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Download Eram and Gary Interview


Package A

Reaching Higher Vibrational Levels


Golden White Light Meditation - MP3

Feel the energy of the Spirit Enlightened process in this powerful and calming meditation. Connect to Source Energy and use this field of Unconditional Love and infinite possibilities to release triggers and manifest your deepest desires.



Grounding Techniques

You probably know that it is important to stay grounded. When we are connected to Earth's magnetic and electrical fields, we feel better and function better. In our busy lives, it's easy to forget to stay grounded. This MP3 has several techniques for staying grounded and connected to Earth's electric and magnetic fields so that you do not have a hole that can be filled up by negative entities.



Blue Light Shield - MP3

Create a protective shield that allows in beneficial energies and rejects any negative energies. Use this field as a container to hold the highest vibrational energies possible.



Charging Candle with High Vibrational Frequencies - MP3

If you like to burn candles at home or at work, use this recording to charge the candles with the highest possible vibrational frequencies to fill your space with love and calmness. Enjoy feeling an increased sense of well-being, and watch people around you begin to interact at a much higher and more peaceful level.



Charging Water - MP3

Adding high vibrational frequencies to your drinking and bathing water is an easy way to get these frequencies into your body.



Silent House Clearing - MP3

This MP3 can help make your home a safe haven, free from negative entities. Create a refuge where you can rest, recharge and be inspired. This can be played continuously to raise the vibrational level at home or at work. People report profound changes in relationships with less conflict and they feel more in the zone and flow happens.



Physical Healing - MP3

Use this MP3 to address any pain or discomfort in your body.

Disclaimer: Use of this recording is not to be a substitute for needed medical treatment.

Using Gary's Spirit Enlightened Process as well as frequencies from healing angels, this MP3 also contains powerful techniques for creating new master stem cells.



Nighttime Clearing and Energy Upgrade - MP3

Use this silent recording to enjoy a restful night’s sleep free from anxiety, worries and nightmares. Remove negative entities to create room and freedom for more love and light in your life. Repair holes and tears in your energy field so you can “fill your bucket” and rise to higher vibrational frequencies.



Charged Photos

Two photos that you can download to use on your mobile device or computer, or print and hang in your home or office. The energies embedded in these photos can give you a lift at any time you need and will fill your home with higher vibrational frequencies.

This photo of the rising sun was taken from a vortex that has been used for healing ceremonies for thousands of years. Using the Spirit Enlightened Process, Gary Pincus has added frequencies for clearing, healing, Unconditional Love, and infinite possibilities as represented by the rising sun.

Copyright 2017, Gary Pincus. License is granted to print up to 2 copies for personal use.

This photo of the full moon was taken as the Lion's Gate Portal was opening. I have added additional grounding frequencies and Unconditional Love to this photo to create a field where healing can happen and to help the viewer release blocks, negative thought forms and stuck emotional patterns.

Copyright 2017, Gary Pincus. License is granted to print up to 2 copies for personal use.


Package B



Two live 30 minute one-on-one sessions with Gary

And for a very limited time, Gary is giving away two sessions for the price of one. He wants to be able to check on your progress, reinforce anything that was brought up in the first session and to go into even more depth to assist your transformation.

Hold thumb down on link until the "copy" option pops us

Package C


Once you've had the clearing with Gary, he will check on you and clear you if necessary every day for 30 days, and fill you with high vibrational golden white light and liquid crystalline rivers of energy, plus the compassionate support and protection of the Divine Masculine.

If you've attracted entities before, you're likely to be prone to attracting them again. This process will provide support to strengthen you and raise your vibrational level so that entities are much less likely to be attracted. Gary will also check to see if your energy Shield is intact, remember: a leaky bucket cannot be filled. Doing this every day for 30 days will establish a new baseline for your vibrational level that is not only less likely to attract entities, it will also facilitate flow, being in the vortex, and help create ease in manifesting your heart's desires. Any hurt or wound, whether emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual, that had created a weakness allowing negative entities to attach to your energy field, will also have a chance to dissipate or transform as you bask in the warmth and protection of this field of Unconditional Love.
Work that you can do to aid this process is to ask yourself, what vibrational level do I need to be at to manifest my heart's desires? And allow the love to flow into you, to love yourself, and release any judgments about yourself. Remember to give thanks for everything that you currently have in your life. Practicing gratitude and compassion for self and others, and allowing yourself to fully feel it, will greatly accelerate this process The outpouring of love from you will create miracles.

Sometimes people who were prone to attract entities in the past may very well do so again. Gary can check on you daily to be sure you are clear of entities for 30 days. Gary will check on you daily, scan your energy field to ferret out any and all entities that may be trying to get back into your field. He will send you downloads of energy to:

  • Cleanse your energy field

  • Raise your vibrational frequency

  • Create protection so that entities cannot enter you

  • Create a new habit of being at a higher frequency and being shielded

Benefits of doing it for 30 days:

Imagine that your energy field is so strong you're like a fortress after 30 days

Even if you've been prone to attracting entities your whole life, by being this strong for 30 days, your entire physiology is going to adjust to a higher vibrational frequency.

  • Remove any negative entities
  • Identify, clear, and seal leaks in your energy field
  • Learn how to be fully in your body
  • Fill yourself up with positive energy
  • Block negative energies from affecting you
  • Remove anxiety and feel safe quickly
  • Reprogram your physiology so a difficult situation becomes part of your strength
  • Transform situations with difficult people
  • Receive more money
  • Joyously live your soul’s purpose

Your Owner's Manual for Life

The universe wants to give you what you want in your heart. Gary’s Spirit Enlightened Process helps you to align so that miracles happen.

Gary Pincus works with Source Energy (Unconditional Love) and with angels and Ascended Masters to create a loving and compassionate field of energy so that transformation can happen NOW. With love and light, Gary works with his total higher self to release any negative entities he finds and send them to the light so they can transform into their own higher potential. 

His clients have reported feeling calm, peaceful and expanded after a session. Results include receiving additional and unexpected funds, sometimes immediately; finding new housing; family members and co-workers stopping fighting; addicts creating sobriety; finding divine soul mate; removing curses; being sentenced to probation when attorneys say to expect a long jail term; chronic pain disappearing; and a renewed desire to live, grow, and generally feeling more vibrantly alive and joyful.

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