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Certified Advanced Therapeutic Qi Gong Instructor.
"The Queen of Age Reversal"

Continuous Joy: The Key to Transforming Your Life and Universe

A “no brainer” system to improving your health,
finances and relationships effortlessly, even while you sleep!

Are you living the life you truly want? Or do you feel stuck, angry, frustrated and powerless? And you're tired. And you're busy! Who has time to learn techniques? When my clients and students come to me, they've often tried many things: affirmations, mantras and the law of attraction. They've made some progress, but they're stuck somehow and frustrated and irritable.

“Why is your work so different?” they ask me. “Why do things that seemed impossible happen almost instantly, when I've tried myself for months?”

And I tell them the truth: the universe responds to the continuous joy of wholeness.
When we're tuned into our whole, true self, we're creating from joy, and things change effortlessly, unconsciously. And miracles happen quickly and easily.

Here are some of the results that clients and students have experienced:


  • Shrinking of tumor (verified by a physician)
  • Saving a foot that was going to be amputated (verified by a physician)
  • A different tumor moving from an inoperable location inside the skull to an operable location on the neck and shrinking
  • Reversing diabetes in 1 session
  • Ending 20 years of low back pain in 1 session many other clients relieved of recurrent back pain
  • Many clients relieved of recurring headaches including migraines


  • Receiving 2 cars for the price of 1
  • Receiving $120,000 after an intensive program
  • Increasing monthly salary by 10 fold after an intensive program
  • Husband was promoted in record time
  • Husband was moved to their posting of choice
  • Investment was multiplied 100 times within a week


  • Many clients improved family life – no more fighting
  • Many clients finding ideal life partner – no more commitment phobes or liars
  • Many clients becoming multiply orgasmic – their boyfriends and husbands are ecstatic!
  • Ended panic attacks and taken off anxiety meds (verified by a physician)
  • No more PTSD symptoms after assault, combat, molestation, rape
  • No more bedwetting, no more night terrors after 2 sessions

Peak Performance

  • Two clients went from Fs to As in mathematics in less than a week
  • Triple jumper increased his personal best by 5 feet after one session
  • Dancers increased their vertical leap by 2 inches after one session
  • Client who had failed a professional exam due to anxiety passed easily
  • High school wrestler ranked lower than 20th in the state of Pennsylvania took sixth place at State Championships
  • A college varsity athlete who asked to be “nationally known” was a finalist for the prestigious Arthur Ashe award for academic and athletic excellence. Top 10 out of over 600 nominees.



Item 1
Allowing Continuous Joy ™

(Value $1997)

7 previously recorded Coaching Classes of 1 hour each.


Week 1/Class 1: 
Preparation phase (eliminating blocks, sabotage and resistance to detoxification, strengthening internal healing processes, personal connection to source and clarity of intuition). Unpeeling everything in the way of self-appreciation and self-acceptance.

Imagine being free of negative thought patterns, self-criticism, doubt and the need to suffer! This module aligns you to the pattern of “learning can be enjoyable and fun, joy can be my natural state, I can easily let go of anything that no longer serves me.”

Week 2/Class 2 Worry to Sympathy: 
How much better would your life be if instead of worrying you easily extended compassion and held the vision of a positive outcome automatically?

Worry has been called “praying for the negative” yet it is a daily experiene for many people, especially in these uncertain times, when bad news is blared at us 24/7.

This module addresses: 
Mother issues Over-mothering, Smothering attention, Worrying, Obsessing, Martyrdom, Fawning, Ambivalence, Clinging, Lack of Sympathy

Associated physical symptoms:
Eating disorders, Craving sweets, Overeating, Nausea, Diabetes Hypoglycemia, Weak muscles, Stomach issues, Weight Gain, Pain or numbness along associated channels.

Week 3/Class 3: Grief to Clarity 
So many of us have unresolved grief – it is the number one reason for self-sabotage, poor choices and addictions. Just by clearing your sorrow, you could move ahead at 5 times the speed!

This module addresses:
Father Issues: Grief, Unresolved loss, Sadness, Low self esteem, Loss of personal boundaries, OCD, Issues with letting go, Perfectionist, Self-righteous, Dogmatic religious beliefs, Prejudiced, Problems with authority, Problems with intimacy, Lack of spiritual belief.

Associated physical symptoms:
Asthma, COPD, Chronic bronchitis, Constipation, IBS Colitis, diverticulitis, Lung disorders, Sinus problems, Skin disorders, Large intestine disorders, Lowered immune functions.

Week 4/Class 4: Fear to Curiosity 
The tools you need to stay connected and open. Exercise to raise your frequency to the next level and keep it there. Opening your manifesting vortex every time you need it. Live calls at the end of class.

With these clearings, tools, and clarity you will easily and effortlessly shift into manifesting what you desire.

Week 5/Class 5 Anger to Empowerment/Advocacy 
What if every irritation you experienced and all the anger you've ever felt could fuel outstanding success and achievement for you? That's what this week is all about! Reach heights you've only dreamed over after this profound shift in consciousness!

This module covers:
Easy anger, Frustration, Feeling “stuck”, Volatile emotions, Depression.

Associated physical symptoms:
Headaches, Migraines, PMS, Hormonal imbalances, Rib pain, Joint pain, Arthritis, High blood pressure, Dry eyes, Watering eyes, Night blindness, Pain along the associated channels.

Week 6/Class 6 “Drama” to Joy 
Our daily upsets are usually way out of proportion to the current situation. The “drama” is a hyperemotional distraction, which covers up our deeper conflicts. Digging deep underneath and flushing out the internal struggles, we free ourselves up to a continuous flow of joy!

This module addresses:
Laughing inappropriately, Nervous giggling and talking, Inability to love, Lack emotional warmth, become sexually over-stimulated, crave mind altering substances, become emotionally hot-cold easily.

Associated Physical Symptoms:
Heart disease, Palpitations, Rapid or irregular heart beat, Insomnia, Mouth sores, tongue sores, Stuttering, Vivid or disturbing dreams, Sense of dread, Poor memory, Pain along the associated meridians.

Week 7 Class 7 Integration 
Putting it all together! This week our profoundly cleansed and optimized emotional and energetic system gets tuned up for optimum success and we move onto the highest possible lifepath for this new level of vibration!

Earth -> establishing self-nourishment, contentment, harvesting what is needed for self and others, stability, security, empathy and caring.

Metal -> establishing internal resolve and strength, self worth, self esteem, vitality and endurance, as well as the ability to let go of emotional upsets and grudges.

Water -> establishing energetic reserves, the will to survive, courage, our ability to procreate, movement and flow, self actualization, willpower, trust and faith.

Wood -> having a positive vision of the future, having the ability to organize, plan and initiate action, and to express emotions, including anger, in a healthy manner.

Fire -> having the ability to establish relationships, express love and sexuality, expansiveness, enthusiasm, passion, playfulness, joyfulness, warmth and relaxation.

And finally, optimizing your new possible future!


Total Value $1997

Living in Oneness Special offer $97


Includes everything in Package A


Item 2
Allowing Continuous Joy ™

(Value $1997)


7 Live Coaching Classes, 1 hour each, time for Q and A at the end of each class, energy work throughout the class.

Dates: April 20th to June 1st, 2015

Item 3
Abundance through Ecstasy

(Value $1997)


  • 9 previously recorded Coaching Classes 1 hour each.
  • 9 Channeled High-Vibrational Mandalas to Use while you sleep.

The language of effortless abundance is soul-based ecstasy.

You receive 9 Channeled Mandalas to heal and integrate 7 major chakras and 5 secret chakras. Mandala homework pages help you bring out your own energetic powers through original self-expression.

You also receive 2 guided meditations, one for morning, one for evening. These contain the concentrated energy of a 90 minute live session and combines with the Mandala of the week to unblock all roots and origins of obstacles, blocks and sabotages to healthy, sustainable abundance and pleasure.
Week One Mandala 
Preparation – work with unconscious and unacknowledged portions and aspects, especially multi-dimensionally – alternate universes, past, future, concurrent lifetimes, clears the shushuma, the column of energy running up and down the spine which connects all the chakras.

Week Two Mandala 
Earth Star Chakra and 1st Chakra - Root Chakra:

Being grounded in the physical world, Connection to the Earth/Family/Tribe, Feeling physcially safe and secure.

Underactive: Being uprooted/disconnected, Feeling physically insecure, Being a victim of violence. a feeling of not being at home and welcome, here onEarth. Lack of interest in physical life or neglect their physical needs.

Overactive: Being really blocked for moving on spiritually, Being obsessed with security (fear of being physically in danger), Being dependent of others especially your family, Being afraid of the unknown. staying always at home and being too grounded.

Week Three Mandala 
2nd Chakra - Sacral Chakra and Navel chakra :
Sexuality, Creation and creativity, Ability to physically manifest your dreams and wishes, Abundance.

Being unable to manifest and develop your projects in the physical. You can be mentally or emotionally active but never create or produce something tangible. Having many ideas but never being able to earn a living and create abundance from them. Difficulty creating and receiving physical abundance (money, wealth).

This can also manifest as sexual disorders or difficulty conceiving because the 2nd Chakra deals with creation energy.

Sexual disorders, Obsession to accumulate possessions and material wealth, can also manifest as an inability to ever let go and give, Hoarding, Tendency to clutter up.

Week Four Mandala 
3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus Chakra: Individuality and will power, Self-Esteem, Ability to set goals and to achieve them, Personal accomplishments, Physical identity, The representation of personal success and power.

Being energetically blocked, Difficulty following your goals or even defining new ones, Being confused about your life and your identity, Not knowing your next step, Feeling like a victim.

Working hard and constantly without ever accomplishing something tangible. Being focused on productivity and keeping busy all the time but despite the effort, most of the times the work lacks focus.

This block can also cause anger and frustation (because of the stagnation).

Week Five Mandala 
4th Chakra
Heart Chakra and Thymus/High Heart Chakra: Ability to receive and to give love to others as well as to yourself, Being connected to the frequency of love, Emotional Center, Bridge between higher and lower chakras.

Tendency to judge severely, Criticizing yourself, Being emotionally closed and hard on yourself, Not loving and accepting yourself, Difficulty receiving love from others, Having blocks to divine love. This can also manifest itself as heart problems or disorders affecting the immune system or even a lack of compassion.

Giving too much (of your time and/or energy) to others and being physically and emotionally drained and empty, Always putting yourself last, Always wanting to help and assist everybody, Physical and emotional fatigue. In some rare cases, this imbalance can also show up as a narcissistic attitude.

Week Six Mandala 
5th chakra
Throat Chakra and Alta Major/Mouth of the Divine Chakra: Communication, Ability to say and to hear the Truth, Authentic Expression of the Self.

Difficulty expressing yourself and being confident. Feeling under pressure when not communicating your true feelings. Can also manifest itself by an inability to listen to others, Not hearing what other are saying, Talking too much.

Being jugdemental, Critisizing yourself and others, Being too persistent and stubborn. This imbalance can also be present in people who do a lot of teaching and "Channeling".

Week Seven Mandala 
6th Chakra
3rd Eye: Intuition, Focused Intention, Mental acuity, Connection to the Higher Identity.

Under-active: Disconnection from your Higher Identity or being totally unconscious of this part of you, Inability to access your intuitive capacities, Not considering the spirituel plan of your life as a source of guidance and insight. Difficulty concentrating and using intention, Not grasping the power of intention.

This can manifest physically by migraines, headaches or focusing problems.

Being totally and exclusively focused on the spirituel plane, Not paying attention or not considering the linear mind, Not being grounded and balanced (Having wings but not roots).

Week Eight Mandala 
7th Chakra
Crown chakra and Soul Point Chakra: Accessing the Source of Power and Energy, Divine Connection, Knowing yourself as the creator of your reality.

Helplessness, Abandoning all attempts to take the power in your own life (especially if the chakra is really damaged), Reactivity, Not being in control of your experience in life, Being a victim of life situations or others.

Being full of yourself, Seeking to take over control, Wanting to control everything, Abusing your authority.

Week Nine Mandala 
You feel balanced, relaxed, whole and healthy. You are energized and enthusiastic and experiencing abundance in every aspect of your life. You feel everything in your life is going well for you. All or most of your projects are flowing the way you like.

Everyone who is associated with you, either professional or personal are attracted to your energy and wants to be with you. In some cases, you are the life of the party and everyone seeks your company. The reason you have become a “people magnet” is because you are radiating such positive energy, people start to look for you.


Total Value $5991

Living in Oneness Special offer $147


Includes everything in Package B


Item 4
30 Days of Quantum Reinvention(tm) Energetic Support

(Value $997)


30 Days of Quantum Reinvention(tm) Energetic Support. Continuous daily energetic support, upgraded daily by Maiyah. 4 hours of intense work at night while you sleep, so that the most “difficult” transformations are resolved through dreams.

During this 30 day period, You will receive continuous gentle support from the Quantum Reinvention Process PLUS intensive 4 hours of Healing during your deepest sleep cycle (usually midnight to 4 am local time) for you.

You can invite as many of your friends and family members as you wish by sending them the optin link and they can sign up for this 30 day period too!

Gently clear unconscious blocks that have been sabotaging you, and raising your vibration to be more congruent with your highest purpose.

This will even begin to heal energetic ties with any relationship that is out of alignment, including ancestral and future.

There will be a cleansing of your home as well. Plants and pets will benefit!

Often people with natural healing abilities are exhausted in the morning because they are going out on shamanic healings for other people without adequate training. This support process will shift you so that you will no longer do that. Instead you will be subconsciously trained to direct your worries to helpful beings that have infinite capacity to deal with this.

In short, you will be gently guided and supported to raise your own vibrational frequency and also have the ability to invite everyone you know to experience this as well. Just imagine what that kind of vibrational support could do for you, your family, your friends, and your greater community! Who else do you know who could benefit from this amazing experience?


Total Value $6988

Living in Oneness Special offer $197


Dr. Stanley Krippner, Professor Emeritus at Saybrook Institute, a world-renowned expert in healing, PTSD and the study of paranormal energy experiences says:

“Just one 20 minute session with Maiyah ended my knee pain of 12 years. I had been hit by a car in Spain in the year 2000, which broke my leg. Thanks to Maiyah, I am painfree! It’s astounding!

I continue to be impressed by Maiyah’s wide range of abilities and knowledge.

She continues to develop her skills in the mind-body disciplines and passes what she has learned on to her students and clients. Maiyah is in the vanguard of 20th century innovators of effective health practices.

Dr. Stanley Krippner

Maiyah appeared on Montel Williams’ Living Well Wednesday on his radio show, Montel Across America, former Navy officer, award-winning counselor and legendary Emmy-winner.

"Your work with families who are dealing with deployment and PTSD is a wonderful blessing to many, Maiyah."

Montel Williams

Maiyah shows us amazing skills with grace...there is a lot to be learned from her masterful work with PTSD, relationship and sexual issues.

Gary Craig, Founder and Creator, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

I didn’t believe in Generational Healing before I met you. But even though you mainly worked on me, my daughter is a completely different person now. She used to create horrible situations in every area of her life. She went from a drug-addict who blew $250,000 in a year then did jail time for assaulting a police officer, she has finished both college and her Masters, and is earning over $50,000 per year doing preventative counseling with troubled teens.

D.W.,Virginia Beach, VA

I have been on my spiritual journey for over 30 years, participating in many workshops, classes and teleseminars. I even travelled overseas to sacred sites for special meditation and prayer rituals with world famous leaders. I have spent time with many acclaimed masters in several traditions. While I have learned from all of them, you, Maiyah, are a special, special gift. I am grateful every day that I can work with you regularly. Your classes take me beyond what I had previously imagined for myself. I am a student for life.

Lorraine McGovern, Virginia Beach

I was broke and going through a horrible divorce. My husband, whom I’d supported for years while he looked for his six-figure ‘dream job,’ said “It’s your turn, go ahead and change to the industry that you really want.” Then after I’d left my boring but high paying career, took the money out of our joint account and abandoned me. I wasn’t able to keep up with my house payments on my entry level salary. My parents were helping me out. It was humiliating. After my program with you, everything changed. By some miracle my husband and his lawyer signed off on a huge alimony package for me. My lawyer was stunned. I was receiving as much as women with three children. Three days after the signing, my husband’s lawyer called my lawyer and told him “We didn’t mean to sign that. We meant to change some things.” But the judge refused their request to re-negotiate. Then after 8 months I landed my dream client and am literally making 10 times per month what I used to make. TEN times! It’s incredible! In 8 months, the amount I spent on Maiyah’s work paid me back over 20 times, and now I am set to make 6 figures every year until I retire.

AH, Newport News, VA

That two hour session healed over 12 years of bad sex. Ethan and I had more sex in 9 days than we did in our previous 6 year relationship, and I felt emotionally, spiritually, and energetically fulfilled and connected with him in ways I’d never dreamed possible. And Ethan said ‘I have died and gone to heaven. Your passion and enthusiasm and orgasmic response are incredible! I am going to light candles to St. Maiyah of sexual fulfillment.’

Thank you so much, Maiyah! I’m a new woman because of your work!

Roxy,Virginia Beach, VA

My NGO was laying people off, so I consulted Maiyah and followed all her instructions in the program. The next week my office received a grant specifically funding my program for $40,000. So my salary was assured for the entire year. Then two weeks later, I attracted a business mentor for a side business I had started. We just got venture capital otaling $80,000 for our first project! Thank you so much Maiyah!

MN, Jersey City, NJ

You told me to say “I attract double; people value me and my work.” And the next week a lady came in and bought something from my glass case in the store. She said ‘I will pay you $180.’ She didn’t even ask the price. So I took her money and she thanked me. It retails for $90. But it gets even better, Maiyah! I ordered a new car for my taxi business. It was shipped to the loading dock, because I live on an island. And when I signed for the car, the delivery slip showed two cars for the price I paid. TWO CARS! I had to call a friend to drive the other one home! It’s unbelievable!…

KS, Costa Rica

Maiyah’s work completely changed my life. I was scared to death because my ex-husband had been stalking me and the girls with a gun. I was broke because we were spending money on hotels so he wouldn’t know where we were. My car broke down. My credit was terrible. Both of my girls (8 and 10) were wetting the bed due to stress. After some intensive work: 1) my ex, who had lied before in court during our divorce, confessed to everything during the hearing, was given a restraining order and was remanded to counseling; 2) I was approved for the perfect car at a low interest rate despite having almost no money down; 3) I received many new orders for commission based work and now have a “cushion” in the bank 4) I found a wonderful new job in Hawai’I and we will be moving soon.

Beth formerly in Virginia,now in Hawaii

About Maiyah Olivas

MaiyahA healer with over 30 years of experience and advanced training in over 30 modalities, Maiyah Olivas holds the rank of Third Degree Black Belt and Certified Advanced Therapeutic Qi Gong Instructor. Known as “the Queen of Age Reversal,” and “the Ninja of Transmutation” she’s worked with over 3000 people to improve their emotional, financial and physical situations, often instantaneously! She loves synthesizing new techniques with ancient secrets to create miracles on a daily basis such as: shrinking tumors, reversing diabetes, reviving necrotic tissue and ending decades-long back pain and migraines. When not working with private clients, developing problem-solving products or teaching cutting-edge classes, Maiyah can be found working with at-risk youth in her local afterschool program, teaching ukulele and keyboard.

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