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Esther Bartkiw's Special Offer

Release, ReSet, ReFresh On Line Healing Retreat

21 Day Detox For Wholeness and Harmony
Flush the Limitations
With Laser Focus on Money ~ Love ~ Body

It’s Time To Clean House

Weekend On Line Healing Retreats From The Comfort Of Your Home

I know Beloved, You would never intentionally place harmful beliefs, behaviors, thoughts and patterns in your mind, body and energy field. And yet unknowingly we have all absorbed these “Toxins,” for lifetimes.

2015 has been a year of great conscious awakening, change and transformation and yet despite all of the change and excellent Inner Work these mental and emotional toxins continue to persist in one or more areas of our lives.

Sometimes the limitations and densities we have resolved linger in our energy field like bundles and packages ready for release yet are still anchored in our energy field wrecking havoc.

Now is the time to clean house and start 2016 Fresh and Ready to Go
being the magnificent Creator Beings that you are.

We cleanse our environment from smoke, allergens, dirt and dust.
Engage in body detox to flush out heavy metals, chemicals, additives and other impurities.

Heck we even purge our homes removing clutter, broken items and anything no longer useful.

Mother Nature gets in on the act using rain to wash away pollutants from the air.

And don’t forget about our beautiful livers always working to metabolize harmful chemicals.

But what about Spiritual Energetic Toxins?

Reflect for a moment on the toxins in your life.

Do you hold a belief that sabotages​ your greatest efforts?

Perhaps you are caught in a pattern or behavior that keeps you from your best Self.

Or maybe the Energy Toxin in your life is outside influence from the collective; other people.

Mental and emotional toxins in the form of beliefs, decisions, conclusions linger until we, “Wake Up” to more consciousness and choose to purge them from our mind, body and energy field.

As we cleanse our bodies with herbs, pure water, real whole food and supplements, a cleanse of the emotional, mental, spiritual, history levels of our bodies is uber important.

Universe is always in balance and this 21 Detox and On Line Healing Retreat will help You regain balance within, in your outward reality and harmonize with Universe. When you are in alignment and harmony with Universe you are in the Flow co-creating with Source easily and effortlessly.


During this 21 Day Detox and Healing Retreat we will:

  • Discover and explore toxic behaviors, emotions, beliefs and patterns
  • Flush these unhealthy and self sabotaging energies out of your mind, body and field
  • Infuse the highest vibrations, frequencies and Light Codes available to you on the planet right now to support you in moving forward creating your deepest desires, dreams and wishes
  • Clear the space between the space like when you get down on your hands and knees cleaning dirt and dust from the corners of your home
  • Let go of emotional triggers from past memories
  • Rediscover who you are, your True Self buried underneath this heavy load

Why Do You Want To Spend The Time and Attention To Do All Of This?
To put you in the right and perfect frequencies to attract into your life:

  • More money
  • Loving and satisfying relationships and collaborations
  • New opportunities in alignment with your desires
  • Restore optimal health and well-being
  • Career Success
  • Joyful friend and family connections
  • Deeper knowing and intuition
  • Increase your psychic abilities
  • Know and Love yourself more deeply
  • Live more
  • Be more
  • Shine More
  • Have more Fun!
  • Move into 2016 Reading and Raring to Go!
  • Deeper spiritual connections with Source, The Angelic Realm your Star Family
  • Experience greater self awareness and confidence

Working With Esther Creates Results! Here’s What People Say:

Expert Reviews

"Heavy Load From The Past Has Been Flushed, Immediate Shift"

Tarekr“I needed help being able to manage my goals, time and energy. Everyone was reaching out to me for help and it was not leaving time for me. During a distant healing energy session with Esther I experienced immediate shifts and results. Instantly I felt peaceful and grounded. The information she picked up about my past lives was accurate. I released so much density when she mentioned my past life soul mate dying in my arms. I started to cry and released that trauma. The guilt of letting my past life love die in my arms had been subconsciously fueling my desire to help others. During the session with Esther I released this responsibility and now allow my desire to help others be fueled by my heart. This heavy load from the past has been flushed out and with Esther’s assistance cleared from my Akashic Records. I loved how she used the energies of the Bosnian Pyramids to assist in the clearing process. Esther you are amazing at what you do, thank you! Bless you! This has been a very precious gift to receive” ~ Tarek Bliss Bibi, Healer, Toronto, Canada

"Immediate Shift and Walls Torn Down"

Easter“I asked Esther to help me uncover the cause of my weight loss resistance. She was able to guide me into a deep conversation with a part of me that was sabotaging me in my weight loss efforts. I learned that I could not stand it when someone had an opinion about me and that this part of me was purposely putting weight on me to make me more invisible. I have become the elephant in the room that no one is talking about! With Esther's help, I was able to make peace with this isolated part of myself and bring it back into my life. I can now tolerate if people have opinions about me, I have torn down the walls that I had built to keep everyone out and have released yet another negative energy that I picked up from my father. I felt an immediate shift in my energy during the call and I feel very free and excited!”

~ Easter Alexander Shamanic Practitioner

"Esther Cleared A Longtime Issue No Other Healer As Been Able To Do"

“Esther’s work is remarkably beneficial for rapid transformation. Esther was able to help me clear a difficult longtime issue in less than 60 minutes that no other healer has been able to do! She is a beautiful and caring energy light worker.”

~ Nancy on FaceBook

"From Chaos To Tranquility"

“I've had such a major shift and went from total chaos to such tranquility. Part of the shift was resigning from a business I helped start, and trusting that as I closed that door another one would open that is even more amazing. The day after I resigned, I was presented with an offer that resonates much more with who and what I am. The fear of failure & success that has plagued me has finally gone.

~ Liz, New York

"Incredible Growth"

I have done some work with Esther privately and via her recordings and cannot overstate the effectiveness. I believe I was introduced to her work at a time in my spiritual journey when I was ready for quantum leaps and the past several months, in part with Esther's guidance, have produced incredible growth! I experience her as a clear and generous Soul assisting me to move more fully into my authenticity. I wholeheartedly endorse her work.”

~ Pat on FaceBook


25 More Personal Sessions Released!

Personal Sessions with Esther Sold Out Quickly.

She has graciously opened up another 25 spots to support You in Detoxing and Releasing Blocks and Limitations.


Discount: 93% Off
Total Package Value $2997
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $197

Offer Expired


Discount: 91% Off
Total Package Value $3247
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $297
Only 25 sessions available!

Offer Expired

Package A

Module One:

Life Changing Audio Support For Mind~Body~Energy Detox

Value: $750

Six Silent Frequency Tracks

EstherrAudio tracks with no sound but jam packed with the right and perfect tones and frequencies to support deep release, healing and energetic upgrades. As you listen hold an intention of the change you want to experience according to the topic of the MP3. The energies will meet you where you are at on any issue to discover, release and create change. Listen during the day, while you sleep and/or going about your daily tasks. May stimulate a very deep meditative state so please refrain from use when driving or engaging in any activity that requires your focus and attention.

~ Esther

Love and Relationships: Be Your Own Cupid (14 mins)

  • Release shackles and walls of protection surrounding your heart
  • Open your heart to giving and receiving love
  • Clear the Fears of rejection and/or a love leaving you
  • Detoxify limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors preventing you from creating loving and satisfying relationships
  • Drop into a deep experience of Self Love and Acceptance
  • Energize your Love Vibration and magnetize Love into your life. Be your own Cupid!
  • And so much more!

"I Found The Love Of My Life"

“Working with Esther I let go of old and outdated patterns and I have found the love of my life. This year we are expecting a beautiful addition to our growing family. Without working with Esther I don’t know that any of this would have been possible.”

~ Marela K, Synergence Group Inc Canada

Finances: Shatter The Glass Ceiling (15 mins)

Whether you are currently broke or experiencing money wealth we all seem to hit a ceiling of financial abundance which triggers a Full Stop in money creation. This MP3 recording will assist you to:

  • Help discover and clear blocks preventing you from Shattering Your Glass Ceiling of Abundance
  • Release struggle around money
  • Support you while taking action to money wealth creation
  • Dismantle the money traps of Not Worthy, Not Deserving, Wealth is for Other People, I have to work hard for my money, just scrapping by and more...
  • Drench you in the frequency of Money Mastery and more...

"Two New Clients Right After Process"

“When we finished our process I checked my email box and I had two new inquiries about my services. I believe!”

~ Kevin, London, Ont

Body and Health: Love Your Body (18 mins)

girl-869142__180Loving and listening to your body and it’s requests is the first step. This recording help you to create body love and acceptance and then go beyond to aid in detoxifying body issues at their root including but not limited to: weight, skin conditions, eating patterns, aging, hormonal imbalance, eyesight, teeth issues, alcohol, medication, cravings, metabolism, bloating, exercise ...

"I Released 50 Pounds, Got Off My Anti-Depressants And Stopped
Nightly Drinking"

“After my first session with Esther I was able to get off prescription antidepressants and start onto a path of self healing. I gained the self confidence to make better decisions for my health, such as eating better foods, stopping a nightly alcohol intake and incorporating activity into my daily lifestyle. Esther helped me to transmute the belief that help or answers have to come from outside of my self and instead empowered me to take charge of my healing. Esther helped me to commit to loving myself and I am so happy to report that I am now down 50 pounds (22 kg) from my weight at that first activation.

~ Jaqi, Hawaii

Sex and Intimacy: Turn Up The Flame (16 mins)

  • Electrify your passion, sensuality, sexual expression
  • Create comfort and joy during self pleasure
  • Feel at ease with touch
  • Increase confidence and a feeling of security during sexual encounters
  • Open yourself to new ways of sexual expression
  • Stay in your body during sex
  • Embrace and love your inner “Bad Girl.”

"I Told The Guy I Like I Want To Spend More Time With Him "

“Last Wednesday I went to a dance with the guy I like and I was finally able to tell him that I like spending time with him and that I want to see him very soon again. He said Yes! A shift from our session on clearing my lack of self worth and deserving.”

~ A. Switzerland

Mind Flush: The Urge To Purge Limitation (15 mins)

  • Let go of outdated information, concepts of reality
  • Clear the Noise and Chatter filling your head
  • Release limiting beliefs, decisions, conclusions, generalizations
  • Purge core thoughts and beliefs anchor behaviors and patterning sabotage your creative process and life
  • Release all of the I Can’t, I Am Not Good Enough, What Will People Think, Life is a Struggle Energy
  • Flush the Fear
  • And more....

"I Live My Dream Life Of Travel With My Soul Mate Thanks To Working With Esther"

“Through many sessions with Esther over the past several years, my life has transformed. Esther helped me regain my self confidence which has led me to the life I had always dreamed of. I now spend my time traveling to incredible destinations, building my new healing business and spending time with my soul mate. Thank you Esther for helping me 'live the dream'.”

~ M. Ontario

Self: Respect Your Self (12 mins)

  • Turn Self Loathing into Self Acceptance
  • Self Hatred into Self Love
  • Contempt into Acceptance
  • Disrepect into Admiration
  • Self Doubt into Self Belief
  • Self Sacrificing into Self Kindness
  • Self Beat into Compassion
  • And much more...

"Released My Belief That I Am Not Good or Worthy Enough"

“During an activation with Esther I had an exciting moment where I realized that not only do I think I'm not good enough or worthy enough for others to invest money in (for a business), but I realized I carry this false belief into all my relationships as well. I've always relied on myself for everything but I also see now that I believed that if others invested their time in me for a friendship or romantic partnership that they would be disappointed. Released now! ”

~ Sarah, E.

And Because Sometimes We Need an Emotional Purge Here’s a Special Bonus: Value $125

Catharsis Activation: Emotion Cleanse (10 mins)

  • Catharsis is the process of a powerful release or Purge of strong and/or repressed emotion.
  • Expel your pent up emotion in a Gentle yet powerful way
  • Oust the emotional charges held within
  • Liberate yourself from inner emotional turmoil
  • Harmonize your system for full conscious expression and sensation of your emotions

Module Two:

Three 48 Hour Weekend Healing On Line Retreats

Value: $1497

  • 48 hours straight
  • Three weekends in a row
  • Non stop Distant Healing and Vibration Upgrades, Energy Transmissions, Release Work, High Frequency Infusion
  • First weekend focusing on: Sex, Intimacy, Love and Relationships
  • Second weekend zeroing in on: Finances, Money, Abundance
  • Third weekend focus: Body, Health, Self Love, Worth, Wholeness and Harmony Within
  • PLUS Esther also works in the moment with whatever Cosmic Energies are at play along with issues coming up for participants in the Group Avatar Energy Container
  • The weekend retreat format allows for integration of the energy work and processing during the week building on the changes and new foundation during the following weekend retreat.
  • An On Line Healing Retreat From The Comfort Of Your Home. There is nothing you have to do to receive the energies other then sign up for the program and Declare your “Yes I’ll Have That” to the Universe.

Dates: Dec 5-6, 2015
Dates: Dec 12-13, 2015
Dates: Dec 19-20, 2015

Module Three:

Three LIVE Calls with Q&A for Extra Detox and Harmonizing Support With MP3 Recording of Each Call

Value: $375

During each Weekend Healing Retreat Esther will hold a Live Call.

Each call will offer a specific group process facilitating deep inner communication, healing and detoxification of limitation.

The Result? Harmony, Wholeness and Inner Alignment to support you in your Ascension Process, Expansion of Self, and Creation of Your Deepest Desires.

Plus as you Detox you will feel Light, Alive and On Top Of The World!

Esther will guide you to:

  • Discover, Explore and Release Limitation
  • Access and Reconnect with your Inner Wisdom
  • Heal Fragmented and Out of Date Parts of Self
  • Bring To Light the next steps to take towards the creation of your Dreams, Wishes and Desires
  • Generate Harmony and Wholeness in your Mind, Body and Energetics

Live Call Activation Process Focus:
Call One Activation Focus: Love
Date: Saturday December 5, 2015
Time: TBA

Call Two Session Focus: Money
Date: Saturday December 12, 2015
Time: TBA

Call Three Process Focus: Body
Date: Saturday December 19, 2015
Time: TBA

Q&A: Following the Activation Process Esther will open the call to questions and individual attention in the form of coaching, channeled readings, energy clearing and/or activation. Whatever Spirit guides her in the moment as the most beneficial to the caller and to the group as a whole.

Wait there is another Bonus!

Because Esther’s Clients Love Her Program Email Updates So Much, she will also send occasional email updates to participants during the 21 days as guided.

"I Feel The Energy Work"

“I am enjoying the program and being with you in the Vortex of our Group Avatar. I look forward to the email updates and hearing about what is being addressed. I feel the energy work and often meditate for a few minutes to absorb the energy more deeply. Thank you.”

~ Stacey

Package A

Total Package Value $2997

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197
*** 93% Saving ***

Offer Expired

Package B

Includes everything in Package A Plus

25 Minute Personal One on One Session With Esther Addressing The Issue of your Choice via Skype or Telephone with MP3 Recording.

Due To High Demand For One On One Work With Esther Personal Sessions are Limited. Act Now

25 More Personal Sessions Released!

Personal Sessions with Esther Sold Out Quickly.

She has graciously opened up another 25 spots to support You in Detoxing and Releasing Blocks and Limitations.

Package B

Total Package Value $3247

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $297
*** 91% Saving ***

Offer Expired


"Esther Helped Me Find My True Passion"

"It’s time to remind you that because of you my life has really been purely a magical transition. For without your sweet reading, I would be struggling and doing things that really I had known for a long time no longer resonated with me. The work with Children is flourishing and I feel younger, happier, more fulfilled and indeed lighter. The Children are reminding me that life really is easy and quite magical when your awareness is truly open and ready to receive. Thank YOU my dear, sweet Esther for daintily stepping into my life at just the right time and showing me the path. xoxoxo and LOVE "

~ Laurel, Burlington, Ontario

"I Now Listen To Body, Self Love"

"I had such a big A Ha Moment when I realized what I was putting my body through was not love but hatred. I have sat down with my body and we had a good talk. Now I am listening more to what my body needs. This is Self Love. Thank you for showing me the way."

~ Christine, USA

"I Released My Anger"

"Working with you Esther has helped me to release my anger and I feel now I can open up to people for friendship and relationship."

~ Marcia, Calgary, Alberta

"Everything Is Falling Into Place"

"Hi Esther first of all thank you so much for this program I have been amazed by the transformation that has taken place everything in my life seems to be falling into place. "

~ Sherry, Ontario

About Esther Bartkiw :

Esther BartkiwOver the past 12 + years, Esther Bartkiw has had the honor of co-creating miraculous shifts and change with thousands of people around the world through her work as a Transformational Energy Healer, Conscious and Ascension Guide, Spiritual Mentor, Channel, Holistic Spiritual Therapist, Speaker and Writer.

After waking up to the awareness that not only did she not love herself she didn't even like herself, Esther embarked on a journey of falling in love with Self which continues to deepen and blossom every day. Esther is driven by the inner knowing that loving Self and knowing who you truly be as a Energy, as Soul Signature is key to experiencing a juicy life.

Esther has dedicated her life to helping humanity break free of the limitations that bind, expand into greater consciousness, awareness, and expressions of Self. Using her highly attuned intuitive and channeling abilities, Esther service as a beacon of light to those on the path of Ascension. Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing shifts, changes, healings and have awakened to the knowledge and embodying of their Soul Essence through Esther dynamic loving Activations and Processes.

Esther applies the most cutting-edge healing technologies so that every personal session, group, or live event she co-creates with you will leave you inspired, expanded creating change

Esther is a featured guest on various Television and Radio programs including The CBC's Steven and Chris Show, Gail Vaz-Oxlade Talk Radio, The Best People We Know Radio Show. She is featured in the book Women Power highlighted as a powerful and inspirational woman of influence. And will be spotlighted in the upcoming documentary One Red Lipstick inspiring women entrepreneurs everywhere.

25 More Personal Sessions Released!

Personal Sessions with Esther Sold Out Quickly.

She has graciously opened up another 25 spots to support You in Detoxing and Releasing Blocks and Limitations.


Discount: 93% Off
Total Package Value $2997
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $197

Offer Expired


Discount: 91% Off
Total Package Value $3247
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $297
Only 25 sessions available!

Offer Expired

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