Intuitive Detective, “Sherlock Holmes” of the Energy World, Herbalist, Iridologist, Vibrational Healer.

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Live Your Life Free & Clear From Entities / Dark Force Energies & their Destructive Influences

Expert Reviews

“Wow! What a difference in my energy levels after working with Jan! I was experiencing high levels of fatigue and exhaustion. Rapidly, Jan cleared attached entities, restored energetic balance within my aura field, pinpointed that the left side of my home that was causing the fatigue from geopathic stress. She was even able to streamline my Spiritual Guide team and look into the Bardo dimension before this lifetime to pinpoint stuck energy there. AMAZING! It was a deep and insightful dive into me, and I feel so much lighter and energetic!!! Thank you Jan!!!”

~ Simone Valentine, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for your very unique and special gift

Tarekr“In a very short time you were able to pinpoint exactly what was going on with my energy and to clear what didnt belong there before I found myself kind of sinking in an energetic quick sand, feeling like a zombie state, staying in bed and over eating to taking better care of my health, working out. Riding my bike everywhere, feeling more energetic and clear. Thank you so much! I highly recommend doing this session. We all have some kind of attachments around us affecting our energy levels. She will tell you exactly what they are and release what's no longer needed! Instant shifts!”

~ Tarek Bibi, Healer, Toronto


Discount: 79% Off
Total Package Value $470
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $99



Discount: 90% Off
Total Package Value $1420
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $147


Package A

Entity & Negative Energy Clearing Kit - Spiritual Tools to Release & Remove Dark Forces

Here’s what’s included in the package


Home Energy Clearing Meditation

Value: $80

Format: MP3

Length: 13.31 mins

scary-asylum-interior-background_MJrI8D5_Clearing All Forms of Negative Energy in your home. There may be an “Infestation” of Entities, Earth bounds, Thought forms, Curses, Geopathic stress & much more residing there. This meditation has embedded healing frequencies (plus binaural & isochronic beats) to keep your space cleansed & clear. This MP3 raises High Vibrational Life Force energies in & around you & your home.


Land Energy Clearing Meditation

Value: $80

Format: MP3

Length: 10.45 mins

destruction.word.cloud_M1qcCrPOClearing All Forms of Negative Energy in & On the Land Your Home is Built upon, which can have devastating effects upon the health & well-being of all who reside there. The embedded healing energies (plus Delta rhythms) in this MP3 will remove Negativity in all its forms & raise the Life force on the land.


Auric Field Energy Clearing Meditation

Value: $80

Format: MP3

Length: 11.38 mins

Three april foolsscary-red-background_GJkwIPqOTo clear the Aura regularly, is something which is vital today. With aura damage you are increasingly vulnerable to all kind of dark energy attachments. This meditation has embedded frequencies (plus alpha/isochronic & binaural beats) to extract & transmute negativity in all its guises.


Animal Energy Clearing Meditation

Value: $80

Format: MP3

Length: 10.13 mins

DSC_5657-765catOur Animals companions are our healers/teachers & guides & as such take on a lot of our negativity. They also are prone to being swarmed by entities in all the places they visit. Playing this meditation which contains embedded energy (plus Delta waves), in their presence will cleanse their Aura & provide protection.


Electronics Energy Clearing Meditation

Value: $80

Format: MP3

Length: 7.30 mins

stresselectricThe Electronics in our lives are Increasing at a rapid rate. They are also prone to dark energy attachments which affect their function & also our health with the disruptive energy they hold & transfer to us. Playing this meditation with its embedded frequencies (plus Binaural beats) will clear the energy field of all gadgets in the home.


Soul Song Mantras

Value: $70

Format: MP3

Length: 5.28 mins

Mystic Garden Illustration. Large Full Moon and Shapes of Trees. Nature Illustrationarch( A collection of Positive SoulSongs i.e Mantras) with embedded energies (plus Theta healing) to assist in raising your vibration.)

Package A

Total Package Value $470

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $99
*** 79% Saving ***


Package B

Includes everything in Package A Plus

Previously offered scans via email for person and home is sold out. Jan has opened up a limited number of personal sessions. Only 30 available!


25 min personal session with Jan Dunn

Value: $300

During this 25 minutes session - you will be working one on one with Jan to scan areas such as -- 1. Entities - including "nested " entities. 2. Spirit attachments. 3.Curses (On the person or land.) 4. Aura damage & the cause. 5.Primary soul song which is sabotaging your life. 6.The number of Guides you have i.e. your "Spiritual Team" (& clearing those who are not working in your best & highest interests.) From this list - You Need to Chose 3 areas you would like Jan to scan & clear. As everyone is energetically different - the "clearing" time will vary from person to person. With this work you will have Insights into what Dark, Interference Energies are affecting your life in a Negative way, creating challenges & struggles with Health, Relationships, Abundance, Happiness & the Development of your Inner Gifts, preventing & blocking you from moving forward on your Soul Path & Purpose.

Package B

Total Package Value $770

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $147
*** 81% Saving ***



A Life Changing Experience!

"I contacted Jan after I was having major problems with a rental property I managed.( The owner left me to oversee the building as he lived in another province.) I had come to breaking point when the last renter left after really smashing the place up. I could personally “feel” many dark, addictive entities when I went in the house. They felt like they were swarming all over me & trying to attack me energetically. The house seemed to attract negative people who became more abusive & destructive the longer they stayed there.Any good renters who came – did not stay long. After Jan cleared the property – it felt clean & clear, no sign whatsoever of dark energy. The house was put up for sale soon after & sold quickly.

I was also having problems in my own home & with my health. She discovered 2 spirits in my home – one was a woman who committed suicide there. After Jan cleared the place – My health has improved, I sleep better & have experienced much healing from my past with Jan’s help. It is because of Jan, My life has been transformed & I am a better person for having met her. "

~ Sam W. – Grande Prairie, Alberta

A True Awakening of Body, Mind & Soul.

"On numerous occasions, while having treatments with Jan, I have felt many different unexplainable things happen to my body. She has actually left the room & yet I can still feel her hands working on me. I find Jan is an amazing teacher& healer with the ability to heal Mind & Body."

~ Elaine C., Calgary

A Truly Remarkable clearing of a past-life memory of Murder

"The year I was due to retire from teaching, I started experiencing strange symptoms - dark thoughts, Heavy energy arising in my heart area & feeling almost suicidal. It made me feel emotionally drained. It became more & more regular – disrupting my life. After I contacted Jan, she did an energy scan to find “clues” as she calls them, & discovered a past life in which I had been murdered at the age of 11 in a school in France, over 300 years ago. During the clearing & Healing, I felt warm hands on my head & shoulders which Jan said were Angels assisting in the process. Afterwards I felt so calm, peaceful & relaxed & the incidents have ceased. To date, I have had no re-occurences. I am SO very grateful to have my life back & feel normal again.!"

~ Patrick D., Alberta

An auric injury from a past life Emotional trauma that manifested as tumour on my kidney.

"Through working with Jan, I have been released from past life abandonment issues which held me back in personal relationships. On numerous occasions, Jan has identified & cleared objects which brought negative entities & energy into my home. She discovered an object in my aura which created much disturbance, attracting many entities – It turned out to be an instrument of torture I was subjected to in the Days of the Spanish Inquisition. Jan was able to find a picture of this object to show me. It was very disturbing to see but I was able to clear the Imprint successfully. She has also cleared & brought Beneficial energies into any new homes I have moved into – In one instance, after the clearing, 10 ladybugs appeared in my home.(A very Positive sign!!)

Jan has supported my transition to the person I am today. I feel more connected to the people in my life. All I know for certain is that she is one of the pivotal people that have helped me move forward & flourish. I cannot imagine what my life would have been like if I had not met her!

~ Anita L. (Calgary)

An ancestor attached himself to me in order to be released & move on.

"During a session with Jan, she suggested we explored the reason the smoke from being smudged, affected my breathing so badly.She had a “premonition” on the morning of my appointment. It turned out that an ancestor of mine who died in a fire, about 250 years ago, while working in a stable attached himself to me, as he “knew” I was going to a healer that day. He was successfully moved into the Light!
Jan has cleared the homes & Land of members of my family, as entities & Negative energies were causing problems in the home & affecting the young children there. Thank You Jan for All that you have done for me. It has been & continues to be a pleasure to be able to come to you for Healing & Releasing which I cannot do for myself."

~ Trudy N. (Airdrie)

I was at the point of losing my eyesight

"Due to longterm use of steroids & other eye medications, I was told I would lose my eyesight. I was already having severe problems with my eyes & Liver due to medication. I am now off ALL drugs & my Eye specialist suggested I carried on doing whatever it was I was doing!! Jan worked during several sessions to remove multiple layers – many trapped emotions such as grief, frustration, & past life memories to help clear my blocks to “seeing”myself& my life clearly.I am Very grateful & consider myself very fortunate to be Healed. THANK YOU, Jan"

~ Danielle M. (Alberta)

Jan is a Healer in the most fundamental sense of the Word!

"Her healing & compassion flow through her hands during her treatments in a powerful way. As a Master Herbalist, her “magic potions” i.e Herbs she prepares herself, have proved invaluable to members of my family, including my animals.
She did an energy scan of one of my cats & the info she gave me, I was able to take to my Holistic vet who is a believer in Energy Medicine. I give her my Highest Recommendation."

~ Shannon-Lee Rae (Vancouver Island)

Jan performed a clearing , during which Entities taunted her

"Jan is a powerful Shaman who has cleared me & my home of unwanted Entities. I went through a period in life where I underwent vicious & frightening Entity activity. It disrupted my life & caused me a great deal of mental & emotional pain. She performed a sacred healing & clearing ceremony on me where Entities tormented her. She never lost focus or clarity. One Entity was lodged in my abdomen. Immediately after the treatment, I felt peaceful & happy for the first time in many months. Without exaggeration, I can say she has helped me to restore my fragile mind & to live life again in mental & emotional freedom.

I admire her kindliness, professionalism & her ability to intuitively know what my health issues are & how to address them. Jan has become one of my greatest Mentors!"

~ Margaret M. (North Bay, Ontario)

Even after one session, I felt so much better, knowing I am on the right path to recovery.

"Jan has helped me with back pain & muscle disintegration in my right leg. After over a year of visits to Doctors & Specialists of All kinds, nothing was found. She has a gentleness & kindness that helped me trust her right from the beginning. She explained that some of the reasons were trapped emotions such as “conflict, “humiliation,” & “abandonment” dating back to when I was 3 years old &it concerned family problems at the time, along with certain Limiting Beliefs I had taken on about myself which were to do with Failure/ Lack of Nurturance & Inability to move forward. There was also a curse on the family line going back several hundred years which contributed to Entity attachments. I feel she is the only person who has been able to help me. Jan is a great listener & her caring, professional attitude has been greatly appreciated."

~ Nick Z. (Alberta)

Jan released black energy masses & tentacles which were deeply attached to my liver.

"I initially went to see Jan about physical health concerns. Then with her gentle guidance, openness & unconditional acceptance I soon realized there were deeper issues & layers to sort through & clear. Jan is very connected to the spiritual realm & during many past-life sessions & Entity clearings, I have felt the presence Of Archangels working with her, surrounding her with healing compassionate love. I often felt healing hands upon me at the end of our sessions, after Jan had left the room.

The black energy masses Jan worked on were released into the light. On another occasion a friend’s deceased husband attached himself to my right side. With his permission, she was able to help him move into the Light.
I have experienced many transformational changes with Jan & so appreciate the vast knowledge of Universal connections & synchronicities that she openly shares. Jan has such a huge heart, & a way of grounding, empowering & nurturing everyone she works with."

~ Lin P. ( Calgary)

I was not Myself.

"For several months couldn’t shake a feeling of Heaviness, being a sensitive person, I easily feel other people’s Joys, their grief & sadness. When I visited Jan she detected & cleared several entities that had attached to me. She traced it back to my recent visit to the Killing Fields &TuolSleng Prison in Cambodia. The clearing allowed back a sense of brighter, lighter energy. My sleep was also better & deeper. Another Incident I worked with Jan on was a situation where I felt I was being bullied & attacked. I felt frozen ¶lysed. Physically there was often a sense of being stabbed. Jan uncovered a curse & many Entity attachments, which she proceeded to clear. I felt such release, Peace & calmness afterwards!"

~ Katherine W. ( Alberta)

"My 21 year old grandson, Taylor, was ready to make a new life for himself, after a 3 month Rehab. He eventually wants to become an energy healer. This life path was inspired by Jan who had worked on him in the past. I offered him the basement suite in my rental property, after I had managed to move out some difficult & very disruptive renters. After he walked through the basement, he said he could not stay there --- it felt ugly, dark & evil with very bad vibes. Jan did a clearing – finding 20 curses on the land & property, 4 portals, 5 ghosts, demonic forces, Imprint of Brain damage discordant energies of selfishness, hate of self & sadism. Jan gave me precise instructions on how to play my part by smudging. After several days my grandson went through the house by himself. When he returned to my home, his face shone with Joy. He said The place felt Healthy, Welcoming, Wholesome & Light.

Jan has great expertise in clearing negative entities & energies & has made a huge difference in my life. "

~ Janet S., Alberta

"My farmland of 150 acres used to give me feelings of anxiety and nearly felt creepy, and unhealthy.I felt overwhelmed & sick when I was working on the land . I was always worried if the land would produce a crop .Although I was sceptical at first, I asked Jan to help me on the advice of a friend. Jan did some clearing work on the land & it very quickly became a calm area. I was informed of some of the energies and curses that had been put on the land, that Jan cleared, and there was some form of dark Entity, that lived here and fed off of the fear coming from the cattle at a nearby feedlot. Knowing and feeling that these things were no longer attached to the land here made a huge difference on my outlook and feelings towards the land and the plants seem happier as well. Germination this spring was better than it had been before, and came very even across the field. I am very happy with the results, and now I can also thank the native spirit Guardian here that she found. I noticed that birds had been absent from my field but after the clearing they came back!. Ducks, Geese, Swans, just huge amounts of them. Thank you again for the amazing work!"

~ Fernando T. (S. Alberta)

About Jan Dunn

Jan-DunnJan Dunn is a Teacher, Herbalist, Iridologist, Vibrational Healer, Interdimensional traveler & an Intuitive Detective. (A “Sherlock Holmes” of the Energy World.) Her Healing Modalities include – Quantum Healing, The Body Code, SRT(Spiritual Response Therapy), Cranio-sacral, Dowsing, Surya Healing, Serenity Vibration Healing & more. She was a school teacher before training as a Medical Herbalist. Jan has 30 years experience working with thousands of patients – exploring & unearthing clues to help them understand who they really are & why they are not in alignment with their spiritual path & purpose which creates their Health, Relationship & Financial Blocks, which are then released & Transformed. Jan has been described as “ a wise voice that is able to communicate with the energies of the Animal Kingdom, Forces Of Nature & the Earth herself who have a message to deliver but no human voice to express it.” She works with the Archangels, Spirit Guides, Elementals & the Nature Kingdom to bring forth information (Clues) for whoever she is working with. These Clues often have to be identified before they can be successfully cleared & removed. Jan has given presentations in both Canada & Britain. She has taught for 16 years at the Womens Hospital in her city, appeared on local TV &has given numerous Lectures to many diverse groups such as Schools, Oil Companies & her Local Police Headquarters.


Discount: 79% Off
Total Package Value $470
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $99



Discount: 90% Off
Total Package Value $1420
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $147


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