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Struggling To Feel At Home In The World?

Learn The Secret Hundreds of Abundant Mystics Are Already Using To Find Their Place In The World And Experience The Wholeness, Peace, Vitality and Abundance That Is YOUR Birthright!

FACT: Most Modern Day Mystics feel like they have to choose between the world of matter and spirit.

This feeling takes the form of...

  • Having to choose between caring for yourself or caring for others...
  • Doing what's good for you or what's good for the world...
  • Finding time for your spiritual growth or taking care of what's on the daily "to do list"
  • Getting all the bills paid or getting that much needed down time
  • Nurturing your family or exploring the murmurings of your soul...



What if you don't have to choose?

What if you could take care of yourself while taking care of others? 

What if you could live fully aligned with the world of Spirit AND the world of Form?

What if you could actually be energized by your work in the "real" world... knowing that you are always fully connected to the more than "real" world?

landscape-with-rainbowThere is a way!

It's a path that has been taught by "worldly mystics" for millennia.

Like many others, at this crucial time in the Transformation of our world, you're on the path of the Worldly Mystic... You are seeking to become one who unifies the worlds of Spirit and Form.

You are an Abundant Mystic ready to step out from in BETWEEN the worlds and step into the Mystical Field that Unifies the Worlds...

... so that you can finally experience the TRUE Abundance that is Your Birthright…

When you do, you will break free from the cycles of feast and famine, ease and suffering, joy and pain...

And you will finally experience a sense of fulfillment, purpose, service, prosperity and love more magnificent than you have ever imagined!

Read On For Good News That Will
Dramatically Accelerate Your Journey!

First though... you might be wondering...

Why do I need "Training" to get into the Unified Field of Awareness?

Great question.

The "snarky" answer is "You Shouldn't!"

In a perfect world you would have been welcomed in as the Divine Being that you are. You would have been nurtured and supported in a way that allowed you to stay connected with your Divine Essence and stay fully immersed in the Unified Field of Awareness.

Unfortunately You Weren't!

You were born into a world where the “Trance of Scarcity” is fully active.

You were born into a family of well-intentioned people who had long ago left behind the Unified Field of Awareness. These people did everything they could to teach you how to be safe and secure and to “fit into” the world.

The problem is that the world they were living in is NOT YOUR WORLD!

They were viewing the world through the lens of scarcity… and living in the world they perceived through that lens.

In most cases they didn’t even know of the existence of the Unified Field of Awareness… let alone how to raise you in a way that would maintain your connection with the field and with the TRUE Abundance that is your birthright!

It Wasn’t Your Fault!

You didn’t do anything wrong!

You weren’t bad.

You weren’t being “punished.”

You were not shown how to stay fully aligned with your Divine Nature.

But Fear Not… No Matter How Long It’s Been… You CAN Return to Your Divine Nature… and to Your Abundant Birthright!

A Proven System to Cleanse, Heal and Activate Your Connection to the Unified Field of Awareness So That You Can Consistently Live In A State Of Grace, Abundance and Love!

Here are just some of the benefits The Elemental Repatterning Process provides:

  • Emotional Clearing: The Elements wash away old, stuck emotional energy that you’ve been carrying around – most of it from OTHER PEOPLE - so that you can tap into your powerful Emotional Guidance System…
  • Cellular level cleansing: The Elements offer deep physical cleansing that accelerates healing, upgrades your body and gives you a renewed sense of vibrancy, energy and well-being…
  • Mental Clarity: The Elements dissolve old Thought Patterns so that you can experience the mental clarity and focus necessary to focus and step forward into a much bigger expression of your purpose as a leader in the Awakening of the NEW EARTH
  • EMF Transmutation: The Elements transmute the negative effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies so that you can actually BENEFIT and evolve from these high frequencies in the field around you.
  • Energetic Protection: The Elements surround you in a protective shield, blocking negative energies, thoughts and emotions so that you can face the world with ease and grace.
  • Sensitivity Modulation: The Elements modulate your energetic and emotional sensitivity while AMPLIFYING your intuition so that you can feel safe and secure in this overstimulating world and continue to be open to your Higher Guidance.



Your Unique Challenge... (and Opportunity!)

see the sky through glassesHave you ever looked around and wondered why you seem to struggle so much while so many other people seem to get through life easily without so much struggle and stress?

Have you ever wondered how some people can go through life without ever feeling the tension between the world of form and the world of spirit.

Here’s the thing… This tension is unique to people like you.

Most people don’t feel it (at least not consciously) because they are so focused on the physical world and on surviving in the world they perceive through the Lens of Scarcity.

But, as a Modern Day Mystic, YOU are highly intuitive and sensitive.

You know that there is much more to life than what you can see with your eyes or perceive with your physical senses.

So even as you struggle with the challenges of the physical world… you KNOW there is a world or realm far more expansive than this physical world.

You may have even tried to “go there.”

the-minds-eye-intuitionYou may feel so attracted to and drawn to the freedom and goodness and light of that other realm that you have chosen to step out of the physical world… or try to.

But it doesn’t work...

… if you are living IN the world.

You can go live in a cave, monastery or ashram… taking the path of the Non-Worldly Mystic…

… and float out into the otherworldly ethers.

But if you are committed to living HERE in this physical world… as a “Spiritual Being Having a Physical Experience” …

… then it doesn’t work to leave behind the world.

And even as you feel the attraction to that “world beyond the world” you know that the solution to your problems, the end of your struggles and the answer to all of your questions waits for you just outside of your awareness.

And that’s where it has stayed for too long.

Now it’s time to bring that “answer” into your consciousness.

And the only place where that answer is available to you is inside the Unified Field of Awareness.

FACT: Most Modern Day Mystics feel like the challenges they face in "real" life don't leave them enough time to connect with the more than physical world.

What if you knew that you were always connected with the more than physical world?

What if you could truly live in this world knowing that you’re not OF it?

What if there was a secret that could expand your experience of “time” beyond what you’ve dreamed is possible?

Let The Elements Take You There!

Tao symbolLike you, the Elements exist in two worlds… the physical world you perceive with your senses and the world of spirit you perceive with your intuition, heart and higher mind.

Because the Elements exist in and between both worlds, they have the capacity to work with you in a truly holistic manner.

The Elements can be your Guides, leading you into the Unified Field of Awareness.

They will flow through you, moving between the worlds, seeking out blocks in your cellular memories in one moment and then clearing the physical source of tension in your shoulders.

They will awaken you to the true magnificence of the spirit world and show you how to bring that beauty into the world of form.

They will bring Wholeness and Harmony to your Body, Mind, Emotions, Soul and Spirit.

Here are a few comments from people who have experienced the Elemental Repatterning Process:

"During the space clearing sessions there was such a palpable feeling of your connection to and ability to channel the distinctive energies of each element. One of my biggest issues in this lifetime is feeling safe and this work has contributed to a deeper level of safety and belonging. I've had a lot of what would I call core level primal fear come up since our initial session. It feels like background noise trauma from this lifetimes and others has cleared away since our initial session. I am a nature photographer and healer. The session have also helped me more deeply source gaia's phenomenal love and healing powers. I have been dancing with the elements for a long time, but your work has assisted in a greater communion."

~ Jeni Driver

"Hi Edward, My heart is filled with gratitude and awe after our amazing session today! I was literally bathed in light and so was my home! It felt the world and everything in it was made of light (which it is) and I could effortlessly avail myself of its healing and transformational power. How great it is to have certainty once in a while - absolute certainty that all is indeed well. I can’t thank you enough for facilitating … a supreme lift for body mind and soul! Good luck (Divinely guided I am sure) with your new program; Elemental Repatterning training, I am looking forward to being a part of that"

~ Marianne Snelling

"I just got off the phone with Edward Mills for the 2nd of two calls to work on elemental re-patterning with my home. I have experienced a profound shift in my comfort and relationship and even the power of my home. Edward and I worked together and called in the elements for protection and blessing for me and my home. I've made a personal altar, moved some rocks and candles into spaces which need an extra-special invitation to the elemental energies and really profoundly grounded into my space. I have planted some shrubs in my front yard to provide some living protection from the busy traffic too. Edward created space for a lot of healing and clearing to take place. What's amazing is how well I'm relaxing in my home, how many compliments I've received -- from friends and strangers -- and how my sense of personal power has expanded through this work. For anyone who wants to take their relationship with their home space and the elemental energies to a deeper level, I really recommend this work!"

~ Rachel

"Hi Edward, it is hard for me to believe what I am experiencing since I had my Elemental Repatterning Call with you a week ago. All of it being so beautiful, helpful and amazing. there is this melting of old resistences and blockages in the body, truely delicious. I find myself running with my dogs up the hill, easily., talking to the wind and the waves, feeling grounded and well taken care of by the beloved elements. I am lighting candles and burning incense in the house, and i had not done that in a long time. amazing - the ease, all of a sudden I found myself sorting out the masses of stuff in the huge book shelf - even finding some unexpected money in the process. Friends, people are offering their support. My carpenters Zeki and Turgal coming immediately,as soon as i had asked them, taking the shelf apart and out - and there was that awful mess of rotten decayed boards, eaten up by worms and termites in the moisture coming in through the atrium. To settle the dust and help in the cleaning I engaged my "EM`s"- effective microorganisms - and by monday night I enjoyed sitting down in my living room in its true spaciousness, smelling sweetly. Surely the elements must have been inspiring my painter, Fuat, too. I just had mentioned that we would have to consider, sometime later, doing some insolation against the moisture coming from the atrium. When I came home from buying paint and tiles, I could not believe my eyes: all the huge plants had been taken out by Fuat alone! The state of the Union as of now is -the living room is immaculate -the atrium got floor and walls insulated; a few plants just look great in the open space. -many, many boxes of books have been given away. -I feel that our session was extremely sucessful for myself and my house, and it is stlll an ongoing process."

~ Ute Marwitz

Now... You can join the hundreds of Abundant Mystics who have tapped into the Secret of Elemental Intelligence to create a Life Overflowing with Goodness, Grace and Abundance!

The Elemental Repatterning Training and Activation Program provides you with everything you need - the Information, Insights, Clearings and Activations, Tools and Techniques - to enter the Unified Field of Awareness and Reclaim Your Birthright of True Abundance.

Here’s A Sampling Of What You’ll Gain From This Powerful Process…

  • How to really “ground” and experience the supportive presence of the Earth so that you always feel strong and stable even in the “shakiest” situations…
  • What it really means to “Go with the flow” and how to gently ease yourself back into the flow of life… even when circumstances seem to be pushing you out of the flow…
  • Reignite the passion for life you left behind long ago so that you once again wake up feeling excited and energized for this amazing journey…
  • Break out of the illusion of lack and limitation even if you’ve been stuck and struggling for years…
  • How to open yourself to be a “bridge” between heaven and earth and draw upon the limitless, high-vibration energies and infinite potential of the non-physical world so that you can, literally, create anything you can imagine… and more...
  • Clear out the old negative energy in your house to ensure that your “home-base” environment is positive, uplifting, protective and supportive so that you can recharge, restore and renew yourself every time you are in your home.

Instant Access and Self Paced

The Elemental Repatterning Process Training And Activation Program is available to you for instant download (no waiting for delivery of CDs!).

And you go through the program at your own pace… learning from the Elements in the time that is right for YOU!

You will be guided by each of the Elements - Earth, Water, Fire & Air. Each of the Elements will provide you with a powerful Clearing of your body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit.

And each Element will Activate its presence within you… so that you can have consistent access to and guidance from these powerful teachers.

If you are ready to step into the Unified Field of Awareness… to live more fully aligned with the Divine Light that shines through this physical world… to be more open to the clues and cues and messages and guidance of the Natural World… and to feel the ecstatic joy that is possible when you remember and reclaim your birthright of TRUE Abundance…

… I encourage you to say YES to The Elements and the Elemental Repatterning Process Training and Activation Program!

You'll Receive Instant Access to:

  • 7 Downloadable Elemental Repatterning Audio Training Modules
  • 7 Downloadable Energetic Invocations/Prayers
  • 11 Downloadable Elemental Clearings and Activations
  • 7 Word-for-Word Transcripts of the Training Modules

Plus These Powerful Bonuses:

  • The Complete Set of 20 Elemental Energizer Meditation Recordings with embedded Brainwave Entrainment Technology and Encoded Elemental Energy - Value $197
  • Elemental Repatterning Personal Protection Activation Recording to ensure that your personal field of protection energy is fully activated - Value $47
  • Elemental Repatterning Home Protection Activation Recording to ensure that your Home field of protection energy is fully activated - Value $47
  • 2 hour Inner Sanctuary and Elemental Intuition Training - Value $47



Total Package Value $497

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 80% Saving ***


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There’s no risk to you. Try the Elemental Repatterning Process Training and Activation for a full 30 days. If you’re not completely thrilled let us know for a fast and complete refund… No questions asked!

And, Of COURSE You’re Protected By My No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee!

My friends think I’m crazy for this, but I’ve decided to give you a completely NO-RISK opportunity to try this downloadable program.

Here it is...

Take a full 30-Days to...

Download all the class materials.

Download all the bonus content.

Go through everything.

Experience the healing power of the Clearings.

Get the benefits of the Elemental Activations.

Get absolutely everything you can from this Training and Activation Program.

And then, after all that, if you’re not absolutely convinced this was the single best decision you’ve ever made, let me know and I’ll give you an immediate and cheerful refund.

No questions asked, no hassles, no “special instructions”, nothing.

You don’t even have to “Return” anything.

Basically, you either love it and think it’s amazing or you can just keep everything free.

How’s that for a square deal?

Everybody knows it doesn’t get any fairer than that …in fact, all the risk is entirely on me!

But I don’t mind at all.

In fact, I’m happy to do it... even at this very special price... because I’m 100% confident you’re going to love this and become a loyal member of The Abundant Mystic Tribe for life.

Total Package Value $497

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 80% Saving ***


Read a few more comments from Modern Day Mystics who have already discovered the power of Elemental Repatterning!

"Thank You so very much Edward. You're AMAZING! and The Loving Protection I'm feeling from the Four Elements is Priceless!!! Do continue with what You do. You Are one of the best with what you do!"

~ Thayi

"So as my body was processing the fire element, the tightness relaxed in my chest & then there was a warming that filled my entire body !!!! Yay the Fire Element is now awaken in me !!! You know I got a little push back from that one ! Thank You Edward, as a Reiki Practioner, this was such an awesome experience !!! I shall now go outside & walk on the ground barefooted & thank all the elements that are now connected to me & in me!!!"

~ Rene

"I feel so warm, connected & full of love, light & unconditional love. I am in a place in the country that does not have people like me. This has made me feel accepted."

~ Bob

"Loving the relaxation of integrating with the physical elements while sitting outside with my authentic passion for nature filling me up now. i am also going to listen to this replay from bed tonight. thank you, ty, ty. In the moment, very now...but, lol, not so very articulate with words."

~ Faith

"Went deeply into an altered state, know that things happened - missed the words completely (very unusual for me) It was all at the energetic level...very powerful."

~ Judy

"Yes, yes I felt myself rooting into my body and into the Earth. I sometimes feel as if this planet is not really my own and I'm just waiting to be beamed up, but I felt embraced and connected. Such a sense of belonging washed over me...Thanks again"

~ Kristy

"Felt very peaceful ...and had actual rain which made it feel even awesome"

~ Jeannette

"Thank you so much for this Elemental Activation, Edward! What a powerful process. I connected with the a Big Island (where my Mom happened to be born) and Madame Pele - the fire of lava, the power of the island earth, gentle Hawaiian rain showers, the water falls, the ocean and the clear air. Warmest thanks."

~ Rhi

"When you said you felt a big shift in the group, about 5 seconds before you said, that my body did a big jerk! LOL It all felt fantastic!!!!"

~ Evelyn

"Thank you so much. I love your gentleness with the way you guided us through receiving these protective qualities. I could feel them and until today was not aware of these elements wanting to support me/us. Blessings"

~ Dawn

"That was simply fabulous, Edward! I felt deeply the protective presence of the elements and when you began there was even that physical thrill/chill that is the sign of really connecting. I am so happy there will be a replay. i am drinking Structured Water throughout the call and highly recommend it to all."

~ Shira

"It was like coming home. For quite a time now, I have tried to connect with the elements when I go to walk on the jogging track in our locality. It is on high grounds facing the sea. As I walk, I great mother earth, father sun, brother air and sister water. And being activated now is really like coming home. It feels so good"

~ Marie

"Hi Edward, I feel the force of air protecting and encouraging me to speak my truth. Thank you for this!"

~ Kristy

"Lovely rainbow strands, of each element, weaving around me, and weaving WITHIN me-- all with the fluid grace of water, and with the DISCERNMENT of fire to my actions... wonderful !!!"

~ Teri

"I am so very full and grounded. I feel my entire being connected to the entire universe in a deep and transcendent way. Powerful!"

~ Ann

"I felt a tingling power just on the edges of my arm hairs powerful activation."

~ Rachel

About Edward Mills :

edward-millsI'm The Abundant Mystic. For the past 16 years I’ve coached, trained and taught thousands of Modern Day Mystics how to break free from the Trance of Scarcity.

I have guided countless people into the expanded Unified Field of Awareness and helped them reclaim their birthright of TRUE Abundance.

I have dramatically accelerated the journey of people just stepping onto the path of the Abundant Mystic…

And catalyzed profound breakthroughs for people who have “tried everything” in their long attempt to end the suffering and struggles in their life.

And I have watched in awe and deep appreciation as they have awakened into the expansive, uplifting, vitalizing experience of Both/And Living in the Unified Field of Awareness.

Over these past 16 years of teaching and training (plus another 5 years of personal exploration and education) I have employed countless modalities, tools and techniques…

Total Package Value $497

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 80% Saving ***


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