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As we all know, physical issues are not the only source of pain… some of the deepest pain is experienced through hurt and disappointment in relationships.

And now with Jit’s work… you can heal painful relationships INSTANTLY!

Heal Painful Relationships At A Soul Level

  • Are you experiencing unbearable tension and stress in a particular relationship?
  • With your Partner, Spouse, Boss, Parent, In-Laws, Kids, Friend or any other person in your life?
  • Are you always “Triggered” by this person evoking extreme emotions, such as anger, irritation, fear, etc?
  • Is this one relationship stressing you out and robbing you of joy at home or at work or in your social life?

Irrespective of whether you have had this situation for as long as you can remember or whether it has turned stressful recently, there are just 2 reasons for this :

  • 1

    There is an extreme “Energy Imbalance” in the relationship between you and that person.

  • 2

    There are “Karmic Lessons” to be understood and closed between the 2 of you.

The same precision healing method of “ Quantum Energetic Surgery” that is used to clear Pain is also 100%effective in clearing the “Tension and Stress” within specific painful relationships, instantly.

This session is a perfect complement to your Foundation Session and can add a whole new level of joy in your life by eliminating the stress in a relationship.

This is a 2 hour long and powerful session.

As energetic beings, we are deeply influenced by the energies of other people. When there is extremely high negativity in the energies between 2 people, that relationship becomes stressful.

This Energy Imbalance can be cleared 100%.
The Harmony can be restored. Instantly.
You will see tangible results.

Relationship Case 1:
"Changed My Relationship With My Mother INSTANTLY!"

"Since I was 7 years old I had a very difficult relationship with my own mother... I yearned for love and appreciation but all I received, every single time I opened up to my mom was, criticism and judgement and controlling treatment like a child. No compassion even when I was going through difficult times at work.

Finally at the age of 47, I found a dramatic turn around after I did 1 session with Jit to clear the energy imbalance in our relationship... it was INSTANT! It actually jolted me and when I hung up the phone, I burst into tears with disbelief and relief! It was the first time in my memory that I remember her saying 'love you' aloud!" ~ SC

Relationship Case 2:
"I Now Get EVERYTHING I Want From My Work!"

"I had been with an institution for over 13 years and had always had a very difficult relationship with my boss, who always put me down and never have me the right role in my job. It made me feel unwanted and even questioned my own commitment. There was constant tension and stress at my work... and there was a complete communication breakdown with broken trust.

After just 1 session with Jit to clear the energy imbalance in the relationship, I regained the confidence to list out everything that I desired from my job and called for a meeting. For the first time ever in years, that meeting was a turning point... there was compassion from my boss and I got EVERYTHING that I wanted without even bringing out my list!!" ~ SC

Relationship Case 3:
"Complicated Relationship Is Now A Brand New Enjoyable Friendship Overnight!"

"I was deeply entangled in a relationship with a friend that I cared for deeply but in turn was making me emotionally drained. My friend was emotionally sucking a lot out of me, but yet he was never present when I needed him! I ended up mothering him and taking care of him as a child. I didn't want to end this relationship, but instead needed help from Jit to turn it around.

In just 1 session of clearing the energy imbalance and deep set karmic energies... this has become a brand new and enjoyable friendship, overnight!
" ~ SC

“I Experienced A HUGE SHIFT In Just ONE SESSION… And It Helped My Relationship With My Mom Immensely!”

“My parent's from my home country visit me once a year in the US. For the past 15 years these visits, always triggered unexplained friction between me and my mom resulting in many unpleasant moments. There was no solution in sight… until I was recommended Jit's relationship healing work. Since his work is done remotely and did not require physical presence or even permission from my mom.. it was an ideal solution!!!

During the recent visit, Jit did just 1 session to clear all negativity affecting our relationship. And I have to say, for the VERY 1st TIME, I experienced a huge shift in the relationship with my mom. The triggers that always set me off were gone and we enjoyed a beautiful stay together!! This has been absolutely unbelievable but true… and the positivity continues!!! Thank you so much!!!”

~ Dipti

“I’ve Noticed A Definite Shift In My Attitude… And So Has Others!”

“Based on the 2nd session, specifically focusing around my challenging relationship with my manager/boss, I've noticed a definite shift toward a more positive attitude.

Also focusing on myself, I am literally counting how many positive vs. negative interactions I have with people in total throughout the day. One of my co-workers literally messaged me out of the blue this morning saying they've noticed a positive change in attitude and they wanted to compliment me on it! So, that's my report so far :)”

~ G.G.

“After Jit’s Remote Healing.. I Instantly Felt The Shifts!”

“I was feeling trapped in a situation at work with my boss. After working remotely with Jit… I instantly felt shifts! My next meeting went very calmly and I felt safe. I was able to speak with clarity about how I felt previously and I have the feeling my boss wants to support my wellbeing now!

I no longer feel trapped in this situation and that I have support to explore the options that best suit me with no pressure to make a decision now! Thank you Jit for your support and service.... It has helped dissolve negativity around this situation that has been going on for years and bringing positivity and light into my space!

~ S.

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