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3 – 30 minute Private Recorded Sessions with Iona &
6 – One Hour Private Recorded Sessions with Iona

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Did you know that you’re the one holding yourself back by your own self -created fear and limited thinking? Your keeping yourself stuck because you think you don’t deserve abundance or happiness due to your self-worth issues that keep coming up. A lot of light workers and healers have gone through so much torment, abuse, ridicule, that they are afraid of it happening again in this life. I’m telling you it’s safe this time around to stand in your light, to stand in your power, and open your gifts up once again and live the life you’re supposed to be living now.

You can be happy with your job and be doing what you are passionate about. You can be using your God given gifts to help others. If you are like me and are always listening to tele summits and love learning new modalities. It’s time to live your purpose and put all that knowledge to good use. You are being called to do your Souls purpose and path this life and help with the New World that is happening now. You are here to clear family patterns, break old cycles that no longer serve you, be the way shower for your family to heal, grow, expand, and evolve. You are the chosen one in your family lines to make a difference for planet Earth.

I can help get you there because I went through the same road blocks, unhappiness, unworthiness, and needed to change my life to what I knew was possible for me and I can help you too.

You definitely want to experience this with Iona Flores especially if:

  • You feel lost and alone You can't ask for what you want; in fact speaking up is a problem even when you are not asking for something

  • You feel like the black sheep You have to demand and insist and get aggressive before you get something and even then, it isn't as much as you wanted

  • You feel like the round peg trying to fit in the square hole

  • You put up with a lot of other people's rubbish and then when you put your foot down, are made to feel guilty and unacceptable

  • You are constantly trying to fulfil other people's expectations, but there is just nobody doing the same for you

  • You carry deep blame and judgments for yourself, even though you are always nice to others

  • You are hiding you, preferring to be invisible

  • You suffer from social anxiety or depression

  • You don't feel safe in your relationships and have a pattern of the untrustworthy, unreliable, disrespectful, even abusive partners

  • You think you are not worthy or deserving of anything better than this right now

  • You give easily and are often used and misused in that generosity

  • Contrarily even the opposite happens - You over think before giving anything and are generally tightfisted, especially with compliments and monies

  • You don't know how to deal with compliments, gifts or monies especially when they come unexpectedly

  • You know you need to draw healthy boundaries

  • You feel lonely, isolated and misunderstood

  • You say No to this offer (lol!!)

There is a reason your receiving is shut down. There is in fact, only ONE reason. On these three sessions with Iona, she will gently explain that reason and then work through it with you with the many simple, easy, empowering tools and processes that she is known for. Receive her and the savings she is offering right now!! Say yes!!

Star DNA Attunements:

***Every time you receive another Star DNA Attunement you are able to hold higher frequencies of crystalline light energy. More layers are peeled off, expansion occurs, growth happens, connection to the higher realms and dimensions are accessed, healing with your Star family, gifts are accessed, talents are remembered, and your chosen path is realized***

1 Star DNA Activation and 2 Star DNA Attunements

  • Upgrading your Light Bodies
  • Detoxing and purifying your systems
  • Activating your dormant DNA
  • Clearing blockages and balancing your chakras
  • Clearing all energies that are holding you back from all lifetimes
  • Clearing all your past lives contracts and vows
  • Activating your cells and accessing your crystalline energy so your body can hold higher light codes within your new body structure
  • Increased soul awareness
  • Remembering your Star family
  • Remembering your life path and purpose this lifetime
  • Connecting to the Higher Dimensions and Realms of Light Cities
  • Healing with the Golden Dolphins and Whales
  • Attunements with my Star Beings to bring in your past lives knowledge and gifts
  • Activating your sacred geometry shapes within your chakras
  • connecting to the sacred sites preparing you for Ascension and healing for the planet
  • Activating your programmed crystals meant just for you
  • Opening up your energetic time capsules within your bodies
  • Connecting you to your Higher Self Awareness, Bridging that GAP between dimensions

3 – 30 minute Private Recorded Sessions with Iona &
6 – One Hour Private Recorded Sessions with Iona

Exclusive Offer 70% Off!

Regular Price is $

Yes! Eram, please include Iona’s VIP 9 individual sessions for only $1000 only!

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