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Download Eram and Jade's Interview

Download MP3

Package A


Healthy Molars - MP3

  • Release any pressure on your molars,
  • Heal the emotional issues behind problem molars
  • Heal the meridians related to the molars
  • Heal the endocrine glands related to the molars
  • Heal the joints related to the molars
Download MP3


Healthy Pre-molars - MP3

  • Heal the emotional issues behind problem pre-molars
  • Heal the meridians related to the pre-molars
  • Heal the endocrine glands related to the pre-molars
  • Heal the joints related to the molars
Download MP3


Wisdom teeth - MP3

  • Heal the emotional issues behind problem wisdom teeth
  • Heal the meridians related to wisdom teeth
  • Heal the endocrine glands related to wisdom teeth
  • Heal the joints related to wisdom teeth
Download MP3


Healthy bicuspids - MP3

  • Heal the emotional issues behind problem bicuspids
  • Heal the meridians related to the bicuspids
  • Heal the endocrine glands related to the bicuspids
  • Heal the joints related to the bicuspids
Download MP3


Healthy Incisors - MP3

  • Heal the emotional issues behind problem Incisors
  • Heal the meridians related to the bi Incisors
  • Heal the endocrine glands related to the Incisors
  • Heal the joints related to the Incisors
Download MP3


Strong Healthy Gums - MP3

  • Downloading healing frequencies for your gums.
  • Supports your gums to regenerate
  • Feel supported to make choices for you.
  • Feel supported to create your own life.
  • Eliminates inflammation of gums
Download MP3


Healthy Guts - MP3

  • Eliminate any energies that are anti-life in your guts.
  • Supports your guts to have the right gut bacteria.
  • Helps your body to absorb nutrients from food efficiently.
  • Supports you to have more energy
Download MP3


Deep, Restorative Sleep - MP3

  • Supports you to have deep sleep.
  • Feel refreshed each morning.
  • Allow your body to regenerate cells and tissue overnight.
  • Allows your hormones to rebalance itself.
  • Allows your circadian cycle to normalize.
Download MP3

Energy healing for teeth and gums

Each tooth is related to the energy of a meridian, organ or organ system, endocrine gland or glands and a joint on the body. Your teeth and mouth are a microcosm of what's going on in your body and life. This gentle audio works with all your teeth and gums to strengthen them and help you maintain dental health and overall health. It is gentle enough for everyday use. The results can be experience instantly especially if you have dental pain. Other conditions may require multiple listens or making an appointment with me. 

Some of the effects may experience while listening to this mp3: yawning, sleepiness, tickles in the head, jaws or body, sudden heat or cold sensation in parts of the body or all over the body. 

Please note that you may fall asleep while listening to this mp3 so please do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this audio even if you are just using it in the background, it still has the same effect. The volume does not affect the strength of the energy.

Download MP3

Package B

Includes everything in Package A Plus


Anti-inflammation for whole body - MP3

  • Reduces inflammation in your gums, joints and anywhere else in the body.
  • Enhances immunity
  • Reduces or eliminates all joint pain.
  • It’s anti-aging.
Download MP3

ITEM 10:

Total Body Ease - MP3

  • Eliminates the underlying tensions in all your muscles and bones.
  • Releases cellular memories of trauma in your body.
  • Reduces pain.
  • Eliminates teeth grinding at night
  • Eliminates stiffness in joints
Download MP3

ITEM 11:

Gum Restoration - MP3

  • Eliminates the underlying issues with gum recession.
  • Activates gum regeneration.
  • Eliminates any gum inflammation or discomfort.
  • This is subconscious programming for the body to reactive gum tissue regeneration.
  • Best to use this at night.
Download MP3

ITEM 12:

Re-imprint the Energy of Receiving - MP3

  • Being able to receive affects your relationships, health and money flow.
  • This goes deep into the pre-verbal stage of life and re-imprints the energy of receiving so you have a reference point for feeling received with love, respect and kindness.
  • Changes your money flow.
  • Changes your relationships so that they are more loving.
  • Your body will be able to receive nutrients from food with greater efficiency.
Download MP3

ITEM 13:

From Survival to Celebration - MP3

  • Balances the energy in all your survival archetypes so that they support you to thrive and succeed in life.
  • Eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs and subconscious patterns.
  • Trust yourself and the Universe to have your own back.
  • Trust your gut instincts.
  • Stand in your own truth.
  • Ask for what gives you joy.
  • Make decisions from a space of joy and celebration.
Download MP3

ITEM 14:

10 Live Group session on Zoom

Date: July 22 - August 2, 2019

Time: 12 noon pacific, 1 pm mt, 2pm ct, 3pm et (45 mins each day)

There will be both video and audio replays that you get to download and use anytime. Replays are just as powerful as the live events.

Each group session is a full energy healing session so please note you may feel tired and sleepy and even yawn throughout the sessions to release repressed emotions, anti-consciousness, and anything that is no longer serving your highest and best.

Week one: All group healing sessions are on teeth and gum issues

  • 1

    July 22: Energy healing for teeth

Download MP4
  • 2

    July 23: Energy healing for all gum issues

Download MP4
  • 3

    July 24: Energy healing for detoxing to support dental health

Download MP4
  • 4

    July 25: Energy healing for all jaw issues (TMJ, teeth grinding, misalignments etc.)

Download MP4
  • 5

    July 26: Energy healing for healthy guts to support oral health

Download MP4

Date: July 29 - August 2, 2019

Time: 12 noon pacific, 1 pm mt, 2pm ct, 3pm et (45 mins each day)

Week two: All group healing sessions are on activating the different archetypes

  • 1

    July 29: Working with your survival archetypes (child, victim, prostitute, saboteur) and wisdom archetypes (philosopher, sage, way shower, god/goddess)

Download MP4
  • 2

    July 30: Working with your creative archetypes (artist, engineer, innovator, explorer).

Download MP4
  • 3

    July 31: working with your service archetypes (teacher, coach, healer, caregiver, messenger).

Download MP4
  • 4

    August 1: Working with your joy archetypes (lover, hedonist, jester, innocent).

Download MP4
  • 5

    August 2: working with your power archetypes (sovereign, CEO, entrepreneur, queen/king)

Download MP4

Package C

Includes everything in Package A & Package B Plus

ITEM 15:

30 min one on one session with Grace

One on one sessions with Grace will help you dissolve energetic blocks to success, joy and abundance. Her powerful activations will shift patterns of struggle and lack to that of mastery and empowerment.

Grace is an expert in facilitating you to eliminate subconscious and inter-generational issues that hold you back so you can move forward with joy.


Energy Dentistry Miracle Kit

Remove Tooth Discoloration - MP3

  • Removes past traumas to teeth that are discolored
  • Heal the underlying issues with the pulp, dentine and enamel
  • Heal and activate the dentinal fluid flow system within each tooth
  • Heal any and all underlying metabolic, emotional and psycho-spiritual issues with discolored teeth.
Download MP3

20 Ozone Therapy Sessions - MP3

  • Heals infections in the mouth and gums
  • Promotes gum tissue healing
  • One of the most effective natural therapies for healing gums
  • Scientifically backed by many research studies.
Download MP3

Create Your Own Dental Miracles - MP3

  • Aligns you with the energy of miracles
  • Awakens the miracle healer in you so you can create your own miracles
  • Broken teeth can be healed, crooked teeth can be straightened, infections can be healed quickly and easily, toothaches disappear in less than an hour, gum tissue can regenerate, new teeth can re-grow. You name the miracle and it’s yours!
Download MP3

Regrow New Teeth - MP3

  • Activates your body’s program for re-growing new teeth
  • Activates the Divine Blueprint for new teeth
  • Aligns you with the energy, space and consciousness of miracles.
  • Sets up your body’s energy to support you to grow new teeth.
Download MP3

Create a Happy Dental Visit - MP3

Did you know you can create the energy of your dental visit ahead of time? This mp3 will help you set up the energy for your next visit so that you’ll feel comfortable, at ease and even have fun with your next visit.

Download MP3

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