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You know there's so much more that you're meant to experience in your life.

You have something special inside of you
that you Learn to
share with the world.

You've studied the law of attraction, you think positively, and you're always focusing on what you WANT......

more love, freedom, confidence, and better relationships.

You do so much good for other people.

So, why aren't you receiving the life you deserve?

Why isn’t the world reflecting back to you all the positive energy you are giving?

It’s because you’re taking on
the energy of the world instead of
attuning to a higher frequency.

As a sensitive soul, you’re vulnerable

No matter how hard you try to experience a life of ABUNDANCE, EASE and BLISS...

You're still struggling

Most likely you are:

  • Always putting other people’s needs first at your own expense, having too little time for your own taste of life’s pleasures and inspired creativity…
  • Working way too hard and receiving way too little without any freedom to do the things that truly make you feel happy (you find that even if you love what you do, you end up feeling exhausted and depleted from it).
  • Avoiding conflict by not expressing your emotions because you don’t want to FEEL how other people will react to you.
  • Drained by other people’s energy, no matter how much you shield yourself from (or try to transform) their negativity.
  • Constantly second guessing yourself because you don’t trust (or know how to tune-in to) your intuition.
  • Holding back expressing your gifts because you fear failure, rejection or hurting other people’s feelings.

You’ve been taught that by thinking positive all the time, and focusing on only the good, that you’ll be able to manifest what you want.

Yet, if you push away your emotions, all of that negativity is buried deeper inside of you, attracting more negative circumstances and people.

What’s really happening is that you are rejecting yourself.

What’s really happening is that you are rejecting yourself.

Most likely you are:

Positive thinking is merely repressing your authentic self, pushing away any feelings you feel are bad or “unspiritual”.

So while you may think you are following all the rules from the manifesting playbook, by thinking and focusing only on what you want in your life, you’re actually deeply burying your fears, attracting more of what you’re trying to avoid.

To make matters worse, the emotion of fear carries one of the heaviest and lowest vibrations that will affect your every aspect of your life.

This leaves you feeling more and more exhausted, isolated, and having no time or energy to do the things you really love.

Deep down, you know you are meant to be a light in the world.

Before you give up hope, remember, you were born with the ability to create the life of your dreams.

The key to effortlessly manifesting your
true Heart’s Desire and calling in the Universal rewards
you so deeply deserve is to shift from POSITIVE THINKING

Your angels waiting in the wings to help you...

Angels embody the energy of pure love.

Their energy is so powerful that they raise your energy vibration with their light.

Their heaven-sent assignment is to see the beauty of your divine perfection,
and raise your energy to a higher frequency.

So, instead of being weighed down by the negativity of
the world, you are lifted up to embody your most
divine self.

Have you ever been around someone or something
that felt so negative you felt drained and depleted?

It’s because your energy has attuned to their energy.

You started vibrating to their frequency.

No matter how hard you try to stay happy,
you feel drained by them

The positive energy of the angels is so powerful, it LIFTS the vibration of everyone and everything, making LOVE the energy you feel and experience all the time.

When your energy is vibrating to the angelic frequency of LOVE, your positive energy is so radiantly strong that you will feel empowered no matter who else is in your environment. Your energy vibration will actually raise the frequency of everyone around you.

You’ll Be Amazed By How Quickly Your Life Will Transform with Guidance & Wisdom From Your Angels

You will be a miracle magnet!

Call In Your Abundance Angels:
Experience 28 Days of Miracles

Over the next 28 days, you can embark a powerful journey of divine healing and transformation as you call in your Abundance Angels. Spend a week with each of the powerful Archangels, as you experience a personal connection with them.

Each day you’ll receive a 8-12 minute audio that includes a channeled message from the Archangels and energy healing. Simply download it to your smartphone, computer, or any mp3 device and listen to it as often as you want throughout the day. Then watch as your limiting fears fall away, negative emotions transmute into pure light, and you experience an effortless state of joy.

Take a look at the miraculous results people experienced after just a few days...

"I've never been so happy with an online program like this and please note that I've never been into Angels - I didn't know I could be! I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to feel happier and loving each day while healing wounds in a kind way. Life feels much easier now for me. I feel connected, loving, taken care of and as if there is always support available to me. The program helped me to get rid of old emotions that did not serve me and also open myself to joy and love."

~ Kamila Krycz

"The best investment I have ever made in my life! Kari, your voice, your intuition, your guidance to connect to Higher realms of consciousness have completely changed my heart and mind! This was the missing link to my soul searching. I have been able to learn to TRUST the universal life force because of your guided meditations. Your signature sign-off..."have a beautiful day and delight in making miracles happen" is programmed into my subconscious! I will continue to re-play one everyday. They are perfect because they are short enough to squeeze into my busy mother morning routine. I feel pure joy after I've listened and I'm grounded for the day. Thank you from the most sacred space in my heart!! Lots of love:)"

~ Leah Mason

"This is by far the best meditation series I have ever been a part of. There are so many reasons why and I shall do my best to put it into words. Oh my days! Kari, I swear your voice is a gift-it heals. I am mesmerised by it. I can follow you wherever you lead. I am filled with the feelings of your word. I had been blocked for weeks in writing content for my new business. A few days into your course and my courage had improved ten fold. I really have been breathing in light and love and miracles-lovely! You really are creating miracles. I don't think it's possible to improve this course, It’s a totally amazing experience. I can't wait to start it all again! Thank you a million times over for sharing your incredible gift with us all."

~ Laura Powner

When you allow your angels in, you will become entrained to their positive energy and naturally attract your Heart’s Desires, without fear.

Angels have a bird’s eye view and can see your life from a higher perspective!

With these heavenly helpers in your life, you’ll be divinely guided at all times, knowing exactly what choices will bring you the most joy, success, love and prosperity.

The best way to experience the angel’s miraculous healing is to bring them into your life every day. Like any relationship, the more you know them personally, the better they can assist you.…

Now, without further ado...Meet the Universe’s four most powerful Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael & Uriel

Week 1: Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael frees you from negativity, protects you, and imbues you
with confidence, certainty, and courage.

  • Raise your vibration to love and gratitude so you can attract more positive people and circumstances to your life, like a moth to a flame.
  • Release you from emotional entanglements that are draining your energy.
  • Cut any energetic cords of attachment and fear that are keeping abundance at bay.
  • Create soulful intentions, visualize your ideal future, and shift into a state of effortless allowance.

Week 2: Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel will open your communication channels so you can clearly express your unique voice with creativity and confidence.

  • Express yourself with strength, grace and ease.
  • Balance your masculine and feminine energies so you can foster creativity, inspiration, and results.
  • Share your spiritual gifts with confidence and courage
  • Change your inner dialogue so you can harness courage and charisma and radiate your light to the world.

Week 3: Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael restores your physical, financial, emotional and spiritual well-being with the healing energy of unconditional love.

  • Banish your fears of failure, abandonment, rejection and isolation so you can manifest abundance from a place of love and joy
  • Release any guilt, shame, or judgement you have around money or success.
  • Forgive yourself and others for any mistakes, past, present and future.
  • Heal your chakras, bringing balance to your energetic and physical body.

Week 4: Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is your link to the Higher Realms, and will illuminate your soul's purpose, lift your burdens, and ignite your intuition.

  • See your life through your angel’s eyes and illuminate your wealth and worth.
  • Open your third eye of clairvoyance and spiritual sight so you can receive clear guidance from your angels anytime.
  • Transmute feelings of fear into love, compassion and spiritual insight.
  • Transform negative emotions with the energy of pure light so you can attract your Heart’s Desire like a breeze and radiate as your highest self.

Designed to suit your busy schedule

Calling in your Abundance Angels is a breeze.

Do you have 8-12 minutes a day to completely transform your life?

That’s all it takes to connect with your Abundance Angels.

Each day you will receive a spiritual lesson, angel attunement, and healing affirmation on the following:

Week 1:

Archangel Michael
Day 1: Call in Archangel Michael - The Protector
Day 2: Allowing Abundance
Day 3: Create Positive Emotions
Day 4: Building your Dreams
Day 5: Experiencing Fearless Change
Day 6: Spiritual & Energetic Protection
Day 7: Listen to Your Intuition

Week 3:

Archangel Raphael
Day 15: Call in Archangel Raphael - the Healing Angel
Day 16: Chakra and Aura Healing
Day 17: Emotional Well-Being
Day 18: Forgiveness for Yourself and Others
Day 19: Enhancing your Self-Esteem
Day 20: Receiving Support
Day 21: Magnetizing Success

Week 2:

Archangel Gabriel
Day 8: Call in Archangel Gabriel - The Communication Angel
Day 9: Embodying Empowered Emotions
Day 10: Creating your world with Empowering Words
Day 11: Shining your Inner Light Brightly
Day 12: Cultivating Gratitude from your Heart
Day 13: Integrating your Personas with Love
Day 14: Expect Miracles to Create Miracles

Week 4:

Archangel Uriel
Day 22: Call in Archangel Uriel - The Angel of Light & Understanding
Day 23: Illuminate Your Path
Day 24: Spiritual Perspective and Understanding
Day 25: Connect with Your Higher Self
Day 26: Bless Your Life and Receive Blessings
Day 27: Vision Your Future
Day 28: Celebrate Your Success

"I am still in awe about the timing of these recordings. Your recordings have been helping me stay grounded and centered, and have brought more clarity and confidence to my life (and business)! They've allowed me to trust in my decisions, and overcome whatever fears and doubts that might arise. With just one click, 10 minutes daily - easy peasy! Thank you, Kari!"

~ Desiree East

Each day, for 28 days you will receive an email with an 8-12 minute MP3 recording to stream or download that includes your:

  • Channeled message from the Archangels with your spiritual lesson for the day
  • Life changing meditation and Archangel healing to release you from self-sabotaging fears, free you from deep subconscious limiting beliefs, transform your energy field to release negativity and raise your energy to the frequency of love
  • Empowering Angel Affirmation for the day to reprogram your subconscious and strengthen your daily angel healings.

"A major medical healing, change of attitude, plus the creative push need to pursue my dreams, career and personal opportunities, and more! I was introduced to the 28 Days of Miracles when I was in need of some personal healing. At that time, doctors had just discovered a mass in my pelvis, but I wouldn’t know details on the severity until I completed an MRI. Well, as the Universe would have it, Kari just happened to be kicking off her 28 Days of Miracles program, so naturally I took it as a sign. Throughout the program, I experienced emotional healings, learned things about myself, discovered the benefits of a daily meditation practice, and so much more. When I finally had my MRI (about 30 days later), I learned the mass “disappeared” and I was in great health once again. What’s more, since participating in the 28 Days of Miracles series, I developed the courage to quit my corporate job and pursue my childhood dreams. I’m happiest I have been in my entire life, and I can’t thank Kari enough for initiating me on this amazing journey!"

~ Michele C

"Dear Kari, This daily practice is helping me start each day with higher vibrations...joy..love.....certainty! Then, wherever I go, I am choosing to take MY beautiful positive energy out into the world, the sensitive ones and the more challenging ones....I almost feel rebellious now when I'm around negative people....like, "You aren't going to get me down, no matter how hard you try!"

~ Tara Blackstone

"The vows of silence and of poverty from childhood have lifted! These meditations and your work are so liberating and freeing for me. I have a permanent crush on Archangel Michael. I will be practicing this daily! Thank you. As I called in Archangel Michael and breathed in I felt the energy shiver over my entire body. I had a major block concerning my worthiness of deserving luxurious things. I made the conscious choice that luxury just wasn't meant for me, when it absolutely IS! I purchased a Mercedes and it was effortless, beautiful, magical. Like it just flowed."

~ Kelly Clawson-Vandiver

An Angelic Offering:

Retail Price $297

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $97 only!

A Whopping 67% off!

Yes! I'm Ready For Miracles

This price is exclusive for this page only. The actual offer price for rest of FHTJ is $111. 

Astrology + Angels = Divine
Attune to the Moon

The Calling In Your Abundance Angels program is 28 days long, the same length as a full moon cycle. Just like the moon influences the ebb and flow of the tides, it also influences your emotions. We are made from 85% water and as the moon waxes, it causes a swelling of emotional energy within you. When you can align your emotions with this powerful natural force, you become like a magnet for abundance.

If you’ve never used the moon to supercharge your manifesting, you’re in for a wild ride. Be sure to fasten your seatbelt because you’re about to magnetically attract your heart’s desires, and at record speed. While starting this program on or around the New Moon isn’t necessary, it will give you some crazy good manifesting mojo.

"This program found me in the right time where it was needed the most. Fantastic insight of the angels! Kari has a gorgeous voice, perfect for this job! I've found my true purpose in life and feel empowered to fulfil my destiny. I can't even describe how thankful I am! You are doing excellent light work here Kari ! The Angels must love you for raising the awareness of their helping existence"

~ Berti Moso

"Dear Kari, I can't thank you enough for the wonderfully nourishing, loving experiences this series has created in my life. It totally exceeded my highest expectations and my life has changed in the most delightful, miraculous ways. Thank you Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel - it has been wonderful welcoming you into my life and getting to know each of you better. Infinite love and blessings. The way you described the Archangel's and created the experience was really great and only served to enhance my relationship with them, by really helping me to connect with them in ways I had not done before. For me the course was and is perfect. Thanks again! Much love."

~ Matthew

"The most awesome course I have ever done! Thank you Kari for your knowledge, wisdom and love in sharing this with me and others. I am going to repeat this course every day as my morning meditation ritual. My search for knowledge and truth completed when you provided this course. It gives me everything I need so now my email inbox is not so full. The best part, it's only 10 minutes a day, so I can enjoy and participate in life more fully! I now have more clarity, purpose, happiness, trust and love!"

~ Janet Craig

"This course surpassed my expectations. Kari’s voice is so reassuring, confident and filled with love and support. I have always felt an affinity with angels, but now I feel a connection. My other metaphysical instructors have all mentioned just how amazingly bright I've been the past few weeks. I would highly recommend this course."

~ Charles Chuateco

"Wow......It was so amazing I was Astonished! It changed me completely....my perspective and views in life, spiritually and positivity have changed a lot, the moment I have heard your voice. My confidence started to grow and I became stronger and more motivated. I can speak very well now in front of everybody, especially of my boss and supervisors at work. It used to be that my body start to shake, I’d get nervous and my speech getting choppy. But now....Wow....soooo...amazing...I’m very.. very... very happy and confident all the time....all those feelings of insecurity, fear, restlessness, and negativity are gone now. So very Thankful to you Kari. I Love You and My Four Archangels that I know are with in Me all the Time. I look forward to the many days ahead when I can delight and make miracles happen."

~ Antonio Rodil

"Kari's Calling in your abundance angels course is truly out of this world! I found myself looking forward to receive the daily recordings and to meet all the different Angel guides. Kari intuitively channels the perfect topic at the time you most need to hear that divine guidance. The messages are heartfelt, inspiring and uplifting. It feels like Kari and your very own angelic guide are right there with you in the room. I have become so much more attuned to the light and blessings all around me and I am certain that the signs and synchronicities I now receive daily are guiding me towards my higher purpose. Thank you Kari for sharing your magical blessings!"

~ Joanne Stevenson

"My experience with the Archangels has been a complete revolution for me and I can completely honestly say my life has absolutely changed for the better because of it. The recordings are so clear and your voice is just perfect. Each one seems to come to me at EXACTLY the time I need it. The messages are concise and beautiful and each time, without fail, tell me what I need to hear and teach me what I need to learn. When I feel I'm veering off the path a little, I listen to a recording and it's like magic! I feel realigned and in momentum again. I cannot thank you enough for this, it has been beyond incredible. xx."

~ Kristen Sinclair

"Working with the Abundance Angels has been priceless! I find myself calling on them whenever I feel fear rise within me and I am almost immediately settled once I feel his presence radiate around and through me. I feel like I have trusted allies to assist me with anything! And while I have always communicated naturally and easy, there have been parts of me that I've suppressed. I now feel that I can with the support of Archangel Gabriel. I am looking forward to her assistance when working with clients, writing, and speaking (personally and professionally). This has been truly transformational for me."

~ Stacy Herrera

"WOW! This was just so wonderful and connecting for me with my heart chakra and the Divine.Any skepticism I had simply disappeared in the very first session! My perceptions have changed, I feel lifted, energized. I love how I feel so natural in the experience! I physically feel changes happening within me including my brain. I am allowing myself to shine more and not be afraid of people seeing this! That is just so freeing. I feel I have nothing to be afraid of. I love being more in my heart. Thank You Kari for bringing this work into the worldessages are concise and beautiful and each time, without fail, tell me what I need to hear and teach me what I need to learn. When I feel I'm veering off the path a little, I listen to a recording and it's like magic! I feel realigned and in momentum again. I cannot thank you enough for this, it has been beyond incredible. xx."

~ Betsy Tellock

Connect with Earth Angels Around the World

When you sign up for the Calling in Your Abundance Angels program, not only do you receive support from your Archangels, and connect with them on a deep soul level. You’ll also gain access to a private community of Earth Angels just like you.

In the private Abundant Earth Angels Facebook community, you’ll find friends from around the world who understand you, support you through challenges and celebrate your success!

Lifetime access to the program and community

You want to have a lifelong relationship with your angels. This program is designed for you to listen to every day, and repeat the program as many times as you would like. You’ll always experience new insights and healing each time. The best way to experience the angels' miraculous healing is to bring them into your life every day. You have access to all the MP3s, affirmations and life-long friendships in the Abundant Earth Angels community forever.

"I just loved this program and got so much out of it. I have been guided to send the energy of love to myself each morning before doing your meditation of the day and today, on the final day, I finally was able to give myself unconditional love for the first time. This has been my goal for so long and it feels absolutely wonderful. This has been my goal for so long and it feels absolutely wonderful. Thank you for being one of my Earth Angels."

~ Robin Skidmore

"This experience of Calling In Your Abundance Angels was MORE THAN AMAZING, FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL and every other wonderful word in the dictionary. I've felt tons lifted off my shoulders. I LOVE THIS COURSE!!! It has brought so many blessings into my life, the beginning showed me the true me and my purpose as going through this course, and then the doors of opportunities started opening up."

~ Nancy J. Yale

"Thank you so much for this wonderful course! I am so thrilled to have been blessed with the opportunity. I have been ready for some changes for a while and following your guidance and doing your meditations has given me the confidence to go after my dreams of working on my purpose with passion and vigour . I’m feeling so much happier and at peace since connecting with the Angels. Thank you so much Kari for sharing this with with us! Blessings 🙂"

~ Claire Rayner

Yes! I'm Ready For Miracles


Life Path Abundance Affirmations

Your numbers reveal what is in your subconscious. Every number has its gifts and challenges. In this useful guide, you will find each life path number, and the affirmations you can use to overcome the challenges for each one, so you can experience your fullest potential. Read these each day for an amazing abundance boost.


Decoding Angel Number Messages

Do certain numbers follow you everywhere? Do you ever look up at the clock and see the same numbers each time, like 11:11? Or notice repeating numbers on billboards, license plates, or phone numbers, like 333? This quick guide reveals what many of the most common number patterns mean so you can decode the messages your Angels are leaving for you as soon as they appear.


Archangel Easy Reference Guide

Know your Archangels A-Z with this quick guide. You'll have easy access to the Archangels, so you can call upon them any time. Plus, you'll understand which Archangel can help you with any area of your life, and get to know them all!


Angels Ascension Healing Meditation

Angels can lift your spirits immediately. In this beautiful guided meditation, you are wrapped in your angel’s gentle wings of love, and transported into a celestial realm for healing and support. When you experience the blissful energy of the angels, you will feel lighter and at peace. Their loving presence will leave you feeling heavenly all day!


Archangel Empowerment Prayer

Prayers can create miracles. When the Archangels are by your side, your co-creating powers with the Divine are exponentially more powerful. As you connect with the seven Archangels in this prayer, you will receive their healing, and guidance, and uplifting energy. You will be amazed how your life can change when you call the collective Archangel energies to you.


Archangel Easy Reference Guide

Know your Archangels A-Z with this quick guide. You'll have easy access to the Archangels, so you can call upon them any time. Plus, you'll understand which Archangel can help you with any area of your life, and get to know them all!

Yes! I'm Ready For Miracles

"The core of long-held trauma patterns that I've worked on for almost 30 years are now ready to leave my body/energy space. "Connecting with the angels helped to prep me for this. I'm feeling calm and centered as I continue on my healing journey, even in the midst of recalling traumatic details of my childhood. The extra support from the angels is amazing."

~ Nancy Mae

"28 days with the abundance angels has helped and still helping every aspect of my life. My mortgage company called me out of nowhere and reduced my APR with no fees or penalties or years added just because they did not want to lose my business. I was able to lease a new car for my son so he could get to his college and work AND I got a new car for myself in the process all within a tight budget being a single mom/ working two jobs to support my son and I. It helps me with stress and anxiety attacks and I still listen every day. Calling in the Angels has made a huge difference in my life and if you have anything similar to recommend- I'm in! - thank you again!"

~ Verna Valez

"This is the most awesome program I have been privileged to use. When I purchased this little did I know how amazing it would be. It is definitely THE Gift from the Angels. I truly had a wonderful experience and gain from this 28 Day teaching. Really inspiring. I am now more enlightened on the powers of the Angels and my power to call upon them whenever I feel the need to. Makes me feel like I have my own army at my beck and call. I am calmer more patient, and just blissfully happy to have my angels when I need them. Thanks a billion, Kari!"

~ Rosemary Brereton

"Having a guided sacred space for the 28 days was a magical experience for me. The energy I could feel not only while listening to the audios but throughout the rest of the day and evening was so powerful and beautiful. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to connect on a deeper level. Aside from the power and transformations I felt listening to the audios, your voice is so beautiful and comforting I really enjoyed the whole experience thank you so much Kari 🙂"

~ Louise Botwright

"I absolutely LOVE this program! Before I started listening to the angel activations, I was really stressed out. My energy was lagging and my creativity well had been dried up for awhile. After listening to the recordings, I felt a great shift. My spirits are lifted and my "to-do" list doesn't feel like a chore anymore. I wake up excited to check my inbox and look for the message and audio track of the day from you and the angels! I also enjoyed working with 4 different angels and experiencing their unique energy. My life has changed in very positive ways. I LOVE it!"

~ Leanne Kallal

"Calling in Your Abundance Angels" was such a gift! The meditations were the perfect length - powerful and centering. If you are interested in attracting abundance through the support of the archangels, I highly recommend this course! In just a few minutes a day, you will feel protected and guided by Kari's meditations and wisdom, just as I was!"

~ Lisa Fraley

Kari Samuels - Your Angel Communicator

I have been channeling angels and spirit guides for over 20 years, and have always been amazed by how much love and support is available to us. When I began calling in the Archangels for this program, my awe for the divine was taken to new heights. In all my years of connecting with the spiritual realm, I knew this was my most profound offering yet. Once I began to share these healings with the world, I’ve been humbled and in awe witnessing the spiritual transformation of the thousands of people around the globe whose lives have been enriched by the angels. It’s a divine delight sharing the angels’ love with you.

Yes! I'm Ready For Miracles

"Calling upon my angels immediately improved my clarity, helped me eliminate fear and helped me identify my soul purpose. It also helped me get in touch with my personal calling, which is the most exciting thing of all! Kari's daily messages are so healing and motivating that by each end I am beaming! These tools have changed the way I plan and see things!"

~ Lisa Giles

"My kids have been calling on the Angels, too. They have been in the past weeks as well, but to watch them continue to call on them, and even get more and more clear in their requests for help is amazing. My daughter called on Archangel Michael when she got lost between classes, and then later asked Arhcangel Raphael for help with her stress and emotions. My son asked to listen to Kari's meditation about managing his energy, and staying light. After the meditation, his face was literally glowing -- I mean, I've never seen light pouring out from his face and smile like that before. He said, "I think I'm going to use some of that when I'm at school."

~ Cara Bidwell

"Oh Magical Kari, having you and the Archangels in my life, is making the world of difference. I haven't ever been introduced to our Archangels before, at least, not in a way that has impacted on my life the way my experience with the Abundance Angels, has. After just a few days my life is brighter, more joyous, more loving, more kind, more abundant, more caring, just more, more , more everything! Never before have I actually been able to experience the sensation of support and protection moment upon moment, as I do now. Your love and their love make everything so much more pleasurable, and easier to navigate. I Love Angels, and I thank you for Being and sharing yourself with all of us."

~ Lara Causton

An Angelic Offering:

Retail Price $297

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $97 only!

A Whopping 67% off!

Yes! I'm Ready For Miracles

This price is exclusive for this page only. The actual offer price for rest of FHTJ is $111. 

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