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It’s Your Time to Shine

3 Soul-Shifting Steps to a Life that’s More Fun, Full, and Free

  • Are you tired of feeling unhappy, frustrated, and empty? Enough already,right ?
  • Do you have powerful shifts after an energy healing, counseling session, or motivational seminar . . . only to be right back down in your stuff a few days/weeks/months later?

Change is possible. You’re not alone. You deserve to shine.

Spiritual and emotional blocks are like having a clogged kitchen sink. You can fish out a piece of floating carrot here, another lettuce leaf there…but until you roll up your sleeve, dive in, and grab the hairball that’s AT THE ROOT of what’s holding you back from being your truest, brightest self, you’re never going to experience lasting change.

Now listen to this next part, which is very important:

Once you find that block at your very core, that’s ONLY STEP 1. While fasting in the desert on a vision quest, I channeled a book in my leather diary that revealed that in order for us to live our fullest, truest, best lives, we must go through THREE critical steps:

The Road to Shine Roadmap –
A Simple, Doable Process that Works

Step 1: Uncover how and why you’re keeping yourself small – which at the root, is always some form of lack of self-love.

Step 2: Discover or remember your passion and purpose – What have you come here to be and do?

Step 3: Find the courage to live your purpose – making and maintaining the changes you need to get where you want to be.

Most people focus on only one or two of the stages, inadvertently setting themselves up for failure. You can’t follow your passion and purpose if you don’t first clean up the deeper stuff that’s holding you back. It’s not enough to clear your blocks without then getting clarity about where you want to go. Once you have a clear vision, you must courageously claim your life.

Lasting change and success are only achievable by going through all three steps of the Road to Shine Roadmap; no step can be skipped. Using the entire Roadmap, I draw from multiple psychological and spiritual modalities and tools, developing a 100% customized needs assessment and action plan . . . tailored to your specific needs and desires.

Change is a Double-Hop

Most people concentrate their efforts on making the initial big changes. But suppose you finally take the leap to leave that bad relationship or toxic job… what happens when you haven’t yet found a new love or better job eight months later? I believe in “practical passion” – offering doable, real-life strategies and tools to help you find the courage not only to take the initial leap, but also for the ongoing challenges of how to maintain patience, persistence, and faith to get through the often longer than expected transition until you achieve what you desire.

laurie-r"Letting go of what wasn’t working is only the first step. Sticking it out until you get where you want is where true courage lies." ~ Laurie

Total Package Value $475

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147
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45-minute intuitive coaching session with Laurie

Value: $225

8b-The-Road-to-Shine_front-cover-200x300During your one-on-one, intuitive coaching session with Laurie, you will discover where on the road to shine you are and where to go from here. Through a series of powerful, experiential activities, you will instantly transform with honesty and humor, leaving with an individualized road map of specific next steps for you to have a life that’s more fun, full, and free.


Two transformational audio seminars with self-paced worksheets and exercises

Value: $250

Seminar #1: Go Big or Go Home: Finding the Courage to Take the Leap to Have the Life You Want and Deserve
Many dream or talk about following their passion and living a bigger, better life; far fewer take active steps to do so. Some people are too scared to make a change; others aren’t sure how to begin. Whether you seek the courage to take the leap or the perseverance to follow through, this transformational seminar will inspire you to shake off your fear and live up to your greatness. Seminar includes common pitfalls of why people don’t achieve their goals and specific, practical strategies to successfully follow your passion.

Seminar #2: “Now What? Managing Transition without Falling into a Pit of Despair”
So, you’ve taken that leap toward your bigger, better life – or perhaps you were “pushed off the cliff” by a sudden, unexpected major life change. Now what? Where to go from here, and how to hold onto hope until you make it through this big change? This powerful, insightful workshop guides you through the 8 discrete stages you’ll experience during your transition, offering effective, practical tools to help you keep the faith (and your sanity) until you arrive at your new, more joyful destination.


  • For a limited time only! (must purchase “It’s Your Time to Shine” no later than 4 days after the show): Receive 15 additional bonus minutes added to your individualized intuitive coaching session (a $75 value)
  • “How to Be Happy Even When Life is Crappy”: 14 daily inspirational email tips & quips
  • Monthly Words of Wisdom column: Life lessons that are both funny and profound

Total Package Value $475

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147
*** 70% Saving ***



"Laurie hits the nail on the head in a way that makes my jaw drop."

~ C.E., Oakland

"Wow, she is amazing -- this is so helpful, I want more! You are given a gift with Laurie, and now that you become awakened, the world, your world, becomes clearer and you have peace of mind."

~ A.O., Italy

"Time and again, Laurie has been able to zero in on where I am stuck and is one of the most trusted supporters in my life. She has an uncanny ability to ask the question I have been hiding from or to reframe my thoughts in a clear new way that helps me move forward. She is fast too, no muddling around, but cuts through the fog like a beam from a lighthouse. Laurie's guidance is practical, grounded, timely, and supportive."

~ J.L., San Francisco

"Laurie's compassion, love, humor, and concrete insights have me returning to her time and again for help navigating life."

~ J.A., New Jersey

"Laurie's insights and deep intuitive guidance have been absolutely instrumental to me a number of times over the last few years. She not only has an amazingly keen ability to feel and see into the heart a situation, but also the verbal dexterity to articulate it comprehensibly and the coaching skills to empower you to act on the information."

~ K.P., Toronto

"Laurie has been the perfect coach for me. Tough and gritty, she tells me not necessarily what I want to hear, but what I need to hear to move my life to new levels of effectiveness, self-confidence.and peace of mind."

~ S.H., Maine

"After my session with Laurie, I left feeling more clear and inspired than I have in ages...such a kind, intelligent and talented woman! Laurie immediately put me at ease, and zeroed in on my "block" in no time. Feeling understood and supported is priceless - thank you, Laurie!"

~ A.S., San Ramon

"The more I peeled back the layers and interacted with Laurie, the more I discovered just how amazing she is."

~ J.M., San Mateo

"Laurie was awesome... she was on point, funny, real, light-hearted, and most importantly, she was exactly what I needed to wake myself up to what I have always known. Truly an amazing experience that I will tap into again in the near future."

~ D.G., Merced

"Laurie is amazing! Her compassion, intuitive gifts and wit make her so easy to talk to. Laurie gave me incredible insight and peace on my life's journey. She...lifted the gloom from my life so that I may move on, cleared and ready to become who I am truly meant to be. I will be consulting her again and sending my husband and friends to her!"

~ S.B. Iowa

"Laurie is brave and true and speaks truth, even if it is difficult to say. It's way better than therapy, very practical and concrete. Each hour is full of little gems. Kudos to Laurie for helping others with her wisdom! "

~ J.U., New York City

About Laurie Gardner:

Laurie GardnerAuthentic, humorous, and inspirational, Laurie Gardner is passionate about helping you to shine. A 22-year veteran personal development author, speaker, and coach, Laurie has helped thousands of people to have a healthier, happier life. She is a certified master practitioner in over two dozen traditional and alternative wellness techniques, including intuitive coaching, energy clearing, and Shamanism, and is a featured member of the national Best Psychic Directory. Laurie received degrees in comparative world religions, psychology, and education from Harvard University, where she also taught quantum physics. An avid world explorer and former Outward Bound wilderness instructor, she has traveled to 55 countries and 40 states and speaks five languages.

While successful on the outside, by her late 30s, Laurie felt empty and exhausted on the inside. She decided to try a nontraditional approach to get perspective on her life, unexpectedly writing a book while fasting in the desert on a vision quest. Her memoir, The Road to Shine, is receiving all 5 stars on Amazon. After her quest, Laurie quit her workaholic job, broke up with Mr. Almost, and dedicated herself to a new education path, helping people find the courage to live lives they love and be happier, more effective leaders. Anyone seeking to be their truest, best self or who wants to help their community or the world is someone she is honored to learn from and serve.

Total Package Value $475

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147
*** 70% Saving ***


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