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Listen to Sonya talk about how she feels after doing the Energy & Bliss Retreat... she says it was a Revelation! You have to hear how she describes her experience, AMAZING!

Look at what Patty had to say... "The Energy & Bliss Retreat gave me my Energy back... I went from a 10 to a ZERO for pain and I feel this intense JOY bubbling to the surface!!! My teenagers are THRILLED that their embarrassing Mom is back!! Thank you Marlene for bringing Joy and Playfulness back into my life!!"

Many of us right now are feeling tired with a huge lack of energy and zero motivation…

It doesn’t help that the Holidays and Family can draw out a lot of YOUR energy… making it very difficult to even survive after all that.

You should be feeling ENERGIZED and HAPPY that the New Year is here, but instead you feel like you’ve been hit by a Mack Truck!

You're definitely NOT as happy as you’re supposed to be… and YOUR energy is at the bottom of the barrel!

You’ve tried really hard, but once again... that dark cloud is still following YOU around and everyday life is taking a toll on all your Energy…

Do these sound familiar...

  • Do you Feel EXHAUSTED or TIRED all the time?
  • Are you feeling sad or depressed?
  • Do you have a major Lack of Energy?
  • Have the BLAHS been hitting you hard?
  • Do you struggle just trying to get through the day?
  • Lack of MOTIVATION?
  • Feeling DULL, DOWN or in the DUMPS?

The GOOD News is that there is a SIMPLE SOLUTION…

This Virtual Retreat can totally turn EVERYTHING around for YOU!

You will be able to EXPERIENCE EXCITEMENT on a Regular Basis!

Reserve Your Seat Now

Total Package Value $777

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer Only For $177!

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REFUND POLICY: No refund after retreat begins

Below are a few examples from people who were able to do the Beta testing for the Energy & Bliss Virtual Retreat this past week, Look how FAST their results IMPROVED…

First they took a questionnaire to tell how they were feeling prior to the Energy & Bliss Retreat… and then they took the same questionnaire AFTER the Retreat and WOW, AMAZING DIFFERENCES!

1. How Energized do you feel? 2
2. How Lazy do you feel? 10
3. How Motivated are you to do normal things in life? 2
4. What is your level of Joy? 3
5. How often do you Experience Bliss? 3

1. How Energized do you feel? 8
2. How Lazy do you feel? 2
3. How Motivated are you to do normal things in life? 8 to 9
4. What is your level of Joy? 7
5. How often do you Experience Bliss? 5

Thank you!
~ Eram Saeed

Laura’s Energy Level went from a 6 to a 10!!!! All she had to do was listen for three hours during the One Day Virtual Energy & Bliss Retreat… EVERYTHING got much better for her!

1. How Energized do you feel? 6
2.How Lazy do you feel? 8
3.How Motivated are you to do normal things in life? 6
4.What is your level of Joy? 6
5. How often do you Experience Bliss? 6

1. How Energized do you feel? 10
2. How Lazy do you feel? 2
3. How Motivated are you to do normal things in life? 8
4. What is your level of Joy? 9
5. How often do you Experience Bliss? 9

Thank you so much!!
~ Laurie Winters

Look how Sonya’s motivation score skyrocketed for cooking and taking her son to school…

1. How Energized do you feel? 7
2. How Lazy do you feel? 3
3. How Motivated are you to do normal things in life? 7-8 (taking my son to school = 5 cooking = 5-6)
4. What is your level of Joy? 4-5
5. How often do you Experience Bliss? 3 

AFTER: a Scale of 1 to 10 with 1 as the LOWEST and 10 as the HIGHEST
1. How Energized do you feel? 9
2. How Lazy do you feel? 1
3. How Motivated are you to do normal things in life? 9
4. What is your level of Joy? 7 ( I am ready to go to bed now so maybe tomorrow this will go up)
5. How often do you Experience Bliss? so far I experienced bliss once today!

I feel clean and clear, the freshness and levity of a child, thank you Marlene!!
~ Sonya C.

Here is a perfect example of how this ONE DAY retreat can open up your Energy in all areas of your life…

Here are my Before Answers:
1. How Energized do you feel? I'm about a 'C' right now. I've gotten some bad news, so I am feeling distracted and less eager and creative. But it has triggered a series of thought events and growth that are unbelievable and good. I just wish I didn't have to feel the sharp jab of pain in order to 'wake up!'
2. How Lazy do you feel? I don't feel lazy. I am questioning actions that I don't see as being productive or the best for my well-being.
3. How Motivated are you to do normal things in life? I love my personal routine, just wish I gave myself permission to see my routine as sacred and valuable to my well-being. I have tended to deny myself the enjoyment of practicing the sacred. I've made some significant changes in my day-to-day activities, and hope to discover new sacred activities.
4. What is your level of Joy? I'm putting one foot in front of the other. I'm doing the legwork in anticipation of new opportunities to feel joy. I'm moving old fears, thoughts, and practices aside. I like my new thoughts and look forward to them becoming routine instead of being 'new.'
5. How often do you Experience Bliss? Not very often.

Here are my After Answers:
As I said, I'm going through some really challenging life issues right now. I don't expect that I'll bounce through, but I'm seeing some improvements.
1. How Energized do you feel? I'm feeling about a 'B.' I'm feeling more focused, less likely to derail. And when I face a new challenge, I'm quicker to come up with a creative solution. I'm bouncing back to feeling good more quickly.
2. How Lazy do you feel? Not at all! I feel very energized.
3. How Motivated are you to do normal things in life? I'm having to add additional tasks to my traditional routine.... and I'm getting them done!
4. What is your level of Joy? I'm feeling joy more and more. I feel like I have more resources at my fingertips.
5. How often do you Experience Bliss? I felt a spark during the webinar. Occasionally I'm feeling a bit of an 'AHA!, where did that thought come from?'

Thank you,
~ Joan Wells

The Program could not be any EASIER….

All they had to do was sit back and RECEIVE the Energies while attending the Online Virtual Energy & Bliss Retreat!!

This will literally Rev Up YOUR Energy like nothing before has ever done for you!

You will...

  • Experience REAL Joy
  • Be able to let Love Radiate from your Eyes & your Heart
  • FEEL Lively and Upbeat
  • Find your Hidden Well Spring of Vitality
  • Feel MORE Alive and Peppier
  • Feel More Animated & Alive
  • Claim your Right to be Magnetic to Love
  • Uplift YOUR view of the Future

Total Package Value $777

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177

*** 77% Saving ***

Sold Out

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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No refund after retreat begins

Take a look at what others have been experiencing and see for yourself how incredible this truly is…

“I Haven’t Had This Kind Of Energy In Months… And My Pain Level Is Now At ZERO! Amazing!” ~ Denise

This Retreat Gave Me EVERYTHING I Needed To Regain Control Over My Energy, My Joy… My Life!” ~ J.W.

My Body Really Resonated (vibrating inner tickle) While Watching Your Webinar During Certain Parts Of Your Bliss Clearings! ~ J.W.

“I Came To The Realization That This Moment Is ‘Now Or Never, I’m MORE Active, Have MORE Energy, And I Don’t Feel Drained All The Time! ~ Kim S., NJ

“I Probably Added 10 Years To My Life, You Couldn't Ask For More!” ~ Carol A. Des Moines, Iowa

“It’s An Investment In Your Health And It Has Changed My Life!~ Vicky A., PA

“You Are The Best! My Body Adjusted Back To What It Was Over A Decade Ago, This Is Amazing!! Thank You!”~ Wilma V., Myrtle Beach, SC

“I Feel Amazing, My Stamina Has Improved, I Have So Much More Energy, My Life Is A Lot Better After Completing Your Program!~ Candy

I Feel Lighter, And Have More Energy! I’ve Actually Found Myself Smiling Again And Did My Happy Dance!”~ Anne

I Feel Like A Million Bucks! Feels Like A Lot Of Toxic Crap Was Released.” ~ Val Dawson

“Whatever ‘Energetic Work’ Marlene Did Is Producing Results!”~ Val

“I’ve Greatly Improved Due To Your Care, Feeling So Much LESS Anxious Over Everything!~ Joann

“I Feel Lightened Of Baggage In EVERY Area Of My Life!~ Tamara

“I continue to feel a higher vibrational level though my being more consistently every day… Thank you!”~ Teresa♥

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful” How else to describe?”~ Angela Marie

“ Didn’t Know I Could Feel This Good By Just Clearing My Energy, Wow, Thank You Marlene!”~ Tamm

WOW... YOU ROCK!!! Even With The Muggy Weather I'm Dealing With My Anxieties And Energy Issues Much Better!~ Tim

“I Really Transitioned To A Wonderful Lucrative Happy Space!!!~ Abbyx

“Marlene Assisted Me To Release My Anxiety, And Be Calm And Focused.~ Jennifer

“I Like How I Now Feel... This Has Completely Re-Energized Me!~ Nathalie, Paris

In Fact, did you know that deep down in EACH and EVERY one of your cells are hidden Pleasure Points that are not turned on?

It’s time to Reactivate them!

Get Ready To RESTORE Your Happiness… EVERYTHING is Possible, YOU just need the tools to help YOU get Started!

During this Retreat we will not ONLY be turning on these Pleasure Points…

But you will be able to INSTANTLY feel… Desire & Bliss!

This is NOT a Program that you need to do for days or weeks… there are NO MP3’s you need to listen to again and again.

This is a 3 Hour Virtual Retreat that is going to completely CHANGE the way you are feeling within just 3 Hours!

It’s a VERY Focused & VERY Powerful Energy Transmission for Reactivation & Rejuvenation!

“This Was The Easiest Thing I Have Ever Done… I Have Way MORE Energy Now!”

“This program was the easiest thing I’ve ever done, since I really didn’t have to do much! Marlene has a program where she gets to the root cause of the issue, in the Cells! Makes sense to me!

I am feeling things working better than they had, I’m feeling more energized! I’ve referred Marlene to some of my friends and now we’re comparing notes!”

~ June B. Australia

“I Haven’t Had This Kind Of Energy In Months… And My Pain Level Is Now At ZERO! Amazing!”

“his morning I had intense pain in my hips and legs and my mood was a level 1. After attending the Energy and Bliss Virtual Retreat my pain decreased from a 10 to a 5. A couple of hours later my pain level continued to decrease. 

Now, not only is my pain a 0 but I feel this intense joy just bubbling to the surface. I feel like tap dancing or climbing a mountain and I actually broke out into song. My teenagers are “thrilled” that embarrassing mom is back! 

I haven’t had this kind of energy in months. Everyone needs to experience this instant mood booster! The pharmaceutical industry will be put out of business! Thank you Marlene for bringing joy and playfulness back into my life!”

~ Denise

Do you want to start YOUR New Year off with a BANG?


  • Reactivation of your Cells Pleasure Points!
  • Power-Up your Energy Centers
  • Increase your Life Force Energy
  • Raise your Frequency of Vibration to Love & Joy
  • Re-Set your Emotional Field
  • Let go of Limiting DNA Patterns of Sadness & Depression
  • Clear your Bloodline of Painful Family Influence Tendencies
  • Clear Programs for Failure
  • Increase your Intuition, Knowing & Perception
  • 3rd Eye Awakening for Clarity & Certainty
  • Regenerative Rest & Sleep Activation
  • Brain Upgrade to Transform Lower Vibration Emotions
  • Attracting Love & Self-Love Activations
  • Quantum Activation for Attracting Pleasure
  • Restore Desire for your Partner & Increase Your Sex Hormones
  • Your Dream-Life Manifestation Blueprint

YOU will not be the same person after coming out of this Virtual Retreat…

It will be as if you are wearing rose colored glasses and EVERYTHING is in Vibrant colors!

And you will FEEL the difference!

I’m so confident you will FEEL the changes happening during this 3 Hour Virtual Retreat that I am GUARANTEEING it!

If you don’t feel that you received satisfactory results… then I will refund you YOUR Money Back!

Here's What Happens in the 3 Hour Live Virtual Retreat

Date & Time: JANUARY 28th at 9 AM PST / 10 AM MST / 11 AM CST / NOON EST

Introduction (10 minutes):

  • WHY we don’t have the Energy we did when we were Younger
  • WHY we feel we’re missing something, and WHY we aren’t as happy as we should be!

“I’m Doing My Happy Dance… Feeling Lighter And Have Way MORE Energy!”

I feel lighter, and have more energy! I’ve actually found myself smiling again and did my happy dance! What a beautiful gift to myself, thank you, I’m very grateful.”

~ Anne C.

“I didn’t realize the clearings would have such a dramatic effect on how the rest of me was functioning. I didn’t know I could feel this good by just clearing my energy, wow, thank you Marlene!

~ Tamm

“I felt like I was going down with the ship, thankfully your quantum program allowed me to surrender the circumstances that were preventing me from achieving my goals instead of holding on to fear and my beliefs that kept me from creating my life consciously, not only personally, but also professionally. This is HUGE!

~ Sherry

WOW you ROCK!!! Even with the muggy weather. I'm dealing with my anxieties and energy issues much better.

~ Tim Betterman


  • Power-Up your Energy Centers
  • Increase your Life Force Energy
  • Clear Energy Parasites and Dark Energies

“I came to the realization that this moment is ‘now or never, I’m more active, have more energy, and don’t feel drained all the time.

~ Kim S., NJ

“My friend said I probably added 10 years to my life, You couldn't ask for more!”

~ Carol A. Des Moines, Iowa

“You are the best! My body adjusted back to what it was over a decade ago, this is amazing!! Thank you!”

~ Wilma V., Myrtle Beach, SC

“Yes, I am feeling better! Thank you. I do feel better, something awesome happened. Feeling better now. The awesome thing is too much for email.”

~ Kara J.

HOW Infections Drain Your Energy (30 Minutes)

  • Viral & Bacterial Infection Clearings
  • Clear Energy Parasites and Dark Energies

I Could Feel The Shifts Happening To Me… I’m Doing Things I Never Had The Energy To Do Before!

“I am feeling quite good, even though I have come in contact with several people who have flu/bronchial issues, my husband being one of them. I feel I have more energy most days!

I feel I have become more mindful, and more observant of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are coming up and my relationship with my husband has somewhat changed for the better.

The past few days I have begun to clear the clutter in my house and let go of things I no longer need. All in all, Marlene... I feel a shift happening for me, which is wonderful! Thank you so much, with Love and Gratitude”

~ J. F., Australia

“It’s an investment in your health and it has changed my life!

~ Vicky A., PA

My body really resonated (vibrating inner tickle) while watching your webinar during certain parts of your Bliss clearings!

~ J.W.

BREAK (5 minutes)
Take this time to get some fresh water or use the restroom. 🙂

Vibration Upgrades & Transformations (30 Minutes):

  • Frequency of Vibration Upgrade from Dense to the Level of Love & Joy
  • Brain Frequency Reset to Upgrade to Transform Lower Vibration Emotions
  • Let go of Faulty DNA Programs of Low Energy
  • Clear your Bloodline of Painful Family Influence Tendencies

“This Has Helped Me Be A Better Role Model For My Daughters!”

“My daughters look to me as their role model, and I think it’s time to model being healthy. I don’t want to be a burden on them in a few years, and when I found out why I just couldn’t get my energy back on my own, the puzzle pieces fell into place. I love the sessions with Marlene, she sees what is blocking my goals and clears them! I Love it!!

~ Susan R., Italy

“Dear Marlene, thankyou!! I really transitioned to a wonderful Lucrative happy space!!! Lots of love!”

~ Abbyx

“I Feel Lighter And A Huge Strength Has Emerged From Within Me!”

“I was able to quickly pass through emotional tunnels and emerge with strength and clarity about the present moment. And I quickly embraced a bright future that is mine to explore, create, and enjoy. Thanks to Marlene, I feel lightened of baggage in every area of my life!

~ Tamara P.

“With her program, Marlene assisted me to release my anxiety, and be calm and focused.

~ Jennifer H.

WHAT & WHERE are our Pleasure Points? (30 minutes)

  • Quantum Activation for Attracting Pleasure
  • Reactivation of your Cells Pleasure Points!

“My lack of self confidence, self-doubt and anxiety were at an all time high. I am now off of my anti-depressants and have a whole new outlook on life physically, mentally and spiritually. I have a new found feeling of wholeness I have not had for a while.”

~ A.

“I feel blessed to have found you!!!!!!! I am convinced I’ve greatly improved due to your care, feeling so much LESS Anxious over everything, I can relax without continually overthinking, and there’s no longer a grip around me like I felt before. So many things improved that I didn’t realize may have been related!”

~ JoAnn

“Thank you, Marlene... I feel amazing, my stamina has improved, I have so much more energy, my life is a lot better after completing your program... I am forever grateful. Thank you, Marlene!”

~ Candy Mayer

“Whatever ‘energetic work’ Marlene did is producing results! Incredible, but then again, I’m not surprised as whatever she touches turns to pure gold!”

~ Val Dawson

“I continue to feel a higher vibrational level though my being more consistently every day… Thank you!”

~ Teresa♥

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful” How else to describe?”

~ Angela Marie

WHAT is BLISS & HOW to get it! (30 minutes)

  • Quantum Activation for Unblocking Your BLISS
  • Spirit Fragmentation Readings & Retrieval to Restore the broken parts of your Spirit back to You

This Freedom Is Remarkable.... I Am Experiencing Joy, Calmness And Getting To Know The REAL Me!”

This freedom is remarkable. I feel my calm spirit now. And since I’m no longer obsessed with certain people and the crippling insecurities they brought out in me, I now have time to experience my authentic self, my real self. It’s really amazing. In the aftermath of the ‘clearing’, I am experiencing joy, calmness, and am getting to know ‘the real me.’

Marlene is a professional. She redeemed my joy and cast out my misery. What is a fair price to pay a person who just set me free? I paid her fees up front and thought that the freedom she helped me achieve is priceless. Thank you!!”

~ Joan W

Wrap up: Recommendations & Things You can Do to KEEP your Energy & Bliss

  • Menus
  • Supplements
  • BLISS Bath

“This Retreat Gave Me EVERYTHING I Needed To Regain Control Over My Energy, My Joy… My Life!”

“The Energy and Bliss Virtual Retreat… what a lovely and down-to-earth and understandable webinar! Thank you for taking the time to help me
identify ALL the aspects of my wholeness and how my interactive spiritual parts go under fire. I had no idea there were so many aspects to my wholeness for you to clear! 

You have given me tools to be more specific about caring for myself. You are a spiritual doctor! Thank you for diagnosing and re-integrating me so I can feel joy and bliss. I am learning new thought patterns, habits, eating right, and guarding my spirit from vampires, dark forces, and circumstances that would steal my serenity, joy, and ability to feel bliss. 

My body really resonated (vibrating inner tickle) while watching your webinar during certain parts of your Bliss clearings. Thank you for cleaning out some old business! It felt really good! 

This webinar definitely deserves multiple viewings. It was so action-packed that multiple viewings will help reinforce all the clearings you did and will continue raising my frequencies. 

Marlene hit the nail on the head when she talked about making a decision to change my self-talk to enhance and maintain the clearings she did… Marlene did all the heavy-lifting, so I will take advantage of having a lighter spirit to move forward! 

And thank you for helping us understand that what we eat has a direct correlation to my spiritual health. I printed out the vitamin/cleanse regimen flyer for reference. 

I think we all need occasional refresher webinars or one-on-ones to help us deal with the onslaught of forces that come against our spiritual integrity. Glad you are able to offer this”

~ Joan Wells


Want to find out your BEFORE and AFTER Readings from Marlene personally?

Is there a specific issue you'd like to address in a Private 1 on 1 Session with Marlene?

UPGRADE to get a Private 1 on 1 Session with Marlene!

UPGRADE is Available as an Add on package at Checkout.

BEFORE Session:
Thank you so much Marlene. This has been quite a rollercoaster. My body is completely exhausted and inflamed. I pray for just one really good night's sleep. 

Follow Up after Session:
Wow Marlene!

I almost don't know what to say! First off, THANK YOU for doing that. I love how you explained everything and I will continue to read it and absorb what each thing does.

Also, I literally started feeling amazing last night even after so much bodywork from several people plus you and I was so incredibly beyond exhausted also due to literally not resting at all for almost two months. What I found is the most significant change is in my vibration and really my mind. I can't even imagine thinking on such a low vibration scale as I did before. It's rather amazing. Like all I can relate with are powerful, solution-oriented thoughts.

I can only believe this is a direct correlation between my physical energy being at such a higher level than I've been used to for over 15-20 years! It's like finally being able to see or hear after a lifetime of not being able to. That's pretty significant.

I feel extremely clear, Professional, focused, and I feel that I express myself effectively and I feel completely heard. Wow! Such a difference from what I have experienced, especially in the last several years. Oh and I did sleep better last night! Thank you so much! ”

~ Danielle Minerva

About Marlene Allen

Marlene Allen is an Internationally Renowned Spiritual Healer, ‘Midlife Mentor’, and Cellular Rejuvenation expert.

She has identified the triggers for cellular deterioration and how they affect women in midlife going through multiple changes on the physical, mental, energetic, spiritual, professional and emotional levels.  Her Mid-Life Makeovers are in demand by reversing the biological clock 10 years or more, in 60 days or less!

She is the go-to Quantum expert, affecting desired change on multiple levels, for celebrity clients, as well as leaders in business, speakers, coaches and consultants, and for all midlife women!

Marlene’s sense of deep knowing provides insight into a woman’s issues. With protocols the body responds to, that which is ‘not you’ is let go, to restore, rejuvenate, and regenerate the body’s systems.

Women find relief, and themselves, during sessions with Marlene. Midlife is a true turning point in women’s lives as we have an important role, one motivated by purpose and passion. This time for ones self. Blazing the trail on a new adventure, you can avoid the mid life crisis, without getting sick, divorced, or depressed, and clear out the junk that’s built up over the first 30-50 years, without carrying it into the next phase of life.

“After years of study, training and case studies to learn and to apply my gifts, and due to my curiosity, I discovered how to speed up the healing and the results. A session with me is remarkably easy, virtual, pain free, and fun!”

Marlene helps Midlife Women bring their wisdom to the world through training, quantum activation clearing programs, mentorship, workshops and retreats.

Experience a New, Enlightened approach to Menopause & Hormones to make Midlife Sexy & Vital again!

Total Package Value $777

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177

*** 77% Saving ***

Sold Out

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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No refund after retreat begins

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