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If you have felt like you’re alone on this transformation journey, bouncing from program to program, and not giving yourself a chance to be truly held, nourished and cared for, you may be missing something BIG.

Your sanctuary

What would it be like to be held in a sacred healing container, loved, nourished and supported every single day, 24/7? Imagine what your life would look like if you said yes to receiving in this way?

Join Gina’s clients who have been experiencing:

  • Feeling safe, empowered and loved
  • Feeling connected within self and with others
  • Feeling at home for the first time
  • Negative thoughts and feelings released
  • Resolved feelings of emptiness and that something was “missing”
  • Able to “come out of my shell”
  • Allowing love in
  • Increased Abundance
  • Relationships transformed

… and more! 

It’s time to end the needless roller coaster of plugging into find help, just getting bite-sized pieces of support, left to feel alone again, then on to find the next piece.

It’s time to finally say YES to receiving the love and abundance that comes from saying YES to receiving every single day. 

You are invited to take this one-time opportunity to receive

The Goddess Sanctuary:
9 Months of Infinite Love and Abundance

This is a chance to join Gina’s sacred Goddess container. This is not currently offered anywhere else and will never be offered again at this special price.

You will receive:

  • Daily customized remote healing with angelic support
  • Weekly Goddess Saturday Brunch Call with Q + A
  • Being held in a sacred healing container 24/7 for nine months
  • Loving private Facebook group
  • Exclusive MP3s
  • ***Bonus #1- be entered to win a free private session when you join!
  • ***Bonus #2- bonus “Spring Clearing” calls with rapid-fire clearings for money stories, health, and receiving love... bring all your “stuff” to the table and complete the old patterns for good!

Plus you’ll be part of an incredibly powerful soul collective, sharing your journey with other high-vibrational, magical Goddesses! 

Gina’s soul work is so quick and powerful people often report that with one interaction they have had the biggest shift of their lives. Imagine what is possible when Gina is holding you in her Goddess container for nine months, loving and supporting you in your soul’s highest potential!

Step into The Goddess Sanctuary

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $1444

Nine months of Daily Healing!!

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And so much more!!! 

Gina's clients have reported immediate transformation and long-term changes in all areas of life. And now YOU can be next!

If YOU ACT NOW, you can be held in a 24/7 healing container for Nine Months! Imagine how you will be reborn in 2017! 

Gina is not currently offering The Goddess Sanctuary anywhere else for this price. This is only available to you because you purchased Gina’s Special Offer and you will not see this offer again once you check out.

Step into The Goddess Sanctuary

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $1444

Nine months of Daily Healing!!

This offer will be gone once you leave this page ...

Yes! Eram, please include Gina's The Goddess Sanctuary for only $1444

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Clients have been saying:

  • “I had the hugest breakthrough of my life....!!!!”
  • “I’m awestruck with that activation. The only way I can express it is tears of joy!”
  • “Until now I didn’t know what it felt like to truly be a woman”
  • “I was tired of feeling sick and tired for so long… you wouldn’t believe it but I feel happy right now!”
  • “Since I met you, life is just better in all ways…”
  • “Gina, you are one of a kind!”


Amazing shifts since our session!

“Amazing shifts since our session! My relationship has actually strengthened and taken on a deeper level. The Goddess activation totally moved me in this beautiful Divine Feminine energy and I even changed my hairstyle to all natural and curly and people are noticing!”

~ Eram Saeed

For the first time in my life, I felt that I was in my element

“For the first time in my life I felt as though I was in my element. Gina will open your heart to a side of you that you have never positively experienced before. If you want a true sense of direction, Gina will guide you straight to destiny. Gina- you are divine, I am blessed and appreciative to have had the pleasure of manifesting my true being with you, and the love that is to prevail in my life. I know now that love for me is of a higher calling and placing my heart and mind towards my passion will allow the rest to follow. Thank you so much, lots of love!”

~ Danielle Dick

Biggest life shifts ever...

“Not only did Gina heal my past and much of my family’s past but she also gave me many messages from the divine masculine and feminine and from my guides and angels. I highly recommend Gina if you really want to start experiencing the divine masculine and divine feminine in your life! Working with Gina I experienced one of the biggest energy shifts and biggest life shifts I ever have with an energy healer.”

~ Anna M., Michigan

Instant weight loss

“I am feeling amazing!!! I am so confident and I feel so empowered! Still on top of the world! I have also lost one kilo since our session on Friday!! That's fantastic as I was stuck at the same weight for a while! So now let it keep dropping! Loving myself. I keep looking at my reflection and all nice things come to me, no more negative talk. Thanks again for the awesome session!”

~ Michelle P, UK (1 Week after Session)

Debilitating lack of confidence -gone!

“I came to Gina wanting to focus on my confidence. For me, this had been pretty debilitating, keeping me stuck in the background much of the time.

Gina’s connection with the Angels is so very powerful, I instantly fell into a meditative state…unable to open my eyes and I remained this way throughout our session. Her voice is so gentle and calming, I felt cocooned in loving energy, which put a gentle smile on my face.

Now days later I no longer feel debilitated by my lack of confidence. In fact, I feel empowered, knowing that I am not alone and that all is well.

Thank you Gina….what a gift it was!!”

~ Donna McRae, Intuitive Guide, Ancestral Healing and Forgiveness Expert

Stopped taking pain medication

“I had a Goddess Activation session with Gina. She worked so quickly and released multiple holdings from my body and energy field. She was able to clear ancestral ties from many generations and the Goddess Activation left me feeling lighter and less fearful to just be myself and shine. I have noticed ease returning to my relationships and was able to stop taking pain medication that I have been on for 1 1/2 years!!! Thank you so so much!”

~ Stacey G., Washington

Relationship with father healed

“I have to tell you that the Goddess activation was beautiful and the healings helped me in the week I was with my dad. We did ancestral healings on both sides of my family. There was so much that we did however it led to healing in my relationship with my dad! YAY!! I really want to thank you so much. This is really a miracle. Thank you and blessings.”

~ Sandy S.

The greatest gift ever!

“My forever gratitude is given to Gina Brollier for the transformations she is facilitating in my life!

I have been fortunate enough to have two sessions with Gina and both gave me the release from old family patterns and the reconnection to my true self.

She reworked the pain in my left arm and neck as well as healing my intestines, virtually resetting my ability to assimilate food and feel pleasure in my body.

That is the part that is the greatest gift and the hardest to describe!
I am back in my body in love. I remember who I am. I am moved and moving in love without restriction and fear. The greatest gift ever!”

~ Stacey G.

Healthy hair and self confidence!

“I had a wonderful session with Gina Brollier that was amazing. She knew what I needed to heal, even went back 30 generations, and got to the core issues for healing. I felt tingly all over. I also had a feeling of wondering if I am always doing enough, have I done right? And she answered that, I can be at ease, I don't have to push, and I can allow, trust, and just let life/things flow. The next day I was feeling more confident in myself, feeling better, even my hair feels soft and healthier, (not dry and brittle as it has been for a very long time).

I love the recording and will listen to it again and again. I can't express how grateful I am for Gina. It was very powerful, enlightening, and I am feeling blessed. I would highly recommend you, thank you”

~ Cindy Murray Lybbert, Energy/Lightworker

Today I was getting signs from my soulmate...

“Gina is so full of energy and used so much heartfelt imagery during our session that it was easy to get into a meditative state. The activation was only 30 minutes but it felt like an hour or more because it was so densely packed with clearings and visits from ascended masters. She cleared my ancestral lines from both sides of my family, some going back 36 generations! I'm still feeling the shifts after 2 days. She cleared trauma from a childhood injury to my skull that happened to also be connected to several generations on my mother's side. She did the activation and when asked if I would have soulmate love in this lifetime, she said yes and within the next 12 months. Today I was getting signs from my soulmate as though he were here with me and I felt his energetic blueprint and snapshots in my mind of us together in other lifetimes. I'm very grateful to Gina for doing this activation and would like to thank Eram for introducing her to FHTJ members!”

~ Linnea J, Washington

Beyond imagination...

“I’ve been a healer for a really long time and what you gifted me with today is beyond imagination. I am so grateful for what you gave and I am privileged to have experienced you!”

~ Darlene C in Alberta

Feeling Wonderful!!!!

“I just want to say that my session was heaven sent. She helped me cleared so much stuff from past generations. There were messages from my angels and ascended masters and also healing and activations from Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. There was so much done in 30 minutes. She is an angel, I highly recommend her!!!!! Thank you Gina for your support during this time!!!! Feeling wonderful !!!!”

~ Georgina Y.

Step into The Goddess Sanctuary

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $1444

Nine months of Daily Healing!!

This offer will be gone once you leave this page ...

Yes! Eram, please include Gina's The Goddess Sanctuary for only $1444

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