Do You Have One or More Areas in Your Life Where You Could Use More JOY?

Once the negative energies are cleared from your life and the lives of your ancestors, you begin feeling on Purpose, connected to your inner guidance, living in JOY…this is where the magic begins!

FHTJ Special for Physical, Emotional, Feeling on Purpose, Self Love and Financial Clearings for Bringing More JOY to YOUR Life!

3 - 1 hour Private Sessions with Donna McRae

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Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $555

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The Clarity I Was Lacking is Now 100% Clear!!!

"I had been trying to make a major decision on moving my residence to another country. I didn’t have clarity on why I wanted to do this….I was totally blocked!

When working with Donna on this,I felt such sadness that was at a level of 7 in my chest!

Gently and easily, Donna took me within and I realized that I just want to have fun!! This was so freeing for me as I was feeling so guilty, like I had to be responsible, that I had to have a good reason for making such a move.

One of my passions I like to live by is to have fun, and I realize now, that it would be fun to live there! The clarity that I was lacking is now 100% clear!!

Now weeks later, I have made my move, and I couldn’t be happier!!

Wow Donna! That was absolutely amazing!"

~ Eram Saeed

“A Clearing in Literally Seconds.”

AleeReina“I asked Donna to help me release the inner guilt I had about wanting so much for my life and to see the root of it.

I was shocked to suddenly have tears in my eyes as I saw an image of myself at two years old wanting the attention of someone who was not available in that moment. I could literally feel and see the way the belief "I shouldn't want that" developed in that brief childhood moment i would have never thought of.

By the way, we got to the root of this energy and block literally within seconds!! I'm grateful to know of a healer like Donna and for the ways I know this healing will continue to unfold in my life.

~ Alee Reina Hoffman, Soul Channel and Akashic Records Teacher

Donna’s entire Program has been so eye-opening for me!

"Just minutes before my session with Donna, I was at my computer contemplating how was I going to pay my monthly bills, especially since I didn't have enough money to meet all my financial obligations.

After the session, I feel empowered. I will be contacting companies I have decided to co-create with - and will make financial arrangements to share my Financial Well Being.

Before the phone call I felt overwhelmed!!!!! Now I feel confident that everything is going to work out for me!!!!!

I came out of the session with a resounding feeling of I AM ENOUGH! I AM WORTHY! I can clearly look at my current situation and attempt to find the lesson I am to learn. Before I just felt like a victim drowning.

I now know it was divine intervention when I listened to Donna McRae on Heartache to Joy. I hesitated to purchase the program because that's what I always do when it pertains to me. The entire program has been so eye-opening for me. I had several "Ah-Ha Moments" that have lifted my vibrational set-point!

Thank you so much! I would highly encourage anyone to take advantage of Donna McRae's program."

~ Lanetta

Both Donna and Her Work are Amazing!!!

"I’m an intuitive healer myself and when I met Donna, I felt such a connection, she has such a soft, gentle, caring way about her.

I was hesitant to work with her as I’ve had a few sessions with “healers”, and noticed nothing!! Not with Donna though, both her and her work is amazing!!!

I was having difficulties dealing with my ex husband, as well as difficulties with my brother.

During my time with Donna, we worked on first the issues with my brother, we were then to work on my difficulties with my ex husband, but no longer needed to!!

It was amazing, my intensity level went from a 10 to a 1 in no time! Through working on issues with my brother, somehow, they were also connected to my ex husband, so there was no need to go there.

Now weeks later, I can think about, or interact with both and there is no triggers….this has been life changing for me!!!

Work with Donna, if you’re having difficulties, you won’t be sorry!"

~ Sherri

“The intensity was at a 10+++ and went down to a 2, with me joyfully taking my power back!”

“From the bottom of my heart, I feel truly grateful and blessed to have received a such a divine and divinely timed healing session with Donna McRae.

When we connected I was still deeply and profoundly grieving the sudden death and loss of my beloved horse mare, and soul sister, Hannah less than 24 hours ago. The crisis was particularly intense, as the event brought up painful flashbacks of when I lost my first horse 9 years ago - which marked the time of my dark night of the soul and the doorway to my spiritual awakening/journey.

The level of anguish, sorrow, sadness and despair was a 10+++ when we started and after her clearing and loving support, went down to a 3, which was truly amazing, given the rawness and recentness of it all!

As if that wasn’t enough, she also helped me heal a very deep layer associated with the loss of my first horse, where I had given a huge chunk of my power away. The intensity around this was again a 10+++ and went down to a 2, with me joyfully taking my power back; this has only improved since then, along with my feelings of grief/loss. I sincerely feel the work we did enabled and empowered me to find the sacred treasure and gift in and during a time of trauma and loss. The prayer she so generously shared also has supported me in navigating the normal to be expected waves of grief with more ease and grace, along with her gracious ongoing support. I highly recommend Donna’s work!”

~ H.D.

3 - 1 hour Private Sessions with Donna McRae

Regular Price $900

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $555

SAVE 38% On This Page Only!

This offer will be gone once you leave this page ...

Yes! Eram, I would like to buy Donna's Private Intensive VIP Sessions for only $900 $555

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