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CBD Plus ORMUS Elements!

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It takes 7 weeks from Farm to bottle to deliver this One of a Kind CBD tincture! Once the organic Cannabis Sativa is delivered, the plant is put into a sacred chamber and prayed over for 7 days, while Scalar energy is downloaded with the frequencies of a full body balance including hormones, glands, organs and more!

The process goes through each chakra, bringing Life Force Energy to each layer of the body, mind and spirit. This allows the body to regenerate and resonate with the frequencies needed to support healing and well-being.

The CBD molecules are then abstracted and added to Organic Olive oil where it will absorb for 6 weeks, but We Don’t Stop There!! ORMUS Elements are added to the oil creating a Life Giving Miracle!

What Makes us Different from any other CBD line?

Some of the unique processes that are used to create Infynite Gold CBD line are most unique in the world!

  • We take the CBD derived from hemp molecules and blend it ORMUS elements. The ORMUS boosts the healing properties and advances life force energy.
  • We then take the cannabis plant and break it down to the mono-atomic level.

Bringing the elements to the mono-atomic level allows the healing elements of the plant to fully absorb into the bloodstream. Mono-atomic elements are uncompounded atoms.

The periodic table of elements consists of the “transition elements,” meaning they can transform from metallic to monatomic through specific methods. When an atom exists in the monatomic state of separate atoms, it holds properties that have superconductive effects on human body. The properties of monatomic elements make it possible to safely ingest them and achieve amazing benefits for general well-being.

  • It is then put it into a spin state allowing it to express the intelligence of THC.

When an element is put into a spin state it enhances the healing properties of the entire plant in an energetic form and builds Life Force Energy. The superconducting properties of atoms in this state transform the body at the cellular level allowing the healing properties of THC in the cannabis plant to be accelerated into an energetic state, and supports healing on a higher level than if it were in its original form.

  • Then Scalar energy is downloaded into the products allowing the THC to express all it's properties without it altering mood or showing up in the bloodstream!

THERE ARE MANY Benefits of USING Scalar Charged CBD! Cure The Incurable! Could the cure be Energy?! When Scalar energy is downloaded into the products it allows the THC to express all it's properties without it altering mood or showing up in the bloodstream. Scalar Energy is a subtle energy that can be harnessed to promote healing by increasing energy of the cells.

When Scalar Energy is imprinted onto CBD molecules, it transforms them from unstructured to structured,or LIVING molecules. When consumed, these molecules restore the balance of the body at an optimal level, supporting the increase of immune function, reduces inflammation, and promotes overall wellness.

Enhance your Life Force Energy while healing on the highest level!!


  • A small amount of Nano Gold is added to bring all the ingredients into the cells. Nano Gold is in a small particle giving it the ability to allow the body to absorb all the healing benefits of the plant.

With advanced Molecules of the HEMP plant, these products are designed to support and repair the cellular structure so that the repairing can begin from the inside out.

This high quality all natural Hemp (CBD) oil is Full Spectrum with THC Intelligence. Enjoy all the benefits of the full Cannabis plant (THC and CBD) without the side effects or mood alterations! We add Nano gold so the Cannabis Sativa can fully absorb into the bloodstream so you can get all the benefits out of each bottle. ORMUS Elements are then added to give you cutting edge technology that scientist are finding repair DNA and speed up healing! ***These statements are not medical advice.

Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa, Persea americana, Nano Gold, ORMUS, Cymbopogon, Energetic Imprints of full spectrum Cannabis Plant, HGH, Stem Cells, Repaired DNA and RNA, repaired telomeres. Small amount of alcohol may appear through abstraction of CBD molecules.

Directions: Place 2 to 3 drops under your tongue or on the inside of your wrist at the pulse points 2 to 3 times daily as needed.

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“I can say definitively that Infynite Gold has caused a significant reduction in my pain and inflammation, as well as vast improvement in my mood and ability to get restful sleep.”

“Due to the severity of my condition, I began using the Infynite Gold CBD products frequently throughout the day. Within a week, I noticed a significant reduction in pain and inflammation in my hands. When I had intermittent acute pain or muscle spasms, the product would give me prompt relief. I began sleeping much better and my mood improved greatly.

I had tried another CBD product before Infynite Gold, but quit taking it since it didn’t seem to give me any relief. The Infynite Gold CBD products are high quality, and I find them to be highly effective!”

~ Lisa W. - WI

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