“Knowledge is Power!” Sir Francis Bacon 1597

“Having knowledge and multidimensional tools is even better!”

The presence and prevalence of Shadow energies on this planet is epidemic


As we awake and emerge into the awareness of our multidimensionality we need guidance and the right tools to clear our perceptual lens and provide the clarity we need in order to fully engage and navigate the intense times that we live in

You can not ignore your energetic nature any longer if you are going to excel in any area of your life.


Shadow work is about utilizing 5D tools, and developing the courage and collective support which allows you to locate and root out any influence that causes you to think, feel and act against your own self- interest.

Shadow work is about understanding the deeper mechanisms of interaction of our multidimensional consciousness and energetic design. It is about learning to navigate, clearing and strengthening all of our dimensions including the body, mind, emotional, psychic & spiritual realms. Shadow work is both subtle and complex and is not simply about integrating parts of our personality or performing ENTITY removals.


Shadow energies permeate and distort the energies of light and confines and confuses the thoughts, feelings, perceptual pathways of lightworkers. Shadow energies are viral in nature and wraps itself around the personal, ancestral, and historical wounds and keeps up entrained to feeling disempowered, isolated, trapped, hopeless, confused, apathetic or resistant to change by perpetually amplifying and perpetuate the polarization of the people against each other in continuous feedback loops .


Live and Thrive in 5D! Understanding the Effects of Shadow Energies on 5D Emergence.

  • Do you feel stuck in some aspect of your life or psyche?

  • Have you tried to open your heart fully and it still feels blocked?

  • Have you tried other things or teachers and STILL don’t make progress?

  • Do you sometimes feel like your are just so tired, angry or are “JUST OVER” your issues or blocks?

  • Do your struggle to maintain your balance or maybe just feel like you would rather not be here when you look at all of the craziness in the world around you

  • This series is especially designed for people and Lightworkers who have symptoms, patterns, or blocks that are refractory to treatment or other modalities.

Lanna is a master of 5D Living and will teach you how to get free of troubling feelings and patterns so you can be genuinely happy and thrive in 5D!

In this series you will heal your Weary Hearts while you will learn to distinguish between the aspects of your self that needs integrating versus ancient primordial energies that cloud the lens of heartspace
You will also gain 5D consciousness tools to manage your life powerfully & with confidence.

Healing The Weary Heart: The Effects of Shadow Energies on 5D Emergence

“Lanna, thank you so much for today's call. This wasn't a fun & fluffy call. Rather it was a work horse/war horse from beginning to end. You tackled intense energies that healers don't always want to address. You got in the trenches with untreated mental illness, sexual and domestic violence, betrayal, self-loathing, corruption, addictions. I could go on at length, but the point is that you put yourself out there to do the heavy lifting. That gave us permission to trust you, as you took us through various processes. You were engaged in your light work for over two hours. Thank you again for your generosity towards all of us.”

~ Ana Kete Collinson

“Exceptional Clearings from an Extraordinary Lady! Thank You Lanna Spencer”

~ Miguelina Figueroa

“Thank you. I am tingling all over!”

~ Fran Trant

“Thanks so much Lanna - great releasing - wonderful vibrations - very healing..... also thanks for showing there is lying and corruption on the other side that bothered us as much as the name calling on the other.”

~ RhodaJane Pertuit

“OMGRACIOUSNESS feeling so grateful and thankful for all the callers and especially Lanna for the beautiful Light being you are. So loving the playful yet heavy energies that Lanna is shifting for us all for the highest and greatest good. Felt so many energies shaking and moving out of the body, energy fields. Woo-hoo.”

~ Tamara Niemi

“Dear Lanna,
thank you sooooooo very much for the incredible shadow shifting work today, amazing! Thank you!”

~ Christina Schmidt

“Wow! What an awesome call. There was so much healing today! As you called to the different realms, Acturian, Egyptian, Atlantean, and so on as you called each one I got deeper and deeper chills and was literally shaking. When you brought in the central sun and the light, I felt like I was defrosting and warming back up. As you cleared the shadows, I began to feel lighter and feel so much better now. Much more peaceful and hopeful for the future. Thank you Lanna!”

~ Susan McKeever

“It was very powerful. I'm humbled, awed, and deeply grateful for the help Lanna gave us, as well of the loving presence of everyone in our Soul Circle. Every single question had a major element of my own stuff. Thank you so much. We can shift anything. Much love to you all. ❤❤ ”

~ Myra South

“I just wanted to share my experiences with the Bonuses. Each time I listen, when we get to the end and put our hands on our hearts while affirming "I love myself" etc, the energy emanating from heart intensifies, expands and tingles each time, making me warm and fuzzy. 💕✨”

~ Kimberly Klein

“The events, both personal and public, of the last couple days gave me a lifelong lesson on Shadow Energies. What was happening in the larger fields was occurring in microcosm in my own life. Phew!!!
I'll be listening to Lanna's mp3s today, then heal, stand up, and start building my world anew. Much love to you all. ❤❤”

~ Myra South

“Dearest Lanna,
As I write this, I am altered as I just finished listening to yesterday's call, so I'm hoping this makes sense. After yesterday's call and I found myself cleaning, grounding, happy,

I also wanted to mention, that before we started this course, I was being affected by shadow. I was in confusion and fear, which I recognized immediately. I delved into the work and am back on track more than ever, and have committed to connecting daily.

I am in such gratitude and thank you so much Lanna for presenting and teaching this work. You are awesome! Sending you so much love!”

~ Anna Marie Davis

“I just listened to the call today! Very much needed!! Lots of tiredness, body aches and pains are gone!!. Always love the energy I feel during these calls. I have had energy buzzing on the top of my left foot all day!! Even felt some in my base chakra. During some of the clearings got a lot of pressure in the crown and back of the head!!”

~ Shelley Paxton Esler

“Dear Lanna,
I just listened to the replay and guess it was as powerful as the live call! It was beyond my expectations. Before joining I called it resistance from a psychological perspective, that comes up when we take a step to evolve. Then I recognized that shadows have other dimensions. Thank you for sharing, that you are also affected by shadow.

The experience when merging with the light was amazing and comforting. I felt an awesome warmth flooding my body and expanding. My mind is at peace.

Thank you so much!”

~ Cornelia Wallner

“Thank you Lanna Spencer for the beautiful call today. ❤ I was very moved as well as enjoying quite a few laughs as you reeled off some of the hilariously dark (and standard) statements I have made to myself when influenced by Shadow energies.

The classes are absolutely awesome. I feel so privileged. Thank you. ”

~ Myra South

“Thank you Lanna I appreciate that you put all our energies in the field today. I could not make the live call and know the replay is just as strong. I am so used to not being able to be on the live calls for any energy worker. They never seem to be at a time when I can make it. I rely on the energy of the replay and I do get the energy in them. Love and light -- love your work!!!”

~ Sandhya D. Srivastava

“Wow Lanna, that last burst of energy was amazing! ⚡️ Thank you once again for a great class. 💻 Thank you. ”

~ Retta Michelli

“I am still buzzing from my first session with Lanna. Wow... several healers have worked on me but I had never felt with so much intensity! I am not able yet to express what I felt... just that this was huge. Can't wait for the next one Thank you Lanna for sharing your gift with us and helping us. Deep deep gratitude”

~ Sissi Blessings

The energies in the MP3 are totally transforming. I love love love them.

Also I just heard a two women talking about about whether or not it is beneficial to look at why things are the way they are... One strongly arguing for the importance out of a psychological setpoint... What did the other women think.

The other one was quiet and just said; So if you take a really large dump in the toilet, do you feel the urge to turn around and stick a poke in you shit and analyze it? For me it is just better to flush it down...

I thought it was awesome and so clear. If shadow energies are just letting go and opening up new space for more light. We never again have to set foot in the shit again.

So freeing...”

~ Therese Thun Fd Bergquist

“I came home tonight after an unusually difficult and frustrating afternoon teaching children. I had intended to attend religious services tonight but felt like I had nothing left. I sat down with the Clear Fear MP3 and arose 20 minutes later with my presence and positive energy restored. I was amazed and greatly relieved! I feel excited and hopeful about these MP3s. I've spent a lifetime trying to manage my emotions and I'm surprised that tonight it was so easy.

~ Carol Anne

I have had a headache for days......... listened to the hopeless and headache is gone !!

~ RhodaJane Pertuit

“Good Morning everyone, just finished listening to Hopelessness MP3. With all of the news reports and being bombarded by the elections and hearing what a sad shape the world is in, I knew I should have unplugged from the media, but I didn't. So much is happening everywhere, in 3D, that I at least wanted to be informed, prepared (for what I don't know) etc. I have been listening in order to the New Set Point to go over and pick up some more info that I might have missed, but today, I was led to listen to Hopelessness, as I have been feeling this in my body and of course knew something was off. This is the first time I listened to this MP3, and realized that I should not let a day go by without listening to any of these MP3s. Feeling much better, and getting even more subtle guidance along with a strong grounding

~ Anna Marie Davis

“I did the Anxiety one last because I wasn't resonating with it, didn't think I needed it. But after I listened to it, total strangers were smiling and saying hello to me! So, it definitely had a positive effect.”

~ Share F A Long

The MP3s on Anxiety and Resistance to Change saved the day for me earlier this week. Something went wrong with my car so I had to take it to the repair shop. When I got home, I realized that I was tense and my heart was beating really fast. The Anxiety MP3 was just what the doctor ordered to bring me back to a state of calm. Then I listened to the MP3 on Resistance to Change and even more of the dense energy was released. It was a big shift. Thanks, Lanna!”

~ Susan Church

Had a wonderful experience with the MP3 for Peaceful Sleep. Woke up at 1:30 am to use the bathroom. When I got back into bed I could feel that I was very awake, could take a long time to fall back to sleep. So I went to my computer and played the bonus MP3. Got back into bed and had no trouble falling back to sleep. Total yay and once again, thank you Lanna Spencer.”

~ Share F A Long

“Good Morning everyone, I woke up this morning feeling anxiety, feeling of depression in thoughts, body etc., which was unusual because of the wonderful class immersion we just finished. I had a feeling these energies knew that and tried their best to keep me in their shadow! I was led to finally download the MP3s from this class, despite my resistance, and get my notes in order. I saw the MP3 on Anxiety, and I listened just now. I am compelled to share this because not only did I have a shift of body, mind, spirit, but I also feel like my heart lens is a lot more clearer, and I have a peace and calm to take on this beautiful day. Feels like I had a re-wiring of my brain:)) Very powerful MP3, I am so grateful, grateful for my life, grateful to be alive! Thanks again Lanna, you hit it out of the ball park!. Namaste ya'll:)”

~ Anna Marie Davis

“I'm so grateful I was able to listen to the replay of Lanna Spencer's latest call as so much of what she was saying was explaining what I'm experiencing currently!

Things were starting to go so well, was feeling much more in alignment with my inner truth and soul after going thru Massive healing/transformation this summer. Thank you again Lanna for sharing this wonderful information that is helping us get through these intense and rapidly changing times! Much love to you ”

~ S.O.

“Hi Lanna,
I wanted to thank you for the beautiful session yesterday.

Today, I've noticed colors are brighter and my surroundings are stunning.

I'm noticing so much more life and beauty around me. Absolutely amazing!!

~ Candy

Expert Testimonial

svetlanaI just finished working with Lanna’s Spencer Live and Thrive 5D Emergence MP3 (Package). Huge warm heart expansion, amazing visions, deep relaxation are just a few positive effects I have experienced. These 5D Emergence audio downloads are powerful tools that provide access and help reduce and eliminate symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Hopelessness, Fear, and Resistance to change.

Lanna’s work is a proof that fast miraculous healing is possible when you merge and embody your big unstoppable Spirit. These MP3s will help you do just that – release your limiting patterns and live and thrive by being true to your innate unlimited nature.

~ Svetlana (Lana) Pritzker, M.Ed, CLC, New Human Energetics, Founder , Author, speaker, Spiritual advisor

“How do you thank someone who has taken you from a soul-sick, shadow-ridden, wounded light warrior to a healing, "feeling their heart and purpose again" light warrior? It isn't easy, but I'll try. Lanna Spencer, today when you spoke of the sadness and aloneness I cried with you, but when you spoke of the unity and strength that comes with enlightenment I felt my heart beat for the first time in so long I can't remember, and also what felt like true Joy. I truly thought that as we got older all of those marvelous joyous feelings we had as children and young adults just naturally went away as we got older.Lanna Spencer, you have shown me that is not so. I know how to guard myself from the shadows and rejoice in the light. God Bless you and the incredible work you are doing here on earth. I can only hope before I leave this body to give a little fraction of what you give every day. Perhaps in my next incarnation I can purpose myself to something so grand. The words "I Love You" aren't adequate, but they are the best I have to express the gratitude and inspiration I have for you. ”

~ RM

“I am always amazed by how effortlessly Lanna holds up the mirror to my 5D blind spots and then melts them away in a matter of minutes, often while talking, telling stories and laughing at the same time.”

~ MP, Florida

OBSTACLES TO 5D Emergence COME FROM SHADOW Influences and can hinder your 5D Emergence as well as amplify the following inside of you so that you seem stuck or powerless:

  • Weariness of heart

  • Poor focus

  • Short attention span

  • Lack of motivation

  • I don’t belong here

  • I feel like an alien

  • Depression that lingers

  • Unexplained anxiety, panic, PTSD

  • Intrusive thoughts

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Apathy

  • Refusal to engage

  • Inability to face life

  • Fear

  • Feeling too much, being to empathic


I feel cosmically alone, different, like an alien. I don’t really belong here. I belong somewhere else.

I am an empath and too sensitive for this world.

I’ve tried every modality and the veil is still down. I am one of those people that just doesn’t get it.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed, depressed, or suddenly anxious in the face of the great Shift that is happening.

I know I am an awakened soul but my heart is weary or I am just tired of being here. I am done!!

I am too weird. Nobody gets me.

The more I open up and the more I bring in, the more I feel blocks getting in my way instead.

Do you feel as though when you open up to more light than fear, anger, depression, anxiety or hopelessness comes up and keeps you feeling blocked or disconnected from yourself, source, or getting things done?

Have you been on a spiritual path for a long time but your internal sense of what is true and right doesn’t match what you feel inside or see and experience in the world?

That despite everything you have tried and done, something inside of you is still stopping you from feeling like you can freely move forward?

Do you lack the motivation, energy, or keep doubting or second guessing yourself?

Is there some part of you that blames yourself or still feels like you are attracting negative experiences?

Are you stuck in patterns of self sabotage or going round and round with anxiety or intrusive thoughts and emotions?

This series addresses the influence of SHADOW energies on 5D Emergence and Heals the Weary Heart allowing you to be stronger, clearer, free, feeling deeply connected to yourself, your guides and to Source. This course will renew your sense of belonging and provide you with powerful 5D tools to notice the insidious way that shadow influences your life and creates blind spots in your conscious, so that you can clear and transmute SHADOW energies from the world within and around you.

“I’d felt as though so something were dormant, but close to the surface. I’d felt a yearning for years and wanted to align with my purpose and move fully into my 5D self. I had a session with Lanna and fully awakened my heart and 5D self. It was profound, expansive and filled me with a peace I had been searching for my entire life.”

~ AA India

“She has so much knowledge and provides so much detail. She leaves no one behind. Studying with Lanna is like being around Professor Dumbledore and Gandalf rolled into one. I was at an impasse for years until I found her work. Now so many things make sense and I am waking up and learning new things so quickly, everyday. I am seeing more energy, feeling my greater connection, my intuition is waking up and I am learning what my strengths are and how to use them.”

“I had chest pain, brain pain, left sided weakness and a big block in my neck. I’d been to a cardiologist, chiropractor, and one neurologist that diagnosed me with MS. I’d also worked with several “Energy healers” none of whom could help me breakthrough the neck problems. One 60 minute session with Lanna cleared it.” The 5D Immersion course and Shadow clearing allow me to fully live now. ”

~ Anonymous, California

238For less than the cost of a private one hour session, Lanna’s next incredible 5D package will show you how to live in a world full of SHADOW and still thrive as the New Wave of Human Being©.

This transformative Live Teaching & 5D Entrainment will rekindle your motivation and drive, and ILLUMINATE your brightness of being while HEALing the root causes of SHADOW energies that get in the way. It will provide practical 5D tools in order to recognize and manage the effects of shadow.

The content is based on working with thousands of clients and observing the challenges and obstacles they are facing to make the shift into 5D.


Free Trial







Discount : 92%

Total Package Value $1,900

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer


4 Supportive 5D Holographic Entrainment MP3s


6 Live Extended Group  healings with Live  Q&A & Recorded Replays

Private FB Support Group


Discount: 92%

Total Package Value $2,155

From Heartache to Joy Special offer


4 Supportive 5D Holographic Entrainment MP3s


6 Live Extended Group  healings with Live  Q&A & Recorded Replays

Private FB Support Group

45 minutes 1-on-1 session 

$130 Discount  Coupon (2) for 1-on-1 sessions

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Here’s what’s included in the package

Package A


  • 4 Supportive 5D Holographic Entrainment MP3s $400
  • 3 BONUS MP3s $300
  • 6 Live extended group healings with Live Q&A. $1200 There will be Recorded Replays for review to participate at your own pace. Private facebook group for support, to post additional questions, and receive supplemental written materials directly from Lanna.


4 Supportive 5D Holographic Entrainment MP3s

Value: $400


Vibrational entrainment & soul support to create a New Set Point™ so that you can live a high vibrational life free of Shadow and depression. LIghtens & brightens your weary heart


Vibrational entrainment & soul support to create a New Set Point™ so that you can live a high vibrational life for a life that is free of Shadow influences. This MP3 breaks up and transmutes trauma patterns & PTSD stress reactions so that you can begin to respond rather than react to life.


Vibrational entrainment & soul support to create a New Set Point™ so that you can live a high vibrational life. Breaks up and transmutes root causes of anxiety, feeling over-amped, or being too empathetic and in your head about the choices and energies of others.


Vibrational entrainment & soul support to create a new Set point so that you can live a high vibrational life that is free of self-limiting beliefs, fears, hopelessness, apathy & soul loss.
Helps you get back in your body.


6 Live extended group healings with Live Q&A


Date: 6th November, 2016

239Learn to distinguish between the part of you that needs developing and integrating versus Shadow influences of ancient primordial origin. These shadow energies make you feel run down, weary, unmotivated, disconnected, confused, distracted, or simply uninterested in much of anything. Also discusses soul types, their different approaches, and vulnerabilities to shadow.




Date: 13th November, 2016

240I’m often lonely or feel so ALONE. If you have identified with any of these things or have loved ones who seem this way YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This call will provide POWERFUL soul support of the deepest level to help you clear the influence of SHADOW from your heart and bring in the missing pieces of yourself. This call will help reestablish your link to the body & reason for being. This call will also bring to light the shadow energies related to resistance and cosmic anger.




Date: 11th December, 2016

149Addresses the role of Shadow on empathy, irrational behavior, unexplained fear, intrusive thoughts or sensations & emotions, and why you may suddenly be feeling over-amped. IT MIGHT NOT BE YOURS!!!!! Discusses Intrusive SHADOW Energies and why you sometimes suddenly get overwhelmed or just wake up that way. This call addresses 3d and 5D causes of OVERWHELM, ANXIETY, PANIC ATTACKS. Also addresses the difference between Empathy, compassion, and how Shadow creates cloudiness & confusion. Learn to distinguish your energy vs others, what to do to create strong, clear energetic boundaries the first time, everytime. Learn to energetically discern between the anxiety associated with 5D rapid growth versus SHADOW. This call Safely and gently strengthens & clears the lens of your 5D heart, & POWERFUL high vibrational Spiritual Tutors.




Date: 18th December, 2016

Gentle Group Activation, soul support for Integration and healing. This is an opportunity to ask lots of questions to reinforce the new 5D concepts.




Date: 8th January, 2017

25YES you can shift this! NO ONE HAS TO FACE THIS ALONE ANY LONGER. Addresses the causes of Cosmic Depression and the insidious Shadow energies that reinforce this. Recognizing & working with Shadow patterns in the body, across ancestral lines & time lines. This transformative call when used in conjunction with the mp3 will help connect you with your soul family as well as your soul tribe here on Earth, and allow you to begin to explore the Geographic places of power that can strengthen your physical connection to EARTH.




Date: 15th January, 2017

243This transformative call will allow you to gain a new 5D perspective on TRAUMA, PTSD & SOUL LOSS. It will address how to recognize the presence & influence of Shadow on negative or self destructive thoughts, self-defacing thoughts, extreme emotions, rage, hopelessness, chronic fatigue, & powerlessness. The 5D Activation will help you Recognize & SHIFT these root energies, Break from SHADOW, and disengage from negative feedback loops. This powerful clearing will transform these Shadow energies so you can not go backwards.


Bonus 1:

Psychic Protection & Peaceful Sleep

38Silent MP3 to play in a loop at your bedside. Psychic protection & peaceful sleep. Blankets you in POWERFUL protective energies, and induces a deep tranquility & peacefulness, rapid regeneration, and restorative sleep. Great for power naps too!!

Bonus 2:

Fear Clear, Courage & Letting Go of Playing It Safe

31Clear fear, strengthen courage & confidence. Let go of playing it safe. POWERFUL 5D Holographical activation which allows you to move ahead despite not having all of the answers!! Increases self motivation, courage, & confidence and the ability to creatively move ahead in the face of adversity and the unknown.

Bonus 3:

Resistance to Change & Self Sabotage

68Resistance to change & self sabotage. Removes obstacles. Strengthens and aligns you with your desired outcomes. Clears, transmutes root shadow causes of resistance to change & self sabotage.

Introduction to Effects of Shadow on 5D Emergence - MP3

Value $200

RECORDED Live talk and group activation.

Package A

Total Package Value $1,900

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147
*** 88% Saving ***

Sold Out

Package B


  • Everything in Package A
  • 30 minute 1 on 1 session + Additional 15 mins Holiday special bonus
  • $130 Discount Coupon (2)-1 hour 1 on 1 sessions

One on one 30 minute Shadow Healing session

Value: $125

Private time with Lanna to begin to identify, create a personalized plan, and heal specific SHADOW influences affecting your health and well-being

Additional Holiday Special Bonus:

15 mins Extra! Get a 45 minute session instead of 30 mins.

$130 Discount Coupon for (2-) 1 hour session for intensive 1 on 1 support


Package B

Total Package Value $2,155

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177
*** 88% Saving ***

Sold Out


“Wow, i was so behind and just listened to first four days. Lanna normally I do not feel energy. I could really feel it however it is very strong on left side of body”

~ SE

“WOW. I passed my medical boards. I have severe test anxiety and panic attacks and failed the first time I took the test because it was so severe. . Lanna worked with me in two sessions and I passed with flying colors without shutting down. I was clear headed, calm and without memory problems. The information I needed just flowed into me. Thank you!! 

I have panic attacks. I did two sessions with Lanna and don’t have them anymore. I have done all kinds of therapies, taken medications, and done self-help work for years but nothing stuck until now. She did some deep clearing and 5D shadow work and I feel completely different. I feel happy. Things don’t bother me the same way anymore. 5D is definitely the way to go! Thank you Lanna”

~ Anonymous, MD

“I experienced severe childhood abuse and sexual trauma. I have also had some serious physical challenges and felt low, depressed, and unhappy most of the time. For many years I just went through the motions of my life. Now I am happy all of the time. I smile a lot. I am in touch with my guides and they talk to me daily and answer my questions. I feel deeply connected to myself and source. I’m never looking back. I look like a different person in the mirror too.

~ KE, NM

“I grew up in boarding schools, severely shut down, autistic and numb to the outside world. Lanna Worked with me one on one several times and brought back many soul fragments. She healed my inner child and wounds. I connected with and started integrating my long lost pieces of myself. I now can feel without a dark cloud over me, my eyesight has improved. I rarely get afraid to go outside anymore and have started exploring my city. I am drawing, painting, and writing stories now and my creative side is blossoming. My heart is healing fast and for the first time in over 5o years I am glad to be alive! Thank you Lanna”

“Thank you for this class. I also found myself crying as I connected with my beautiful guide. I know her name now and I do feel the heart connection. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Hi Lanna wonderful call today such relaxing and calming energy, normally I would be tired after days works especially on Friday but feeling great abundance of energy got another days work in since I came home! Thanks so much”

“Hi Lanna, the very first time I heard you on Eram's show, you used the phrase "Divine Mother Earth Gaia." That's when I knew that I would love your work. I've been deepening my connection to Gaia for a while now and today's activation was like the delicious, nutritious icing on that delicious, nutritious cake. Thank you for this and it was fun to learn about the vivaxis. Thank you too for this wonderful immersion which is becoming more fun and delightful.

Breathing improved, more energy, walking, feel the best I’ve felt in two years. No more dangerous plaque levels. My first tests showed dangerous levels so I was referred to a specialist, a cardiac surgeon. After a session, the new tests showed that everything was fine and the doctor actually threw the results across his desk. He kept saying, “This is all wrong”. I just laughed because I knew. Before the session my Legs were swollen, numb, blue and gray all of that has disappeared. The color has returned ”

About Lanna Spencer

Lanna-SpencerLanna Spencer is a pioneer in the field of 3D to 5D transformation. She was born in 1960, AWAKE with special gifts during a very exciting and challenging time on this planet knowing the planet is undergoing a huge Paradigm shift out of a collective 3D linear perspective and awakening into a 5D Multidimensional perspective. This is a dynamic state of expansion which is marked by specific phases and will last for many years to come.

Lanna is a phenomenal Multidimensional Psychic, Quantum Dreamer & Medical Intuitive. She holds degrees in Human Services and Nursing with a detailed knowledge of body systems and functions.

NOT only is Lanna able to explain the shift that is occurring in easily understood terms, but she can take you on an experiential journey that gives you a direct and lasting experience of your 5D self with powerful 5D tools that allow you to discover your greater story and live it well.


Free Trial







Discount : 92%

Total Package Value $1,900

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer


4 Supportive 5D Holographic Entrainment MP3s


6 Live Extended Group  healings with Live  Q&A & Recorded Replays

Private FB Support Group


Discount: 92%

Total Package Value $2,155

From Heartache to Joy Special offer


4 Supportive 5D Holographic Entrainment MP3s


6 Live Extended Group  healings with Live  Q&A & Recorded Replays

Private FB Support Group

45 minutes 1-on-1 session 

$130 Discount  Coupon (2) for 1-on-1 sessions

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This package is nonrefundable due to labor intensiveness and commitment from Lanna to work on such a deep, immersive, and intimate level. If you sign up, you are committed. No exceptions.

Cancellation policy for one on one sessions. 48 hour prior notice is required for rescheduling and credit for purchases appointments. Lanna has an extensive waiting list and is booked months in advance. This is one of the last times she will be offering live packages with FREE sessions work. Thank you for honoring my cancellation policy.

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