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Package A

You Are The Miracle, 12 High Impact Frequency Videos

General Overview: The videos are created to be watched and received in Oneness through image, sound, colour and frequency. All elements working together in harmony; in Oneness. Facilitating the remembrance that you are the Miracle and active the frequency of Miracles within.

Each video addresses a unique area for energy clearings, upgrades and mind/body infusion. Rather then view one over and over again I suggest you alternate the videos 1-12 and then start over.

After you have viewed the videos in this manner a few times use your intuition to guide you to watch the videos that will offer you an extra shift and boost as you blossom into the Miracle You Already Are.

Take notes on what begins to show up in your life. Celebrate the miracles that show up, big and/or small to root the energy. Celebrating and acknowledging even the smallest shifts acts as miracle grow for the energies.

While the biggest shifts will come from viewing all of the videos, each video stands alone as a powerful transformational tool.

The videos have been tested and are accessible on PC and Mac Computers Laptops, Tablets, Surface Pro, IPad, IPhone and Android Cell Phones.

Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Some of the videos are quite large due to the potency of the frequencies and sound. If your computer is running at a slow speed or if your internet connection is slow it may take a while to download the videos.

Thank you to Contributing Artists:

Video Production: Blossom Jey
Audio Production: Landon Grace
Light Language: Kana Koinuma

528 HZ frequency original music composition: Tim Beek
Other Music Tracks: Kevin Macleod and Chris Collins


Create Miracles: The Vibration of Love

MiraclesEmbody the vibration of Love and allow it to gush forth like a well spring to help you draw “Miracles” into your life. The music is an original composition created specifically for this video in 528 HZ frequency which is known as the Miracle tone and activates remarkable and extraordinary change. It is also the tone that is used to return human DNA to its original and perfect state. Plus this tone stimulates imagination, intention and intuition to operate for your highest and best purpose. 528 HZ is called the Love Frequency and resonates at the heart of everything. It connects your heart, your spiritual essence to the experience of heaven on earth.

Runtime: 2 minutes


Money Miracle:

Money Miracle photoMoney is energy and the energy of money abundance lies within. You are abundance. Clear your space and allow the frequency of money miracles to flood forth. Expand the vibration of money. Adjust your financial set point. Anchor your Divine money blueprint. Clear beliefs and patternings standing in the way of wealth. Let go of past life carry over; generational patterning. Opening money flow and end struggle.

Runtime: 3:30 minutes


Soul Essence Expansion:

Star TetrahedronCombining the energies of the Star Tetrahedron symbol, Light Language and the right and perfect frequencies, this video helps you attain your full potential and higher levels of conscious awareness. It will assist you in awakening to, remembrance and embodiment of your Soul Essence. Who you truly be as light, colour, sound, tone, frequency and spirit. You are a Divine Being of Light.

Runtime: 3:30 minutes


Music of the Spheres:

Image Music Of The SpheresMusic of the Spheres is a term used to describe the Song of the Universe; The Living Word. The Word of God. The still small voice inside. Tap into the Music of the Spheres within, awaken the wisdom of the Universe and experience re-calibration of human consciousness. As the energy of the planet rises up, the frequencies in this track will stimulate a greater awakening. The recording is alive with frequencies which are constantly being updated and upgraded by Universe. Each time you view this video a new vibration is at hand and a leveling up of consciousness occurs opening you to the sounds and wisdom of the Universe.

Runtime: 3 minutes


Activate Your Inner Crystals:

amethyst-1394397__180The human body is considered by many to be a giant crystal. Dr. Bruce Lipton says cells are liquid crystals. Marcel Vogel, the world-renowned crystal expert writes body fluids have crystal qualities. Our bones, inner ear, tooth enamel all contain crystalline properties. In Spiritual Circles we consider the heart, pineal and pituitary glands, chakras to be personal crystals. The crystals in your body act as an antenna for incoming vibrations and frequencies, New Light and information from the Universe and amplify all of it throughout your mind, body and energy field. Activating your personal inner crystals will assist you in raising your vibration, connecting more deeply with Source Energy and accessing the wisdom of the Universe. Thus placing your body in a more harmonious state to allow for self healing. It is a good track to use once a week for continued expansion and remembrance of who you truly be...Divine. Sound: Crystal Bowls. Image: Quartz Crystal a source of healing, power and amplifier of energy. Considered by many to be the greatest of all healing stones.

Runtime: 3 minutes


Body Pain Release:

Chinese Lanterns shutterstock_138463910 (1)Place a gentle focus on the body pain and hold the intention to release. The pain may be physical, emotional and/or mental. The energy will discover, explore and lift up and out the pain. Allow for the revealing of insight and awareness. Follow through on guidance.

*This frequency video is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please see a health-care professional if you are experiencing physical pain or if you need help with depression, illness or have any concerns whatsoever. Use the energy processing in combination with professional assistance.

Runtime: 3 minutes


Shatter Illusion:

shatter-shutterstock_334985936An illusion is a false, deceptive, misleading impression, idea or belief of what is. Separation from Source is an illusion we held for eons and which is finally being brought to Light as deception used to keep us locked down into heavy energies. Throughout our life-times we have gathered and absorbed many illusions about Universe, Self, money, love etc... False stories which have been running our lives and the world. Generated in the mind. Based not on inner wisdom and knowing, but rather outdated concepts, beliefs, perception, memories, etc... The truth is that each of us are a Divine Being of Light in a human body. You are Love, Light, everything you desire. Part of the illusion’s programming was to keep us from knowing everything we need and desire we already are and have. It lies within.

Runtime: 4 minutes


Primal Release:

sol-652211__180-1Unearth and release density and limitation from your mind, body and energy field. Symbol: The tetrahedron is a sacred geometry symbol for fire and the power creating change. The colour white helps to clear clutter and obstacles, purify thoughts and actions to create a fresh start. You can simply watch the video and allow the layers of heaviness to peel off organically or hold an intention of something specific you want to let go.

Runtime: 3:30 minutes


Forever Young:

dna-strandThis frequency video works to restore a state of youth, health, wellness, vigor and well being from within; your natural state as an Eternal Being. Chalked full of anti-aging frequencies to activate your youth DNA, crumble aging beliefs, paradigms, illusion etc... Image: Blue DNA strand

Runtime: 2:30 minutes

ITEM 10:


Metatrons Cube ShutterstockWhether you simply want a fresh start in life or have a specific focus of creation, this video will assist you in rebirth, renewal, transfiguration, creation, change and enhance your spiritual practice. Magenta is the colour of new creation. It supports universal harmony and emotional balance, strengthens intuition and psychic abilities; assists in helping us rise up in vibration to a greater awareness along with a host of other benefits.

Metatron’s Cube: Creation, inner peace, spirituality.

Runtime: 4:30 minutes

ITEM 11:


Blue TranquilityThis video invokes peace, calm, tranquility, stillness, neutrality, the zero point into the mind, body and energy field. When you tap into the space of neutrality, the zero point where nothing exists and everything is possible you respond to life rather than react resulting in joy, ease and creation! The frequencies soothe your nervous system. Stimulate relaxation. Great to experience before bed or any time you seek peace and quiet inside and in your outward reality. Blue is a colour that seeks peace and tranquility above all else just as you feel calm when you lie on your back and look up into a bright, blue sky.

Runtime: 5 minutes

ITEM 12:

Self Mastery - You Are The Miracle Part 1

Meet, connect with and deepen the embodiment of your I AM Presence; who you truly be as Light, Love, Divinity. Release limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviors and other people’s energy holding you back from experiencing everyday Miracles. Unleash and Amplify the Miracle Frequency within you. One hour of pure energy transmissions to support you in living as the Miracle that You are.

Runtime: 59 minutes

ITEM 13:

Self Mastery - You Are The Miracle Part 2

During this high impact, transformative class Esther guides you through a process with the part of you that is afraid of being your True Self working to free it from its fear and support you in living as True Self. She also takes you on an inner journey connecting you with the part of you that is in charge of Manifesting Miracles to learn what is standing in its way of creating more Miracles. Plus discover what it needs from You as support.

Runtime: 83 minutes

ITEM 14:

12 Day Journey To Miracles Self Study Course

Everyday for 12 Days Esther will send you an email full of channeled information, inspiration and motivation to keep you on track with embodying the energy of Miracles and releasing the Miracle Frequency held within. Esther’s clients find these emails invaluable and a great tool to stay focused.

To receive access to the 12 Day Journey To Miracles Self Study Course please input your name and email and Esther will begin sending you Journey information.

If you are not able to a see a Form above please use this link to register:

Bonus 1:

Video: You Are Light, Love, Divine

LightAs we move along our Soul’s Journey of Ascension we become more of the Light and Love that we are. We feel the joy, expansion, peace, calm and lightness of our True Self. Manifestation happens more quickly and the high vibrations eventually become our new normal as we slide into this space and get comfortable. And then something rises to the surface for release or we gain new awareness and unlock more wisdom and consciousness from within and we amplify the Light, expand and rise up again becoming even more of the Light that we are. Each step taking us to an experience of fully recognizing and embodying the Light, Love, Divinity we are. This video offers visual and audio support with the right and perfect frequencies to help you through the process.

Runtime: 1:45 minutes

Money Miracle Booster - MP3

Length: 2 minutes

Give me 2 minutes and together we will boost your money abundance frequency, clear your energy field of limitation and create the space for money miracles to tumble into your experience.

ITEM 15:

One hour One on One Personal Session With Esther Via Web Call, Skype or Telephone with MP3 Recording.

untitledTake your personal transformation to the next level with a private session. Esther is lauded for her ability to get to the core of an issue and make deep change in a short amount of time. During this session one very specific issue will be focused on for exploration, clearing and re-engineering. The result? Harmony. Wholeness. Change from within creating change in your outward reality. It is the perfect add on to a stellar package of transformation.

To access your session please email esther at with this invoice. She will send to you her apt calendar with the earliest dates and times available for private work. Sessions are to be completed within six months of purchase without expectation.

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