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Entity Removal MP3’s

Six MP3’s Silent Tracks

The energies and protocols infused into the recordings facilitate the discovery, exploration and removal of a variety of entities. The tracks are silent so you can listen to them while you sleep, work and go about your everyday life. They can be used individually one at a time until you experience a shift or in combination as you are intuitively led. Please refrain from using these energy processes while driving or operating heavy machinery.

*Please note these energy protocols are Potent and will work to unearth and release entities which have been hiding and taking up residence in your mind, body and energy field. Listen to your body and take a break from listening to the recordings as required.


Implant And Artificial Intelligence Removal

Running Time: 20:00

Many people hold alien implants and/or artificial intelligence. These pieces of material or technology have been embedded in the mind and body for control, tracking and contact. They are often robotic and metallic in nature, full of language, information and stimuli, similar to a computer program. This energy protocol will assist in discovering, dismantling and releasing alien implants and tagging devices.


Metallic and Chemical Cleanse

Running Time: 18:00

Heavy Metal and man-made chemicals in our body often attracts alien presence, implants, artificial intelligence, tracking devices etc... This Energy Protocol will help you to detox your mind and body of heavy metals and chemicals attracting entities. Taking sustenance away from the entities will hinder galactic and alien entity attachments forcing the entity to vacate or starve.


Past Life And Ancients

Running Time: 16:00

Entity Attachments from past lives and the ancient of days keep us stuck in the past, spinning our wheels, slowing down our forward momentum and Ascension Process. These energies linger feeding off our of energy, sucking the life out of us and creating disturbances in our day to day lives. Use this energy process if you suspect you are holding an Ancient Entity Attachment and free yourself so that you can begin to move forward in your life at a more rapid pace.


People And Places From Our Travels

Running Time: 11:00

During our travels whether day to day, while on holiday or for business we can be bombarded with Entities that stick to us. An Entity lingering at an historical site, building, home or piece of land may fasten itself to you. The energies of people you encounter at the grocery store, gym, work, school or favorite haunt may cling to you. This energy process will clear and release any Entities you have absorbed from people and places during your travels and create a strong energetic boundary as part of your Self Power to keep such Entities at bay.


Collective Consciousness Release

Running Time: 14:00

Consciously and subconsciously we are bombarded everyday by energies, information, messages, thoughts, beliefs, patterns and concepts of reality from the Collective. It’s time to take back our power and release this outside influence from our lives. Use this energy protocol to facilitate a deep energetic clearing of the Collective Consciousness allowing for your own Truth and Wisdom to take the helm.


People Attachments

Running Time: 14:00

From time to time entities from other people more than just cling to us, they move into our mind and bodies and embed. Often this Entity is the energy of mom, dad, other family members, or an energy from a lover, past love, friend, frenemy. Whether this Entity muscled its way in or we allowed it to be present the time is Now to let it go and reclaim your sovereignty over mind and body. Even tucking away a loved one in your heart for remembrance and safe keeping can get you off your life path track. This energy process will assist in discovering and releasing entity attachments from other people.


One Live Call with Entity Clearing Process and Q&A

Esther will guide you through an Energy Removal Group Activation to facilitate consciousness of entity attachments and assist in releasing them. She will guide you to a deep communication with your Inner Self and the Entities at hand to discover, explore and release. When you let go of these outside influences you are able to begin living life on your terms, your way, more fully embodied with your Soul Essence. Life becomes easier in every way. Because you will receive a recording of the call you will be able to use this process again and again as needed to clear your energy field from outside influence

This Activation Process Will Change Your Life:

  • Free yourself from the energetic burden of others.
  • Clear the noise and negative messages in your head.
  • Gain Clarity and Peace of Mind.
  • Make Decisions more easily.
  • Feel comfortable in your body; better Health.
  • Unearth your own talents, skills and abilities.
  • Discover your own personal likes and preferences.
  • Increase your vibration and frequency.
  • Take back your mind, body and life.

Information will be sent in Email.


Channeled Reading via Email Entity Assessment

You will have the opportunity to email Esther your entity concerns and current circumstance. Esther will channel an assessment of the situation at hand and send it to you via email. Equipped with the information you can stand in your power and choose the next steps to take.

Information will be sent in Email.


Mp3 downloads

Sexual Energetic Attachments Release

Running Time: 6:00

Every person we have had sexual contact with past, present, by choice or otherwise leaves an imprint and their sexual energetic patterning inside of us. This sexual energy can at times be challenging to release due to our own emotional connections to the person or situation. Use this energy protocol to clear and release sexual energy absorbed from all sources people, movies, books, pictures, glances, catcalls etc... Regain your mind and body solely infused with your Soul Essence.


**Surprise Super Bonus**

Self Power Infusion

Running Time: 11:00 mins

Standing in our Self Power is what keeps Entities at bay and yet there are times when Entities keep us from standing in our Power. This energy infusion recorded in the Ravne Tunnels at the Bosnian Pyramids, will boost your Self Power frequency to help you release Entities held within and assist you in stepping into your Power more fully in any area of your life.

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