Kenji Kumara’s Special Offer

Originator of Quantum Energy Transformation, Master Life and Business Coach

Kenji Kumara unveils an all new Abundant Activation Series

“Embody Your Spiritual Vibration”

11 Attunements from Edmonton Alberta, Canada June 12 – 17, 2013

These attunements were recorded at Kenji’s LIVE Activation Event in the summer or 2013 and are available now for your spiritual development and transformation. Kenji’s activations have literally changed the lives of countless people and are now made available for your personal use and empowerment.

If you are eagerly ready to consciously experience the full expression of Eternal Peace in every quantum moment and every cell and particle of your Being, then you are going to love Kenji’s new “Embody Your Spiritual Vibration Series” recorded live and never released until now. Say yes to have a conscious union with Source and Embody Your Spiritual Vibration in service to yourself and Humanity.

This LIVE Master Series Intensive Event offered through Quantum Lightweaving® took place in Edmonton Alberta, Canada in June 2013 and offered a select group of individuals the opportunity to connect with Kenji Kumara in a whole new way. Welcome the gift of your direct connection to spirit and unlimited possibility through this transformative Master Series Intensive and dive into the quantum while connecting into the INFINITE expansion of you.

June, 2013 Combo 1 & 2 Master Series, Edmonton-AB
Total run time for all 11 Attunements: 4:38:38

Total Package Value $700

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 86% Saving ***



Sweet and Sacred Foundation

Time: 24:38

Activation-1-300x225In this attunement you will be guided to:
● Breathe, focus and be one with “all that is”
● Ignite your DNA abilities, awaken the power of your mind and Akashic Records
● A Soul Alert technique and eminence of light
● Surrender to the spiral of light and release all blockages in the spine for self adjusted healing
● Detach from the chaos of the world and Cleanse all energetic vibrations that don’t belong to you
● Release the issues and blockages that deny you to see clearly
● Find your sweet spot for complete grounding with Earth Mother


Team Council and GA

Time: 16:29

Activation-2-300x225In this activation you will receive:
● A Connection with your Guardian Angel and receive your divine message
● The ability for your core issue to surface for transformation
● Deep states of oneness in realms of light and love
● Ability to access and store infinite amounts of information for divine right timing
● Whispers of wisdom; droplets of light downloads
● Access to your Soul Contract of the earth
● Instruction to choose to be the great manifestor of divine balance in all things


Divine Assistance into Peace and Harmony

Time: 30:38

Activation-3-300x225As you listen to this energy you will:
● Enter the field vibration of pure consciousness
● Breath in the power of the sun and the moon
● Call in your soul group and home world support energies
● Be supported by your Guardian Angel and the beauty and the power of our Earth Mother
● Bring forth your main power animal ally
● Enter into the protective cocoon of light
● Remove any remaining negative side affects from all technology, toxins, chemicals, bacterial viruses and the alike that would have a negative affect on your life and soul purpose


Journey to the Sacred Temple

Time: 23:16

Activation-4-300x225As you are guided, listen and breathe in:
● A cleansing breath to clear and balance all systems
● And activate the sun chakra, the sacred space behind the heart and our ajna center
● And activate the pillars of light and feel each power point of the pillars
● And activate your merkaba
● A Sacred Venetian Council Visit and a new earth energetics reveal
● And send your organs the power of peace, tranquility calm and serenity
● Energize the water element in your body to full maximum capacity (kidneys/Bladder)


Freedom in the Bliss

Time: 22:24

Activation-5-300x225In this attunement you will experience and:
● Activate the sacred areas of your brain with the light
● Prime your energy pump and the breath of fire
● Journey with an Angel
● Be introduced to and assisted by QL Healing Team Member
● Feel the Christed energy and the affects of your angelic shield
● Request the angelic shields for your parents and children & pets
● Know where your bliss lies


Galvanize your Light Codes

Time: 24:03

Activation-6-300x225In this attunement you will be call forth and be guided to:
● Cleanse the Soul Matrix
● Breath in Harmony and Balance
● Activate dormant areas of your physical and energetic CYP enzymes
● Download Performance Initiation
● Bring awareness to your I AM presence in preparation of Downloads
● Receive Downloads and Gifts of the Great Spirit
● Seal Codes in the Quantum


Sound your Horn and Swallow your Pearl

Time: 31:40

Activation-7-300x225In this attunement you will be collecting aspects of you and:
● Call forth all the support you will ever need in this life time
● Timeline soul travel to allow all those parts of you that you may have denied to return
● Embody your complete allowance and self acceptance deep into your bones
● Break away the calcification and crystallization and density around the pineal
● Cleanse the body with the power of love
● Collapse non-serving beliefs from first carnation to present time
● Compress into the Pearl elixir of light and digest into your spiritual anatomy


Rebirthing with Earth’s Embracing

Time: 24:13

Activation-8-300x225As you listen to this attunement you will be guided to:
● Your rebirthing cocoon and golden sphere of light
● A merging with Earth Mother and embraced by the power and love within her being.
● A place of honour; for bringing peace to this planet
● Your gifts you have brought forward in this pearl
● Know that you are not alone and gently be guided in silence, self realization and empowerment.
● Ride on the wings of timelessness
● Ground your power number into the earth


Cosmic Rebirth

Time: 22:25

Activation-9-300x225As you listen to this attunement you will be guided to:
● The Quantum Core of The Lord God of Your Being
● Recall your mastery and conscious knowing of who you truly are
● The knowledge and the tools for awakening and healing
● Earth singing to the heavens and feel the song of love
● Know you are on divine assignment
● Alter the course of your reality on the new timeline with unlimited and endless possibilities
● Integrate your new reality


“Cocoon of Light” Activation & Initiation

Time: 36:07

Activation-10-300x225You will be supported in this quantum experience as you:
● Ground to the oceans and rivers of earth mother
● Work with your I AM to delete all your old earth programs
● Move into your natural quantum still point as the voyageur
● Energise your etheric bodies and pump your power centers
● Receive the cocoon of light technique
● Receive a geometric light code activation
● “Cocoon of Light" initiation with Archangels Christopher, Gabriel, Raphael and Metatron


Galactic Journey into your Pyramid of Light

Time: 22:40

Activation-11-300x225As you listen to this energy you will use the previous 10 activations to fully experience:
● Oneness with the earth
● Your eternal light, the great pyramid and capstone
● The art and science of manifestation
● Gateways, pillars, star gates and god gates
● A cosmic level angelic shield
● The purpose of your soul destiny in this life time
● Close with “I AM” invincible


$100 discount on phone session - Expires July 23, 2015 (coupon code provided at purchase)

A 75 - 90 minute private recorded phone session This is an invitation to experience a profound shifting into the awakened world through a Personal Quantum Activation telephone session that will be based on your most desired intention, trust and readiness to embody your individual divinity - your soul signature.

Book a Phone Session with Kenji and receive $100 off $450/$350
With or without private coaching from Kenji both include a recording.


Event Promotion - Immersion into the Power of Transformation - Expires July 23, 2015

If you are ready to really Go For It and To Be the Real You, then this special live activation event is for you.

This is a cross-cultural presentation for young and old alike. What you will gain you can build into your spirituality, religion and/or mysticism.

This is an eclectic approach to spiritual awakening and expanding consciousness in a scared space of allowing and affirming.

The Offer: Receive $100 off Event Registration Credit When you join us at the Immersion into the Power of Transformation with Kenji and Jennifer McLean this October 9th – 11th 2015.


Keys To Your Kingdom – MP3
Value $29

This is great timing energetically and you have the support of all of heaven and earth during this unique time. Allow all of Creation to help you out of the quagmire of density and into the quantum realm of L.O.V.E. - Living One Vibrational Energy.

This activation is for anyone desiring to find and embrace their success signature in a climate of trust and loving support. Young and old alike are invited - no matter your cultural, religious or spiritual path. The activation will support wherever you are at, and help move you to the next level of spiritual awakening into Eternal Peace and well-being.

Our beautiful moon energy is holding the sacred space for all to come into their power around money, finances and business endeavors.


Freedom Activation – MP3
Value $40

This Freedom Activation is a mediation for clarity of life mission, self-confidence, re-setting sleep cycles, strengthening the immune system, clearing the shadow self, as well as aligning to a deeper level with spiritual masters and Archangels. You will also receive a download of the Master Healing Ray and information for hands-on healing work. You will receive a balancing of the brain hemispheres and move from a place of reaction into a place of response. You will receive Divine balance and harmony for the original 8 cells, as well as re-framing your Divine mission statement as a gift through the power of Grace. Parental patterns and imprinting will be released as well as all emotional baggage that is blocking the receiving of the Divine presence.


Soul Journey - Guided Meditation Activation
Value $19

In this powerful attunement, which was recorded live in April 2012, Kenji Kumara leads you into the heart of the Great Central Sun and what lies beyond. Kenji will lead you into the Quantum matrix where you will experience Sun chakra activation, Soul Matrix and spinal cleansing, then you will be taken on an amazing cosmic journey into Oneness. You will be escorted back with awareness and Divine understanding of who you are, why you are here, and with a new vibration and understanding of the Light. You will also return with a deep sense of peace and a feeling of power in and around your body.

11 Activations and Bonuses/Discounts

The Activation Series:

  • ACTIVATION #1 - Sweet and Sacred Foundation
  • ACTIVATION #2 - Team Council and GA
  • ACTIVATION #3 - Divine Assistance into Peace and Harmony
  • ACTIVATION #4 - Journey to the Sacred Temple
  • ACTIVATION #5 - Freedom in the Bliss
  • ACTIVATION #6 - Galvanize your Light Codes
  • ACTIVATION #7 - Sound your Horn and Swallow your Pearl
  • ACTIVATION #8 - Rebirthing with Earth’s Embracing
  • ACTIVATION #9 - Cosmic Rebirth
  • ACTIVATION #10 - “Cocoon of Light” Activation & Initiation
  • ACTIVATION #11 - Galactic Journey into your Pyramid of Light


  • $100 discount on phone session
  • $100 on Live Activation Event
  • Keys To Your Kingdom - MP3
  • Freedom Activation – MP3
  • Soul Journey - Guided Meditation Activation

Total Package Value $700

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 86% Saving ***



“I am really grateful for all that I received on the retreat, from kenji and the team, and as I said earlier, I was deeply thankful and impacted by the Activation for the Divine Feminine!”

~ Much love, Ruthie, UK

“Kenji's activations are so empowering! I feel the energy during the activations, and after! So much peace, a blissful feeling! His live retreats are not only empowering but life transformational! I was suffering from emotional and physical trauma and after the live retreat I felt like a new person in a new body! My life shifted rapidly and soon after miracles began to show up! I am grateful for the opportunity of being in this retreat with Kenji! Thank you Kenji!!”

~ Many Blessings,
Vanessa, Overseas

“I AM on my 11th week of that program and doing one activation each week or a bit sooner. I LOVE THE RESULTS I AM RECEIVING!!!
AS WELL AS THE OPPORTUNITY TO PUT others on the mat, including myself, pets, clients. I even contacted my adult kids - in their 40/s, told them they were receiving if they accepted the gifts in their fields, and they all were a "YES" when I told them of some of my generational shifts.”

~ In gratitude and appreciation,
Gail Marie Goodin, Greensboro, NC
(A recent 2014 retreat attendee)

“I cannot tell you how fond I am of you. How grateful I am to have met you and my highest regard for you lovely one.What a blessing you are to humanity and I hope to see you sometime in the future or with the blessings I have garnered in your countenance.Peace and love to you, with serenity beyond description and discovery surpassing your wildest dreams.”

~ Sherrill

“I was working at Kenji's Miraval retreat, and not actually a full on participant.... I was blessed and touched by the reaction of the participants, both as a group and as individuals. It was a wonderful experience to be in the room and feel the energies mix and co-mingle to a higher frequency. Every individual shared with me that there one on one time with Kenji was superb, in some cases, life changing.

Kenji has that something that is being called forth down here to the planet. Experience him and absorb that thing he is.”

~ Lisa Marie , Florida

“Kenji Kumara is awesome and using his work, I have gone to depths of peace and clarity I have never experienced and I have done a lot. My experience is that it has taken me to a much more expanded state than any other of the techniques around. Its all good, but I have found Kenji, that most real and life changing.Thanks.”

~ Suzie

“Such an amazing experience. amazing. I saw how new templates were being downloaded within me and how much I was being blessed by so many deep intense divine rays of light. I felt this activation go really deep and it is just amazing. I saw that my gifts of healing through touch, words, writing, speaking and so forth was being taken towards a higher and stronger level. I felt in my sleep things being released and i just reminded myself these old templates were leaving me so the new can be integrated deep within me.”

~ Saphira

“Yes, great activation, so much healing. looking forward to listening again and returning to the still point. feeling so peaceful and everything seems so quiet”

~ Jenniffer

“Wow, that was magnificent!!! Absolutely so strong and so right, so Empowering . . . Truly fantastic... I'm not just Waffling... In essence such a strong and Powerful and Right... Every step and trigger and energy portal / button was just right... I never want to let this space go.”

“I felt it all work at the same time and Transformer like click into place and re-set itself to right and bathe it with light in all areas and integrate...”

“Wow... Been feeling truly amazing the past couple of months... I went through a period when I actually felt like I had become enlightened for a few days... I truly believed it and that was how It really felt and even physically as well as spiritually and then progressively sea saw effect back down a bit.-.. Which felt like a real bummer.. You must be hearing that a fair bit because I have heard you reference it.”

"Turning my life into a switched on activation... I feel like I'm in the quantum for a lot of the time... Like I am mostly there... I really feel like this activation is going to help me to get strong every day and I will be sure to put it into practice.”

“Thank you SO MUCH for adding Mr. Kumara to your speakers list. I have heard him one time before and although I've personally meditated for 40 years daily and have some exposure to some of his teachers, he is way way beyond most of what's available out there!!!!!”

“They speak of Masters now walking this earth, and I've had the privilege to meet one of them. Although I'm Sure Mr. Kumara would not put himself up to be that, he's so very close it would take another Master to know the difference!!!!”

“Thank you for your presence in these times, experiencing your work . has transformed my experience exponentially... Impossible to express in words.Deep gratitude and love”

~ Sabina

“In the void I felt bathed in light, like it was raining light. This light was full of information and it was being rained all over me. It was light with a hint of lavender. This was a beautiful initiation. Thank you so much Kenji for taking us along!!!”

~ Paula in Los Altos

“Kenji, your activations have been SO helpful on so many levels. Thank you, thank you. Your activations are MOST blissful, lovely.”

~ Joyce

“Thank you, Kenji for the intensely powerful activation. My whole body was buzzing and shaking with energy.”

~ Rhi

“Thank you for the powerful activations… Thank you for your great work.”

~ Deidra

“I love Kenji so much. He is always so humble, powerful and authentic. I feel empowered, shifted and at peace each time I hear him”

~ Barbara

About Kenji Kumara:

Kenji KumaraThrough experience and a life long journey in search of spiritual wisdom, Kenji Kumara, has a true gift in bringing forth ancient wisdom and life lessons with simplicity, humor, and a lightness-of-being. His dedication to assisting others to enter the temple of their heart, connect with their true essence and shed that which no longer serves them brought him to develop his own modality, Quantum Lightweaving.

“Quantum Lightweaving” is a unique approach to finding your soul purpose, and deepening your psychological and spiritual awareness with ease and grace. The result is comprehensive assimilation and application of ancient wisdom and joyful living.

Kenji’s natural talent is to reach our heart center, the official operating system of self, through facilitating initiations/activations, meditations, self-empowerment, emergence and spiritual awakening. He acts as a visionary, a way-shower of the now, and a channel for ascended masters. His message is for everyone on all levels, for those just beginning their search for spiritual wisdom and enlightenment, as well as those well along their journey. His style is well suited for the healers, teachers, and artists on this journey in this time of new earth consciousness. As this new age develops, we no longer have to go through all the old layers of release. We simply breath through and enter into our sacred heart kingdom. Renewal takes place in an instant, truly it is just a matter of following the energy and receiving; it’s that simple.

Total Package Value $700

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 86% Saving ***


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