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Have you been diagnosed by a medical professional with an illness or have pain of some sort that you want to end?

Then Lynn Waldrop can definitely help you!!


Lynn’s gift is that she can talk to bodies and entities and they talk back with her! Whatever is going on in your body that is causing disease or discomfort, she can find out the REAL cause of the issue so you can address that immediately. What’s more, a lot of time she will simply adjust the energy blockage and the issue vanishes! Her work has been compared to being akin to magic or even miraculous and her clients are enjoying pain free release from the issues that had plagued them for decades sometimes!

She has successfully worked with many people from all walks of life and with a host of problems including, but not limited to:

  • Heavy metal detox*
  • Yeast overgrowth*
  • Fungus, parasites and inflammation to IBS*
  • ALS* STDs* Neuropathy*
  • Bladder prolapse*
  • Cleaning plaque out of arteries*
  • Spinal adjustments*
  • Lymphatic/liver/gall bladder/spleen dumps and detoxes*
  • Polyps and energetic colonics*
  • Back pain*

Lynn has put together this offer for From Heartache to Joy Listeners. Package includes 10 Mp3 recordings. These sessions are like a concentrated dose, so a 20-minute mp3 is very powerful!

  • 1

    Total Body Cleanse 2.0 - Value: $100

    This mp3 addresses Yeast, Fungus, Parasites, Bacteria, Viruses, Chemicals, Radiation, and Heavy Metals! Many symptoms can be overcome if you do a Total Body Cleanse!

  • 2

    Inflammation Elimination 2.0 - Value: $100

    Every dis-ease starts with inflammation and chronic inflammation is present when any of the “big” diagnoses show up – cancers, colitis, Crohn’s, arthritis, MS or others – time to start the healing!

  • 3

    Toxin Detox 3.0 - Value: $100

    Liver – Gallbladder – Spleen – Kidney cleanse. All of the following can be signs of toxicity - fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, sinus congestion or excessive sinus problems, headaches, bloating & gas – let’s get healthy and toss the toxins!

  • 4

    Colon Clean-up 2.0 - Value: $100

    Most people have pounds and pounds of rotting fecal matter in their colon, overgrowth of yeast and fungus, parasites, and toxin build-up causing chaos in their body. The body goes through autointoxication - the body slowly poisons itself because it cannot rid itself of wastes – time to dump it!

  • 5

    Happy Hormomes 2.0 - Value: $100

    Hormones are the messengers that deliver the marching orders to the entire body letting everyone know their jobs. This affects your metabolism, your periods and menopause, your sex drive etc. – time to get the signals straight and balance those hormones!

  • 6

    Mind Detox - Value: $100

    All those TFE’s (thought feelings and emotions) suck in the cells programming and cluttering your life? They affect the body too – what if what really creates any dis-ease are those thoughts, feeling and emotions and significance we give them - time to defrag the mind!

  • 7

    Body Boost - Value: $100

    Face lift, breast augmentation, butt lift, tummy tuck, vaginal/penal rejuvenation, skin tightening and toning - for a leaner more beautiful YOU! What of you could lose inches just by listening to an mp3? What if you could feel more fit, toned and have more energy - Begin to YOUTH your body in only 10 minutes a day!

  • 8

    Chakra Blowout NEW - Value: $100

    Deep cleansing of both the main and minor chakras!! There are energy centers all over the body and many people store their energetic waste in these centers. What does that do to your vitality, balance and vigor on a daily basis? Time to blow them out and bring balance and freedom to your life!

  • 9

    Total Body Tune-up NEW - Value: $100

    Wow – ever had your organs tuned up like a fine cello ready for the symphony? This mp3 releases stress or from the cells of the body, re-sets the communications systems of the body and re-boots the organs for optimal health!

  • 10

    Grief Release NEW- Value: $100

    This is a TFE (thoughts, feelings and emotions) release of all types of Grief from the body! Grief from the loss of a loved one, loss of relationship or even money; any anger or resentment left behind – Leave the Grief behind and in with Joy!!

Here's what others have to say about these mp3s:

"Wow!!! The inflammation MP3 really warmed up my legs and feet. I had better flexibility afterwards. My ankles looked like they used to 30+ years ago."


"I'd like to thank you for the difference you have already made in my life. I've been listening to the Detox MP3s and I already feel less sad, less heavy and there are parts of my body that are starting to come alive!"


"I am writing as a testimonial of the effects of your MP3's: It has been only a few days since I have started listening to all of them, and the bad dermatitis I have on my right hand that I could not help or heal with any traditional or energetic tool, has already started improving!"


"Lynn is the most fabulously gifted healer I have ever come across. I listen daily to her downloads and my body feels great!"


"Lynn is my fav go-to person and I would also like to thank her for all that she does for us. The products are the best, with the fastest results, full stop! I considered getting body wraps for skin tightening and detoxing but Lynn's mp3s work much faster and you avoid the mess of the clay and the time spent travelling to the venue, the wrap session and also the travelling. Also, the best part, you can use the mp3s over and over again whereas the wraps are always one off sessions so the financial savings are enormous."


"I just want to thank you for your MP3's. I have been listening to them frequently. This is among the very top packages that I have purchased from webinars. Your MP3's actually work for me and I am so very grateful. When I am able I look forward to having a one on one with you. Wishing you the very best. Thank you, again, for your awesome Work!"


"Lynn, I wanted to thank you for your work. I have downloaded your Body Boost and Total Body Cleanse and use it every day. The Total Body Cleanse has eradicated a fungal infection that I have had on my chest for years. I appreciate the opportunity to have these wonderful tools. Thank you for everything you do."


"Holy SMOKES! It feels like shields are coming down all over my body! I didn't know I had myself so well protected… even after listening to your audios so often!"


Total Package Value $1000

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