Ancestral Clearing Immersion Program

John feels it is our destiny to experience heaven on earth - to live in the ultimate realm of what is truly possible.

This program is designed to give you access to that realm
and through that access to rewrite the script of your life.

The Ancestral Clearing Immersion Program has the power to clean your slate of the imprints that have come before in your life and lineage, empowering you to create a sacred life from the unencumbered purity of your heart and soul.

The possibility of this program is that you will:

  • Connect to the internal compass that leads, guides and directs you to your greatest destiny, your homecoming. Waking up to what is beyond what you thought possible.
  • Honor yourself and Source by becoming the divine expression of the Infinite that you truly are – and embodying the greatness spoken of by spiritual leaders and prophets throughout the ages.
  • Be blessed with sacred relationships that reflect your full heart. With overflowing abundance that serves you and your community. With grace and authentic connection to Source.
  • Be able to embrace adversity as the gift it is. To live fully in your body. To experience unworthiness and regret dropping away like leaves in the fall.
  • Begin to see yourself and all creation through the eyes of the Creator—transcending the limitations of time, space and what has come before.

Your mind will become the wonderful servant it was designed to be as you lead from the heart and your inner knowing will guide you to make fulfilling choices in every area of life.

You are here to embrace the destiny that lives in your heart and inspire humanity to do the same.

It’s easy with the density of earth to forget who you really are.
The Ancestral Clearing Immersion Program will help you to remember.

Total Package Value $199

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $97
*** 51% Saving ***



In this introduction to the powerful modality of Ancestral Clearing, John shares how the unresolved imprints from our current life and our entire ancestral lineage affect our lives today and reveals:

  • Why we need to stop trying to help Source
  • How to transcend the limitations of the mind
  • Why we aren't angry/hurt for the reasons we 'think' we are
  • How to forgive the unforgivable
  • Would you rather be right or would you rather be well?
  • The keys to ending suffering on the planet and create Heaven on Earth

John also gives us a direct experience of connecting to the Source of all healing.



21953268Your body wants to heal, resolve the past and naturally move towards pleasure and away from pain. In order for this to happen it’s important to “get out of your own way.” In addition to experiencing multiple Ancestral Clearings, in this video you will discover:

  • Why we take on others pain and suffering/Clearing empathic patterns
  • The reason you are here on earth/Stopping our endless search
  • The true meaning of “Letting go, letting God”
  • Nothing exists until we observe it - Quantum physics meets spirituality
  • The sacred names of the Creator are verbs
  • Clearing the program that led to us giving away our power

John also shares why some have prolonged grief when a loved one passes and leads us through a powerful, guided grief-clearing experience.



Heart shape tree with red leaves on red flower field. LoveFrom the Intensive on Abundance, Sacred Relationships & Physical/Emotional Well-Being (Part 1 of 3)

When we eliminate physical and emotional suffering it allows us to open up to abundance, sacred relationship and the other gifts life has to offer. In Part 1 of this 3-part video recorded live at a group event in Vancouver, BC, John facilitates several Ancestral Clearings and shares how each of us can:

  • Experience and listen to the wisdom and flow of our body’s intelligence
  • Feel into and follow our heart as our guide
  • Clear our judgments and open up to more ‘possibility of healing’
  • Clean up the unresolved negativity from our past and the past of our ancestors
  • Trust what we feel inside and allow it to guide and direct us in our lives

John also leads us in an experience to curb unhealthy cravings (including sugar, alcohol, drugs, sex, relationships, and other types of intense longing) through prescencing ourselves to these cravings and resetting the triggers in our nervous system.



Red Fire Winged Heart and Black RoseFrom the Intensive on Abundance, Sacred Relationships & Physical/Emotional Well-Being (Part 2 of 3)

Actualizing the relationship between you and the Infinite is the most important thing you can do in order to live Sacred Relationships in your day-to-day life. All relationships are simply a reflection of your connection with Source. In Part 2 of this 3-part video recorded live at a group event in Vancouver, BC, John facilitates several Ancestral Clearings and reveals:

  • The sacred relationship that we desire is right in front of us
  • Why the act of looking is the opposite of seeing what’s already here
  • Why the longing can’t be truly filled by something outside of us
  • How to clear past ‘scar tissue’ for us to align with fulfilling relationships
  • How it is possible to have that which reflects our whole-ness

John also leads us into a direct experience of the relationship with our ‘Higher Self’ and guides us through the ‘I Am That I Am’ awareness, allowing a subtle shift from mind identity to ‘Being’ itself. This creates a space for the possibility of Sacred Connection with all beings.



dreamstime_xxl_25160797From the Intensive on Abundance, Sacred Relationships & Physical/Emotional Well-Being (Part 3 of 3)

Most of us live with beliefs of lack, injustice, and unworthiness around money as a result of ancestral debris and burden. All we really need to do is clear up the past and be congruent with our natural state of gratitude. In Part 2 of this 3-part video recorded live at a group event in Vancouver, BC, John facilitates several Ancestral Clearings around abundance and reveals:

  • Why we need to clear up our charge around the times we were out of integrity with others and they out of integrity with us
  • How to transform judgment into allowance
  • Opening up our circuits to receive more "currency"
  • How to get out of our own way and end self-sabotage
  • Transforming victim consciousness into empowerment
  • How to use the subtlest level of creation to manifest

John also leads us in an Ancestral Clearing to remove our biggest stresses, limitations and family imprints around money.



stepping stonesIn this powerful interview with bestselling author and new thought leader Debra Poneman, John shares that our purpose is written in our hearts and will show up naturally when we surrender to that which is calling to us. He also shares profound knowledge on:

  • Making peace with the void/emptiness
  • Meeting internally what you are running from – Being honest with yourself
  • Going beyond the mind
  • Being the puzzle piece you are designed to be, completing that beautiful mosaic of community
  • Resolving what is pulling you out of your present experience
  • Experiencing the subtlety of ‘coming home’

John also gives us a direct experience of “letting go of our seeking so that grace can show up.”



Bubbles flying over the grassWhen we are in integrity with our self and our words and actions are congruent, then we become a sacred vessel for the light to come through--and all our communications become a reflection of that light. In this powerful audio, recorded during one of John’s live weekly international tele-calls, John leads us in several Ancestral Clearings and shares knowledge on:

  • Communicating and listening from a place of neutrality - without attachment
  • Tapping into the ‘Bindu point’ – where all roads meet
  • Checking in with Stillness and communicating beyond words
  • Becoming a canvas of possibility
  • Resolving the past so we can have powerful communication from the heart

John also leads us through an Ancestral Clearing removing what’s feeding unhealthy communication in our lives and allowing us to connect to that deeper layer of intelligence so our words align with our Truth



dreamstime_xxl_19414450There are three types of karma: That which we can avoid, that which we can alter, and the karma that is our destiny. Yet our true state of being is not bound by any of the three kinds of karma. In this illuminating audio, recorded during one of John’s live weekly international tele-calls, John guides us in several Ancestral Clearings and shares knowledge on:

  • The true meaning of the Serenity Prayer
  • How to make peace with the three types of karma
  • Transmuting the past through a field of pure awareness
  • Moving beyond conversation
  • Defining Forgiveness

John also leads us in an Ancestral Clearings that allow us to cognize and surrender to that which we are—our true self, beyond any karma.


Silent Comprehensive Prayers

Fall backgroundFor 60 minutes John uses a full spectrum of Silent Forgiveness Prayers that cover all aspects of your individual life and help manifest heaven on earth. All you will hear is a track of falling rain. This BONUS MODULE can be played in the background to create peace and harmony in your home or at work. You can play it for deep and profound rest and powerful clearing while you sleep. This is also an excellent track to play to heal relationships and facilitate total wellness for the listener and his or her family.

You will also receive downloadable PDF’s of John’s consciousness-infused Forgiveness Prayers for yourself, for others and for abundance.

We are often asked if recorded clearings as effective as those experienced in real time?
The source of all is not governed by time and space. The creator is everywhere and every when. Time and space exists within the infinite source as do we and all of our burden. As you listen to these recordings, simply trust your own experience, and you will discover that it’s as profound listening to these recordings as experiencing a live clearing in real time.

Total Package Value $199

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $97
*** 51% Saving ***

About John Newton:

JohnNewtonWhen John Newton was in his 20’s he had an awakening that allowed him to enter the gap between thoughts and experience a state of pure consciousness at will. It’s in this state that John facilitates the removal of negative imprints from our current life and our entire ancestral lineage.

In fact, John has witnessed through this work many people “wake-up” to their true and eternal nature, consciousness itself - and live their lives free from suffering.

Total Package Value $199

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $97
*** 51% Saving ***

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