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The Sound of Truth

If the ancient sounds of mantra yoga and Sanskrit are calling to you, here is the program that is sure to bring you hours of reverie and divine connection.

The Sound of Truth is a collection of 15 Mantras, rare and extraordinary, taking you into an ancient place of spiritual connection and transformation to enlightenment.

  • Healing Illness
  • Connecting to the Divine
  • Drawing in Your Soul Mate
  • Clearing Debts
  • Manifesting Immediate Income
  • Removing Obstacles
  • Tuning into Love and Bliss
  • Burning off Karma
  • Purification
  • Transformation and Enlightenment
  • Connecting with the Primordial Sound

The sound of truth offers the path of movement through the ancient practice of repeating words that are set at the vibration of what they are. English is 12% true. It is a language of description. Sanskrit is the language of truth as each syllable forms the essence of what you are saying, giving great poetry to the properly pronounced words and mantras. These are beautiful and blissful, you will feel connected to both your higher self and to the Divine as you incorporate these into your daily life.


These are the 15 Mantras you get in this Package

Mantra 1
Tryumbakam Mantra

Mantra 2
Gayatri Mantra

Mantra 3
Ganesha Mantra

Mantra 4
Om Gum Shrom Kespra

Mantra 5
Om Gum Rena Mochena

Mantra 6
Gyatri Mantra

Mantra 7
Saraswati Mantra

Mantra 8
Om Sri Hanumatae Namaha

Mantra 9
Opening Mantra Invoking Lord Ganesha

Mantra 10

Mantra 11
Rama Ragavah

Mantra 12
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

Mantra 13
Divine Mother

Mantra 14
Ragupati Raghava Raga Ram

Mantra 15

“When I heard the Tryambakam mantra I couldn’t stop listening to it and went into a trance like state. When it stopped I wanted more so heard it again and again. I couldn’t get enough of it. The first morning I felt happy and detoxed from within. I have also been listening to Om Gam Ganapataye Namah for removal of obstacles as feel stuck. I listen to this for 30 minutes and can’t get enough of that either. For some reason I feel the Ganesh mantra soothes I seem to be turning into a mantra junkie!”

~ Naina Patel

“I have been enjoying the beautiful Mantras!”
~ Love and Light Joanna

“Tryambakam Mantra BEAUTIFUL!”
~ Chris Cornelissen

“I listen everyday and have on as back ground during training for my new job. The mantras are calming, powerful and shift the energy depending on which one I listen to. I am addicted to listening”
~ Anne xoxo

“I am of Indian Decent and have been around the temples, but when I heard these beautiful mantras sang with so much love they are like no other. I have been playing them night and day, reveling in the love!”
~ Saragini

“Absolutely Beautiful, Sensational and Brilliant! I am Grateful!”
~ Randy

“I love The Sound of Truth program. I listened to all the mantras and felt very light and uplifted. It was very strong sensation in my 3rd eye and crown chakras. My 3rd eye chakra was pulsing, and I felt the opening of crown chakra as well. I like the format of the program. Very good and accurate description of the mantras. Also I like that you can download each mantra in 4 minute and 60 minute length. And certainly, I love Julie Renee's voice. It is so calm and very powerful at the same time ”
~ Snezhana

“Your voice chanting the Ganesha mantras is SUPER BEAUTIFULLY Divine! I LOVE it!! Thank you, I shall chant along but first will listen to enjoy your beautiful voice ....it evokes something - subtle strength, and faith. Ganesha has been on my mind and showing up a lot lately.... ”
~ Love Ashwarya Kuala Lumpur

15 Extraordinary Mantras

Yours for just $147!


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