Hado Water Instructor, Optimal Life Practitioner, Avatar Wizard, Yuen Method Mastery Practitioner, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Theta Teacher/Practitioner, Crystal Healer, NLP Master Practitioner, Aboriginal Dream Time Healer

Gaylene Popovski’s Special Offer

A decision to live from your heart changes your life in every way!

It gives you a kind and gentle perspective to come from which allows you to enjoy the effect throughout your entire being.

It has the ability to transmute everything you do, every relationship you have, everything you touch… it changes you in the most beautiful way.

It is your true eternal wealth

You live being in-love as a natural state

Resources open to you that would once be inaccessible

Opportunities and wealth are created simply as you naturally align with a higher frequency.

Extraordinary, Very Real and Very Powerful Energy Transmissions designed to dissolve subconscious patterns that have kept us away from accessing the energy of our heart, that have kept our attention locked in on our issues and pain in a continuing cycle.

This program is designed not just to dissolve our hurts, pains and patterning on the subconscious level but also gives you the most amazing magical techniques that give you the ability to create immediate real change in seconds in every area of your life.

Living from your heart becomes easier as daily issues become extra-ordinarily simple to deal with.

These techniques are used to resolve upsets, to neutralize the effects of others in your immediate surroundings and to give you a feeling of empowerment and peace.

Old money programs go out the door as you are introduced to a technique that creates a new and beautiful relationship with money.

Relationships become easy as you no longer become effected by or judge another’s behavior.

These techniques along with the transmissions and inner guided experiences make living from your heart so much easier than ever before

If you join the classes you will have the fun and extra insights of class participation, everything gets implemented and questions get answered.

Transmissions combined with spoken guidance take us on powerful inner journeys into our heart to feel our love that has always been with us. The love we have been waiting for from others, as we looked outside of ourselves, can only be found within our own hearts.

It is when we decide to take the reins of our lives in our own hands, when we decide to release ourselves from the never ending illusion that it is someone or something outside ourselves, that will give that kind of love and power to us so we can step away from being forever lost in the disillusionment and pain.. Experiencing ourselves as our true source and going within our heart to discover what we once seeked outside of ourselves, will bring us rewards that cannot be measured.

When we live from our heart we feel whole and our life changes in that moment.

This powerful package is designed for the conscious and subconscious to work together in the most powerful and harmonious way

Living from your heart can become your reality.

What people are saying!

"My life has completely changed with the simple and miraculous exercises you teach."~ Ryan SA

"All your mp3's are out of this world. I am tickled by the synchronicity I notice and the human experiences I am having on top of the energetic experiences."~ SJ

"I thought I had worked on my heart issues – I could sense intense energy around my chest – it was incredible – what was I doing before” I love your magic!"~ Michael. B Melb.

Package A


Open your heart to yourself

Value: $100

This MP3 has a triple layer of energy transmissions with beautiful music to connect us to an experience of the inner love we have inside ourselves.

We all have a powerful gift of love, the energy that creates miracles and makes every day of our life a beautiful expression of our individual self. Too often we give that gift away without even being aware we are doing it instead of using it to heal ourselves and create an abundant and loving life to enjoy. It is not about being spiritual, it is simply about being who we are, living, knowing, experiencing and creating as we choose as a natural way of life.

Many of us have tried so hard to work from this level before and have ended even more confused not understanding that we were operating on incomplete or misinformation – there was never anything wrong with us.

The miracle of love bypasses the physical world of time, space and matter – it is alchemy in its most potent form. This mp3 aligns you powerfully to your own inner strength and knowing so you can begin to live as your true source. Old dated patterns and concepts that belong to the old world when we experienced being a product of - instead of the creator will begin to dissolve. We can have the inner experience of our own love. Energy work and transmissions blended with beautiful heart chakra music allows us to experience the up lifted feeling that our heart connection brings us.

"All your mp3's are out of this world. I am tickled by the synchronicity I notice and the human experiences I am having on top of the energetic experiences."~ SJ.

"Gaylene I love your work – I have never experienced so much empowerment so quickly in my life from anything before.Thank you thank you."~ Nancy SA

"It felt like fairies were waking up my cells especially in the areas that I felt disconnected to. It also opened up my nasal path and touched the nerves that were pinched. My physical heart felt comfortable and contained. I felt very calm and well-grounded in my body afterwards. It was pure acceptance.

I listened to it hoping to quiet my mind when dealing with a situation. As I listened to the beautiful music, a clarification was provided which enabled me to make the right decision."


Open your heart to know your dreams.

Value: $100

This MP3 has transmissions and also gives an inner experience with special audio effects to activate our awareness to be empowered by our dreams.

The importance of our dream is what brought us to the earth plane. Dreams are what keep us here and get us up every morning somehow getting us through the craziness of our experience, even if we are not aware of it. The purpose of our dream is to allow us to operate as true creators and to express ourselves in our unique way. Now is the time to know our dream and more than that it is time to bring it into our waking experience.

The energy in this MP3 will powerfully awaken you to consciously remember your dream and will integrate the experience with your sense of logic so the possibilities of manifestation are now seen as practical. Anything blocking you from knowing your dream or stopping your dream will be dissolved.

"Gaylene I listened to open your heart your dream mp3 a few times and was so intrigued by the experience that I forgot to go my heart and see if I could connect to my dream………eventually I did remember to put my awareness in my heart and I saw a scene being played out Lol!! I think my mouth is still open! Amazing stuff – like everything else you do!"~ Melanie, Southport Qld

"It was also incredible. It smoothly and quickly removed what was in my airway and completely opened up my chest and lungs. I intensely felt the air I was breathing. I was certain I was on the right path taking my next step with everything at my fingertips. It also assisted the clearing techniques Gaylene taught during her classes. Thank you!!!"


Create & live your dreams and from your heart

Value: $100

This is an MP3 with transmissions and guided spoken direction to assist your experience of going into your heart space to allow you to find your own inner strength and love for yourself. We create initially by deciding what we choose and we all have our own unique way in the creative process with our own special touch of magic. This MP3 will give us an insightful experience of connecting with our heart to give us our inner key to manifest with.

"Why did I have to wait so long to learn this – everything you say makes perfect sense – Gaylene I have only spent a short time learning with you and yet my life has completely changed with the simple and miraculous exercises you teach – your powerful transmission, your acceptance, humor and intelligence are something I wish everybody could experience. You are generous beyond belief.And I thank you with all I am."~ Ryan, SA

"I felt more confident with the recent decisions I made as I listened to it. Since, I received delightful encouragements and noticed more opportunities that I was not aware of before."


Healing you – with music

Value: $100

This MP3 brings about balance to heal experiences from which we felt hurt and pain that caused us to react with outer destructiveness. When we feel hurt for which there are many expressions we can look to blame and/or take or pain out on others. This not only sets us to begin to identify with the behavior as who we are it also creates more upset and karma for ourselves and others. This MP3 is extremely powerful and has a double layer of energy work and transmissions and will take away destructive patterns that have been confusing us for so long as we felt that is was the situations and others who controlled us. It has a layer of chakra music also added.

"I needed to get up and move after the intensity of the experience of the energy transmission. I felt so incredibly good and clear” Your information put in the simple way you put just blew me away I am already using those techniques – they work like you said. Wow!"~ AM, NSW situations.

"The energy worked in the frontal lobe of my brain as if it was defragmenting and reprograming a hard drive. I felt much heat in the trunk of my body while my mind remained in a peaceful state."


You are beautiful

Value: $100

This MP3 brings peace, harmony and balance to heal the experience of hurt and pain that bring inner destructiveness as a result. The quiet put downs, abuse, inner criticisms, the messages of failure or not good enough, resentments and quiet rage that we silently endure and can become an inner prison. This MP3 is very powerful dissolves these patterns and neutralizes the effects from the experience. It also has a double layer of energy work and transmission then layer with beautiful chakra music.

"I listened to this mp3 when I really needed it – I felt a gentle change inside and also a quiet awareness of the real issue as it released– this has changed my life. Thank you for being the blessing you are. Your work is powerful and real and you are so kind and generous. All of my love" ~ Karen, Adelaide

"I used your you are beautiful transmission “it felt like a magnet was literally was pulling everything out of my field – I have never experienced anything so powerful as your transmission"~ SL. Qld

"The comfort and lightness I felt reminded me to be gentle, compassionate, and kind to myself. My pulse was strong, and my hands and feet were very warm. Later, I noticed most of the disempowering thoughts that plagued my mind disappeared."


40 minute Healing Session with either a silent, chant
or chakra music

Value: $100

This can be used as a powerful personal healing and relaxation session. This MP3 has a double layer of body strengthening and healing with energetics and transmissions work - there are 2 MP3s to choose from:- chanting music or chakra music.

"I have been using the mp3’s today – I usually use the dynamic empowerment ones – but today I used the dynamical enlightened living - I found it so extraordinary with how deep the transmissions went, and how heaviness continued to shift. I found it dealt with such deep heart issues that I was simply left in awe. Now I am feeling so amazingly present, clear and good."~ Mary, Vic

"My inner child was blossoming into a beautiful mature deep energy. It was a healing session that I so quickly benefited from at my own convenience and helped me feel safer."


Increase your Intuition, Insights & Awareness

Value: $40

This MP3 is to allow you to have a stronger connection of your intuition, for an increase in your awareness and to strengthen you to neutrality to allow for higher insights. It is strengthening and alchemy work with beautiful music.

"I had a beautiful experience with the intuition mp3 – I thought it was my imagination – it was so easy - the information just came – I am going to keep playing it – I really want to use my intuition so much more in my life for everything I can. Wonderful work – I feel much clearer after listening as well."~ Amanda, SA

"I wanted to connect with my intuition as I felt something heavy in my heart when I was to make a decision. I saw a soul that was an old man who could barely remain sitting down leaning on his cane. It was another piece of puzzle that led to another perfect decision."~ S.Y.


Powerful Visualization Audios

Value: $200

The information in this audio teaches techniques that act in a magical way and producing a tangible outcome - easy and powerful visualizations that you can do to send energy back to others without creating karma but will allow the world to really have changes and you no longer need to feel helpless and frustrated. There is an exercise that allows you to delete upset quickly for situations and upsets to give you an immediate sense of peace, an exercise that allows you to create a beautiful relationship with money so greed, poverty and lack programs can be released. You will have the ability to deal with challenging situations with techniques that are done silently. The information on this audio allows for changes easily and allowing you to feel empowered as result. Change can happen in the blink of an eye.

  • MP3 : The Golden Rings
  • Mp3 : The Money Magnet ( has transmissions and music in the background)
  • MP3 : The Reality Bubble
  • MP3 : The Sponge Effect

Gift Transcripts: 4 transcripts to accompany the audio

"Gaylene – it is like you are sharing secrets to life that have never been presented in such a way we can put them into practice daily without an effort to change our lives now. I felt the change with your transmission immediately and I am using your techniques with great results.

Thank you so very much"~ Anne, Qld

"Something that caused me great trauma suddenly has me smiling – and it is the humble kitchen sponge that did it – that simple visualization exercise has taken away my frustration and helplessness……how could such a frustrating experience be turned around – ask Gaylene about her kitchen sponge (used it for my family with great results too maybe I should be quiet about that)"~ Anna, Melb.

Package A

Total Package Value $840

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $99
*** 88% Saving ***


Package B

Includes everything in Package A Plus

(4) 60 minutes Classes

Value: $400

Classes can be downloaded as a resource after each call and they are created in a session format so can continue to be used even after the event. Family and friends can be invited to attend the coaching calls to experience the powerful transmissions. I will be tapping into the main issues for the group as well as taking calls to create specific transmissions for everyone. Valuable, practical, life changing and sometimes humorous information for every day application to achieve even greater results. You will also practice the skills to quickly delete your own upset and heal difficult situations. Questions can be asked which allows everyone to gain more insights. The calls are be fun and very enlightening!

Package B

Total Package Value $1240

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $127
*** 90% Saving ***


Package C

Includes everything in Package A & B Plus

30 minute one-on-one session with Gaylene

Experience a 30 minute one-on-one session with Gaylene via Skype or phone. The session involves a personalized journey through issues you are experiencing. Upsets and traumas are quickly and easily resolved. The main challenge you came into this life time, which is at the base of much upset in this life time, is found and deleted. Past life issue can be cleared or current life issues. At the end of the session your personalized transmission is recorded and emailed to you

Package C

Total Package Value $1340

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $147
*** 89% Saving ***



"All your MP3's are out of this world. I am tickled by the synchronicity I notice and the human experiences I am having on top of the energetic experiences.

When I listened to the Open Your Heart mp3, it felt like fairies were waking up my cells especially in the areas that I felt disconnected to. It also opened up my nasal path and touched the nerves that were pinched. My physical heart felt comfortable and contained. The energy was very strong and remained for long. I felt very calm and well-grounded in my body afterwards. It was pure acceptance.

The following day, I had a phone conversation that I would have been completely shaken up and felt drained if it were me before. I was nicely surprised and pleased I did not react at all during the call. Actually, I felt more confident and energetic in the end. I remained in my body even though it was like getting hit hard on my head by a brick. 

The Open Your Dreams MP3 is also incredible. It smoothly and quickly removed what was in my airway and completely opened up my chest and lungs. I felt the air I was breathing. I do not recall feeling air so intensely before. And, I was certain I was on the right path taking another stepping stone. It also helped with going through the clearing techniques you taught during your classes. Thank you!!! The energy was very strong yet smooth. It moved to my fingertips as if it were saying I had everything at my fingertips. 

I felt more confident with my recent decisions as I listened to the Create and Live Your Dreams with Love and Balance Mind Body & Spirit mp3’s. Since, I received delightful encouragements and noticed more opportunities that I was not aware of before. The energy seems to assist one with living one’s fullest potential with confidence."~ S.Y.

"I had been going through a really challenging issue it feels all of my life, I have done a lot of clearing on myself and had many healings on this but I still hadn't been able to shift this particular issue and felt frustrated and powerless. Thank you Gaylene you have been amazing, in one session you were able to help me by seeing the issue clearly and cleared my fear around the issue , you have given me techniques and understanding that have helped me to feel confident and empowered! I am so grateful"~ Marissa, Gold Coast

"Gaylene Popovski's intuitive gift is off the chart ! She instantly identified the limiting patterns in my field as if she had known me for years. She helped me shift energetically so that I could use my empathic abilities the sane way. I used to feel constantly drained and had to spend half of my life in recovery mode. Right after the session, she had unlocked so much of my own energy that I felt the urge to jump on my homebike, and could even work in the garden for two more hours.

We did not talked about my overweight and still, crazy cravings for comfort food had faded away ! As an art therapist, I also could feel that I could infuse more grace and softness in my dancing. Some kind of armour I subconsciously kept around me had melted. I finally felt at home in my own body.

I felt immediately the difference while interacting with friends stuck in negative loops. I could use my art therapy skills to level the energy up without feeling drained at all. It felt like Gaylene enabled me to really implement all the work I already had done on boundaries. That was huge for me.

In the same session, Gaylene also helped me solve an inner conflict I had for years between my rational side and my intuitive side. I started allowing myself to enjoy the amazing life I have created for myself, instead of feeling constantly the urge to help others who were not on the same path and often took advantage of my kindness.

Gaylene helped me embrace all the skills I have already developped, and gave me the inspiration for an intuitive tool that was really fine-tuned for me ; I started implementing it right away with success and feel so excited about refining that process in my work with teenagers.

I'm so grateful for Gaylene. The session felt like harvesting all the inner work I have done. She connected the dots :)"~ Sylvie M., teacher and art therapist.

"Gaylene has an impressive and rare gift of accurately and quickly identifying weaknesses and solutions to any issue. She is easy to talk to and has a positive spirit and unfailing devotion to energy solutions for clients. She is an excellent, dedicated teacher and mentor. Rarely in my life have I met someone who stretches my perception of my life, and Gaylene can, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you may be in your journey. I believe she has exceptional insights to rapidly transform your life for the better. She can detect your problem, delete it from your field and create a better outcome for you before you finish your first question. " ~ Sharie

"Gaylene is a passionate yet gentle and genuine lightworker.

It was a privilege to benefit from Gaylene’s energy work within a few days of making a major personal decision and experiencing a psychic attack consecutively. I was still feeling the heavy emotions and the emotional scars even though I had a few days to process what happened. Gaylene instantly removed the heavy emotions and scars I felt. Shenoticed there was energy that was disempoweringso removed it. I realized itsorigin as it was the main reason behind the decision I made a few days prior. I felt her removing the non-beneficial energyand wakening up my own energy that was in hibernation.Her energy was strong yet gentle. After each clearing and activation, I noticed I went in to my peaceful and joyful state.

I started listening to one of Gaylene’s mp3’s, Alignment to Source Self, right away. So much of non-beneficial energy was quickly and smoothly removed from my body and energy fields. I felt so much lighter. Needless to say, the energy embedded is powerful. It came with a nice side effect – the energy gently worked on my neck, back, legs, and nerves that were affected by whiplash.

Gaylene has an open mind on the ever expanding universe.She perceives facts objectively without being judgmental and is sincere. I am grateful for Gaylene’s work and who she is." ~ S. Y.

About Gaylene popovski:

GayleneMy real decision for doing this work is guided by an inner knowing that humanity can operate from a place of harmony and love. I have learnt to follow my intuition a step at a time and I have gotten to here. I know here is exactly where I am meant to be.

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