Hado Water Instructor, Optimal Life Practitioner, Avatar Wizard, Yuen Method Mastery Practitioner, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Theta Teacher/Practitioner, Crystal Healer, NLP Master Practitioner, Aboriginal Dream Time Healer

Gaylene Popovski’s Special Offer

Dynamic Chakra Empowerment

Your Power to Create is in your Chakras

  • Experience 12 Days of Optimal Clearing & Alignments
  • To clear our own interference stopping our manifestation process
  • A New way of feeling about Yourself and Your Life
  • 12 Powerful days of Transforming
  • 12 Hours of Clearing & Alignments
  • 6 Hours of Added Interactive Clearing & Alignments (all live recordings for available for downloading after each day)
  • 2 Powerful Bonus MP3’s to continue to Create Change

This is our most powerful time on the planet……. And we have been stepping into experiencing ourselves more and more as our creator with the ability to manifest our world using our power from within.

This program has been created for deep clearing – easily
to clear the many blocks we have unknowingly created by our own responses and self judgements.
Clearing each Chakra allows you to be congruent with YOU – and when all of YOU is in agreeance harmony is the result and manifesting becomes easy.

There is no need to give your power away to an external situation or another being.

Manifesting Your Life Belongs in Your Hands!

We can make all changes needed from within – effortlessly and elegantly.

"I looked into the mirror and noticed that my appearance has changed. I continued looking and also saw a self I feel I can trust. This change has stayed and I actually look and feel different"

~ Kathleen USA

Wow, a Money Miracle!

"The payment arrived in a week, and the check was cleared! It was completely unexpected. I never thought such money miracles would happen to me with ease. I was in awe"

~ S.Y.

"with Gaylene's chakra MP3 I feel I'm on an expressway, that these obstructions are being decimated"

~ Becky

The Chakras store so much information and by clearing lower frequencies caused from previous experiences we can have large amounts of clearing and alignments in optimal time.

The chakras are the Keys
To Creating Change and Harmony within Ourselves
Harmony Creates the Flow of Success in Every Area of Our Lives
Inner disharmony results in outer conflict – when we clear this we can enjoy our experience here.

Dynamic Chakra Empowerment has been created to clear old energy patterns and distortions within ourselves to activate our inner resources. When we appreciate and work in harmony with ourselves our manifestations occur rapidly.

It is not about colors or symbols. It is about going directly to the cause of the upset and clearing and aligning for harmony within you for change.

A part of You may desire wealth – while another part of You is too stuck in judgement of Yourself or others to get out of the way

You may desire to have a partner in life – forgetting You have an aspect of Yourself that hasn’t released resentments and feelings from past relationships or how You felt about Yourself in past relationships.

You may decide to be healthy while harboring feelings and emotions that are keeping You unwell and are going against Your current decision.

There as so many ways You can be keeping Yourself from Your desire for happiness and success and You are not be aware it is coming from You - thoughts, judgements, opinions, words, feelings, …………

Clearing can be done quickly!

What people are saying

"Without you Gaylene I would never have gotten out of the prison I was in. The sense of freedom and ease I am now feeling in my life is so far away from where I used to be. I have so much appreciation for the way you have changed my life."

With love,
~ Rosemary. Melb.

"My life has fallen into place……….my business is attracting clients, romance is happening and I am feeling in control in making my own decisions. Thank you I am very grateful for your help."

~ Janet. Mermaid Beach.

"I didn’t know I had stored so much – in a short time I have changed from being restricted and fearful to knowing I can achieve. My relationships have changed because I have, I am making money doing what enjoy what I doing and I no longer fear unknown situations as I used to. Gaylene your work is amazing."

~ Mary-anne. Southport.

"Wow – I have gone from no work and feeling helpless and stuck in frustration to having employment and back on track better than ever before and now I have decided I am ready for a relationship. I can highly recommend Gaylene to anyone who needs a hand."

~ Graham. Vic

The information from the insights on chakras is extremely empowering for creating change and places our manifesting power totally in our own hands.

Each chakra directly affects the process of manifesting as it relates to how we feel about ourselves and our life experience even if the influence has come from others. We have the ability to create the changes from within our energy system to become the master of our own destiny.

Dynamic Empowerment through our chakras offers powerful clearings and updates our energy centers which house broadcasting and attracting abilities which I found to be operating on out of date frequencies – or stuck in the patterns of the old way which no longer work.

Chakras need to be cleared and aligned for complete agreeance with our decision to have a particular manifestation take place. We have different aspects of ourselves influencing our lives and we have not been consciously aware of the effect they have been having on our current reality or on our ability to manifest. We have also been affecting by the influence from others in our life and this has not afforded us bright outcomes.

Creating powerful inner alignments allows us to experience life in a state of self –acceptance and as we become more congruent with ourselves and we can enjoy the process of creating our manifestations as well as their outcome.

Being strong in the decisions we are currently making and clearing old patterns that are secondary to the new decisions creates space for us to know the creation on the energy level has already taken place and manifestation is a natural result.

Methods that no longer work can be still operating in our system and need to be deleted as humanity has now grown from being a product of this world to operating as creators and co-creators of this world.

The power to manifest your life belongs in YOUR OWN HANDS – learn and experience NEW INSIGHTS for understanding YOUR OWN POWER to be in driver’s seat and create your world instead of being a product of it.

I have created 2 Powerful MP3’s which I am giving as bonus’s to add to a powerful 12 days of clearing and alignments.

Chakra Clearing and Alignments – Creating Inner Harmony and a new way of seeing and feeling about yourself. This MP3 has powerful clearings and alignment and you will feel lighter as you use it. There are is a silent version and also one with nature sounds and brain entrainment.

Chakra Manifesting Alignments – allowing all aspects of you to be congruent with your decided upon manifestation. This will clear any deep parts of yourself that you have not been able to access. There is a silent version and one with isochronic brainwave entrainment.

All MP3s designed to allow you to be present, supportive and appreciative of yourself as well as to experience the joy of being yourself.

"The MP3s in Gaylene's Dynamic Chakra Empowerment package are powerful-I could feel the intensity of the energy from the beginning as well as experience deeper sleep which brought more relaxation. Although I have participated in a number of energy work programs, my chakras were out of alignment so much that I often felt that I couldn't tune into them, except theoretically. By a few days into working with Gaylene's MP3s I could physically feel areas in my body where the chakras were being pulled back into line even though there was and is some distance to go. For most of my years prior to this, it was as though some of the chakras had actually left or splintered off from my body (or I had left them) due to various shocks, experiences, etc. Experiencing the energies of this work was at times bewildering but I continued with it as I sensed that something important was happening.

One issue that I had practically given up on was old multi-layered religious beliefs that have had a strong hold on my psyche. In the fallout from this I felt very fearful of bad consequences related to being a unique individual on this earth; there was deep training that to be an individual was only negative ego for which there was nothing but punishment. Every act of expression carried with it a fear of retribution and every act of expression was an act of rebellion. A lifetime of this dynamic has been played out. I could and would preach along with the best that the old indoctrination was not true, but the energies which ran my life were far more rooted in the bad religion. By Day 2 of playing the MP3, I had a more visceral, complete awareness the necessity of being an individual self and that it is a good thing, period.

Fast forward, a week or so later, I looked into the mirror and noticed that my appearance has changed. I continued looking and also saw a self I feel I can trust. This change has stayed and I actually look and feel different

I find that I am able to appreciate others more and find myself in less judgment, thank God!"

~ Kathleen USA

  • 12 day Powerful 60 min Specific Chakra Clearing & Alignments
  • 2 Powerful Bonus MP3s

Total Package Value $1,447
Discount: 93% Off


  • 12 day Powerful 60 min Specific Chakra Clearing & Alignments
  • 2 Powerful Bonus MP3s
  • 4 (90 min) Class Clearing, Alignment,Teaching and Discussions

Total Package Value $1,947
Discount: 93% Off


Package A

Dynamic Chakra Empowerment


12 day powerful 60 minute Specific Chakra
Clearing and Alignments

Value: $1200

To create extraordinary change over 12 consecutive days I will be giving 90 minute interactive classes with clearings and alignments that will be recorded and available for download. There will be time for calls to be taken from participants and more clearings. Together using the bonus MP3’s and the 12 day classes the release of old world conditioning with be maximized.

12 days of Powerful 1 Hour Clearings & Alignments with 30 minutes of interaction added.

  • Day 1. Decision making. (solar plexus) Blocks here are usually due to painful experiences when we made previous decisions
  • Day 2. Self-acceptance and quality of response to feeling about what you choose to manifest (heart). How we really feel about the manifestation we have decided upon.
  • Day 3. Self judgement – how you feel about yourself, self -sabotage and what you may be projecting that on others (throat). Do you feel you want to do this for yourself.
  • Day 4. Influence from others and picturing (third eye).
  • Day 5. How powerfully you see yourself in your ability to create (crown) Do you feel it possible for you
  • Day 6. Your abilities and attributes – do you feel you have what it takes to create the chosen manifestation and/or that you can learn what you need to support it. (2nd crown)
  • Day 7. Access to your resources – broadcasting ability – the old way no longer works (3rd crown) This is your own response to the level of quality you are offering.
  • Day 8. How you feel about people based on how you have been treated by them – resistance to creating. (4th crown)
  • Day 9. How you feel about yourself based on how people treated you – your old way of feeling about who you are. (sacral)
  • Day 10. Stabilizing this chakra is important to you allow you to be aligned with your intuition for the direction needed. The type of energy you employ to create outcomes also shows up here. (base)
  • Day 11. How you feel about your place in life – can you make clear assessments and have solutions for issues that you may encounter along the path of your manifestation or do will you feel powerless to deal with them. (2nd base)
  • Day 12. How you view yourself – are you congruent to living with what you choose to manifest. Is it feasible for you to have the desired outcome. This is also the chakra that has become the production center for our own entities – created when we did not have the adequate solution or stratergy to really support ourselves. (3rd base)


Powerful Gift MP3’s

I have created a powerful and silent MP3 and added an MP3 with nature sounds and brain entrainment to clear and align the 12 chakras for many empowering changes in each chakra. This creates inner harmony and a new way for you to feel about and see yourself.

I have also included an empowering manifesting chakra MP3 which will also clear and align each chakra to your decided manifestation. In this MP3 you may place your awareness on the chakra as I work with that aspect of you it represents and do silent clearing and alignments to create congruency to effortlessly create your desired outcome.


Chakra Clearing and Alignments

Value: $100

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 36 mins

Chakra Clearing and Alignments also additional MP3 with added Nature Sounds and brain entrainment (headphones are optional)


Chakra Clearing and Alignments for Manifesting

Value: $147

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 44 mins

Chakra Clearing and Alignments for Manifesting also additional MP3 with added Isochronic tones

"So this is what it feels like me as a creator!!! the first time i listened to this MP3 was the first time i felt, not so much happy to be alive, but happy to exist!"


"Dear Gaylene
I can't thank you enough for this audio, hands down your most powerful audio to date. I have been playing it non stop since you sent it. I have felt tremendous changes, the most powerful being me feeling more consistently positive. I also feel it is subtly bringing up all things I need to clear and giving me the courage and strength to do so.

I send you lots of love and light and gratitude, may your heart always be filled with this ability you have to make a difference in peoples lives."

~ Alexis

"I played your MP3’s and also looped them in the background and have had many clearings over the past 10 days that came up easily –yesterday I had a gentle but major realization of how lovely it is to have someone in your life to eat a meal with and to share stories and laugh with – up until then part of me had been desperate to have a relationship and attracted the wrong type person (anyone)and the other part of me was certainly not willing to share my time with another person. I did not know I was operating from 2 different attitudes. I am no longer feeling desperate, I am no longer feeling hateful towards men. Funny but I looked around me and found a friend who had been through many changes with me and I had never even seen or appreciated our relationship for what it could be – I just hadn’t really seen him in that way. I feel gentle inside but also have a calm sense of self. Today – what I call a “miracle” occurred and truly a miracle to me. For most of my life I felt inferior – and I blamed my body and I never ever got to enjoy my success in anyway as a feeling of being inferior always stayed with me. Today I woke up and went to the bathroom to shower – as I went to look in the mirror to criticize myself – which was a realization in itself – I became aware that the voice of being critical wasn’t mine – it belong to my father who enjoyed looking for and finding faults with me as a child as a reason to punish or hit me. I can finally let go of my nightmare that followed me for so many years. Blessings seem to have come very quietly, quickly and gently. I love your work Gaylene, I love your gentleness and your expression. Thank you so much for being here."

~ Angeline.

To create even more WOW in changes!

Extra Bonus: 24MP3’s

  • After the completion of the 12 day program every 60 minutes of Clearing & Alignments from each day will be isolated from the recording and sent in an mp3 download format with an included version with added brainwave entrainment individual to each day and chakra.

Package A

Total Package Value $1,447

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $97
*** 93% Saving ***


Package B


4 x 90 minutes Class Clearing, Alignment, Teaching and Discussions

Value: $500

4 x 90 minutes Classes for Interaction and discussion on consciously tuning in to each chakra becoming aware of how it feels as we go through our manifesting process and experience our inner power in a way we have not before. There will be more clearing and alignment work done and you will learn how to do clearing and aligning for yourself. These classes will be insightful and full of useful information. They will also be available for downloading.

Package B

Total Package Value $1,947

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $127
*** 93% Saving ***


Package C


60 minute Personalized Session for chakra clearing and alignments with a recording.

Value: $200

Format: Personal Session

1 hour sessions will be offered so there can be time for individual clearing on each chakra with a lot of information given. These sessions will be recorded.

Package C

Total Package Value $2,147

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $177
*** 92% Saving ***



"I had been going through a really challenging issue it feels all of my life, I have done a lot of clearing on myself and had many healings on this but I still hadn't been able to shift this particular issue and felt frustrated and powerless. Thank you Gaylene you have been amazing, in one session you were able to help me by seeing the issue clearly and cleared my fear around the issue , you have given me techniques and understanding that have helped me to feel confident and empowered! I am so grateful"

~ Marissa, Gold Coast

"I worked with Gaylene’s energy transmission – I started with 6 employees, three months later I had 30 employees and 3 months after that I sold what had only months back previously been a collapsing business for a great profit. I recommend Gaylene’s “energy transmission work” for all situations – be they traumatic, crazy or anything when you think you have no solution."

~ Amanda, NSW

"Gaylene used her energy work for my business – I straight away had clients come and more continued to come. We have a successful business and have never looked back from day one. Thank you."

~ Pete, Old

"Gaylene, I just wanted to thank you for the extra time you took with me today. Even though it was past midnight your time, you spent the extra time with me and I never felt rushed. In fact I only felt cared for and supported. You helped me feel calmness, peace and love and reminded me I am these things too. With much gratitude and love to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for using your gifts to assist others. Thank you also for the beautiful and loving MP3 :)"

~ Infinite blessings, Lisa

"Gaylene Popovski's intuitive gift is off the chart ! She instantly identified the limiting patterns in my field as if she had known me for years. She helped me shift energetically so that I could use my empathic abilities the same way. I used to feel constantly drained and had to spend half of my life in recovery mode. Right after the session, she had unlocked so much of my own energy that I felt the urge to jump on my home bike, and could even work in the garden for two more hours.

We did not talk about my overweight and still, crazy cravings for comfort food had faded away ! As an art therapist, I also could feel that I could infuse more grace and softness in my dancing. Some kind of armor I subconsciously kept around me had melted. I finally felt at home in my own body.

I felt immediately the difference while interacting with friends stuck in negative loops. I could use my art therapy skills to level the energy up without feeling drained at all. It felt like Gaylene enabled me to really implement all the work I already had done on boundaries. That was huge for me.

In the same session, Gaylene also helped me solve an inner conflict I had for years between my rational side and my intuitive side. I started allowing myself to enjoy the amazing life I have created for myself, instead of feeling constantly the urge to help others who were not on the same path and often took advantage of my kindness.

Gaylene helped me embrace all the skills I have already developped, and gave me the inspiration for an intuitive tool that was really fine-tuned for me ; I started implementing it right away with success and feel so excited about refining that process in my work with teenagers. I'm so grateful for Gaylene. The session felt like harvesting all the inner work I have done. She connected the dots :)"

~ Sylvie M., teacher and art therapist.

"Gaylene, thank you so much !!! I feel like you have resuscitated me !! I must have been like a walking dead !! I have played the mp3 a couple of times already and the vibes are still flowing. I can’t wait to see what unfolds, but that felt like a miracle happened ! I appreciate what you said about drinking alcohol, however I might have a couple of glasses of wine tonight as it has been my brother’s and a friends birthday is tomorrow. I really feel that I am embodying myself for the first time in many lifetimes. I have lived in many planets, stars and Universes but this little planet and Universe has felt like the toughest to get through !! I think it’s the emotional aspect of the human being that is difficult to disconnect from at times. Thank you so much for taking it through to the end. I look forward to living again !! Love, blessings and gratitude xx"

~ Natalie, SA

"Gaylene, my friend needed a master healer like you. Thank you for saving his life with one session. Thank you!!!!!. "

~ Sue

"It surprised me as the transmissions work so quickly. I had found it hard to be here. I didn’t really realize how much being sexually and physically abused had destroyed me. I was so used to feeling heavy and numb. I began using the mp3’s and straight away began to feel lighter. I am waking up interested to see what the day holds. I don’t know where I have been but I am feeling like I am back in a gentle way and my support is at my fingertips."

~ Forever grateful

"Gaylene has an impressive and rare gift of accurately and quickly identifying weaknesses and solutions to any issue. She is easy to talk to and has a positive spirit and unfailing devotion to energy solutions for clients. She is an excellent, dedicated teacher and mentor. Rarely in my life have I met someone who stretches my perception of my life, and Gaylene can, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you may be in your journey. I believe she has exceptional insights to rapidly transform your life for the better. She can detect your problem, delete it from your field and create a better outcome for you before you finish your first question."

~ Sharie, USA

"I had my session with Gaylene Popovski on Wednesday night (UK time). It has been truly life changing for me. I had a number of issues that used to push my buttons and cause me so much stress. One was in relation to a move to another country last year. I was only there for 9 months as at the time it felt like the worst 9 months of my life. I regretted moving there, and would tell people it was the worst decision I had ever made. I kept buying packages and having sessions with healers to try and clear it and yet nothing worked. Gaylene worked on it for maybe 5 minutes, and it has completely gone. It feels so unreal that I keep thinking of it just to check that it has fully cleared. And it really has, I get no reaction to it all. I actually just feel like laughing all the time. Which seems to be a common theme among those of us that have had sessions with Gaylene. The other issue she cleared was around my brother and mother using me as their personal dumping ground. I spoke to my brother yesterday and he was so different to how he used to be with me. It was a short phone call, normally they can be 30 mins, and it's normally full of him complaining and saying he doesn't know what to do. This time he just said what had happened to him that day, and what he planned to do about it, and thanks for listening to him. In addition he thought he had called the wrong number, as he said "when you answered it didn't even sound like you". Sorry for the essay but I think it was worth telling others how great Gaylene is. I have been posting that other packages I have bought haven't resulted in much change. I know I have found the package that was the right one for me. I would suggest that for anyone that hasn't had much success with other healers, to try Gaylene. If you experience half of the changes that I have I know you will be thrilled."

~ Lisa Muhlholzl

"Thank you ! You're amazing . Now I know why everyone was ranting and raving about you :-)"

~ Love, Gaitree

"All the old fears, from the old world, from misinformation, seemed to have been branded into my soul, and they have been difficult to dissolve - with Gaylene's chakra MP3 I feel I'm on an expressway, that these obstructions are being decimated, and I am becoming free. and it's lovely to listen to, too.

Sometimes I hold my hands in a mudra, and it feels good!"

"Since I met Gaylene a few months ago, I reclaimed my power and am living my own life. I am being myself and loving my soul. I was breathing and living before, but it wasn’t my own life. Gaylene is very supportive and understanding of her clients whether it is individually or in a group setting. I learned tremendously not only from Gaylene but also from other attendees of the group calls. We co-created and grew."

~ S.Y.

Wow, a Money Miracle!

"Gaylene helped me reframe what I consciously and subconsciously believed “being nice” was during one of her classes on a Friday afternoon. Following Monday morning, I received notification of full payment from an extremely manipulative and abusive borrower. The payment arrived in a week, and the check was cleared! It was completely unexpected. I never thought such money miracles would happen to me with ease. I was in awe. Now, I confidently open and receive. "

~ S.Y.

Chakra Clearing & Alignment MP3’s

"I first played Gaylene’s Chakra Clearing & Alignment MP3 overnight.When I woke up, I reminded myself that I was only responsible for my own feelings and that everybody else was responsible for their own feelings. What a difference it made! Life became much simpler and more enjoyable. I am the only person I consider pleasing.

I am conscious and aware instead of being self-conscious. I walk into a room without thinking about what others might feel or think when I enter the room. I approach and start a conversation with people I did not feel comfortable with before. I experience everything that can go right going right. Manifesting is natural and automatic.

I am even more grateful for all things and experiences. I notice how helpful people are. I trust and believe. Most importantly, I listen to my own inner guidance. It no longer takes 40 or 4 years for me to learn the lessons."

~ S.Y.

Chakra Clearing & Alignment Manifesting MP3’s

"It is beautifully out of this world. It balances, anchors, strengthens, and layers energy."

~ S.Y.

"The longer I listened, the more each one of my chakras released. It felt like a whole body cleansing"

"I would not be so calm without your brilliant MP3 which allowed the biggest fear to be released!!! Love and Light."

~ Sandy S.

"Just recently, I have been working with Gaylene’s chakra healing and aligning MP3's and they are very helpful. The isochronic brain entrainment one was very effectual in that it provided a release of something very strong in my body that finally was able to be let go. Once I started listening to the MP3, my body was fine, however the longer I listened, the more each one of my chakras released. It felt like a whole body cleansing. I had to leave work early because my body wanted to totally release everything in me. Once I got home, after releasing, I felt calm and peaceful. I believe this is preparing me for the presentation lesson I have to do on Monday for students. It is an audience of three classes combined and will be done in the Hall "Auditorium". I believe I was releasing the fear of presenting in front of many. I have done presentations to students in rooms that fit up to 20-30 students. Now I will be speaking in a hall auditorium which can seat 70. How do you teach a lesson in front of 70 people? I feel peaceful right now because I am cleared out. Thank you Gaylene and Bless you. I would not be so calm without your brilliant MP3 which allowed the biggest fear to be released!!! Love and Light."

~ Sandy S.

About Gaylene Popovski :

gayleneDynamic Chakra Empowerment is a result of my life’s research, study and experience. Understanding that powerful changes are taking place as we become co-creators and creators of the world and being aware of the need for assistance and quick dissolving of the old world ways has been a catalyst for me to create a program that could bring more harmony and empowerment into our lives with effectiveness and ease.

  • 12 day Powerful 60 min Specific Chakra Clearing & Alignments
  • 2 Powerful Bonus MP3s

Total Package Value $1,447
Discount: 93% Off


  • 12 day Powerful 60 min Specific Chakra Clearing & Alignments
  • 2 Powerful Bonus MP3s
  • 4 (90 min) Class Clearing, Alignment,Teaching and Discussions

Total Package Value $1,947
Discount: 93% Off


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