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Estaryia Venus' Special Offer

What Is Your Wealth Vibration?

Awaken Your Wealth Vibration
Eliminate Blocks
Tap Into Unlimited Resources &
Ultimate Well-being

  • Access your Inner Source of WEALTH
  • Take your intuition and your instincts to the next level
  • Unlock Your Potential
  • Reprogram Your Sub-Consciousness Mind for Success
  • Access much higher levels of clarity and consciousness you never knew existed
  • Re-tune your self to the True Vibration of Wealth
  • Create abundance in all areas of your life

Are You Ready to Activate True Wealth in Your Life?

Wealth is a Vibratory Frequency
It’s inherent in Nature
Tapping into the infinite supply of wealth requires self mastery.

Your Subconscious Mind and Cellular Memory holds old patterns and energy imprints around money and your deservedness of wealth.

Breaking free from old patterns of energy and re-tuning your self to the true vibration of Wealth allows you to restore your authentic nature and vibrate your body, heart and mind at frequencies that attract love, health, money, success, and abundance in all areas of your life.

Now, Are You Ready to Start Manifesting Your Visions and Goals Instead of Just Talking About It All the Time?

Estaryia helps people all over the world release energetic blockages caused by emotional traumas, limiting beliefs and chronic stress fatigue that can adversely affect their current health, wealth and relationships.

Estaryia activates your body’s natural healing mechanism at a molecular level and instantly transmits a life transforming charge that unleashes pure harmonic wellness at every facet of life.. 

Eliminate blocks, stress and anxiety and reprogram how you create wealth in your life with this unique system including proven sound and brainwave technologies that Estaryia has created for you.


Discount: 81% Off
Total Package Value $528
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $99



Discount: 77% Off
Total Package Value $778
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $177


Package A


Embodying the Vibration of Your Desire

Value: $39

Instant Download MP3

Women at Swimming PoolEnergy Transmission & Frequency Activation

Channeled transmission from Estaryia to assist you in accessing and embodying the vibration of your desire.

Includes breakthrough proven sound technology bringing your body and mind into a state of harmony and balance that allows your greatest gifts to unfold.


Feminine Self Nourishment

Value: $39

Instant Download MP3

Woman with arms outstretched in fieldEnergy Transmission & Frequency Activation

Channeled Divine Feminine transmission from Estaryia

Healing old wounds of self abandonment and restoring your love and self acceptance.

Estaryia's breakthrough sound technology harmonizes your body and mind into a peaceful, balanced state and allows reprogramming at the subconscious level for lasting results.


Having & Acceptance

Value: $39

Instant Download MP3

heart cloudEnergy Transmission & Frequency Activation

Channeled transmission from Estaryia guiding you into raising your vibrational frequency into a state of having. 

Release blocks to full acceptance and embodying a state of having.
Re-tune your vibration energy into a state of true acceptance so you
can have all the good that is yours to have.

Proven Sound technology assists in reprogramming your energy at the conscious and sub-conscious level for lasting results.


Essence of Receiving

Value: $39

Instant Download MP3

Woman doing yoga on the beachEnergy Transmission & Frequency Activation

Channeled transmission from Estaryia Tap into the frequency of receiving and re-harmonize your mind and body so you can feel at ease and receive support from infinite source.

Estaryia's proven sound technology harmonizes your body and mind into a peaceful, balanced state and allows reprogramming at the subconscious level for lasting results.


Receiving Nourishment

Value: $49

Instant Download MP3

Smiling woman lying in the grass.Meditation, Attunement & Activation

Estaryia guides you into this meditation and vibrational activation for you to receive self nourishment.

It's time for you to receive the nourishment that you require.
Yes, it's o.k. for you to be deeply nourished!

Release blocks at the cellular level and restore your connection and ability to receive true nourishment.

Proven Sound technology assists in reprogramming at the sub-conscious level for lasting results.


Self Worth

Value: $49

Instant Download MP3

happy summerEstaryia guides you into this vibrational attunement for you to restore your connection with your inherent self worth.

You will Receive this activation at a cellular level.Let go anywhere you feel unworthy and undeserving. Release old vibrational imprints of un-worthiness

Proven Sound technology assists in reprogramming your energy at the conscious and sub-conscious level for lasting results.


Having Your Desire Now

Value: $39

Instant Download MP3

A young woman in a red dressStop Wanting & Start Having!

In this meditation, Estaryia guides you into "Having" not one, but three of your hearts most dear desires!

Clearing away old energies that have kept you from having, Estaryia opens you to experience your desires at a vibrational level so you can bring them into manifested form.

Use this incredible tool to manifest your desires. Proven sound technology for deep coherence and lasting results.


Success Attunement

Value: $49

Instant Download MP3

3d render image of heart symbol with many golden coinsA transmission and attunement with proven sound technology reprogramming the conscious and subconscious mind and body to have the vibrational experience of Success.

Release your fears of success an embrace success in all areas of your life.

Re-tune your self to the vibration of Success and attract and create
your amazing joy filled life!


Wealth & Prosperity Attunement

Value: $49

Instant Download MP3

Shiny golden lightsA transmission and attunement of reprogramming the subconscious mind and body to having the vibrational experience of wealth.

Retune Your body & mind with the higher vibrational essence of Wealth.

Special breakthrough sound frequency technology assists in reprogramming at the subconscious levels.

Bonus 1:

Self-Confidence Attunement

Value: $39

Instant Download MP3

Beautiful Young Woman Outdoor. Enjoy NatureA blissful vibrational attunement to activate your inner sense of freedom and self confidence!

Estaryia’s high frequency transmissions uplift & inspire!

Keep your vibration at this high frequency and manifest with greater ease. The frequencies also assist you in unleashing your creativity and self expression.

Proven Sound technology assists in reprogramming at the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and subconscious levels.

Bonus 2:

Royal Gate – Opening the Portal of Your Heart

Value: $39

Instant Download MP3

Royal Gate Estaryia VenusOne of a kind compilation recorded during the Sphinx gateway alignment Weaves together powerful vibrations and frequencies with a channeled transmission through Estaryia from the Royal Star Regulus

These divine beings of love and light share an amazing supportive energy for all those who are ready and open to receive it.

Bonus 3:

20 % Off Package of 4 Vibration Activation Live Stream Recording

Package A

Total Package Value $528

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 81% Saving ***


Package B

Includes everything in Package A Plus

45 minute Personal Clearing & Healing Activation Session with Estaryia via Skype

Value: $250

Let Estaryia Guide you personally to success with this exclusive one on one session. Experience this unique opportunity to receive a healing activation from Estaryia and take your vibration to the next level, aligning you with the greatest possibilities for your life.

Package B

Total Package Value $778

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177
*** 77% Saving ***



"With Estaryia'a program in less than 28 days, I manifested a new job paying double the salary! This is incredible! Thank you Estaryia!"

~ Kyle Roman

"In my first private session with Estaryia I cleared $62,000 in debt. Since then I have experienced profound healing and spiritual advancements through sessions with her"

~ Lynn Jennings

"I am so thrilled to have found Estaryia, I had a need for $5,000 for something I really wanted, through Estaryia's program I manifested it effortlessly and it happened so fast that I was astounded. I hope everyone gets to experience Estaryia"

~ Kathy Brock

"That was the most transformative experience I’ve ever had! Not only did I reconnect on a deep inner spiritual level, but the pain in my back that I’d had for the past couple of years released completely and I’m able to move freely. Thank you Estaryia!"

~ Sarah Bowmen

"Having had the opportunity to experience an extraordinary sound-healing session with Estaryia Venus, I highly recommend her sound therapy for a variety of disorders, ranging from stress, pain, tinnitus, and other disorders of the body, mind and nervous system."

~ John L. Turner, MD, Neurological Surgery

"The power of Estaryia’s voice opened places inside of me and allowed me to release energy what felt like from the depth of my being. I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted, and I am more excited about life."

~ Laura Saunders

"What a marvelous experience! Recently, you, your sound instruments and your voicing facilitated a shift as I became aware during the experience of a scientific process of epigenic corrective measures regarding DNA-RNA transcription. Your session brought forth the resonances of unimpeded clarity, cohesiveness and coherence previously unavailable to my physical and subtle energy centers. Your gifts are extraordinary."

~ Greg Gerber, M.D.

"Tightness I had in my head from an accident was completely gone at the end of session. I also had five different releases in my low back that had been so tight. My back felt in a comfortable position for the first time and my tailbone is physically more aligned. It was a wonderful reconnection with the Earth. Every cell in my body was vibrating — it felt incredible!"

~ Karen Stone, Mom

"Working with Estaryia created an opening in my heart and deeper awareness. I felt my whole consciousness expand and my mind and physical body feels more free."

~ Terra Rose Ganem

"When you vocalized those tones today, I immediately felt a block that I had been aware of in my belly open. When the tones touched that place inside of me, it opened that blocked energy and I felt a current of energy flow up through my body and into my heart. Tears began to release as a profound healing was occurring."

~ Melanie Stuart

"My pineal gland opened and I began to see visually for the first time, I actually felt it open and expand. My whole body was vibrating and I felt light and color moving through it purifying my energy and leaving me feeling clear and energized and lighter and more joyful! Thank you Estaryia!"

~ Bill Striken, Arizona

"One of the most powerful healing sessions I’ve ever had. It really opened up the space in the front of my heart."

~ Steven Hendersen – Intuitive Healer, Body Worker

"I felt energy moving and releasing through my body. I’ve never felt so grounded and yet light at the same time. At one point, an old sadness came into my awareness and a healing occurred as it passed. I felt cleansed and free and could actually feel my body vibrating. I also saw colors and it seemed as if the colors were moving through me and energizing me in a new way. What an amazing experience!"

~ Joan Izaac

"I am feeling very clear, my thoughts are very clear and I’m feeling a very calm vibration in my body right now. I can feel the vibration all the way through. The calmness is making me feel so open to everything right now. My senses are extremely heightened and I can hear energy right now, very much so. So much so that my voice is a distraction to it."

~ Alan Burch

"In a session with Estaryia I found where the fear lives in my body. I came face to face with it, and actually felt like I touched it, and I could feel where it was touching me. I experienced influencing it instead of it influencing me."

~ Jefferey Allan, CMT

About Estaryia Venus:

Estaryia "Change your frequency, change your Life." - Estaryia Venus, Founding director of the Earth Consciousness Institute.

Estariya Venus, a pioneer in Sound and Vibrational Healing, is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, public speaker, and visionary who, for 20 years, has helped thousands of people release stress, achieve better health, and experience a deeper mind, body, and spirit connection.

Featured on CBS's Eye on America, she leads vibrational healing workshops, sound healing rejuvenation retreats, yoga retreats and sacred site tours worldwide.

Her one-on-one in person, or long distance, sessions has produced life changing results in her clients across the globe - transforming their lives physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Integrating her 20 years of experience in alternative energy healing modalities and techniques, Estaryia utilizes the healing power of her multi-phonic voice, the newest in scientific sound technologies, sacred geometry, and meditation, and shares ways to use the power of sound, breath, & movement for healing and transforming one's life!

Estaryia's series of sound healing frequency CDs incorporate scientifically proven technologies that: balance the brain hemispheres, release stress, awaken expanded states of consciousness, and activate energy on a cellular level for greater mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance and rejuvenation.

As a woman dedicated to womem self-empowermemt, Estaryia also assists women to unleash their creative energy, align with their purpose, and ignite their female power and freedomof self-expressiondomof self-expression


Discount: 81% Off
Total Package Value $528
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $99



Discount: 77% Off
Total Package Value $778
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $177


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