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Julie Renee Doering’s Special Offer

If it’s been way to long since you’ve felt real joy, and real pleasure on a regular basis it’s time to think about getting into the Bliss Zone.

As you have gone about your day doing the work ahead of you, caring for family, getting the groceries, balancing the checkbook, sitting at the computer for hours endlessly producing a result and….

….Your body has forgotten how to feel pleasure, or joy, your shoulders ache, you seldom laugh and you certainly don’t go around singing ‘here am I on the street where you live!” or some other fun silly happy song…

Happiness and pleasure were originally wired into the human blueprint. As a matter of fact it was encoded in every cell in the body. Why are so few people having access to this pleasure?

I remember a time not that long ago when my body was racked with pain, and although I felt love, my pleasure was nowhere to be found. I struggled to laugh as the information in my body felt of a much lower vibration than my spirit. My Russian friend Elaina who teaches water birth had discovered a little know fact. Each of our cells has a pleasure center and has never been turned on. She was working with parents to help establish more joy in the newborns coming in and worked diligently at resetting the pleasure centers of the cells.

I could see she was attempting to do and felt we could go so much further, actually using the quantum field and working inside the human blueprint to reestablish a field of bliss, joy and happiness out of which all could live out of.

This incredible class helps you both clear that which blocks the joy and pleasure from your life and reestablish by a version of cellular neo genesis the pleasure center in all the cells of your body.

Think about when you’ve been in the flow. Perhaps it’s been stimulated with gratitude and appreciation. The vibe for flow is a high vibration right? It’s where success, magic and wonder all originate.

Package Includes the Following:

4 Livestream ~ Audio Trainings:

May 5, 12, 19 and 26, 2016
9 – 10 am Pacific

  • Class one ~ Clearings from Bloodline and DNA removing blocks from all areas to the vibration of pleasure and Joy consistently
  • Class two ~ Regeneration of pleasure in cells
  • Class three ~ Essence as Joy, restoring spirit and soul to their Joy Vibration
  • Class four ~ Clearing blocks to experiencing joy on a physical level
  • 5 Powerful Meditation Audios
  • Relationship Freedom: The Quantum Path to Joyous Connection program
  • Bonus - The Q5 Self-Love Program
  • Bonus - Karma Clearing

Total Package Value $473

From Heartache to Joy Offer $197
*** 58% Saving ***


5 Meditation Bonuses Include:

1. Quantum Bliss

Bliss-6-300x276When was the last time you were in absolute and glorious bliss? Have you been distracted from one of the greatest pleasures humankind is meant to experience on a daily basis? Quantum Bliss reminds you who you are and that your Divine birth right is to feel joyously blissful everyday.


  • Ground and Clear Body and Aura
  • Golden Temple Of Silence Becomes Golden and Silent
  • Quantum Pleasure Field Permeating YOU ~With Joy Love and Happiness
  • Bliss Infusing Your Body Being and Bones
  • The Pleasure Focus Technique
  • Universal Bliss and Connection

When Bliss is made to become your priority everyday, everything else in life flows effortlessly. Glide through the ups and downs of life while consistently retreating into a world of Quantum Bliss so you feel better than you ever thought possible.

2. Amplify the Positive

bliss-2jpg-300x225We all could benefit from focusing on the positive more often. This positivity-infused mediation or, quantum shifter helps you release negativity and amplify the positive. Breathing techniques to fill you with pleasure and gratitude.


  • Breathe In Positivity
  • Release Negativity
  • Detox the Energy Around You, Your Aura
  • Renew the Energy Within You, Your Okra
  • Discover the Pleasure You have Been Aiming For and Find Gratitude Within the Quantum Pleasure Field

Time to get back into the pleasure zone and get your positive juices flowing. It works, it’s fast and you feel amazing as you emerge from your positivity meditation, filled with gratitude and ready to enjoy life again. Be your most magnificent self.


3. I Express My Unique Self

Bliss-3-300x170If you have been self editing and feeling disappointed that you are not in the flow of the mover and shakers, or just not getting into your own personal mission then you will love this meditation. Expressing your unique self is vital in your journey towards an awakened and fully expressed life!


  • Undertaking Mudra for the empowerment of full self expression
  • The Quantum Pleasure Field of love and support
  • The awakening to your unique gifts and blessing towards others
  • Giving you the permission to be magnificent
  • White Sand Beach Clearing
  • The permission to freely express your unique self

This meditation is suitable for everyone. You will discover the hidden blocks that are shutting you down, allowing you to once and for all release them. With the powerful Mudra (Indian hand gesture for embodying change) you will ultimately assume the driver’s seat and enjoy full self-expression.


4. Quantum Essence

bliss-4-300x224Ask yourself – how is your spirit? How brightly you shine in the world has everything to do with fine-tuning and the alignment of your essential spiritual nature. In this moving meditation you will learn the 3 aspects of human essence and be able to fine-tune each to pristine sparkle and shine.


  • Essence: Spirit, Soul, Life Force
  • Spirit Owning Your Light
  • Soul Protection of Spirit
  • Life Force Energizing Your Body
  • Removal of Past Damages to Spirit
  • Finding New Deeper Complete Power

This amazing meditation is suitable for both the inexperienced and experienced meditator. By introducing simply stated new concepts on the design of human essence you will restore and revitalize you to your best spiritual nature.


5. Quantum Magic

bliss-5-300x225Have you lost the sparkle and sense of awe and wonder in your daily life? Would you like to reconnect with the feeling that the power of magic is at your fingertips and life is an adventure just waiting to be explored? Quantum Magic brings you back to the space of co-creation and blissful anticipation.


  • Receptivity Tune-up to Quantum Pleasure Field and Quantum Magic
  • Undertaking a Clean UP and a Clear OUT
  • Hallo Expansion Into Quantum Mind
  • Magic Afoot Amplification of all that is good
  • Connection to a larger oneness to feel joyful and blessed
  • Standing in your power

Fully ignited and ready for magic, this mediation delivers all the goods. If you want to feel vibrant, alive and fully connected with the quantum field of bliss and pleasure, you will definitely want to plug into this meditation today and as often as you can.

I know you are ready to feel the joy and wonder of this earthly plane! Join me in awakening to your bliss and discover a whole new world of inner and outer pleasure!

Relationship Freedom: the Quantum Path to Joyous Connection

Value: $197

Are you confused about why your relationships always turn out the same way? Perhaps you have felt like there could be so much more. You bring your best self to relationship and love your partner as best you can but still the higher levels of real emotional and spiritual love seem to evade you despite your best efforts.

Love on a spiritual level may not have been something you studied. You may never have actually cleared away the remnants of the past failed love relationships and every step towards love you take is tainted with the energetic signature of love gone wrong.

If you are ready to be free to love and be loved now in this moment, ‘Relationship Freedom the Quantum Path to Joy’ delivers! These formidable quantum activations modules will deliver breakthroughs in both clearing away the past and moving forward to the magical love connection that is your birthright!

We’ve included six juicy modules with training audios and transcripts, book chapters and videos as well as extremely effective love meditations that will help you raise your love vibration. (How cool is that!?)

With this program your awareness and your vibration are raised. You will progress into your highest love frequency. You will also renew and refresh love in your field, emotions and body as you awaken to a fresh loving spirit. Attract the higher stages and levels of love to you immediately as you free yourself to love!

Module One: Freedom to Love

64rThrough the remarkable process of karma clearing you will experience the way to live truly free, love to your fullest potential and be more ready to meet beloved with great joy, ease and enthusiasm. Clear relationship issues and emotional baggage with ease.


Module Two: Love Regeneration

65rCome into your essence as a clear, receptive vehicle to love and to be loved. Explore your love centers of the body including the pancreas and the heart and enjoy a deep energy healing of the love glands with training and meditation. When you want to learn how to fix relationships the best relationship advice is often to heal your self first. Improve the love chemicals of the body and emotional brain. Activate the love supporting chakras.


Module Three: Love Frequency Basics

66rLearn The basic love frequency guide for the most common relationship experiences


  • 1) Committed ~ obligation 0-130
  • 2) Common Law obligation + morality 110-190
  • 3) Companionship ~ companionship basic 170-255 and experience Love in Balance.

Do you know the difference between juggling all the various areas of your life and actually having a healthy balance to your moments, hours and days? Life in balance is love in balance.


Module Four: Unlimited Love: Karma Clearing

67rWe are going to open the secret door to energetically clearing entanglements. This session will give you the skill to magnetize your energy out of others as well as their energy out of you. You will also be able to retrieve your energy out of your past and your timeline and out of unfulfilled contracts you have made that are no longer valid. Experience a more lighter, brighter, more energized you.


Module Five: The Language of Love

68rThe mystery of emotion and how you can translate that into the language of love is what this session is all about. There are particular techniques and skills that you can learn that will empower you to speak from the heart of love to the world around you. We will explore the different ways the male and female brain languages love. Each has a language of their own. And each can find a clearer, more concise way to communicate to the other.


Module Six: Raising the bar: Love frequency in the higher levels

Includes training on levels:

  • 4) Blessed Partnership fun context partnership mutual respect 230-450
  • 5) Soul Mate mutual honor devotion 370-480
  • 6) Spiritual Union basis joy knowing awareness 470-720
  • 7) Divine Compliment cellular harmony 630-1000

69rIncludes second half of Your Divine Human Blueprint Seven stages of love Chapter along with Q5 meditations Love My secret Sauce and Q5 Better Sex.

Find your way into Relationship Freedom: the Quantum Path to Joyous Connection

With these six extraordinary quantum trainings 6 modules and open fully to love and your most fulfilling relationship today.



The Q5 Self-Love Program

  • 1

    I Love Myself.

    Reclaim the blessings you deserve and push away the negativity that’s doing its best to convince you otherwise.

  • 2

    I Trust Myself.

    Align yourself with your truth in the present time. Release old hurts and disappointments from the “old” you, so you can make way for a new found confidence.

  • 3

    I Am Loved.

    Clear away the self-doubt and disconnect … and fall back in love with you.

  • 4

    I Express My Unique Self.

    Discover the hidden blocks that are shutting you down, allowing you to once and for all release them. Assume the driver’s seat and enjoy full self-expression.

  • 5

    Quantum Confidence.

    Quantum Confidence. Meditate toward your best self with this Quantum Confidence meditation and help turn the tables so you can step into your best life ever!

I look forward to helping you raise your love frequency so you can finally experience the emotionally and spiritually satisfying love you want – and deserve.


Karma Clearing

Value: $79

Training Includes:

  • Identification of your personal energy versus the energy of others within you
  • How to find and remove energetic cords
  • Ending contracts ~ what are you locked into despite your multiple attempts to move away? Learn how to cut the ties
  • Completing agreements ~ ‘Agreements’ differ from ‘Contracts’, however they are just as troublesome
  • How to attain freedom from energy vampires

Part Two:

  • Understanding and transforming your field of perception to ensure you attract the right people into your world
  • DNA clearing and training with regards to ties that bind~ the transformation of your cellular body to support your emotional freedom
  • Understanding the need for balance and a life lived consciously. The end of emotional trauma and drama
  • Upon Completion you will learn a Vedic mantra for transformation
  • Karma Clearing Meditation
  • Karma Clearing Transcript
  • Balance Your Life Now ebook
  • Balance Your Life Diagram
  • The Tryambakam Mantra

Total Package Value $473

From Heartache to Joy Offer $197
*** 58% Saving ***


Tele Summit Transformations

"I have been listening to your interview and very much appreciated your viewpoints and your sweet and loving energy. This has penetrated my current confusion to a point that there was a good hour of peace and clarity around. This means a lot and did make a difference to my life. Just a personal thank you for that!"

~ Samadhi

"Wow, I feel quite a transformation taking place! I am letting go of gloom, darkness and heaviness from my space and am starting to feel more bright and energetic. I am even exercising this morning YEAH! I love your gifts and divine care, I know this is also in me as well. Joyous love to you."

~ Margaret

"Wow! During the clearings I felt such a release especially around pleasure. I realize that I have been living in a pattern of sadness, loss and n such a low vibration for so very long. I am experiencing a good kind of crying. I guess it’s the recognition of letting all the heartache go and giving myself permission to feel pleasure again. Thank you so much."

~ Maria

Relationship Freedom

"I wanted to thank you again and say how grateful I am. The last week was probably the most life changing I have ever had. My life had shrunk to a pretty small universe. And, now I see possibility everywhere, sitting in a room and seeing an actual ripple of energy is beyond words. I cannot thank you enough."

~ Anne Larson

"I am so happy! I know you've heard this a million times before, but I think what you do is absolutely wonderful for our well being and indeed not only life changing for us but for the entire atmosphere we live in. Thank you so so much!"

~ Doolin

"I wake up full of joy and excitement and am more aware of the birds singing, the flowers, and smells, when I am out walking I see new seeds being planted and new dreams emerging, or old dreams in a new light"

~ Siobhan Foster

"I loved how it pulls in both the physical and spiritual, showing me how they’re connected. Your detailed descriptions of systems are absolutely amazing!"

~ Leslie Rivera

"I know in my heart and feel that I am different in many ways and I know that the effect of these meditations is cumulative and I feel very blessed. What more can I say if not that yes I am in the Garden of Eden!!!!…and I just can't get enough of it...Heartfelt appreciation and gratitude!"

~ Marie Ippodimonte

"Julie Renee is a lifesaver! Julie Renee is such a gift. She really does have super powers."

~ E.C. Dallas, TX

"I seem to have access to my authentic self more often and the fear/panic/worry is in the background. My circumstances have not changed as yet but I am able to let go and say to myself, “this is only temporary,” and not measure my outside to my personal standards of happiness by letting go of the expectations and just being more present in the moment. I know that whatever trials and tribulations I have been going through (akin to your extreme illnesses) is going to lead me somewhere else, but right now I don’t have a clear vision. So much of my old life has been dismantled into a million pieces and I am not sure who/what/where I am right now. Except that I am here, and in present time, getting through the moment with more ease, joy and faith. 😉 Previously, no matter what I did or did not do, everything was going in the opposite direction and it repeated over and over and over, like the movie Groundhog Day!"

~ Marjorie

Julie Renee Celebrity Testimonials:

The Secret’s Marci Shimoff Talks About Julie Renee’s Special Gift

marci"It’s rare to meet someone so gifted and clear about who they are and what they are here to do on the planet. She’s bringing a unique body of work to the world that is an important contribution to humanity."

~ Marci Shimoff, As seen in The Secret and Author of four New York Times Best-Selling Books

Best-Selling Author and Speaker Jack Canfield talks about Julie Renee

jack"I fell in love with Julie Renee and her work. She truly is the brain rejuvenation expert. Her work is profound. Nothing short of a miracle!"

~ Jack Canfield

About Julie Renee Doering :

doering#1 Brain Rejuvenation expert, Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Master Health Activator, Julie Renee, has been featured as an expert in Cell Regeneration, Quantum Activation and Guided Meditation on MSNBC, CBS, Rock Star Radio and New Era Healing. Having prevailed over her own human health challenges, she penned her groundbreaking book, Your Divine Human Blueprint, which successfully defines the way to regenerate the body's organic design, using a quantum approach, from the cells up. With more than 30 years as an expert Instructor and Mentor, Julie Renee’s transformational skills provide an integrated, fast track to manifesting, holding, and growing abundant health, beauty, and wealth.

Total Package Value $473

From Heartache to Joy Offer $197
*** 58% Saving ***


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