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You MUST surround yourself with like-minded people and immerse yourself into on-going learning, support, and love.

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I call this principle (that’s often missing for most people so they never see long-lasting change)… Total Immersion.

By immersing yourself for a full year, you reprogram your mind, your body, and your spirit permanently!

You must take that extra step to put yourself into the kind of support group, friend circle, network, and environment so you STAY ON TRACK and keep going…

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  • Weekly teleclasses with expert healers and teachers who are some of the best in the world, and that will offer group healing and energy-activation calls to help you resolve and say goodbye to any challenge or issue.

    We’ve had people experience amazing shifts after facing enormous financial hardship, illness, cancer, divorce, depression, and other challenges. No issue is too big for our amazing healers!
  • The 7 steps to double, triple, or MORE your income this year, and turn most (if not all of it) into passive income using just the internet, with little to NO money to start.

    Our Wealth Abundance training will walk you through finding your calling or PURPOSE, and building a higher and more passive income around it using the exact strategies that myself and other successful entrepreneurs have used.

You’ll be applying it as you go, and we’ll guide you until money is FLOWING into your life within weeks!

  • An exclusive, group healing per month BY REQUEST - for ANY area of your life (improving your body and health, increasing your income, debt freedom, finding love, etc.)

    This monthly group healing will be done with an amazing healer that we will hand-pick!
  • A monthly expert interview in attracting a magnificent love life! You WILL find the kind of relationship with the exact type of person (your soul mate) you most desire in your life.

    You will clear out the blocks that have been holding you back, getting in the way, making you WRONGLY think there’s something wrong with you. (There’s not!)
  • All the support, connection, and sharing to uplift your mind, your heart, your happiness, and your soul while you’re on your journey.

    Our Facebook members are incredibly active, sharing, and giving. You’ll be surrounded by action-takers who will respond to you with love, support, prayer requests, and more!
  • Monthly discounts on other courses & programs that only you and fellow members of the group will have access to.
  • Additional articles from healers & healer interactions so you can go even further and gain deeper insight, wisdom, and answers.
  • Plus, backstage passes! You can expect to win one-on-one healing, energy releasing, and energy activation sessions with our guest experts each week, so you get to the heart of ANY issue and finally resolve it - money, relationships, or love.
  • And much more!

And we will add MORE topics and content over time based on what you request, so it’s only going to get better. 

In fact, I’d like to give you a little more RIGHT NOW…

As a BONUS, I’m also going to give you my *personal* steps that I take each and every day in MY life that will surprise you…

And that keep my mind and my energy in the correct place…

… so that accomplishing my goals, doubling and quadrupling my business each year, and living with my purpose all happen with total ease!

You are going to get my exact strategies to accomplish my goals and attract endless abundance and fulfillment!

It’s called Life By Design.

And inside it you will discover…

  • What I’ve done (and continue to do) to remove negative feedback and influences, so that I only attract amazing, positive, supportive people into my life.

    (Most of them are doing incredible things!)
  • How I use prayer, meditation, and healing in my own personal way to get me to where I am.
  • What exact tools, and which particular healers, mentors, and teachers I use that have turned everything around for me.
  • And more!

This will be a 10 module training, and that I truly believe is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars alone.

And I really mean that.

It’s an entire course that consists of audios and videos, and that you will receive in your inbox so you can easily follow along step by step.

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You have our guarantee – that if you’re not looking forward to connecting, receiving, and learning each day in our Facebook community…

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And I promise no hard feelings

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