mp3 8:22min
    I Breathe in My Divine Light, and Breathe Out All Limitations mp3 24:16min $108
  2. I Surrender my Fear, and I am Free Intro mp3 7:32min
    I Surrender my Fear, and I am Free mp3 24:30min $108
  3. Standing strong in the knowledge that nothing is more Powerful than the Divine Light That You Are Intro mp3 9.10min
    Standing strong in the knowledge that nothing is more Powerful than the Divine Light That You Are mp3 22.50min $108
  4. Installing Your Own Intelligent Energetic Filter System Intro mp3 5.45min
    Installing Your Own Intelligent Energetic Filter System mp3 33.33min $495
  5. Release the Fear Intro mp3 2:00min
    27 Release the Fear mp3’s 3min each 81min $243
  6. From Darkness into the Light Intro mp3 1:33min
    From Darkness into the Light mp3 33:33min $108
  7. ManTarA Meditation Journey Choosing to feel Safe In Love Intro mp3 1:55min
    ManTarA Meditation Journey Choosing to feel Safe In Love mp3 24:00min $108
  8. 28 Days of Remote Energy Support 9th October – 6th November Inclusive $588
    Closed Facebook Support Group from Now till 30th November

Package B
Package A Plus a 60min Private Session


Discount: 95% Off
Total Package Value $2,730
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127

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Discount: 93% Off
Total Package Value $3,027
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197

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