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Package A

Discover How To Receive True Love
Experience The Magnificence Of Your Higher Self


Heal Sexual Dysfunction

Format - Downloadable MP3

Did you know that sexual oppression causes a lot of areas of your life to prevent you from showing up fully and intimately with your partner? It’s true, in fact women especially carry sexual trauma or childhood sexual abuse suppressed in their minds, all subtle bodies, and soul.

You might even be carrying stuff in your DNA from ancestral lineage that you aren’t even aware of!

Are you ready to experience sexual healing like never before and open up to true love unconditionally?

Then let this MP3 be your golden ticket to getting that spark back and igniting your internal sexual flame!

A lot of men and women are suffering from sexual dysfunction due to abuse in all forms. Physical, mental, emotional, verbal, sexual abuse, childhood trauma, past relationship ties, past lives, ancestral imprints, genetic imprints, generational patterns, karmic loops, spells, curses, and black magic. This energy is trapped in your cellular memory.

This MP3 helps you vibrate at higher frequencies of LOVE by clearing out old trapped energy within your body, opening up all your chakras and portals to hold your body in healthy states of consciousness.

Your energy will shift and you will no longer be attracting lower frequency people into your life. You will now attract healthy, loving, warm, understanding beings into your life. Let them take a ticket and stand in line for you because you will be amazed at so many suitors coming up to you wanting your time and attention. If you’re in a relationship to your current partner this MP3 will also help couples reconnect on an open heart level, ignite your spark again, telepathic communication, balancing your energies as one, magnetize your energy to one another, rekindle your passion for one another.

Your energy will be vibrating at heightened levels. You’ll be radiating Golden Light and Rainbow Light frequencies. My God team of Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, and Divine Celestial Light Beings will be working with you sending you massive GOLD light energy frequencies to restructure your body to that of LOVE and wholeness.

Your body will feel healthy, energized, whole, blissful, cherished, and nurtured. Fall in love with yourself again and let your light shine on!!!



Heal Addictions

Format - Downloadable MP3

To help you work through and heal all the addictions in your life: past, present, and future with the help of my God Team.

This MP3 works on clearing and healing all addictions be it self-sabotage, not feeling worthy, weight issues, health issues, clearing all negative patterns and old tapes running that no longer serve you, healing traumas, abuse, loneliness, dread, anger, imprints, energetic cords, contracts, vows, entities, curses, limiting beliefs, ancestral healing, and karmic entanglements.

You will no longer be playing the victim role this will open up your life to that of expansiveness. Imagine living the life of your wildest dreams.

Anything is possible when you LOVE yourself fully. This MP3 also works on healing your inner child and bringing forth all fragmented pieces of your soul together to make you Whole again once and for all. Being in total alignment with your Higher Self merging you in GOLD frequencies of LOVE and LIGHT.



Be Whole, Be Love

Format - Downloadable MP3

Do you sometimes feel you are broken and not worthy of TRUE LOVE? Fall in LOVE with yourself again. What would it feel like to be WHOLE? What would it feel like to be truly loved by you? 

You need to really feel this first within yourself then you can manifest this TRUE LOVE in the present moment.

This MP3 will help you expand your multi-dimensional heart and pull off all the layers of protection that is no longer needed. An open heart is sending that LOVE signal to the universe that you are open and ready to receive the LOVE of your life.

Think about your true love and really feel it with all your heart. Use all your senses as you listen to this MP3, sight, taste, touch, smell, hearing, and inner sight. Really feel all the sensations as the energy flows throughout your body.

Feel the chills, sparks, warmth, and just BE. This will bring forth your soul mate relationship. You can have it all. What else is possible?



High Frequency Shield

Format - Downloadable MP3

With this MP3 you are ALWAYS going to be fully protected against all kinds of lower energies that try to pull you down. Whether it’s work, home, crowded places, dealing with negative family members or friends.

Whatever it is, you are NEVER going to be affected again. You will be in a bullet proof bubble of life that NOTHING can ever penetrate!

Placing high frequencies of GOLD LIGHT Sparkles around your field to ensure your energy stays in high vibration and you stay energized all day and all night. Play this track on repeat whenever needed with sound or on silent.

You can vibrate in the fifth dimension and even though there is chaos all around you nothing phases you because you are tapped into the Pure Source healing energies all around you. Do you ever wish you were one of those highly evolved human beings walking around who seem enlightened and are always smiling from their eyes?

You can have that inner glow radiate from the inside out too. This MP3 will get you vibrating at that magical state of blissful union of oneness. You can live in the fifth dimension 24 hours a day. Think about how wonderful you can feel to have a life full of love, finances, health, and career.

Think about all the possibilities. It can be your reality. Just feel it, see it, and know it. Bring forth all of the LIGHT that is within you. Radiate that LOVE frequency to all of humanity and shine on. Shine your brilliant light.



Grounding, Staying in your power

Format - Downloadable MP3

Feel empowered everyday by grounding yourself. Feel the magnificence of your Higher Self in your tailbone the powerhouse of all Manifestation.

This MP3 will help you learn how to truly stay in your body to have this human experience and manifest the life of your dreams. This is only possible when you learn how to really ground yourself in your body and stay in your power.

Feel the energy shift as I call in my God team to help you be present within yourself and to know you are the creator of this experience. Learn how to reclaim your power by grounding into this energy alignment within you. This will become your natural state of Bliss.



Just BE, Present Moment

Format - Downloadable MP3

How would it feel like to be totally comfortable in your own skin? To be at Bliss in the NOW. To fully be in the present moment. This MP3 will keep you in alignment with yourself, mind, body, and soul.

Ignite all your senses as I guide you on a magical journey with my God Team. I’m going to take you back to remembering how to use your imagination and playful energy. Do you remember how magical it was to be a child? That awe and excitement energy you felt as you created anything your little heart desired?

You are unstoppable, you have many superpowers that we will unlock. I will take you on a magical journey and show you how to re- open up your magical gifts. You will remember how powerful it is to play and create in the present moment be learning how to just BE…



Clarity and Soul Purpose

Format - Downloadable MP3

This MP3 will bring you into alignment with your soul purpose with the help of my God Team. We will guide you and give you the clarity you need to move forward on your life path at warp speeds.

You will get the guidance you need to hear and feel in your inner knowing of why you chose to be here at this time. I will clear all the fear and illusion from your field that has been holding you back from the happiness you deserve.

What would it feel like to live in a state of gratitude and bliss? All of your needs will be met as you are divinely guided into your soul purpose. When you live your life full of passion and purpose everything will fall into place.

All of the puzzle pieces will come together and your new life unfolds in perfect synchronicities…



Perfect Health, Wealth, & Relationships

Format - Downloadable MP3

What would it feel like to have perfect health, wealth, and relationships in your life? You can have it all and then some. It’s what you feel you deserve that brings it in.
With the help of my God Team this MP3 will divinely guide you on your path to calling forth all of the things your heart desires. It’s really that simple.

So get ready and take this amazing ride with me and my God Team to truly create the life of your wildest dreams. You can turn all your dreams into reality.

You will be smiling from the inside out. You will radiate such a magnificent bright brilliant light who wouldn’t want to be around you. Its infectious. The high energy and vibrations of light will tickle all your senses and everyone around you. Bring laughter and fun into your life.



14 Days of Remote Healing

The remote healing starts the day you purchase the package. I already informed my God Team of Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, and Star Light Beings of the healing that is going to take place.

All you need to do is say what you would like to be healed, shifted, and released from your bodies. This healing is not just the physical body its all your bodies. Mental, emotional, physical, astral, and spiritual.

You also set the intention of what you would like to manifest in your lives. It can be anything nothing is too big anything is possible. The beings are telepathic so its pretty easy just think of what you'd like and that's it. Just be open to this experience and really stay centered in your heart space this is the portal to all manifestation at warp speeds.

Since the lunar eclipse each and everyone one of you has your own personal star gate to go through to access all your gifts and talents to bring forth into this time space reality. We are going to Quantum to the space of all possibilities the manifestations you can create are endless. So get ready for this wild ride of self-transformation, self-discovery, and self-love. You are magnificent and stay in your Divinity its you at your true essence. You are truly loved and such a beautiful being. Let your light shine out of your eyes for the whole world to see you.

ITEM 10:

90 Day Golden Love Time Capsule

Once you purchase you are put into the quantum field daily with Iona and her team working on you for 90 days. You don't need to do anything else.

Iona’s healing “GOLDEN LOVE ENERGY Time Capsule”, is an energetic supportive energy focusing on LOVE... the highest vibration out there.

We are all connected so when more people are encased in this GOLDEN LOVE ENERGY Time Capsule, the more positive higher frequencies we can all enjoy. With the help of Iona and her God Team, she will travel into your past, present, and future to clear all that no longer serves you or your loved ones.

Just think of this as you heal so does your family and everyone else in your presence. Think about how this world will benefit as you heal and shift to that of LOVE the world will raise its vibration with you to that of LOVE.

Iona and her God Team will clear and heal all negative programming, old tapes running, ancestral, generational, negative entities, heart walls, trapped emotions, physical, emotional, and mental. 

You and those you love who you included on your list will be cleared off too.

ITEM 11:

Private Facebook Support Community

Join a group of people dedicated to opening their minds, bodies, and spirits to their sacred life forces so they can join intimately with their partners and open up past lives knowledge from higher self awareness and unlocking dormant DNA.


Awakening your Kundalini Energy

Format - Downloadable MP3

This MP3 with the assistance of Iona and her God Team will show you the way on how to activate your Kundalini Energy. Iona will teach you how to breathe to move up your life force energy from your tailbone up all your chakra points to awaken the serpent energy.

Once tuned in and tapped on you will reach euphoric and altered states of reality. In this energy you can truly create anything you can imagine. You are limitless. You are source energy.

Really think about how powerful you truly are. You can create anything you can imagine just open yourself up to so many possibilities. What would it feel like to have everything you’ve ever dreamed of? It’s all within your reach.

You can have it all and then some, and then some more.



Opening your Multi-Dimensional Heart Chakra

Format - Downloadable MP3

This MP3 (with the help of Iona and her God Team) will guide you on how to open up your multi-dimensional heart chakra. When you live your life with an open heart and truly know who you are you will always be LOVE and truly LOVED by yourself and the Divine beings, then you can understand you are SAFE.

You can change the world with an open heart, then others will tune in to your open heart and all will shift to open up their hearts to that of LOVE. Think about that for a minute or two. Huge shifts are possible at this time.

Let’s start with you, be that driving force to make a difference in your life first. This will help others to sync with your frequency and raise the vibration to the fifth dimension. How awesome would that feel to know you were part of this massive shift on planet earth?


Would you like Sacred Tantra sessions with Iona? Here is an Exclusive offer just for our community


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