Hado Water Instructor, Optimal Life Practitioner, Avatar Wizard, Yuen Method Mastery Practitioner, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Theta Teacher/Practitioner, Crystal Healer, NLP Master Practitioner, Aboriginal Dream Time Healer

Gaylene Popovski’s Special Offer

Dynamic Empowerment for Your Life

Transmissions that will find deeply stored hurts and upsets, patterns of lack of wealth and love, and words and unkindness that became the silent curses that you didn’t know were even affecting you. Be Empowered by these MP3’s they will clean up your issues without recreating them, without searching for them, and you will feel the freedom and lightness as deeps patterns so deeply stored in the subconscious release. These MP3’s are a resource for empowerment. Silent, short & peaceful Nothing you need learn, nothing to have to work on and nothing you need to put any effort into changing. Simply allow the Energetics & Alchemy Transmissions release all that is not aligned with Love and Empowerment for you.

  • Magical, Powerful, Time Effective, Energetic and Alchemy Transmissions
  • Align with Your Source Self
  • Clear Karmic Patterns
  • Soul Energy Retrieval
  • Curse & Entity Removal
  • Powerfully Manifest your Dreams
  • Enjoy Romantic Relationships
  • Be Dynamically Empowered
  • Create Abundance in Love and Wealth
  • Balance Mind Body Spirit
  • Stop & Heal the Affects Psychic Attacks

Brand New Testimonial

"I have been in your community for a few years now and bought many packages. However, Gaylene has been the best by far. My session with her was nothing short of a miracle and I would never move forward had I not had that session !! I wasn’t even in my body !! It was full of entities and Grief had actually turned into a life force of it’s own. I have done entity clearing in the past but these were cemented into my body, or so it seemed. It took a whole session to clear all of them out, as one released another came forward and then another and another !! All holding on as strong as they could !! Gaylene was so surprised as to how I was able to get out of bed each day let alone function. I told her I went through phases of feeling wiped out, now it makes sense.

I have done tons of clearing and meditations, I think some of it was feeding them. I also have energetic weight which I can’t shift, maybe now it will start to move. The weight has always felt like a “dead” weight so maybe this will help it dissolve. absolutely amaaaaazing !! Gaylene also made me an mp3 of when she was helping me to embody myself to help me and my soul essence integrate. Gaylene told me my lesson in this life was “to be you “. All my life I have been trapped, played it small, been afraid to shine, no wonder I could not be me with all that inside of me. Now I can live my life purpose by just being me. How wonderful. You must, MUST get her to come on your show again she is priceless. i can’t wait to see how my life unfolds, thank you for introducing her to your community."

Love, blessings and gratitude,
~ Valerie, UK

Love and Compassion is the alchemy that is not governed by the physical laws of energy, time or space.

Dynamic Empowerment - Transmissions Created for Living an Empowered & Loving Life

With the Wisdom, Love and Understanding incorporated in the Energetic & Alchemy Transmissions created on the MP3’s years current and even centuries of old patterning and pain will begin to dissolve, awareness, intuition and understanding expand –your confidence in being yourself increases, you manifest with joy and your capacity to experience love for yourself and others grows in beautiful ways.

Note : Package C price has gone up.

Package A

7MP3’s plus Bonus MP3
1 PDF Listing the 7MP3’s and explaining how to use them

The MP3’s contain the Transmissions that work like magic to create change without you having to search or dig into the subconscious. Suppressed, hidden and long ago forgotten hurts that continue to quietly affect your level of happiness and confidence begin to dissipate. Your insights increase as your attention comes back to you instead of being held in past issues. You wonder what kept you from seeing and understanding earlier. Everything becomes easier and your sense of freedom expands.

Very powerful, time effective and designed to be used for all situations in life to create a dynamic and loving life

This is a dynamic resource to empower you with a quiet confidence to move in any direction you choose.

  • Issues can and be healed without needing to stay in pain.
  • Your awareness, intuition and perception naturally increase as you continue to use the MP3’s
  • You have the power to dissipate any upset.
  • You do not need to learn more, try harder, to keep finding your issues -the energy in the transmission will do that for you.
  • Manifestation becomes easy as old patterns playing “tug of war” with you are corrected.
  • You accept yourself more and more others around you feel and respond to your change

As you purchase this product the magic contained on the MP3’s belongs to you.
7 MP3’s with Dynamic Energetics & Alchemy Transmissions



Alignment to Source Self and the Dissipation of Old Concepts

Value: $100

34rAlignment to Source Self and the dissipation of old concepts. Experience kindness, gentleness and quiet knowing. Sometimes in life we have so many things taking our attention we do not always have the time to ask ourselves “is this what I really want, is this who I really am and is this what I would really choose” – playing this MP3 will bring you back to your sense of self and allow you to make decisions with more awareness in from your own perspective.

Mind Blowing Result!

"I listened to it – and it is so powerful. It put me in such a grounded and peaceful state. It is really mind blowing but I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. Truly mind blowing how powerful it is."

~ Dani Mermaid Beach GC

"Gaylene, I was feeling anxious and stressed - it seems to come with being a mum I suppose – I listened to your mp3 – I truly cannot thank you enough for what I experienced – I am moved to tears with gratitude – I feel like so much unhappiness I had been carrying was lifted. I feel calmer and more like me."

~ Karen Southport GC

"Initially my heart was going so fast and felt heavy and anxious, but towards the end I felt light, calm and relaxed. Amazing, I changed so rapidly within only 4-5minutes! Now I am really interested in the other MP3’s you are doing."

~ Daniela Mermaid Beach GC


Karma Releasing

Value: $100

56rKarma releasing is where hurt, pain, revenge and resentments that keep us in pain in our life and create lower realities will be released and healed. Your Source self will be strengthened to allow for the wisdom and a higher understanding. You will begin to experience more love and acceptance. When we have felt hurt, upset, rejected and so much more in life a part of us falls apart while at the same time a part of us becomes resentful, angry and then sad or depressed as many of these experiences go unresolved. This stored baggage keeps causing us upsets as it replays in different situations and we just cannot understand why. This MP3 will release and dissolve the hurts and resentment and stop the patterns replaying in our life.

Stop Patterns Playing in Your Life!


Soul Energy Retrieval

Value: $100

21rSoul Energy Retrieval is where terror and traumas (when your energy becomes frozen in time) will be neutralized and energy will be returned. Your heart will be given the space to heal, gentleness and peace becomes valued. Terrors, traumas and fears can leave us without the attention or energy to create our dreams – it is as if we literally freeze at the thought of doing certain things and may even become so used to the behavior that it goes unnoticed. It is as if we are tied by invisible ropes and cannot move in a certain direction. This MP3 resolves the trauma and terror so your attention and energy become freed up and you naturally go off in the direction you choose. In a sense it feels that everything is made right.

Straight Away I Began to Feel Lighter!

"It surprised me as the transmissions work so quickly. I had found it hard to be here. I didn’t really realize how much being sexually and physically abused had destroyed me. I was so used to feeling heavy and numb. I began using the mp3’s and straight away began to feel lighter. I am waking up interested to see what the day holds. I don’t know where I have been but I am feeling like I am back in a gentle way and my support is at my fingertips."

Forever grateful ,

~ Sarah, Vic.

"For as long as I can remember I have felt guilty and like I was betraying someone when I followed my own dreams – I couldn’t though have actually put that in words until it now as it has come to my awareness after listening to nearly all of the mp3’,s sometimes a couple of times( though I haven’t got to the last one and can’t wait to see what that does). I feel relieved, free and confident knowing it is right to follow my own intuition for myself, especially now I understand what was stopping me. Thank goodness for this blessing. Much love to you Gaylene."

~ Rebecca, Gold Coast


Entity and Curse Removal

Value: $100

19rCurses, entities, intrusions, implants and any creations that cause distortions in your energy field and to your health will be removed. You will experience a strengthening within yourself and unexpected issues will resolve. Curses can be the unkind words or abuse we have suffered, unkind intentions from others that we didn’t hear but were felt – if we were not strong enough to decide not to be affected by these things they became a part of who we thought we were – even if they became stored in the subconscious. When we look in the mirror we may feel the unkindness from others in our energy field and because we were not able to deal with it and have forgotten or suppressed the incident it may become how we feel about ourselves and our body. Hurt not resolved can eventually show up in the body and distort its shape or makes the body ill. Being around people can affect your energy levels and field - it seems this is a part of the human experience. This MP3 will dissolve as many words, thoughts and patterns as possible in one sitting – don’t be surprised if you feel things coming out in this one. Excellant to play in the back ground and always at the end of day.

I'm in Awe ... Left in Calm Amazement!

"I am in awe of for what I just experienced – it was like hard, heavy and sharp objects were taken out of my head and my whole body tingled and felt safe and calm. My headache I had before I started has gone. I am left in calm amazement. Thank you."

~ Maree Burleigh GC


Romantic Love

Value: $100

61rRomantic Love has energetics and alchemy transmissions where youcan release self – judgements and the patterns behind it and have those patterns replaced with love and acceptance. Past pain will be healed and a new level of understanding will be incorporated. A Romantic Relationship can now be enjoyed and appreciated. When we are not able to love and accept ourselves due to past experiences in our life, in relationships we tend to either give too much (not being aware that we are compensating for our own now suppressed pain) to the other or do the opposite and become too critical (unknowingly projecting the hurt that was done to us) of the other feeling as if they are connected to our own self-worth. Neither way allows for a happy relationship. This MP3 releases self judgement, feelings and patterns of being unloved and unlovable and of not being forgiven and punished and of not being able to forgive as a result. We all deserve to feel loved and to be forgiven and then we can forgive.

I Love My Change!

"My whole sense of self has changed. I am already in a relationship but felt I was unable to be myself and constantly focused on the other person. I now feel I am coming from a place of balance and esteem where I can appreciate my partner as well as enjoy being myself. I didn’t realize my real pain could be coming from something that was in me. "

~ Mary Sydney NSW

"I thought so much was wrong with me how could I ever have a relationship. With every mp3 I have listened to on the list I have changed and felt freer and lighter. Now I get to this one and I find myself tapped into a gentleness that I didn’t even know existed in me. I do not know what is next for me but I do know that I love my have change."

~ Katrina. Qld

"I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to listen to this one as I had always had experienced so mush unhappiness in relationships. I sat and closed my eyes and then stared in amazement as I saw pictures of me when I was younger when I felt ugly, fat and unloved. It felt like they were being dissolved at my stomach. I am certainly going to play this again and to see what happens next. This is very interesting."

~ Emily, Surfers Paradise Qld


Dynamic Manifestations

Value: $100

41rDynamic Manifestation Energetics & Alchemy will align you to and strengthen the creation of what you have decided to manifest – it will be connected to your heart, third eye and power center. Lower intentions for manifesting will be dissipated so your need for manifesting can turn into a joy of manifesting and your life changes. Sometimes a part of us wants to create one thing whilst at the same time another part of us is resistant to the idea and as a result nothing manifests. It is an exhausting and bewildering process.

This MP3 dissolves the disharmony between the decisions and incorporates an understanding for the highest out come to manifest. When we decide to manifest a creation it is usually because it will bring more joy or rewards in our life, though sometimes when the challenges come up we forget the joy and/or rewards and wonder WHY. Reward and /or joy seem to fly out of the window and as soon as that happens struggle and stress take over and we may even stop and give up on the manifesting process. When you manifest remembering why you choose to manifest and keep that in mind you are empowered, find your direction and solutions just pop up naturally. When you become dis-heartened you start to introduce unhappiness and even possibly failure.

This MP3 dissolves the blocks, the patterns and the interference making it easy for you to remain on track with your decision to manifest and enjoy the journey of the process.

Sold a Previously Collapsing Business for Great Profit!

"I worked with Gaylene’s energy transmission – I started with 6 employees, three months later I had 30 employees and 3 months after that I sold what had only months back previously been a collapsing business for a great profit. I recommend Gaylene’s “energy transmission work” for all situations – be they traumatic, crazy or anything when you think you have no solution."

~ Amanda, NSW


Dynamic Empowerment

Value: $200

9rDynamic Empowerment is the magic of an Enlightened being - staying neutral when someone sends energy, thought, intentions at you instead of reacting in a way that makes you drop your vibration and without even realizing it create a lower level of reality for yourself. If we were given a book at the start of our life telling us we are powerful beings who manifest naturally by pictures/thought/decisions,we may, given that information, have decided to make different pictures and not allowed ourselves to be affected by others.

This MP3 is to bring us back to neutral where we can consciously make aware choices of what pictures and thoughts we would now choose to create for a reality we would like to experience.

I want more of these Experiences!

"OMG………….I started this feeling full of negativity, nothing every works for me nothing will ever change.............opened my eyes at 2 minutes…closed them again….something was happening…………. Suddenly I sat up straight and I thought nobody is allowed to put me down. I felt like a thick rubber glove was being pulled off me. I am not quite sure what happened but I am not that person who started off sitting in the chair full of negativity. I will keep using these Mp3’s I want more of these experiences to change my unhappy states. I am lost for words, astounded!"

~ Dianne, Melbourne.

Bonus 1:

Abundance of Love and Wealth

Value: $100

Bonus MP3 Abundance of Love and Wealth opens your heart to love and feelings of joy for creating. The knowing that wealth can be a state naturally aligned with love lets you feel peaceful whilst empowered. There is a powerful and quiet confidence that you will not be swayed from. The old mindset for creating wealth was to be driven, to compete, to win regardless. This mindset did not allow for self –love or give one the peace of mind necessary to have and enjoy a loving relationship. This Mp3 deletes the old mindset and allows for the natural flow of love and abundance so they can both be enjoyed together.

Bonus 2:

Balance Mind, Body and Spirit

MP3 using Energetics & Alchemy Transmissions to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit - very powerful, very calming and within 5 short minutes the affect will reach deep levels. This MP3 has a bit of all of the above so use it to clear an issue or when you need to feel calmer.

Bonus 3:

Protection and Healing from Psychic Attacks

Value: $100

MP3 using Energetics & Alchemy Transmissions to stop and heal the effects of psychic attacks. (thoughts, intentions from others) Psychic attacks create anxiety, feelings of suicide, something you loved doing all of a sudden doesn’t hold interest anymore, you feel confused and disorientated, you feel burnt out, you don’t feel like you are yourself, these and many more can be psychic attacks. Surprised!!!! Try the MP3 when you are feeling out of sorts – it isn’t long you can play it a couple of times then if you need to play the Balance Mind Body Spirit. It is very important to be aware of how you are feeling – it may be coming from someone else. This MP3 will stop the attack and heal any effect.

"I was feeling like a mess – after 2 plays I felt whatever it was has resolved and I felt extremely calm and balanced. I have never had a resource like this – it works! After this experience I will be on the lookout for other issues causing me stress and will use this. Love it! Thank you. "

~ Darren, Broadbeach Qld

Package A

Total Package Value $1000

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $99
*** 90% Saving ***


Package B

Includes everything in Package A Plus

Dynamic Empowerment Group Coaching Weekly Classes
(60 minutes x 4 classes)

Value: $600

I am creating a 4 week activation class designed to tap into the energy of the group, find the main issues affecting everyone and do powerful group transmissions to quickly dissipate the blocks.

Are you aware of stubborn blocks holding you back…………are you not quite sure of what they look or feel like because you may be so used to having them you haven’t noticed – join the class – it will be a fun and enlightening session – though very powerful and insightful.

Class 1. How does it feel to be your Source Self
Class 2. Becoming Dynamically Aware
Class 3. Know your Power
Class 4. It’s all about YOU

Bonus :You are welcome to email me up 5 issues or upsets you experiencing difficulties with before each class and I will start dissolving them for you.

Extra Bonus: You are welcome to invite as many family members and friends as you chose to listen in on all of the classes .

Please note that only paying participants are invited to send in their issues before classes

Package B

Total Package Value $1600

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $127
*** 92% Saving ***


Package C

Includes everything in Package A & B Plus

30 min One on One Session with Gaylene

Value: $100

Sessions are where I tap into issues that are causing you upset and use individual transmissions to resolve the issue based on the information I receive. In the session we go through as many upsets/issue as possible – expect change. If you would like to know your purpose at this time, or why you were born into your particular family and what challenges you specifically came into this life time to overcome – I can tell you also. If there are specific questions you have – just ask and I will answer them. Otherwise it will be based on clearing as much as we can in that time.

Package C

Total Package Value $1700

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $177
*** 90% Saving ***


Sessions With Clients

"Gaylene used her energy work for my business – I straight away had clients come and more continued to come. We have a successful business and have never looked back from day one. Thank you."

~ Pete, Old

"Gaylene has an impressive and rare gift of accurately and quickly identifying weaknesses and solutions to any issue. She is easy to talk to and has a positive spirit and unfailing devotion to energy solutions for clients. She is an excellent, dedicated teacher and mentor. Rarely in my life have I met someone who stretches my perception of my life, and Gaylene can, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you may be in your journey. I believe she has exceptional insights to rapidly transform your life for the better. She can detect your problem, delete it from your field and create a better outcome for you before you finish your first question."

~ Sharie

"I had a few sessions with Gaylene at a time when I was very ill. I found her to be very compassionate, warm and understanding and extremely accurate in her healings. She helped me to identify and clear a major emotional blockage which had influenced the onset of my illness. She is incredible value for money as she is such a giver and goes well over and beyond what may normally be expected. She is very thorough and followed up immediately with me regarding any questions or issues that I had. I would highly recommend her."

~ Gabe.

"Gaylene, my friend needed a master healer like you. Thank you for saving his life with one session. Thank you!!!!!. "

~ Sue

"After my session with Gaylene I felt lighter, clearer and more positive within myself, Thoughts that were negative and had been with me for a long time were gone. I now focus more on the positive rather than the negative thoughts. Thanks, Gaylene."

~ Annie. Vic.

"Gaylene Popovski is an amazing healer and having received healings from her on and off since we met 3 years ago has completely allowed me to see things and myself in a different light. Her insights, intuition and mentorship have been a great part of allowing me to move forward and feel free and confident within myself. Having worked as a healer and spiritual teacher for a number of years I find her work to be simple, to the point, humorous and incredibly helpful. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending any teachings or her amazing new energy transmissions. So give it a go, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Thanks Gaylene you're awesome."

~ Rose, Sydney.

"Gaylene I wanted to say thank you again.. After speaking with you yesterday I feel a huge weight has been lifted from me. With much appreciation,"

~ Cliff, Gold Coast.

"Gaylene is a passionate yet gentle and genuine lightworker.

It was a privilege to benefit from Gaylene’s energy work within a few days of making a major personal decision and experiencing a psychic attack consecutively. I was still feeling the heavy emotions and the emotional scars even though I had a few days to process what happened. Gaylene instantly removed the heavy emotions and scars I felt. Shenoticed there was energy that was disempoweringso removed it. I realized itsorigin as it was the main reason behind the decision I made a few days prior. I felt her removing the non-beneficial energyand wakening up my own energy that was in hibernation.Her energy was strong yet gentle. After each clearing and activation, I noticed I went in to my peaceful and joyful state.

I started listening to one of Gaylene’s mp3’s, Alignment to Source Self, right away. So much of non-beneficial energy was quickly and smoothly removed from my body and energy fields. I felt so much lighter. Needless to say, the energy embedded is powerful. It came with a nice side effect – the energy gently worked on my neck, back, legs, and nerves that were affected by whiplash.

Gaylene has an open mind on the ever expanding universe.She perceives facts objectively without being judgmental and is sincere. I am grateful for Gaylene’s work and who she is."

~ S. Y.

"Gaylene Popovski's intuitive gift is off the chart ! She instantly identified the limiting patterns in my field as if she had known me for years. She helped me shift energetically so that I could use my empathic abilities the sane way. I used to feel constantly drained and had to spend half of my life in recovery mode. Right after the session, she had unlocked so much of my own energy that I felt the urge to jump on my homebike, and could even work in the garden for two more hours.

We did not talked about my overweight and still, crazy cravings for comfort food had faded away ! As an art therapist, I also could feel that I could infuse more grace and softness in my dancing. Some kind of armour I subconsciously kept around me had melted. I finally felt at home in my own body.

I felt immediately the difference while interacting with friends stuck in negative loops. I could use my art therapy skills to level the energy up without feeling drained at all. It felt like Gaylene enabled me to really implement all the work I already had done on boundaries. That was huge for me.

In the same session, Gaylene also helped me solve an inner conflict I had for years between my rational side and my intuitive side. I started allowing myself to enjoy the amazing life I have created for myself, instead of feeling constantly the urge to help others who were not on the same path and often took advantage of my kindness.

Gaylene helped me embrace all the skills I have already developped, and gave me the inspiration for an intuitive tool that was really fine-tuned for me ; I started implementing it right away with success and feel so excited about refining that process in my work with teenagers.

I'm so grateful for Gaylene. The session felt like harvesting all the inner work I have done. She connected the dots :)"

~ Sylvie M., teacher and art therapist.

About Gaylene Popovski :

GayleneDynamic Empowerment is a result of my life’s research, study and experience. Realizing our purpose in this lifetime is to create manifestations and realities that we would deliberately choose opposed to feeling our life experiences have been the result of something we had no control over I have put together Mp3’s using my awareness, intuition, skills and experience from over 25years of research. Using energetics and alchemy in transmissions to break down patterns change becomes easy. Being able to put powerful information in way it becomes practical and usable ensures we do not go backwards. Using loveand appreciation we tap into alchemy at its most potent and connect with our true nature.

Note : Package C price has gone up.

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