Internationally - Acclaimed Medical Intuitive

Lynn Waldrop

What could change for you to have the most FUN & PLEASURE out of your Relationship?!

  • Are you ready to be completely vulnerable with yourself and others?!
  • Have you been struggling to find the "perfect" relationship?!
  • What does LOVE & SEX have to do with The Body?!
  • Are you ready to break free from thought that Being a sexual person is bad?!
  • Negotiate with you & your body so you co-create something amazing and find the soul that compliments you both!

Lynn's clients say they feel immediate results with things such as:

  • * Positive outlook on future possibilities

    * Reversal of previous medical concerns

    * Relief from Chronic Pain

    * Insomnia-Free Nights

    * Happy Hormones!

  • * Peak Performance in Career, Relationships

    * Total Body Wellness

    * New lease on life

    * Power over Addictions

  • * Increased Mental Clarity

    * Thriving Creativity

    * Emotional Balance

    * Heightened Productivity

    * Freedom from Cognitive Limitations

  • * Increased JOY

    * Stress Free Living

    * Less Worry & Anxiety

    * Improved Memory Recall

    * AND MUCH MORE!!!

"Words can never convey how grateful I am to Lynn Waldrop who has changed my life and continues to do so through her MP3s and Group Calls. She has wiped out symptoms of 20 plus years that were baffling, specialists. She is AMAZING, we are so blessed to have her sharing her gifts with us all." ~ HELENA L, Ireland

What judgements do you have that hold you back from a great sex life?!

  • Sex is only to get pregnant -it is a requirement.
  • It starts out good then fizzles.
  • Sex gets you in trouble!
  • I can't trust myself when I open up intimately/sexually.
  • It's dangerous to let myself be free and uninhibited.

Lynn has channeled the energy of people just like YOU - learning their struggles, thoughts, feelings, and experiences (there are a LOT of common themes - you are not alone)

 Known as "The Body Channel" she energetically dives into the bodies of her clients (such as the nervous system, organ systems…). The body talks to her showing her areas of "dis-ease" AND the means to change it while she is in there! Lynn is the Creator of The Body Channel, a Certified Color Therapy & Tuning Fork Master, Reiki Master. Everything affects the body stress, seeking relationships, entities, money flows and more - Lynn deals with it all!

Life is like Play Dough, if you don't like what you have created, laugh at it, smash it, and create something new!

Lynn Waldrop, The Body Channel LLC


Bringing Sexy Back MP3 Series PLUS 2 LIVE Calls AND Bonus MP3s: Detox 5, Stress Free Me & Mind Detox

Total Package Value $1450

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177
*** 88% Saving ***

Sold Out 

"My husband has been loving my new body!! I may have only dropped one dress size but the shape of my body is come completely different. And I am SO willing to strut my stuff and show off my assets!! Probably the biggest gift that I got out of this class was total confidence in me and my body!!"

~ Billie H.
Marietta, GA

"You're right it's not about food or exercise. I have been changing my routine, foods and amounts for 8 years and I still gain 1-2 lbs a year. Nothing is working. I started listening to your recordings about a week ago. I am happy to say I have lost 2 lbs. That's the most progress I have ever had. Thank you......"

~ Corinna,

Module 1:

Sex & Relationships MP3

Value: $150

What are your Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions about Sex & Relationships?

What is keeping YOU from the relationship that you have always dreamed of?

  • Clearing Trust - Trusting others rather than trusting YOU
  • Creating - Healthy boundaries - romantic relationships get confusing and scary
  • Clearing - I can't have career success AND a great romantic relationship
  • Clearing Finding a Partner - I feel like I won't ever find a partner that cares or desires to build/share a life
  • Judgments - What does being in a relationship mean?! What are your Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions?!

Module 2

Bringing Sexy Back: Physical Reproductive Health MP3

Value: $150

You don't have to shy away from SEX! Or feel judged because you are not interested or because you have a strong sex drive!  

Lynn works with all types of reproductive issues in the body such as:

  • Lack of Sexual Desire
  • Vaginal Dryness and Other Symptoms of Menopause
  • Erectile Dysfunction & Low Sperm Count
  • Painful Sexual Intercourse
  • Overactive Bladder & Prolapse Issues
  • UTI's
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • And the TFE's that create them all!

Module 3

Bringing Sexy Back: Sex Judgements MP3

Value: $150

What would it take for YOU to be wildly OUT OF CONTROL with your sex life?!

  • Clearing - Promiscuity & GUILT
  • Clearing - Fear of Being A Sexual Person
  • Clearing - Judgements about Sex Positions & Quality of Sex
  • Hormone Check: Libido Balance, Estrogen, Progesterone & Testosterone
  • Creating - Love & Sex Connections
  • Creating A Better Relationship with YOU

Module 4

Bringing Sexy Back: LIVE Call #1

Value: $150

August 27th 2015 @ 2:00 PM EDT

You will be given a survey so that your input guides the call!

  • Are You Searching for the ONE? (how many “one and only’s” have you had?)
  • What Love Programs Run Your life?
  • How Sexy Do You Feel?

Module 5

Bringing Sexy Back: LIVE Call #2

Value: $150

September 4th 2015 @ 2:00 PM EDT

You will be given a survey so that your input guides the call!

  • What does it mean to be your Partner?!
  • Are you looking for your soulmate?!
  • What does Love got to do with it?!

"I wanted to share something pretty big for me. I rarely am ever completely naked with my husband when we have sex. I need something to cover certain parts of me [...] So last night, I totally and completely enjoyed sex with my husband and I didn't realize that I didn't cover any part of me. [...] I felt sexy and sensual and hot!! It was amazing!!!! Later on I said to him that I am feeling much more comfortable in my body and he said he couldn't believe that I wasn't shy about revealing myself and that he LOVED IT!!!! He told me that he didn't SEE me the way I Saw all!!! I'm so happy with this feeling!!"

~ Body BFF Participant, United States

Bonus 1:

Total Body Cleanse 2.0

Running Time: 46: 06

Value: $100

total_body_cleanseThis MP3 addresses Yeast, Fungus, Parasites, Bacteria, Viruses, Chemicals, Radiation, and Heavy Metals! The over-growth of yeast or bacteria and the presence of these other materials or properties can show up many ways, such as feeling fatigued and always worn down because the body a constantly is fighting them. Many of the mysterious symptoms from such diagnoses as arthritis, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia - I have found from the thousands of sessions I have done - can be attributed to one of the items listed above. We have expanded the list of toxins to add the 13 most common Hormone Disruptors, more medications, and more chemicals such as Fluoride.

Fungal Infection GONE!

"I have downloaded the Body Boost and Total Body Cleanse and use it every day. The Total Body Cleanse has eradicated a fungal infection that I have had on my chest for years. I appreciate the opportunity to have these wonderful tools. -Michelle L.

Bonus 2:

Inflammation Elimination 2.0

Running Time: 32:58

Value: $100

inflammationInflammation is the body's attempt at self-protection, to start the healing process or an overactive immune system response (such as auto-immune disorders). Every dis-ease starts with inflammation and chronic inflammation is present when any of the "big" diagnoses show up - cancers, colitis, Crohn's, arthritis, MS or others. In earlier stages you may be experiencing pain in joints & muscles, swelling, digestive problems and arterial build-up - time to start the healing!

Better Flexibility!!

The inflammation MP3 really warmed up my legs and feet. I had better flexibility afterwards. My ankles looked like they used to 30+ years ago.Tina M

Bonus 3:

Toxin Detox 2.0

Running Time: 30:30

Value: $100

toxin_detoxThe liver cleans the toxins from the blood, the spleen filters and recycles blood as a part of the immune system, & kidneys filter blood to create urine. All of the following can be signs of toxicity in the body because we are bombarded through our daily life: fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, sinus congestion or excessive sinus problems, headaches, bloating & gas, constipation, diarrhea or foul-smelling stools, heartburn, sleep problems, water retention, trouble losing weight, rashes & skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis or acne, or menstrual disorders - let's get healthy and toss the toxins!

No longer feel like the days are dragging along...

"I first started listening to these mp3’s after undergoing chemotherapy last Fall. I was still extremely fatigued once it ended. In a session with Lynn we discussed detoxing my body. I now play the Toxin Detox almost daily and no longer feel like the days are dragging along. I am forever grateful for Lynn’s talent and generosity.”

–Mary F, California

Hepatitis is GONE!!

" I inherited compromised liver function from my father who had yellow fever and hepatitis B as a child.  It showed up as high bilirubin and enzymes in blood tests. The markers in the blood work were excessive to the point that the doctors who were looking at it would flip out and want to send me for ultrasounds to see how bad my liver was enlarged etc.

After 1 session with Lynn, I had tests done to just see if anything had changed. And to the doctor's amazement, the enzymes were normal and there was no unusual markers in the blood any longer. The doctor was convinced there was a problem with the test and wanted me to have more and I just said no not necessary."

 - Leigh M

Bonus 4:

Colon Clean-up 2.0

Running Time: 35:11

Value: $100

colon_clean_upMost people have pounds and pounds of rotting fecal matter in their colon, overgrowth of yeast and fungus, parasites, and toxin build-up causing chaos in their body. The body goes through autointoxication - the body slowly poisons itself because it cannot rid itself of wastes! Symptoms of colon build-up are as follows: perpetual cycle of colon dysfunction; constant illness due to vitamin deficiencies even if you take vitamins; acne, sores and rashes of the skin; weakened tissues throughout the body due to toxic build-up. We will also look at brain connections to the colon as well as any control issues or other TFEs (thoughts feelings and emotions) tying up your digestive track! - time to dump it!

I feel the energy!!

"I have bought the majority of Lynn's MP3 and love them, they are so easy to listen to while I'm busy at home, I'm not a fan of meditation because I find it hard to keep still for long periods. I feel the energy from them and they have improved the health issues I have. I would highly recommend Lynn's work."

- Lynne F.

Bonus 5:

Happy Hormones 2.0

Running Time: 32:06

Value: $100

hormonesLet's get all of those hormones in the body working FOR YOU! Hormones are a lot more than just the male/female hormones we all talk about. They are the messengers that deliver the marching orders to the entire body letting every part know its job. This affects your metabolism, your periods and menopause, your sex drive, the way your body processes sugar, how well you handle stress, and how well your immune system handles even colds and flus. Time to get the signals straight and balance those hormones!

Just what I needed!

I was having a tough time going through menopause and it put me in a funk. This is just what I needed to get through the chaos and hot flashes!

- Jenn C, London, UK

Thyroid Issues NO More!!

" I had an issue with my thyroid which the doctor had prescribed meds and told me I would have to take it for the rest of my life.  I stopped taking the medication and had a session with Lynn.  I have felt wonderful since then. I went to my family doctor for my yearly check-up, she asked me if I was taking the medication and I told her that I had already been healed  and that I had stopped taking it. She did not believe me and wanted to be sure that everything was in order and ordered some blood tests to check.  My doctor was absolutely amazed at the results and didn't know what to say - my Thyroid tested normal!  I carry on doing The Detox 5 and all the other wonderful MP3's which have been giving me such a magnificent quality of life."

- Maria C.

Bonus 6:

Mind Detox

Running Time: 23:42

Value: $100

mind_detoxBack by popular demand!
Are all those TFEs (thought feelings and emotions) stuck in the cells' programming and cluttering your life??? They affect the body too—why are you being so mean to your body? All that mind clutter and constant chatter keeps you from creating the life you really would like to create. What if what really creates any dis-ease are those thoughts, feelings and emotions; and the significance we give them — time to defrag the mind!

I am starting to come ALIVE!

“I've been listening to the Mind Detox mp3 and I already feel less sad, less heavy and there are parts of my body that are starting to come alive!

–Maria L.

Bonus 7:

Stress Free Me

Running Time: 15:55

Value: $100

stress-freeStress-Free Me – Stress does not only affect your mood but your body too – time to free the stress from your cells! Do you have daily mind fog, ED (erectile dysfunction) or have low sex drive, do you feel “plugged in”…all of these can by signs of stress in the body. Get the cells of your body laughing and giggling in less than 7 minutes – it’s a new day and a new you!

Lynn Is my favorite person!!!!

"Lynn is my fav go-to person and I would also like to thank her for all that she does for us. The products are the best, with the fastest results, full stop! I considered getting body wraps for skin tightening and detoxing but Lynn's mp3s work much faster and you avoid the mess of the clay and the time spent travelling to the venue, the wrap session and also the travelling. Also, the best part, you can use the mp3s over and over again whereas the wraps are always one off sessions so the financial savings are enormous."~ SHENAZ M

You are the BEST!

"I just want to thank you for your MP3's. I have been listening to them frequently. This is among the very top packages that I have purchased from webinars. Your MP3's actually work for me and I am so very grateful. When I am able I look forward to having a one on one with you. Wishing you the very best. Thank you, again, for your awesome Work!"


Everything in Package A PLUS 25 minute Session

Total Package Price: $1700

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $377
*** 78% Saving ***

Sold Out 

Lynn25 Minute Session: I call this "Take a Dive into Health" because that is exactly what happens. When I work with people I literally dive into the many systems of the body: Nervous, Endocrine, Circulatory, Muscular & Connective Tissue, Organs, Digestive, Lymphatic, Immune, Reproductive, Respiratory, Urinary, Skeletal & Interaugmentary.

For most clients it is as if I was literally shrunk to whatever size I need to be to pass through that part of the body. The body talks to me the entire time showing me problem areas and whatever is required to do to change it – whether it be frequency baths, adding alkalinity to change pH, dissipating growths, activating organs and cells, and much more!

All of this using the consciousness of YOUR body!

Some of the most common ailments I have worked on include things like: candida or yeast over-growth; spinal adjustments; cleaning out plaque and more from arteries and veins; tuning the endocrine system to alleviate thyroid problems, change menstrual cycles or menopause issues and prostate problems; detoxing the body including heavy metals, chemicals & parasites; immune system boost and clean-out; inflammation reduction; soothing symptoms of IBS Colitis, Crohn's and other digestive issues; and much more!!! I even work on animals!

Bringing Sexy Back Package A

Discount: 88%
Total Package Price: $1450

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177

Sold Out

Bringing Sexy Back Package B

Discount: 78%
Includes 25 minute session

Total Package Price: $1700

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $377

Sold Out

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