Eric Altman’s Special Offer

Spiritual teacher and founder of Living Peace International

The Potency of Presence

This captivating sales package is all about embodying absolutely “NO EXCUSES FREEDOM.” Some people would call it “Awakening or Enlightenment.”

In my experience working with thousands of people, I began to notice that those people with high aspirations, and were very diligent, strived to attain the most pure, awakened state. They seem to have many commonalities, but the one key ingredient that seems to be so illusive to so many is PRESENCE. It is the energetic glue that connects all aspects of freedom together.

I will be taking you on a journey to discover the most important relationship of your very existence….YOU!! I created these 5 mp3’s to be extremely potent energetically, and they have been layered with love and pure presence.

Your life will never feel, look, or taste the same way after you experience “The Potency of Presence.”

The MP3’s in this package have been created using a new type of energetic technology combining several frequencies to make this the most potent package I have ever offered. Every time you listen to them you will experience a higher frequency.

Total Package Value $2145

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 95% Saving ***



21 Days of Intensive Energetic Healing

Value: $1200.00

eric7Eric is known around the Globe for his ultra potent distant/remote healing gift- packed with what he refers to as a White Hot delivery system. Eric is able to seek out and address/work with each individuals specific issues, be it Mind, Body, or Spirit! Each day you will receive 2 hours of the highest love frequency. Your mission is to set your intention to receive this love filled healing from Eric Altman!


Potency of Presence

Value: $99.00

eric1Presence is a precursor to realizing your true essence. It is often overlooked and plays second fiddle to the stories in our minds. By sitting in this present moment you experience the potency of presence.


  • Increased health
  • Unending awareness
  • Calmness in our experience
  • True seeing/clarity of heart
  • Peace of mind


Lions, Tigers and Bears…Oh My!

Value: $99.00

eric2To most people it’s an idea or story that distracts us. The majority of the populations live in a distracted state of mind, in a defensive environment. We create the most separation in the human experience.


  • Get to know ourselves as opposed to our own ideas and stories.
  • See and connect with ‘why’ we are here on earth.
  • Fully embody our true nature (which is the most intimate relationship we could ever have).


Where Did I just Go?

Value: $99.00

eric3Often times while working with people I will be listening to what they have to say, and after a short period of time I notice they have left their bodies/checked out. I then notice they come back in and are not aware of what has taken place in the last 10 minutes. I always verify that. This is what prompted the MP3, ‘Where did I just go’.


  • The understanding of when and why you leave your body.
  • Provides the tools and techniques to stay at home (in your body).
  • Learn how to be continually present
  • Creates a sense of safety and of self-confidence


Haven’t We Met Before?

Value: $99.00

eric5Warning: Strong content!

This MP3 contains 30 minutes of multi-layered silent energy transmissions. The energy helps to solidify the knowing that you are pure presence.


  • Experience things as a whole (fullness)
  • Knowing you have options in any situation
  • Knowing you can change your mind at any time
  • Experience mutuality in most situations


Bringing It All Home

Value: $99.00

eric4Playing off the message/energy of “Where Did I Just Go”, is for the person that is really dedicated in getting to know themselves on a day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute basis. With this commitment an experience in and of itself starts to develop a pure and undeniable peace.


  • Have the opportunity to come into a relationship with the love of your life. Need I say more…


3 Months of Heartfield Healing

Value: $450.00

eric6Heart Field Distance Healing transmissions are sent out each Thursday evening from 7 to 8 pm PST. These are remote healing sessions that are activated by you setting your intention; (“My intention is to receive these distance healings from Eric Altman.”) These sessions require no call in or internet connection. The energy that Eric transmits is unconditional love and light. These transmissions activate your innate ability to heal and restore yourself. During these transmissions, you are welcome to sit quietly in meditation, or go on about your daily life, doing what you normally do. This energy is intuitive, and it will go where it needs to go for your highest good. We are always surprised at what shows up in these sessions. There are amazing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual alignments that occur consistently, and last a lifetime!


Ageless Brain

ericbonusSo you think your so smart-what if you could let that genius brain of yours completely open up? There would be no end to your intelligence, be it emotional or IQ. Listen to this MP3 as you take nice deep breathes; focus on your heart, allowing your true and full intelligence/awareness to come completely alive!!


  • Less stress/worry
  • More presence of mind and body
  • Opening up clairvoyance and clairaudience
  • Creates more space and flexibility in the brain along with more connection to everything in and around you.

Total Package Value $2145

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 95% Saving ***



“I am more focused, more determined, more relaxed, don't have any jitters now. I feel more vibrations inside of me . Now I feel even more like Jenny. Thank you again!”

~ Jenny S.

“My whole life has been transformed, and I attribute the change to your beautiful healing energy. I am so full of hope for my future, and I am looking forward to more work with you!!!”

~ Mark W.

“Eric….I honestly feel that you have given me my freedom back!! I have been stuck in a room for months, unable to see anything positive, and paralyzed with chronic fear. Your sessions have given me a whole new perspective in the way I think and process those thoughts. I feel like I found the missing pieces that were keeping me in a dark space.”

~ Sarah B.

“I have been battling bad health for months, and no medical professional has been able to help me. After our sessions, I came to realize that fear was making me ill, and you gave me a new way to think about myself. I am now starting a new job, and a new relationship!!!! You are awesome!!!”

~ Barbara H.

“Dear Eric, Thank you so much for YOU! I have been listening and participating in your calls. I love your energy, lightheartedness and humanity. You are the true embodiment of love, wisdom and generosity. In other words, “YOU ROCK” ”

~ Michelle S.

“Thank you so much for working on my spine tonight. Totally amazing! Sometimes as healers we don’t see our own “stuff” so easily. I am thrilled that you “looked” and helped me see and heal. Ya Hoo!!!”

~ Karen R.

My association with Eric over the years has changed my life. In both word and action, he has consistently reflected back to me the truth of who I am. So many times Eric has stepped in to support me through physical and emotional “emergencies.” ”

~ Charles W.

“Eric offered me unending support throughout his distance healing transmissions. This connection invited me to live more freely from my heart, and is continuing to expand every day.”

~ Karen C.

About Eric Altman

ericphotoSpecializes in creating wholeness and high performance, in the following
areas of one's life:

• Spiritual Development
• Health
• Career
• Relationships
• Prosperity
As a young boy, Eric possessed an Awareness of seeing/feeling energy,later evolving into working with and guiding this energy to facilitate healing in himself and others. In his early 20's,everything seemed to slow down. His awareness of separation between the so called inner and outer world collapsed.Today Eric works as a conduit in transmitting the energy that comes from "ALL THAT IS."

Total Package Value $2145

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 95% Saving ***


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