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I’ve completed reset my life. I feel like a new person transformed on EVERY level.

- KC
  • Do you know you’re meant for bigger and better things but you don’t see the “how?”
  • Are you a passionate person that craves experiencing the very best that life has to offer?
  • Do you have a deep desire to uncover your soul’s true essence before years of programming buried your authentic self?

And most importantly..

Are you ready for a radical, and magical upleveling of your entire life?

WOW, Revealed Hidden Reason for Procrastination. Released old re-occurring pattern of Being Attacked, and Lack Of Acceptance.

Fear went from an 8 to a 1!

- Eram Saeed

Radical Self-Love Intensive +
Create Your Ideal Life Personal Coaching

This is NOT your usual intensive program…this is a catalyst for a radical and magical lifestyle shift.

To align with the unique transformative energies of the new year, I am offering an 5 hour intensive training to attune your heart, mind, and soul for Magical Quantum Leaps.

In this safe, loving, and intimate environment we will be “diving deep” to unravel decades of programming that stop you in your tracks from deeply loving yourself. It keeps you hiding, settling, selling yourself short, and stopping you from living your life “full out.”

In this highly exclusive private intensive you will experience:

  • Deep group and individual energy healing specific to your needs
  • New powerful energy downloads and divine transmissions
  • Visualizations, and sensory awakening exercises to spark profound insights and breakthroughs

After receiving these new energy downloads and profound insights you will then put your Ideal Life into action with your very own Personal Coaching Session with Lottie. This is where these transformative energies are channeling into reality.

Together, we will layout every detail of your ideal life and I’ll show you every step of the way to make it tangible and REAL for you. This includes how to overcome your biggest obstacles, how to integrate ongoing support systems, and the essential mindset shifts needed to bring to life YOUR unique success to life in a loving, playful and fun way.


“Huge Influx of Clients, Energy & Opportunities!”

“Lottie helped me disentangle my energies from others, fill my body with self-love, and we cleared some beliefs that were draining my power.

Without any additional effort on my part, my classes for the past few weeks have been PACKED without any additional effort on my part. Within a few days I was presented with several huge business opportunities, with even more offers coming in. The shift in my energy to deeper, empowered self-love literally MAGNETIZED the opportunities and people I loved. And I had SO much renewed ENERGY that my productivity doubled too!”

~ Jennifer

“Lottie’s work brings the Fastest and Greatest Miracles”

“I LOVE Lottie’s work because they have brought me the fastest and greatest miracles. No more self-sabotage. No more negative influences from anyone and anything. I feel in alignment with my heart gently and lovingly opened.

I hope you have the chance to experience her work; she is loving, caring, fun, thoughtful, and simply amazing. Anyone, even with deep wounds, can expect deep healing and miracles. ”


“This is Incredible. No more trauma. No more “scraping by” with money. I’ve been waiting 54 years for this!!”

“Lottie's work is astounding. In my first full session with her, she asked if it would be okay to remove all of the remaining trauma from my childhood. I rolled my eyes and thought she was nuts, because I've been working on it for three decades and despite some amazing healers, no one has ever come close to that. But I agreed and am thrilled I did, because zero childhood trauma has appeared in the two months since that session. What a breath of fresh air!

Likewise, last month we worked on abundance. Again I laughed at the idea that she could really move me out of my "just scraping by" rut, but she did it. I went from constantly searching for more work and not covering my bills to having plenty of work and extra money to play with. I've been waiting 54 years to be able to share my own gifts with the world, and now thanks to Lottie, I have two huge foundation blocks in place to support that goal.

Lottie's work is fast, effective and powerful. I highly recommend seizing any opportunity you can get to work with this delightful woman.”

~ Keely Meagan

Option 1:

5 Hour Radical Self Love Intensive + 90 min Ideal Life Private Session with Lottie (Intensive Plus Coaching)
Regular Price $2000
Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $625 only!

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Option 2:

5 Hour Radical Self Love Intensive + 90 min Ideal Life Private Session with Lottie (Intensive Training Only)
Regular Price $2000
Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $397 only!

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Two-part payment of $199


“I have been Profoundly Changed. I’m in a constant state of Bliss for no reason!”

~ Alicia

“I’m so much lighter and happier! I’m happy to announce I’m attracting Miracles in all areas of my life!”

~ Yvette

Program Details

4 Part Radical Self-Love Intensive Training
Saturday, March 11th 10 am - 3 pm Pacific

(Can’t make it live? Send in your request and questions via email prior to the call)

Part 1: Releasing Attachments & Entanglement Energies

Here are a few things we will cover:

  • Uncover your biggest self-love blocks and how to release them
  • Soul fragmentation retrieval from past lovers and parents
  • Energetic divorces from others and releasing any energy tied up with the past
  • Making new space for endless possibilities

Part 2: Energetic Downloads for Ideal Healing

You will receive a host of energetic downloads to clear your physical body from heavy, resisting and limiting energies.

Energy downloads include:

  • Release guilt and worthy issues that often lead to sickness and struggle
  • High levels of energy that last
  • Re-pattern your brain to prevent bacteria and viral infection
  • Restoring and elevating the connection to your body and intuition

Part 3: Releasing Resentment to be in Divine Flow & Abundance

  • Diving into deep resentment work around mother, father, self and god (including hidden resentments in the body)
  • Energetic downloads for confidence in yourself and speaking your truth
  • Owning your worth: how to stop putting yourself on SALE
  • Deepening your inner knowing, trusting your intuition

Part 4: Personalized Q&A from live callers and emails

It’s your time to shine! Lottie will answer questions and conduct mini-healings on callers (as well as those who send in emails prior to the call). Due to the limited spots available, there will be much more time available for more personalized support and attention.

Private “Your Ideal Life” One-on-One Coaching Session

In this private 75-90 minute coaching session with Lottie, you will map out the details of your ideal new year. Together you will outline your challenges, create prioritization system and optimize your environment and support systems to place you on the track to success. And yes, we will even talk about how to make it really FUN and energizing!


“This was one of the Best things that ever Happened to Me”

“I was fortunate enough to receive a backstage pass with Lottie Cooper and it was one of the best things that happened to me. The layers of issues that got peeled off and dissolved were exactly what I needed. I felt like years of anger and grief and sadness were lifted, the dark cloud that seemed to be an albatross noosed to my neck was set free and I am so much lighter and happier. Life is responding to me in the kindest of ways, especially with much more loving relationships. Thank You Lottie. I am grateful.”

~ Megan

“Lottie’s the Full Package: Released Hidden Beliefs that stopped me from Success”

“I had a personal coaching session with Lottie. I didn't think I had enough time to accomplish everything. I felt frustrated and thought I would have to give something up in order to achieve my goals. As we went through the goal-setting process, I literally felt the tension in my body go from level of 8 down to 2 or even disappear completely. It was like my body finally got the message that I could relax into allowing my future to emerge by itself. And I actually DO have enough time to accomplish what I want to do!

During the session with Lottie, I also identified barriers to achieving my goals - barriers like procrastinating, putting others' wishes and needs first, and lack of a sense of worthiness. We started to chip away at those barriers by making a new commitment to self-love, self-care, and self-empowerment. She guided me to feel what staying in my familiar patterns would feel like - boring, not satisfying - and what it would feel like to become the person I want to be - happy and following my own dreams for myself.

If you are on the fence about whether to work with Lottie, don't hesitate! She is a combination of life coach, spiritual coach, healer, and counselor. Take the first step to work with her. It is a 2-way street, but SO well-worth the investment in yourself and your future.”

~ Susan

Reminder: This Special Package is ONLY Open to the first 20 people and once the spots are gone, they are gone.

If your heart feels called, don’t wait!

Option 1:

5 Hour Radical Self Love Intensive + 90 min Ideal Life Private Session with Lottie (Intensive Plus Coaching)
Regular Price $2000
Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $625 only!

Add to My Order

Two-part payment of $315

Option 2:

5 Hour Radical Self Love Intensive + 90 min Ideal Life Private Session with Lottie (Intensive Training Only)
Regular Price $2000
Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $397 only!

Add to My Order

Two-part payment of $199

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