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Download Esther and Eram's Interview Copy

Package A Download


Sun Pyramid Sacred Activation (18 min)

The Sun Pyramid is a masculine energy and this Energy Protocol will help you activate higher frequencies and vibrations in the all areas of your life including but not limited to Self, Worth, Deserving, Power, Strength, Sovereignty over mind and body and a harmonic blend of Masculine Energy. This process will help you to experience more ease and joy in all areas of your life starting with Self Power and Recognition. Assist you in connecting more deeply with your Cosmic Heritage and Star Family.


Moon Pyramid Sacred Activation (20 min)

The Moon Pyramid is connected to Feminine Energy, Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Dreams, The Inner World, Our Senses Earthly and Universal, Knowing, Perception, Alternate Realities, Nurturing and the Divine Feminine.


Dragon Pyramid Sacred Activation (30 min)

Dragon: This a powerful Sacred Activation channeled to change and transform your Limiting beliefs and patterning absorbed from your culture, heritage, family lineage and the collective. We also focus on neutralizing and releasing generational energy blocks, along with old, outdated and limiting paradigms from religion, war, poverty and more


Love Pyramid Sacred Activation (19 min)

Love Pyramid Activation is an Energy Protocol that will assist you in activating higher frequencies and vibrations in the all areas of your life focusing on Love, Self Love, romantic love, relationships of all kinds, pure Source love, what we believe to be love; the energy of LOVE. This Activation will help you to experience more Love in your life whether it is acceptance and loving yourself more deeply, creating long lasting satisfying relationships, partnerships, collaboration in the world place, ignite passion and interest in your life and connect you with and vibrate the energy of Love on a global scale.


Ravne Tunnels Sacred Activation (15 min)

Ravne Tunnels: Use this Activation for issues of healing, health, body issues, well being, youth, vitality, rejuvenating Self, to simply feel better. It is the Go To Sacred Activation for any situation in your life. This energy protocol is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, seek medical attention as necessary and use this energy process in combination with guidance from a health professional.


Pyramid Water Sacred Activation (11 min)

Sacred Water Activation: The water of the Sun and Moon Pyramids and Ravne Tunnels in Visoko Bosnia is encoded with ancient wisdom, secrets, information and healing vibrations. It has been tested by Dr. Emoto and shown to be of a beautiful molecular structure like a Christmas Tree. Bosnian Pyramid Water is alive! The Sacred Water Activation will connect you with the vibration, wisdom and healing properties of the water from the Sun and Moon Pyramids and Ravne Tunnels.


Welcome Message From Esther
How To Use This Program And Get Results

Plus tips and suggestions on how to use this program to receive Maximum Results.

Note: Each recording is infused with Pyramid frequencies recorded at specific locations in Visoko Valley.

Some of the frequencies will be audible to you, other frequencies are not audible to the human ear but are embedded into the recordings.

It may sound to some like white noise in the background. Rest assured this infusion it will only enhance rather then interfere with your experience.

Bonus 1:

Interview With Dr. Semir Osmanagich
50 minute MP3 recording

Esther’s Interview With Dr. Semir Osmanagich who discovered the existence of the Bosnian Pyramids in 2005. Hear a first hand account of how Dr. Semir discovered these mystical Pyramids and the Ravne Tunnels. Learn about their energetics and healing properties. Also information of the mounting pile of evidence supporting the claims that these Ancient Structures are in fact Pyramids.

Bonus 2:

Raise Your Vibration - Channeled Guided Meditation with Crystal Bowls energy infusion
18 minute MP3 recording

Use this meditation anytime you feel yourself getting low and caught up in the snare of anger, frustration, depression, feeling off or out of sorts. The frequencies of the channeling combined with the vibrations of the Crystal Bowls will give you an Instant Energy Lift!


Includes everything in Package A PLUS

3 Recorded Calls with Recorded Q&A

First Call will include Soul Signature Master Activation:

Do you know that everyone has their own unique Soul Signature? It is the energy of who you be at the spark of your creation. Your Soul Signature is a vibration, frequency, color, sound, tone; energy.

Participate in this Master Activation Process and you will gain:

  • Knowledge and understanding of your True Self; the you at the spark of your creation
  • Know and be more engaged with your Soul’s Purpose
  • Experience the Authentic You
  • Align and partner with the Divine
  • Connect with the energy of You as Spirit
  • Step more fully into who you truly BE
  • Awaken to your awesomeness
  • Meet each day with Grace and Ease
  • Deepen your awareness of you as an infinite being
  • As you awaken to a remembrance of who you truly be you are able to step more fully into your power
  • Into your Soul’s Purpose
  • Awaken and begin to live your original blueprint of creation
  • Live live more authentically
  • Develop a deeper understanding of Self
  • Fall in love with your true Self
  • Experience True Expression of Self
  • Appreciate your magnificent Self
  • Unearth gifts, talents, abilities, attributes of Self which were hidden away

Break free of all those things you are not but you believed you were based on other people’s opinions, beliefs, perspectives and your own life experiences

  • Release Burdens
  • Clear deeper levels of density and limitations
  • and as a result create more love, joy, ease , purpose and peace in your life.

“I felt so grounded while we went through the Soul Signature Activation and felt a lot of energy shifting. My body was actually doing a bunch of the figure 8’s described in the process, as a way to get the pain moving between my shoulder blades. My day at work today was so ‘free’! I remember feeling this way a very long time ago, flirty, brave and FUN. I had a silly grin on my face for much of the day. I have been doing a bunch of work and this Soul Signature Activation gave me another phenomenal push. Life is GOOD and I haven’t been able to say that in a very long time.”

~ Charlene M

Second Call Pineal Pituitary Gland Master Activation:

Activate Your Personal Antennae To The Universe

Awaken The Pineal and Pituitary Glands our personal crystals or “Stargate” to higher dimensions. This Activation will get you unstuck and moving forward at an accelerated pace. The Pineal Pituitary Gland Activation is for you if you thirst for or desire:

  • To become a more clear and open channel for Universal Guidance and Wisdom
  • Increase your psychic abilities
  • Heighten your Intuition
  • Open your right brain
  • Develop deeper Insight and Knowing
  • Better Concentration
  • See and Feel Energy, Auras and Spirit Beings
  • Astral Travel and Experience Vivid Dream States
  • Become More Conscious, More Aware, Move Into Higher Dimensions and Frequencies
  • Make Decisions more easily
  • Deepen your Connection with Source
  • Increase your health and well being
  • Create a whole brain state And so much more……

Third Call Includes a Master Activation:

Meet And Connect With Your Multi Dimensional Higher Self. Your HS can answer all the questions you have in life, anything! All you have to do is ask, and it will always give you the answer that is right for you at the time…meaning it will never give you more than you can handle, and will guide you along your path in this moment. Develop a relationship with your Higher Wiser Multidimensional Self for guidance, direction, understanding, comfort, wisdom in any area of your life.Your Higher Self knows why you chose to come into this lifetime, and what your soul wants to accomplish. It knows why you have certain physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual challenges and it wants to share this wisdom with you. Your Higher Self is the part of you that resides on the spiritual plain and contains the knowledge of all that you came to do and were designed to be. You Higher Self is your personal 24 Hour Help Desk and Dedicated Assistant.


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