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Yes! Just one session with Gwen is Life Altering & can work Wonders to totally clear the residue of Narcissistic relationships!

However we understand that you could be holding on to the residue of multiple Toxic / Narcissistic Relationships!

& by the time most people come to Gwen they have created a deep recurring pattern of attracting narcissistic toxic relationships & they are seeking more support & expert guidance to help them heal in layers!

The GREAT NEWS is that!

With Gwen’s 3 BUNDLE SESSIONS you can work lasting miraculous change in your life for complete & absolute freedom from Shackles & All Other Tools of Control!!!

The reason you haven’t been able to move past the trauma that you experienced is because it’s still in your energy field!

During these three sessions with Gwen, she will gently guide you through a series of clearings to scrub out the energy of the abuse and remove any residue so that you can move into the energy of gratitude, worthiness and love.

For a Limited Time Gwen is offering you Double the Time!

Pay for 3 Thirty Minute Sessions & Get 3 60 Minute Sessions for a LIMITED TIME!!

"Working With Gwen I Went From Low Mo Jo, Self Medication & Career Confusion to Exponential Business Success, Renewed Confidence & Vitality" ~ DL Walker

“Amazing Case Study of how Gwen helped a victim of abuse reclaim her life:”

“A client came to me who had experienced rape and choking at the hands of her narcissist husband. By this time, they were divorced and co-parenting. We were able to clear the energy between them to the point that he was civil to her. She had been exhibiting behaviors that were risky for her and her children prior to our sessions. His actions changed, though all we did was remove the residue of her relationship with him, and as a result she stopped the risky behaviors. There were a few moments when he reverted to using the children as weapons against her and we did some even deeper DNA clearing and he again became less aggressive. Overall, she said, even if there hadn’t been the shifts in his behavior, the simple fact that what he did, didn’t bother her anymore would have been enough.”

“Gwen Completely Freed Me From A Narcissistic Ex’s Energy, I Could Breathe Again & Went From Haggard And Tired To Youthful And Vivacious!”

“The past couple of weeks, I've been on edge "feeling" an ex's energy and wondering when he would next show up. For the past few days, I have had a hard time breathing in fully, and today I was unable to get grounded and focus.

Gwen quickly found a lot of energy that an ex, who is very narcissistic, had put onto me so that "If he couldn't have me, no one else could either." It was thick and heavy, pins and knives, etc. She did light language and I felt it begin leaving. She cleared the rest off quickly and easily. After it was all gone, I was able to breathe easily, I feel lighter and more like myself. I've felt haggard and tired, and I can feel the youthfulness returning to my face and my body. I feel renewed and vivacious! I know this is now done completely. I am free. Thank you so much, Gwen!”

~ Lisa C. Anderson - Healer

“Gwen Helped Clear My Victim Energy To Stop Attracting Narcissists & Sociopaths Etc. That Were Draining Me!”

“I had a session with Gwen to address the tendency to draw in cluster B personality disordered people (narcissists, borderlines and sociopaths), and how that has worn down self-confidence. I have been dealing with this issue all my life. Gwen worked on removing victim energy that has stemmed from past lives. Gwen removed the seed of this which presented as a black pearl, and has affected many timelines. Gwen replaced that black pearl with a Golden pearl, so that I only attract people that are supportive rather than draining. We then journeyed to meet another version of me who has achieved what I want to achieve. I was guided to listen to a clue about my next step to take to fulfill my life's purpose. I experienced Gwen as intuitive, knowledgeable, wise and caring. She is well versed in the dynamics between empaths and narcissists, and wants to assist people to liberate themselves from this trap. I am confident that I now have a repulsion field around me towards parasitic personalities.

~ MC

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